Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 27, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1898
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EVEN! SIXTY-THIRD YEAR. 1 (Bitafcllihed January 14, ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY, DEC. 27, 1898. TEN CENTS PER '«*»• 0 ive the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph M» 'M Wff *UHt*r KF—WT™ ir.vwan** iagnps—aa-Si ktommnuiuttflu" mnua BygKl^gUpppjgjUil_' wan n l i)j j ;i'*f*^~^* * "i i^;".^ ..'•^ ' n~-~~~..wg; •T STAMPS Any way you look nl It, llmKlicrwln-WllllsniB r*lnt sumrts. While lead point covers well, but It chalks Hud rubs olf. Kino paint sprondH well, but It crncliM nnd pools off. Neither one alone mokes n durnljlo pulnt. Tlio HuerwIu-WHHanu I'aint combined tho best i|iiullllc« of both with tlio highest nklll. It contains tho titnl lead In tlio lii-nl proportion, tlio b«kl ell." I" the bent proportion, mid tb« best oil and drier and color, nil In tbo boil proportion*. J'roin cvi-ry point i>f view H KUntlH comparison Will, lend paint or ».lnc pulnt. IlKtai.ds u-lien exposed to the weather nud bard wear. H stnnds iilone-Bvery cm. fi.lly Kimranterd, aiidbohlnd ll.o nuurouteoull tho resources and tbo reputation of tba Company. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Isiperlallr pretiared for every kind of pnlntlnK. fin Hi" rlK' 1 ' kind fcr your work. Oo by tlio Intel. A pini-ilcul liuul. oniinlnllnnfrra. THE SHERWIN'WILUAMS CO., PAINT it COLOR MAKgR8, Stewart Avc., Uilrngu; i.!so Clcvrlanil, New Voik iiud H. W.^CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Howefl's Carpet House has'som£ fine n-w patterns in Carpets, just the 1 itest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable- household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. Fire and Water- Proof « -!».••* «'«V*- < *'»' < »'»' < *'' < ' fc -« < *-***' 9 ROOFS <•»•»•*>•• •«*«'••>•••*•' * Gravel «a Composition ys. ROOFING MATERIALS New Year's To Be a Red Letter Day For Cuba's Capital. AVI; \viu, TIIKX <)<:< ITV TIIRTOWN. l:lt\«.|i TliniiHiiiiil ll.iyo hi Ilia* nnd Ciibnn Niilillnii In Auxin! In IliilnliiK "''I Olnry WliiTi> S|icilii'» I'-IIIK lln« Flown rnrlluii- dr<Ml< of Yean—I'ol, liny ("linrgrs n Cnlian Ollln-i n-llli Aiming ItrlRiinils—Wcyler'n KrtiiMiii! at llaill-lil, lliivaini, Dec. 27.—A parade <if the llnlli'd Stales troops throUKh tlie city will take place en Jan. 1, the date llxe.l for (In- turning over of the control of the island In tin; United Htntos. The American evacuation commlsHlon will din-el Major Oem-ial }MC to make diB- poslll.,us of the cHvHt regiments here, niniibcrliiK Mil) men cac-H, IncludltiR the arrivals of yesterday—the Klxth Missouri ri gltiH-nt, on the. transports Obdam ami Houmanlan, and a battalion of tin- Tenth regulars on tlie Saratoga —and another division to arrive this we. k. Altogether It IH expected that MI. Imposing display will be made, as numerous details of the troops will have to be made to guard the forts and Pumps. Mlllliiry Men Arc lltvlilcd. Military men are divided In opinion ttH Id the propriety of the troops parading. The nlllcluls in favor of the project aver that a good moral effect would be produced on this c.lty by showing the quality of th.; American forces, while those who oppose It say that as this Is not a comiuercd city there exists no reason for marching the soldiers through It as though it were. General Lee spent most of Saturday on horseback studying the beat route for the New Year day parade. The streets are too narrow to allow the troops t.o march past the palace, so that the route will probably be through the Prado and Central park, to Cerro, the Havana suburb. General Lee expects to have 11,000 men, Includ- 1ns the CuHuns, in the military procession. Blood Sued In a Disturbance. The United Slates troops have begun a regular patrol of the city of Havana "... order to guard against possible disorders. Christmas, however, passed In comiarallve quiet. The bando Issued on Friday by Captain General Jlmlnez Castellanos pnihlbltlng crowds from assembling in the slr-.ets was generally observed There was some disturbance said to have ln-cn caused by liquor, In Montscirat place. A shot was ftrei about midnight from a root at a group of pc-opie below, nnd many shots were returned at figures vaguely seen on the of. An unidentified man was killed id three were wounded In other at- ays. POWDER ABSOLUTELY PURE Makes the food more delicious and wholesome «al>OWMBCO..*E*YOmt. :;nlM:i»M Kan KIM.!, l^be «-alli-d for M ..„,'.. ,1 Kli-.n.d I'l 1( .!,in,r, «ah- kl-H ,,.p,,ris »!- imr ninturi>p<i in 'lie next nouno to ih>- on.- where they were <|unrtereil. Colonel Itny intends to mount some of his own men and lo capture Ihe robber chief. Meanwhile, except on tbegininled ppUiU-s. work 111 his district is practically nl a standstill. POLITICAL OI1IHIS IN SPAIN. « IlliHiM— BBNOFAJIISKINft'BEAT atistician Dodge Takes Issue with Professor Crookes. At B Standstill Owing to SiiBH«ln'i Ambltl"" of Gnu. Wi-jrlor. London, Dee. 27,-The Madrid correspondent of Tin- Standard says: Honor Kagasla's Illness bus brought toa standstill the political crisis and the negotiations for the reorganization of the Liberal party. Many Liberals are opposed lo General Weyler becoming minister of war, because they fear he will asplie to -succeed Sagaeta as leader of the. party El Hbvral publishes an Interview ' with Weyler, In the course of which h« Is represented as declining to give any Information regarding the crisis, but as Insisting upon the necessity for a strong government. Such t government could not. he drawn from a party.led by Senor Silvela. General Wwler hinted that the countrj would rur. great risks unless power were placed In the hands of a Sagasta-Weyer ccralltlon government. Tht Hankof Bpa'n has ceased to advances upon Philippine and Cuba, bonds and has asked a supplementa guarantee for previous advances, owing to the decline In the value of the bonds The government has arranged wit Madrid and Barcelona bankers to ad vanre theatnount needed for the fiervic of those bonds In January^ t. HAMILTON YH HIM rilUrilKSTKMiXOTKM'HS * llii- Pi-1'ni-nl Aiinin.l H.i.,.,1 by n MalK-r of 150,000,000 |,,,,lirl« of tin- l-iM,.«l-Al»o i;»ll- rmlM fh<> Amiiml Supply N«'«rly 1«> 1'er Out.—Ti-mponirr AdvnniM-it l» l'rl«-c» Albany, N. V., Pee. 27.-J. H. t many years (statistic Ian of the illed Slates di-partnienlof agriculture Washington, has written to the n.iilry clenUonmn an exhaustive ro- y to the .-.ddress of Sir William Tof.) Crookes before tin.- Urltlsh clcnco association in which the latter p r e d I c t c d a great wheat famine. He takes Sir William to task for giving Inaccurate lig- ures. He says: "Sir William CrookeBde.cla.res that there is already a deficit of wheat area of 31,000 square miles, or ap- OHCROOKE8. Proxlmately 20.- llhmrll. Iici. "'•- before nil.. I, llobson Plali UK nl to Major lo Ule stolie^of WlKlle- '!,',"piiblle, as folloWK: "Tho ntfr'.y c xiiRgerated. It W.-IH p'llrlotli- eiilhusliiKm on thi> part ,,f u.e others. My own course was entirely Hnpelb d by my I'-ne:? of d''"'-"''^ and galb.nlry." It- raid later: 'I dun t want lo leave America, |icrhnpn for vc.-u« will, tb" P-ople thinking I have iieen guilty of this promiscuous kissing." Hold l« Hi" Tin I'lultTrint. Canal Dover, O., Uec. 27,-THe black pla'te plant of I he Reeves Iron company, which manufactures plate for the t lining Plant here, owned by 1'hl adelpbla c,pll-'l Has bei.-n Hold to the American Tl n Mill trust, now forming with bead,,, lnr ier« at Chicago. Negotiations are pending for the Bale of the tin nlng plant. HOLIDAY GOODS We »ro prepared to ihow a largo assortment of . . . O f all kinds and prices. Lace Curtains, Por tiers, Table Covers. Best CARPET SWBr.PBRS mado. Ba»ldc» an Elegant Stoolc of CARPETS and Room HIzoHUOS. A.Neerman&Son. *iH OVERCOAT SALE have Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. \Ve Usnut&cturod a» JOHN M. SELLERS, ol Louis b ilMIng . Drop » postal to 01 call on 9 AOT, Corner Shlf-M* *" • Rwra S rest A REMARKABLE SCIENTIFIC AND WONDERFUL SCIENCE. B "SOLAR BIOLOGY." S^yyiiiiyL ££SSs £ rrm " t '» M " - "*^ Electric Power We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at Loi — If' you know of any manufactrer who s seeking lo Catl °^^ ~nn'nR Elevator operaUngall kinds of machinery, pumping water; in fact any mechanical application. call on us for FINDS FAULT WITH A CUBAN. _-< . , • Electric Incandescent Lights ( hmcl Itay Snyn Ho lias Been Giving Anna t» Cuban ItantlltH. Santiago do Cuba, Dec. 27.—Lieuten- it Colonel Henry Kay, who had re- irted to General Wood, military gov- rnor of the department, that Colonel ^rnnclKC-o Vullente, chief of gendarmes, ad been among the Insurgents, and .at several bands of robbers were .eratlng In the neighborhood of Guan- ariamo. has arrived here. He repeats is charges against Col. Valiente, de- larlng that they are well fouded. He dinlts that 'Colonel Vallente was the rst Cuban officer who nominally dis- rmcd his men. merely requesting per- nlsslon to guard the arms with a squad f his own troops. This request was ranted by Major Harris, representing Jeiitenant Colonel Ray at Sagua de fanaino, Harris even promising to BUP- jly rations to the guard. Colonel Ray says that Vallente, he- ore starting for Santiago, turned over D several Cuban captains the GOO rifles hat were stacked by his men when they were disarmed. This fact was ,niy recently reported lo Colonel Ray The latter on arriving here saw Colonel Valienle and repeated his accusations. Valiente ueclared that he had not armed the Cubans, but had merely given the rifles into the charge of the various ofliecrs. Colonel Ray claims that this explains the existence of troublesome bands of robbers who have nfcsted the district around <3uanUna- ,no In one case a Cuban major went =o far as to order the proprietors of a sugar estate not to grind. Colonel Ray cent a company of United States troops lo guard the estate, whereupon the Cuban major took to the woods with a band of men who have been ever since robbing and pillaging estates near by. As a result of this condition of things Colonel Ray's entire regiment with the exception of two companies Is now scattered about the country guarding private property. Colonel Ray says he has the names of several prominent Cubans who have censured Vallente for Uirnlng over his arms. Valiente re- nllcd lhat he had the arms under guard and would keep them safe until it was seen what the United States would do. Moreover, Colonel Ray Insists that the Cuban police who were sent by Colonel Vallente to capture the chief bandit were worthless and proved dishonest, ns they riiyilclan Who Und Mnile a Orcut Nam In llln l'rufe««lon. Chicago, Dec. 27.-Dr. John B. Haml ton, ex-surgeon general of the Unite States Marine hospital service, died 1 Elgin, Ills., Saturday night. For | over year he had been superintendent ol tl stale asylum for the insane at klgl While on a visit to the east two week since Dr. Hamilton was attacked by severe cold, and in a few days perltom developed. Dec. 18 it was decided Dr. Nicholas Senn that an opera on was necessary to save the patient s life. The operation was performed and at Its conclusion Dr. Scnn staled that in his opinion Dr. Hamilton had no chance for recovery. Dr John 13. Hamilton was ho.n in 1847. In Jersey county, Ills., and was graduated from Rush Medical college, Chicago, in 1»». In ISM he was.ap- pointed assistant surgeon In the "n't'-u States army, but resigned In ls,G to enter the Marine hospital service. Three years later he became supervising surgeon general of that service, succeeding General John M. Woodworth. He was stationed at Chicago for three years In charge of the Marine hospital service but in 1890, rather than be transferred to San Francisco, he resigned from the service altogether. He was professor of surgery at Kusn Medical college and Ihe Chicago Polyclinic, surgeon general to the Presbyterian hospital, and consulting surgeon to St. Joseph's hospital and the Central free dispensary. He was known far and wide as the editor of the Journal of the American Medical association. He was possessed of the largest private surgical library west of the Alleghenles. DISTIXCTIVE'OARB BARRED. OOO'OOO acres, rather unreasonably in view ot the fact that this area at present rate of yield would produce nearly 260000,000 bushed, while the European deficiency, which is the principal one In the world, Is by the Beerbohm record only '•'lOOr.O.OCO bushels average in the Religion In thfl FALL Ha'blta Not Allowable 1'ubllc Schools. Albany, N. Y.. nee. 27.-State Superintendent Skinner has decided the appeal of Edward Keyser against the board of. education of the city of Poush- keepsle In favor of the appellant. The appeal is from the action of the board of education In the rental of school buildings for permanent use by the board of education and the employment as teachers, of persons who wear the distinctive dress or garb of a religious order. Superintendent Skinner holds that "the public school system must be conducted In such a broad and catholic spirit that Jew and Protestant and Catholic alike shall nnd therein absolutely no cause for complain as to the exercise, directly or indirectly, ot any denominational influence." The superintendent also rules that i | S the duty of the board of educatlo. to require, teachers employed by then to discontinue In the public school roon the use of the distinguishing dress o garb of any religious order. Keyser appealed from the action o the board of education of Poughkeepsi In leasing for school purposes tw buildings owned by St. Peter's Roman Catholic church and the em J >lo y me " 1 flf> teachers of two Sisters of ^harHy, who dresB In the garb peculiar to then religious sect and are addressed usually In the school by their Christian names prefixed by the term "Sister/' ON CHRISTMAS. last elsht years. •He assumes that the present annual requirement for bread IB 2,1':4,000.000 bushels of wheat, while the official and export estimates of the period since. HJO average more than that life-lire, the- com nllallon of ciu-h estimates for seven years by the department of agriculture averaging L'.4";7 SIS,m 0, an excess of over 150000^0110; though the cmineiU scientist Is 'almost as lame in his sla.tistlc.8 of. consumption as He is in those of production, really minimizing both. He makes the. supply .'f the ^ tnr onl >' *•' 921 000,000 bushels, whllo i" the statement quoled above tlie product cf 1SJ7, the smallest of seven years, is given as 0 ''14 OOfl.OUii. ] lisa very unreliable forecast that understates production nearly 10 per cent. H would be uncharitable to hope for a scarcity of bread rations- still our wheat growers would not fee very despondent over a prospect of good prices. Kited In HuiiduB I'riceH. ••The Crookes vi.-w is a distinct encouragement to them, and similar views have been put forth before, sometimes apparently in the hops; of raising prices. Unfortunately, when exaggerated a temporary rise of 10 per cent, is followed (as the result of natural reaction, and from 11-,,- effect of Increase of area, stimulated by temporary advance in value) by a fall of '-(> to SO per cent as between 1S.-..1 and ISM. U is bard to convince people-scientists as well as lain people-that Honesty is the best policy and truth in statistics cannot afely be departed from. The Practice of stock exchanges, as well as that of bucket-shops, to secure a. temporary advantage can never aid the case cf clence or of rural economy." mmt^f Not worth paying attention to, you say. Perhaps you have had It for weeks. It's annoying because you have a constant desire to cough. It annoys you also because you remember that weak lungs is a family failing. At first it is a slight cough. At last it is a hemorrhage. At first it is easy to cure. At last, extremely difficult. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral quickly conquers your little \ hacking cough. > There is no doubt about ; the cure now. Doubtcomes * from neglect. For over half a century Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has been curing colds and coughs and preventing consumption. It cures Consumption also if taken in time. «£«»».- pectoral Plasters over IDD§8 It sen coogfi. Shall we send you a book on this subject, free? Our Medical Department. If you bai-o any complaint-wbat- ever Una clcslro the best ««dlc«l advice you emi possibly oDtala,rrrlte tho doctor freuly. You will rocelva D proiapt reiiljr. without«"«. AidrCM.DK.J.CAE 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will sell for the next 20 days REGARDLESS OF COST. We must clear them out and it will pay you to come and price before you purchase. Model Shoe & Clothing Co. THE HOLIDAY SEASON la at band at Marsh's Drug Store. Too will find Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brush: And many other beautiful and useful things. Henry Watson, Contractor and Buildfer, ' w ou Telephone 93- 1899. ^Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before go- Ing elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, u* ^ st ^ ird 5t .BREVITY I^THE SOUL LOP .WIT.'' GOOD ' WIPE, YOliNEBP SAPOLIO, TBB EXCEUENCB OP SYBUP OF FIGS U due not ontf to tho originality and simplicity of th« combinutiou, but also to tlio oaro andjWU with which It is manufactured by solontlflo processes known to the OAMFOBNIA Fio SVBUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the Importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As we genuine Syrup of Figs Is manuf uoturca by the OAUFORKIA Fio Syitur Co only, a knowledge of that fact will assUt one in avoiding the worthless imitation* manufactured by other par- tioa. The high standing of tho CAW- JOBS!*, tfw SXIHIF Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction whleh the genuine Syrup of Figs has Klven to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of Its remedy. It is lar li» advance of all other laxatives, as It acts on the kidneys, liver and bowel* without Irritating or weakening them, and it does not g«P« n .°*' .nauwato. In ordevt* get »U beneficial effeotfli pleww remember the name ot Iowa Family U»u« Now. of tlio Sulcldo of llunliiiml Hiul Futhor. Des Moines. Dec. 27.-M.-s. Elizabeth Gllsun, of this city, and her four children are not certain whether their ChrlHtiiiaB IH u huppy one or otherwise. 5 eh stand and father of the family hanged himself In Kansas City Friday. Word was roci-lvod l.y U.e mother and children of the suicide Haturduy morn- The father hud not b«Hi home in many yr-ar*. however, having 'J^" 1 ^ tin- rninllv In 1SS4. Hut Bllll the \MI" and el"ldV,n h-lt ««d at the unfurtu- nuto and mli.erul.le end.of tlu-lr loved one.' Saturday evenlnB word lliat th- lU'Kllecnl parent, who deserted his family fourteen years UBO. hud left a fortune IIPI roxliimtU.K JBO.OUO. OIIBI- nf Ml«» Tuny Horsc'liell. Milwaukee. D«- 27.-The eoiuiltion of MIM Tony H,,r*-lu-lt. of 440 Mun.hi.ll "reel, who waH said to have l..«en In U trance for HO...,; montl.H, Heems to Uu more complex than ""« J'^'J 1 ,^, 8 ^ 1 ,!; m P ont» o? tl.e'phyHlelniiB who huve been Lite.lUlnB her »r. Hwker, her r«eulur phys c an. bays It I. a case of keUtouia. a i.«iU8l disease with cululepto d «n tarns one of whirl, IH an Inability U, talk »e »«>•» ""'•" C ' U141 ' H al ' C " Ot unusua , as ho hud several In his pruc- Uce uno they are not at all uncommon n tho insane asylum. Dr. Decker says there l" no reason why the girl should "ot como out of the state she Is In, but whenThl» will happen no one can say; ine might, he nays, remain In this condition fur Bjjeaj^ajna Jih^wjrucovor. lUFl'I.EI) SOME NEUHO THUGS. ll B lncer Currant Kills Two nilil l>cnpi« with *l.0oe All Sale. Valdostu. I'.')., Vfc. 27.-The Atlantic, Valdosta and Western railroad lias a cam,, near llalow, in Clinch county, about thirty mIK-s from her,-. Saturday was pay day. The chief cnBineer, C. K. Garrard, had eon.e into town to get the money lo pay off tho hands. He secured about JU'UO and r-de out of town on l,ovs,)r.ul;. Suddenly eight ,,c"roes ru«ht-d out of a thick clump ot Du«lu-s and eai'h leveled a pistol ;it him. Thev demundrd His money and showed that" they lnleml,-d to kill him If ncces- B "aa'rrard replied: -Well, b-.ys, X have the drop on mo; I supi.»"«.- ' is no use in my reslsfniK yui niandH." He felt in 1.1,. poeha a^ It o draw out a i,:vkas:o. Instead -, ih. money he bro.mht forth his pistol .ua beKun to shoot. The rin.«load,T f-' -u the first fhotan.l the next shot knocked out (inothcr. Two more s-liolb we.e i >' by Jiarrard as his horse .lashed ..».». aarrurd was shot at several Uuu,-i by the in-uroes but was not lut : ChrUlniil* '" " IVlillentlary. Joliet Ills life. L'7.-The Christmas holldav' was Veh-l.raled ut the penlten- tiurv Work was entirely suspended and"a Chlcnfio vaudeville company amused the prisouevs. At no.,., n splendid lurk, y dinner was served and in the afternoon III,) men were granted the privilege of readli.B, writing and B.nokinK. The musicians were Hiven n daiu-u with music by the prisoner or- ' A b Christmas present was given Isaac Vouman. uu el, ; ht-year convict, In the Bl.upo ot a pardon. Vouman was sen- teneed in ISl-l, from 1'enver for countor- fe'ting President McKlnley sent the pa r ,'n severa! weeks ,. B o. but it was wHhhoM until Saturday. Youman left on tho llrst train for his home In Kansas. _ ...._ JI»y Fri'o "'» Inniieent MIIU. fiutith liend, ind., llee. 27.-A confession made here by William Mora... the .e.islon swindler in-rested rcocn l>. « •rolmbly result In the frcclm; ol Tree, of l..owu K lae, Mieh now' H«;V |'h ..;;:•!:•= v SLOAX'IX CLOVER. „, Is ,,, (1 ,,l,..,l byTi^l-e-Lloof th.Town of 1H» lllrtli. ]Cokomn. ind., Dec. 27,-Jockey Tod moan's second day at his old home, lf ter a lapse of eleven years, was; spent with his foster parents, Mr. and M.s tl «er who took the orphan boy oft the street when 5 years old. Tod came on West Had,-.. Friday. stl» '«• "S the effeels. of illness, and after greeting ,H/er,wd of old friends waiting to him 1..- retired to his suite ot rooms .., the i-llnton hotel, expecting to get a full nUhl's sleep, but this was not u wed him Some intimate friends ("ilied anil he played billiards the i-ri'iit'cr part of the night. S-turdav he remained closely in his 100 in receiving- unite a number of .. n .,:, Whenever he uppeared he was -,'t onee surrounded l.y ndmiriiiBfriends S urn-day evening -Mrs. IMo.iser received „ f"w frl,-...l« n. her home in honor of lur dislin«uisl.ed protege, some of t ha ,,st prominent eiti/ens and Bocle y ne, of the town !-ein !; Present. Tl.o n "Vini. nts at Tod's request consis ed r ,'fiv and popcorn only. Tod wanted ,' ,-fa'hi'nedl sler taffy pulling, ,,. -. ,ne as "Atmt M«le used to have when he was small," us he expressed H. Vnd his foster mother Kludly accom- inodaii u him. _ <,,,,M| (>|>lnl N,.\v York. V) McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Always on •>««<»• AUo^ Dealur In Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracks Running Into the Quarric*. Telephone No. 31. Residence 628 Alby • ALTON, ILL, J. Bauer & Sons, FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers.| Second Street. Opposite City Hall. n Hi Aitiilnulilo. or ei. i7.--ltrlBa.dler Oen- A. Whlttier, who went to Manila ,,,'lnspeelor general on tho staff of , - Merrill, retm-n ' d lo New York the peace co.n- (JiUPOBNIA PIG SYRUP O). (AM F«*»«•««. «•!• m.--After twenty- tion the Jury In the . of ihe Jury was for convl*- xec-, .rlsoi. at JUCKH..I. for tl.« uiu*.-. 1 IHi j. of the Hound Oak Stove \\oiKs in Dowuulac in 1SH5. Moral. waH In Mle U, u fUHilive fron> Justice at tl e time of the are. U-I..B wan I...I H N ; « York He was later a, rested Inlloches- ter N. V., and in order to be i.Mni- uued to rii.oth.--r sidle, In the hope of "«cupi..K, fal-cly eon,e KS ed thai he and Tree, had bun.eo the stove v-o.ka In Mlehltun. ............. ........... LuilUvlllo l':x-»lHJ»l- 1>"«'I- fcoultvllle, 27.- Wfc-Mayor Chas. D. Jacob died at his home here of he, rt trouble. He was t!U years of use. Jacob wai m. yor of Louisville for four terms, ad durlnK rlevela,.d'« Urnl»l-- trutlon wu» u>l"l«t«r to Col-unWu. l.ouis with ;;«:„;,«. sp.-ak.nK »r ^ ™y»«» .,1,1- "The Kllipinos are a well-in- U ',; ' pe'p'e p.uce-KivlnB. thrifty 'n, ' ' lerlv Whal they want most is a er . -, < ili'H will allow tl.em to ate m t" H..-I, •-.»., U,-ln,ss. If they can , 1 at in pea.-,- and ..ulet they will i- -U me the n.-w (.-.overnment. Ajjuin-^-aKreatman nnv olh-r man of twen ly-nlno 1 ev. r know. AS we consider UK-J a me.v l...y. Y.-l l.« ha» done rs In IlKlitlntr the Spaniards. liKl.'-Aiii.-.l.-'i" Deiii"'i»t''»"""' l-alro I).-.- '-'7. A farewell bumiuet was tendered lo l.l.-ulenunt Uenerul Sir panels .irenfel. the r.-c.-ntly ap- ,,'h.ted «l Malta, who n,,w ,-etlres from Ih.- supreme .•.immaiul ol the Aimlo-Kuypth.n« I" I'-MI' 1 .,! .. ,,,«• ....... .r Thomas S. llan-is,,,,, I'nll.d Suites UKciil and e.-iierril eon- M «,,.M-:il,.-lb.-H Walts, roiled States vie'e eellHll ^ M.-ral, led I" all AlHllo- Am, d.-iiioa^li-iilloii. llBlH "I \lllH.-llllllK. ::.'- The corre- Tim-" «>ys; ..... 'I"- _. w »r »-» r rr"»y~*r^C7^7 QROCER» 7. W. BURQjbZ>Z>> cor. Sixth and Alby sta Rpd Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vecetables Buckv?hSt, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh; Oysters! Celery Fresh' Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pur Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, etc. 1 J-, - - A^V Free Delivery to anyj Telephone 69. Part of the City. No! it is not claimed thai Foley's Honey and Tar will cure 1 CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in ad- • vanced stages, it holds out no such, false hopes, but DOES truthfully! claim to always give comfort ani| relief in the very worst cases and inj the early stages to effect a cure. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H.J Wyw, onred. k (•Hi. ii.i^ali. I '.c. 2.--A ,a,. , ..... 1 ami rilv.-i m ,de III th!.-' H<y. has lie „ s from h.-i.- to <:h ;,,, ;;,„..,, i,,,!.-,,..,-..! H the .•hr.stll-.IS Kill Lt ,-n.v i" "" il """•'•'•' , r hen- Huh »i.i,v<-i»u» Bcrlvei-H nl I'amp Thomas ball I. Ih-ld. lliousaii.! dol- unted sword, el. S.-.ll l.y .-X- altaiio,.«a lo u. v n«y»t..n of citl/.ellS of Licensed Ucuer.l superintended wd

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