The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

I- !; • ; SECTION I'WO THURSDAY EVENING. MARCH 10, 1927. PAGES 7 to 12 IVhat llns (tone Before • (larrett Kolsoin is-v.';t;il)hril f<> death while swininiliig ut Uueaii Town. N. J. I FoLsoni'* hathiiig win paiiions • lia'l been Roger N<'ville, a! hiisi- iiriis imrlner; Mrs.'llelor I^arna- bv and Carmelita j \'iil(l<ip. j AnaslaHia FolHrliii. ilcir<>iilrir . SI III niaKterrijI KlHt <>r Or tjlie tiwul . II hii, arrlVfH anil taM'H ((iiiiiiiaiKl .•Vjt tjie in(|iienj 11 1^ li'arijcd iliiit ili<'- death wcapiin Wiui a iiirhai). all Orlenlal kiiUe, iiiid il liad |)<X'M biiiiKlU on ih<! hoardwallf. Il !•! leariH-d Ihut <IIM' rniyiloii KiNir» In a faiK lur nf ji'MrliiiiH weiijKiiiM, .lie adinilM liii ,\|ln« iwoj kniv .'M bii' iifit Uic |il< hii||. .'liaMlaHl I eii «iiK<'H 'rmm IIIKUH. . iiii irclillMitJ j" Wcirk on liie CH.MI', I lull I'ell ^iii' th>' d<'a (l tiiiiii':* lUM hi'W. aiTlVi 'H siliil U ^lilrlKiied hy tuW" I'liifiiiri l ''n'in 'h di 'lJH In 'Kol loiirH tooiii.. V (ii 'oyiloii- .S >Mf'i':i ' an- disiWiveicd 111 a iiiil<-bfiok ol! Kid- ;-on '!! and I'dlmi lliUihw liiM tin 1 I" bad luTii iloinu soni"' Jdai'l. niailinc. Kolilii'^. Oroydon's Hon is worried now tliat .>]iisiii cioii is re.'ftlnt; on his' latli'-r.. Kipurs tells iiliii IK- has Uarm-d thai C:royd«li jSears had .pnr- eha.tod a Ihijfd IdaRKer. The cldoi; .'iears .sends lor I'leiiiins Stone, famous (leioeliv"-. who arrives sooti a ft IT. .\iMv i;i> On Uilh the Story , (•H.\l'TKIl XXXVll. With {'roydoiiiSears and Kluiiiiiis .Siono laiiie also Tili' KiRK-. win.) was deeply impii-ssed witii ,Ston<''s (harm.' having e.xpeetvd JI. nuuh more iiro .siiio and business-like Iii 'rsonai;e. For FlfininK St<in<- was one who. to a marked degree, look color Irom bis siirrouiidinRs. .\nd now. at siKht of the sea and lllr iiitiTVeMliiK boardwalk with its Idarc of jrolor and sound, as well as ilu' n:iy hustlejol' the'. iniiin"<liatv ( rnwd on tlielKit'd dec "Tlipy aire Jiiter jonT' Slon;. see, Kleininc, I lle'l." . ii'^keil. ••Very iniieli ;itJ-!r ine. Yiui V largely ... V .' weapon, rather careworn air droiijied ironi b;in. and he smiled with t!ic ''••,),,.yv- liKhl of a eliili'at the spcciacl.c. he (X-! "^•••'i- that "u. Ilivy !oi|<ii|.-,« liii!>. !(.al ".N'cver been Jiere befon I plained. lakiii;:'it all in r.ipidl.v; .-is ho seated hilikself. "I've l>ei -n to the .New KnKlajld coast rcMirts and the soiithi'iu: and western one.,. Hut never, before rhalrceil <in .New .lii>ey'.< shoi-es. .MiiM allraelive, 'iKi. \V«dl. 1 .s'lippos'e that's the • put wlieii; the body ua? lonior," • ml- lie swi*pl Ills aim vai;ilely ii,- wnrd the wide expanse of .-ea'. " ••'I'liat'i ;iboi|l it.' aKrieil <:io>- deii '.SiMii , •Uiit. 1 hay. olil inan, . II Miii'd rat Iter take liididay t<idii% i and not" eVv'll roll.ilder the iai,e an'. Ill toiiioiiovv, Jti'il nay Mo.'V •till no, I'd liiilier tiear the <\i • I ill- rliMif off. 'flLen wni r»m hiive .1 "I-.' ii.M'l <lliiiier. and then wo i:'i' hii.Ve a lioul at the brlKll| llKlit:< J^'ii- wliillever. Ibey oiler by Way of • veiiliiK enleilaiiiinent. Then w>' ';.|( i;oine back lieie and s'llle •di.nvii ;Ui (be real work' in lian<l." .•slollii'.s' ple .is .illt smile he'-led oil I.Vilii:!, ,111 (1 all at once the boy felt [onildeliee and 'Tiiirety tliat then' wai no fnriber trouble jii store r.i? Ills-/ill li-r with a mini like that at the lielni. So Willi .1 liKhl heail be w-nt oft ill si 'an !i ol his Aii(;el. and the tlivee ipen ,selt!e(| (low II lo coilsid- eiatir ,n -()f their case. ''llon't • think I'm niiii '1- wander- in;; if I j:::zc .about." Stone Said, "-miliiic. . "I love to absorb tlieso sitibts and so'inds, and instead of disiraclin;; my attention Ihey helii to (oncentrate )';" on the (|iie:itio(i "They know about that, don't a.'-siiiee. and the pi( :!a<| ilii' one Ib.ii f;'unii in Hie (.eiaii \r killed Folsoni. .'Vow. il ;iy also iliat I boimlit two < that iHKht in (lie same pi:i. remarked Stone. "Yes. Well, he (lidn'li make a biu of this;>iie only n.sed ;i "f.'w- ch'rtce secr'jts liidoncinR lo a few chides frieii(l.<. or (•ncniies. ol'h's. .\n(l I was hononvl with a p!;u:e anioif}; The secret those hounds of the law would think, and w-{lll reason, that as I bought np^rc dagKers that night, 1; miist Of necessity he the one who had made the fatal .stub. So I denicMt having returned and let my ca.«e rest on the daggers I had bought while hith Meeker, •who could vouch for the truth of my story." I i "Why J didn't Ihey 'jnc'.v you when you weiii ba-k ai((| bought the la.-t lel7" "I don't kn()w. i chan (ed to i buy then) fro n a man I , didn't know, hill Ilie otli -r clerks; stood aboiil. it's 'I big hli'ip. liet the poiol i:< lhal HoniHboily ;e|se iMil go l !lere about "lie ijiiiiie |[lm 'e 1 (lid am (IK ; I-.,- I',e h indle ln .it held L.lled • mall 'Inireit nc'r" to 'le 11 Mild." •IIK- 1I"\V llie (leadly Weapon w.i aidy, boii;;ht. They Knj IjC.e :ll |(lM l '.\M (I iM 'ei: 111;. piiN -'-ssioii, (11 (1 I !ta( 11111- •1 l>''' ii\ flint I c here jii lia\(:' no the main murder'.'" •"^'oii know, of course (le 'iiils (if tlKj Folsoni s .iid '^S('ars. "Yes, All that was in the pa- pi :s. aiwl all that 1 could piece (lilt niy.ielf fr'^in the newspaper reports. ' TJlat's ail. What els(- (an .\()i| t'dl nie'.'" , 'I." Se.irs .'^aid. "will tell you 111.' (^« !i pL 'r.-oiial and individual eonneetion with the matter, and len ItiKgs will tell you what he nows or thinks about other peo- pl-."You li;live a personal and indi- vidiial ((>iiiiectipn with 11. then'.'"; St 'Viie a'ked. "Yes. o"r I ijboiildn't have < ailed yoiiLdowii here in siK h baste. I've no de.siVe to be arrested, and it's a filing th;it may easily conic about. I'nless we h«id iifl the energetic and triilh-seekiiig poli(:yneii:" "The.v are afli.r you'.'" "Very; niiich after nie. Y(iiii :iec, Fleming. 1 lied." •Hid it pay'.'' ^ ; "it l)e;:i'ns to look as If il ididn'l, but that's for you to pass (ipinion (piv You see, till! in(|ulry nalural- liii'lber iiilcK -l 111 llu ;i| (I '.iit illiC' l).ive ,a deep liitere-l i -ii'li.- Ii 'iiii wllo bought what is ;(a<leii a blllld'e at tlie >>allle HIIOII l .llel' llie same eVelillli;.": i ' They ddii 'l know w li(| be wjas'/" 'A'o; ami of lalo they /have ('nine to the ( oiK'lii <|(i I III.(I li n.iu ]." "ft wa>iii!i '•• • .No. |( ^'.1 II I 1 111! (11 the mill ib'r( r w;i'ii 1 liiil I did return to tli;it 'di'ip l;ii( r_ ili;il i\'(. Iiilig. ;(iid I (Ilu buy il li'iiiidle Itiat ('(ilil;iiiied two o (l(|. ' HI-';'iiili( ;iiil (l.igtiix. .\ii(|. «li <ii Ihey ajked nie at; tin- IlKlllest ir^ 1 ll.lll .i.llirileil lo| tile s!iop tll ;i| ^ii^ht. I :;ai(l no," ' "I I 'm ;Fleiiiiim .Sl(iii(( bipked at bis i 'lii 'pd wiili a ::l,iii'ee «{ af-, le (iiiiii ;iii(l lrii>l. .Vol for a:mo-| nieiil (lid be (iii (>li(in tie- good I lailh of S( ars l (iw:ird hiiiiself. I wbii'evcr lie iiii:;iil li.ive doiK^ on; llie •.vitiiess >-Ia:i(|. ' ' "4 did it." .S ;;irs went (ill. "be-! (.iii ^e if I bad said I .vent back j '!;ere. they would ti:ive ai (iir((| ;is- i siim-(l ;hat ii «;!.; one df my «liig-• gers tl'il. killed FoNom. anil it w.-e^n'l.." I • ".\iid to have tie- milter. broit;;ht iiiio (pievijDii would li;ive wro;iiglit l';irm to sonieiufe ('ls(;." Slope Kaid, iiiidei st^mdingly. "IC .v.ietly. .\ harm .-iiid a .s^mie- one <dse|i|iaf 1 cmildiri albiw." ,".\'o. jWell. il^goi you into a snarl?" 1 , "It ha- lieuun /o look that Avay. flei -e 's ihe iriilli. You' listep in. Kiggs. riarretl Folsoai hail a pleasant iiip. w:iy iif making i'a.pi- tal out ( I otiticr p( <>i!e's -eeijeis." ••'It ha.' been (!o)i>\ rvi<' h( :(r(l." r(d,-mine i u I'.b my . i'''J!:r;i(< forliitlalc. , r-- icdij will neve I'll. Il'lit ; • xp'.'.> Il ;t » I l-e not deep. \;igllelie .->i llial wiiiili bov that lal he knew hud lo do iniily tree. It is not of |iil iiaiure. but il .is unit l .s a blot on tho >Oi-ii. left alone, j "IKI <i"rsM«ns her, be brought into the 11'- I all lial III no one. If 1'! iiii-iiiidcisli od. as :l 1 udiild noun a siuidcv beiaiiHe of its very but a hint of blJirknehs m ;.tr i ;i'' lutiire of my woiibl perbiipM KlHIld In the ilaKgers I hall I ol<om. Tliat 'H II find " "'IVi it 'e (be niati i <ald F |e II ii.; Moiie. The p.-ograiii .-tl I'le } bad geslel wa 1 (arrlrd oiili at,('.,••:. a result. •• wah 'laje i:i tic eveiiini; liefore lh(.- ( (infelilK •• look p :;ie<.. In b ; ine .iiilin:-. t -i • d.l- i liw ll.|(| ol'-.'.',-.. •! Hie {!' ( ip;ils oi lie '.-ase. IS p:iinted , i.i (.• bii i I y ^Se -irs at dinner til ;ii|d al o bid . galliered sideli ,-li;.s •.n'n ile- re-' mark;- am! -(immeni-; .f He ' ^ ol tin Ir i.ntiie'Iiali ji.iriy. , The r ..iir 111 i lii%- d •'••li. (> • t ^ once, 'or ii) OIK C HI ;I-I ler j Flemini; Stoin; v..(s dif i typ"i that could coninniiid iiiteresi ,if IK; ] chose, or if i( beiier i'liiteil his I'e .e-, he cniild i :ak • him elf' .so i;!'">ns)ii( ti-n.-i^, s(, in?tiwiilii ant. i •bit i-e utIl'I'lK I II.. .I 'llllioll whatever. On this oei'i.sicii lie V.MS (II .inning, a man -if l!.-- wdrld. i gtuxl talker, a liolil-- gU"s(. and both receptive ami re>poi ,MV.- in ; .i !.M< •> •-! the, IS ; .M ;i (l''i;iie l!i:ri (i:i. ai fi-i i\v-\ b.'.--:^-sed i! :lio 'i4''" iii .(iii 'g! :lu- celebr :.i( I d-^ ^ oon ; f( u:>d herself .!t •• i-( in iiis pres-! eiice and meeting bi;-cliifi will-; a gayety of her o-vn. Angel, too. faKc 'iiateil liy Ihe newcomer, anj Robin dr(daved she had forgotten his very c.vist-! ence in her attention to tliis new rival, . .N'ed narron, in bi -i biu hearty way. smiled genially or th(-ni all. I!nl Karron toid: liti'ie part iii the light banter. ('I'» Ilf ( ontiMuedi ' COUI»jTY LINE (lt(>ra L. Ogle.) Mar. —.Mr. and .Mrs. Cay Ibn- drick;4 and Billie .Ma.x visited at the pareiiial Uukart home .Sunday. .leffie eVielo i-? helping move a drilliiii; rig iiear L'(ilony today. .Monday. j . . ' i U'i'l liyfield and family visited j at Cliarli'- Wldls's .Siinday and got i ac(|ii ;iiiii .!d \vjth the new boy. .Merle | Kllgelle. .'dilioii Iiyliidd Is w:orking for I.esi. r Itiirr ijear I.eroy. .Mrs. KItiieri Knoll hits been (|iiil(? sick with t!i(i till, Ivan .S(-ltlf niyer \if able •(( he up .liter a lit'sle with the measles. ;.\lr Will! Ilyriejd and lleiilall vf-ilei| Miiiiilliv ;iliernooii vvilh .Mrs. \'e;||.- Kyriellf -. ^ .Mr .\1 1-; Settlemyer and l:iinily htlVe le-ell III of llll. Does ybur child cough at A 'cou }sooth- oughing ch;l(l needs tWssoi Jng relief of Cliambcrlain'* Cough Itemedy. For &l years. Mothorr. havn relied upon iL Ix-t it holpyour chdj, to-night. A.-ijc yourdniggiit. ' Mothers-write for free Iwiklc? on "f.-ire of the Sick." (JhamberlHii M(-'dicinet'o.,Cu! Purk, Ucs Mi^nca. 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Muehlliergor, of 439 North EdwnrclsSt., Wichita, K.an3a.s. _ "Housework was out of the iiiies- tion. The least evertioii eaiiseii mo 8overphcn(laehes:iii(|(li/./.iti'e>s,ii't)(!my back ached a.s if it w a.s gidiig lo liicak. '"Ilm(|tt>keejiiiw;iyfr(itiimo.^t!»iii(l-i of foody ami wor'l.-i miinot (li'i-Viibo theternlilehpells.if indiKc-doii I liml. "I HiilTered >.(i( Il -cniollieniiK spell-r fuiriielinie-* it fo.ik 'jriiours !)(>- ftirc t got r^-Iief. i\ervoir'iM.«« kept mecrosrtnnd irnlalile. I fuel l(i(le.iim (Ireaiii", and woiiM wake iip erving. Often I <lreame(| of relativ( .i dviiig, in(| ."pcui (he tii\t, <l;iy-nerv(iiif|y rea.(Iin(!; (he |i;(ii.>rs to if my 'dreatn.s were true. "Tanlar rmlcl ;ill thi.; w'orrl- an'l ncryou!ine .s;< for naf. N-.w I sleep like. % hcalt.h.v child. .\I v appetite nr;(| di- M-'lion are gnod. I can do my nwn heavy work, and J:^- weight ha.-5 gonij up from 115 to lOi'Ilis ' ro.ssil)Iy you know all too.well tho terrors of nervousness and indigestion that Mrs. Mudilbeiger sajd were her lot'for two ycat^. If yoit, too, sufiTer them, you also rh.iy Iwnefit a-tshc and thousands of others have benefited from Tanlae. Tanlac is a great tonic, a fine up^ builder of weight and strcngtJi. Tan- lao is nature'.s own^ remedy, made from roots, bark.s .-rnd herbs. Ask your druggist for T.inlae—today? i your seeds!in Barteldes SoEzy'*' Planters. At Your Dealer's i i -•>' 60 Years Service to Gardeners Thu marten th# 9Kh AnniT*'r9»ry of th« RarlHdM QtimTrty fW4 a»unnff •axi.«fs<'tion to jtw«. 60 yeara of ^x- p^-h^W^ «t«n(l behind buy. Grm What This cloes the work of 50 pounds of Iceland inore —every day! In Jhe nr.vl eliaijhT Fleming Slone xi'PkK nut .Medijliiie Karrou • The first war ve^se| In the world be llghiid hy electricity was Iho the way (i| the liapplneM-' of iny roll. i ;(/b !u. -I jilii willlni.' to lie more etplfcli, I iini willing,lo tidl .\(iii the whole story, but not at t III ( •monieiit " ".\'or ( ver," said' Fleming Stone, while Itli4gs noiblcil In assent. "t !o on. .t'ory You fell ili;ii If ymi «(•!>- (|ii<-<iion.-i| ;ii all this thing would ((Hue.iiat "Ye.-. Iiisl that. 1 k^ew 1 was iliiioceid i (if Folsom 's ib.atli. but Is explained in wonderful Book sent free to all Expectant Mother* • A K 1*> Ih*- mnnth< of r»r'ii"'*"- *-ai .i 'r, frcrr Treim trnninn nn»i p .-iin uti 'l m.ike th" hirth y-ir rhiM . kappy <-v< nt by luins " MOIHT '.* rrirn.l." CJint for <'xp»'riiint mt'thrr^. /.»i'»ii-n an-' 4'rtttiona of ft*othrr*. l-'rifml** Hi our mothrr-i and jcnin<I- mothcrs dM; i>tart today, and rrfan- \\hilc w TlTr *n Itrilf]- R-A 17. 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