Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 6
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-t n ^ 1^ ,i. i I lOUTOPlAY OSWEGO TEAM High School's First Game Will Be Friday Night At 7 o 'clock. ALiPHABEt lola's first game in I ho. Kansas _ Etiitfr.uliniinal'ion luiirncy at Xfiidt;-' Hliti Will be at 7 o'clock | KrUluy p nlRlii againHt O BWCRO. afionlinB <<>: inforniuiiaii ri-ci-ivcil >iy'.(nlin Sion.j Ifllj lilKfr>ith()of.<«ia<li. I Thi- (IrawinRK-foIUiw: lola l)y<': j OttwcK" I'.ve; 'Sfilan vs. Kni]Mij-ia: i Inili'ix-nfloiicf vs. KurllnKi'in: (Mia-, nun- vs. Hiinibi'Idl; KrciloMia v.s. i •Caiicv: ('ufffvVilI«! live; Ncddi'slia , I '.v.'. ' ' - .\ M Idl.i (Icfi 'aH D HWI 'CO, il iiiii«t , C I MS I I with Sulan. KnijmriM. In<l.-j Tar Heel Boxing T^am Likely; Contender for Sbuthem Crown 'v.-. lllil> tin anil Knil }i ifiuns in: i (Niffov'llr eV Irt-aikt'l - T!j<- fin: vilP- atta Inla. >v;th ir Huilini;ton In order t" ; finals. Al>l>ar«nll.v l <p )a ria an; tin; ilic npi)i-r l)ra(kc't, wliil- siiiinld win' in lln' )S FOR ^ FRISTCH WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO DUPING THE SUMMER BUT MAKE ST. LOU IS FANS FORGET F?OGERS H0RNS8Y/ Inst oitlior Kmporla; "r, WOMEN'S GOLF 111'- outcome a Kis .fup. CHECKER rtONORS TOLEROY*TEAM TOURNEY SOON .\Vk;»iisa;; (;ily. Kan.-;.. Mar. li'. ; f.\I'l--I'lan .s WPM', nia-io fur wiini- I'l''.-:'VDJf. t<>iiinanii-nt'^ lliis so.-i.siii iiy r'-l>rcs <MilaJiviK of l-'onr ^(noLeiioy yesterday fcM' "a uiatel, " '^I'if l.-^'gii-- l><-re yeslerdiiy. Baine (jf i-lielliers. They r>lurneci Tic first -.f liie s«"iies cif timriia- tii lola last night with tile .-^niall ' ,n ,.„is in wliicli women j^fdler.- of end <d- a W to Zi srore. WelllnKt.m. Winfiel.l. .Wwkirk :.ud .\rk :i'isa .s Cily will roinpele. will !)<• piayd m .\ewKiil; .May Is. I _\\". H. Root. Floyd Klliotl. Ceorge Page and Kalpli Copening jouiney- —For> promiit re.snlta use tli< Classified Columns. MILDFlEp DEFEATS- n0 AUTINrC Uinr HUMBOLPTQUINTEIT UKAW IrluomAllfi J Mildred. iMarch 10. —Mildred Athletic dull dei-al 'Ml Humboldt here Tuesday night in a fast basketball game^ 13 to 37. Humboldt held a 16 to 6 load at the ilose of the first cinurter and 20 to 17 lead at still lead of the th Hulton he iiaU. Hnmiioldt wa.s \\% "A to ::4 at the riose rd quarter. , of .MiltlreJ ! oonnt'd i twelve tinie.s from the field, "xix Box score. \ liiiiiilinldl (37) riirlslie. f .1... ItriilKe.s, f Haines, i: .luuliln,' K Finch, g i — 'Totals j .Mllttred ' Isaac, f ; Wagner, f . HnUon. c — Lagrett. g ^i--Mann. g Totals FN ^1 K 0 - - il 0 .'! 1 ..1 •J 0 — 0 0 1 IC ii 1 FT F » I II u n II -.12 0 •> ~i 1 0 20 .1 .5 I CLASS A TOURNEY HAS SIX QUINTETS .Vewion. Kail!--.. In the drawings Mar. 10.'(.AP)— for the''* A j li:iskefba!l lonrnainent hereiFriday • and Sfinirday. jNewton and J^l Dora- j ili\ conceded ! strongest teams on iilie fate of .<uason records;, were I'-jpotieil in the two bracket.^ with ' :iycK. (lilt of fairness to the other i if<-ir liains enti-red. The other four i were ilrawn. .Marion plays the : An ?er:'-aii Indian-, and Pea body ami \ Halslerid ..ill meet in the first ' iiiuiid Friday eM -ning. Hntchin- ; sun droppeil uiil of Ih^* tourney. due of 111.- noticealile features of Ten of 54 Teams Entered In Tourney Draw , Byes.1 Omaha. jXebr.. .Mar: Hi. (AP)— PairingH for hi teani.s from sixteen states, in the annual .National Amateur Athletic a.HHocjatlnn basketball tournament, which starts Saturday at Kansas City, were . announced today liy Pete Wendell, chairmen of the association committee. The tourney will lie the largest in the history of the association. or the .'i -l teams from .Nebraska', .Mi.s.souri. Iowa, Illinois. Ohiti, Te.\as. Oklahoma. Indiana. Louisiana. Wisconsin. Kansas. Sonib hakota. Colorado. Arizona. .Minnesota ami California, ten drew byes. The St.' Jo.s'eph Hillyards. of SI. .loseph. Mo.. 1!>2C champions, drew the Cudahy Athletic club, of Sioux City. Iowa, in the first round while Kansas City: Athletic dnb. I!i2t; runner-up; will nieet the Kagles of Tiil^iaj Okla. Other pairings were: Dallas (T«!X.I A. (;. vs. Phillips i I'niversity. Enid. Okla. Kmporia (Kan.) Teachers vs. Hoxana Petro.s, W'oodriver. III. Kansas City. K'an. vs. Parsons (Kan.) Oe.Molays. .). Conner'si Kmpires.Spritjgfield. Lik^ Homecoming Day ' Fourjiier Jinx for Johnson ;T PKTKn.SUUllC, Fla.—-j jj..\f{i;LY had I liiiislied my Seemed' like an 'Ainerican j:;;^!'.:;;!; wilJi Itoliei (son when Lekgue liomecomiiig day when 1 : .some on.? In.m the walked into Waterfroiit Park at tir ^M-Lslioiiled: St. I'etersburg. to give the Ilostoiil Braves the once-over "llello. Hill." was a welcome ^oiind to a straimer I tilriied to] see Charley Itolierlsoii. former, jjllclier ot the •Chicago While fo.\' ami St l.ouis llrowiis. To jog >oiir iiieiiiory. if y,'" ^ have forgolleii the event. Charleyj*'^'"'''"'" JtoU-i'tsoii was the young w^w W1M> sevejal years ago shut- tillt llie iJelroll Tigers willioiit a liii or run, not a man reaching lii^^i base. I II wiis one ol the greaiesf: diieclion of "l-oiilis as il I he iimpiies aiy g"- I iiig lu do soiiie spring I raining, Hiis year. Are you jiuessliig at ' Vni. Pill.'" ;' It w.ij .Iaci |iii s Fciiriiier. who lias sei-i seivii-e witli I MP II I New York .^iiil Cliica.^o iii I lie American .lack altt.iyts coiild hit- tl^e old aiipl"-. AVallei .loliiisiiii (tliiie told nje lliat 'Foiiriiier made i'more lioulde loi liiiii than any haMer lie ever pilclied' ag^iinsl". Jack says he teels lit and loolisj lhaii.-i ri.ll. X. ("..JMar. in. /AP) •("lie Ciiiver .-'ity of .Vortli Carolina lio.i.sts one of I lie siroligesi college iioxiiig leanui' In tliC: <-oiinlr.v» this season .-ind is a likldy contender for the Soutllern Collferclici- title. Tlie Tar lleiM .s have Ool lost a I^oiil t!iis .s ««ason. and hiey have 1 let Ilie .sH'ollgesI l.'.-ilns ill l)le Conference. They jilii-aily have il.'fcateil (lie riiiversiiy of Virginia, pn-seiil hii'ders of llie Conference title, bill tliey will he pitted against the Cavalieis again hi the .Sonth- ei II ('oniereiice loiirin-y. to be held ill Cliarlollesv ille. Vu.. .March \-'>. .\nrt|i Caioiiiia lias turned in vlc- s^asoii ov«'r I'Torida. toiies t his V. .P. I.. Cro^-gi.i. Virginia. Waslt- inslon and Li-e ami V'. .M. I. This closed their i-egillar schedule.' Coach Crayton Kowe; former professional star, developiil the leaiherpushi-ns. The oiitsiaioling .star Is "K. ().•• Warren, who captained the team fill* rhri" cons rii- tive seasons. Warrc.i fought his way last spring to the junior national titles in the light: heavy and he.-ivyweii|;ht classes. Other mem- liers ;ire' Ca|ilaiii "Ox" .Shiifoid. heavyweight: Carpenter. Ii:inl:im- welglit; .Meigs.-.Mathesoii .-iiii! .'<liaw featherxl'ejghls: .lidiiiso!) :ini: Hansen, llghiweighis: liiiMir. w-lni- and HrovCii. niidd:» wegii. ;i!!e present frMitball season in Kng- 'land iias been the marked increase till the number of women attending. JAPAN obOMED FOR TRExMBLORS; ka. Kan. Hutchinson (Kan.) A. C. vs. the Ivanhoe Club. Kansas ,City,- .Vo. St. .Marys (Kan.V College vs. S. W. Tea.. Weatherford. Okla. Oak Park, Kansas City. .Mo., vs-. Canitnl Ulilg. Topeka. Kan. Hridgeport Machine. WiclMt .T. vs. .Vorth lllinoi.s Tea. DeKalb. III. Shnrtleff College. Alton. 111., vs. Wichiui (Kan.I fnlversity. Uaker rniversity, Baldwin. Kan. vs. Community Club. Kansas Cily. CHERRY GROVE Waslrngton. Mar. In. (.M'l .lap-, an mav .-nii.-i an even greater dis-' .-is 'er ilian ihai; of ..Monday's earth- i!iil<i if the ii '.ijiors this week have not ::djusled :!n?' earth .strata of the lislaiid-i. tin- lli'v. Fr.-iiicis A. Ton- 'd .-irf. .1 . (;e <irgelowii. sei.sniolo- ;.' I . said today. I \ man iries to live up tii his r 'piita: ion. a Uniiiaii to her idiolo- • ^ • ^ ! MALCEWICZ WINS FROM JOE MONDT Kansas Cil.v. Mar. K*. (API .loe .MalOewic/ defeated "Toots" .Momit in a wrestling match here last night when the referei- aw:irded him the win on a foul after each nun had won :i fall. .lohn Kvko flireW Ciioar K<iinar :tnd .lim .M.c- .Millan won from .lim ('linstock in the other matches of the bill. The Poultry Market Is Wide Awake If you have poultry, or .sui)pli«>.s to .sell—right now is the time to .sell them. No mi.stake about that, at all. B\iyer.s jof i-hiek.s, c}jj,'s, laying hen.s, feed and .supplies are on tlie look-out now, for .soun-e.s of supplies. And you i-an ea.sily ta-t in toruh with them and supply their n<!eds. . , . Your little'ad. or ad.s, in the Poultry columns of The RcK'.'^ter's ('la.s.sified Sett ion will read) all the intere.sted jjro.sjiet-ts in this immediatf vicinity—most et-onomieal- ly and in the "shortest sp.-i(.;e of time. - . lola Daily Register pitched games I have ever nm-i''"' :> sea^«.(Il. .Manager lianplied: Itobertson. as I recall it.|c""" is hoping he ha.^ the right, was pRchin^ his lirst'year in th.-'Oupe. ^ Ameriian l.,e;igue and turned in! the remaikabie performanije .dur-.' Other American League Stars Jug the liist month of play. • _ /"vTllKIt "lorni-i Aimii.aii I.ea- , ; • ' * gOers to ^iiit nil- w.-ie Ceorge Made Recofd'Agaitist Detroit Mogridu.-. the v.t.ian s„, »1"«HK iK-troit Tigers at that time j one ol the lieio.-s ol the i;i::l •'• were regarded as the Hardest i world series victory <,T' W.nshing- ' ami )avis and wi-re e of Mrs. bitting club ,in the Aniericai) League.; ' ' : lJuring the lirst five innings ^In; Tigers paid iiOi parti 'ti lar atl .en- lion to the fact that Uobertlon was fettiny .theiH down as fast aS they came MIL It had been rumored-that no))-- eitson do.tored the ball in order to make it lake elusive breaks, lu the si .xlh inning, Ty Cobb and the rest of his leaiii began a concerted protest against the ball lliat Itob--.' ertsoii was pitching. 1 decided, in'.order to avoid .nn-; necessary bickering. I would give Hobertsoii a new ball any time Detroit took exception to the one iii; , , ' , Prior l<i liiydoin^ so. KoberVson had assured me he^t\wuld as^soon pitch a new ball asyuii old uiie. That made It easy. )}e proved it by not letting a. single idayer reavh flrsU '. Ion iiv.-r the N(-w York tliaiits. ".Maury" Burriis. who oii .-e played Jiist lor C.piiiiie .Mack; Walter Claiitreau. the Holy Cross star, who played a brief <-iigag.-meiit with the Athletics and I«ince iti.-li- bourg. once a menib..-r. ol the •Washington club. (.;<-orge .Mogrid.ue looks tli.- same as ever. Age se .-ni.i to make _L'o <-liiinge in his apii.-aran.e and lie seem<-d to have as niuidl stnll as ever. ."ilogridge. you • kJiow, was'never a Walter Johuson for speed. Maiiag.-r Bancrolt ol the l!ravi.-s exinessed great surprise that was waived out ol the American League. He was reported to- have u bad arin when Boston relus(-d to waive." yet he worked in over 40 games last year. It certainly .s'eemed as if I was iii an American League camp wheU' I greeted the Uravtjs. VANQUISHED^AND VICTOR .Mar. ;i. Mr. Jiinl . .Mrs P. M. Flynii ami danglit.-rs ..f l':ir;.iiis .ailed at l-a! ll.iiislcks Siimlay ,.ft- criiooii. ' " .Mr. ami Mrs. I). V. Cardnei liaaglit.r, .Mr. anil .Mr.s. l,.-slie ami I hil'lrea of lola and .Mr "^^l•s. Ciiiit l!:ik.r and llarol.l Siimlav visiiois in 111.' lion ('has. Hair. .Mrs. Frank Hoty c-alleil on Uraii .Xiiaais Sun.lay afteniooii. .Mr. ami .Mr.s. .lim liiack. Kva and !). W( y Smilli spent W.-iliii-sil.iy evening at (IK-nn .\.lanis. .\lr. and .Mrs. Lester Cation siieni .-Sunday with .Mr. and .Mrs. .\Ivia Cation ami family. ' .Mr. anil -Mrs. .Mm Black. .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Carr.-y and .Mr. an.I .Mrs. Koy Sutton of (iarn.-u sp.-nt Sunday "'veiling with .Mr. and .Mrs. .•\rlhur .My.-r.--. . .Mr. Iiowiiing (Sf Chatiuti> aiid .Mr. .-111.1. Mrs. (Il.nn .'\daiiis w.-r.- Sumlay dinner guests of ..Mr. ami .Mrs. .lim Adams. i .Mr. ami .Mrs-. I3lack called at (Man .Xiiams's Saturday morning. .Miss LavoiBi Hartniaji siA-iit Sun- ilay uit!i lioin.: folks. • .\lr. ami .Mrs;'KImer Thomas and Mr. .in.l .Mrs. .1. W. Adams -spent Thiirsifay ev.-iiing at Cleiin .Adams's. • .Mrs. ("has. P.air and four of the < liil.lren have tb.' measles. .Mrs. Hair's niothi-r, ..Airs. Al. Cooper, is h.'Ipiiig car.' for them. Air. ami Airs; .l^ake Billiee of I.da and Air. and Alr-i. Alyers ami chil- lireii sjient Sundiiy at .1. L. Black's. Air. ami Airs, cl.-nn .Adams vlsil- ed til .\lvia Calion's Siimjay eviii- iiiK- lineland's in.-mier boxing train- |-.'r is .la.k Coodwin. who has [ir.-- 'li.'ired III.- winm-rs of no f.iwer than 20 prof.'ssional championship con' tests. / , AV:isliing(on ami Lee Cniversity Will li.-l liojst to III-- annual Soiitii .Allatithr iiiti-rsi-liolastic b.iskelball toiiriiani.'nt March :\-^\. The famous T.-iralinttiara Indians of .Mexico an- r.-piileit t(( be the Igrevt.'si long-distanc.- riijitiers in I In- world. , An Kniilish niak.' a lour .Autumn. cid(|iiM t .-ani of Australia Is to lievl Ce.iig.- Wasliiugtoii had smatlnox :'s a hoy wli-I.- 'visiting the Barbadoes. Opinions are lik.- tnat.hes. No two .-ir-' alike, vet each niair be- liev-s in lii.-i own. • . ! Kdvin Wide (pronounce.! We.-d.-» tlie Sw.'dish track star.'who fail|-d to place. congratulaiinK .lohii I'.i. iii.ili. of Fordhani Itiiversity. upon his victory In the special l..'.ii.(Mii'i. i ii.ii ia the .\.-ilional A. A. 1'. Sen! ir in.ioor Championships. Itiii'tiin;'.' f" "I ' r;.'- 1: in hi: liri'i N.'vv Vo k .i 11'!.... ......•.>...L iiu ..r III.. .Ii..>lif lilll VV;IS tl:lltllli- to I tVl-l'eiilll.* llll- In.ioor Championships. Itiii'tiin;-.' f" "I ' r;.'- 1: in hi: liri'i N .'VV \o(k I 'ac.-. Wide ov.'riooU many .if iln- li-l>i. i.iii was naald.- I.) the jfrtat hundlL-apb most of tiani had; Bi'ennau'a was luy yards. ; ^ End'cotl-.Iohnson Worid '-i Larppst .S|i(.e .Makers Koys' Oxfords • Klack am! Tan I'Yiday and Saturday Special $2.48 $3.98' BILES and a pipe and I COULDN'T asic 'lot \ mor^. P Alberi gives me every thing I ^ J smoke. It is fragrant, delighlfu / grant . . . both in the tiily red tir as I smoke it in my old jinir„/-i: is cool and sweet as an orabgc just ice. Refreshing! i If there's, one thing more th:::i any other which.I like about;this gi-and old tobacco, it is its niildness . . . mildness that is balanced, however; by a ftill, rich body that satisfies my smoke-taste all the way down. It was this rare combination of mildness and tobacco-body that won me to P. A. right off the bat. ' crn't give you the complete; picture, f t...ste is a thing that must be experi- i.tcfcj. But I feel so sure that 'you will enJDy P. A. as you never enjoyed any < tobacco, that I am telling you, here and now, to buy a tidy red tin and get srarted. You can't lose, Men. Thousands: of pipe-smokers who thought they w^e all set have taken sim-; ilar advice. They've agreed that it was worth the experiment. Today they are among .the millions of -P. A. regulars ... the most contented bunch of pipe-smokers in the world.' Come on in—the smoking's fine. p. A. i» toli rrtmhm m tUy ni imt;puund and hall-pound lin humi- dorr, and pound iryiut-flaii humidott xith spontr-moiile*rr top. And almtyt with trery bit of bite and parch r#- mored by the Prince Albert proceit. — no other tobacco is like it! 010 17, R. 1. Romil.U rjbirca CumpaDy, Wiiutuo-Salciif. .S. C.

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