The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on April 9, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1892
Page 4
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Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- oar* it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. I*M fKAKOiaOO. ML umrtui, ft. turn torn, sjt. Florence-Wnrthingloii'a blood boiled In her veins, but alio could not rntnllntc—ulio could only endure as lientshn might. "We must tell Mrs. (Illherl tlmt Tlwreso him annoyed yttti; alio will never hunglne In what way, and It will only (jive licr unater test to please you. Is there any kind of vehicle wc can have, Florence, or must It be s cab!'" I.ady Itaveu asked. "There Is the hrouchnm, and a horse from Hcnlley's as I told you;" nnd JIIss Worthing!" i rang the bell Impatiently and gave the order. "One word, Florence, before we start— ive seem to bo tolerably d'acconl on all other points—have yon Invited young i;arle- ton to jour bally" Acnlu ;» ili'i'itcni'il into scarlet on Miss \Vnrthin<;<iii'x mvliiuiry pale cheeks, and she un-w i red niTwimly— "I think <o—it would not be easy to exclude him, in-it Margap't; be anil bis sis. U -rs are i ' r!.;i:ily our oliir-t li-ii-mls, and wc vi'-il V tiii-rwi>ml in arly i -vt-rv > ear." "It may be so, Florence; nevertheless his exclusion on this occasion would have been very desirable. Just now matters have reached a crisis between yourself and Lord Ilarcourt—and a man is too easily scared from his Intentions." "Ills love must be a very valuable acquisition then," Miss Wmthlngton could not help retorting. ••You speak as you do not think, Florence," Lady Haven answered. «Men are not fond of having their amour proprc wounded, and, in fact, he did allude in some way to young Carleton's attentions— which, you must admit, are rather marked —to your father the other day." •'Old he presume to do such a tiling?" Miss Wortbiiigtou asked Indignantly. "I scarcely know what you mean, Florence. Honorable men are generally straightforward; and he certainly hinted to your father that he was afraid of forcing his attentions where he saw others than himself were at least privileged. He did it most delicately; but ho could only alludo to young C'arlcton—and he might easily imag. Ine what he did. Of course I know that you arc not Imprudent; but his lordship's fears will just now be ea-ily uron-eil. Ev. sry one must admit that Hugh Carlrton is fascinating enough to turn any ordinary girl's head—and he has the excuse too of being the youngest son of a poor Viscount but it would be too absurd If he were to Imagine any sort of engagement between you as possible. You must know that per fectly well, Florence." Yes, Florence did know that perfectly well; hut the knowledge HO far brought her no comfort. "And when one string is useless, my dear, It would be too foolish to run tho risk of breaking the other," her ladyship de. dared. "You must bo studiously cold to Mr. Caiieton on the tweuty-tlfth, Florence, You must force Lord Ilarcourt to see that other's attentions arc as nothing to you." Half an hour later I.ady Haven and her niece Miss Worthington were deep In the mysteries of Medora's costume in Miss Gilbert's handsome reception rooms. The fa. mous artist was only too delighted to un. dcrtako the costume for the beautiful lielr- rss—for the future Lady Ilarcourt. Sbo was delicately onllghtencd on both points by Lady ltaven. Madam The.rese's shortcomings wcro freely discussed and commented on. Medora's costume being per. fectly understood, and faithfully promised two days before the twenty-fifth. For the time Miss AV'ortlilngton's troubles were scared away by the rustle of silks, and Die sights of delicate and brilliant colors displayed artistically before her. She re -entered her carriage radiant, and even proposed for her aunt's plcasuro a short drive In the park In the hated brougham.— They returned only In time to make their late-diimer toilet, uud to tlnd that Sir Arthur had unexpectedly arrived In their absence. "Has he lost all, or gained enough to float yet a little longer In Ids present position?" the Countess of Haven asked herself fearfully while she languidly ascended tho stairs to her dressing-room. 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A spasm of pain and fear passed suddenly through his heart when his eyes fell upon the dazzling plcturo before him—the radiant face, the tall, graceful girlish ligure draped in palc-colorcd silk and lace. The prldo In tho young face was subdued Into marvelous softness as Florry came forward to welcome her father after nearly a week 's absence. Her eyes were not keen enough to nolo tho overstrained cheerfulness In his greeting and the anxious feveiishness In *ils face. "Why, Florry child, I wondered whlth- <r you had ilown with 'my lady the Countess' I You arc m rarely out now In the day. Of votirso you bad my letter this morningf" ho asked. "No, papa, I did not." "Then that stupid fellow 1'etcrs must liavo posted it too lute yiMcrduy, or forgotten it altogether. I wrote you a line in good time purposely Una you might expect me. now well you are looking, my darl- Ingl" lie said suddenly, the sight of liot beauty raising his sinking spirits— if she had only known in what way I Ho seemed nervous and distrait, and Florence also, her aunt 's late conversation returning vividly and painfully to her mind. "How Is all going on for tho twenty-fifth, Florry? Everything settled, I hope, dear —notahltchf I moan our ball to bo a brilliant climax to » brilliant season. All la right, dcarr" ho asked, fancying he saw a shadow on her face, "Yes, pupa, I think so; you settlod ev- erythlug, you know beforo you loft," "Even to Medora 's dress, uh— the most Important thing of ullr It should be perfection —and will be, if you hitve kopt ox- sctly to Hunt's picture. Wo must bavo a privato dress rehearsal. Florence, I don't fancy I shall see much of you on the occasion." But an unmistakable shadow had fallen now on Miss Worthington's /ace, which her futhor saw. "What is wrong, child? Has Thoreae made a mess of It?— But there Is time to rectify it yet." "Tucrcse has not blundered in the way you think, papa; what Is more she Is not making my costumo at all." Tbei'cso not making It, Floronoel What do you mean?" Sir Arthur asked qulokly. "Only this, papa doar—Thoreso lias been very annoying and Impertinent. And Hiss Worthington's face Unshod again and shadowed more as she recalled her aunt's words to her mind. And then a great pity came Into her heart for her father. It is not much, papa dear—nothing of consequence And aunt Marsarot has klndlv helped me out of my' difficulty, or Jnouora's dress would have failed entirely," she added lightly. «Ua more explicit, Florence," Sir Ar« tliursatd Irritably; but he knew too well what was coming, "You know I have asked you many times lately for money; but you have always for; gotten to give me some. And I owe The. rose iiulte a hundred pounds—perhaps more; for I think it must bo nearly* two years slmje I paid her entirely, and »c counts run up so qulokly," Miss Worthing, ton said thoughtfully. "But I liavo sent a chock when I opuld. Aud now she has written me an impertinent note, declining to till imy more orders until her account is settlod." . "Hang her hiiportinenopl" 8lr Arthur woke out angrily, liut ion IO nor to rod) my dear. Give me her agoouut, and I will settle H. Of mum you will not go to heif again. It is provoking If she suits yoiu-i tbougb I suppose there are others M good; But what liftve* you, done shout your;, cjaf tuiaer Www Hn /^ v MJo|Qij«»',j: j,;< •% nature on Mny mciy tueoonniess s part—i nevor knew her guilty of a similar one before. All is well that ends well, Florence, lint what have you done about tho picture? 1)1(1 Thoreso return Hist?" <\Vc have had to do without It—I would not scud for It; but you know It was almost the same as the one In our Illustrated Ilyrnn. I have taken that to Mrs. (Illbert; and as wo drove to her, aunt Margaret suggested my buying a colored print at Albert's. Hut Mrs. (Illbert seems perfectly ompotetit. She says she understands the costume entirely—and I am sure she does. Her only anxiety seemed about my Jewels and the string of pearls; and I told her we would choose what we thought would do from the two old-l'iishloncd strings of poor mamma's. Bo I must have them from the bank; you know they have been there ever since before we went to Deanvllle three years ago. I wanted to ask you about them before papa, but have always forgotten." Those emeralds and rubies of your mother'sure too old-fashioned and heavy for you Florence," Kir Arthur answered quickly. «.You must have some strung pearls and Jewels that are more Oriental-looking crescents and stars, and that kind of thing. I will attend carefully to that part of your costume ntwlf. I will see Uarton •wc muM. hire for the occasion. It would be a thousand pities to run tho chance of spoiling yourilicss by not having exactly Wlc't. is required." The idea of appearing in borrowed flue ry seemed distasteful to Miss Worthington, and her face betrayed what she felt. It Is constantly done, child—done for all the Drawing-rooms," Sir Arthur said. Ask your sunt If I am not right," be added. "We must try to make out a list of what you require—half n dozen armlets at least, and unlimited «trings of pearls; they would all cost a larger fortune than mine, Florence," he said with a sigh. "Hut It is getting late, dear, and I have not broken my fast since early morning." He did look tired, and faint and heart wearied. '•Scud your aunt to me for a few minutes while you dress—1 don't suppose you will be long." ••Ten minutes will suffice to-day, papa; I don't imagine you will cure for my making an elaborate toilet, as wc shall be alone. But there Is nothing wrong, is there," she asked, hesitating a moment, and la} ing her hand on bis shoulder—"nothing wrong, papa, that you want to sco aunt 3Iargaret? Tell me instead, if there Is," she begged earnestly. "Wrong, dear? nothing that I know of— what could there be but that I want my dinner? Tout va bleu—all goes well. I should say. Hut one word, Florence dearest"—and he detained her as she was passing him. "Has your aunt spoken to you about Lord Ilarcourt? Tell me, dear." Again a scarlet Hush passed over Miss Worthington's face, and she answered hesitatingly— "Yes, papa; she told nio to-day that there was some understanding between his lordship and yourself—provided 1 should be Inclined to receive his attentions," she added haughtily. What a world of anxiety tlicro was in Sir Arthur's faoo I How tightly he grasped her hand I "You will do that my darling—it Is the dearest wish of my heart? It will be a princely match for you, Florence. Answer me, dear," he pleaded anxiously; don't keep inc in suspense. You will not be mad enough to throw away such a position? What could you wish for more?" Hut Miss Worthington had no Intention of throwing away such a chance; It suited her pride exactly—that It stilted her heart as well she could not say. She knew that It would remove a mountain of dilllciiltlca that her aunt had lately piled up before her—and sho was at least heart-whole.— Hut her instincts wcie always truthful, and with her father she could feign least of all. "It Is all as you say, papa, perhaps; but" —and she hesitated painfully- "liut what, Florence?" "I have seen so little of him; he seems to me almost a stranger," she could not help saying. •>ls that all Florence? Must you'keep company with your young man' for weeks bofore you decide that lie will suit you? That is rarely doue In our station, Florence." He well knew her weakness. Nor Is It what I mean, papa. It is only ti I tell you. Lord Ilarcourt seems al. most a stranger to me. 1 doubt If I have seen him six times," sho said. "Hut It Is always so In our sphere, Vlor. ence. Suitable marriages are arranged by competent people—they do not arrange themselves, as In the lower classes; there is too much at stake. If you tell me that his lordship is really distasteful to you, darling, Heaven knows I will not for tho whole world force your inclination or make you wretchod. Hut, Florence, all my hopes are centered iu you to keep up tiio honor of our houso by your beauty, dear. You cannot Inherit my title, and," Sir Ar. thur bit bis Hp angrily—"the bulk of all my money must go with it—I cannot touch it. And, oh, Florence, I am miserably poor, dear—cruelly poor!" Florouce had nover seen her father so tnoved. Had hor heart been softer than it was, it would have ached for him. As It was, she felt strangely moved—moved enough to foel inclined to make more than a little sacrifice on her own part. "I will try to do all you wish, papa.— Nothing is settled yet; but I will not thwart your wishes." •That is my darling girl I" he said thankfully. I'Onco let mo sec you settled safely, and In your proper position, and I shall be contont. For myself, I must got on as 1 can; but I could not bear to sec you do- barred from luxuries or comfortB which essential to vou." "Ho you four that?" Flqrence asked, dismayed. "No, dear, not actually—not immediately. But I have great liabilities, Florence —mortgages and other troubles hanging ovor mo, happily beyond your powers of comprehension. Now go, darling; you liavo relloved my mind of a load. Bend your aunt to me for a fow moments, and thon let us have dinner—It is now within a few minutes of tho time." Ions about my affairs, Margaret?" "Not at all. I liavo only shown her the necessity ot acting wisely instean 01 tool. I«bly, Arthur. It would have been cruelty to let her wander blindly Into some fool's paradise, as to which she must a little later have been desllluslonnee." The llarouet looked bewildered. "Trust a woman nhvayn for seeing farther than men, Arthur. The few days I bnve been with you have made plain to me what months might have hidden from you." the Countess declared, anil then went on— "Florence was just beginning In Imagine hoi self in love with Hugh Carleton, Happily the reality had not been quite arrived at; but I have only been just In time." "I think you arc right, Margaret; and I thank you from my heart. Hut I think also that Florence seems Inclined to appreciate her brilliant prospects; she certainly Inherited our family speclallte—pride," Sir Arthur remarked. "Yes, she evidently has enough of that, —and pride may be a vrryMcsirable quail, ty; at the s line time, experience has taught me, brother, that it generally contrives to haven tall where one's own inclination Is concerned. It seems often powerless fur one's good, though of course very edifying for others." WIDESPREAD WASTE Terrifflc Winds Bage With Varylnn Violence Over the Entire Northwest. Seven Stoey Brick Tenement lti t;hl- eiuto Is lllown to the H round. rown of Tawandu, Kansas, IH Totally Destroyed—Many Fatalities and (Jasualities. The Interview botweon 8lr Arthur Worthington and tho Countess of Itavon was characteristic enough—four of impending consequences on one side, and little love on either, hut with a tolerable outward show of the convenancos of society from both. Brother and sister though they were, thoy were but little aliko in appoar- ance. Sir Arthur Worthington, in spite of his unfortunate propensities, inhorltod the refinement of his aristocratic, father; while Lady ltaven inherited all the plobolan ottrl. butes of her mother, a cotton-spinner's widow. Hut courteousness between brother and sister was nover wunting. With studious politonoss the Baronet greeted his sister and led her to a chain near his own, "Toll me qulokly, Arthur, what bud news you have! Florence has Just frightened me to death by sending me here. Lot me know what other fearful catastrophe may bo hanging over our doomed heads I" her ladyship said hurriedly, apparently In great anxiety. "Thank you for your sympathy Margaret; buf happily there is nothing fresh to communicate; you KIIOW IUO »ui»i— in faot, I have bad a stroke of good luok sinoe I saw you. I have won a clear flvo hun. dred pounds in ready money, which I have here iu my breast-pocket," Blr Arthur said touching bit coat as lie spoko. "If you wish for all my confidence, Margaret, I may as well tell you that I have lost an. other two thousand to Hulkely. Hut he Is a good fellow; he has added to the arrears, and await* a speedy reckoning for the whole —may he get it 1 However, ho is a gentleman, which Is a comfort; aud he shall not loso eventually, I am determined. But this live hundred pounds in ready money is worth everything to me. With care it may almost tide me over Florry's marriage, it I hud had it only a fortnight ago, I might have trebled it." ' "Or lost it," Interposed bis sister, , «Ab, well, that of course one cannot know I" her brother answered. But my _ principal-reasop tor wishing to see you JOTi afttwati was, to express my grati. tlWMP.'T 0 "' for W tout y«; seem to have (IllAl'TI'.lt III. Striou-s of carriages leached from one end nf I'ni 'tiiiau Square to Hie other. The Loudon season was drawing to a close, and but few houses for reception; so that, amid them all, >ir Arthur Worthington's mansion shone with iiiidimmril brilliancy The evening was very sultry, aud the win clows were thrown open wide 'o ailniil a< much air as possible into the renins; but I bey were artistically draped Willi lace and silk to shut out the vulgar gaze nf Hie l.ou- don mob gathered outside In the vain hope of picking up a few crumbs nf I lie pleasure which seemed scattered witli -neb a boun. tiful hand within. It was an old story. A man on the verge of ruin was lavishing hundreds In 1111 hour on a crowd of people vvlenn he would ncv ereare in see again, and who would probably be bis must censorious critics eveiilu. ally. Sir Arthur Worthington was lis';!:-.: all upon Ills last and dearest stake: lie au excuse which hundreds lack. Lord Ilarcourt Vernon, dazzled, but not yet quite vanquished by Florence Worth. ingtotiN beauty, was mi this occasion—'' the addititnnai lustre her loveliness i„n rowed from her splendid Eastern en-tinui the intoxicating music, the enervating p,i funic .if llowers, the sweet food on all side offered to his vanity—to be utterly «uhiiu cd and led Into captivity beyond all pos»i bility of escape. Amongst the n botch of fair young aristocrats—peasanl- ti all nations, mimic queens from r.iiryla snow-falrles, icc-falrles, goldeuhahed Mar gucrltes with real or borrowed tiess.s i their feet—Lord Ilarcourt was to liml bn one pearl of price; and truly there was ,,i whose all-powerful beauty, whose -u'ule power to charm, and whose radiance .nr. passed all the rest. Amongst them all there was not one that In beauty, grace, or animation, ap. proacbed Florence Worthington. So all tliontrlit and admitted who were not blinded by vanity or envy; sohe-iofall knew her father—and It brought comfort, yet some pain, to Ids weary heart; so decided without hesitation Lord Ilarcourt Vernon, as he bent over the bright young face so eagerly uplifted to his own, as be drank In the softness of her dark eyes, that were conscious of their own power and beauty and "f the admiration they iittriicled; so knew, beyond a doubt, Florence Worthing. Ion herself. Her rich brown hair was gathered back in thick tresses under a silver veil and twined with strings of pearls; the dellcatc-tlnted silks she wore were brold- ercd with gold and silver and fastened with Jewelled stats, the fair throat and rounded anus laden with shining pearls ml glittering gems. Well indeed had Mrs. Gilbert fullllled her promise. .Miss Worthington's dress w a-indeed perfect inn, its cH'cct most dazzling, suiting its wearer's style of beauty perleetlon. Florence knew this well lorself, and it gave additional brightness o her eyes and a softer tenderness to her lips. There was no doubting her power; and apparently she was waiting for her ale with little hesitation or reluctance. Lord Ilarcourt was tier shadow—and no mean one, In Ids Orcek dress, which accorded well with bis slight well-knit tig. me, his straight dark features, 1'ussihly, without his title, Lord ilarcourt might not so easily have found the way to a beautiful girl's heart. She might have found his ice too expressionless, his grey eyes too lull, bis smile wanting in sweetness and sincerity, Ids words lucking true sympathy with herself or others; but Florence seem, ed to 11 nd no shortcomings In his lordship. Lord Ilarcourt know that he was the most envied umld all tholirllllaiitgnthcrlng.aud tho knowledge pleased him not a little His head too was turned by the evident einpresscincnt with which tho beautiful Medora favored him witli her iinnilsUkaiilo preference. Hugh Carloton, in his Ouvulior dress, might well hide his diminished hend and puca the conservatory In solitary and Impotent anger, biting his tawny iiioustuohe viciously, but ull the while his heart aching sadly." He know that for him the die was cast—ho had never hud much hope, still, with the persistent hopefulness of youth he hud hitherto revelled and been content in the sunshine of Florence's smiles. Only once this evening their eyes had mot, and he had noticed Hint Florence's bad dropped and saddened under his reproachful gaze; but It was all over now—tho noxt time their hands met he would probably be forced to oiler some conventional congratulation upon her engagement to Lord Ilarcourt. For himself, bo had long known that the prize was beyond his grasp, unless Sir Arthur should smile upon his suit and give hor u dowor sufficient to enublo thorn to marry; and this ho hud long beon hopeless about, being more than suspicious of the baronet's ability, oven wore he really Inclined. Just now Hugh Carleton's heart was very sovo and he was trying hard to bear his disappointment philosophically.— Nevertheless the cup was a bitter one, and doubly so on tills occasion, wlion be saw Florence's sweetest smiles so frooly lav- Isbod upon a man whom ho folt suro sho could not really like; but Hugh Carleton's liuturo was u gonorous one, and already a soupoon of contempt for Florence's worldli- ticfls and ambition was beginning to lighten his dlsauDolutinent. . , . There was a pause In the dancing, and Miss Worthington, leaning on Lord liar- court's arm, ascended the tlowo,r-b»nkod staircase The heat was Intonso, and ovory one secincd to bo seeking vainly for a breath of fresh air. It was one of those sultry evenings towards the end of Juno, when tho atmosphoro sooms laden with the full heat of summer. Many of tho guests assembled at Sir Arthur Worthington's had purposely waited in town for what was expooted to be the most brilliant ball of the season—perhaps with an instinctlvo fooling that it was the Inst and brightest they might ever attoud there, Tho music resounded In most se. ducttvo strains; tho flowors languid In the boat, soenicd to breathe out tliolr sweetest perfumo; the myriad lights shone upon brlglit-buod silks and satins, brilliant Jew* els, aud blighter than all, fatr young fuuos enlivened with pleasure, vanity, and ex. clteinont. Lord Haioourt led his pa. tner from the refreshment-room, and escorted her up the grund staircase to a conservatory lighted only by a single lamp and crowded with flush forns, with a small trickling fountain. This ut loast promised some coolness; and as tho dancing had recommenced, It was now deserlod, which Lord Ilarcourt quick* ly discovered. • Something In Florence Worthington's hotter nature still strugglod for asueiidiin* oy. 8ii« was, despite herself, Instinctively feeling tlmt there might ho degradation la selling oneself for money, even though the buyer were a lord, ., "Thoy are playing a delightful wsltui lot us go buck to tne room that we maylmva *ne turn bofore it Is over," she urged, ushig gentle force to draw his lordship wliji her to Hie ball-room—Lord iturcoiirt wu* an repellent•: dmvoov, and' »H« too loved; dunning.',', . '-"iiKg ,<rMwaiiv « v —fQr MM Hist time her ' ' "' i ^Jlot. CHICAGO, April 1.—About half past six this evening the sky, which has been threatening nil tho afternoon, became denaelv black, uml in nnulher moment u utoudbuist occurred. The wind, which blew hurricanu, swep', everyebin; U ion it.. At t,he earner of Uulsk'ii ami Piorco streets the cyclouu blew down a seven story brick building, surrounded by one and two story brick nnd frame buildings which crashed to tiurth, killing three people and seriously or fatally injuring niany others. Thomas Uulett's house was immediate ly in iliti r. ur of thn seven sloty lirie.k building. The family was ut supper when tho seven story building fell :III<1 crushed the Huell rosidence. Or tho thirteen nt tun ta'ilo, the six-'uontlib-ohl 6 iby Hulot'. wu< ci'ushuJ t > a MUBpoles nia*s. Others were pinioned under the broken timbers uml i>rick and wrru KJOU rescued. ThoBe instantly killed were: HOUACE MOTT, aged 5, KDDIR iMoTT, aged 21, and DAVID HVM.KT, aged six months. The futully injured uru: Alien Hulelt, ugc<18 yenm, Mr*. Alei\ Keown, Horace Wygunl. Mary Wygant, .lames Mott, Mrs. .lituios Moll, .1 nines Molt, 'r, Mamie Mult. At lh>) factory of Tootle, Hosoa & Co there was a stampede of several hundred girls when the wind lore a portion of the roof off. No one was soriou-ly irijuicd. A dispatch from Liwrence, Kas, saj Tho wind has been blowing a «,il" h"re sincu midnight. Many building were unroofed and nut houses (Ic'innlishetl. The roof of the linskell hospilnl was blown nwsy and it WAS ncccs,nry to anchor the building with cables to prevent, its blowing ov»r. In Kinsas City the damage consist, d principally of roofs blown nwAy and pin i glass windows lirokon. The roof of the high school at L icint, an.l Twelfth street Was blown off. Th-ru was no panic lint the achool win d s nissed. Signs wer blown down all overt lie city, some of tfar in crashing through costly plate, glass win- lows in the cent/r of the business p irlion There has been no loss of life. The greatest damage Wll „ (.uftvrod by the telegraph companies. The Western Union re ports no com muni eat ion whatever with points west of the center of Kansas and has but f'W workable wire east. Metsiaes nr.; being revived sub ject to indefinite delay leletfraph p >l along all railroads west of here are pr> trnted, causing a woi-ful tangle of wire with which the wiremen had to struggl today, apparently with little SUCCOHS. At 10:30 the Western Union report tha of their liundre Is of wiles thev n one upm whir.h to transmit Ass ci u press dispatches. Minneapolis and St I'nul uml intermediate p lints lire cu' 1 If Pacific c iiist inaccessible nnd beyond K in HIS City havoc reigns supreme. At Olantiic, Kas., buildings wen rooted and considerable damage done, bu no one was injured. Marshall, Mo., ul reports considerable damage. At .Saline Kits., M. A. Ilrnlher's residence was wrecked and the uiembers of the family all more or less irjured, two fn'ully. Mrs Seitu'uerui in'.< Uounc wn demolished uml she win fatally injured. At Ottawa the waterworks tower w blown over, root i earned away ami Ire. uprooted. Methodist churches ut Warren-burg and Chillicothe, Mo., wuc ui roofed Specials from Hiawatha, Sc-ceca. Oneid Horton, Lawrence, Bouleko.v uml Mary ville, Mo., report great lo.-s as well Caldwell. At Other Points. ST. PAUL. April 1.— The storm in Mi nesota wns not so severe as further soutl: but considerable damage is reported I lightning. Many farmers in Minncsot nnd the D.ikot.iH complain of loo rum:) rain; shocked grain u completely <ii stroyed nnd that in dtnek badly damaged STUAUT, Iowa, April 1.—\ terribly d structive wind st .rm bus been raging for the past 24 hours. Muny buildings in this city mid neighboring towns are badly damaged. CRAOIW A CO., Philadelphia, Pa., will send, poslpnld, fori Dobbins' Electric Soap wrappers and ten cents, any volume of "Surprise Herlcs," (best authors), 25 cent novels, about S) pages. 8end 1 cent stamp for catalogue- It the present wcnther should continue H strolls of Mackinaw sre likely to be clear t lee by April 10. Kvcrsman aV Sprcck's grocery at Ruing- liam, 111., was closed by ttie sheriff. Made In IXH>M Like Now. Dresses, Oent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Htcamcd, at Otto Ptetch's Dye Works, iW6 W Water Bt., Milwaukee. Send for circular The collector of customs st Victoria, II. ., has received Instructions to allow no more sailing vessels to clear for Uebring sea. Thm Oalr On« Ixr PrlnU<t-Can Tos Pln.l Ilia Wnril T There Is aSlnch display advertisement In this paper this week which has no I wo wnnl< Bllke except one word. The same Is li eaeli new one appearing each week frm Ur Hurler Medicine,Oi. ThU liou.,. p 1 I le Crescent" on everything they make an publish. Look for It, send them tin: nam of the word, »nd tbey will return yon u iiRAUTirui. i.miooitAriiB or rnni: Visitors sre leaving Paris on n frequency of dj uuinile cxpb account slons. T in plcHsant i "• '-ly .i:nn_; their .-Hi oatlng or Bcechsm's Pills iises the taste without lm• •iency. 2.Scents a box. • 111111 <>i 11111>• -111 of Dr. Vaughsn as M-b-.p of Westminister, In succession - lute (,'ardiual Manning has been sp- I A I 'llliMIT AND I'I.EVSISO WAT OF EASISO Asihneiiie Wheezing. Use HALE'S HOXBT tl- IIolil:l|r>t-Nlt AND TAII. I'iKi:'n TooriiACiia DKOI-S Cure la one Minnie, "German Syrup" I must say a word as to tha «& ficacy of German Syrup. I hart used it in my family for Bronchitis, the result of Colds, -with most excellent success. I have taken it myself for Throat Troubles, and have derived good results therefrom. I therefore recommend it to my neighbors as an excellent remedy in such cases. James T. Durette, Earlysville, Va. Beware of dealers who offeryou "something just as good." Always insist on having Boschee's German Syrup. 9 ' DO?VOU COMCH DON'T D£LAY m BAl -.tin .oliithiiis were hi'ro 'lU'Ctl In tho Mas^a- •lt- lmnril (»f 1 1 .nl•• :i-.l;bi.» fiMi ^rcss to ir ii inrw r.'il 'in- t '»Mi<i i<» h<; in fliitrye "Minister of < 'OIUIHUK-U anil Trade." rnr any tuning .laiiivs McGowan, wife, son Jind Mary Walsh aru missiug uiul aro supposed to ho in the ruins with hut Httlo hope that they are alive. Ous Dicli, u teamster, whilo driving along tho street, was struck liy a fallirur trio itnil severely injured. CharlcM He-icier W.IH blown from a BcaffoldinB antl receives! nosniuly. fatal internal injuries. In residences adjoining (he demolished structure lived tho families of Horace) Wygant, JUJJOH Mott and Jnue^ McOow- an, Jesuit's Thomas Hallett, ull were at home except eight year old isizzio Mott, and none escaped injury. Ujiio 11 p ui. none of thorn ">elieved to lie toasted in Ihe ruins had baen found, and it i< feared all are dead. Tho Hulelt residence was throwsagniret that of. Thomas Allen, adjoining, a«a»l the fumil} buried under planner, lionnis, etc. Mrs. Allen and daughter -were crushed under a mass of debris, but escaped without vmious injury. Miss Hitch was pinioned ugainM tho stove and frightfully if not fatnly buvned before she was resc«od. Tbr other occupants escaped with u. few set itche* about tho face nnd hands. KANRAB CITV. April 1. —A tornado of road destructivenesa sw'ipt over Kansas last night, liutler counl y seoms to have been the scene of the great* st havoc. Townnda was wiped off tltu face of tho earth, nnd Aupustu, a few miles distant, was buffeted out of all ceoiblunoa of its former self. Not a house or building was left standing in Towanda, The town was asleep when the storm swept down. PLKCBIST PATHS, and all Asthmatle and Bronchial Affections are soon relieved by that certain remedy for Coughs aad Colds, Dr. D, Jayne's Expectorant. D. W. Smith, „ president ot the association. of Springfield, Illinois " , elected Permanent Road Mnrtn to Look I,lkn rfew. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Uloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto Pletch's Dyo Works, 240 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Tho collector of customs at Victoria, li. 0., has received instructions to allow no moro sailing vessels to clear fur Bohrlng sen. Tested by Time. For Bronchial affections, Coughs, ete., UUOVVN'B DHONCIUAI Tuocili:s buvu ptvitd their oulcacy by a tesl lot ninny yours. Price °<!5 eta. llo«V» ThisT We offor One Hmnlre-l i'ullar- Itownrfl CBRS of Catarrh tliat cannot bo cured Uall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CI1KNI.Y * CO., t'rops., Tol-dn n. We. the underHl«n»l, tnive knowu F. .1. * h'^ nay for the last, tlfteen years, and tvllie.hl-n perfectly honorable In all busineRH transati and financially able to carry out any obligation a made by tholr firm. WF.II & TRUAX, Wliolenalo Drueglits, Tol-d ., (I. WALDIKO, KINNAN A MAHVIN, Wbolosalo limit, gists, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cnre In takon internally, acHmi dlrootly npon the blood and mucous nuriaceH of the system. Testimonials sont free. Prlo" 75a per botUo. Bold by all Druggists. It Ottr«« Cntri*. Cnatcha, Bar* ThromA, CkPieipj InnaeBU, Whonimii.' Coua-h. Bronohlne am Aathma. A c>.r*.»:-, r- { : ( onsum tjtloli t" •tafftf, and » «ur- re.i*f lr, axlvunceri I" •t oac*. Ton will mmm the excellent _ jskkta^be tint floia. H...d bT dealer* • HiJlftilsU •jiJHUUiAK i *n.l >..Hi w 4lih,<t.M .T ,r,r Staph* «4 Over, t- o m en r«<»Mli* uf"a".~eu"UMfi't«-urea Hick II«a<lurIiei rei.7ore«C'omi>l«KiouiciiteKConNitpui loiu PILES ANAKKSIHSlveMUMtmn rnllct. snil IN mi INFAIXT- IlLK lillllK fnr l'll.KS. Prlco, |1; at drllgflttitH or hT mall. Bamnum free. AdclroM "ANAKKSI8," Uoi MIS. Naw Yoaa Ornr. TAKE A lunatic named Ilartjcn, who escaped from an asylum In Bremen, crept Into his wife's bouse, cut the woman's throat, threw the body on the bed, set nre to the bed- clothing and escaped. The proprietors of Ely 's Cream Balm do not claim it to bu a cure-all, but a sure remedy tor Catarrh und Cold in tho head. I llllVO been ullllctud with catarrh tor 20 years. It became clnonlc and extended to my throat, causing hoarseness uud great dilllculty In speukfiig, indeed fur years 1 was nut ublu to sneak more than thirty minutes, and often this with great ililllculty. I tvlso, to a great extent, lost thu KCIISU of hearing. Uy the usu of Ely's Ciciuu Balm all dropping of mucous has coated and my voice and hearing has greatly improved.— Jaa. W. Davidson, Attorney at Law, Monmouth, 111. Apply Balm into each nostril. It is Quickly Absorbed. UIVOS Itollef nt IIIM'O. Price (i) cents at Druggist* or by mail. ELY BBOTIIEHS, 58 Warren St., New York. Frank R. Draoger. ot Fort Wuyiw. lud., shot Mrs. B. O. Kick, of C'lc vulsuu, four times. Sho cannot survive, llu suys she had been hypnotizing him for the last live years. Tr you suffer from sick, nervous, neu- | ralglc, spinal, bilious, or dyspeptic head- Not a house or building IB left standing: _, in Towanda The Btorm razed everything I aches, Bradycrutine will cure you promptly. in its path and left dead bodies lying in | Ot all Druggists. Fifty cents. its wake. Four are alroady recovered Irout the tuiua searched. Twenty peraons wero fatnlly injured and forty more or less seritfusly, besides a large number slightly. At Augusta, Harman Haskina, James Barnes, an infant child, and Will Rhodes were killed outright. Fifteen others wero hurt ruori? or less neriously. The wires are ah down, und it is impossible to got a detailed account, from other places Tanatvtinda is a village of thirteen hundred inhabitants, situated ten miles west of. Kldorudo. Four persons were killed outright and several fatally hurt. The killed ore: HKitBoniLL Ouri'. WILLIAM BAHTBL. Dn. GODFREY, CUILD OF JOHN BLAKE. The fatally injured ure: Mna ROUBINB. X ELMBBHAIN. MRS, MOONEV. ALIOR THORNTON. GKOHOB CORNELIUS AND Wit'it. Among tho seriously injured are: J Ir«. Ciirey, Mrs. Keei, U. H. Gubber and v. if« C. C. Westcott, Lewis Peterborough, 1 H. Sorter and wife, Frank Channeled u nd wife; George Maxwell and throe chili)r* in, Wm. Mitchell,'wife and child. Mi*. Blick nnd Mrs. Horton are injured. In. Kiowa, the Missouri 1'aciBo depi it and it number of buildings were demol '• ished. Though no loss of life is known,, several raithapa are reported. The damage to property. sHigreac. At Washington WBI . Little's JIOIHO win wrecked and Little and four children were killed. Joo Walters' bousn wan carrieil from the foundation and thirteen inmateu more or less injured. Sam. BuW«rworth'« house, with I Do occupants, wan carried several hundred yards and some of tho family fatally hurt. From indications the storm * wept, across the country from the Indiv-n Territory tbiongh Barbour, Frailer, "Bumner aud Butler counties. Villages iiml funuiiouaen weie carried away as it xwept along. The tornado - continued in JCansa's nnd northwestern Missouri today, but was less doHtruyiiive. South- heastern Kansas waa also visited last night by one of the most deUruotive storms in years. No fatalitie* »ire reported, but conaiderablo damage wtw done. Atobisou . waa visited by a tornado today at noon. Several large build logs were unroofed and > demolished and signs and awnings wt re sc»U«red m every direoti.m. The Santo Fa depot was unroofed,the Scholastic, cou vent demolished, TiirtJl & Co.'s we- house destroyed, awl Vio gr< eery store off Baylor & OK is m ruins. I ho pi is. n re»f. was carried off and ihe uuitdmp ipurtially- demolished. A small howi »i, In tin Missouri W180 sards was,'Idowii i* 1 * 0 therivw Hltmlreas wab'jnqoys were 'down down and a, great deal ot minor dnuiuge ws« •iorifi trgibjufferevitbadlyiH th«ooimkry. t NoonevtviinjiiMd. AS Ltiitveowovthj tb* Gpwitr. Wesltrn 8tO»a.wQ')mwe»a neitinUy unroofwl ana v«wk JSA wipeiM^i fm \l» day, AtjBt, Jo8 *pii nonrly «\«»;v tel^fapb, nnd *eiis |bok}o m^ftj iuftli»eity ,bw i>**»: ITuft's Tiny Pills: ^ Tho flrnt dona often astonishes tlio In- J » vnl hi. K 1 **'"!? oliwtlctty of ml ml. buoy- ^ ^Pitnoy of body, pood digestion, reRiilur lioivoli aud wild tleiili. Price, xtlvt*. EVERY FAMILY, School, Library, and OrTlco S-H-O-U-L-D Have a Dictionary. Caro sbouW 1). taken to et ^ THE INTERNATIONAL, Xt* rrom Cove & u *yi£," I 'ot uw ••USAaaiDoso," IS THC ONE T'J »«»• toyesrsipcnt revlilns. 100 wlllom employed. |auo,0[JO(;xp4:ndeJ. Sold bjr AU llookuUen. firnd to G.&I'.MKBRIAM&CO. I'utillntiert, 8prin(rtleld,M«M„U.!'.A for frw, uneciincn tm(ies. WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL j DICTIONARY, MB. WM. A. LBB» o( Kandallvllle, Ind., says Hood's 8araaparllla la King of Medicines And 111* Cart WM Almost a Miracle "a I. HOOD 4 OO.i Low.ll, Mau. "0 *DtUm«ni When I wu 14 7MN of »#• I WM ooaflatd to my bad for Mvtiral monibi by *n tttUok of rhaumatlsu, »nd wk*n I lud partially rooowrd I did not havo tha osa of mj lag** ao that X bad to go an orutobaa. About a yaar latar, MerofaUA, In tha form of Wftlte Swellings, -«S >PMlr «il on rartoun parts ot my body, amd (or taUvou yaan I WM an iavnlld, belog eonfluad sassy bad atK yoars. In that Um« tan or ilini of •SUMMmi •ppwnd and brolo, oauln( at graat V^tn and luflorlnv. iavaral Unus piaou or bona iiwtedoatotthoiorM. Pbjiiotan* did aat halp m» • ad ! I Seoame Dlsoouraged ""I w>«nt to Chicago to il»lt a slsUr, M It waa th ought a omango of sir and aoono might do no good. Bat I wu aonanod to njr bod most of tho tlmo. I was oo tapraiMd with tho HOMOS of Hood's SaraaparlUa tn MOM tlnUar to ulno that I dooUtd to trr It. 8a a bottle woo aoaght, and la my groot gratlooattoa 'tho ooroo oooa daoroaoad, ond I began to fool bottar. 'Tola linncthanad my (alth In tho uodlolao, aad In >a okact tlmo I wu UP and Out of Doors , "To maka a long otory taort, I oontlnnod to tako Bood's Banapwllla for a jraar, when Hudbooomo «a fall/ rolossod from too ohaiao of dl*MU that I iook a poolUoa with tha Flint * Walling Mfg. Oo, •ad alaoo that tlma ban not lot* a alnglo da/ oa ao•out of alofcnoM. I always fool wall, am la good •ylratr, and bars a good appotlto. I ondonw , Hood '8 Sarsaparilla 'for it bu bun a groat blowing to mo, and to mi frlamU mr roooverr sooms olmotll mlraoulotu. I think Hood's SaruparlUa it th* lung of all modi- olau." WiiUAM A, Ltaa, Ho. *, North BaUrpad CATCHINU COLD. When you cuteh cold you simply chill u portion of the surface of the body. The skin has been busy in taking some of tho carbonic acid out of the blood and the surplus water, A cold closes the pores of the skin, and this process stops. The work then is thrown upon the kidneys and lungs, for they with the skin have the whole task of purifying tho blood. The blood vessels of the throat and lungs become gorged, a phlegm is secreted in the throat in these vessels, and the cough is Nature's effort to throw it off. REID'B GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUBA will remove these evils. In the first place it stimulates the circulation so that the skin resumes its normal action. In the next place it incites the kidneys to action, and this being doue the lungs are relieved'of their pressure and the system thrown off the disease. When you take cold, cet a bottle of Ruin's GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUBE. YOU CUII {?et it of any dealer. SYLVAN REMEDY CO., Peoria, 111 FAT FG L KS R L DUCD y^&^st^.itc Th* Oidett MtdldM in th* World 1$ probably OR. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER Tula artiolo la a o are fully praparad phyalolan's pro aoriptfoD, and hu t>a«n In oonatant nia for ueui ly ~ oenturr. Thera ara fan diasaaaa to whloh man kin ar* suujeot mora dlitraulnf than aora ajrai, and nonfc> porhapa, for whtoh mora ramadtaa ha»a Imtm tried Without aaocaaf. For all aitarnal Inflantmatlon of tha ayaa It la an InfalUbla rsmadr. It tha dlroo tlouti ara followad It will nam fall. Wa particularly' luTlta tha attention of physicians to Its marlta. Vot nmv. I in. In lata war, IU adjudicating olalm» att 'r otnu. QRATEFUt, KM aal CtoV laAfUIMS 't »trf *«tlr "tr 'Aass HOODTin. ci«ciN«»ii ,a MB-.ivivriNa. Epps s Cocoa BREAKFAST. Hy s tliuroukftt knnwlfi'l^f ft \hn nataial law* frblcn K»VHrn HIM op «rHtli :n' of il ]K "''inii nnl natri* tlon, sml t'f • tarsful Kpplicr.iiofi nf tie firm <jropsf- tlss of vrtill -a*)leotorl (*oc^-., Tit. hai proffdsd our breiikfr .it tstile* wit Ii R ^IUHII-IJ' |]a«nr*d bif« srsi{s (thli'h in ay ssvt UH nirvn} i;.-.ivy .luotarn' bills. It li bytlin j u ii lei ou. acuof «i,< h IUIU-ICI of dlst that a convtftutlou msy l>». «rHi)ur »lly imiit up until • tronx •>noii( 1 'lt to rs"lit «very tsi 1»nry lo dl.****. Hurnfrtjria of nulitls ninUilUi a: » flOHtlnff nrouud os tinrly to rittnek whurtivnr triers ii « wnuli point, iVe tnny en -niid msuy s fnlnl ihsft by k «*i>tns; OQIO *1TB. noil f'lrtldaJ with vnrtt lilood sui) t. t;rjp*jrly iiparUlivtl firiiu*."—"Civil S»r»li;s Os"«tt« " Mii'N -iiiifly •villi boiiluK nntsr o. m'ik. Bold • ty ID h« f-| I tiiiH, by (irnci.rn, laballf) thnsi JAM y.H Iklr lit A 4;o., ilnmwopsthle Cbsmlits, liONDON, ENGLAND. Kennedy's Medical Discovery Takes hold in this order: Bowels, Liver, Kidneys, Inside Skin, Outside Skin, DrWt&g eTorythlnn bafora It aha* wagM <• b, out. You know whether you need it or not. •old by ovary druggist, nnd niwaufaotmrmttm DONALD KENNEDY, ROXBURY. MA8t THE MAN YOU DON'T MEET EVERY DAY. But If you with to mast him, corao oad take a look at our Rfifrlgeraton, Wo haudle mortt aoodi of this fjoicriptlon tlian any oun house In tha UnltM Htutos. This fa ona rouauii why our pr<o*aara correct. Our CQl4dryatff Hofrlgorntori ar>galntat n reputation. Our Una at Hafi-ty Illcyrla-, Baby i/unlages. H*clinlng an« invvill.i KoUing Uh&lra. Ofilco Doika, <fto., ara tha vary latoit pattern*. Nam a goods wanted ana Cfttaloguo will ha lanl* Bpeclal dlaoouQta to %m trado. | ' LUUUltO MiNUFlOTCBINO CO., ^' l| No. HtU tlUi PtalUatel»sssit| fill rf> Ik«m«(lr Vr***. Iiiataiif m*n«r. rll r S Finftl euro in IU dsy». Nsrar ratarasi no I IL.UU pui-fis, no sulrei r^supposltory. ATIOUIB trUd In Till ii every remsdy Las aisoovorad a aioapl* cure .which lie will nibll frae to his fallow aotarara. AddrrM J. li. lUtVk-H, box 8200, Naw York Olty.M .T. P KNHIOWM — Uiie nil HULDII X di Hub lad, t'i tee for tncroiiEs, 2A yai perlunuB. Write for laws. A. W. MoOoasUO* t HONS, WAMUINHTOK, V. 0. and O.MOIHMATI, O. II4JAM S7, KandallrUla, Ind, •«dw\'» fUla care BUIoaanaaa. P AT EIM TS^iSfag^ M iSs to IB IVKI. Wt pay »so to f 100 a raimth asd ,xp»naaa, miUWaiUW, MadlaoaVwia, THE l& ONLY TRUE IRON TONIC u,r,buliu timiiKin Will OOD, JIIIOVO LI . stroiigth, renew tora healtn and IndliraiUon, tliaftlreJfoolT tog abiolutel y oradloated, Ind brlKlUoiioit, brala power Inoroaiod, bonai, nerTM, I I IIIIEW de., rocc 'lTonow 'foroa. 1 lllll 1 Hfi*??*.! "BI .aompjalnta jia. oailar to tbolriox. 11 a aaf*. apoady our,, iioiorni tea, bloom oaobaaka,VaaaUllet Oamplasloa. gold OTory.wtior,,^^ll^^onuluo goodi ' "OroMonli'' H»H Vampblat i aoodj * ifarK*.p !P.*HoL TABUI,• 8 lyJnJaS} OPIUM Morpbln* Habit Onrod in to tn*Odnra.,,N<>u*y till ciirrd, 0*. t. »TEPH* Nf -I,banon,('<><ia, THE COST IS THE SAME. TNI HASTMAN ITEIL PICKIT PCN^I - ^ aontitauipror I u. ruam aiMwaiM.. u. IMU . at. -TKBATSD wlUCnV ' •Mllintli Ovrad .ilk VaptaM, I aid SS • Pi Wi i Ji CIUAJU Til DKAL ^Ka, OIUAlUt TV UHiaXISBSi »v Paul, Minn. SAMPLES FREE I W a IMTtm n T '.' a addn.w> ot all aoldlai Wf "all, I m%* who hoiiip.ilottiled a„leaj asMa Ka v- o*r.i lu " , !"?. 1 ' 0 l»« l '« , i (ll W"' ) ' n * 80LDIEII $'tiSarW p — 0 -- ~ HOIVIE8TEA08; rfV ^ lUloS MO Htt.£«UTar,< PI sos cu Ht ro H VuutiiaivtlvM aod paopla wbv bar* waM IVRII or Antb- »», abouW «H riao'aOai, for Conl«»MlgB, |t kaa

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