The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 9
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

PAGE;NINE Prize Winner APPLK MI"I|F1>S Sift tog'ethei! twice, one ami one- half ctipfuJsr of flour, one- (U^ifiil corn meal, 5 'leaspooji.s baking powder, one-halt-'teaspooh salt and 2 tablespoons sugar, adi} ^ tubl<- spoons-molaisses and I <-up o( milk, beat hard untU smooth and iiglii. have ready 4 tart apples, pan-d, cored and coarsely clio])))!^!!, stir quickly- Into batter: put. al oiico in buttered gem pans nuA bake* in hot oven. All measiireincnts are level, if the apples aro largie, :i or even 2 will be sufrieient. Wic iliink these muffins extra good jserved with hot b itter— I sonietimc^s vary the receipt by using raisins or drield blubberries instf-ail of (the apple.-^C. R. AXOTHEIl WA,Y WITH I'OTATOpCS ! sure potatoes as ilor frying, add p generous amount| hf c-Iiippod drjed beef. Season and blend with 1 or 2 tablespoons flour, Kry a rich brown,, stirring often. Piit in double boiler and <'()Ver with idilk. Serve when tliorougliiy. hot. This is unusually appetizing and will be good 'as long as 'it i .s kept hot.—C. R. ANOTHER ItsK K(Mt Ql l( K O^TS ^ "\|Vhen' you are making something tailing for cracker or bread urumbs and fin<l yonr.scH" short of botl), use quick oats. Tiiey are dv- licious .on'fried potatoe.*. oysters, pork chops, in dres:Mig ami many pUier jwalys.—C. R. Both Aile Noira Bayes with F. I I ; STiFFEJi i -(;(;s. Herp is an early spring treat, t • (f bilrd cooked eggs r ttlaspoon dry mustard 1 t;ibIesi)«>on vipegar 1-3 tup raisin.'; • •2 tablespoons mayonnaise ^ [ teaspoon .salt ' , 3-8 {teaspoon paprika. 'i j To plump raisins < over ...... .. cold water, bring to boiling point •^nd boil minutes. (Miop raisins by healing food chopper" in boiling water and put raisins tliru. using *mediunr lUiter. .Slice hanl conked eggs in (halves remoye yolks ami mash. Mix together mustard .sail, and ]>aprika, then add vinegar and mayonndi.'ie. Add this to yolks and when wrll blended add <Iiopped • raisins. [ Refill halves' with this . mlxture.^C. R. ftAI.SIX .MINT VIV.. , , 2 •cuptj .seeded ral.siji.'j -1 ^teaspoon chopiied infni Ic.ives or teaspoon peppermint .^aiKe : cups hot watier r : 1'tablespoon cornstarch '. ' % cup sugar • j • Pinch salt ! • Cook raisins In hot water; adil sugar and cornstarch which have been mixed. Cook until thick, remove' from fire, add mint. Hake between two inisls. • Tliis makes .» welcome • variation', from the tisual raisin pie flavored with spiie , -or lemon.—C. R. BKOnSlE.S. :> tabjespooiis shorten|ng 1 cup' sugar 2 oz. melted unsweet<;ned choro- I Iat« , : '/i; teaspoon vanilla cup milk 1 cup flour . I 1 teaspoonful baking powder % teaspoon salt; j cup nut meats fhoprj)ed or >4 <up nut.s ami cuprais- in.s. .Melt .<!hortening:; add .sugar and unbeaten egg:'mix well, aild chocolate, vanilla and milk. Add flour whlcli has been slftijd with flour, jsalt and baking iiowder. Add nut I meats. . .Mix well. Spread thinly jonigrea.^ed "Shallow cake" pan and I hake in a slow oven ClUO F.) 20 to :!'» ininule.s. Oit in o two inch squares before removing from pan. -Makes 20 squares I2x2 iych.) CHOCOLATK IIKOP ( (lOKIKS. 1 cup milk' 2 cups .sugar I ; 1 cup butter . 4 squares.chocolate 2 eggs • .] cup nuf nieats : . 4'i-cups flour ' .'2 teaspoon salt ' ••Ji teaspoon soda 1 teasp(»m yanill.a .Mix as for n cake: teaspoonful, on oiled' pan. 7.". cookies.' . WESLEY CHAPEL (E. A. 'i'oung.) Mar. 7.—This community was shocked Sumlay to hear of the death of .Mrs. i;. A. jchitwood of Carl .luncthjii. .Mo. The Cliitwuods were :it one time neighbors of ours and are well known In tills community. Only two weeks ago they visile.I witli the writer. Little dlil we iliink If was Aunt .Mifllie.'s last visit. She was it fim- Christian woman. We ext|end our sympathy to tlu. family. J"sse Young this writing. H.iward Hardy's taking the measles. Hope they get along all .right. • Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith called at the '^'oung.honie Sunday afternoon. Shm J 'llPs have moved to the Benfer farm and .Mr. Jackson moVed to ^LaHarpe". Robbie.' Daugherty called on Harry Yo\ing Sunday. Viola Curlev stayed over Sunday in Mildred. Melvin Isaac is staying with his (irandmother Hardy. i s Hoiile better at cliiildren are ! .\n engagement ring still r.->main< I the average woniaii's ide.V of a ! round of pleasure. Prop small Makes —NL;.\. Detroit I Uurcati Nora naycslba.s lots of things named in her honor. New Y6rk named a thei.ter after th..' popular musical comedy anil variety .-tar. Now a Detroit tlorlculturist. Vi.fcent R. bel'etris, has named a mw white carnation Iho '•-Nora Uaye.s carnathjn." Nora is shown Utrc wUh an { iiruiful oi tlicin. U".i--i:iiii'lo(i \v:[> till lUii;.' pc r .-iiMi h Ua.^ \vl,(..-c biilhdav \v;i.- piihlicly <cl. - jijii-.; . iuMl.d wl.ile'h.- .-I'll livc.-l. • K.Oini- I:i ?ry :"J wiisjjiiiji' \>'ii<-ly < idciji-al'-d iiniiiil while he \v^!- l'r.'.-,.|.|!t. i hif I hi hili:;l"n dieil ;:l tlii' hef.'in-; • i ilii- liisl liour !)£ the day, of' -I day m I'll- w ee!c. of t!ie last j III the yc;ir, id the la- 1 year 1 cenluiy. •'. I I Menus for Lentea I IHnner<^ ! - - . I- : • • Cocktail of Cjierries and - (irapefniit Pish a UfCi'eme in Timbales Stuffed Baked Potatoes Harvard Salad Bran .Muffins .\n >li; .lello Whiltped Cream ' Coffee ! II Cream Sauc-e with. Oysters I on Toast pear Pickles Apple Nut Salail Slewed Tomaloe.s Corn .Muffins III Cliirry Tarts and Coffi'e . Ci<'am iif Celerv Soup • • • Wafers , Salmon Cutlets, Parker House . Style Carrot .lello Salad Creani Salad flressing Olives W'hole Wheat Bread Individual Sponge Cakes WJiipped Cream Coffee -_: ALMOXl) TAIJTE. * 12 eggs •'. • lb. grated almond.^ . 2 cups sugar ' 7 qrackers. rolled fine • 1 brrfnge rind ; Beat egg yolks to a thick cream and (he whites stiff, add s'u.nar to yolks and beat hard again; aild i orange rind, almonds and cr.'.ckers and lastly fold in egg wliitos. Bakb • in two layers or in loaf pan. Serve with iwhippei cream.—C. R. . BY SISTER MARY BREAKFAST — Grapejtilee, jeereal, thin cream, scrambled egga with tomatoes. . crisp graham ^toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Fish timbales. lletiuce sandwiches, molasses cookies, milk, tea. •• DINNER—Beef a la mode, rlbed potatoes, creamed cauli- ^flower, stuftedjprune salad, whole wheat rolls, cream puffs, milk, coffee. : I The flsH timbales ar0 planned . to use up any fish that may have been lert from dinner the niciht before. Holvever.lf left-over llsh is not at l)and any'canned llsb may be used to. adyontagi?. - FiNli TimlmlcH One cup cold flakf'd llsh. 2 table- apoons biilter; M cup stale brdad 'crumbs from soft part of loaf, % cup milk^ 1-, tablespoon leifion juice. Icffg. .salt and pepper. Melt butter, add bread -crumbs *nd milk and; cook until smooth, . Btirring constantly Add flsh, which has been marinating in lemon Juice While making the jwste Season with .salt and pep- r r and add egg well beaten with tablespoon cold water Mix thoroughly but lightly Turn into / buttered individual molds, making them about two-thirds full jof the -mixture Plac« in pan of hot water, cover w;th heavy buttered pa- ^lier and bake 30 minutes in a Moderately hot oven : Remove from molds and, serve surrounded by egg sauce, i?;eame> celery or tomato sauce ' •i .-. - The lirst passenger elevator was; constructed in Vienna foi; an Austrian emperor In 17C0. i ] •Free to Sunlite Users r—There arC; many reasons why Soinllte-Jell is finding its way into .aeJEirly every home. It's the final creation of an expci^t who lias spent 25 years' in iierfecting jelly deSjserts ,wlth true fruit flavprs. A . bbtnparison . with any ofhec^Wnd ipnickly convince-s. - Write: Sunlite Dessert Conipanv. WBiikesha". Wis., for their Mold Qffe^. It tells you how attractive dfessert several styles— 'Wntb and inditiduals— are furnlsh- *tl free to Snnlite users. Kvery lover/ of Jelly desserts should seuil tPi-ilho Mold ;Offer. Personal Selection Cdnvenient-Satisfyiifg-Economical Pig-gly Wiggjly shelves are loaded with nationally advertised merchandise. At Piggly Wig- jarly you see before you buy. Ojily here, can you compare and verify each value and btiy merchandise which.suits you Best Specials at Attractive Prices For Florida Grape Fruit 6c and Saturday es Hand \ I'iclicd Selrrled. !l Hiv 24€ Fresh Beans Km til Suiiii) Per I he Soiilh 30c Heaid Lettuce 7c Oranges .Sweet, .lulcy Njnels Per'diiz. 33c Potatoes Ktincj <;uallt) Per I.' mvk 38c i*i.i!:i>:ly XViffgly Prices Are Consist- chtiy Lcmi Our Kxtra Special! Peaches f;<»UU'n Glow . T.ill cans -j O^L /i A -1 Value _ L^2\y Every Price Tag Tells a Thrift. Story 1 Peas v!!^ 'd 2 «'iin -, He Asparagus ;:;;r;„». 18c £\ Our Ka\<i 1 C\rn < ounlry t N„. .... i,v, rile ;eiiUi.-miin 25c breenBeanspri .n"':'' /12y2C 110 It Mi'at lan 20c Spinach s-A.. 17c Salmen l.ihiijv lull Kanev IS< .1 ciin . 29c Market I»ay 4.1b. Halt . 43c 113 East Madisoh Piggly yv^iggly Encourages Thrift THE UNITED STORES COMPANY PIGGLY WIGGLY Jfe/ps Thpsc Who.Jfe/p Themselves I McKenna's Cash & Cany Gro. : 12 Sdulh Washington Closing Oiit Sal^! ! Wt' y.^c^J<e our biiildihji; at once and we are slajj- injj a real honesi-lo-gdoiiness closing out sale starting Friday morning dpd continuing until stock is i>oId. .Now i.f the chance for you to lay in a supply of groceries at rest and below co.i^t. Fixtures for^ale cheap. . Helow we quote just a few of our close out prices. . Reg. Close Out Price Price 1 Pound Peaberr^- Coffee 1 large can Cove iOysters : 1 .<»nall can Log t'abin Syrup _.. 1 large can Log bin Syrup 1 1 !^ pound can Crisco _ \ :\ pound can ('fLsco — •. 1 1 pound Fancy D^ied Peaches 1 pound Fancy Uried Apricots .*{ large cans I'ea'chcs . w large cans Peel^-d Apricots , 1 large can Del Monte Pears I large can Del .Tllonle Cherries . 1 package Life '0 Wheat 1 package Cream, of Wheat il package Fig Nuts '.'{ bars Creme Oil Soap .'5 bars Ivory Soap — . 2 packages Trom^'te . 1 large package Star Naptha ;{ rolls Waldorf.Toilet I'aper fi jmxefj Crusadej- Matches _ (i |)pxcs Searchlight Matches _-. 1 can Heinz I'ork and IJeans — 1 large bottle iljeinz f^etchup'__ 1. large bottle Ifcinz Chili Sauce 1 No. rt) can Electric Peaches 1 No. 10 can White Synup Come in anH look over our .tables and counters, are loaded with close-ont bargains. ._:j5c \ l-SOc ._30c ._(>0c ._40c ._75c .-2i>c ._35c .-75c .:90c ..15c ..liSc ..25c -.2Sc ._18c .-25c -_25c . .;{0c ..25c . .25c __:}0c _:i5c .lijc .-••{Oc -.:{5c --75c .-(iOc ;{2c 25c 25c 49c ;MC (iOc 20e 2 (ic 55c 72c .'55c :J 5 C, 20c 2.'{c 12c 20c 20c 21c 19c 20c 22c 2Sc 12c 21ci '2He (i :{c 5:',c They SELF SERVICE GROCERY Print ^K Ink Will S«ll A K.\|i:inston \ (Allen Ciiiintj's Phcilei'} IS.IIi. Hate I'eerll -xs (Besl fliiiir ••old «t Ih** iirire) is-lli. Repeat business is governed by the quality of merchandise you distribute. It has always been our desire to sell our customers the best merchandise obtainable at the lowest possible figui:e consistent with quality goods. i i CleanKness Courtesy Quality Price $2.25 $1.95 Crackers, Ijoose-Wiles Krispy's 3-Ib. Box .. ...45c Sugar, 100-lb Bag Pure C, & H. Cane $6.90 Sugar, 25-lbi Bag Pure C. & H. Cane $1.80: Beans, 7 Ibslrlarge Idaho" navys .. ... .48c Ric^, 3 lbs. Fancy Blue Rose ...... 25c Macaroni, 4 Pkgs. AmeLican Beauty . .25c Beechnut Spaghetti, canned in cheese and tomato sauce, 2 cans 25c Oysters, Piinch brand, small 15c; large 30c Salmon, Fanjcy Pink, 2 tall cans . 35t Tuna Fish, light mieat, per can ...20c Colrri andj Peas, good. quSality, per can . lOc Rkisins, Thokpson Seedless, 5 lbs. ... .50c t^ihe^pple. No* 2V2 size, sliced pr : cijushed, 4 for ....... .. Sweet Potatoes, Nancy Halls, 7 lbs. Rtd Onions, 0 lbs. ... ^ Bunch Carrots, California, 2 bunches . 15c Ojpaiiges, Sunkist, Sweet Navels, per ^ dozen 25ci 2*dozen .... * .45c SEE I US FOR SEED I^TATOES^NO. 1 RED RIVEfe OHIOS 'AND COBBLERS Ovsler SheU, Chamberkiita^s Chick Feed, Nutrina Chick aiash. Bulk! Oats, I . .1 • . . ! Look for articles priced witJh Red Tags Saturday. On the Square at the East Side .95c .25c :25c Some of bur Ever3^ Day Prices Celety, per bunch .12*^e New Cabbage, per pound /'. .4c Sweet Potatoes, Nancy Halls, 7 lbs. .25c Bulk Oats, 12 lbs. for ..., V50c New York Cream Cheese, lb. .... i. .42c Pork and Beans, 2 No. 1 cans ...; .15c 1 Matches, carton — . .20c Hardwater Cocoanut Toilet Soap 5c ; a cake, 12 cakes for /.... .50e Farmers, we want your eggs. (.McQuigg'f^ Cash .firocery) South Side Square Phone714 > -.1 • .•• I I ^- .-i Your Needs Gan Filled Here —IN (QUALITY - 1 Package Spaghetti. 1 of Macaroni, 1 of Egg Noodles, all for ^ 25c , real Wi.scon .Mn Cream, per lb. 35c Smax. that good breakfast food __25c A^'heaiena. a whole wheat breakfast food good .sliced and fried 25c IJrown ftiie. 2 lbs. for 1 . -:-25c lbs. Bulk Coffee, we grind it for you _ 95c A Real Broom . _--50c .'{ lbs. Baby Limas. good; ones _-25c Our .New Flower and Garden Seeds are in. Fresh" Fruits and Vegetables. • Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb, Chickens. i • 'i . . • • " A. W. Anderson We Have Parking Room For Your Car. ' Phone 292-291 We Deliver U. S. GOV. l^JSPECTED MEATS* w H a H a > o t3 MARkET Our cu.sfomers find if a pleasure to shop at our market as we have a large variety of . ouality meats and.meat products to select from. And we give you quiek. snappy service, and we give you what you call for. ' • All choice cuts of Beef, Pork, Fancy Bkby Beef, Genuine Spring Lamb and nice Young Hens for Roasting, Baking and Stew. CHOICE BEEF— (Not Just Ordinary Beef) BoiLs, heavy rib, lb. 12c Roasts, fat and tender. lb. __t 17c , , Steaks, lb. — - - I iJiOe FANCY BABY BEEF—i (The Best.That Money Can Buy) Boils, per lb.-.^ ^___-_15c Roa^jfis, per lb. : 20c Sfeak, per lb. 1 _2.5c and 35c PORK— (Young. Tender, Lean Cuts) Rojist.s, .shoulder, lb. _-_2.5c Steak, shoulder, lb. .! _25c LAMB— (Genuine Spring) Roasts, lb. — 1 _-.30c and 40c ' Steaks and Chops, lb. __-_--.30c and 40c LENTEN SPECIALTIES- CHEESE— Brick, Cream, Pimento, lb. 40c Swiss, lb. ! 40c and 50c All in 5-Ib. I.«af Cheese and you can bay any amount. Also Fancy Box'jand Bottle Cheese. JJmberger, Rckrquefdrt, Camembert, Swiss, Guyere, I.<ong Horn Cheese, Full New York Cream C|»ee^. SPECIAL^ Bacon Squares, lb. ^__J___-120c4 Swift Premium, regiiljy smoked Ham 10 to 12-rlb, average, lb. .___34c Another"shipment of Sunlight Picnics : Ver lb, __L^_i_- ___,_24d- U.S. GOV. mSPEaSjEO MEATS O i i I > H 02 t

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