Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 27, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1898
Page 2
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Loft Side." BY THE TBLBQRAPH PRINTING COflPANV TUESDAY EVE., DEU. NOTICE TO AD VBR USERS. fot the ««»r 18S8 we ahall charge the follow to Ing ratal for trasglent notleei ID our local ool- umnii pin UNI. Single Iniertlon ....................... 10 cento. Three to Hv« raeortlona ............... 7 cents, Bit to twelve Insertions ................ 6 cents, TXAMltMNT.— «0 cent* per Inch Brut Insertion, and 15 oenti pnr Inoh (or o«oh subsequent Inser$1 per Inoh first month, tl. M per Inch each month thereafter, II par Inoh (or the flrst Insertion and 50 cents r me , per men for eaoh subsequent Insertion, rnr BUNCHY ARE FED. W. C. T. U. Ladles Devote Their Christmas Ihe lesi Fortunate, and Make Many Nappy. to *<F0» three Treats I suffered from heart disease* Could not lie on my left side, had dizzy spells, and at times my heart would skip a. beat. Physi- clans and proprietary medi- jnes failed to do me any good, but three bottles of Dr. Miles' Heart Cure made me a healthy man. J. J, Vanderree, Cornell, III. •• DR. MILES' Heart Cure la sold by all druKKleti on Knaranteo first bottle benefits or money back. Book on heart and nerves acntfreoi Dr. Mllei Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind. How to If yon want to rent bounca or room«, It you want to «oll anything, If you want to flnd any lost article, Advertise In the Telegraph. Alton Conservatory. Eighth Year. Third Term. Fee. 1st. Mailc, Art, Elocution, Delurte and Special Studies. lllaa Alice B. Uarsh, Voloe and Piano. Seminary street, Upper Alton, D C. Mil I ^ Second .nd Alby K. *•*• «1ILLJ>, , tt .. Alton, llf. Sandfor Catalogue. S hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. First term begtai Sept. 22nd. 1898. For eonn* In InatrumenUl and Vooal Muolo. Elocution and Painting. Bend for oataloeue OLD Bloody Bridlea Walte characterizes Bryan's position on the expansion question as "tho vary acme of national Infamy." A large majority of the people of the country are with old Bloody Bridles in his judgment of Ool. Bryan's policy. HAVING given the 10 to 1 herosy the go-by, Ool. Bryan IB now catching at anything on the horizon that may appear as an issue, His attempt to formulate a policy on expansion is very weak. He will not meet with the Rupport he did In 1896. ^ALL WOMEN I of •11 lh* pain •ndilckneufrom which women •uflsi U caused by weakness or derang amtnt In the ordain of tnenitruttlon. Nearly »lway» _ •wheh • woman U not well the** orf»ni tr« affacted. But when they art strong and healthy ft woman Is very seldom sick. . Is nature's provision for the regulation of the menstrual function. It cures all " female troubles." It Is equally effective for the girt In her teens, the young wife wfth domestic and maternal cares, and the woman approaching the period known as the " Change of Life." They nil need It. They are ill benefltted by It *. J1 *"»» requlrlnr necta! direct ona, addreu. giving ayraptomi. fte "Ladles' AdvlMiy Departmtnt,' 1 The Chitttnooe* Medicine Co., Chiiti- BOOfa, Tinn. THOk. I. COOPER, Tupilo, M| M>|Myn "My filter luflerad tram «r» Irregular and Bslntul msnitruatlon and dpStora could not relieve her. Win* of Cardiri •ntjraljr ourtd her and alto helped an •wOM/Mrouah Us Chang* omj*/' ' , Levl Davle, Solicitor for CompPts, MASTBR'S.SALB. 8Ute of Illinois, county of Madison, SS. *" J5 "** Circuit Court, October term, A. D., 1V06, S Albert Wade, Mary 8. Wade, Samuol Wnde and Caroline E. Wade, vu Henry C Priest, , Jamea W. Pennlngton, Jacob Magulru. Charles Hook and Thomas Dlnimoclc. In Chancery, Partition. Notice In hereby given that by virtue of a do- oree of said court, made at the October torm, ' A. D., 1888, In the above entitled cauao. the undersigned, Master In Chancery of aald ' court, will aoll at public vendue to the highest and beat bidder, for caeh In hand, op TUESDAY, THE TH1KD DAY OP JANUAUY. A. D., J800, *' at the hour of ten o'clock n. m., |at tho north . (root door of the City Hall building In tho city of Alton, the following described real estate, altu- t atadinthe county of Madison and State ot 1111^ DQJSf tO*Wlt 'I ; "fiie south half of lot No. eight (8). In block No. twelve (12.) Alton City Proper, In the olt» Ot Alton, county of Madison and State ot 1111- Also the Treat forty-two and one halt (42^) tettoflot No. six (0) In block No. twelve (12), Alton City Proper. In the olty of Alton, county of Madison, and State of Illinois. Alao block No. thirty-four (84) In the town ' of Montioello, county of Madison and State of - lUJnoli. Except the railroad rights ot way through aald block. '• Upon compliance with < ho above terms and . th* approval ot the master's report nt sale by the court a deed or deeds will be executed by the undersigned In oontoimlty with aald dc- ore*. JOHN P. MoOINNIS, Master In Chancery. fiptsl* JfO TEL 1 MADISON, 4. k, DANIELS, Proprietor. ^libopalart Kutoo«ti. AIICB. m M. MAHONEY, JRANCE AND REAL ESTATL POR fALB. 4«Ub)» brtc* 4 welling 10 roomi The Latest Reports of the Alton Sale. Tbe United States Investor of 'New York insists that the Chicago & Alton railway has been sold to a syndicate of railways and capitalists including tbe Union Pacific, Illinois Central, Baltimore & Ohio, Missouri, Kansac & Texas, and the Lake Erie & Western. All these roads are to use it to gain connection with Chicago and tbe East and Kansas Olty. Tbe syndicate also includes a number of prominent capitalists: Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Harriman & Co., Onyler, Morgan & Co., John D. Rocket'ellar, (of the M., K. & T.) Chase National Bank, all of New York, Hambleton & Co., of Baltimore, and Norman B. Beam, of Chicago. The Investor aaya: The deal is most important, and we interpret it to mean, among other things, a strong factor in establishing rates on a firm footing, a strong assistant In guarding against rate-cutting, and if operated harmoniously will prove of great benefit; to all lines allied with it. It marks an important step in tho direction of concentrating railroads in fewer hands, a movement which la going on all over the country. It may mean fcr Missouri, Kansas & Texas, a through route to Chicago; for Illinois Central, an increased traffic to tbe Gulf, by reason of a diversion of large quantities of grain, etc., from Kansas Oity, aud further west via Union Pacific and the Alton's western division; a Chicago terminal for Union Pacific, and a new trans-continental route via Baltimore & Ohio, Alton and Union Pacific. In fact, it is a big deal which has set everybody talking and thinking in Wall street. A well known resident of Alton recently met John J. Mitchell of Chicago, who represents the Alton in tbe deal. Mr. Mitchell told this gentleman tbat the road's sale had been de- cide'don; that President Blackatone and Manager Obappel were both desirous of selling. Personal. Mrs. LaurenO EQOB and children, of Deoatur, are visiting Mrs. B. H. Blair. Mrs. N. Ohallacombe, of Ohalla,- oombe, spent Monday with her daugb • ter, Mrs. J. K. Butler. Miss Mary Oassldy, of Minneapolis, ia visiting Misa (Annette Subwoppo. ] Mr, and Mrs. Q. H. Lane are visiting Mrs. J. W. Hopkins at Da Boto, where Mr, Lane is spending bis vacation. Mrs. Oannell has returned from Fayottevllle, Ark , after a visit there with her daughter. Mr. Blobard Netheroott,.who spent Christmas In Alton, baa returned to Chester. Miss Anna Cballaoombe,of Obloago, la visiting relatives la Alton. Mr. W. J. Qratlaa went to Joff jraon Olty, Mo., today on bminoss. B. W. Stanton and T. P. Doollng with their families spent the day at Elsab yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ferguson, of Bedford, Ind., aud Mr. aud Mrs. War reu Ferguson, of Atoblson, Kan., are visiting at the home of Mr. Frank Ferguson on Henry street. The fam • ily had a reunion on Christmas day at the home. MUs Lucille K. Dimmlok, of Huat- ingn, Neb., Is visiting Mrs. II. L. Black. Silver Anniversary. Mr. and Mru. Frank Hue celebrated their silver wedding anniversary Monday evening at their home in Middletown. Quite a number of guests from out of to nrn were invited and a number was preient. Fully forty couples of tbe friends of Mr. and Mrs. Rue accepted tbe invitations and It was a merry gathering of tbe members of the older generation at the silver wedding. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Spenser WyokofT, Mr. and Mrs. James Parish of Delhi, and :Mr. and Mrs. Qua Christy of Jerseyville. Tbe evening was passed pleasantly In social converse and renewing old acquaintances and the event was a pleasant one. Refreshments were served during the evening. The poor of Alton wore bountifully fed Monday. In observing the Scriptural Injunction to feod the hungry the ladles of tho W. 0. T. U. did a noble work, that will make the day a bright spot to which the ones who shared the bounty of tho ladles may loo't back, In the future, its a tlino of real gastronomic satisfaction. Tbe tables were spread In old post office room In the city building, whore covers were laid for a very largo number of hungry people. Admission to the dinner was by ticket, the tickets having been distributed by the Udlep among tbe persons whom It wns thought really deserved H happy Christmas. Tbo attendance was so very much more than was expected that seats could not bo provided for all, and many had to take tliolr dinner standing. Tho number was ao largo that the guests of tho W. 0. T. U woro obliged to oat iu aaclious, but all tbe time there was tho jolliost of good nature among the ladles and Ihe guests that made the dinner a very agreeable one. The ladles declared It was not to be a dinner but a banquet and certain it Is It was a banquet to everyone who.partook of It. The menu was as follows: MEATS. Veal, a la barbecue, Hoast beef, Turkey, Chicken, Ham, Roast pork, Bologna sausage. HALAD3. Slaw, Potato salad. Broad, butter, gravy,potatoes, picklos. DEBSKBT. Bananas, [pie, cake, coffee. In the quantity of food sent to tbe dinner the liberality and Christmas spirit of tbe ladies of Alton was well shown. Wagon-loads of food were contributed and there was enough for allandjto spare. When the dinner was over tbe ladles counted up their assets and found quite a good showing. They bad fed over six hundred hungry people with a first class dinner. After the dinner was over there were whole cakes, bread, chickens, etc., left and these were sent to deserving persons who had not been present. Those who took baskets had them filled and in all a very large quantity of food was given away after the dinner was over. The W. O. T. U. ladies are entitled to great credit for |their work. They voluntarily devoted their Christinas day in order tbat others might be happy and their self-sacrifi 'ing benevolence is tbe kind that counts. The ladies were assisted by the Salvation Army. Coal. Hard or soft coal at E. J. Lookyer s office at quarries. Telephone 1594 Stop that cough with Stanley's White Pine.—Paul's Pharmacy. fire Escapes. Mr, L. Arrington, State Factory In- spectory, is In town, spending the holidays. He Is engaged in arranging with owners of three and four story buildings for the erection of fire escapes .on their buildings. The proprietors of tbe Dally TELEOHAPH building and nlso tbe proprietors of tbe Laura building and Pieper's Hotel, arranged through the inspector for to-day escnpes to be placed on their structures. Miss Haskell, of Monticello Seminary, is also negotiating for escapes for the Seminary building. Masonic Temple building, the flour mill?, and all other buildings of three or more stories In height will have the escapes placed on them. These necessary precautions against fire are required by a law passed by tbe last Legislature. A Tumor^Formed Finally It Broke Inwardly and Discharged Trouble Began With Dyspepsia and Impure Blood Thorough Course of Hood's Sarsaparilla Completely Cures. There in tlaiiKur in impure- blood. Disciisi! nnd suffering :uv Kin-oly cuin- injf to those who ncirliua (liia tlii-uatun- iiigsyinpluin. Ki'ad iliis: "Oilliam, MisHouri. " C. I. Hood A Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen:—My troubles began with ncrvoiiH hcadachcH, which would lnut me for two or three dnys. The doctors pronounced my trouble dysnepsiu, but they could not do anything; for mo, nnd ndvlscd u change of location. At the ago of 65 a tumor formed on my spine, which Was Very Painful hut did not rise or discharge. Tho doctor thought best to out it out, but I objected. It llually broke and discharged a great deal. Tho doctors nald they could do nothing for it. Then the tumor begun to HBO inwardly and discharge. 1 read much about cures by Hood'n Bnr«aparillu nnd thought I would try it. Before 1 had finished taking QUO bolllo I was much relieved. I continued tho use of Hood's SnrBupnrllla.and iiftcr taking 12 bottles I wus entirely cured. J am now well, havo a good appetite and feel that I owu my llfo to Hood's Bnrsapnrllla." W. D. FORK. e Sarsa- 9 parllla In tho hunt-Ill fact tliu One Trim lllood J'urlfler. Holdliy all ilniKKliiH. *1; six for «B. Hood's Pills i 1 '' 1 huniioiiloiisly with I I1UUU a l-Illfi. Hood's Httraaparllla. m. \ D. D. Ooodoll, 80'. for Comprts. MASTER'S SALE. State of Illinois, Madison county, 88. Iu tho Circuit Court, In Chancery, October] Peathrrom Diphtheria. The home of Mr, aud Mrs. Jacob Vaatte/ott has bten entered by death for tbe Beoond time lu two weeks In the form of tbe dread enemy of childhood, diphtheria. Wesley, a bright •ad promising lad of 16 years, who was taken ill ten days ago, dlednt noon Monday after a terrible struggle with the disease, Tbe funeral was today and was private. Tbe family' term, A. D., 181W. Emma A. Inghaoi. Jul'a P. Ingham, Sidney R. Inghara. JonnlB K. Waictonor, William B Ingham and Arthur J. Ingham vi. Thomas 1>. Ingham, Therom 8. Ingbam aud Thomas C Ingh.Mi,, c:o"M>rvatur or "••--•• - • • Hill for partition. Notice Ii hereby given (hit by virtue of a d e- oree of the said court, made at the October term, V U., 1899, in the ibove entitled oausi-, tho undersigned, master In chancery ot said court,will sell »t public auction, to the highest itod beat I Idder, fur c»h In hand, on FRIDAY, THB TWKNTY-BKVBNTII DAY OP JANUARY, A. D., at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. at the north front door of the City Hall building. In Alton, i^-ffii??!!. 11 !?...?? 1 *!?.!* 0 .?! «he .(• llowlng de Last Day to Xmas! Don't clolfty another niiiuilo in making your selections for Xmas from our two beautiful Rtocks. Hemembor you can find something suitable for everybody at nopprs CHINA STORE, 110 West 3d st. TOY STORE, 317 Dellc st. UPPER ALTON. Frank Brucker, ot East St. Louis, is visiting Mr, and Mrs. A. Kestner. Miss Mablo Hnfberger has returned to KansaM Oity after a- visit with her sister, Mrs. John Jnmes. Miss Sue Newall is ill with la grippe Misses Mnry and Qeuiovieve Johnson, of Spnngflel.1, are the guests of Miss Helen Stalle. Miss Jessie Duboc went to Danville, last night, for a short visit. Mrs. T. G. Emerson aud son are visiting In Greenfield. Mrs. (Jeo. Dobson, of California, is visiting her'daughter, Mrs. Win. Bia- land. Mr. Fred. Stumph, of Mattoon, was in town yesterday. Leslie Stelle, of Jersnyville, is visiting his grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. Kirkpatrick. Mr. John Underwood, of Carlinville, was a recent visitor. Earl Emerson gave a party to ft number of his young frienda yesterday afternoon nt his home on Evergreen avenue. gjjg] Mr. end Mrs. S. A. Wightman are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. J. 0, Reynolds. The one-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. Pirns, colored, was found dead in bed late Sunday night. The child had been sick several weeks before Its death, but its illness was not considered of a serious nature. Sunday evening it was as well as usual when put to bed, but nt 11:30 o'clock was found dead. The funeral took place this afternoon at 2'clock. The members of the A. M. E. church gave a concert and social at the church last night. Christmas was celebrated as usual with elaborate entertainments and the distribution of gifts at the churches. A large crowd assembled at the Presbyterian church Saturday nighc to seo tho Christmas tree and bear the children sing and speak. After the program books wore presented to 25 children who had been present at Sunday school every Sunday during the year, and a handsome bible to Oarl Lathey who had attended the school 5 consecutive years without a single absence. Santa Olaue, impersonated by Mr. Lee Ellis, put in an appearance later in the evening and delighted the children with a speech, after which the gifts were distributed. The church was beautifully decorated in evergreens and cotton sprinkled with diamond dust. At tho (Baptist (church Saturday night there wero two Christmas trees with on interesting program of recii;a- tlons and songs. On Sunday morning the uiTjftl Sunday school services were omitted and a enrol service and recitation by the children occupied the hour. It wns a bitf disappointment for the people who lined the fence In front of a handsome residence on College avo nuo last night, The house was ablaze with light nnd a closed carriage stood at the door. After a weary hour of waiting they saw « young man - not a bride and groom—enter the oarringe and drive quietly away. That much talked of wedding Is still a thing of the future. Ueorge Antbic, an aged resident of Upper Alton, died Sunday morning at 8:30 o'clock. Mr. Anlhis was 71 years of age and for twenty years had been a well known citizen in the village. Several years ago he left Upper Alton and made his home In Springfield, Mo., until last npiing, when he re turned here nnd tins since resided on Main street. He had been in poor health many months prior to bis death. A widow and three children survive him. The funwral sorvicei were h( Id at the Methodist church at 2 oclock this afternoon, conducted by Hov. J. A. Large and the OJd Fellows lodge. Paving Bonds Issued. Comptroller Hartmau today issued special Improvement bonds on account of the Fifth and Ridge streets paving to the amount of $14,739.50. Tho amount of the bond represents tho whole cost of the improvement. The bonds bear Interest at the rate of 0 per cent and are to run for five years, at the expiration of which time the last payment by the property owners must be made. Some property owners paid cash for the paving lu order to save interest. To all who paid up, on or before 1 o'clock today, the Interest on the amount due for the paving was remitted, as the contractor made an agreement to that effect. 92600 was paid In. nows TBIS i We offer one hundred dollars reward foi any case of catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's -Catarrh Cure.—F. J. Cheney & Co.. Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 16 years, and believe him perfectly honorable m all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Truaz, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.; WaJding, Klnnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon-the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price, 76^ per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. HELP IS AT HAND, One of the Worst Diseases Kwwi to /.an Is Overcome by Modern Sciono. Whnn tin 1 common symptoms of mmiry Iroii- blos aro npgloctod (ho rnrpli'sfl wufOrf-r IH In f ront danger orrotilracllnu dlalinii-nor ilrlitlit B Iseaan, two of the most t<.<rrll>li> nrtlli'tlons dial have liepn Impound on mankind. Th*' remedy for (he pnrllost Htmres, ns won ns the worst onnee.ono thnt will restoi-n the kldn^yi to sound hnalth, InMorrcw'B Kldnpolds. Tlienn yolinw tablets should lip taken whon the bark iionm, or when hendaohps, clillllncKS, loss of onority or palh In urinating &ho« thnt the kiilnpj-o nro out of ordpr. A recent case of the euro of this nwful disease by Morrow'p Kld-no-alda In that of Mr. Austin H. Askew, employed nt the Big Kour Freight ofncp, Alton, III., who Buys: "About ten yearn ago I had a Severn spell of Inflammation of Hie kldnpys and I never Kot entirely well. I was troubled constantly with urinary rtloorder frequent discharges attended with a burning sensation. 1 was'especially troubled nt night,haT- InR to ret up five or six times every night. I suffered wl'h a Inrno back all the time, and sometimes so bad that 1 could not attend to my work. Laalspring I was particularly had, "ml my health was*romplolely broken down; I was particularly bad, and my'health »n complele- ly broken down; I read about Morrow's Kid ne- oldi and tbotiRnl I would jjlvo them a trial, na tbey wero well recommonded. I took altogether two boxes nnd wns surp.lsed nt the guild they did mo. They did not only Hire Ihe Inme back and urinary disorder, but they built mo up so I felt like a new man. 1 have enjoyed good honlth ovor since, nnd feel confident they have cnrod me entirely. 1 procured them nt 8. II. Wyas' drug store." KId-no-olds are Yellow Tablets (not pll'ajand euro kidney ailments, nervousness, etc. Liver- lax arosmnll red pellets and cure constipation. Kld-nn-olds BO els; Llverlax 2f> cts at druggists or mailed by John Morrow & Co., Chemists, Springfield, 0. Mr. 0. M. Dixou, a well known mor- cbnnt of Pleasant Kiclge, Fulton Co., Pa., hna a little girl who Is frequently threatened with croup, but when the first symptoms appear, his wife glvrf her Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which always affords prompt roliuf. The 25 and 60 cent sizes for sale by 13. Marsh and S, H. Wyss. Don't be persuaded into buying lio- ments without reputation or merit- - Ohamberlaln'8 Pain Balm costs no more, and Its merits have been proven by a test of many years. Such 1 it- ters as the following, from L. G. Bagley, Hueneme, "Oaf., aro confltnntly being received: "The best remedy for pain I have ever usod la Chan Ijer- lain's Pain Balm, aud I say so ; fter having used it In my family for f ver- 3.1 years." It cures rheumatism, lame back, sprains and swelling. Said by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. How to Prevent Pneumonia. At this time of tbo year a cold Is very easily contracted, and If left to run its course without the aid of some reliable cough medicine Is liable to result in that dread disease, pneumonia. We know of no bettor remedy to cure a cough or cold than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. We have used it quite extensively and it has always given entire satisfaction.—Ola- gab, Ind. Ter. Chief. This is the only remedy that Is known to be a certain preventive of pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used It for colds and la grippe, we have never yet learned of a ^single case having resulted in pneumonia. Persons who have weak lungs or have reason to fear an at- :ack of pneumonia, should Keep the remedy at hand. The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and S. JJ. Wyss. A Giant Nerve Builder. The Mystic Life Renewer is the most powerful nerve builder known. It absolutely cures all forms of nervous diseases and weaknesses no matter how aggravated or of how lorg duration, such as neuralgia, nervous prostration, nervous paroxysms, 8>. Vitas' dance, palpitation of the he.if. physical and mental weakness, de'.oi Ity of old age, etc. Sold Wyss, Druggist, Alton. by P. Alter hearing some friends f.' < < in- ually praiaing Ohamberlain'H ( ..lie, Obolara and Diarrhoea Rems'd . t'ur- tia Fleck, of Anaheim, (Jni !,;niia, purchased a bottle of it for MI own use and Is now an enthu>i--m io over its wondorful work aa anjrno can be. The 25 and 50 cent sizrs f r sale by B. Marsh and S. H. WJ-F-. Inflammation Rheumatism Cure,I in 3 Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, lud., says: "My wife had mil mimatory rheumatism in every muscle nnd joint, ler suffering was terrible and horbody I and face were swollen almost beyond recognition; had been in bed for six weeks and had eight physicians, but received no benefit until she tried the Mystic Cure for rheumatism. It gave immediate relief and she was able to walk about in three days, I am sure it saved her Mfe." Sold by S. H Wysa, Druggist, Alton There is a Class of E eople who are injured by the use of coffeo. Recently tncro hns been placed in all the grocery store'-, a new preparation called GRAIN O, made of pure grains, that takes the pUc-e of coffee. The uJost delicate Rio.nuch receives it without distress and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over tf as Ujucb. ( liildren may drink it with gie it N-'i.cftt. 15? and 25? per rackngo. Try it. Ask for GRAIN O. [•"or Pneumonia. Dr. J. U. Uishop, of Agnew, Mich., says. '•] have used Poley's Honey and Tiir hi three very severe cases of pneumonia the past month with good resL,lt-(. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wj F.-I. . F. CONNOR Real Estate, Insurance and Collecting Agent. Plasa Building and Loan Aaaoolatlon ALTON, ILL. R. R. EXCURSION RATES. nEliUCED Rates to 8outh"rn and Wontorn •^ resorts now In effect via the C. & A. R. R. and connections. MOL1DAY EXCURSIONS—Via Big Pour at 1 • very low rates. Tickets good going Deo. 23, 21, 2.1, 20, 30 and ill, and Jon. 1 and 2. For Information, tlckocs and rotes call on G.II. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. f HRISTMAS 18118-NEW YEAR 18IW -For Iho ** above tho C. & R. R. will sell excurolon tickets, at low rates, from Alton to all stations within 2DO D-HOB on Deo. 24, 25, 20 aid 31, 1BU8 and Jan. 1st and 2d, 1800. Return limit Jan. 4 VMAS AND NEW YEAR RATES—The Bur** llngton Route will sell excursion tickets Deo 21th, 25th, 2«h3.stand Jan. 1st, nnd 2nd, to points within a radius of 200 miles a: one anil one-third tare for Ihe round trip. Return Imlt Jan. 4, '9U.—J. B. Thomaa, Agent.' Humors' Rates to specified points In Alabama, 1 * Arkansas, Kentucky. Michigan (lower peninsula), Michigan (upper), Mississippi, Mis- nlourl, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin, via Big Pour. For Information and tickets cation O. H. Hamilton Ticket Agent. series of Cuba, I'orto •The C. A A. R. R. Is arranging • Winter Tours at low rates to ( . it. rjurica. All OUa jgainst the Island of Cu™ have been raised and tho regular lines of O can anllno restriction ba UROWN VELVET COSTUMH t'HOAJ HARPEK'S BAZAR 14 ••«« w«u»/ vi juauiwu. me i> uuwing Qt>- aorlbed real estate, situated In the connly of Madia jn,«ud State of Illinois, to wit: TUe quarter of the, norUteut quart- I or of suction No, ten (10) In township NO. six _„. ... i ... , - i W) north range No, ten (10) west of we third amlOtlQU || raOflt distressing. In two I prlnolptl merdlan containing forty »roro« of y«w throe deaths with diphtheria I upon u °ron?pi& with the »bof« tent* and uftve OOOQrred amonir tbe Children I "' 8 •Pp r P Vi . 1 of Muter'i report o( sale by the -r T«,W.F-W« ww**>9 ••** wMuwftvu i oourt A dead. 0r deeds, will bo ex*""* 1 " 1 HI/ *K,» and M »»py tlraee OM tbe die«Me re-1 under«ifn«4 inoonformui with JQnN P. Mute* ID Tho biscuit-coJorod cloth lubtrattd herewith, is designed for tbe purposes of calling. This IB made with a sham lower tikirt, the material extending only fifteen Inulies abovi< the edge. The upper skirt is a smooth circular model, cloning at Iho left aide, where the placket Is concealed under the brown velvet edge, which, lnld under the square olotli tabs abown In the illustration, forma the rich decoration of the costume, Tbe bodice is smooth-(Utlug Inih- back, but, while drawn BO as to f< Ik \v tbe lines of the llaurs In tho froi i, iu yet free (rom darts. The rrvcr*, Which are out away squarely from the front, are covered with a second get of rcvers of brown velvet. The turn over collar expands to the proper t'0/inofa sailor-collar In tbe back, while the stock, chemisette, and era vtitte are of pale malne-oolored mous in-line. Tbe olone-nttlng sleeves are lliilshed similarly (o tbe front of skirt mid front of bodice. A combination nf brown shades Is uted la the bat. which Is of eable-brown velvet And .soft shaded feathers. To make tblsco-tume it will be neo* • fssry to u«o Harper's Bazar out paper patterns. One would require 7 yard* of light-weight broadcloth, 1,1 4 " yard* of velvet, •nd 4 dozen tiny metal or «ilk oov«s«4 button*. transportation will I avo Ihelr vessels Ir, service at an early da'e. To California and Oregon.—Tho C. & A.M. R. 1 runs weekly tourist sleeping car excursions »t very low rates, pirsonallv conducted every Thursday, leaving Alton at V:r,o p. m. running via Kansas City, Sa.t Luke City and tho Scenic Lino. For rates, reservations and full pa't'cu- lara^apply to O. Q. Morris, Agi., Alton. •The Burlington a Thrcu«a Car Bervlco—Pal- • »ce Sleepers and Chair Cars (seats free) to Kansas Clly, St. Jce, Omaha, Denver, Billings, Hook Island, Dubuquo, Cedar Itnplds, St. I'aul and Minneapolis. Tourist Sleepers to Pan Francisco and Los Angeles, Ca Ifornla. Portland, Oregon via Denver and Bait Lake city, everv Wednesday. For rates, routes, etc., call or address J. B. Thomas, Agent. f'HRISTMAS snd Now Years excursions. A ** rate of one and one-third fare for tho round trip, tickets on sale Dec. 24, 25, 20, ill, IKM and Jan. 1 and 8, 1SOO, limited to retuin Jan. 4, will bemado between all St. Louis-l'oo.-la Line (C. P. & n. L H. R.) stations. Minimum selling rate 60o. Through tickets from and to connecting lines will bo sold. (Jot full particulars from C. P. & 8t. I-. agent. Cor California Tourls's—Tho Burlington Route 1 has weekly tourist sloepor excursions, personally conduotodfby a BurlingtonUoule Agent) every Wednesday f om Bt. Louis, and Thursday from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los Angeles and San Franclaoo, Tho route Is via Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City with 88 per cent sui shine throughout the year. Ask your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partlcu- Watch this Space for Clearing Sale. Overcoat Time! Is here. The crisp, cold air is lively enough to mak you feel its presence. We are just as well prepared to "OVERCOAT" you as we have always been to "Sun" you Our high-grade Kerseys, Beavers, Chinchillas, etc , for $7.50, $10 and $14. No More, No Less. Are values that double the hardly purchase elsewhere. Coats that are good for you prices eloquent of economv. money would We have good to buy. Low The Outfitter. East Second Street The Insurance Company have | ADJUSTED) -- The PFEIFPER & BAILEY STAR SHOE STORE STOCK, They are Open Now for Business. SHOES GO AT 30c on the Dollar. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, And invite you to inspect our line of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our prices lowet than ever before. For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of J. SOTTER & SON 2/0 W. Third Street. Momesookors Excursion at very low rates • 'via Big specified points In Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Tor- [Itfry, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennosaeo, Utah. Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tlokeln will bo on sale Nov. 16th, Deo. 6 aff, Jan. 8-lOi Feb. 7-21, March, 7-10 flokel Agent" 08 " 011 * PP ' y '° "' H «" ulton ' Houitseekera' Excursions. — Upon certain 1 'datea of October, November and December, tti) C. * A. wll• 4pllRxourftloii> tickets uik'reat'y reduoed rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, /owa, Kanww, *Kentucky Lnulolano, Northern Mioblaan.Mlnueiiata, Mli- ilsblppl, Missouri, Nobriska, Now Mexico, Nor A Carolina., South Dakota, Tonneasee, Te«M, Utah, Virginia, -Wtooonitin and Wyoming, The roduoUonu In raU» are ot lutnolent Import* auoo to merit toe attention ot prospective travel*™. For partlouliM call on 0.0 *' ' PATHFINDER DEPARTMblNl. Throo lluei or leas under thl> healing! One time, 16 dentil three daj», K cental one week (Ooentu additional tlmoname rate, oishdown. CTOCK110U3ERB 1 MEETING NOTlCB.-8t. *-' I.nillH. DAP. 7. Ifcilti Tha ann,,.l . tl . I-oula, Deo. 7, 1SIW The annual miietlng of etookholdera of Sentinel Mining Company for the election of Directors and the transaction uch other business as me bo held at their oflloe in. III., on Saturday, Jan itll a o'clock p. m,--A. H -- -- .- -..- «. v transaction of iiuoli other business as may come before It, will bo held at their office (hotel,) In Upper Alton. III., on Saturday, January 7, 1890, from 1 until a o'clock p. m,--A. H Fuller, Sooy. hOR SALE uutti Ikt riguirtiiuiili of tv ir ? CUT PAPER PATTERNS" Thtu falltnu AIM tutu fnummet.! "Ik, l,,st a»J lh< timflnl" M Uu ,wrt,t n,, („," 2Sc. PER PATTERN WAIWT, Hume, •rawwr~MMi.u T|lt4l< nr ll| it,. at a tftcM tp, r „ TRIAL SUB, 8«f. HOUH Wt!UK3 -s to tlu BAZAR ufon rKrljiv/tb „„„„. lumii « IIIIOTIIUU, ruwiown, K. r. iu> ' U, S. NIXON, Atchnect, nnd Superintendent Plans and Specifications for Accurately Jlumtobefl, OPFIOS ' Ml\ Work 8AVINQ8 BAM* MOTT'S

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