Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on December 7, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Page 2
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Established In 1914 P- 7 NATIONAL EDITORIAL 61 Subscription Rates In F;iyeil<> and Adjoining Counties Outside hayi'ttc and Adjoining Counties $3.00 Per Year S3.50 Per Year "The safest side for a man to take in an argument between two neighbors ia the outside." The Lmdor Is published weekly in Fayette. Iowa, and distributed on T.'uirsdny mnrninR. Entered at the Post Of/ire at Fayette, Iowa as sewnd class matter, under the Act of March 3. 1879. Maur'ce Sloneman. Owner and Publisher ye.'ir Inst /is a sur- but we're Editorial Comments - - - We Will See What We Will See resident Kennedy's recent order to top officers of lii.' ;;i >\ernnu'iu. including those at the Cabinet level, to in( e \;>insis wherever possible clearly resulted from the irresistible force of circumstances. The deficit for the current fiscal year is now expected to reach $<i.'J00. HMtW. and that will come on top of the $3.<KK).(KKI.0(K) deficit for the fiscal year that closed at the end or .June. The President said: "The current outlook re emphasizes the necessity to conduct the necessary work of the government at the lowest possible cost, to eliminate or d, fe • low priority activities, and to limit the number of government employees to the absolute mini- iu"ii:." Tb" P 'Tsid '-ntinl o-der was couched in general te'ins. Now we will see what hap/.ens io S ( M ci'ics. The a.>:< n.'v heads must IK- held to close account for. as sad p.ist p ecedtnt so abundantly jvnvos. it is one thing to tall; about economy in government, and a very different thing to achieve it. Oie more point: The President's order, of cotrso, applies only to the Executive branch of the govern ment. Just what will be the attitude of the next Con g - ess when all the not yet passed, multi billion dollar welfn e st^te p-oposals appear again'.' Vive La Difference! Chattin' With Stonev In answer to many inquiries, the F IVI tie Chnmlx'r nf Commerce will live for another year. A large e.iong 'i group interested in keep in<; the Chamber alive attended the f ; nal nroting of the Thursday. Now this may cnm< p-ise to some of y.v. happy to see the Chamber stay alive. The past year has bei n a miserable one as far as Cbaml>er activities are ceiV 'iied. due to several reasons, and we 're hoping the new year will he much more successful. We're just sorry that this large g-oup didn't attend the meetincs during the year and offer their able bodied and much needed as sistance. The jear meil.t not have been a lost one. But we're still uailiiu; to si e a large group of retailers, who really could benefit from a Chamber of Commerce, at a ie.e. tin.;. We haven't seen the smiling faces of some of these nun hauls a I a meeting in many a moon . . . and some of those smiling faces we've never seen at a nu i ting Now, certainly you i :m't hold a grudge against Mr. Schneider . . . so turn out and supim I him. Creek Bottom Comments By Reuben Kr'oet'y an article by Doctor i.i/iyd Da we was published, telling W'IV he quit socialized medicine in England, and came to the U.S. to b'iid a private practice. Doctor Dawe received his degrees of medicine and surgery in 1948, and interned at the Connaught hospital, London. After four years as a medical officer in the British Army, he entered practice under the British National Health Service. His problems and frustrations were soon upon him. Doctor Dawe stated, "I witnessed the unbelieveable waste, interference, and bureaucratic regimentation that have accompanied Britain's unwieldy social experiment." Doctor Dawe vividly described the jam-packed condition of his office, full of people who came to see the doctor because it was "free". He told of a 24-year-old women patient in dire need of surgery. It took FOUR HOURS of telephoning to finally get her into a hospital in the London area. In most such hospitals the crowded wards had still more beds or cots cluttering the middle isles. He futhermore described the everlasting interference by the political bureaucrats in regard drug restrictions, fixed fees, expected number of patients to be seen per working day, so on and on. Doctor Dawe also tells of paying Government imposed "fines" for trying to do what he personally thought was right for a patient. Anxious hours seeking means by which to care for the critically ill. He saw Govern ment grants to hospitals frittered away on television sets and pretty new carpeting. Doctor Dawe tells a humorous (and also disgusting) incident of a "patient" who asked the doctor POUNDS of surgical absorbent to "prescribe" for him, TEN cotton. Dr. Dawe asked,"what on earth do you want all that absorbent eotton?" No, the patient didn't have a saddle horse with a bad barbed wire cut. His reply was,"I want to rc.-.tuff my sofa". If any of you dear old folks around here still think you want Federal "medical-care-for-the-ag ed", we think you should go to a cranium doctor and have your head examined. c-b-c I*. ha', been said that even if n I inn could unde stin 1 a woman, he still wouldn't believe it. * Iomr -jakers meet The Westfield Hometnakers mel '' onday evening. Nov 27, at the I'jrm Bureau building in Fayette v ilh 111 membe \s present. Mrs. William Merkle gave the i 'onthh rcpo t of the county o .Mcers of the Fam Bureau women. M >*s. Joe Langerman, Mrs. I In old Homewood and Mrs. 1;' iiiche King were among those taking part in the kitchen tour held Nov. 8. They each gave a ,i i '"f report. Mrs. Lester Moeller, county • eading chairman, gave two enter- l .ining book reviews. They were ' Vour r'ns and Mine", by Taylor Caldwell: and "The Man who t iptivrt I New York". family party night will be held f JC . 27. Members are to bring ;• ndiviches and cake or jello ;)!us table service. A perfect example of the sky wide difference bo tui -L n our kind of government and government by dictator was provided by the recent congress of the Soviet party in Moscow. Famous men - former Premier Malenkov and former Foreign Minister Mol. tov among them — were read out of the part, which means disgrace at the best and extinction by firing squad at the worst. Stalin was denigrated, his embalmed body removed from the Lenin tomb, the city of Stalingrad te named, and the name Stalin removed from the face of the nation. In Russia, in sum. there's no room for past leaders. In this country by contrast, we have a President in !:HU:»!nU::»H!»nK:»:iUH:l:»:::H:»!::i::s::iUK office --• and we have three living former Presidents, Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower, who gain stature and the respect of the nation as time passes. They differ in many ways in their views, bvt all are on friendly terms. All speak their minds freely. All have their pub lie followings. All enjoy high standing and public admiration. None is in any danger of being exiled to a U. S. style Siberia, or being officially denounced as a t 'aitor or a villain and liquidated. Well, it couldn't happen in Moscow. So, as the French say, in another connotation, vive la difference! And, now, think of what has made and what maintains that difference — government in which the people are the masters, not the servants. innnuHinsmmnniiiHiiiB Do You Recall 81 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago 20 Years Ago —. An ice skating rink for children and adults is soon to become a re ality in Fayette, as the Lions club announced that the lot west of the Lutheran church on 93 will be prepared for that purpose. Marriages: Miss Corrine Cut shall to Mr. Ed Campbell. Deaths: Dolph Everett Learn; Mr.. Jr .!-.n Fovclls. The Fayette Business Men's association has planned to repeat last year's popular venture and offer prizes for home decorations for the Christmas season. Three prizes will be given -- $10, $5 and $2.50. The annual meeting of the Fay e'tte County Mutual Telephone Co. was held Tuesday afternoon in the Fayette theater, with 50 persons present for the ejection of officers and consideration, of the year's business. George Metcalf, Fayette, and Tom Riley, Randalia, were elected directors for two years, succeeding Ed Langerman and Frank Holtzman, whose terms expired. Holdovers are W. C. Wells, J. Ponsar and Theodore Miehe. From New York City comes word that several local women have been invited to enter their crochet work in the fifth annual nationwide crochet contest, to be judged in New York this month. The local contestants are: Mrs. Ida Burns and Mrs. Vern Paul, of Fayette; Mrs. Nora Hecht, of Hawk- ewe; Mrs. Hattie Dorland and Mrs. Rose Baumgartner of West Union. 30 Years Ago — Marriages: Miss Edith Young to Lester F. Clawson of Hampton. The ton shorthorn steer, exhibited at the county fair at West Union last summer by Charles and Harold Whitley of Fayette, is now on exhibition at the International Livestock Exposition at Chicago, having been shipped in last week and purchased by the show officials to be put on exhibition. The steer weigh­ ed 2,150 pounds in Chicago and sold for $10.50 per hundred, thus bringing $225.75. Mums were awarded to senior citizens in Sunday services sponsored by the Epworth League for the seventh year in succession. The mums were given to: Walter Hunt (80) oldest man present; Phoebe Patterson (84) oldest woman; Walter K. Humphry (71) youngest man past 70; Hattie Dorman (74) youngest woman past 70. The couple with the greatest number of combined years was Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hunt; Mrs. Alice Greene, most yenvs as church member; and M. M. Elder for having the most relatives present. The Diamond Brothers grocery at Sumner was robbed of between $100 and $150 some time after midnight Saturday. 40 Years Ago — Marriages: A. Vincent Bennett to Miss Catharine C. Breithaupt; Charley Meyer to Miss Mollie Guritz, Maynard. Officers were elected at the annual meeting of the Fayette Creamery and are as follows: F. A. Kiel, president; Adam Shafer, vice president; William Barnes, Herb Pattison, L. E. Bennington, W. H. Turner and J. R. Cook, directors; C. R. Carpenter and F. E. Finch, Elsewhere in this iss'-e of the Leader you will find the menu for the tenth annual wild game dinner, which is a yearly p ujeu nf Dr. Eugene Garbee. With all due respeil to Dr. Gar bee's prowess in the kitchen, we still remember the color of the complexion of our Independence publisher friend Reeves Hall, the day after he attended one of the dinners a few years ago. It took him several days to regain his natural color. These dinners are definitely not for those with weak stomachs. In fact, we're still trying to digest that French-fried grasshopper we were brave enought to eat last year. But, we wouldn't miss this dinner for the world. Dr. Garbee has a knack for cooking wild game that makes it come out delicious. Finch, treasurers; P. 10. Judd, secretary. The day before Thanksgiving, 11 football boys had the honor of receiving the letter "F" presented to them by Mr. Holmes. They were: Harold Swartley, Myron Sperry, Ted Hungerford, Harry Pond, Ralph Holtzman, Elmer Wilson, Maurice Cook, Donald Burget, and Derwood Davis. Deaths: Charles Elliott. FREE! FREE! FREE! "ALL YOU CAN EAT* Delicious Rolissoried Elsheimer SALAMI and GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES and RED HOT COFFEE ENJOY THIS SPECIAL FREE TREAT! Serving From 10 a. m. to 6 p. m. DRAWING FOR BREAD EVERY HOUR - ALSO- 20 LOAVES FRESH BAKED BREAD GIVEN AWAY ABSOLUTELY FREE! COME IN I Enjoy a delicious sandwich and piping hot coffee. Register for Free Bread, "like Mother used to bake" — plenty of catsup and mtastard. FRIDAY DECEMBER 8 ^ PMM INTERSTATE POWER CO OFFICE FAYETTE, IOWA aniels CMtjMft Shop Located in the G & B building on Main street STORE HOURS Open daily from 11 A. M. to 6 P. M. Open Monday, Friday and Saturday Nights — 7 to 9 P. M. —SPECIAL—-SPECIAL— 6 /2 ft. Aluminum Christmas Tree Reg. $15.00 Tree ^\ \ •-Hey Kids! | Join Santa and the Gang Saturday, Dec. 16 AT THE FAYETTE THEATRE FOR THE FREE MOVIE SHOW STARTS AT 2 P. M. NOW ONLY . . . Complete With Stand Complete line of Toys, dolls and games for all ages COMPLETE GIFT LINE FOR ADULTS Come in and look around Wide Selection To Choose From it s - • Register FRF 17 3 " SDeed Junior For" The • •*/ J^JMJWI Juke Box Record Player Drawing Will Be On December 23, 1961 - Presence Not Required To Win t, tn *\jMljn£nJt£^ tVf ti'y ivt tvv tvv tiy t.'y y.y ti'y tr/ >y/ Jvvi'vY »vV *W *Y'/ kY' o D o Leave your parents to do their Christmas shopping in the downtown Fayette stores while you have a hilarious afternoon at the movie. D o 0 o Meet Santa Claus After The Movie S FREE - TREATS ! I ALL AREA YOUNGSTERS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND Sponsored by the .,',7 ^i^M, Hi* ,..." Chamber of

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