Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 24, 1898 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1898
Page 8
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I To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account Mankind nerds » hf-rald, like the heralds of old, to proclaim «o that may heat, the vital importance of health. Thr avfr- ., man of to-dar thinks It beneath bis diffttity to bother •bout hi* hmlth until it i« pone. E-rtn then he only takes nit-asutta to rertort it in an Indifferent, contemptuous sort of way. Men cannot learn too noon that health i» the most import unt thing in life—in feet, u lift. Without it to* rri'/st brilliant tnan will be a failure, and lh»! most robust man will rapidly lj eome a physical wreck. Tlie man who neglects the little hcudacbev the lr,s S of I appetite and sleep, nervousness, hot fliish- lingv, cold chills, heavy bead, lax muscle*, "and the multitude of bad fpflinzs thnt arc I the heralds of approaching «ic'Vni-«s and I disease, mtiAt pay a tremendous pf'tialty. | For men who nuffer in this u-ay thcrrt is oo medic-inc r<jual to Dr. I'iprcf's (Volden Medical DiBcovery. It sharpens the ap- petit*, corrects all disorders of the digestion, invigorates the liver, makes the as•imitation of the food perfect, purifies tli» blood and enriches it with the Jifc-jjivinj; element 1 ! tbat build new, healthy flesh. It i* the (freat blood-makcr and fltiu builder. It cures <j« per «nt. of all casts of con- •Bmption and is tiie best of M known remedies for nervous troubles. Thousands fetvc told, over their own sifrnatures, the •torie* of the wonders it has performed. Honest dealers will not urge a substitute for the sake of a little extra profit. Thomas Fletcher, of Clifton Station, Fairfax 45o., Va., wrile«: " I noffcretl tciriM': torture* tut ten year* with 'ffaxtralgia' train in the •tonuch). I then took »ix t»iilrs ofpr Pirrcc'i Oolden Medkal Disoorery, whkh completely eniedme." ' When the bowels are repular the body wjll feel g-»d and the mind will be active. Dr. Tierce's Pleasant I'tllets cure constipation. One little "Pellet" is a gentle : fcucatKT, and two a mild cathartic. They never irripe. AJ! good dealers sell them and bare nothing else "just a* good," TO (MIND PACIFIC. Important Orders Issued by the Navy Department. TO PRETEST FOKKfO.V I.N Anilllary Crnl*er Tofrmlt« l,«* Jan. 1 for M>» Larlrf>np*. Vt'hf-r Will l-'rnfttrati- Any .trtFrnpt *t f. In f>orf>relKnt; Or*>r th^ C'nrotlfip If — Th* Abar*mla to In Pago- Harbor and Kf«p an V-J* 1 on GprMi , !>' c 21.— The Irnjiort lr,tf-r- ••IP Ir; the I's r.'^" 1 ' '-n PO n-ils'il'l) -v,i-ye of An. trie, -in ocf-ar,, uhl'h r.'^ cr^ajcJ I.} Jit-v,i- and the n-^nni StaUs "f autrin i rifci/'(ii<-n!.<... h:i oKiilt.'on from thr; f^pu;inf:e plan« which hav victory al hm by th«. -:-! f?ffiii!'lbllltl r'-c-ivi-d f Ipnit h" navy d< i nrt ^.r'!'.-! 1 ? to ;arr matur-d In th" Illc il'l) 1 In- Mai.iln. l.'nlt'.-J It; lai-'t •prMwtuur 10 rint-oiMi law i too* Co»p«nlM, FOR SALE. The Dr. Hardy property corner 5th and Alby It*, lot 120x120 Feef with 2 dwellings. A 4-room dwelling on Euton street bet. 10th and nth «U. Lot tfxUO feet. Prico*700. The reildence of Oeo. Klrsch on Belle street; 8 room* and bath room; In good re 3alr. . The ID-room rmldenoe of 8. H. Nichols ot Langdon «t. Lot 70x170 feet. A flne looatlon. AflneS-room dwelling (nearly new) with bath room; heated by fare toe.; In Middle town. The fine lot of David Doyle on Bluff itreet with 4-room brtok dwelling. The J, M. Tonaor homestpad containing about 42 acre*; flno 10 room dweiung^ralt of all kind. Some fine lot* on Bluff itreet with brick par. lac and *ewer; no griding, In T. L. Fould* odd! A floe 8-room brlok dwelling, heated with (team. Lot 120x120 feet; floe fruit; ball block from Kenry atreet. p A desirable reddenoe on Proipeot itreet with 7 room*. Heath with furnace. Lot 80 (eet on Proipeot itreet. A fine property on thenorth *lde of Second •treat, west of Langdon street. An 8-room dwelling with tot iSDiiaO feet) One Jolt. One of the finest iootlon In Middle Alton A »-room dwelling with about 1V» acre* of •round. Fine fruit and abade'treei. I block* from oar line In Upper Alton. A One lot on 4th street. Several fine lotc on Belle itreet between Utb and 10th it*. A two itory brlok (tore and dwelling and a two itory brtok dwelling on same lot corner ot tod and Vine it*. A good Inreitment. t fine lot* on «h itreet near Ur. airitang naldenoe. The fine double dwelllmr of Mr. R, Oaritang, netted by (team with modern Improvement*. A Tery desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, ill Belle itreet, with all modern Improvements. The Plaea Foundry, everything complete: In- udlng 10 lot*; «wlwi oonneotloo with C. * A, Alton Norelty Mfg. Co. property on U itreet, Dolodlng 4 lot*. 4 fine lot* In Highland Park, each 70 by about feet Ailz room dwelling on State itreit. Price A good 8-room dwelling on Second itreet, fwc fine lots on Alby itreet: The double brtok dwelling, corner Third anA Alby itreota, one of the fioeit location* In Alton A soot 7-room dwelling; good lot and fine A oew ten room dwelling In Upper Alton, good •oattODi "A^good lot BOxluofeet on Kaiton street, •Afood brlok dwilllng wlth2M leu in Middle-' wwu. Convenient 10 motor Floe location. A •ond Investment 7To0fla«re«ldenoe of Albert Wade on Belle Itreei, with 10 rocmn and flnlobed attic, bam and waih roenu. Good cellar. Qa* and water^ VUble and carriage houoe. Lot 86 feet front. iTor Ml* or rent, other deiirable property not A» room'crick dwelling ou William itreet. Price, >7EO, AS room dwelling with 2 good lota ou Fltlh •T*et, east of Ridge •troet. Price. »l.600. ^Agood8room brick dwelling with 2 lotion Main .atreet. . Ago .i good 7 room dwelling with fine river vlnw, heated by hot water. FOR RENT, / The twu itory brlok dwelling with 8 rooma,on ^ Bellevlew avenue now occupied by J. Moulton. V AB-room dwelling on 3rd street with bath Ypom with modern fixtures. <New store room and two 4-room tenamenti wfth bath room; 2nd street near Cherry TH* L, J. Clowaon homestead In Upper Alton With W rooms, barn and garden, now oocuplet DyMr. Oeo, Levls. Possession Riven by July 1. THE HARBOR OF PAOO PAOO. few wet-k« «IUi n view- to maintaining atifcjlut'-ly !lic ixilltlf-al ppogrnpliy of that vnsl or tan nr It i.-xlsis at the present tiiiit.- arid lo prf.'\T-nt any further ar^'t'H.sionrt i,f territory by European powers In the Irachs of American commerce or along tlie lines ot communication bi:twn.-n the United States and HH most distant pt'SBosalons. Perhaps the olMr lal nt-tlun of greatest Importance rtilaied to the ordering of the auxiliary cruiser Yonemlte to go about Jan. 1 from Norfolk to the Ladrone Inlands, by way of the Suez canal. Commander George E. Jde of the Yo- ftcmlte will sail under orders to hold his vessel at Guam as station ship, and while there to be constantly prepared to protect the Island of Guam against any unfriendly incursion. Itenult of Pnrnlghtednciis. The seizure of this Island during the war and ItB acquisition under the treaty of Paris by the United States may prove to be the result of remarkable farsightedness on the part of the naval advisers of the president, as It practically commands the Caroline archipelago, being within a few hundred miles of the extreme Islets of that group. The strategic value of the Yo- semlte's station at Guam Is therefore manifest and Is calculated to prevent any change of sovereignty over the Caroline Islands without the cordial consent of the United States, especially a« Dewey'a sf4uodron at Manila will lie rather augmented than reduced In strength In the course of a few weeks. Another Important order which has been Issued provides for loading the collier Abarenda at Norfolk with tho best quality of Pocahontas coal and for the departure of that vessel about Jan. 1 for Samoa by way of tho Strait of Magellan, a voyage of over 10,000 nautical miles. Will I.oole Oat far German*. The Abarenda will lie In the harbor of Pago-Pago, which Is owned by the United States, doing duty as a station uhlp until the arrival there next spring of the contractors and material for the coaling establishment to Le erected by the United States government there at a cost of $100,000. Tho Abarenda will be armed and fully able to give a good account of herself If the serenity of the Samoan group IB too severely strained by German Interference. She will be only 2.000 miles from Honolulu, where the Oregon and Iowa are to rendezvous and these battleships can join her at any time with the certainty of securing coal from her bunkers for a return voyage. The lack of coal at Samoa has hitherto been the chief objection to sending high-powered war vessels there to protect American Interests, f rls to (Jo to Miuilln. Another order bearing on the situation In the Pacific has been prepared to be sent to the special squadron when It arrive* at Cullao, directing the dln- tllilng ship Iris to proceed directly to Manila. Before starting on this voyage she will take a full complement of fuel How to Find Out. Fill d bottle or common glass with your water and let it s'ancl 24 honrp; a Rediment or settling indicates an anhenlthy condition of the kidney", if it MainB your linen it in evidence of kidney trouble; too frequent desire to pass it or pains In the bach IB also convincing proof that the kldneya and bladder are out of order, WMT TO DO. There is comfort in the knowledge no often exproned that pr. Kilmer's Swamp Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part of the urinary paftpageo. It correct* inability to bold water and scalding pain in pawing It, or bad effects following the use of liquor, wine or beer, and overcomes that unpl«aftant necessity of being compelled to go often during the day, and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Swamp Root IB eoon realized. It stands the hign- enl for its wonderful cures of the most diBtrcw'rjK cnecs. If you need a medicine you chould have the best At druggists 50' or SI. Yon may have a sample bottlo and a book that tells more about It, both cent absolutely free by mail, if you send your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y. When writing be sure and mention tbat yon rend this generous offer In the TELEOHAFH. Kilrudllliiti Trrntjr with Mexlro. Washlnitton, Dec. :4.-Th>? fltatr- de- partnu-nt ha» nit b»( ; n ar]vl.«eil of the reported nce.jtlationn of an extradition treaty l.»lwc.-n the ITnlK-d States and Mexico and unless BOIII.? steps are taken specMlly. kmkinq; to the replacement of the present treaty which is Just aluut to ex|j(r.-> th- conditions wl'.l be very Brave on the Ijonler. .Minister Clayton \va« empowered some time OKO to a°- certaln the position of the Mexican government in this matter, although not explicitly authorised to negotiate a treaty. But the Mexican government apparently preferred to deal rlln-ctly with the authorities In Washington, for the last development wan an IriBtruc- tlon to Minister Home.-o here to open negotiations with the state department. THE MARKETS. Chicago drain and Produce. Chicago, Dec. 23. Following? were the quotations on the Board of Trade today: i Mn \ GT!LU AT HIS POS1 i\ ki:iir K;-.n .i{ A. I, r: I'- K \ n i ! . ui!h t * • l.« in Jit I i h.Ktin.. •:. in th" stalling, Mimlcr (.'*•<». ;•(... T.'u- :v;i-m!.-r ••nt. -.vhli.-h will b». v.' •!• .n ),(, !h .it • 'ver the •-f. The •f James kfMlnif if fiat* ha-J Itie 'n mind ilndf «. Muilnn'- Tttkf Vr r > He Th,. I..-"! I •-. n d-:i. Flip;., er.tT' 'i :v-r charr.V' r:r-A ' many Utr,-'^ Jin city. I" rival st'.n'l In t!< of rhhaf" \\' place hi* mini*.. dirf'.-l'/ry "f :h.. a K'Vtr of nit thlr * trial of I I.He. b"ly of Des- 1 early In the at 1^2 North h.-id • n.le.1 h»r in It is b»- >iil and it wag l-:v.ui£t"ti to ' an r, no one •'•I;.-? lay. A ••! Dr. Mlll.rrn. <'hn|flnln. H Whrn c^mcr^ss n»pe(nhlf d tho other day, the po«=ioti nf the pennti. 1 was opened, ,.i it hn» been for matiy .vpars, with n prayer br Kcv. \V. H. Milbnrn, the blind chaplain, who has long liecn one of the most striking figures in \Va?bii»jj ton. Chaplain Milbnrn has just returneri from a Itctnriiig tour in i'nnada and New York ftnte. lu spitn of his 75 year-? bo still cnntinnes to follow tho lecture circuit for several wwka each year. speaking evpry evening in a different place at^l traveling part of each day Ho is still vigorous and finds it impossible to reinniu tdl(< between sessions. Chaplain Millinrn is in many ways a remarkalilomnn. Although he lost his /•' it I' ^% :l.« tak-'tl rity, MI . ) ' K: 1 F. Law- M National •ia!-..l with 1 stj- .if the I.a-.vreixe in-:vo men "'t h'.MmK public i!iir,u vly c-»nn<H t- *. He was of the J'~ fair. He was a I Wheat- December May July Corn- December May July Oats- December May July Pork- December . May January Open. .» .B814 ,. .6814 .. .66% .. .351/3 . .36% ,. .37 High. Low. Close. i .ec .««% .69 .67ti .371,4 .37% .35% .36% .37 .27% .66% • 6S% .67 .36H .37'^ .37% .26% .27% .25% S.-I5 9.921/3 10.20 U.57',4 9 SO REAL ESTATE, • INbURANCE, and LOAN AQ6NT ROOM U, P. 0. BUILDING. FOR SALB-1 , A floe building lot C6xli< on Liberty Mroet bttwaen Orore and FrankUo, for $500. AUOaore farm 8 mlle« touth of Brlghtoa, oat-btU In oultlratlon, one-bait good puture, S5pW,00». A bargain.' Anew two story brloli moderD dwelling near thi corner of Third and George utreeti. All-room dwelling bou»e with largn lot on ' Laogdon itrMt »outE of Twolfth straot. To* on* itory frame dwelling No, Oil eatl Ninth •Seat, tor 11200. LotSOiliO. Ooodatreet And fldewallc, A double frame dwelling house and another dwelling bouee, all on one lot In good lioatloo IB HoatenitowD. ReoU f or f3S per month i A new 8-room reeldenoe on State itreet on __, ... _ itreet between the and Big four R. K. track*, *ult»ble for IUM or manufacturing purpoie*. ISO 90, eut ilde ot Alton itreet, btt, For WOO. rm In tatlon by ra •acre farm In Jerier opunty, half milt ing itatlon by rail or rlrlr. ilrable builneu properly, corner tai ..„. e»4 Waahlngton at*,, on easy termi. A large double . frame Kildenoe, new and. al proremeoU, eltuatedon fourth iry._ __ oeai MMITbuUdlo«« le tor »*ltry, « mi proflublt builneii ' ' MOU| " td b>f ^ tad from tha other colliers of the nquodron, enabling them to hurry on to Sun Fran- olBco with the Iowa, while the Oregon and tho Celtic continue their voyage to Honolulu. Unfure the end of January lh« Hawaiian Inlands will become a atrong base of navul utrenfrth anil, In conjunction with tho effective force at Manila and 9im Fraruilgco, will erTKCtu- ally command tlie entire 1'ficlllc- ocean. Dlvi-Mlly Sliiilrnt » Thief. New Haven. Conn.. IJi'C. 24.—James P. Miller, u Yale divinity student, and a three yc-ai-B' KruduiUc, luis been arrested fur shupllftliiK. H« WIIH seen by the detectives to purloin ihree books In a book store ami by traukliiK the man they discovered Unit In- WHS evidently a professional sliopllftfr. Klvo thousand volumes were discovered In Ills rooms nnd at !I!H home. Tho books ranged from editions de luxe to pocket editions. Two dealers have already Identified 2,000 volumes. Miller wore n coat fitted with pockets such as professional thieves wear. OUl of »l,'-!.10,ouo 1 0 Scion™. London, Dec 1 . 2-1.- Lord Iveagh (Edward Cecil OiilnncsH) (HIS presented the Jenner Institute with £260,01)0 In aid of KClr.-ntlllc research In bartcrlolnj-y and other forms of biology. The Jenner Institute includes must of tlie lenders In medicine and It.s allied sciences In Cln-at Ilrltaln. Lord Jveaith alsu proposes to expend ^2SO,000 ujion the Improvement of the Insanitary Hull Alley area, In the heart of Dublin. Jobn U. Cuill.lo u, (.•uiii|iluliiuut. New York, Dec. 24.—John (i. Carlisle «x-Hfcretaiy of the treasury, appeared In a police court as complainant a^alnm Itlchaid Leiihe, a cab driver. Mr. Carlisle accused Leake of steallnif a teal •kin sacuuc bcloDKlnif to Mrs. Carlisle and valued at »^oo. Leake was held for trial. ... 9.95 10.25 ,.. 9.571/f. 9.90 December , 5 if ( January 6.2L"/ a 5.30 5.20 5..'7'~ May 5.45 5.55 D.42V- 5 5"'A Short nibs— December January 4.72',& ^.Vi\.l, 4.72H 4 S5 May 4.8214 5.07',i 4.90 5.0S Produce: nutter — Extra creameries. 19@20c per Hi; extra dairies, ICrrf 17c; fresh packing Rtock. 12<g!12V&c. Et!gs —Fresh Block, 21M,&22c per dozen. Dressed Poultry—Turkeys, S©10c per tb; chickens, S'.iffec: ducks, fi^GVie; geese, 6<[ftiHc. Potatoes—Common to choice, 2<i&?.4c per bu. .Sweet Potatoes —Illinois. 76c@$1.50 per bbl. Apples- Common to fancy, $1'.0063.75 per bbl. Cranberries—Wisconsin bell and bugle J5.00&C.50. Chicago Live .Stock. Chicago, Dec. 23. HORB—Kstimnted rccelptB for the day. 26.000; Rates ranged at J2.UO©3.35 for pigs, $3.20 3,45 for light, }3.35<®3.30 for rough packing, i3.30<8)3.62^ for mixed, and }3.35@3.55 for heavy packing and shipping loto. Cattle—Estimated receipts for the day. 2,000; quotations ranged at IS.TOffO.lB Christmas beeves, JE.20®'6.76 choice to extra Bteerp, J4.55® 6.20 good to choice do.. J4.40(»4.85 for fair to good. J4.00&4.60 common to medium do.. 13.85^4.30 butchers' steers, I3.90?J5.26 fed western steers. $2.80(34.30 feeding steors, J'J.OOSM.OO COWH, $2.60® 4.70 heifers, $2.50<fr•f.iS bulls, oxen and stags, $3 30@4.40 Texas steers, and $3.50 &6.76 veal calves. Sheep a»d Lambs— Eutimated receipts for the day. 7,000; quotations ranged at 13.00® 4.15 westerns, I2.50IS14.30 natives, and J3.75©5.40 lambs. Eait IJulYhlo Livestock. East Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 23. Dunning & Stevens, Live Stock Commission Merchants. East Buffalo, N. Y., quote as follows: Cattlo—Receipts light, about threu cars all told; market steady for good grades; veals lower, Hogs—Receipts, 60 cars; market fairly active and stronger; Yorkers, $3.35© 3.40; choice weights more; heavier gra<fes. $3.45©'3.60; few, $3.55; pigs. $3.25; roughs, $3.00©3.10. Sheep and Lambn— Receipts, 30 cars; market very dull and 5 to 10« lower; top lambs, $5,25(55.35; others, $3.254/15 00; mixed sheep, culls to good, $2,00{H-"5: wethers, $4.354j'4.60. Nt. l.oul» Grain. St. Louis. Dec. 23. Wheat—Higher: No. 2 red cash elevator. 70c; track, 70'/,.c; December. 70% . May. 71",iic; July, C0%c; No. 2 hard, <8>87c. Corn—Higher; No. 2 cash, 34 December. 36141:; May, 35 7 ^c. Oat. Higher; No. 2 cash. 27e; track, 28c; December. 27t4e; May. 2SWc; No. 2 white, 30c, 30c. Hye—Lower; D2' / 4c. Detroit Groin. Detroit, Dec. 23. Wheat—Cash white, 70Hc; red. 70c; December, 70c; May, 71%c bid. Corn- Cash. 3Sc. Outs-White, 30%e. Kye— 66% c. The Panu, Vlrden and T3luomlrigton Coal companies have resigned their membership In the Illinois Coal Operators' association. Seventeen of Baltimore's brewing companies have consolidated under tho name of the Maryland Urtnvliig company, Heidelberg university has struck a blow ut the Institution of dueling by suspending eight "corps" students for four semesters, that Is, two years. Rev. (Mrs.) Nellie Mann Opdule of Haclne, WIs., has been called to the pastoral.: at SI. Paul's Unlvuisulint church, Lu Crosse, WIs. Tho steamer Andes of tho Atlas lln wont ashore at Kingston, Jamaica, an will probably be u total loss. Private Joseph C. Quill, Klevcnt United .Stales Infantry, died of u gun shot wound, presumably self-lnillcted at Hun Juan, Porto Rico. Andrew Wunless, it well-known lit erury character of Detroit, poet and umse writer, is dead. toniU-u-d of Mimlrr. Portland. Ii,d., Dec. 24. —Albert Mug. ««-r liiis bi'f-n cfii)vi(i!.i.l of the n-.urder of Eiina Sicliz, !lr ..l \\t\y fentonced to prison for lif.. 1 . Mis S'toUx was found mur'l"r«d <in th«- .:V..-n:n« of K«-l.. 14 last. She lived alone, and wa.« quit,-- wealthy. SumuPl Mai^hnl V.T.F acquitted on the same 'harge. ai:d Mersc-hel Lafollet'.e, who was Siisrt.i.-t.Ml .T being RUllty. committed fuicidt L>> cutting hi? throat. M .T-.: to Hi" !'•,: trar.-! :i d f.>r -\Mi-m }•;.;''!,:i: i:i : .1 iim i-: fr-'in li:s !.. by tv.-M ,j|,i \Vi.-r .n*:i Wl.!:nm II. "inlli'.h f tli miKn>;r\' I'lrin "f (tnllith ]>i n|>o|!#. .11. d .«u-l.!.-i-.;y .>f li-.irt dip.-ase. Her.ry H.. FS |.',. ,1 1 • 1 i:ui]ty at .Miiwau- ,• • "f .ir^.-n niv! «as sen- >••••.!!# In the state prisnii t-.i t" at Char-:? rhr:F!l in coil op' :r.iti.'r. ,'ii.d M oMfFt daimJitit- .'f wr-iv m,irri'-d at char;--."-- i;(--p v-rn tsutucn B Arnicr. aaive. The best salve In the world for cata, broiBes, sores, ulcers, salt rhonm, fa- ver sores, tetter chapped hands, chilblains, corna, and ail akin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay reqtured. It la guwnnteed U> ghe perfect uatief&ctlon, or money refnnd- ed. Price 25 cents per boa. 'Fir *a!e B. Mr.rtih. Alton »nd t!pi;<sr Alton For Pneumonia. Dr. J. 0. Bishop, of Agnow, Mich., aaya. "I have used Foley's Honey and Tar in three very severe cases of pneumonia the past month with ctood reaultn. Sold by K. Marsh anil S. H. Wyss. What do the Children Drink? Don't cive them tea or coffey. Have you tried the nf w food drink called GRAIN-O? It ia deliciouj? and nourishing and takea the slace of coffee. The more Grain-O you give the children the more health you distribute through their systems. Orain-O is made of pure grains, nnd when properly prepared taetee) like the choice grades of coffee but costs about one- half as ranch. All grocers soil it. lOc and 25c, KKV. W. H. MILIIirilX. sight thronfih an nccirieut early in his childhood, he studied for tho ministry and fitted himself for the pulpit. Ho was chosen chaplain of the house of representatives iu 184h and continued to hold that position for ten years. Then for 30 years he traveled through this country and Great Britnin, delivering sermons nud lectures almost daily. Iu 1885 ho relumed to Washington and resumed bis chaplaincy Later ho was made chaplain of the senate. Hip acquaintance with the pnblicmen of this country since thu flays of Daniel Webster and Heury Clay has been aud is still, for that matter, probably more cxttiisivo than that of auy other man ot affairs in Washington today, the venerable ex-Secretary aud Senator Sherman not exeeptt'.d. With the members of congress Dr. Milbnrn lias always been exceedingly popular, Republicans, Democrats aud Populists alike all claiming his friendship and regard, while- few indeed are the visitors to Washington during the sessions of coagreas who fail to hear th<3 good chaplain offer his morning prayer to Almighty Uod as the opening exercise of our national legislature. a u( l :iitby ii- Kate, the Alkln?on, W. Va. C;.,\-M| P..I-' ,»f Ml., hitan prant- c-tl pafdors to William .Mrvarl of (Jrand Hapldf. Alox.iml-.T It. Curr.e .'f ivtioit. Loul= Smith of Adrliin. Jjm'/.« Powers of Flint and William Nuivmhf-rc. ^'. S. Allr-n, a furniture cit-alcr in Los Aniri'li.-f. C:il.. ai? = ii;n': .1 to J. .1. Kay. pn-sid-nt "f thf. Citiz-'n's I'.inl!. his lla- bilitic.- b.'lnc ?."<<W'i; a?s.'ts, 57 1 '. 1 .' 1 ". MIPS May ("lou.1. 1* yi-arc oM. di,..', nt thf city h-ypita 1 . at M:>ri-.n. in.!., fr-nn th.- . ff.-rts ..f burns oaus. d by a cas Postmast'-i t'ounil a 'liam floor at his hi by a binxl.-ir. IK-v.-rai.. otfker? seized thf plant of tho ll'iw-r-t'rba n UiYwin^r c.iinrany. Wll-iamsburir, N. fals-ifi(ati"i; of rcp the plant. Tin; I.Vnvi'r and liio Grand.- has do elari'd a divid.-nd of 2 pe; , ,.,n jin pre ferred stock for the half v, ar. Lytl- of Vaii.'nralno. Ind., nil worth uver S:'"0 .-.n the iiii'- 1 . It bad been <!r.>, - j| •: 1 Y.. for an al!,','.-d ntf OM th- out) ut of Dreadful CROUP Motliers, when yov.r cliildren are attacked by tho dreadful croti]), you need not despair; Ur. John W. Bull's Cough Syrup will relievo and cure this disease at once. Yon can always depend on this marvelous remedy; it never fails to cure. For whoop'ing- cough and measle-cuugh it is the best remedy in the land. Children like it. AYegclnblcPrcpaiMlionfor Assimilating ihc Food and Hot 1 ula- tag Stk Slomaths and Bowels oT Promolca l}ii»cslion,Clwcrftil- ncssandRcsf.Confi'ins neither Opiuin.Moqihind Apcrfccl f!cinri!v forConrnij\ lion, Sour S!oi:urli,Di;iiThocn Worms .Convubicns, IVverish- ness and Loss o For Infants and Children. 1 The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Have Always Bought. THE CtNTfcUft COMPANY. HtWVOBK CITV. Dr.BuII's No Humbug. Foley's Honey and Tar does not claim to perform miracles. It does not claim to cure all canes of consumption or asthma, but it does claim to give comfort and relief it advanced stages of these diseases and to usually cure early stages. It is certainly worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dread diseases. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Has saved many a life 1 Speedily cures Croup and w hoopinp-cough." and rure. mothers can al- S V J*IID wa"s rely on it. Cliildren like it, Doses are small. Oough Syrup Will cure Croup without fail. Posts' nn; miinll nnil ]i!f:i^,nnt t,, (.ike. Iloctnrs recommend it. J-rice 25 els. At all drugsUts. Price 25 cents. It has been fully demonstrated Chat Ely's Cream Balm IB a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in the bead. This distinction has been ucnieved only as the result of continued successful use A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and bealing treatment. Sold by druggists or it will bo mailed for 60 cents by Ely Brolherw, 66 Warren street. New York. It spreads over thn membrane, la absorbed and relief is mmediate. Lost. Many have lost confidence and hope as well as liealib, because they have been told thnir Kiclnoy disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a Guaranteed remedy for the discouraged and disconsolate. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyas. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure thorn all. It in a oure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indl gestlon. The cure begins with the urst dose. The relief it brings is mar veloua and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure la certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant end always safe. Sold by 8. H. Wyca. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. The undersigned baring been appointed Administrator of the estate of DANIEL W. COLLET, late of the county of Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that ho will appear bolero the County Court of Madison county,at the Court House. In Edwardsville, at the January term, on tne first Monday In January neit, at which time all persons having claims against nald esiate aro not!Hod and requested to attend for tte purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate pay- mnnt to the undersigned. Dated this 10th, day of Nov. A. D. 1998. ENDS JOHNSON, Administrator. lii-r. Dr. mom i inn' of the privai!. 1 l';: wxrnin::- K iiy drni Cflpt ot prlri>. .VI r.T."l :in. ' HENRY J. KLUNK, BEST TRAINS) ntanatatSoum WM ARMSTRONG, Dealer It Cement, Lime and Wali Plaster' Prices to meet competition, Oocde <a- llTerod. clephoao 183 Office 107 West Second Street ALTON TIME CARD firs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE so M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Easton sts. Phones 138 and 171. Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. 'radoita Ontario Vetcrrlsr over The Mode) ' CcNoce. ito.-s. COR .THIRD AJTO PIABA C.Trt . *LTtM-; u.l cofrttt*, metallic ea»e», msial- lit atttr (loth ro»lwto. filuriui robce tor lat>ia«, nuttUmett tmfc 813 Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer AsJ itiltr It Fnib tud Silt Mull <nd Lard, ind aim tistonr el Siuiift. E8» EAST SECOND . • ALTON ILL Chicago & Alton. » For Peorla-'8:47a m, »10:05 eS 1 ; 1 ^'" •Dally tEicept Sundav. * 8:i ° ['ail "•aorei, nearOpp« Allcu. T) MTM D* V nut, MK JMONEV TO LOAN. rtiip Ticket HIM Of • Xwittt» »U rrlDdpi A Narrow Escape. Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada -Hart, of Groton. 8. D. "Was taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs: cough set in and finally te/- Rilnatod in Consumption. Four doctors gave me up, saying I could live out a short time. I gave myself up to my savior, determined If I could not stay with my friends on earth, to meet my absent ones above. My husband was advised to jet Dr. King's New ery for Consumption, Coughs lds. I gave U a trial, tool? In ight botUes. It has cured me, and thank God I am saved and now a well and healthy woman." Trial bottles free atfi. Marsh's drug store. Regular steefiW and »1. Guaranteed or price refunded. The Sure La Urippe Cure. There la no use suffering from thin dreadful malady, If yon will only get the right remedy. You are having pain sll through yjur body, yeur liver Is out of order, have no uppetlto, no life or ambition, have a bad cold, in fact are completely used up. Kleotrlu Bitters IB the only remedy that will give you prompt and sure relief. They act directly on your Liver, Stomach and Kidneys, tone up the whole system aud make ycu fuel like a new bo- Ing, They are guaranteed to cure or price refunded. For sale at B. Marsh's drug store, only 60? jierjbottle. Qioo, Or. E. Deletion's Antl-Diurttlc May be worth to you more than 9100 If you have a child who soils bedding from Incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old aud young alike. It arrests the trouble at once. ai. Hold by S.H. Wyss, Druggist, 668 Second afreet, Alton. 111. For Hoarseness. Ber,j. Ingerson, of llutlon, ind., Bays: he hnd not spoken above a whisper for months, and one bottle of Foley'a Honey and Tar reetored his voice. It ia used very largely by speakers and singers. Bold by E. Marsh and 8. II. WJSB. Texas. The Missouri, Kaunas & Texas Hail way Co. will soil low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 1C, Deo. 8 and 30, with Una) limit of rotnrn to 21 days from date of nulo. An excellent opportunity for lioinceonkorH, tourists and investors to viow lor themselves the great resources of the State. For further information iidilreHH John L. Williams, P. and T. AR! , 103 N. Broad way, fc)t. Louln, Mo. ^. R SCHUSSLE&M.D HOMEOPATHIST and SURGEON OPPICH AXD RBS'DENCK, HOTEL MAD180K TeieDbone 100 f)rs. E. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 0 a.m j 11 to J, t to 8 p.m TELEPHONE Hj. PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. I-auadry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Alto belt of T«u and Chlnete Noreltteo or hind. East Second at. 306 State ml Between Alton & st. Louis e^r .•?«;«-*• ^StL 7 80 tffl 8 00 air 800 an; .. ,; 0 ,;; ._•, IOOO»B 9 loam Granitoid Paving Co. W. &^H. BEISER, Prop's. ELY'S CREAM BALM li u pogltlvecore. Apply Into the noitrild. It la quickly absorbed. 50 c*_nU at DrocdljtB or by mall: lamplea 10<\ by mail. KLY BUOTliEKS. 66 Wurto SUNew York Cltr. LLS [)R. L. B. RO/1LAND, DENTIST, Dttri Hour*: » i. m. to W • M. nd I lo u II vr TH1)<D DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 306 Belle Street. DR. iworrs 813 East Sixth Street. kdfl Alton, 111. 1 £ f G ; an »S ld Work: Sidewalks, , 1 ! 118 '/' 0 '' ?oneand the bnit quail! yo nrnnrlal and work guaranteed. Orderr by mall will i.celr. srompt uteotinu. ffkuiiBt £X8S 3Z , o <t A and BItr Four Mileage iroket'a'ezoopFod? 8 *' tll0se ' t »"°°«' Edmund H. Blair, Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. OFFICE zos Market st * orer AltonRy. 4 Ill'gCo. Troubles there Is nothing better than Foley't Kidney Cure, everyone who trios It •wllUgree to this. Bold by E. Marsh Mud B, U. Wyss, A Word to the Wise IB Sulficient. Ely's Oroam lialru liua comploluly cured me of catarrh wlion everything oluo fnllotl.-- Alfred W. StevenK, CaJd well, Ohio. Klj-'a Cream Biilrn works like n uharm; it lnm cured me of the most obstlnute oasu ol cold In tho head. I would uot bo without,.- Frod'k Frlea. J83 Hart Bt., Brooklyn, N. V. A lUu. trial HJZU or tho fiOo size of ily's Orenni Hulm will bu mulled. Cept by druggluta. Uly Brothers, 6(1 Wurreu Bt.,N. Y. Tlie person who disturbed thaoon- gregauon last Buuday by coughing, la •uquouteil to eail and got a bottle of i'oioy'fl Hoiiey and Tar, which always ;lves relief. Sold by K. Marsh and 8. I. Wyes. CASTOR IA For InfantB and Children. Tli Kind You Have Always Bought Ut* They overcome Wculinrai, li. ri'4(iilarlly and umliisidii.i ln- t-ruaso vliiornndbutiliih "jmlim of uiunalruutlun." They uro "Life Savers" ^toKirlHat wr.inaubood, aiding development o( orgunK und .-.., Known remedy tar WOUIHII to mils Cunnot do harm- llfu uwomvH H uleiiK- „* *'l«rl"'*br»iiill. ^r Sold liy UmJ|(l«t(, OH MOTTS CHEMICAL CD., Cle.eland, Ohla For sale byy S. H, Wyas. THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN ST. LOUIS CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND PRINCIPAL MADE iVIE A MAN AJAX rAULETj&POHJTlviaY qu.^ " lem CITIES OF TEXAS. WUNER BUFFET SLEEPERS I. AND • FREE RECLINING KflTY CHAIR CAR: DINING STATIONS £,*? E ? ATED BY THB COMPANV SUPERIOR MEALS, «***-FIFTY CENTS. James'- ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agen JOS BSLL.B STKBBT. Money to L,o*n on Improved Proper, BENTS COLLECTED. C. C. c. a st. L — Big Four trala, w m IeiT , Burlington Route. Altou'iMS.. 1 * 0 - )8 ' «««. T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Survcyo Map* Profiles and Estimate Furnished. 305 Bello Street, Up SUIr«. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAST SECOND STRKKT OeoU»m»a wno .uprsol.t. flr t t-cl»i, o-dott TAILOR MADK CLOTHES, - At ~ MODERATE PRICES, Vou M « i Dt ,,. d to o«u ud .wolne NKW STOCK OF GOODS ru, . . *.,*•*' *' * U -"M»t*l«*^^ * *• . ..M. tlT-' , ,)^ - tralna will lewe «) Arrive St, L 8 Mam (i 63 pin UinvoSt. 7 60 am S 21 ura SS 6 Hi) p 810|tn Arrive Alto. S 1C am IfF fi-oui Union depot. St. L. f uMl"'' ' ervlc . ror'Ka'ii.icil! out, dully eoini ( 1 8und »J' a K. & '„,,'*..« 'rt from langdon ">!• train Ueparti , fit. P.UIMM » I ra "" d 8 lw Pm" d'« n w ,,' 1 i. Uu " vor »n4 !«"»«» (RWK,' it . 8te||on) C, *Ot.P, u 11 KB IB Arrlfl AluS . \nU-UW8. ISuu only;

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