Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 2, 1963 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1963
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1963 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS | Today | n Washington "Wonder How Fierce HE Is?" People In The News 118 North Ninth Street, Mt. Vernon, lllinoit (DAIIY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1871 MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 BOWIN RACKAWAY WM. C RACKAWAY ORtAN METCALF _ JOHN RACKAWAY _ GUY HENRY Editor Bu.inen Manager New» Editor Sporti Editor City Editor ROBERT K. THOMPSON IRENE PURCELL JOHN McCLURE — MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press U exclusively entitled to use for the publication of •II newt credited to it or not other- Wise credited In this paper end also the local news published therein. Second Class Postage paid at Mt. Vernon, lllinoit „— ™ Advertising Manager — ,,. „••—.. _ Society Editor . Circulation Manager SUBSCRIPTION RATE Subscriptions must be paid In advance By Mall, Jefferson County and adjoining counties, one year $ 7 .00 6 months $4.25; 3 months S2.75; 1 month ..... $ 1.00 By mail outside Jefferson and adjoining counties within 250 miles, one year, $10.00; 6 months $6.00; 3 months $4.00; per single month $1.50. Outside 250 miles, 1 year.... $11.00 6 months, $7.00; 3 months $4.50; one month $1.75. Delivered by carrier In etty per week _._ 30 WHEAT DEAL STALLED: Negotiations for the sale of $250 million of American wheat to the Soviet Union have stalled, and the chief Soviet negotiator has gone home. Despite the return to the Soviet Union Wednesday of Sergei A. Borisov, head of the Soviet group, State Department officials said Friday they knew of no indication the talks had been broken off. Leonid Matvcyev, head of a second Soviet group that negotiated directly with American dealers, has gone to Canada, apparently either to supervise the shipping of Canadian wheat bought earlier by the Rusians or to try to make a new deal. A Thought For Today He answered, I was sent only the lost sheep of Ihc house of Israel.—Matthew 15:24. • • • « It is not alone what, we do, but. also what wc do not do, for Which we are accountable.—Moliere. CHURCHILL: A statue of Sir Winston Churchill is going to be sot up in Washington. The Washington branch of the English Speaking Union said Friday on the day before the British statesman's 89th birthday that the statue, showing Churchill making his V-for-victory sign with the right hand and holding a cigar in the left, will be placed in front of the British Embassy. Americans will be asked to contribute toward the cost of rlie stalue. The statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt in London's Grosvener Square was paid for by sma)] contributions from his British admirers. AM and FM radio and television station in Austin. Mrs. Johnson's attorney filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission Friday to transfer the stock to A. W. Moursand and J. W. Bullion of Johnson City, Tex., who already hold 184 shares in trust for the President's two daughters. Lynda Bird and Lucy Baines Johnson. The application said Mrs. Johnson already had resigned as chairman of the board of the company and would have no further voice in its management. COVERAGE COSTS: Broadcasting Magazine estimated Sunday that the four-day ommission of commercials while reporting on events relating to the assassination of President Kennedy cost the radio and television networks S25.6 million. The networks spent an additional $3.1 million in providing coverage, the industry magazine said. "No government official had to tell the broadcasters what to do." the magazine said, "fn a time when the trend of federal regulation has been running toward tighter editorial control broadcasters made their own best case for editorial freedom." Editorial Martyr To Cause Of Better Spirit MRS. JOHNSON: Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson has taken the first step to turn over to trustees her controlling interest in a Texas radio and television station. The First Lady owns 313 shares, or 52.8 per cent of the stock in the LBJ Co. which owns 1 2,116,000 enrolled in the fall and operates Station KTBC. an'1951 NEW MARK: For the 12th consecutive year, the number of students enrolled in colleges and universities and working for degrees is at a record high, the U.S. Office of Education an nouneed today. The total this Tall was -1,529,000 —7.7 per cent higher than the 4,207,000 enrolled in the fall of 1962 and more than double the of MOSCOW (API - Urko Kekkonen, president of Finland, has arrived in Moscow at the invitation of Premier Khrushchev. LYNCHBURG, Va. (API Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, his 'wife and their daughter, Patricia, 17, visited Sweetbriar College Friday. Nixon said his daughter thought she might like to enter next year. She is n high school senior in New York City. saying his reflexes "just aren't what they used to be." Dietz is 92 years old. He said he has driven f)0 years without an accilent. NEW YORK (API Burton's attorney says her actor - husband, Burton, have reached — Syliil She and Richard n finnn- Washington Notebook By WASHINGTON STAFF It I ANY AMERICANS already are saying John Fitzgerald Kennedy is "our martyred president." But they differ widely on the nature of his martyrdom. Even historians may one day define our late president as a martyr and perhaps find many reasons for doing so. If it is to be thus, we may fairly hope they conclude that, among other things, he was martyred to the cause of a better American spirit. That spirit today is sadly flawed. The day Kennedy was assassinated, a school teacher made Hie announcement to her class of 10-ycar-olds. Tine children did not exclaim in shocked disbelief. They applauded his death. It matters not what city and region that school is in. could have happened in a number of areas. That it occurred at all is a measure of the stain on the American spirit in 1963. Many people in this nation are saying that, as a result of JTohn Kennedy's death, we must have done with hating, with spewing out poison, with turning every controversy into mental civil war. Whole cities are being nearly engulfed by these poisons. On some subjects and in some places, the legitimate discussion Which marks a viable democracy is virtually impossible. Arugu- ttient is warped out of all resemblance to reality. All of this is utterly foreign to the true spirit of America. This democracy lives by the free choices its people make. How can they make them without discussion of alternatives? How can democracy breathe soundly if the man who raises an alternative Is branded "Communist" or "Fascist"? A nation that has no room for choices cannot have a democracy. Its essence is discussion, negotiation, compromise. But in the lexicon of the ill in spirit, "negotiation" and •"compromise" are evil words. They are seen as devices for the yielding of principle, if not the yielding to a foreign power. In the internal conflicts which flow from this rigid outlook, political adversaries are labeled foreign agents or, at the very least, dupes who unwittingly serve an enemy cause. These terrible distortions corrode American democracy at Its vital core. It is a free-ranging system. It is not meant to be constricted by argument founded on the "you're either for us or against us" philosophic theme. Patience is beginning to run thin in this country with haters, the distorters, the cheap dispensers of "enemy" labels. None has anything to do with tihe real America. If John Fitzgerald Kennedy's death can etch that truth deeply in the now greatly troubled American conscience, then perhaps we shall never have to hear again of school children applauding the death of a president A Call To Open Hearts Let no American forget that a widow in Dallas, Texas, Is mourning the death of a hero husband who also was shot down in line of duty. Patrolman J. D. Tippit was clain by a gunman's bullet as he attempted to capture the suspected assassin of President Kennedy. So Mrs. Marie Tippit. is left without a husband and with three young children—and with very little money. Patrolman Tippit gave his life in performance of his duty. He played an important role in helping track down the man accused of slaying the President of tihe United States. It would be high ingratitude if America were to fail to accord to the patrolman's family the homage, sympathy and help it deserves.—P.J. Digest Of The News WASHINGTON AP Staff Writer Frances Lowine gives a step-by-step report of Jacqueline Kennedy's hours from the moment her President husband was assassinated until Today In History his body was lowered into Arlington National Cemetery. President Johnson calls two cabinet officers and his budget director to the White House for conferences on economic and defense matters. By THE ASSCIATBD PRESS Today is Monday, Dec. 2, the 336th day of 1963. There arc 29 days left, in the year. Today's highlight in historv: On this date in 1929, the U.S. government called upon China and Russia to avoid war like measures in Manchuria and attempt to settle peacefully their dispute over the Chinese Eastern Railway. The United States notified 53 other nations of its action. On this date: In 1784, George Washington gave the name "Empire State" to New York in a letter to the Common Council. In 1873, the Reformed Episo- pal Church in the United States was organized. In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson sent Congress a message in which he urged the lowering of taxes and that the industry be curbed and democratized. In 1942, the Atomic Age was born in Chicago with a demonstration of nuclear chain reaction. In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower rejected the idea of a U.S. blockade of Communist China as an act of war." Ten years ago—U.S. ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge charged in the United Nations riots inside U.N. prison camps in Korea were directed by General Nam II at the same time Nam II was representing the North Korean and Chinese Communists in the armistice talks at Panmunjom. Five years ago—Democratic Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota held an eight-hour meeting in Moscow with Soviet Premier Khrushchev and said he saw no room for compromise on the Berlin situation. One year ago— U.N. Secretary General U Thant expressed hope that the spirit of compromise could be extended to outstanding cold war problems between East West. INTERNATIONAL Government candidate Raul Leoni lakes an early lead in the Venezuelan presidential election after an overwhelming turnout of voters defies pro-Communist terrorism. The Roman Catholic Ecumenical Council meets for the final working day of its second session. NATIONAL The defense attorney for Jack Ruby, charged with murder in the televised slaying of the man accused of assassinating President Kennedy, predicts the government's report on findings in the Leo Oswalds case "will prove there was absolutely no connection between Ruby and Oswald." A 2.) per cent wage increase is among the demands served on the nation's railroads by the Brotherhood o i Locomotive Firemen and Engincmen, a key union in the protracted work rules dispute. Timely Quotes There is no "smoking controversy." The controversy is created by smokers who defend their smoking. —Pr. Borje Ejrup of Stockholm, Sweden, urging clinics be set up to help smokers break the habit. * » * I would live next door to the atom. I would not fear having my family residence within the vicinity of a modern nuclear power reactor. —Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, chairman of tho Atomic Energy Commission. LADY BIRD KNOWS WELL LYNDON'S FURNITURE WANTS Newspaper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON -- (NEA) — —President Johnson's wife Lady Bird (the former Claudia Taylor of Karnack, Tex.) admits his sense for efficiency. When the family moved into "Les Ormes," Perle Mesta's former Washington home, Mrs. Johnson went to considerable anglicizing the interior of the house, in addition to changing its name to "The Elms." New wallpaper, bookcases, Texas paintings and a hi-fi system were added. When asked what her husband thought of the redecorating, Mrs. Johnson replied: "All the furniture he wants is something comfortable enough to put his feet up on." SMALL imprcfections can upset the President. His Sanka is always hot—but never quite hot enough. His Capitol Hill staff once responded to letters from 600 Texas constituents in a single day, but failed to answer 45 others. "There are 45 people who didn't get the service they deserve today," Jcim- son cried. HANGING IN ONE of the rooms of the L.B.J. Ranch guest house outside Johnson City, Tex., is a small embroidered sampler. It. reads: "Come in the evening, Come in the morning, Come when you're looked for Come without warning." AS HOST at the L.B.J. Ranch, the President often serves hamburgers cut to the shape of Texas. The ever-efficient Johnson always urges his guests, "Eat the panhandle first." THE PRESIDENT is highly sentimental. Alter his trip to Pakistan in 1961. he was told that a Pakistani cab driver had been quoted as saying, "I myself have driven a king and some American senators in my taxi. But Mr. Johnson was the first, big man who came here and looked down at a common man and made htm happy." Sighed Johnson: "No matter how tough things are in this job, it is all worth while when a taxi driver in Karachi will say that." JOHNSON has always been firm in supporting the rights of Negroes. As Majority Leader, just, before a dinner in his honor at Houston, he heard that Negroes who had bought tickets would be barred from attending. Swiftly, he sent word to the dinner committee: If any ticket holders were denied admission, he'd stay away. The Negroes were admitted and Johnson made a point to visit every table where they were seated. Pilot Died In U2 Wreckage LAGRANGE. Ga. (API - A U-2 plane which crashed in the I hatred PENNSBURG, Pa. (AP) Frank B. Dietz has voluntarily turned in his driver's licease, "Created Climate" Sen. Douglas Blames The Right-Wing BOSTON (AP)-Sen. Paul II Douglas. D-Ill., blames "right- wingers" for creating a climate which prompted the assassination of resident Kennedy Their activities, he said, have resulted in "an atmosphere and a climate which makes unbalanced people think it proper to resort to assassination if they find someone they deeply dislike. "This is the type of thinking that has developed all over the country, and we must cure (it) if we are to prevent ourselves from becoming ... a Latin American republic. "It also means that those of us who don't believe ... in this type of abuse can no longer bo silent. We've got to speak out and try to put. . . the hose of common sense upon the fire of and irrationality.' cia! setllemenl but that no divorce is in the works. Aaron Frost'h, the attorney, declined lo discuss details of the settlement. Burton left his wife for screen star Elizabeth Taylor, who is with him in Mexico where he is making a film. Mrs. Burton and her two children are in New York. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Arthur Loew, former stepfather of the late actor Tyrone Power's son, wants the 1-year-old boy, also named Tyrone Power, to keep "Lomv" as his last name. Loew, a wealthy man-ahoul- town, married Power's widow in lfl.i9 and adopted her child, who was torn after Power died in Spain. Last year the boy's mother divorced Loew and lie now complains in Los Angeles Superior Court that she wan Is to drop his surname from little Tyrone Power I,oew. Gulf of Mexico Nov. 20 carried the pilot to his death, the Air Force says. Members of the family of Capt. Joe G. Hyde Jr., said Sunday the Air Force had notified them Saturday that Hyde went down with the plane after a mission over Cuba. A Coast Guard cutter found the wreckage of the high level reconnaissance plane about 10 miles northwest of Key West, Fla., the day after the crash. Q — Are bacteria plants or animals? A —• Plants. Each is a single cell made up of living matter called protoplasm. Sunday during a radio interview. He said that although "it is almost impossible to protect the president from paranoids (mentally deranged),' he supports a proposed bill which would make it a federal offense to assassi nale or attempt to assassinate the President or Vice President. Tho senator called the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, Presi dent Kennedy alleged killer, "an act of gross carelessness or worse on the part of the Dallas police. "On the surCace," he said, "it seems to be almost a Keystone Cop type of performance of the Dallas police." Douglas was asked if he thought Kennedy would be regarded as a great president. HURRY — HURRY LAST 2 DAYS GRANADA jjj URSULA ANDRESS • ELSA CARDENAS Times Tonight & Tuesday Doors Open C, Starts 0:30 Acapulco at (!:. r )0 - 9:05 •a ME SE HUMOR When the late Ernie Pyle was a S32-a-week copyreader, he wrote this headline: "Man Inherits Fortune of $12,000." The editor had him on the carpet. "Where did you get the idea that. $12,000 was a fortune?" he asked. "If vou were earning what I and I am," Pyle replied, "you'd think 'so, too." WORLD NEWS * BARBS By HAL COCHRAN The latest shock from a di*y cell is the report that a bootlegger was l-unning his business from prison. * * * If money could really talk I it couldn't afford to say much | these days. Stop Here First FOR CASH Top Places Answer to Pretfotn Puzzle jgli (ab.) 23 Poem 24 Dessert 28 Fidelities 31 Time unit ACROSS I Bead man 6 Top aviator 8 Supervisor noncom (abb) II Friend of Pythias B Veto 13 Mr. Hunter M Hits St John 15 Deviating 17 Top soldier 10 Miss Dunne 120 Small state (ab.) f* IS, - " 26 Spike |22 Dade 2S Advanced student |» Redact (29 Operated 130 No. 1 man*. Eden 34 Brewed beverafli 35 Metal 06 Story 37 Egg dirt 40 Tree \m. Belonging-to a period 43 Fabulous bird 46 2nd year men 46 Paving material ;S0 Toot. '62 Scottish mosidai 63 Wbole MAge ^ 65 Instinct 66 Grain 67 Mill JBBepoK DOWN , 1 Ordered ' 2 .Foretoken 9 Repaired a aboe 4 Traps 5 One of Eve's sons (BibJ 6 Auto 7 Mr. Carosb 8 Quoted 0 Aches 10 One time 11 Loose end 16 Biblical mount 18 Warned 21 Evildoers 22 Winter month 32 Tavern drink 33 Hawk's cage 38 Halfbreed 39 Top bat 41 Small napUn 42 Fruit 44 Scold 45 Top actor 46 Soviet sea 47. Egyptian sacred bull 48 Radical group 40 Attempt 51 Before DAKAR, Senegal (API—More than 10 -persons were killed and some 60 were injured during na- itonal elections in Senegal Sunday. President Leopold Senghor, an unopposed candidate for reelection, received 90 per cent of the registered vote. Senghor's Senegal Progressive Union also won overwhelmingly in contests for 80 legislative seats, nearly complete official returns showed. The demonstrators were apparently organized by extremists of the African Regroupmcnt parly, which received only about 4 per cent of the vote. KOHIMA, India (API-Prime Minister Nehru's government created India's 16th state Sunday to counter fiery Naga tribesmen demanding their own nation. President Sarvepalli Radha- krishnan presided at ceremonies inaugurating Nagaland just below the eastern border of the Northeast Frontier Agency, which was invaded by Communist Chinese troops in October 1962. Quick Quiz Q •— Must: the president of the U.S. take the oath of office in Washington? A — Customarily he does, but there is no provision of law to that effect. Calvin Coolidge was sworn in at his father's home in Plymouth, Vermont. * * * Q — What apple has won awards as the best sweet apple? A — The Sweet Mcintosh. * * *. Q — Which U.S. vice president never assumed the duties of his office? A -•- William R. King, elected vice president in 1852. His death occurred soon after he was administered the oath of office. CHRISTCHURCH. New Zealand (API— The U.S. Navy icebreaker Atka lost a propeller and shaft while cutting a channel through tlie ice of Antarctica's McMurdo Sound, the U.S. Navy said today. The Atka was ramming the 'ice when the shaft napped lor -lMurlo Sound. Your Manners Bachelor girls need an understanding that their plans are off if a last-minute date turns up. ward of the propeller hub. The shaft and propeller sank. The ship will leave Tuesday for New Zealand under its own power. The icebreakers Glacier and Burton Island will remain to cut the last three miles of the channel for cargo ships to the U.S. expedition's I Antarctic headquarters on Mo OUT AT OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9 P.M. Prices Good Mon., Tues., Wed. BLUE BELL COOKED Before You Join The Holiday Shoppers It's smart to handle your Christmas shopping on a cash basis. Service is usually faster and you are free to deal wherever there are special sales and good buys. Besides, you don't have to worry about paying a lot of bills after the holiday season is over. YOU'LL LIKE OUR STREAMLINED LOAN SERVICE. The cash you need can be in your hands almost as soon as you ask for it. What's more, you may repay in small amounts over a long period. Riceland Tender Grain RICE 1 b B °* 2 COUNTRY PATTIE For .29 Save All Grated TUNA 1 LB. ROLLS 2 or .39 Large 24 Size .TIDE Libby'sBig l'/j-Lb. Can CHILI 5HOW BOAT PORK AND AC. 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