The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on April 9, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1892
Page 2
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«3- TVve Fostville Weekly Review. | SPOSTVU/UB, BAT-DAY, APR. 9. V (T. ST. iJUKDICK, Editor. Mnltred at tht poslnffict. nt ! J <:itvillr. as meond-chus matter. A LAME ARGUMENT. Alfray* beming in mine! tin; fact tlial tvr have wrillin n grunt detU nc.ains' the |iriiioi|ili' uf protection a.- exemplified in high tariff schedules, sonic positions R5 to which we mill mliiiii'c In. j nolwitbiliimliiig Urn MoKinlcy dill has 1 hushed much uf nur thunder bi abs-o- lululv proving Unit priuun have itelnally declined tiiouj^li the lurid" wits raised, •till we tire shocked mid ilunibfo'.iiiditd by llic arguments adduced by Uii' froe t trader*. Here comas Uii' Diibui|ue Telegraph, (or iuslitucu. ndth the mner- lion thai tin: InrilT due* not incieivsi wages, nud backs it up l>y the following raasiining: "In Walker's Tolitiml Kconuiny, itdrsuiuntl milium. f»«(4' bid t>IV. itppaiirs tlic following: •It i .s perfectly true. as '.In' pintet:- liouist us.iurle thai u ttu 'ill ol custom duties iipmi foruigii goods imported into new cuutiirius lends lo ironic sinil 111 ci in I it if i high nit".' of wanes in the fmilury industries.' Mr. Walker i.- 11 (rue trader, mid tin- high pruted ion journals ate quotinc; till! foi 'ej.ioiue us -pruot. supplied bv a true tnuim. of the soundness of tiu-ir ClllllUlttioll that II ploto'tit * tnrilt advance* nud maintains wages It will In' noted lliul Mr. does nut sui HO . Whul I K: allit in." is 'ha: duties on fureigii goods imported into KLIV I:OIIII tries luntls to eteitle and ni.iinlain high- rutc,-- of tvac ;c-. Ill does not sat. and lir would in' a talse ••cunt'iiiis! it in nhould. tiiat such duties tend to ruin! mid iniiintitiii imp 's in old countries or in countries in which inaimfimUilinp indtlHl rins are n. microns, vniind tun well e .itub' i.-ih'ttl. Wages nil' high in ucw noun I rii 'i, 'oceansc of t lie senility of labor, nud naturally tin: tendency of (tlltittb imported to foster (lolUl )Stif iudlls- trins in to make llifini higher still, lint whether the duties n* nttI'.inail or alio! ished. wr.ges drop as noun as l!n> supply o; labor line liiiuomi' no r.lnindiinl a: lo oxnuiid tlm di 'inmid. 'J'iii; is whv, notn itlistRiidiu^ the i-.MM 'I'Han! taiitt. »y »jiuf liari fr.l Inn and arc cintiiuiiu^. '.o fall in thi I'liili .'d Stales; and it tils" fli'.pplief 1111 I 'xplanntion of tlio cnunr of tin' low rati of wii^u« I >i<*\ uiti 110 in Cii-rnuuiy mid oLlirr JCnroppan ».:oun- tri >:s. 'J'lie proti'i :tt :d initiiiilaiiliircr nor mint vwnvr I'ttys niorr to his uuiplovrs liiiomiso tin law sl.iildf iiiui from lot- i 'i>;n 1:0111 petit ion llinu Im would if it did not. Hi liir«f llinu for thv UMISI tlicy will Rjjroi' lo worl tor. It ilirru (ore in.ciiiv tlial if tin j'.lm iu\< fiwn llitin llir nun Mii 'kiui; llictn, wa ^ir. i'rjjiirtlli!»» of tin liirill', an low: if tin ; I 'i 'Vcrac. tlicy nr» liij;'!' At priiki-n! 1 lliui'i' iii'M in tin t.'nilii'l Mali's si'Mtyl, inoii luillion wort .iiijMuin and woini'ii l !i »u jobs. Willi tin' tisuit liiut wajri: art uoiiKianlly and mpidiy dwiiuilin;; to the sulisisliiii'-e p.lint, and tlial '..In' coudilioii of tin il'.iii 'i'ii'tin in'j'.'ri'i s pI'Olu 'lM'S to liOOI! b :.:'JOllti lis HUHiVtaMl I ac that of the laborer 1 f Kuropi. It is n utonstroils fnlta '.-y that tin MS I IMII providud by 11111 itlrKinlvr law is lulp- f ul lo AiiiKiii 'iin labur. limliud. it it lll 'lpflll akilll to llm prolvrlid i':lpillil-l iflts, whom it is rnriihitig at labor 's expense in not tin; position of fl.u 'J 1 lueraph far-foleliikl wlien il iiittinIttitic thai Mr. Walkrr did not iui-ludo tliu Unitr.d 8tttUis in liis "new i .oimt i ,; :-> ?' if this is Uol u new country us >.:.<(ingiiitlic<t from .Ilia countries of tin- old world, wlitri", pray, arc Hits uuw ci .-uiitrics lo lie found? Jn this nenis any country is n new couutry tin'il th 'i poptilaiiou is atu (luiisi) nud unci 's :ns low as in the old coiiutiivs. When this lime arrive* iu tiiis country, un ive luiro »lwn_\s maintained, the tariff will be iucpertt- tivo, but CVM thfii it will work 110 injury, bccmise all uiaiiufuilurud urli- fins will bw equully chi-np ou both mdi's of the Ailiiutic. JJul wliul w« wish to pni 'lii 'tiiiirly uyle IL tho above article is the assirtiou: "Jiut wht'thi'i- the duties bv returned or iibolished, vrs^es ciryp at •oyn us Ilia supply vl labor bus b«coui« so al 'iilldanl as to exceed the demand." This is nil fury trttw, uud is just what the protectionist is contending for. He wsiuls to ptit'off Ibis evil dny just us loiiy; as possible by providing labor with employment «t ]-ainnuvrativ« wiiges in its vnriod depiirtuitnts by shutiiu"' out the prodiiclious of foreign ootiuti'ies, thus jsiviug euiploymeiat So millions of our own people iu the luttu- ufttclui'o of fabric* for our owu use, iusteftd of iuipoi'liii}; thetu from countries where labor is it 1 ready nl ttiin'tt- tiou prices. How fallacious is the reti- *ouii)g that Liucanse wtiges are reduced in foiue sections, mid there ar« some people who cauuot gtt work at reuiu- uorulivB pricen iu this country, it would be wise to throw down the bitr- rUifs and l«t tiie flood of ijaauufaeturss iu froni tha old world absolutely free, and compel AI.I . our laborers to compete, 00 ereu terms, with the labor of Kurope, which only commands 40 or 60 ct*. per day. Pisguise it as you may, free trade »e«i)» not only goods at European prices but labor Just ns certainly at BuropuHU prices. You can't liaye one wititou' Ji»ving bolli. Wo freely ndiuit, »» we oftea hay* done, that no man wiii pay wore for labor than lie is compelled Jo pny «u U>» basis of sup- pj^' »ud deinaud, Hi would be a lit subject lor the lunatic ttsylum if 1** did; but on .tlie*.e pr«i»i»es it do"» not foiiow ti»at tiie tariff does not «ntibi« biiu, yes, aompel Mm U> p»y higher w»ge* iliau he would uodor fr«e trude, With ire* trade lie MV»T hire his bujp cheap enough to compete will) lite produc- iious i>t Europe or "shut up muop," With protuetlon he p»/ higher wage* 4n4 conlluue to run bis business »t a fair margin ot \ ixq M . li «»« ht n* mom than A fair margin '.jecause home eom\>$lhlou tvll! preye»;t wore, Tbsu by wlmt method of resionlng 4o«» the free trud#r wnumo Hint tho MoKinJey bill l» In Ui« Intor»»t p( oapi llinu he did bufure the inriff' was ivsetl, ns is Mhor'n by any price list yon enn pick up nn\where, since tho piin.iiipn of the McKinlev bill. A year uiii! 11 half :i|'o this cry of "rubber tariff had lorue uml' vni^Iil, when there was iiolhiiie but tlioory to coiiilnl it tvith. but now HIP i;n*e im difl'iironl. tvery country store i« ciililt:illl ovi- deni .'c of the fnlsily of the cliar[;i'. for we j;o on from day to dlty bn\ iuj; lliesn fiiiini' {jooils. which nobody but the rich could buy at all. oiriue; to the AioKtii- luy liill. 11! prices cheaper than over before since "the inorniiie star* s.'.nj: to^othei." Gentlemen, yon played il hue two years a^o and won. but MIII npim can do il ae;nin ou tiinf issue. The pnojiir air not a.ilu «}i tliif year, and tiiev an tully 1:0111 er«aul witii tin- history I lint hat bciiu niailt' during tlm pa .1l two yearn. virluos lie lis:: no one to blame hut himself, mid teurs siicii ovm hi.« hard lot lire wasted brim:. in spunking of this cry that is froing tip ns to thi' hard lot uf Iowa fanners Tint new AiiMtrnlinn ballot Inn £tn>s | —Thr Hlgmlniri rninrvminn will hi Into oft 'iitJl July 4th unxl nntl thr next : npmu.d to tlm pulilic „n April I.',, IS 'lV. olculinn will be carried on iiiidur its , The gi .vnriininin lund i.nii'i. W liwhind provisions. It is a long mi<l irmi clad ! U (. Wmur'nwn S II liiw nnd will cnusv n lot of tvoiiblu in j i; v Tulci thr Kiinil Life, :• fnrni pnpor publislipd (Ti'tting' ineil In it. The law will be niibliihed iu full iu ttn papurs nf dif- ' fnrniil poliliiin (luring the minuner in ! uncli county, nt the expanse of the state on the [t <:. I; & ke iiilvniilape of llilv rippm- XKE "POOK" CKY. 'J'lieiu if such ii iiinti 'iH tli«;KC duys lor limbing il ajipea'' Unit thv poor an buiiie ground to powder and are scarcely nb'ii to koup suui nnd body together tha! it becomes tin duly of every iniiu mni espiiHialli eiery editor and writer tor the pulilic pri 'Ks to cr.II a halt on tills calamity shrieking originated in politician* nnd ilniiiii<;ngui's ii: the hope of ^iiidiieing the people to turn out the pr.rli in power and g'p. e llieiu the reins of go\ et iiineut. as-airing liiein if tiu'i will on!', do this limir wildns! drrnui of jMusperiti wiii in reatir.iid. the rich riil ci.'usf; lo gtow t i eiii'!' and on tin: oliici' imnil lie poo: will In 'whe one:, win. v.Li |;nnt rii'i,. Wt sice pained ; f , see liitit in nian\ place> t.hc j> 11111 ":: i\en pander.- I, li.i.. r,<.iriu 'tis'.ic idol:, lull! lendi. Us intlueiice ti* lui causi' of the po!i :,'';i.; denis;. U' iilili t i ,<- di:e l ;.r.ll- ir.illg noeiiiiist. j\ fl'li'lld "I tin latH'l school hmids u.. :i,e lollowin;' "write U}»" of r. sermon w'iiien e.vj.iaitis ilsvil: "Tin Ke;. II. A. Lviaii". pastor of the l-'irnt I'.apli-i! ' 'i .".:ri 'li ot Ijviuis'.'.iii. Jireacb»'d \ls :i -ld ::V on llil sill'iui'l: *U ristiai::' I in said among big- nt Wntarloo. says: "in spite nf the ngitiitnrs' cry that 'the rich live l>«ioining richer mill the poor poorer.' there never was a time when the masses lived so well and had so grcnt n variety in" the subntmitii'.is nnd even luxuries of life, as lit tiie preseui linn:. I lie world is growing lietlnr. When \vn titan our tears lo Mowing buemwv the price of something ' we have lo anil is mil so high as it was , in the good old limes, we should slur- dii\ dasl, the briny drops away and lake into consid'irnlion thai i: co'ts us les.- to produce il and that il will bring more luxuries, if no! more cash, limn forinerii. We 1ni iin-rii paid £;! a day for hands to hind grain: now a seil-iiiudcr cussing less than tin old reaper, dues the whole wiu'l., ilrpiiKiting the bound slier.vcs in windrows. Our nails and bolts mid plows and wagons mill all kinds of tools are about half the price !he\ were in former tincf. and besides lining ithenper. they tin belter work. .N'orf cviiiy farm lias ill; carriage or light pleasure rngon: Itirnivny out a faioied few could itllord il. Tiie baiir.nii Irnde itliuitrati's the ' whole tiling so well thai wo reinr lo it lo show the change and to show Unit : 'the tunes an belter, net. worse, for the musics.. A lew \enrs ago tic poor knew the bnimna only 'by night." and '.ho rich in liiein «>uN as an w:ea-unit 1 i liiMtiy. To-dry every bamie! ot !ii< country bat banana: hanging in slice windows, and the ciiiliir«n ol tin pinn­ er t 'lnsses buy liiein ft euli. 'J'ue suttill weekly contiguinnni- have grown lioui l.'i.b'.ib 10 llii.ti!)!' iiuiielies a ilin tot lite tiirce »'iii,> oT .New York, imsloti and I'lniadi'ipiiia. Tin uvei- ro'i price jciiii tor liiein iu Jainaica is •It'' ecu's n bunch. About Iwtmty tears ago a New ling!,\ntl ,iea captain look a si'litione' ioad of oauaiiiis noril: to see •iio\\ j: \t ou'cl turn out." >iow lie is ! bur. JluiKs lias Totoed tlic 'Tunc- j con' l'lircliiHor" bill and has not pain- > cd any piipuhirit\ t lievt: I >i. For years I the peoolu have, buuu calling for pro- ; lection from the frauds unit swindles | perpetn.liiil by (lie lightning roil, paten! right, insurance nnd i|ti:;ik doctor humbug's, whose scheme has been to ftaudulnutlv iuiill'-li people lo sign unlet on tie- (aires! kind of representations, gunvaiiii'cing their wares, ami agreeing lo hold the no'.is until due. thus making tin purchaser secure, and then sitlliiig the notes lo tin nearest bunk for whnl they could gel and skip- tniiil.y In Hnciirr s/imr of the linel IHIKI ever ofTnri'd In the goviirinneiil. I'or rediieud rules mid oilier infonnniion npplv to any station ag.iiil of thr coin- l'an.t "' .1. K. HAKVKI.,IV (i. T. A; V. A.. t!i'dnr IfSnpii's. Is POK, SPRI1TG TRADE. "W inter Excursions to "Warmor Cliipen. j Excursion Tick"ts to Mr-xien. I'ali foruiu. fieore'in. North t"!iirolina. rirc ida. the fitilf ("jiaiii. Texas, flo! Springs of Ari;aii'as. ami fixeulsio: Spring t,\ Missiiiiri. now 01, suli bv agents of ihc ''liii;.'': r o. Milivaul;"!' A St. f'r.til Unii- tviiv Api'' 1 ' (M rale, aniloilict infov- utalion to the nearest n^nnt. or address (.ieo. 11. Ileaflortl. f.tiiuurul I'lisseng-er Agent, (.'hicagn. IlliiioiK. tin oounlrv. 'J'liis law would ping luivi! I '.llowed whose hands would hare I those frauds vetoed ike bill, passed hugeiv hi his own party. 011 thv demand of tin pen- pie. 11 dolutise. no matter in lie notes might be. nnd I argelv done away with liul the governor litis is near. Ha\-p yon bought yonr Shoes for Spring n,nd Svimmpr TVMT'? ; We hare all l.ho r.fwkind? in r 1 .ooi:. We know we ca .i please you. Step in a.nd look them over. RAILROAD TIME-T/1BI.ES V. XT THE AMERICAN bACJLE lie ' In Hi- : lie KmliO. ii' In I III.' |;.ltl|.,l Si If.t't. 11 has boon proposed latciy It men: tin lip o! tin linj'-stutis u tin rt:;'niur rrinv of tin l't:it'.:u oriui ,i:U Stan ill v. :' 1 :i • ban: 1:1,. our '-op pi '.lllou. S 'Lilll'.lil'l 'Jin "to '.I'll •cntir 1011 V'liil 'il It, hli.Vi tin tall",, •ui'.u bt'iii! ' CI: H 111 esliilci acre:.. 11 eoicpnm ruu.-t ni s and i'ii us or ii'iiging trom iiii'ti in de\'.''.et 1 ie iiall' a dor.- leases leeu '.i ^.'1'.: io t '.H'.ib ' i'auana rats' 1: en' ii ha upin illil; | anil I 11 mc'.ai oi tic the cmbieui o' Voulti :• I tun- uf rejriuienUi, •• villi a p'.kc act' iiouc tuiiy it. :'.uut:a''Us of oilier u'.r.r y 11)1011 ihiis- •: J in Auic 'iCi .l; C. K &; Bt. P. Excursions. I'or tin Ke]iublicnti National Convention., to be held ui Minneapolis, June 7. the ( . M e; St 1' l','y will hell exunr. siuu licr.el: at fav one. wry for tin round trip Will sell June (1, T. and !' good to return until .'mil Ifi. l-'oi :be 1 lemoern: i;j Slate f'oni en: ion lo ie held a! 'ioniuiil 1'iiiill's. May !i. will stdl cxtaiisioii licked a! oin sir ''i I'.nt ti -'f 1 M tin voitnt! 'rip sill h'ny '.' lo 11. L'oo'l In renin May U'. 1 in tht (iciie: i-.l 1 Quudrci'liiRl owost Will until I ,at \ioo \\ nil* titi; Hhoorv \ itit^iiv^ ;'(>1(tl «:oittfiM"t. Slippoi>, (Mt^ 1 :i<iii' 1 '' Shoos, Mfti 'n TltHv Shoci, Mt^niA Fino Shooa, Moit'r, ()<M>i<n;vn Shortfl, Mi H 'H Southcvn Tiofl. Yours to Please. SKELTOM I^P^CP'- ••i ::ir •*' -g^^ +> —'^^^^*'^^^*'ii^ '..A' On nnd utter Sundiiv. JCov. IJ .I; irnifiH on the C. M. & St. V. It; T It sir Pn -i villi; w-s follows. 'iCHNO F'. .VST. 1'assuigirs. Nn 1' . . No. 4 (night ) rnighu. No in Chit'.ngo Stock No f, Win N» 1 ; Miiwsiikec Su.'.V. litilSO »t<7 l'.i'-iingeri. i S. . 1 nicht J: 1 i No. .-. ' :.' : ! I 'rvigLtf. N" T WHY Freight.... 1 No. <i 7i niV Freight , v • j No. ] ] Time i'nigbt... • : I All rrcifhl train' ment io:.< •'. • •; 1 No. Ii. carry pussni' *rs v i t • ; •< • with proper ti Husportu! it ••. K. '• l.itwini K. Mctiregor and .Ml - ' M. ]:.' T AI.I I..-JT. jjj" : B. C. E. li N.P.. ?,. TANGEMAH. r, 1>M IDS TIHL Cf TRAIN:.. HI '. IH:AII t'lvii'inj Ui- le 'cnce if Me tiiotlitn iipiseopi ill at < jMa\ 1 . 011 sale Apr'.. '."'Li) t s »ii ''ialisiu < !li 'ilini oUni : I ''J'i.l 'pllh-'.s' Olooil-ril.'lteil he no! lit tin io'T of toui'iri ow's opjioriu- nity. '.Pin prosperity of f'urist s king- doiu is imperiled by iln buckwatd lool; nud upward j;it.'.ing of una. M 'e Hike glen! 1:011:. ort from what chriai imii! v iohl gOO' the Inn done. Itie at all for tin ias tiniiilr en tiir '.iur tif eutperors eiupins. of iegisla! t I have had it blown iule great missionary uii'etings 1 tvent;.-five yetir:. that chi is- inpiei ud and iikcfiidud the ' t bv I. r.esurs: thai it subdued . uml lilted the g .ales ot IU:'. is i! usi'cnding; the steps balls :.nil oupiiol- ivds.v :' I am t biitil.fu 1 for what cii risiiuii i ty did for Home, but more au.viotis for what it if going Lo d '.i for f 1 :icug 1 1. 'Jin : i time iiat c .'iM tor tin cbureli to euir.n- : I 'ipale ilneit fri.nii inci'lianii'iil tbi'.iries i ami giie iiM 'it io le.ii'iety and eii 'iultu I pt'oiiieito. Vi'ti bate iieeti trying l'.» be ; i«>:». while as respects our duty rii'i our ol light ion toward our fellows tie arc no) etrii decent. We have been busy with tin hair-splitting tasks ot (b'fluirg the bounds of doctrine, the «vt ision 11!' etui ils. till his'.or'u' conlinu- lt\ of our i.ivt 11 i-iirrl'. and tin cost of II ini'.fiieu. I.r.r.t tear [here were • ^V'.Nttj warrac 'i. lor eiiriioti in .New • Vork <'".ty. 'J 'iiit'k, if lbs! had be .cn i" • Ireland! Las! ^ ear mori liiiiu one pet' Hi.e.i iu every tivc iu Kitw Vork dir.d in I 11 public instil ution, '.uic in every ten j 1 weut to tiie potter's held. There were : ! i!5i; suicidfs: lfiO.O'JU went to bed rt : night homeless mid without any ktiowl- ' edge as to the morning's tun;!, kiic'inl- ; isiu iu its highest sense is taug'lt in the word of (jlod. 'I'iie true soeinlist pltittts j himself upon jusliite, and there Jesus j planted this whole ijuestiou. -What soever 10 would that men should do ; unto you. do ye eveu so uuto them.' it j wus the lirsl eni'.ucinlion of the social- , islic I'linyiple when (iod imjuired: 'Where is Abel, thy brotln rV" and when the It'Mrieide ifplicd: 'Am J my brother's keeperi 1 ' Thai tone was the uoli Hint hits keyed the factory bells of ouu- lialf the work instilulkms in our land. (.'Iirisl did uol leach soe'uilisin but he taught the pi iueiplvs of justice, wt|»il v ued truth underlying all social orders. His word puts u uiijrhly check upon that tutiu whose iu rusted gold become* a limn for the stream ot supplies nud holds the curriuls of the river of life Iroiu the homes of impoverished multitudes. Jesus did not ask the young ruler if he felt 'converted nor if lie would have 'joy' in believing, but he toltl him to JJO and sell all thitl he had uud give to tho poor. We umsl be piiiieni. As tiod has made the world uud as the cous>tilutiou of thit-gs is, thv i But revolution will come slowly, bill it will come. When the Lord made Jay (iould (if he did), it is lo be hoped Unit be broke the mold, preveii'ing like ciilsstruphes, bill we have a genius :u tliis couutry for inakitig men who can do ttlmosl Vs well and be aluiofl us menu; meu who cjiu chase him so close us lo keep him frjgblenui.1. Our siutirf- ncss and our 1'esources are our peril, but J believe Ibmjutbis country, ear- Wi!i:>. 1 .,11 ge! two prominent newspupir: of one politic;.! tnitii iu'.o a polit- . putrrii ' in. giinfT.!:t see some idiluruii work done. As is gen- 1 known tin low v Suue Lender, j euioctavic iccan of ihc, is j opposed to prohibition and license, and ; ftivois tin repeal of ail law.' on the 1 'pics'.ior,. lesiin;*' lioiior in exactly the sr.mi ciitcgoiy at -.'iv goods, groceries, { etc , free. It ably clmtniiioiis > ils faitli and sottie very good | jioiu.'.v. although its positions are tuileii- j able. And now tomes tht: iJu'tiiujne • Telcgr:i|ih, r.notlnr abl_\ eiliicd demo-! era!'. 1 ' paper, and cidis "time" tin '.hi render in mi e.v iirust i vv ciltloria! lluit. j to use a BIIIHV , piirasi:, I nocks thv Lead er out !|,e bo X . 1 We g:vi Uic closing retuarks of thv ' 'JVIv;;r»ph ed.l'.-cial to slow tin ttend I. e:.l 11 Ic If l th aiiflPly wabJtMtlje mttjiltiilUt to work •t^fftlvh h* wi"lti not >lmm *Jiiufia * war, «v4 •lili in Engcland, we may make bsgiuniugs toward a new Her thai spleudid order of civil, social nud christian life.' " What is the use of tlm lie v. gentleman intruding the woes «f the deui^eus ot the slums of New Vork? Wc are nil well nn'«i'« that there is, always 1ms bveu and always will be waut and suffering iu the large cities, mainly cHitsed by the profligacy, intemperance or iudoleuce of the luuu themsejves whose duly it is lo provide for their families. A regiajeut of trniups puss through Postiiile everjr year, who huve "ut» knowledge as to where they will get their morulog'a meal." They are in the inttiu youug uml able b«died mcu, cuj)i»bl«i of mppoj-ting iheinsoivas tn-l a family if they wouid only work, but tbey will not. Of all things in ibis world tbnt ihey W .HUI, work is ib» lust. Why did uot our IWv. frleud tjuote tho p*ssug«s of scriiiture th»t rend some, thing liko this-: "J5y the sweat of thy shall thou i'Ht bieati" "IU lbM will not work neiihsr shtli b» «»t." 7'h» cities fill up with H «1 HSS that would »oonej' almost *turv« lhau JJO Into tho country »»d ii» w*JI. Jf th»y will work at all they will only do, or try to do, one kind ot work. If that fails they are reduced lo the stticvutlt.u Ittait. To t/ikisu very cities 1 here, ure tJio'jsauds ot couutry boy* and. young nteu go every yt>uj mid find little trouble ia jiDttluji work at fair prices, bcvauin they wiii do auytiiiuj: thai is open to th«D). If mou from tho country ena QnA vork in cities the residents certainly could if tiioru was not *omo- tlim ought (0 tend) anybody that In tills country anybpdy can get it good .living ^oyHjiH* Jf 1 )0 Is worthy <»f it, hy b"lng Ifiiimitlowi, tfluifisratcji'^ *D »]m jr<4 And baQOeb if h« bin not thtw 1/ rf*V*l 1 ^5 ' - ' ^ ol 1 re art nil: "'i'iie J^eadet wiuild hurtlly itllirm ' thai tin ilru^gin! vrt.ui'.l lie justiticd from a motal siaiiilpoiul iu hilling opium to 1: viol i 111 of ! lie habit. J.lvtii ing lids it cannot logically contend Ihnl tnr ; Tenth r itas the mora! or should lutvi tiie legal rigi:l to sill lo a eon- lirmed d. . Vet with no restrictions upon the trallic liijtior would be sold to all who wauled ami could pay for it. As '.here would c.\ist no law' lo punish hitu. the vendor would g'i»e to all presenting •lie eas'li .Nobody would u umuo- polv of the business, il is true, and tin gilded siiluou would probably dissp- penr. But tloggeries would spriug tip everywhere. 'i'hey would fie Ittcated Hi respectable residence tioie'bborhtyod*. and the objectors would have lo submit to blackmail to get rid of them. Whoever culled lor drink would be served. Mot having the fear of the law in their henrls, the uivikeepers would sell lo bots as well ns 10 mm, logiils as well as to women. Tluusaud would become drunkards before they had attained their majority. Jnteuiiiirntice would become geueral, and tiie uioritl corruption and social i.legradnliou ol myriads who are now free from vice would follow as certainly a.* the earlh roroWu* around the sun. Kociety cauuot s'ffnrd to pay such a price for free whisky, ami it will not. Common sense rejects the proposition. Betler the bribery, perjury and jury packing than thr coiupnintivclv colossal erils tbnt would flow from uu u 11 restricted trallic. Better ereu snloou domination iu politics. fortunately wn can get rid of this without making lienor tree -without substituting greater for lesser erils. Teo Australian ballot law will do the job." i'ii;.,:' bow .' it o' a tiibcrcul vi,. ' IV .l '.rimi III,' titigi— O! 1 ri.lil'l unu ; !be uuuiaii rcpu'l '.ic It is of an Amur I ';•:-, u M.r- ' In ' 'In. ill ' or vd: 1 '.. - 1 ill' Jll '.'lie':'.'. ', 'J'tic o''c:i".;.i'y of *.iic b'.ru is a ! nti-noiii"!'. Jl i.- uol b'.ud. Im! simply i it ui'c-hi'ntictl. tin foalluirs tin th'.' hoi .tt u:ui iicci: of adult npuiviucm being | titiow; wtu!.': 'J 'in ittmor of (Irs: naming this bird lis tin ciuoU'Ui of LIIC rultuJ Si:, c: bid 11:;. to John J- An.iubou tin tin'.- ' ui' ivitotii uiittn tt ill be lienor iisiiiciulotl with our bin! life. lie ! ea led the t'aid cii;-,i tin "Wusiiiug' 1 ton '.'ajfle. " be iiunc lie suit: "Wash- : ingtou was brave us tin cac-lv u,. l.iui i! too in Wat' till lorrur tif ills | utu'iii'i's nnd iiis fauic lciiuc'.' from I pon to pon. re .ii .'tub '.c- the sour' net- of ! tin niiebiic it ot Ihc leal hired tribe, j If America iui .t reason lo bi proud of ; b'"' Wc ililigfoll. liO Inc. I 'in to be ; |! of iioi' glial oiigle.' 'J'i.v t'uki 'tac'.c wsili wings cx'cudtitl or • di: piaw.'d jH 'opcr. " a: i! is culled ; ir. Itcriiidrr. r.jt- ntttitc tin '.tiabbtiii of lit" l'n '.111 slain- in tin year !7o.':. i 1 t'tiiii: J'ra'.ui'ti did rut approve t choice 'J'hi bait: eagle, hi do- ; cl, tel. w;^ a very c\ :i-ilispotittd bird. ' wouitl 110! li-rn uu honest liviuj;, irul his iiviliiiooci by vioioinc , ! and rapine. Ui u ui not eon- ; s.lib a C'Citiir.. th • worthy . v. of in'.i'ic who hud vniiuiit!\ m out o' tinir ••ottntry all kin;"ly ] hi' Its o' ! I'l.V. ! i t'aukiin's critical jiiiiguicnt did not 1 prevail. Jt if true lis hi doclarcd. j ma. the bn 10 cag.c lives iitit.-lly in \ loU-nei t;nd iticft. sv.'o'.iplnc tUtwn upon tin o-pivy unci sualchitig from thi- iuuusti'iout bird Urn that it j tin-: .liist caught. But the ir.(. r lc. on j back and occasion, mn take hsh out 0! the 1 in 1 : bi^ tu water with great skiil. 1 sh<,\v his The ctigle is. moroovor. u bird o' | be had ca dignity as well us of bruvcry and ] b iiuly, aud its strong tiUuehmetit to I ils young and to ils homo certainly i recmuuiuudb it us uu Amot'iuuii oiu- \ blem. i (in ('imrci. to itv hi to :i(r.h. Ticl.eti :«••.!• iiiciustvt'. ui 010 !i:"e tor tin round trip: good re! 111 lung uiilii June 1 lot 'in Itm u State l.nci'.itipiiieut. f.,. A U. to in i"'id a: iViat ;(»•.!• to :":it 'J'ni.cis on sale Mu\ MII to II!ii iiK 'lusii e. a! tun- (are lor tin round trip: good re'unttng Mat He Ii to ii'itli im good '•'i 1. M. I.. T.M.- 1 no t; u OUL' I 1 : t i ut - s' t r 1) 'I Wi­ lli": it: J n-l. Ai l'l'l-»^ ** illATIOJTElti-. Doi:'t J'oi'£.-ti., w-ben yen -orant. plaia or zaii'.-y SitjitJontrT. that the ?;.evir'"K- cfijee ir- ihc to giii it cheap. DAKTEL A. I 'us! villi-, linvti. All w or;. »wi' '•!•:: t,t <•: 1 io co , >;•:;-!:."- Lioll. A ill, i'lil "..I till !l. If! t : I'll: tilll:p!c: Wm. SHEPHEI-JL 1 . .1. siHrrjIEKTi M. D. j 'J'ime 'J aili iu effect Mcv 1.'. :»«; I i'ni.ritiger golni; N«n!i ,'. ' •• J( Soutii < .. • 1.1 ..A: 1' r.l . \ Knit!'!. T ..7. ii-.-i 1: 1.; i-t :t. i .nivml i 1 .ttl.iv.ii I I .North. J. ii. 1' lihi... -1.. •' • 1 t 1.1. .v !'.rkor'. Hi:. P. J. BEUCHER."P::-. }i::v!ng piirch:;s'd ;hi or;c : | . **' ' •-<>'•••• • i'ciM:.' |,.„. j ,i!.„ |„. u y IJuf 1 „,„ ,„., ,, ; .,r i; ._ . kinds id drilling promt -ilt . BE, J. S. GREEN, • •'<::•'in icr. ..| il;i |.;..! fair : •:. • I 'i' 1 -1' t.VS 4 M (I'.V, •:• slid 11 -sijence «totithuc-! ,..-ii- it Ifiro. A'! r«!!s ;.- )•• -.r • ;•;, 1 aliiuilc.l .' wuys of of IblllB •.ttn uf humor. They ea-'l- olinr pui'liujie t.tey .-it'.' ; in )ioint" '.lie 1:11 • turd is b" tcr.i bor-.-.d bird is Utile, •bind him ia liis r>'i',.rU •." i .m ion of his i:'u: of fun • !i -'ti b\ a mock in" ju .t 'il in a cue--.' t.Ui'.t ^ a- S'-puri.ted 1 iniwo'-i; ]iar:it.ioti froit) a ti'i: ry i.rctiip' ly done ] Iiiur."*,l,st. j'-rrl'.t III,: lic.linra-.i 1: t to i..n'ii.-i-. t.r:.* >'. 1:., is:; s t.l.irt , tr.'u i oim 1. POSTVIL.1X - - 3-v'VrA. BE. O. K. "HUNT, r^^^"--' ^' ' Li-I . 1 MT .cLlIlP I 'VCfT Si, 'I'll. V I •"inii-iiuu? wuy. i" c:.ampie t 'f i ini' mti'.'liinir CENTRAL MEAT MARUST. p:r. (it:: th • 'i -.:f !i bi- tine:. Sc\i.-rai • <•>• .'„'!> I'i-'- c:i he seemed !(> bis voluble ncijtb! uu- he ti ;t-. r •:;: • lints lc licit:'.:' lining I'M :, it.tend lc com. at : 1; uica'i. \'i'c m;. i.c a nr.. porl . : i' ir im.: A is • rii I. -ti'ie • -1 . lii.tie:,-j in /. • s :l i'lt l: 1 ' '"1:01 "' \ I '(-f:;: it i: t n: 11 I. en ; ,-.1 in J 'ot I vl-il :V:-c ot. :• Waitc- \- Kicldny's Hsr s"i Stor,.. lli'j.i. j;;.,. ,., J-A HATIKLA1TD. l:nl7::i,, i' f .1 . si, ;.t m t ti h ,: t. i.ioo ::. i'i.tin' ..ii . 1 h I 1 t 'tci'i s:i:,tlur ice:-:;; i, t (, :;, J'n": in. ''' ' <" < !.:•!(•». : .-tn -t n. ;. ...t u • , n ; i\ r i :: '. '• " V • > t-li :' -.- !, „•. i •:i r tiuir::in;' 't.i rvt-t. • - 1 : l.ciil'tit I ' St:ti,lio t ti:;.:i; l:t : 'i . ; 'ri.. i'i Ji i .11., r I n't W II. :•,•':.: • •. ; c t tit 1.. j, t io .- ct-ftc . oy • Ii-,-; w lc 111; ' ti fit L. STK0EBEL i: BO^. tor, i tl .ro;, A!: men; ctllil: 1 Willi ! iotid: y amir. til Joncc for! all ,1" : i to i'uw a in a N \ 1 in won: •:: I :•• t. and pi'ompin c. .nt-. J .i • : ranli:!. We tic;. :;o M ... I ,1 ! 1 . o! lie • Ii SKINNED ALIVE. T UKKE uow rooms lo be very little doubt but Clevelsuti will onpture the democratic uoruiua'.iou though Sew Vork is agiiiusl him. But if he does will Hill allow him to carry Mew York I at the election, eveu if lie could naturally curry it? Manitou beat liim out of his boots four years ago iu hie owu state, and we believe he will do it again, eveu if Hill is uol »ecr»iily opposed to him, because new the people have their eyes open on both the tariff and silver questions, and New Vork is neither a lie* lraue nor a free silver state. Of eourse Cleveland will pose us being opposed to free silver but it is no stunt that the party is committed in favor of it, us well as of free trade, 'i'hwu ClereUud'is prestige ol defefenl. not only four years ago. but iu the stale convention now will lose him thousands of votes. No, Cleveland evtuuot carry New York and beuoe oau- not bo eluded if nominated. No wrent iu the future is surer than that. '.tr W E eomiuend lhe following to that class of people who think that poverty is th* only ijilffoi'tuue: "Speaking of ins son, rich by inheritance, the lute Simon Cameron said suggestively: 'Yet, Don has inauy advantages, but I bud one which over balttuced thorn all—poverty." This may seonj dbsiird to the casual observer, but there is much truth in it. It is very seldom Indeed Uinta man can graduate from any other school ami make so groat a success In life. Enforced selfdebltil ttud industry aid ra.itly in umklug up the well rounded m»u. •W "1.11. I.'I'U.'HI.'I JU-JU THIS democrats ot Miuuv«oU and the Uakotm are so uproarious for CJuru- land thfttlhey do not know that our Dole* is iu lhe rield. 'flit aania hj true Iu the other surrounding *ut«^ w Ux VJ we can dlsiioyer. It look* Si If Herrison ond Clerplard would again 'je pi|te4 »gi!u»t cftoh ollivt'i. wltb ih« »imt utu)i ftt lif.fore. : ; Bit il Uiltitrra I )u Net Tiiki- tit T,i..i'':s lo Hill thit ri >t>r Aaliioili. K. Jl. Wells thus describes an incident which he wilnoBBtsd lust spring while crossing the North I'licifio. from JCudiak island to .Sitka. Alaska, tu u butiliug schoonoi". "We all gulhurod round the g :i-piii;: | V<-;. creature its Jl lu.v upon the (lt>ck. wiiilo | otic of the limit TS UII experienced bund at skinning beals, barud hit; long, sharp kui 'c and prepared to ivniovo I the pelt. "jie. made several cuts about tho llippers. win. n 1 onterfwod. 'J'i.e «<>al v.'us breathing hoarsely, its chest rising aud falling spasmodically. dull that beast,' J er .cUiimiU, before you bkiu iu' "He obeyed, or attempted to, by cutting n long gash across the creator 's throat "Jilood Howud forth in torrents and covered tho deck. Tho struggling ceased and 1 thought death had ensued Tho huuter proceeded with his skiu- uing operations and tho pell was about one lbird removed when 1 was liondlied by another loud gusp from the aval aud a renewal of t.ho lieavings of tho chest. Evidently it was not dead and was undergoing torturo! " 'Kill it" 1 criod. and a man with one loug. slitsliiug cut I'ippou the animal open aud purtially dlsi -mboiveled it. Then, with dexterous movemouli of tho knife, he rapidly continued lo remove tho pelt, aud had almost separated it from the body wheu another uoiso camo from the neiiL its mouth opened aud it breatbed hoarsely oncf more. "I could scarcely believe ray oyes! 'J'liere lay it crcaturo alive, yet skiuuod, disembowolod and its blood lying in pools on tho dock. • • 'Cut its heart out'.' I ejaculated, unable longer to bear the sight of the apparent suflerlni'. "The hunter reached M B baud inside and plucked forth the heart It was warm and throbbed regularly. Cut loose from the body and held out iu the hand, it continued to pulsate, the valves opening uud closing for fully three miuutos with unfailing regularity. Jt wn-i a grewsomo 6ight "Jiut the seal was now dead. Jfe no longer breathed uor moved. A feeling of relief swept over mo. •• 'Uo they usually die that hard?" I demanded. " Ob. yes," replied tho hunter coolly. "'I'hey always a«t lhut way when, we skin thorn.' "1 felt like skinning the cold-blooded wretch then and there. He had no compunctions when cruelty was con. cernod. Uo told me tho truth, however. "Thousands of seals are taken every year by schooners in the Northern Pacific and Uehrlng sea, and are skinned alive by their heartless cap. tore, who Will not take the trouble to kill them. Tho creature dios harder than Hlmo»t any other animal, tnd. its it U warm-Woodod and. sensitive, no doubt undergoes a torture pjuu) to any that could possibly bo InilioUHl There is no geinbtaooa to wauw^m • Isll id. A ctir.tuis i a troi n.ocl: ti;- l ;i!lcn on lb-' jft-a hit placi.' in a iree lilnvc ]'ti- y leu-,.':. : in;:' hi-- I:. 1 ,'fi.l ti! "t bound l'.cic 1 in "f'.i H ' cut. 'J'hi-i is. i:i f ct. cry. a:;;l for lb: iii! (•'art- war i.;> :i l'.,.' i.i of bis r :c-. iv,-:i i; ': droll ati.l bis :ia ,;:--r tint i.i iii!.-!i : il as ' -ti <'M 11, ia--'o;i . a ALL SlEiiDV. f the b .-il v the f' nil a i(.-if . o a ' oM'd -. 1 •I dt :; .-d In. sl '.'.ui 1, lor 1 to t hi it a y::c ; : ;:::.! j ,t/-."i ,J t ' f • to \v::t-r.' tbev ,-. ,.. : -c bi;Ill t o.i.l. A few mom: u:. In sto , i m.,; hrt'.ux at Ihem; 'bin s ,t.l !.•:, ' >«•! war-cry. dropjud down ia. ionic--. I.'tm tirtKi'.i'.in f'.'l upin t' it t /cr; lor.-: Would be be i; i 11 I ? J..' st art id to no tu b U a.s-ist.'t':c • v.!. tiny w.-io a ; a < d to t-Ci the on. . at iiibtnutly ri.-e iu a panic-—twen't them. The mockinir-b rd ktn.-tv ti. bettor thai wo did aud, un otibii.- ! Intended a joko for tho next mom • lie liopjiod gaily upon the foi.e • :: resumed his s-m^. wrtggling hi- iu body nud llii'ling his wings in :i t ges ive way. SEA-GUI L3. I>umb Ciiottiiro lli-lji'iiS Ii th I' JO t Ii .0 ! of "One bitterly cold day,mid old traveler to u Seattle -Morn ii;-: J mil roprosentutivo "Wo — u thipi":: us—were lying at tho wharf at Astoria. The river wa-> frozen; we v. oi-o waiting for the ice to break. Astoria, ou its innumerable piers, with its dull store Uousos and its sca 'torod hou -oi straggling up tiie hills among the bumX piuis, does not oiler many attractions to the tourist at uuy time. When it is buried in snow it is desolate. The long days wore unbroken by any event Tho ice sottmcd to be getting firmer. Wo were perishing with onnul. That is how we got to watching the crows. The poor tilings were dying of starvation and they could uot resist the temptation to hover about the ship. "They could not got the food out of tho wuter. but stood on the blocks of ice and looked down into the wares at the drifting bits of i-efusa The poor black wretches cou'd uot stand still on the ico or their feet would have frozen fast bo they shifted from one leg to another in a manner which gave them tho appearance of dancing. ••All about, with fc-creams and flapping of wings. Hew a flock of gulls, snatching the food from the water and fighting in fierce good-fellowship. 6oon,we noticed a sort of understand, log between the black birds and the white ones. For awhile the sable birds prauced and dunced surrounding taem, picking up bits of fond and depositing them within roach of tboir starving neighbors. And wo all looked and wondered to see duma creature* helping cnuh otbor In their soro distress, and pondered on the Ian." guage of those creatures we urrognnU call dumW That explain- the <".•: loiicirn iti ;-. d >:. Our st-rc i- !:.b ..; vii and wc are ft:'", ol ir- se-v ice:---' r.'.o illlrtilioti-.. \\V ii- :•• | .-(•: ,t :.:•:•:, ; ; t- !.-..,; Ill iu litltlOtltit-ilig our:<t-lvi> (i '.' r- : i': for but-im .ts, anrl retpv 'tfully intiif lb.- atlinlion of tin pub!;.' for a It t/i moiiiiult while we et.deavor to i-liov. tlial this Miinoiin'.ie.i ' nt is of i,':.-.! 'I.: importance to you all. Wc arc o.pon,! 'I'"'" ing our b '-Ht ell'.-rit. to lotid't-l a 'Hi- cessful busiues:-. and lire siiart' I 'l -ini to sic w« can do ;.-i ouiv by «•••:, I If i in- the wnnls of our prtl rt-ti-. 'l":i;i- v,',:-.' we are hire for, uud thai is j-i"t what we propose f-t r|o. J MCJ " :i :" !-• t.,.- r:. •! ": t t:" • ••tiified. gratified and rlmo'i > t t;jn lit d tin !.•««•.• t ,• l.-y I't^r b;ii'M-aiu< and l.ititl 1 re:.: men!. come right aloi g, nud we wiii fill you i!•'."} so full ot c.litinimi til an I i r-.;!,.'!!y • love thai vtiii will want to "ive iv-.rt T-.. iK' l M I't'SiahltM^il Varku, I..V.R. i POSTV2L.LE LODGIS '• i K03LEi..I>GEK(. il. •liei ;cc i t A. ". I . Ii" t . ; 'J'i.l h'.l .'ii .Atnic.':! I )l..i " ,.,' i :,.'cd i 't't'orlii:,! a mill.- ibi ."-let-,- ;..: :;: ; i - • :: S:t:i:"-i::v iveninc- ; !t t--,--!. r • , '. . '. l!:c \l:i,:.|,!" Hall ,.,,-) I! - J.:-: i. !"i • , I-.l 'i-. .). V. Sill I 111. iv' ',','. r . t \\ >:. S-i;;. i'i n.'.a>. Uec: ! Er.O* KEF.L"." LOVE LCLGr. 1.-:- j A''- - "!. /• d' a. .i/. I licgiilar n,('"lines on Tie ' !: ;. -'..:i ing on IT bcloi-c iln fml of il.,,- i,,-, .•). 30"Wa, i -Mi brclliren iti pw .il s!nnd;:i; r nri (•"!I ;l i al 11 in t ilitl to al tend. t. lb S TII.CS. W. M. Wit. M 'lT 'r. Kic't. '. Ki !, •»' I'-' • i - - j it n ini a ca,-I in !»,.,., O ' d 1 ' '..-',! Il,;, Consumption Cured. An oitl physician, retired from i-ri'i- •ire' I 1 !iii. having' ii.'nl pin••<•(! in his I ai:;:s hi ,' • :;n En si lielia mission a ry U.c- In r,.i.!:i , • • of a simp],, vipitbli riniidv ioi the -' ^'[iiii!', a;,,' pit nil' ' ::t itiri -'f (C:.! ' i.n.plii it. i 'li'oiiibiti-. fiHRfrli. AMl.nia -- ' Mii .l l.uiic- A ;"'cci iot.s. iilwo a p.tsititc t v . ttinl rsd'.';.;:• t "-e '-."i rv"is jlclibtt ''"'*'"'' ol Ne. ton- <'cmplainif. ai'icr Luting ••led it- v., l.tb-'tlll i' 11 I'll' i i I l-olft i> HI '•' l'" : i •' •• -WOIK - ' ! i.oii-aiitt- o, casis. i,::s' ft-.': :t his littt.i' lure ,!••!:•,c, • !» mil lie h liii'W n Iu hi? si:f>'friiitf 1\ 1- :',:••." 1 ' ft.:-I., M . i b'V. s. Ailniiii'tl by Ibis n t -iiu- Itnil n '"• •''! I- ".1 f: lilt tl- ' tll 'silV !tl l 't licit' liilllll II S'llll'i-l -|;e . i will ; : •'• «-:|. :.i M 'ti .l fric id tl r. • n. u, -. 1! v bo <b sire "•'••i i: Hie ' it. lid- rct'ipi. in I'-nimti. 1 ii nil. or '••! c 'ii \ ot: : J. tic ,;-isith i',. || rtirceiiit .s tor p;-e!. Bin! !•«• will i.« ring and nii:p. Si nl It mill hi titli I 'lsi ^n- mUlr .'M .ing w ilh st :-r.';t. ismiuc ibis ' ';:.::,-, :.\ ] i r. V. . A. N.-vis. if.';- i'.Mti's j lb", i,, iliH-hcstcr. K. Y. -;s-. 1 I'" Dr. 'ov. a. : v 'P r '•' H . V ••- c* v? t t -1 r '!.. V. ! I • p.O.' R. N. DOfOUKfl. P,.;.t:, j. r. : .,o T i!. V )'•"• KW-K, ( /.'..iimt PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,0X0. iHiiti »ou iiioc! it ijtiafter. ttt't: MX I--, "J 'o Sill Ollly tirtt-llilaS cooil.:. ,, ^.. : „. .,; , & To sill Hum as low a* wo p-.>*il'ly \ t'CS^l/i r.- J M ESZS3s£i i'o sell only euich go-ds a> ,vc i :.u ' ^'-^_^}P^ » recotiimt 'Ut .1. ... , , . .. ' • .-, t. t :..t ..[.It t .1 I ::tt to i:.f:. t,t t -linu\ri i,, To please, nil wlio favvr ni v .'.ih tUvir <-i -'.w*- LUMKI >•>'••'»• I )•-.ii .it. i iOf,-.,-.i 1 I'.-. :.:.';. l lit ,:-, I.,,-, t .l it ll,--,..:l-..,t- y palroilMgC. Kf Iv i.t't «tlt i.. .-: : 1 :( ,„ m ' tt , • I ,.. , , , '• ,t I. -it. f 1 .I..;,-. ),., i; , .,. (> , ,„;,;! ,.,,...„,.; I lo reprcNrut our goods < nit r.t tve ,„ i - - - 1 j-t tl ,.i :;t\ :• -.,-t : t.,:, r,,-.- :; ,-t,.-. ...... , believe thUll lo Itlt. ' ^."-!'-'":".:.-;[ VI!: V ':', , uZU'l.,. To treat ivorvbodv honvit'', am! fair- "' l --'' : ''- < " ;i ' ,,, . l :"' : " "y'"') i 'V, i ., :.», ' l :.. L. i 1 ii.: ly as wc would ourselves In triaicd. : '°'-' -u- : 'i i '.'!-t «;i :e, iv«t. That sound* good. ... Hsu the right hind ol s ii.:.-. do.:-: il not? nnd now please b'-ar j;, ;;.!;:d wc prsvliee just exactly IV.MI we j iiacli. You m-cd not laltc our v. -r,.) i„r ii, CJTJZEiNS STATK BAKKj hut come in at anv tima and s_'c for , ' , l'liSTVILl.E.IU'.l'A. yourselves. ' Autl now ;i word in regard to our Btifck. Wc, of cuiii'dt'. tiiinii it is uice. Wo know we hate made an honest efi'ort to Kt-curn the rery best :iriic .lis in our line to be found in the uiar'n-l, ami know no one can buy closer than we hnvc. The floods' arc here in our -tons, we have muiiieil', the good.« as low as we possibly can. Ihc result must depend upon our ac.ioni'/aud we do uol worry over the isiuu. We only asl; lhe people to exRUiine our gooil.f, leain oar prices, sntl follow tlu-ir own eouvic- liouo. JTiauUiri;r our old friecds for the cor- dml support we have received at their hands in lhe p»si, and prut'iining our best efforts' Iu merit a hhtiiv of \otir fuliira palroiiHge, wo remain Very imly yours, W M. KUUSS, P OSTVILLU. I OWA. ' Muuufiiutiu'i'i' nud tlgaler in nil kinds of harness, nud till other gonris helong- ing to the trade. A full and complete stock always on hand. 1'. 8. We Imvo soma Winter floods ynt and'nre itiixlous to Imvu ilietu nit sold,-therefore-will sell the balance at slilclly cost prices, ^1,000.00 REWARD l)u a (lenoral il.iuliing Iiti<iiicss. Hnv 1 and sell Foreign and Domestic V.x- '•• c .'iaiijfH. Accounts of Ktrmtirs, Mer- ' einiiits and others received uud care ' ully pi'utccted. j interest paid ou Time Deposits-. • Investments made for outside parlies on favorable terms. j mm ON TONSORIAL PARLORS. UKAU TUB I'OtTUVFlOR. AH work dnuii In His Itlgimsl HjU uf Uiuai'i. t>nit»fiiutlim jiimrttuuml. J. Ti pAiiycQt Pi-op. Mvi8 mmm mimim oo. HO WWswrti A.. M, THOMPSON, WvttK

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