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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, April 9, 1892
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puBLiram KVKKT SATUBDAT W. *?. BUBDIOK. TBBMS: II.BO Per Year, Striotly In AdTUM. 7*** But AittrtMng Medium to rrarh th* four norih-taitern eountit*. Office SonthwMt Corner Lawler and Tlhli-n si ADVERTISING RATES: TIME W. N. BURDICK, Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CKEED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL OOTDR. TERMS: $1.50, IF PAID IN ADVANNCE. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 1892. NUMBER 3. 1 week... I weeks .. S weeks .. 1 month . S months. B months. 4 monthn. 1 year.... 1 in. |1 00 1 M S 00 S no I 00 4 00 5 M 10 00 II so IB S 00 I 75 4 M * 85 8 00 la oo 4 In. U 60 « 75 5 00 B2S »00 11 M in oo 18 00 H col M cokl col •J 2$ 8 78 7 SO S 29 11 75 18 00 20 00 80 00 •1 00 8 00 io on 12 oo 17 00 2! 00 82 00 45 00 i10 00 18 00 18 00 18 00 25 00 83 00 50 08 80 08 Business cards not exceeding fire lined, |3. Legal adTortla .'mcsta at legal rata*. Adrertlte- ments inserted with no specific) nme will be Dtihllshed until ordered out tint "hat-Red for ao-. oonllnRlr. All bills payable quarterly. BLIND GUIDES. Rev. Dr. Talmngo Scoros the Mora Formalists in Roligion, Who Are Partleulurly Alive to the Short* comings of the Neighbor,* While l'er. footly Complnront IleR-artllng; Their Own Faults. The following discourse was delivered by Rev., T. Dewitt Talmnge in tho Brooklyn tabernacle from tho tost: Ye blind guides, who strain at a gnat and •wallow a camel.—Matt xxlll.,24. A proverb is compact wisdom, knowledge in ehtinks, a library in a sentence, the electricity of many clouds discharged In one bolt, a river put through a mill race. When Christ quotes the proverb of the text Ho means to set forth the ludicrous behavior about small sins, and have no appreciation of groat ones. In my text a Bmiill insect and a large quadruped are brought into comparison —a gnat and a cumcl. You have, In u museum or on the desert, seen the latter, a great awkward, sprawling creature, with a buck two stories high, und stomach having a collection of reservoirs for desert travel, tin animal forMtl- don to the Jews ns food, and in many literatures entitled "the ship of the desert." Tho gnat spoken of in tin-text is in tho grub form. It Is liorn in pool or pond, after a few weeks becomes a chrysalis, and then after a few days lieuomes the gnat as wo recognize it. Hut the insect spoken of in the text is in its very smallest shape, mill it yet inhabits the water—for my text is a misprint and ought to read "strain out it gnat." My text shows yon the prince of inconsistencies. A inun after long observation has formed the suspicion tlitit in a oup of water he is about to drink, there is a grub or the grandparent of a gnat. Ho goes and gets u sieve or strainer. lie takes the water and pours it through the sieve In the broad light. He says: "I would rather do anything almost than drink the witter until this larva be extirpated." This water is brought under inquisition. The experiment is successful. The water rushes through the sieve ami leaves itgainst the side of the sieve the grub or gnat- Then the man carefully remove's the insect and drinks the water in placidity. But going out one day, und hungry, ho devours a "ship of the desert," tho camel, which the .lews wore forbidden to eat. Tho gastronomer has no compunctions of conscience. Flo suffers from no indigestion, lie puts the lower jaw under the camel's forefoot, and his upper jaw over the hump of the camel's bock, und gives one swallow and tho dromedary disappears forever. He strained out a gnat; he swallowed a camel. While Christ's uudieiiee were yetsmil- ing at the uppositcness and wit of Ills illustration—for smile they did in church, unless thoy were too stupid too understand the hyperpole—Christ practically said to them: "That is you." Punctilious about small things; reckless about affairs of great magnitude. No subject ever withered under u surgeon's knife more bitter than did the l'harlsees under Christ's scalpel of truth. As an anatomist will tulce a human body to ' pieces and put them under a microscope for examination, so Christ finds Ills way to the heart of tho dead 1 'liarlsee und eats *t out and puts it under the gluss for inspection for all generations to examine. Those Pharisees thought that Christ would flatter them and compliment them; and how thoy must have writhed under the red-hot words as He said: "Ye fools, ye whlted sepulohrea, ye blind guides whioh strain out a gnat and swallow a eameL" There are In our day a great many gnats strained out and a great many camels swallowed, and it Is the object of tliis sermon to sketch a few persons who are extensively engaged In that business. First, I remark, that all those minis ten of the Gospel are photographed in the text who are very scrupulous about tho conventionalities of religion, but put no particular stress upon matters of vast importance. Church services ought to be 'grave and solemn. There is no room for frivolity in religious convoca- i tlon. But there are illustrations, and there are hyperboles, like that of ChriBt in the text, that will irradiate with •miles any Intelligent auditory. There are men like those blind guides of the text, who advocate only those things in religious service whioh draw the corners of the mouth down, and denounce all those things which have a tendency to draw the corners of tho mouth up, and these men will go to Installations and to presbyteries and to conference and associations, their pockets full of fine, sieves to strain out tho gnats, while in their ohurohes at home every Sunday there are fifty people sound asleep. They make their ohurohes at great dormitory, and their somniferous sermons are a cradle, and the drawled-out hymns a lullaby, while some wakeful soul In a pew with her Can keeps the flies off unconscious persons approximate. Now, I say It is worse to sleep in church than to smile in ohuroh, for tho latter implies at least attention, while tho former implies the Indifference of the hearers and the stupidity of the speaker. In old age, or from physical infirmity, or from long watching with the sick, drowsiness will sometimes overpower one; but when a minister of the QoBpel looks oil upon an audience and finds healthy und intelligent people struggling with drow- slness, it is time for him to give out the doxology or pronounce the benediction, > The great fault of ohuroh services today is not too much vivacity, but too much somnolence. The one is an Irritating gnat that may be easily strained out; the other is a great, sprawling and ileepy-eyod camel of the dry desert. In all our Sabbath sohools, in all our Bible classes, in all our pulpits, we need to brighten up our religious message with auob Christ-like vivacity as we find in the text. . I take down from my library the biographies of ministers and writers of past ages, inspired and uninspired, who have done the most to bring souls to ,<•'' Jesus Christ, and I find that without a •ingle exception they consecrated their •wit and humor to Christ. Elijah used great itwbenbeadvtsed theBaalltes, aathey i v Ikn< Matthow Henry's Commentaries from the first page to the lost, o.or- ru seated with humor as summer clouds with heat lightning. John Jltin- yan 's writings are as full of humor ui they are of saving truth, and there is not an aged man here who has ever read "Pilgrim's Progress" who does not remember that while reading it ho smiled as often as he wept. Chrysostom, George Herbert, Robert South, John Wesley, George Whlteflold, Jeremy Taylor, Rowland Hill, Nottloton, Geo G. Finney, and all the men of the past, who greatly advanced tho kingdom oi God, consecrated their wit and their humor to tho cause of Christ. So it has been In all tho ages, and I say to theso young theological students, who cluster in these services Sabbath by Sabbath, sharpen your wits n-. Uc.-t. n> scimitars, and then take them into ihi- Vfly war. It is a very short liriilirt: between a smile and a tear, r. suspension bridge from eye tc lip, and it is soon crossed over, and a smilo is sonn -tlmcs just as sncrcd ns a tear. There is its much religion, and I think a little more, in a spring morning than in starless midnight. Religious work without any wit or humor in it is a buii'iuet with u side of beef, and that raw, and no condiments and no desert succeeding. People will not sit down at such it banquet. By all means remove till frivolity and all bathos and all lightness and all vulgarity—strain them out through the sieve of holy discrimination; but, on the other hand, beware of that monster which overshadows tho Christian church today, conventionality, coming up from the Great Sahara desert of lOeelesiastic- ism, having on its bach a hump of sanctimonious gloom—and vehemently refuse to Bwallow that camel. Oh, how particular a great many people are about tho intliiitesimals whllo they aro quite reckless about tho magnitudes. What did Christ say? Did He not excoriate the people in His time who were so careful to wash their hands boforo a meal, but did not wash their hearts? It is a bad thing to have un clean hands; it is n worse thing to havo an unclean heart. How many people there are in our time, who are ever anxious that after their deuth they sliull be buried with their feet toward the east, and not at nil anxious that during their whole life they should face In the right direction, so that they shall comf up in the resurrection of the just, which over way thoy are buried. How mnny there an: chiefly anxious that a minister of the Gnspul shall come in tho line of apostolic succession, not earing so much whether he comes from Apostle Paul or Apostle Judas. They have a way of measuring a gnat until it is larger than a camel. Again: My subject photographs all those who are abhorrent of small sins, while they are reckless in regard to magnificent thefts. You will find many a merchant who, while he is so careful that he would not take a yard of cloth or a spool of cotton from the counter without paying for It; und who if a bank cashier should make u mistake and send in a roll of bills five dollars too much would dispatch a messenger in hot haste to return the surplus; yet who will go Into u stock company In which after awhile ho gets control of the stock. 11 tit I then water the stock it. id mit !:e one hundred thousand dollars a p. pear like two hundred thousand dollars. Ho only stole one hundred thousand dollars by tho operation. Many of the men of fortune made their wealth In that way. One of thoso men engaged in such unrighteous acts, that evening, the evening of the very day when he watered tho stock, will find a wharf-rat stealing an evening newspaper from the basement doorway and will go out and cutch tho urchin by the collar, and twist tho collar so tightly the poor follow can not say it was thirst for knowledge that led him to the dishonest act, but grip tho collar tighter and tighter, saying: "I havo been looking for you a long while; you stole my paper four or five times, haven't you? you miserable wretch," and then the old stock gambler, with a voice they can hear three blocks, will ory out: "Police, police!" That same man, the evening of the doy in whioh ho watered the stock, will kneel with his family in prayer, and thank God for the prosperity of the day, then kiss his children good-night with an uir whioh seems to say: "I hope you will grow up to be as good as your fatherl" Prisons for sins inseatile In size, but palaces for orimes dromedarian. Nomeroy for sins aulmalcule in proportion, but great leniency for mastodon iniquity. It U time that we learn in America that sin 1B not excusable In proportion as It delares large dividends and has outriders In equipage. Many a man is riding to perdition postilion ahead and lackey behind. To stoal a dollar is a camel. There is many a fruit dealer who would not consent to steal a basket of peaches from a neighbor's stall, but who would not sornple to depress the fruit market; and as long as I can re-' member we havo heard every summer that the peach crop of Maryland Is a failure, and by the time the crop comes in the misrepresentation makeB a difference of millions of dollars. A man who would not steal one peaoh basket steals fifty thousand peaoh baskets. Any summer go down into the Mercantile library, In the reading rooms, and see the newspaper reports of the crops from all parts of the country, and their phraseology is very much the same, and the same men , wrote them, methodically and infamously carrying out the huge lying about the grain crop from year to year, and for a score of years. After awhile there Is a "corner" In tho wheat market, and men who had a contempt for a petty theft will burglarize the wheat bin of a nation and commit larceny on the Amerloan corn crib. And men will sit in churches and reformatory institutions trying to strain out the small gnats of sooundrellsm, while in their grain elevators and in their storehouses they are fattening huge camels, which they expect after awhile to swallow. So- olety has to be entirely reconstructed on this subject We are to find that a sin is inexcusable in proportion as it is church where mere is one inBiae tne church; and the mtsbchcavior of those who never sec the inside of a church is so great it is enough to tempt a man to become a Christian to get out of their company. But in all circles, religious and irreligious, the tendency Is to excuse sin in proportion as it is mammoth. Even John Milton in his "Paradise Lost," while ho condemns Satan, gives such a grand description of him you have hard work to suppress your admiration. Oh, this straining out of smaU sins like gnats, and this gulping down great Iniquities like camels. This subject does not give tho picture of one or two persons, but is a gallery In which thousands of people may see their likenesses. For instance, all those people who, whllo they would not rob their neighbors of a farthing, appropriate the money and tho treasure of the public. A man has a house to sell, and ho tells his oustomer it is worth twenty thousand dollars. Next day the customer comes uround und the owner says it is worth fifteen thousand dollars. Tho government of tho United State* took off tho tax from personal income, among other reasons because so few people would tell the truth, and many a man with an income of hundreds of dollars a day made statements which seemed to imply he was about to be handed over to the ovesoor of tho poor. Careful to pay their passage from Liverpool to New York, to smuggling in their Sara logo trunk ten silk dresses from Paris and a half dozen wntches from Geneva, Switzerland, telling tho custom houBo ofllcer on the wharf: There is nothing in that trunk but wearing apparel," und putting a five dollar gold piece in his hand to punctuate the statement. Described in tho text ore all thoso who are particular never to break tho law of grammar, and who want all their language an elegant specimen of syntax, straining out all the inaccuracies of speech with a fine sieve of literary criticism, while through their conversation go slander, and innuendo, and profanity and falsehood, larger than a wholo curavuu of camels, when they might better fracture every law of tho language, and shock their Intellectual taste, and better let every verb seek in vain for its nominative, and every noun I for its government, und every preposition lose its way in the sentence, and adjectives and participles and pronouns get into a grand riot worthy of tho Fourth ward on election day, than to commit a moral Inaccuracy. Better swallow a thousand gnats than one eurael. Such persons are also described in the text who are very much alarmed about the small faults of others, und have no alarm about their own great transgressions. There aro In every community and in every church watch dogs who feel called upon to keep their eyes on others and growl. They are full of suspicions. They wonder if that man is not dishonest, if that man is not unclean, if there IB not something wrong about the other man. They are always the first to hear anything wrong. Vultures are always tho first to smell carrion. They aro self-appointed detectives. I lay this down as a rule without any exception, that those people who have the most faults themselves tire most merciless in thoir watching of others. From scalp of head to sole of foot they are full of jealousies and hypercritlcisms. They spend their life in hunting for musk rats and mud turtles, instead of hunting for Rocky mountain eagles; always for something mean instead of something grand. They look at their nelghbors' imperfections through a microscope, and look at their own imperfections through a telescope upside down. Twenty faults of their own do not hurt them half so much us one fault of somebody else. Thoir neighbors' imperfections are like gnats and thoy strain them out; their own imperfections are like camels and thoy swallow them. But lest any might think they escnpo the scrutiny of tho text, I have to toll you that wo all como under the Divine satire, when we make tho questions of time more prominent than the questions of eternity. Come now, lot us all go into the confessional. Aro not all tempted to make the question, whore shall I live now? greater than the question, where shall I livo forovor? How shall I get more dollars hero? greater than the question, how shall I lay up treasures in Heaven? the question, how shall I pay my debts to man? greater than the question, how shall meet my obligations to flod? the question, hot; shall I gain the world? greater than the question, what if I lose my soul? the question. Why did God lot sin come into the world? greater than the question, How shall I get it extripated from my nature? the question, what shall I do with the twenty or forty or seventy years of my sublunar existence? greater than the question, What shall I do with the millions of oyoles of my post-terrestrial existence? Time, how small it 1st Eternity, how vast it isl Tho former more insignificant in comparison with than a gnat is insignificant when compared with a camel. We dodged the text. We said: "That doesn't mean me .and that doesn't mean mo," and with a ruinous benevolence we aro giving the wholo sermon away. But let us all surrender to the charge, What an ado about things hero. What poor preparation for a great otornlty. As though a minnow wore larger than a bellemoth, as though a swallow took wider oiroult than an albatross, as though a nettle were taller than a Lebanon cedar, as though a gnat were greater than a camel, as though a minute were longer than a eentury, as though time were higher, deeper, broader than eternity, So the text whioh flashed with lightning of wit as Christ uttered it, is followed by the orashing thunders of awful catastrophe to those who make the questions of time greater than the questions of the future, the oncoming, overshadowing future. O, eternity! Bternltyl Eternity! I'HE LATEST NEWS. GENBRAJJ NOTES. JUDGE Peter Wood Crain, Maryland's oldent judge, is dead. THE chamber cf coiiraerco favors a cnnal to connect the great lakes with St. Paul. CflEVAMKll DOMINICO TOOETTI, an Italian ortiBt, died at San Francisco Monday. DR. SIDNEY SHERWOOD has been called to the chair of political economy of Johns Hopkins university. THE president has nominated Frank L. Coombs, of California, to be minister to la pan. PERU will send to the world's fair representatives of all the principal Indian tribes found in the Peruvian for '.'HIH. GttNEKAl, DANIEL DUSTIN, assistant United Stales Treasurer, died at Carthuge, Mo., at noon Wednesday. MRS. WELTIIBA LITTLE SI-RAOUE widow of Hon. Seth Sprneue. died at Rox bury, Mass., at the age of 103. Tns total enrollment, of students at Michigan university is 2,806. and fie act lal attendance 2,692, which is III more han Harvard's. JUSTICE L. Q. C. LAMAR, of the United •States supreme court, is in a precarious condition of health. He has had several hemorrhages of the lungs within a few lays. THE Rhode Island sonata has pusset! (he bill providing that stale officers shall •tc elected biennially instead of annually, w at present. THE remains of Walt Whitman were ntcrred ut Camden Wednesday afternoon bo services wero concluded by an address rom Robert G. Ingersoll. WILLIAM DKNAMOKE, of East Liver- mil, Ohio, died Friday, aged 103; he .i-ived in the war of 1812 and in the Mex lean war. THE storming und capture of Puebia uutlor General Diaz was celebrated in the • ity of Mexico Saturday, with groat demonstrations in favor of hiB re-election as president. The first consignment from Minneapolis insisting of fourteen cars for the cargo of io Contuiaugh, to be sent to Russin for i lie relief of the famine-stricken peasants, hub arrived in Philadelphia. TESTS of smokeless powder at the naval ordnance proving grounds, near Washing- on, have established the superiority of Imt explosive over ordinary gunpowder for naval purposes. A COMPANY has lieen formed to raise the hulk of the British ship Hussar, which sunk near Hell Gate, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1780, with $5,000,000 in gold in her reasure box. The experiment of sendiNg a life lino across an expanse of water by meanB of a itite was successfully conducted recently by Prof. J. Woodbridge Davis on South Brothers island in Long Island sound. JUDOE PRATT, of the supremo court of Now York, baa decided that South Dakota divorces are not valid in Now York. THE Mississippi legislature adopted a joint resolution endorsing the election of United States senators by direct vote of tho people. I THE commandant at Fort Yates baB been wired to have two companies of cavil ty in readinesB to march at a moment's Lutice tj keep squnttcis off the Sisseton reservation until the date of opening, April 15, JUSTICE BREWER, of the supreme court, sitting as judge of the United States court for the district embracing Nebraska, has rendered a decision declaring illegal the contract under which the telegraph lines or tho Union Pacific railroad are operated by the Western .Union, and directs the road hereafter to operate its own lines. A l'ASSENORH train was held by mnsked robberB at W coins, Alii., Thursday morning, and the mail car rifled of all its reg istered letters. WH. LANKFORD has been sentenced to four years in the penitentiary for burning tho depot at Clay City, Ind., several weeks ago. FOUR moonshiners hav-; been landed in jail at Pincville, Ky. Two large illicit stills were found by the officers in the mountain* and destroyed. A HOY of seventeen was convicted of murder in the second degreo at Dubuque, Iowa. He killed a street car driver, whom he and an accomplice were trying to rob. WALTII E. SHAW, Chicago, is said to havo confessed that he killed his mother and aunt with a razor in order to got $40 with which to continue a spree. FIVE years in states prison is the sentence passed on Wm. Hamilton, C. A. Barnley and C. A. Frazer, of Boston, who confessed to having received 95.000 stolen from the order of tbo Rising Sun. FIVE negroes—one of them a woman— havo been sentenced to the gallows at Chester, S. C, for tho murder of Alfred McAlliley a year ago. The executions are Bet for May 20. A. KIRK and M. McGowan, of West, Melville, Lt., quarreled about a rich widow. A duel wis fought with Win- c'-ie-ter rifl.'s and McGownn was instantly killed AT Iiithonia, Ga., the men who followed tho two negroes accused of tho rape of Postmaster Brown's daughter, have returned, saying there is no use of further pursuit as the negroes are ''lout." It is generally understood they were 1) nched. FRANK RKIFOIID and his wife and Michael Dolan, of Buffalo, drank beer until the woman became wildly intoxicated, when she seized a knife attacked th» men, both of whom sho slashed so badly that they are likely to die. JOHN and VVilliam Bloom, sons of Detioit lirennin, who were caught scttiinr fire lo a lurniuro factory, have confessed to having started twenty-one tires in that city within the last two months. A GRAND PALACE. Jay Gonld Said to Have Purchased Chapultepec, Mexico, for Seven Million Dollars. Glories of the Landscape Which Surround the Ancient Castle in Mexico. Here is Seen On" of the Most Magnificent Pleasures Ways in the World. FIRHa AND OA STJ ALT IBS. Revival of rumors that Jay Gould has purchased tbo palace of Chapulripec, Mexico, fcr a residence, cotnos at a time when it is known that the nature of his chronic malady—exhaustion of tho norv ous system—demands an even and mild ciimaie and pure air, together with freedom from contact with irritating cares, and surroundings calculated to give do light to the niiud a well as rest to th« body. When i' was first reported more than a year u«o that Mr. Gould was nego tinting with the Mexican government for Chapultepec, little credit was paid to what seemed penseloss gissip. Tho Mexicans, like all the mixed races of the continent, cling with curious pride to thoir strangely contradictory traditions. That a tree marks a fatal catastrophe in theii national history does not make it less estimable in their eyeB, provided tho catastrophe were sublime. That a palace enntains the cuvo in which a Montc-zuma hid for u time before capture ended in ignominious death, it became still later olliciul residence and imperial court of the Austrain invader and has since served as country house of the pres : dent of the re- pulic, miijht seem to render its walls in Mexico within range of the open promenades of Chapultepec. Will ho gray, dim, sandy deserts, with solitury horsemen in brilliant tear tea flying like arrows Ho will not have to travel far Irom Chnpultept'C. Will he carvings on great stones to tell of the age of the world and the antiquity of fculp- tureV. They arc at his door. Will he dance? Nowhere more gavly than in Mexico. Will he read? It has ancient libraries and modern book-stalls. In fact, all that, is ancient, all that is modern, all that is western, all that is ea<tern, all Ihat is pagan, a little that is christian, all that is polished, far moro that is primitive but nol rough, nil that is charming to the senses and much that is revolting to the soul, is in Mexico to a degree nowhero else in tho world. Those who have never boon in lands where mountains are higher than clouds, who have never watched for hours throng! instantly changing veils of vapor begin ning with the deep rose of tropical Bun rise and extending into the clear high gold of meridian a comulus, now seeming cloud, now seeming peak, havo no concep tionoftho sybillinc nature of the atmos phere or tho weird fascination of altitude and distance. Far above tho ordinary level of men's habitation atmospheric effects aro rapie.illy unlike (those lower down. Doubtless science would account for this difference easily enough; poetry prefers to leave tcieme out and deal with the air und its ceremonials purely in Ilel leuic mood. The cloud effects of mountain neighborhoods have been from the begin ning of timo the marvel, the delight, the defuuice of men. At certain points in the Alps one sees within a few minutes' change of focus nearly every imaginable aspect ol nature—the plensant dales, the little white-winged viwols on tho mountain lakes 8,000 feet beneath, tho dim towers of hamlets, the winding ribbon of silver streams. In another direction there is slortu and stress, furious winds are out from all the caves, thunder growls and lightenings leup from crag to crag. Kino- where skies smile on deep tranquili ty, and suddenly as from nowhero the beholder of these marvels of God's pastini finds his own face wet with cloud, his nearest companion invisible, his feet nailed to the soil lest a single step should find unsuspected ver«o of gorge; and in another instant the majestic Hood of sun- seem grott squely curious more than sacred to licht again envelop* the mountain, and CAIT.UN B. B. Conner, of Woodruff ""tiomil worship Hut they hold tho hill tho snows, that Inwo not melted no one COUDIV, Ark., was bitten by a mad dog ?, f Cbapulteprc alone the less dear becnuse knows for how long on the dUat.t da .t.„ „.! .1,." its steep sides witnessed tbo victory ot the zling terraceB, blind the ustoniahod oyes North American soldiers over tho bravest with heavenly radianco. of their commanders; and on one side of But that is Switz"rl,tnd. The two great declivity they have inscrioed in monu- sentinels of the valle -- • mental form the names of all who fell in that gallant fight for Mexico or were captured by tho victors. For these reasons, and still moro practically because a wing has been added that servos r.s tho national military school, it seemed in credible that Mexico would consent to part with thu uulace of Cbapultepoo any more than we with the White House or FOREIGN. twelve jears ago und diid tho other lav of hj r.iphohia FIKK Tue«day Light destroy d Clark's Hotel, in Bo ton. Several guests were injured in escaping, one ot whom died soon after. THE Rock Springs hotel at St. Cloutl, West Oi'iingo, has been destroyed by firo. LOBS on building, $50,000; furniture, $1,500;insured. THIRTY buildings in the business portion of Greenville, Mas*-., wero burned Friday, tho loss aggregating $100,000. IT is i-jj or'ed tint thirteen people 1 -si their lives by the burning of tho steamer Golden Rule ut Cincinnati Thursday. A LARGE amount of cotton and numerous dwelling'lu New Orleans were burned, the losses being ovt r 83 000.000. A THKSTLE wa-ihed out at Sabuhi, Mo., and a treii;ht- train plunged into the gap. Firor-ian Rogers was killed an-l two other trainmen injured. TWENTY THREE tire Jieu were overcome by soiokti in fighting a conlligation in the Ronsecours market house, Montreal, | and Had to he taken in ambulances to the hospital on Sunday. A GAB explosion in the Chickii-s Com pnny's furnace, near Marietta, i'.i., caused a large fire loss, und resiilnil in the death of John Gro h. HUNDREDS of families in Kansas have lost evertbing through a destructive prairie firo. Vi illiain Dunn, in an attempt to save his property, lost his life. THOMAS ZECHARIAH, a National League umpire in 1890, hud his bead crushed be neath the wheels of a freight train at Homestead, Pa., Wednesday evening, dy ing instantly. JONAS LAVALLE, of White Bear, Minn., 8 years old, was disemboweled and thrown sixty feet by a piece of u bursting fly- whel at a sawmill. ley of Mexico, when • them, were in early any of the national buildings at anco useful and nationalized otherwiso by tradition. But if sentimental in so many respects the Mexican of our time is also practical. Ten millions of people with seven great languages; the IUUBS of those outside tho largo towns still in paganism as well as in absolute illiteracy; its sea trade humpered, except in one region, by lack of harbors, and ita internal growth delayed by scanty industry on which to lay taxes, while man- the writor hereof saw spring majesty, how many miles away no one knew. Whether the mass oi fleece wero cloud or cap no ono dared assert. A tho train kept its stoadfast way up tho gradients thoy seemed nearer, nearer nearer, Boon to bo unveiled, soon to huilod with open salutation ot homage but larther, farther, farther they grew as "f we grew nearer. Now they swept as angrily out of vision, and tho sky wus overborne with gray, lavender, silver and opal. Now the sunlight rested on thei cont 'B like gold on a bishop's mitre. Now the clouds wheeled swiftly about like Fquucrons drilling und manuevoring Now mighty winds clutched cloud masses und throw them about ir. cuprico or fury Still ever thoy went farthor away, over re tiring, hiding, eluding the eyo, escaping from tho heavens utterly. All phenome great it when he advised the Baaiites, as tney > V I know in our time the tendency is to eoold not make their god respond, tell- oharge religious frauds upon good men, in* them to call louder, as their god They say: ''9*, what » d f«^** u . d » mhrht be sound asleep,'or gone a hunt- you have in the ohuroh ox Ood in this to£ * Wb'u» when lie said to Us day," and when an elder ot a ohuroh, •sU-conoeited comforters; . "WWom or a deacon, or a mtalsterof ^Gospel, SnV'die -you," Christ not only or a superintendent of a Sabbath-sohool T nssd It ittthe text, but when He ironic- turnsoutadefautar, whatdlsph>yheads ^l^oimplimsated the nutrifled Phari- there are in many of the newspapers, as**, saying. 'IThe ^hole need not ft physician," and when by one word "Jro i*wl-W *»t to*," Great -primer type, "Five-line ploa, "Another Saint Absconded,*' "Clerical ScovradreUsns," "BellglonataDtaount," "Shams on the Churches," whUe there an » thoujs^ sft»w4rfls ouWds the TBR first ehotrio street railway in RufBia will be constructed at Klew, a oily of 180,000 people. U will be operated by the trolley^ i.jelem, and will bo ready (or business ibis mminer. , A CHILIAN merchant used to defy, tor* giry by placing one thumb on the paper be wished to sign, and tracing its outline; then he placed the other thumb aorosn, outlined that and bis signature was com, 1'IIE German reichstag was prorogued Thursday. FORTY women of Vilina, Russia, are to be triett for infanticide. FIRK iu Vlanda'ay, the Capital of Bur muh, litis caused losses of XI,000,000. PRINCE DE CHIMAY, Belgian minister of foreign affairs, died Tuesday. GENERAL Konstantin Von Alvensleben has just died in Berlin at the age of 83. DEEMING, the Liverpool murderer, is thought to have killed four men in Africa Two brothers in Russia are accused of murdering and robbing forty emigrants. A MAN and woman were killed and woman fatally injured in a fire on Victoria street, London, iuesday. BLAOKADER'S lumber mill ut Hocta- noogu, Nova Scotia, has been burned L?B->, $85,000; partially insured. AN overloaded steamer in the Black Sea is said to have gono down with all of the 200 paesengesB on board. PATH'S dog Ricci is dead. The diva and ber husband, Sig. Nicolini, sung to him in bis last hours.but even$5,000songs were powerless to save him. Two dynamite cartridges exploded in front of the house of one of the foremen of the mine atSerang, Brussels. The house wus considerably damaged but no one was injured. MRS. MONTAGU, on trial at the Dublin lUsizeB for inflicting a punishment on her child which resulted in its death, bns been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to one year at hard labor. THE Newoastle steamer Homrook has been sunk off the coast of England and eleven of the crew drowned. The Surprise lost five men. A BERLIN soldier fired at a man who had threatened him with a knife. The bullet went through the man's body and severely wounded another person. RAVAOHOL, the Paris anarchist recently arrested, possesses a regularly signed permit authorising him to get 1,500 dy no mite cartridges from the government stores. EMIN PASHA is advanolng from Wade lai. He has .gained a victory over the forces led by his former officers who rebelled against him. He pursued them to Ladn, on the White Nile, where he captnr.'d and shot the unfaithful officer^ THERE was rioting in Prague, Monday niuht, by crowds whioh had assembled contrjiy to government ordors to celebrate lo binh oNobu Comeuius la tbe tUkt which ensued with the police many were trampled by horses and slashed with swoidt, ufaetures, that might flourish throughout non Ruskin notes in the' myth of Athena tho fertile tablelands fail of growth for of tho air wero visible, inglorious but want of water and of transportation—the elusive procesBioiiB. What Aatec deitie government of Diai, who is a practical may not have fought upon their metal mun, will tako money wherever it is to bo sides. What fahlcs of prehistoric ages had; and if Jay Gould is ready to pay must have boen drawn from their tremend $7,000,000 for tho paluce of Cuaputepec eous frowns, their demon like furtivenoss he will undoubtedly get it. President Diaz colossal humors. Why, in such presence would not undertake to consummate thu should not a man an heforo tho Himalayin tranraction without the concurrence of and tbe Caucasus fall upon his knees und congress. To do so would indeed be worship fire as the god of gods, fire that is usurping authority ho does not possess, in tho sun, in the moon, in tho stars, in the Tbe constitution of Mexico is largely mod- lightnings, in the clouds, and firo that oled on our own end the powers of tho ex- from time to time belched forth from theso ecutive ore strictly defined. But the ad- uplifted hells) of snow and poured down ministration of Diaz is known to control death from a hundred living rivers on easily a majority ot the two hcusts ot villages that awoke only to die? At last; congress and if he has resolved on securiug us if a Toltoc Jove with electric linger this vast sum for national purposes Jay drew buck the curtains, the mighty pair Gould will become owner und occupier of sat before UB, opal azurn of tht Mexican Oboof the most beuutilul structuios in Ibo sky investing their eternal calninosB, tho „„ world, sot like a jewol on the summit of a noonday Bun glittering on their snows, ull AT Joselyn, Wash., by an explosion of hill that commands a landscape unsur- othor elemental forces invisible, silent, in S is in a coal mine 'Wednesday morning, passed in loveliness in any quarter of tbe presence of ihoir majesty, enry Gregory was killed, Ed. Dunn globe. Every day during tho dry season In fatally huit, and another man aeriously 0 f late years enormous impressions con- Moxicj, Jay Gould cun see these visions "•rSlhn -l^f H„nr„ Kir,., nf m«.,»„... ceming Mexico have been yielding to cor- 1 be two great peaks are his nearest neigh „i£?n „l°.f„, uli ft; rcctlvd re P° lta ot fair-minded travelers ville, Uuio, wss found bunging in a cellar .ni,„ i,..,i„,„(ii.„ i„„„ „„ „ f , r^fe to,,reak into - 1 rob an ad - SfcxsrtfKi TMboiKin a lumber mill ut East in M , exico , ""older than any in the •»•»" " northern half of the continent, that its Jordan Miph., blew up Monday morning, t ui d d with 'beautiful instantly killing six persons and injuring Duildin 8 enriched with fine churches on- more than a score besides, some of whom i ivene d by brilliant and cultivated society and humanized by many institutions that* I care * or eaon c ' a8S of aulicttd humanity, . ', .' , .... would seem a few years ago romancing, We wonder if the eminent scientists | but it is all true. There iB scarcely an idea was passed. Tho free wool bill wislakon up in committee of tho whole, Mr. Harter arguing in favor of tho bill, and favoring 'iroct taxation for the support of the government. Mr. McCnary of Kentucky, strongly attacked there protective system. WEDNESDAY, March 80. SENATE.—The oath of offico WUB taken iy Roger Q. Mills, of Texas, who then took his seat in tho senate. Mr. Stanford delivered a speech in favor cf his legal tender dollar bill, after which it was committed to tho finance committee. Mr. awes culled up the pending Indian appropriation bill, and after soino discussion on tho measure, without reaching a vote, tbe senate adjourned. HOUSE.—The houso wont into a com- mitto of tho wholo on the tariff bill (Mr. Blount in the chair). Mr. Butlei (deal.) of Iowa, taking the floor in advocacy of the measure. It is settled that HUB week will close tho general discussion on the bill, und it is Droposed to tako a vote on it Monday, April 4. Bills were passed as follows: Extesding the privileges of immediate transportation to the city of Marquotte, Mich.; to nuthorizo the conduction of a bridge across tho Missouri river at Dewitt, Mo.; for tho relief of John Warren. THURSDAY, March 31. SENATE.—Mr. Huw'ey reported and tho senate passed a bill empowering tho man- •igers of th" Nitional Soldiers Homo to elect their employes from among soldiers who served in the late wur. Mr. Morgan ntroduced u series of resolutions on the silver question, which cuuBed a lively discussion. The senate, by u vote of 20 to 3i, refused to striko out tho house provision authorizing the detail of army officers to act as Indian agents. HOUSE.—Resolutions wore passed authorizing tho uss of theMartello tower, on "'ybeo Island, Georgia, for u signal station, to protect foreign exhibitors at tho Columbian exposition from prosecution for xhibiting wares protected by American patents and trademarks; also a bill to fix the time for holding courts in tho district of West Virginii. Tho freo wool bill WUB discussod in coinmitte of tho whole. Mr. Browns, of Ptnusylviiniii, ttikini; the (lo >r in opposition to tho bill. Mr. Johnson, of Ohio, and others spoke in favor of tho measure. Tho committee on public buildings and grounds introduced a favorable report on tho following bill-: Joliet, 111., $65,000; Massillon, Ouio. $40,000. FRIDAY, April 1. SENATE.—Mr. Ptffer introduced a bill to iiiithorize the secretary of tbo treasury to exchange treasury n >tes ut par for all outstanding United States bonds. Mr. Vilas offered an amendment to incroaso the appropriation for Indian schools, which led to consid'trablodiscussion. Mr. H inshrough also offered an amendment, which was agreed to, for a commission to negotiate with the Turlln band of Chickasaw Indians of North D ikota for thu c »- sion of tho right and iuterost they claim in the lands. HOUSE.—The IIOURO passed a resolution authorizing a thorough investiuutiou of thu census office by tho cem-u-i committee. The fiilver bill was again discussed in committee of tho whole, after which thu houso adjouruod. SATURDAY, April 2. HOUSE.—Tho free wool bill was again taken up in committee of tho whole, and discussed at some lenglh. Messrs. Mo- Kinnov, (dom.) of New Hampshire, Wilson (Mo.) and Curamings |N. Y.) all speaking in favtu- of tho bill. Mr. Burrows (Mich.) opposed tho measure, claiming tbe agitation as unfortunate, as it disturbs business, and alarms and unsettles cupitul. MONDAY, April 4. HOUSE.—A bill absolutely prohibiting uuy Cninese, whether or not the subject of China (excepting diplomatic and consular tfficersand servants) from ontiring tne United Stutos, and prohibiting any who may hereafter leave tho United StutoA, from returning, was passed by a v )te of 178 lo 43. Mr. Springor was givoo a rojul reception on his ippenr.inoo in tho houso to-day, after his long illness. Tho freo wool bill was then considered, and Mr. Burrows (Mich.) movod to strike out from tho first paragraph the provision which places ' all wools" on the freo list, but without a voto tho house adjouruod. SENATE —The free silver bill was brought up by Mr. Morgan, whoa a BOHIO- what extended debate ODsuod, but no decisive action being taken on the measure, tho senate rdjourncd. who sp^ • .80 much lime in inventing the familiar to advancing civilization that has flooioty diseaso known as kleptomania not been anticipated in these ancient ever puuBed to consider the fact that the) c jti l8 or has found lodgment in them, were creating a term for theft meioly ad- But while this is true unother state of facts justed to the grade ot the theft. A bank u tt | so hue. The government typo in president of religious repute never steals; Mexico, political and tooial, is one extreme he defautB or embezzles A refined wo- 0 f iu ethnical development. The sub- man dawdling over the glove counter and ordinate type, hereditary legatoo ol slothi shppmg an extra pair into her muff with- patience, gentleness, simplicity, indiffor- put payment is not a tbief; she is a klr-p- enco i s ano ther. Thoy may have the re- tomaniac. Doubtless thore is suoh a dis- lutive ratio of ono to a thousand. Tbe ease as kleptomania just as there is such modern Mexico, not altogether free from a disease a homiqidal mania, dut why is f an tastio suggestion of lingering barbario the offence committed by a poor and un- Bp | e nder and savagery, is always to be derpaid girl who violates trust and steals 8ee n framed like a fine fancy portrait amid to support her helpless mother not covered a group oi natura i orea tures, all but nudo, by the cloak nt disease? Why is not the copprr -colored; as liable, one would think, theft of potatoes by a poor woman on the to fall on their knees and worship fire or east side not the result of a disease aside 8un or reptile or cactus, as their pagan from that known asi starvation i Klepto- auceators of how many thousands of yearB mania,in Inelegant deteot ve teohuique is aR0? The modern type is accustomed to "shoplifting'and "hoisting.' If Klep- all the elegancies, all the delicaoies, all the tomania ware dropped out ol the vocabu- BU btilties of olvilizition. The anoient at l ?:7? n At lttin8l } op l lf i l,,jr « 0r8teallnfirB ft b " h » feet sits in the market place and Btifiited there mlgut be fewer cases like pounds corn, as did the natives that stared that reporttd in our news columns. at the Spaniards nearly four hundred years FREAK OJf AFFECTION. ago. 4-euurlvaalaairlTtt.rolih « P «.ll<.l to In , n0 ^ lhert 8? ,HE J???'?* 1 countries of »™ .«ru,.a . ru>„« <« continent is this antithesis so acute, so tit* Mmnphls (>»—• universal. In no other can tbe beauty of ORIMK. JOSBWH LBIOHTHH. of Dayton, mortally wounded his wife and two daughters with ahatohet, J. 0. APAMS has been convicted ot manslaughter at Wichita, Kan , for the murder of A. 0. Conch, the noted Oklahoma boomer. ,.. . Two men were arrested at Notthwood, Iowa, on toe charge of robbing an Austin, (Minn.) man ol something lik", 140,000, •ACTpOKA, Pa., March 31.—Last night Satoerthe perSiton "ce oTbarbarhin^the JJttf F «?\±L M ?.. k Hr. e ul h »uL' "train after arUficial vJetrand be pres" with a revolver because Miss Boste, with ervation of primitive nature in man, as in tT.fe^ theKtuevZ, the mounWns, the wEh »£S °n» "i, ,£« eB K !ntt ">°<»ea o' "oW "truoture or want both .of good parentage and well to do. oe ^ ffmn j ^ j ao 8trikin ao •ru. ut ioiunit/ piotnrial or so bewildering. If Jay Gould Cannot be urged in <uit)uu»tion of tbe conduct ot wan I s variety he should go to Mexico. If hosts ol people who constantly Indict injury up- he wants gentle stimulation he should go on themselves, and lay the foundation for serious to Mexico. If he wants to behold "the and disastrous bodily trouble by tbe use, In sea- moat anoient of days," snows shrouding ton and out of season, upon slight necessity and voloanio peaks, he should go to Mexico, without discrimination, of drastic vegetable ca- ' f n « w anU flowers more gorgeous than tbartlcs and polaonone mineral cbolagogaea— any be ever saw in any other part of the notably tbe various forms ot mercury -to relieve utohe he should uo to Mexico If ha wants simply constipation, a complaint remediable at KJ!A^,ti^.^^7^M^l\^iM^- auy slaw by ihe peralsient use ol Hosteller's }ne dullest notesi in everything about him, Stomach Bitters. This famous remedy never be should go to Mexioo. It ha yearns for Eft. 'ifthiS ia W an ^8thS ! UV w J!l5?S , „t , te vMy, he will find it in Mexico. If he oToMhWmac^^^ prefer open skepticism he should go to irulbfully be »ald, we are unaware of It Abandon Mexico- If art delights him he wUT find x ^^^m&&i^l^t^JS«JTS «ne pictures in the national gallery. M . e «y&tt wusfe rests he will hear it on stringed in- raigla, •leepiesin *M, lorn of sppeuts, malaria, struments and in human voice as he never •S?n , iX;M ^Rntaffi w,,, * *" ,,pmWm ^ ne"* lt elaewhere, Will he mount asad- connnersvlsbyUieBiuere. m No wnwe outside Arabia are thow . „ „.ii| n i- .-ij *- u... suoh horses, such riders. Will be drive? An hwvewnt oritlo U said to^ n»w From the psjaoe of Ohapultepeo to to tbe (hocked Mr. Augustin Paly greatly by plasa of the olty he will traverse one of the observing of Baron D'Eyueowrt's recent most magnificent pleasure ways in the sylvan drama; "Tennyson is in no sews Jjffij* ^fc ^ M !teSf ifeta. Nor, for tb* matter of that, to %\$AtXffli*t?J$A las a sardine.'' of «iiy wrohitactaw? H» will find the. w bors. Tho I'ujaco of Chapuliopoc slatids on a rock that iB muster of hundreds of miles on mountain, valley, and plain, lt is solidly built of stone, its architecture characteristic only of the country, noither Roman nor Gothic, neither Greek nor Moorish, square, massive, spucious. So mild is the uir that tbe covered promenaded are frescoed in modorn Italian taste. The rooms aro large and during tho occupancy of Maximilian and Carlotta were all refurnished with the newest upholstery und carved light woods of Paris. The furniture would have been equally at borne in the Tulleries. Evory foot of the adjacent grounds is historic. On no other port of the American continent can be read and feel 10 much in so short a timo. The story of Cortez and tbe glory of the cactus-rearing Aztec iB Hero, Near by is tho Mill of the King (Molino del Ray), where one of the sbai pest battles in tho history of Mexico was bloodily fought, There, on the fortification walls be will see wbero the brave, bleeding feot and hands of the American soldiers grasped the serrated edges of hard stone and drew themselves up inch by inch until tbe batteries were strangled and the parapet gained. Here, alas! he will walk where Carlotta walked, boneath und within interlacing, tall cypress trees, as perfect, in the gothio roof, they make, as tbe lordly grove at Versailles. Tbe wizzard should not linger here alone. Pensive spirits haunt those shadows; weeping dryads hide within thoso trunks. Tbe melancholy Spanish moss, funereal and wailing, drops its bairy dra peries across tbe walk. Lizards dart from out the bark of tbe trees and ground reptiles oross the gravel incessantly harmless but ominous, Cariotta's walk remains to tell tbe sadest tale of dilapidated monarchy putting aspiring foot on freedom's new world only to give up life, reason, in futile pursuit of a spurious diadem. But the wizard of Wall street need not tarry under tbe cypresses. He can mount to the frescoed terrace, smoke where emperors held court ana speculate betimes what to do with Central securities and City of Mexico bonds,—Chicago Sunday Herald. CONGRESS. A SUIllSSlUN OV D&ATU. All Unfulllii|r Tost May be Made by Illlatflr- lug- tlie Uauil or Foot. From time to timo we are horrified by oarning that some person has been buried alive, after assurances of deutb. Under thoso circumstances the opinion of a rising French physician upon the subject becomes of world-wide interest; for since the tests which have been in UBO for years have been found unreliable, no meanB Bhould bo loft untried to prove loyond a doubt that life is actually extinct before conveying our lovod ones to tho grave. Doctor Martinot assorts that an unfailing test may be tnudo by producing u blister on tho hand or foot of the body by holding the flame of a candle to tbo same, for a few seconds, or until the blister is for mod, which will always occur. If tho blister contains any fluid it is evidence of lifo, and tbe blister only that produced by an ordinary burn; if, on tbe contrary, the blister contains only steam, it may bo asserted tbat life IB extinot. The explanation iB as follows: A corpse iB nothing moro than inert matter, under tho immediate control ot physical laws which cavsDs all liquid heated to a certain temperature to become steam; the epidermis is raiBdd, tho blister produced, it breaks witb a little noise and tbe steam escapes. But if, in spite of appearances, there is any remnant of life, the organio mechanism continues to be governed by physiological laws and the blister will contain Berous matter, as in the case of any ordinary burns. Tbe test is as simple as the proof is couoluslve. Dry blister: death. Liquid blister: life. Any one may try it: thoro is no error possible. —Publio Opinion. STOCK THAIN WRECKED. Freight Craaliea Into the Bear of m Special. OMAHA, April 2.—A special from Win- aide says a freight train on the Omaha road crashed into the tail end of a special stock train this morning, Conduotor Nichols and Fireman Harrington being seriously injured. DAKOTA UHA.IN. TUESDAY, Maroh 29. SENATE.—Thiee requests from organized labor in the Diatriots of Columbia were laid before the senate asking! 1 Representation, auoh as prevails in every other community. 2. The proper enforcement of tbe eignt-hour law. 3. A sufficient appropriation to provide text books in the publio schools. The Behring Sea arbitration treaty was ratified, after some discussion, by a unanimous vote. Notice was given by Mr. Btewart that on Monday nest he would move to take up the bill to provide for tbe free coinage of gold and silver. HOUBK.—The tariff debates was resum ed in the house to-day, but the discussion was rather uninteresting. The speaker laid before the bouse the resignation of Mills, of Texas. The senate bills to •itebUib » port of delivery at Dot Moines, That In Shock Ruined and That In Stack Damaged. ^ JAMESTOWN, N. D., Maroh 81.—The farmers of North Dakota are just beginning to realise contrary to expectation that tbe grain in shook is wet and swelled, making it Unfit for anything except foi perhaps feed. Grain even in stack throughout the winter is seriously damaged, Ming_djim ^ ;L 8ofjbjB £d_nm8ty. Edward Araonnauld, of Iron Mountain, enters ft claim against tbe Oshkosh Mutual Accident association for indemnity, be- oauae of a broken arm. His premiums lapsed but he paid up in January and immediately entered bis claim, It is now learned that tho acoldent happened prior to making tbe claim, The company will bring action for intent to defraud and alto against its Iron Mountain agent, B, 0, Wfiltter, whom it believes to be impll- ontow, : i iWs4_L * v5f ti 1 .4

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