The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT P HOUSEHOLD rt% EPARTMEN 1 Aoart-za all letters aud Inquirli 'B to ^iint Nancy, of the Hou^e< hold Department, (n care of the lolir D&\iy ftegiater. Tola, Kflofiiib. I'i,AXS K«K HOME WOIIK'. Noi ninny women who have the) ran- oi a home; l^iil what feel at; times that the Income for home niatiagenieut is JnadtHiuate auU tiiut a little jiin money would be very accejiliible. I Thene are aBt-ncicis operating who rj-aliz.! this tlie fcame as the hoBsinylfe and iiiai) out what they Jars use one table.spoonful '.of! salt andj for the quarts us^ one i lea- spoonful. ' Then fill'the Jar full of boiling water and seal lightly; Set away in a cool dark place and you will have tlie beat Ijraui you jever made. It will be ready to use in 'about three week.s. Vou have bad no fxtra canning, .'no waste and no offeji.sivc oiior while souring. TJiird: Are yoi^'a good hand-with GIRLOF-16 —A LIFER •'• advertise as a wonderful scheme I .ji^.jjj^ijjj, jj gJ;j,atLh out a! lew for hopu- work. There' are sume y,„„^. ^j,,,.^ i,reed from the jfarni Mho are pfcife<;tly reliidjle Inii a fiock and when they are. large Rood many are frauds.; To be abli- for. broilers' sell all of to determine which tomi)any is all right, aiid which is not. w'^ould be hard to do withonlt tryiiig them and thaL would be expensive. • The different companies go about It in a different manner but it woMld be well to investigate each j one very carefully before you try tliem. . , For tju" woman who lives in town I have nolHing special to offer as there are a lot of different ways one could make a little pin money, hut what about the women who live on the farm? J|have in mind a few plans that the (arm-, eis wife coulii go about that would I Chlfforrtbe. Because tlj be jirofitahle iind interesting. ' ' " ' • First: .Arie you a good bread and cake maker? If so get in touc h with tlio business woman in town who doesn't have ihe'ilme to ilo her own baking atid gtd llie Job of doing il f((r Jier. In ij'lliile whilf* one I'OiiId Itiilld IIP <!.'< large a trade lis one (iiulrl liaiidle, •Second: I)o you like to gi'ow Vexelnlile.s? . .Aluke .'irninKeut'ehlH With file cafe and hotel to milady they enougli for. broilers | sell iheni. pullets included. j . Fourth: Uo flowerji grow nicely Tor you? Itaise a few extras! and a few nice potfed plants to sell ^o those who do not care to bother with starting Ihem. Fifth: Do you like stock? Well, when .the Gud" Mon' conies in some day and tells you he don't know what to do with the runt pig. buy it. Make you a pen close to the house and feed, slop and water it regularly and 'it will fully repay you !for your trouble. I am aic- qualnted with a^ womqn who did this vei ^y thii^^g and nailed the pig at was the ' extra piece of fnrnitur(> she need- oil and they didn't fe'el like they had the money to spend for it. The pig responded to good treallnont | and before she realized It the pig was fat enough (o sell. It (sold for enough lo ' buy the coy<'ted ple<*(v of fiii'nltiire and a small rug to line in from of It. ! Then I heard of atiother woman who WI(M not afraid of bees anil got her a' fi'W hives and used thd In- (!ARLYLK (Fern .I{<jiiey|i .Mar. 7. .Moinlii.v jevtiiiltip Mi-. Kerlhu Archer and .\ll i(i iFtrii !l>.ii.y look iiiirt In the ciuicei'i, -V. oi.i,' Tyihe Tun.f^.'' give^i at tlie litrh school, Mrs. ;.Nlchol'i callpil at the Hi .iiey home Tuesday. Ray t'hatnbeni and family ii,.i.'(.I from the Sw iKeari j farm to one of fir. LeaveilV. faun;!' ii'-ar I.:iH:iriie. F. L. IJoiR'v :iu<|i family iijovil 10 the Swiggarl larln. , C'nrli.s ^),well :!iid family n.ov.-d froni the" iJornberg larni ' !n-;ir Humboldt to the .1. R. Wiitfl'-r fariii. We are si ad lo wi lit.nie them to this eommuitiiy. El_l'hambers and family li:ive nii'V^'i!- into their newly acciulreil iioperly iji Carlyle. \Vc an- tlj llif'tht^ii anions our re.-^jd; bus. •A fariii biireMii held :il ni'-e init :i1 th" seliool:liouse Friday evi'iiiii^;. A Jarge iiiiiii^er fronii ('arl\l'- attended the funeral of .Maxino Chriio- beis .Monday. Tll^' bert-aved fuiiiily alhy ,X the entire cotn- .1. n. WIngler w»<rP at the DIrhernon «'iiy Kurtday. ^}^x'\ r.leun Dlckcraon at the Roney hdm^: •l.-l:t Die j.ynil tllilllll). .Mr ail' illiiiur r.ti'^l-' lioliie HI (ia: Mr and vieii- laller :'.iMiday. Mr. and .Mrs. Swlggart and .Mr. tlicm wlUi all your surpluH Hup-[come from lliem forher pln^ion ply-of loiiialoi-s, corn.-Kreeii beans and kraiii. Did you ever try. mak-^ lag kniiil In your uliiss jnrs? II uiaki's heller gnmH and Is more (liiivenleni.. Cut the cabbage the ."^anie ah yon would for any kraut and fil Into your jar."!. Do not )i;ick loo ligjil, but shake Into the jars flllilhalVou ian witliout-pack­ ing |l. Then for the half gallon cy. That wouldn't Ihiereni niany 1 feftr for 1 have reanoiis lo linow. i that: "Some" people jnre nfral I of j bees. Sixth: ran .yon make KOIK I | pickles and relish? If you can , they pay well for the lime and i trouble and adds lo vour litllfl ac- i count surprisingly. . ' Atnvr NANCY \\. stxteei^ .Hrs .»i's«.ie C IHIIKT, it Khtltu Oklii., Is lieu'^iiiiiiii:: n 11 e seiitiMiri* In the Okhlli >inn |u'uilcii> (l)iry for dronnln» llnuiile < noper. Iier •ilN-jienr-old >tepdau(rhler. 'rile ulrl Is |ilcliir«>d •I I MIVI- tWili \«tw\ Cooiicr, ;<|o }enr<(>ld I'iiriiicr !•» tihotu she mis luarri-d uliiu .flrs. (ooper f»iiii| she kllli-d Hon- hie li^riMise '«*he anirrv o«er iuNtr<.>attnent. H IT I'alheii Mhl1>- jied her !il'ler;she «as iiiiiri'fed, she •iiilil, liPCiiiisc. hrr liif^biiiid <otn> liliilncd ot licr iriend-hip Mill' » .'tri-jcar-ojil'nqlKlilior. RECIPES KKt IPKS. Fisjri A L:i I'renie In Ttmltale* Ail^ one cuj) of cold cooked llak- ed . fisli lo two <-ups of medium \vhit« saiR*'. • Hi'cipv: ! table.«i(0(iii liiiller <; I liblespooii flour 2 C ips milk level tt-a.-ipooii salt, Pill tile Imiter in the sauce pan and stir until moiled and bubbHng. then jadd H K- flour mixed with the peasoiiing and silr nniil.thoroughly bleiid^d. Stir coiisiajitly and jiour on tlie_ milk . gradii:tlly. . Let boil ^jtwo jainute.s. Fi:-.ji a la t^renni may be .-^erved in Timbnles or • Pastry .shells. Kecipk- for Timbales: % jC. flour VV eveli teaspoon salt % level teaspoon baking powde^ 1 Ifjaspbon sugar • , u. \\ milk 1 eig 1 I; blespoon Olive oil fir m'olled fat. ^ ix dry iiiRredienls, add milk graiUKilly. and egg slighlly beal- .eii. Sh:iiie) Using a timbal iron, fry i I deep fal uiilil irisp and lir^wi . Take from iron and invert I n brown jiaper to drain. fepppj-vA l.n t'reoie 3 I:jrge green Jiepjiers' :! iitediuiii size totiiatoes, (i .'-iii.'ill slices bacon 1 Itasjnion chopiied Olllon 1 C. cooked rice i \' level teaspoon salt - : teaspoon pepjier % C. liot water. Cut peppers in halves' ami r<- move seeds. Ren)ove skins ; and cores of tomatoes and cut! into fine pieces. Try out the bacon which has been cut in fine pieces, and brown onions in dripi/iiigs. SVxs. tomatoes, bacun.-onion, rice, ami.seasonings aiHl fill cayiiie^ of peiipeis with Ibis mixture! Surround peppers with hot water Jind two (ablespoun bacon drippings, cover and Dakoln a moderate <iv- en until lender; Remove the cover during the last fifteen minutes. Basle occasionally while baking. .Serve hot. ^ . . , MT AM) FRUIT BBEAII. 1 cups flour i ."> tp.aspoons baking powder ;" 1 teaspoon s.'ilt 1-:! teaspoon .soda . I'.i cups graham or whole wheat flour^ ' cnp br/)wn sugar . | 1 Clip clibpped dates f '•'M cup chopped npts 1 . cups milk Vi cup dark • molasses • ! Sift flouf, salt, soda and baking powder together into biiwl; add graham flour and sugar. ..Mix In dates and nuts; add milk to iiioljisses and mix in thoroughly Willi dry Ingredients, (irease two 12-oz. Royal Tlaklng Powder tins aifd two very small ohlong loaf pan.s; fill|-''i full, smootli lop.-. Bake In .-tlow oven l.loii F.j for 2" minutes or uiiiil risen; increase heat to i:;7."« F.i.or -10 miniiies, or uniil well baked. 1 cup si-ciled raisins orj stoned cliopiit'd prunes can be used in jilace iif dales. -Makes •! .siniall loaves. Rosewiiod is iKil the wood of aiiv •kind ol ri ).-;e liee. 11 is olilallleil cliiitly from »«rlaiii hinds if iJr.T- zil'aii i:«*es. The linuie is liti.' to a faint Slliell of rose:; wlieil tile Wood •i-i t 'reslily < 111 ilt wiLS ^\ hiiliil of ,\V :lMhiiiglon <o kiieel ill ;priv:il<' iiniv'v!, bi.tli iilvrn- ll>K -illd eVi-t'ili:.;. : THIS $CQORGE WAS DHABGING HIM DOWN, ALL-BRAN gave him jiew lease on life when;it checked constipation | No matter how chronic constipation has Ijecome—no one need give up hope of relief. Head .Mr. WillLains'cheery mcMogo: "1 am on thic ilowp-sr»i !e in life. Kcvrt- Iia4 any glrkn<'iii. |jat vi lata years havji tern tn<iit!tr<l with LnnHthall'iii. li<'i,'«n '.» make u|i my mlml thai I w«i alfo'it deni> lip. Have taUcn tattli-iji. oaten frui't. v*^., but ilid not urt much hr!v> llcv^^ I" your Al.I,.llttAN 1» Icr a '^u. H. vc laine-l ( pcxinJa. t-'i-rl lllci- ii (IrliliciE cock. ISnwili are i*i:iilar. Vou have, certainly done a lot tor lijimat.ity." L. C. 'WlM-IASIfl V r.a:.livilIo. N. Y. ALL-EUAN is guarantied to relieve constipation. Eat Iv.o tuble- Tjpoonfiils daily—in chi^onic cas-.a, v.'itli cvei-y meal. Doctors rccoi .i- t.ic:!d Kcllofju'.s because it i.i lOO-Ii Iran—100',i cfTectivb. Delicious;with milk or crccm—;• trA add fi-uii.s or honey. Hi :i<ly to eat. Fi:ie in coohiiifi:. S.iM and scrM'iJ every where. .Made I'J" K.lIoijK in ii.4tlL-. ("r.:. !f. U-.-M.ts ;;i laikaK'-.^ ALL»BRA5J .s Jsave many valuable hours each w^k bi^ pboning- your grocery order to Ftyer fiixis. 1 Your order will be delivered promptly JaitA you'll ge<^ the same satisfactory foods thia|t yoii, yourself, would choose. Three l^hones 401-402-403 3 lbs. Ginger Snaps Ohio Seed Potatoes, per|l)ush^l .. i Per toag ; ' Wihner I«'Iour^ 48 -lb. bag: ..... i24 -lb. bag Smfall Lima B^ans, 3 Ib^ for , Rainbow Corn l^lakes, 2 Pkgs.,. 1. Sausage, pure jiQtk^ per lb. .... •. Pork Rd^st, extra good, per lb. ... Bacon Squares, per lb Small line of Seeds, Onion i Cabbage Plants. Sets, F\ L RYTHIN C. TO 1 A I DfiUV£R This IiHMb. Suck of. .SiijJHr frltpt; nWay nhsoliilelj Free Satiir- dav. .llarrh \i, to sump ndnij.)M>rs6n in uur sto'rp ul 3 oVItK-k. >0 IMUt'H.iSKS \KrE.SSAKY TO liKT TIIK Srt.AK. Free lirkels given Siiliirdny iintfl the <ngiir S'l phen Free. ReniemlH-r you diin'l have to Iiiiy tinyfhtni; to geli the sack oi sinrar. Itiil >iiu inii'-l lie here nhen your name Is filled for the suaiir. OurPiricesAreLower or 10 lbs. Jewel Compound ,\... Extra Fancy Bacon, 2 lbs. Pure Pork Sausage, per lb. Choice Roasts, per lb. Palmolive Soap, 3 bars — ^ dhd 1 bar Free. HERE IS A GOOD ONE No. 2 can.s Corn, Pea.s Tomatoes, Hominy, I'umpklh. Chrtue, .5 cahs ... . I , COMBINATION SALE Two Lo'aVcs of Bread, 1 Quart «r Frej^h Milk, all for - ... L_-L _. Kvery Hem in (his store marked nccordinKly. huy sute on i^roiM'rles and Inputs. Coiiie in and f;el ucquninti like onrsertlce. ' $1.25 .,.59c .!.19c .J .15c ...29c 49c 23c l^i•re and d. You'll Phone 497 • 701S. Washington UKI.Vt; r.S YOI K Kt.CS WE P.\Y HI(;iIFST I'KU'ESV Get Yoiw Sugar Ticket Before 3 O'clock Saturday. oild Mrs. Piilmer Idnil tminll MOU #8rA callers at.llit^ Roney home annday jaflprnoon. \ ' John QregK, AI T I P Shndwick nod WiniiOraf are flllTng their H II OS thti weeK. The: aiiclent Greeks buried their dead! remote froih towns. GREENE'S^^h Kast Sifje Squ: Square Phone 417 QUALITY Our Quality is Sky High but our prices are down tp earth. Ih other wdl'ds here you can , . SavUn Good Foodstuffs 48.1b. Sack Rpd Ball Flbtll- ..... .$1.90 48-lb. Sack Fanchion Flour $2.15 4S-lb. Back Fidelity Flour ..........$2.3Q No. id can Pickwipk Peaches 65c No. l(i can Blackberries ... .70c: 5 lbs. Raisins l....50c 3 1bs. Wunes 25c Dried Pears, ^er lb 25c Dili Pickles, p^r dozen .25c :Mb. I^ox Cradkers 39c 7 lbs. Navy Beans 50c 3 lbs.'Lima Itearts . 25c Large Bottle Monarch Ketchup .19c 14 lbs. Sugar $1.00 Good Eating Potatoes, per peck ... .45c 2 lbs. Oleo ....... .L... 37c M 4t M Gipoeery CASH 120 E. Madison CASH Saves You Money Personal ^hopping has advantages over ordering front -the home. Some think only of the trouble, but they have a change of mind dfter they try personal shopping on account of the savings, it's enjoyable, brightens up the week like i^hose big red applies brighten up the sideboard—gives the table a touch whiqh the home shopper misses. 2 lbs. I.arKP PmnP"; • . 2 ."ic 5 ll>K. S M MI PSN RntsiDH Lvk- II lbs. Reedtess Raisins S llH. Fanry DrM Aprirnt<i| flHlc 5 lbs. Fancy BI DP Riblion I 'peled Pfflches (BAR^AIX) l.iXM €aiiii< 4 fans Fancy iPInk Hal mon CV 4 <>aHs Fairy Rrd .Salmon i\:SX^ cans Ollrc Oil Sardhlps BAR€^iN 4 «hniM Kippcrpd Hprrtnir 4 cahs F. F. <>. (J; CaHiornia Oral Sardines ......Oc . Welai-so ha%ne ShriiAp, Crab Meat, Minced Clams, Oystets, Fbktes. Codfish, land Sardines in Mustard And Tomato Sauce, also Cottonseed Oil and Olive Oil. 1 ' Oiie 404o2. can Matshmallows 15c 1 lb. Gypsy Boy Coffee .46c 3-lb. Box Krispy Crackers, the best 45c 2 1-lb. boxes Argo Starch 15c No..2V^ Pears and f'eaches^ (heavy stigar syrup) r.'. ... .25c 3 Packages Sunlite Jell .. ... .24c IP kind yon hare bcp* reading about in the ls|eKlster. Lemon, Oiaihe, R »!»i>bpiTyi fherryj js|niwl»prry and Mint. I ;. can K. C. Baking Powder :.. .22c Bulk Oats ..25c Ljirge Heads Lettuce ... ... .15c rice Fancy Celery 15c wd WILL HAVE FANCY STRAWBERRIES FRIDAY & SATURDAY W^' ivill have litenty of Seed Potatoes—Priced fio sell.' We have a complete line of[chick feieds. (lontjc iniiiAd spend a tktle time looking over our pricds-p'Voiii Will be pleaabd with the mahynaVinKs you cati tnakib by purchaslhR your'eatitbles of us. Farmers—Wft pay hlgkesl prices for eggs. | OUR CUSTOIWERSMUST BE SATISFIED , i Lenten disKe^, especially catll for Shady Brook Butter: reasoning bnd shnrteu- ihg. Butter supplies the heeded zest attd tang and the valuiable Vitantin A, found in no other fat. There's No Substitute for Butter Enjiftir tm Beit TellYouriGrocer "h's die Bntleir Tliat Betters The Bread" The Better You Know Inlii (he More Yotf Will Trade At The Baskff Store Early Ohio Seed Potatoes, 2 bu. bags. ... .$3.90 Better Early Ohio Seed Potatoes, 2 bu. bags .$4.2.5 Bulk Oats, 10 lbs. for .....45c Navy Beans, 7 lbs. for .... ,....45c I^rndell Whole Wheat Flour, 5-lb. bag. .....35e l*henix Pimento Cheese, pkg .I5c Blue Label Cream Chee.<5e, pkg 15c I*i('kwick Coffee, per lb. .. ^ ..46c Folger's CoWeii Gate Coffee, lb... .. . j.53c Salted Peanuts, per lb. ... 15c Red Oaks Corn, ean ...... .i..,.10c Monarch Catsup, bottle ... /..: 21c Fancy Head Lettuce, head ^ . . . ^. .. ..10c Fancy Carlrotsrbunch .... ...10c California White Onions, lb. .... 10c The Basket Store At the A&P Pure Cane ar 15 Iba. of pure granulated sugar at p tfaia low >nect—A narked eiUmpW of X dl P value fivml iupieiBacyl KANSAS fklLLEt), - Hard Wheatl - PriceU Low! i4,lb. bag Eagle Mi»koS^.c«, 19c tienhey% tc*c6a ^ 17c Candy BIUPII 3'- lOc AMERICAN BEAUTY Maea ^Mii' BRAND - , Buy a Supply NOODLES Imperial Codfish Pitik Salmon ^ Prunes lffiSt>o/7o B^' 25c c£- 17c 2 " 25c GRANDMOTHERS - - ^edby MasUr Bakers aaiiin Breall i- .1 ->'!'V--.itr' -xtV-U ^L 4L -„.I-.|

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