Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 5
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STOCK PRICES MOVE mm Rail 5 Again Are Leading Race to Higher Prices. N.w Yoik. Mar; 10. (AT)—Tlu< iipwaril iiK »vrn )<-iit of slnck prici-s |,uiis ifsuiiuMl toiliiy with (ho rails 'laKaiii In the forofront of the ad; - vaiKi-. SeaKoni'd jliviilond paying railii and industrials, offrring a return in excess Of the opening market rate and . cnrrent hlRh KHide i>i)iid yields wore well Hup- porled by investinenl luiyinK. wliidi lias lieeti reported as fairly inavy ill tile last few days, despite I lie api.roach of income lax payments. ''^ • Thi-re was no change in the credit situktiun. and au ajipavent. ahtiiidance of funds was available at 1; jier cent renewal rate on call loaiis. The tonnage report of the fnit- ed Statc.s <steel Corporation, show-, ills'a drop of sifghtly more than l'Oii .(MM) lous in nnfHled orders last month, was slightly lietter than e.\]iecied, in view of the relatively- high rale of bperations. <reiier:<l Motors again change^l j hands in large blocTts as advancing i prices, duplicating the highTeiird ' of 17 :!'.2 established since the dec-, laration-of the stock dividend. Remington Typewriter soared }> points' and the certificates of de- I(osit 4Vi:, both touching new record highs. Hiffh Krhool S«eM«9y Stidents -Visit Connir Facm knd Jail an4 , Kelley .llmitrt SIMW at lola^PerMDM^. aii8 Kansas Cify Ornln. City. .\Iar. 10. fAP)— Wheat: receipts 75 cars; unchanged to Ic lower: So. 2 dark, hard J1.34'</l.:iSV.: So. 3. $1.32>i(?jl.3S. .Vo. 2 hard .<l.:!:!>i(f/1.3.S V.: No. :!. .$l.:5i"i:'i/1.2S: No. 2 ?cd |1.31@1.32; No $1.2!t>i.ff;1.3l. / CoMi. unchanged • to le lower: ,No. 2. white 71'-j(rf73c: No. ",. 67^i '?;70i2c: No. 2 yellow. 74«75',l.c: No. :!. 7lrr '74c; No. 2 mixed 71^' ' 7:;'-.:c: No. •3,;67&70M!c. Oats, unchanged to '.-ic lower: .^o. 2 white •i7li@49c; No. 3, 4G(g/ .Milo maize H.I6C11.23. Kafir $].07(rj 1.17. Kvp fl9 (f/n »Uc. Uarley 72'{;73c. , . Kansas City CJo.'<c:; WJieal: lilav old. $1.31'';: .May new, $1.31'/,: July ?1.2SM. : Corn: .May lir; ,Iiily 77Vic: t^cpl. SOTs'L Kiiiisas City. Mar. 10. rlT. S. Dept. (if .\Rriiiilliir'!; —Hogs. ,"i..'ii )0; slow. i;U'iidy to l (i|;' lower than \Vjednc :i- (liiv's, avrrag": slock rfe.idv fii.7.V'/ 12 ..V1; (op jn .Do on iin to jc .ii poiindH: desirable 170 (o 2.*;i' piriinds $11.3,jVf;,ii.7:,:: light lii;liis up to $lt.!0): most iiiitcbers 21o pniinds up $10.901!/11.25; parkinK sous $10 (ioirrio.,",o. Cattle, 2.000; calvpH 400; killing rl-isscs • moderately active, steady; Htoek'-rs and feeders s<'arce. firm: Kfiod l.lSfi pound ('olorado sti-crs .?l".r,0: mcdln.m (o good short ted.^ .«K..'>orr/in.25: practical veal lop JlL '.'.fi; few $U.m). Slicpp. 7.0110: l.iinh;:. \l\ to l .'.c lower t'lijin .vestcrd.'^y's -close: odd sheep ;-leady: lop wooled Tfaiulv; $l ."i .lO; other fed lots mostly $1 i.7.'.'<i l.'i.OO; top feeders ?14.fiO. -|-NR.\. I .0.S Aneeles Qureas Now th : ladies are going to wear footlights' If you don't believe It look at this one. worn by Sally Blane of the Hollywood colony.l It's a real light, with "^a battery coaj cealed ia the beet. packing'sow.=; .?10.15 {n lti.85; slaughter r 'KS .$11.25if; 12.15. HUMBOLDT. Kins., Mar. 9.— Sirs. John Sctiultz' and little son. who. have been here for several d^yb visiting the Kirschncr and KchuUz families, returned today to their !^ome In. Tulsa, Oklahoma. . .Mrs; Suzan Ingram died at her home j liere yesterday morninK, Marcli, a. at <J:00 o'clock. Funeral silrvlcL's will be held tomorrow Hftcmoon at' 2:30 at the Methodist church. i * The high school sociology c leTt in a Ipdv yefttcrday afternbon for lola where they visited tjje county 'popr 'farm and the coiinty jail, studying; the featuifes of each. After making this trip the class attended the moTie, "Capital Pun- l.ihmeht" at the Kelley Theatre. . .Mrs. K. H. Leitzbach. who has been in Texas for several weeks, 'returned here Monday. She wai> i at San Antonio, Beaumont,. and other Texas cities during her stay there. '- .• Mrs, L. C. Shaw anif.two children of Kansas City were ieri the early part of the weeki rlsiling the T. A. Railsbach and B. E. Wise families. They left yesterday for Houston, Texas, where they will ohake their home now. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw w-ere formerly residents In Humboldt for a time. (leorge McKInley wa.s brought back Monday from the Johnson hospital at Chanute, where ho had been taken for treatment. Mr. McKinley's condition is very serious and does not seeni to be improving at the present lime. Mrs. T. A. Bailsbach Was hostess to the Delphian club at their Caltlei 10 .01111: imlls 10 to i 15c j regular meeting last night. Th» iigher: ivealers 2.) to ..Oc lower:.| ,(,pj (j (Hscussed was "Three Ro­ ll .slocKers and feeder.^ scarce, firm: 1.570 pound fed »teers $13.50; bulk $9.25(511 .50; sorfted and feeders $7.73^ 8.7-5; heavies niedium bulls upward to. $6.90: bulk vealers to packers ?10 .oo?/ 11.50. Sheep 12.000: choice lambs $16.00 If/ 16.25: early hulk wooled lambs $15.-25(r; 15 .S5: . sheep steady; fat ewes' $,S.0of7900: odd head choice manticists: W^eber,: Schubert and Schumann." The meeting ^^-as ably led by the hostess. Following tbe lesson hour ttii hostess served delicious refreshments in honor of Mrs. F. D. Culver, whose birthday fell upon that day. Johnny Basham, former European welterweight champion, ha» iipw.ird Ki .*!t .50; leeding and shear- j forsaken the ring for Xho stagfe and in'; lanilis uiu-hangcd; inediurii tolls said to he making (|Uitc a Tepu- good kl 'ids $13.75 (f/ 14..".0. • Chic-ngn Oraln. (Miicago. Mar. 10. (AP)—Close Wheat: "May $1.39'^ to Vi: Jul. $1.33'k to V*: Sept. $1.30% to f-ij Corn: .Mav-76Vfi to lie; July SO-?, to -^c; Sept. S4V4c. Oats: Mav 4.i%c: July 45^40 Sept. 4iV2 to %c. live: .May $1.05'i: Jtily $l."3'k He{>t. 98% to" Tic. Clilrago Livestock. i ChicaKO. .Mar. lO.llU. S. Dept. of -XKriciiltiirel.—Hogs. 34.000; top $12.1 .i: Tjnlk, 1.50 to 200 poimd av- eraRt>s $11.75(^12.16; most 210 to , - , , ,^ , ... 210 pound weight .$11.45#11.G5; « Y'"'"'' "^i- ^""''^>' most 260 to 300 pound butcher;! •'""•or /.nunerunn visited Luth$n .30fi, 11 .40: packing sows largelv I W *"<i"P-''day night. SKYROCKET (Mr::. .1. R. Hihhs.) ' .•Mar. 7. ,\lr. Illllis Krokstrom sjn'iil Siiliirdiiy oiKht iiiid .Sunday Willi Junior J'.iiiiiiK-rman. •Mr. and .Mis. Tom Zimmerman \liiiiii • Willi John Zimnierniun's .Monday. .Mr. and Mr^. Charles Alderman visiifil with Mr and Mrs. Charles Wilson of lola Sunday afternoon. .Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hell .1nd III- ll<' ilaiiKhleiv IV'lty, of Oklahoma, visited at ("liarles Alderman's a week aco Siindiiy. February 24. Aliss Itessy |Altleherry visilcd wilh •l-iicille Alrernian Sunday.i Mi's. Leo Mil b,^ ami litlle son, Ca.lvin (Iiirlis. visilod wjlli Mrs. CcOr^e Hihhs .Monday. ' Raymond Coniictt. visited | at C'liarlcs AldermairH a week ;ago Siiiiilay. K<'liruary 24. i ' .Mr. and .Mrs. Wooden ! of lola visited with .Mr. and .Mrs.l Ira | Roman Sunday. . j .Mr. and -Mrs. Anton Tliompson and .-\Knes visited at Charl|es Jbnes Sunday. '•, Mr. aid] Mrs. Clen Roman visited with .Mr. and .Mrs. Ira Boman Sunda.v. Mr. ami Mrs. Jim Brooks. Fred Brooks. .Mrs. .!. R. Hibbs and kuby Wikliiinl Attended church at Falr- yiew Sunday evening. I Raymond Connett visited at Ira Bomau's Sunday. Mr. and .Mrs". Walter Mobrc of Pittsburg vi.sited at Ira 'Boniun's lutlon as a ctomedlan. —Telephone your Classified Ada to 18. TOO T.ATE TO CLAS8IKV. IF YOU ARE A MAN • WOFITHY of the name and nojt afraid to work. I'll bet you $50 fh^t you can't work for 30 days and earn ICBH than $200. Think I'rii bluffing? Then answer ihls ,a^ and show mc up. Opening fbr Managers. The "Wondei^ Box" sells on sight. TOM WALKER PITTSBURGH. PA. AUCTIONS $]0.35'r/lfr.C5,; few stro.ia; weight slaushter pigs upward, o $12.15; -..lieavv weight hogs $11.11.50; medium $11..35©lO.90: llgM $11.4(j (312.15; light light $ll.:;:'i 12.15; AaetloBs lOA PUBLIC AUCTIO.N—I j will sell at Bishop's Sale Pavilion.' 15 head good sheep. C. S. Bffthop. Auct: PUBLIC AUCTIO.N—I will sell at public auction Saturday. .March 12. at Bishop's -Sales Pavilion at 1 p. m., horses, cattle, hogs., chickens, wagons, buggies, harness, farm machini>ry. and lots of gojod household furniture. C. S. Bishop, Auctioneer, ^ • ANNOUNCEMENTS atnjet, LMt, Foimi 10 LOST—Pair horn rimmed spectacles. Return to Register or . phone 401. , Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Sears visited Mr. and .Mrs. Charles 'Alderman a 'week ago Sunday. February' 24. Mr: and .Mrs. Hnffinan of Cha- I niite visited >)r. and .Mrs. .Ira iBo- i .MO.N'EV—Two SI bills lost Wednes- da.v. Return to Register ind receive reward. lOLA HIDE, f man Wniiusdav. J. W- Hibl.s and Olin Jli f WRIST WATCH — White gold Swiss, lost. Reward If returned to Register. MESH BAG LOST—A Whiting and Davis bag containing dorine. some change and a handkerchief. Finder . ?please return to Register office. ^ Reward. REWARD—To anyone for the re- turh of the Palace Shoe Store canvas window strips. _ jv AUTOMOTIVE A.jianinilek i«r .tatti CHRYSLER "58" COUl'K—Chrys­ ler "70" Crown Sedan: 1925 Overland rtcdan; 1922 Overland "sedan: 1925 .Maxwell coach. For sale or trade.!' Ross Arbucklc's (iaragc, Chryhicr Dealers. Phono 5G. SURGERY —Me(]lclne, X-ray. Dr. P. LensklJ Phones: office.. 886; residence. tll2<W. i EMPLOYME^ Help I Wanted—Feinale j 33 MIDDLE AGED AVOMAS'—Wanted to care for aged lady. Inquire 316 ,<i)nth' Third street. Help Wanted—Male ; 3S .MA.V WANTED! For firm work. Se*' II. R. LIviiig.slon. miles iiorlheast of Colony. Ifhone 70-15. Colony. WANTED—Middle aged matrieil man for farm; work j jthc year around. Harl .Monfort. Itwo miles north and one west lola.' Phone 957-23. • i FINANCUL DEPENDABLE USED CARS—I.ato 1926 Chevrolet coach; two 1925 Chevrolet foaches; one 1923 Chevrolet roadster; one Essex six coach. These cars all in best of condition. B. T. Barber Oarage. | Iniosiments—Stocks Bonds S» 211 'U 'cRt street. Phone 515. t •• '• '•— ' • FEDERAL RESERVE—Life Insur- 1926 tiidor. iiphoI-| ance stock for sale; 10 shares, $50<i cash. W. B. -Murph.v, Cha- luile, Kans. ' , HIGHEST! MARKET— Pricea paid for' creaiia, eggs and poultry. Onr trnck aiid-chicken coopa are at tour Bcrvko 'to pick tip pont try. .Barker Ifroduoe Co. Pho. 888. LNCUBATORS—2 Bell City. 140-egg each: alsb R. I. R. eggs. Phone 1016J. I QUALITY ELECTRIC HATCHKIY, Can City. Kans. Custom hatching. 3c per egg, rfr 5c per chick. Baby chicks, heavy breed, $12 per 100; light breeds. i$10:5() per lOO.j WANTED TO JBUY—All uiida cattle and hoga. .J. C. Butcher.;' -r- W.WTED—15! head cows to pasture, first come, first served. $2.00 per month. J. P. Copcning, Phone 969-2. SEED; CORN—^For sale; Kansas Sunflower, Allen County White. Pride of 1 Saline and Shawneei White; butted, tipped and shelled.' or in ear: $2.00 per bu. Ed. R. Trltes. Morall; Kans.. plione 1014. ROOMS AND BOARD • Rooms for- Honsekeeplng LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING $OOMS— For two ladles or yonng' married couple. 211 N. Sycamore street. Phone 1147. ROOMS—2 for light housekeeping, in modern home. 302 N. Walnut. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats 71 FUpNISHEt)—Entire upstairs. 3 rooms, 2 closets, pantry, sleeping porch, front porch, private entrance, modern, close In. Pho. 554. .MODERN APART.MENT—Furiiish- cd, ground floor, east porch. quire 206 North Coihorii. lu- Farms and I.and for Kent 76 40 ACRE FARM—Improved. Jackson Rcaity Co., over Brown's Drug Store. Honsea for Bent 77 -SnBRCHANBiSE^ * Articles for. Sal'e 61 FORD SEDAN Htering like new, balloon tires. 2 practically new, original finish, motor in excellent condition. McCarthy .Motor Co., 212 South Washington. Phone 893. (500D USEIJ C.A.ltS-1926 Hudson coach with extras; 1924 .Maxwell setlan; Ford tourings; Bnick tour­ ings at bargain prices. .Marr Auto Supply Co., Bulck Dealers. Money to Loan—Mortfrages 40 CHUNK WOOD—For sale, $2.50 in timber or $3:25 delivered. A. J. Swinford. Phone 518. FAR.M LOANS— <Juick service and reasonable rates. A. D'. Hawthorne. 213 S. Washington. 0AKL.\ND — pealers- PO.\TI.\C '24 Ford iioadster; '22 Ford coupe, good; '18 Ford coupe, cheap; '2i Hudson sedan, good shape; '23 Chevrolet :i '21 Studebaker 4-pass. coupe, fine shape: '25 Chevrolet touring. Some otheri very cheap ear.i. Cash, terms or trade. Ilo- hart-Steele Motor Co.: 1923 FORD ROADSTEii—1922 Ford touring: Ford starters and generators, lola Wrecking Co. Ph. 782. 1925 FORD! COUPE—Bumpers, bal- 'Idon tires, in first class mechanical shape. Boyer .Motor Co.. 212 South Jefferson. , Phoiic 23. BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. HUDSON-ESSEX DEALERT- CHRYSU-:R, 1926 ROADSTER. DODGE, 1926 ROADSTER. DOOGIC. 1925 SEDA.V BSSE.X, 2 1926 "six" Coaches. ESSEX. 1923 COUPE.' HUDSON, 1926 SEDAN. HUDSON. 1925 COACH. HUDSON. 1921 SEDA.V. STUDEBAKER, 1923 special Roadster. We Trade Or Give Very Liberal Tenn.'i. 219 S. WASH. PHONE ISO Anto Accessories, Tires, Parts 13 GOOD SYORAGE |BATTERY—6 volt, fully charged, cheap. Edw. Vanderville, half mile south, 1 cast LaHarpc. GUARANTEED AUTO REPAIRS— Ford motors overhauled, $15.00; rear axles. $l.O0; cofinecting rods tightened, $2.50; transmission bands rellned, $2..50; Chevrolet motors overhauled, '$17.00; other work in proportion. Harry Drake, 7^6 S. Cottonwood. Phone 1274J. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Serrices Offered 18 CALL US -T -For your carpenter or repair jobs. C. ^. Venard. Phone 1305^V. FURNITURE REFI.VISHI.VG — All kinds: moderate prices; lacquer- icg a specialty-Michael. Pho^3r.. FAR.M AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms. 5%, city 6%. Long or short time. R. Mj Cunningham. MONEY TO LOAN-fPrivate and eastern money to loan on farms and city property} Low rate. ; Terms and payment to suit bo?- rower. Stewart & ^nk. Lr\'E STOCK Horses, Cattle. Telilcles 48 BLACK HORSE—Seven years old. weigh' 1550. sound. E. L. Raggett. Humboldt: Phone 320-21. BULLS- Registered Shorthorn bulls, for sale. P. J. Ketter. Westphalia, Kansas. Route 4. |.HORSES AND I head; one pair 2800; on--' pair 3000: one 2850: one .MULES—Twenty mares, .weight horses, weight jiair horses, weight riiare, 5 years old. weight 1200; pair innles. 5 years old. weight 2500. e.vtra good, well broke fcr boy to drive; one pair mules, j weight 2;!00: horse. 3 years olil; tine pair mules, weight 2100. mare iiiid a horse. 5 anil 6 years old, blocky linili; 2 saddles; 2 sets' work harness, one extra good set; fJnc widif tire wagon: one walking plow. 11-inch: one harrow; omi mowing machine, almost netv; ione h;«y rake. Will soil on lini<>;. J. C. Hutcher. .SPAN .MULES-S years old. 16 hands high.^ weight 2600 pounds. Will Diiggati. Mrouson. K.ins. TEN PIGGY SOW.S-Will farrow- in one week to three weeks, red one::, while ones and black ones, weigh from 20o to 300 pounds each; one Durham cow. just fresh, giving four gallons milk per day; one llnlslein cow. just fresh, giving seven gallons milk per day; one tiiiernsey. Just fresh, giving '•'•V: gallons milk per day; onft Red- Durhain. just fresh, giving four gallons milk per dny. These «ows arc from 3 to 5 year* old. Will sell on lime or will trade for fat/cattle or stock cattle orlhogs. .1. C. Butcher. • ' Poultry and Supplies 49 cniCKS ^Friday and Saturday, S. C. R. I. R. from [good flocks winter layers. Phone'1305W. 406 .North Second. EfJGS FOR' HATCHl.NC. — From culled Single ; Comb AVhite Leghorn flock. .^3-per hundred. D. C. Crition. HumTjoldt. Kas.. phone 568. XoTing, IVacklngr, Storage S5 CORFt TRANSFER ' CO.—Packing, storage, long distance hauling. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. EGGS—if yoii want size, heavy production, vitiilltv and beauty get your, eggs fntm Carl .Xbbott. of Yates Center. $4.00 for 100 egg.s. They have purchased their eggs for'at least ten years direct froin "Hillvlew's" best Irapnested exiid- sition S. C. white Leghorn. A few choice <ockerels. I'lioni- 1069-11. Vates Center. Kans. '< 500 HEDGE PD8TS—For sale. Phone 990-34. " 1 Business and Office Equipment 54 TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE.—Rent or trade. Adding, machines, any make. Public stenographer, no-, tary and muitigra^b work done. Room 10-11, over fflobe Clothiers. Farm Equipment S.'>A FURNISHED HOUSE—Five rooms, strictly modern, nicely ftfriilahed: garage. 701 N. Washington or phone 108. HOUSK:—5 rooms, garage; ture in country. -taHarpe R. 2. also pas- W. H. Morrison, HOUSE—Modern seven room house, two blocks south of square. Phone ]129AV. , ! HOl'SE—Five rdoni house, inodern, with garage. Call JA. W. .\nder-.i son Grocery. Phone 292-291. FAR.M .MACHINERY" r-f!ood used tongue I truck, $17.50: good Superior 7-12 grain driU, $4.5.00; one good driil, $15.00; some new- drills, selling at less, than wholesale on account of overstock. .\llen Coiint'y Implement Co..: TRACTOR PLOWS.— Two Li.tlle Genius-s, $90 ^ach: No. 3 Primrose cream,separator. 6.50 lbs., $7»: De l>a.val. -500 lbs., $65. These are all new machines that we are closing out. Ralph E. Smith, Kincaid. Kans. — Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers ^ M ALFALFA HAY—Loose and baled. E. L. Weldin. 5 miles north. 3 miles east of loia. Phone 945F12. KA.VOTA SEED OATS—50c pet bu. at farm. 4 miles northeast Eis- more. Charles Huss. Bronson, Kas. HOUSE—S^ven room. moderUv double garage, paved street; also front rootn. fnrnl.shed. modern^ home. Incjuire 502 S. Cottonwood. THREE ROOM HOUSE—Electric lights, city water, located at .508 South Chestnut. See M. A Schlick. -II HOUSErT-Ffvb'rbOih modern, aou- ble garage. | good location. John Reuther. HOUS&^.Modern five room, garage, good iocation. '. Inquire 415 S. Cottonwofad street. Snbui;ban for Sale SUBURB.'VN—5 room house., water,- lighit, gas. an acre of ground. Ad- »lre&s"R. ML" care Register. ' To ExchaHse-^Real Estate 320 ACRES—To trade for income in lola. Have ;some money t'o pay: difference. D.: E. Watson. Bronson. Kans. Jiegal XoHces (First Published in The lola Daily Register .March 3. 1927.1 XOTICE OF FINAL SETTLE.MEXT. Stf(c of Kansas. Alien Cmin'fy.' 88. In the Pi'rtUate''Court in aitrl for said County. In the matter of the Estate of Charles W. Hegwooil, de- ceaseii. , Crediloi^? and all other persons^' interested in the aforesaid Estate' are hereby-notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court in and for said County, .fitting at the-Court House in lola. Co'itity of Allen, State of on the 2nd day of April. .V D. 1927. for afulland final setilement of s»id Estate. anA-.' for an order finding and adjiidg- ' icg who are the heirs, devisees and legatees of said deceased. OLIVE HhX:WOOD, .Administrator of the_ Estate of Charles W. liegwood. deceased. (31 3-10-17-24. , ^First Published in The lola Daily Register March 3. 192? » \OTICK OF AP)'0l>T.ME.M —Adniinl(>-trator. i' State of Kajisas. Allen County, ss. In the matter of the Estate of Elizaiieth Spechc* late of Allen Cniinty, ^ NOTICE OF .APPOINTMENT. ; Notice is hereby given, Tliat on the 3rd day of .March, A. D. .1927, • the undersigned w-as by the Pro--, b.-.te Court of Allen County, Kan- ' sas, dul.v' appointed'and qualified . as -Administrator of the Estate of ' Elizatieth Specht, late of „ Allen County, decejtsed. All parties ih- teres'ed in said estate will. take notice and govern themselves according! v. . " CARL SPEfiHT. (3) .3-10-lL Administrator. ULASSIFIED IHSPLAY REAL ESTATE Brokers In Real FOR SALE <;^:^$:V I SOME GOOD B.ARGAl.VS—In town property. We have them from $500 up. Arbuckle Real Estate. Farms and Land for Sale 83 40 ACRES—Smooth cultivated, near Pittsbitrg. Kas.. IM miles to Broadway pavement; good location for poultry farm, dairy, or market garden. Will consider rental property in lola. .Address 1119 North Jefferson, lola. Kans. Houses for Sale I 81 KAFIR FODDER^ood clean. $L50l<"OOn,'' "^P.^J -T^^'''' per load. 4 mil^ east LaHarpe. "^^^^j" f""" '"|V«'^2<-'. miles north of slab. Charles ! g^-^^g*^' P^^- ^Oi South Elm. H. Gerdscn. LOOSE TIMOTHY IIAY--2 ton in barn.' Kelley Farm, mile east lola. I'hone 962-3. LOOSE HAY 20 (on choice timothy and clover. $12 per ton. Scales on farm. Ben Grieve. 2 miles north Country Club. NICE PRAIRIE HAY—Baled. 3.5c bale at barn. Lewis Phwell. mile north and one cast Iron Work.". WELL ROTTED MANL flowers, gardens or lawr Butcher. RE—F«ir 18. J, C. 200 SHOCKS—Corn fodd corn, extra fine. 7.5c sho Coop. 4 miles east, h.i Humboldt. * ;r with •k. Mrs. If north 1 i. Household Goods HOUSE—6 rooms, fine condition, strictly modern: priced right, 209 a. FIr.';t. Minesinger. Pho. 662J. BABY CHICKS YoH call buy State A<;creditcd. Chicks now for $1^.00 per mo: ,200. .$2.3.'50: :{oo. $35..50: 4oo. $47.(J0': 500. $.58.25; 600. S69.O0; 1.000. $110.00. I'onltry lpcd>» and Siipplies. • Custom hatching. 4c. per egg. Our highest per cent on. Custom Hatching; last »-eek was 87.6'/- .of alt cgg.4 set. StuJ-dy Chick Hatchery^ tHtVro<t St. 'lola, Kan-*'. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY FURNITURE—8-piece oak dining room suite, dresser, 3 ube<l rugs. 2 beds, springs, mattressj rockers. For sale or trade for hens or radio. Fisher. 820 East Jackson. Phone 949W. FURNITURE—Of-8 room house, iieds, rockers, stoves, drepsers.- sewing machine, china closet, cedar wardrobe. library table, heat- roia parlor furnace, bed davenport, sideboard, typewriter, dishen, chairs, and numerous otfier articles. Sadie Adams. 214 E. Jackson-. RUfiS—Ten closeout patterns .Ax- niinister 9x12 rugs, your choice. $28 ..=;o. Heuninger's Furn. Store. SPECIAL PRICE SALE—This week on Coiigoleum rugs, gas ranges, steel beds, and cotton mattresses. Bryson Furniture Store. Nortn Jefferson. EXCEPTIONAL USED CAR VALUES A Used Car Is as Dependable as the Dealer Who Sells ft! •We have on hand at present (he best assortment of used cars we have ever had that must be moved to make loopi for our new- cars that are now boining in. 11«5 DODGE QM-PE, same as new. 103S IM)D«K .SEDAN, same as new. 1938 DODRB .SPORT ROADSTER, ullghlly nsrd. I»SS'D0D<;E T01IRI\«. winter top, a real ralne. IKS OAKLAND LANDAU SBDA>. at a Imrgain price. inei ESSEX C0.4CH; s%htly insed. - ' 198* FOIHI ROADSTER^ a real Talue. I0SS FORD ROADSTER, a real buy. TWci 192C'.FORD fOirPT..S, same as new. Two 1»» FORD TOURINGS, werth the money. , . 3'b'ood Serriieealile'Used Ford Tnick.s Cheap. , Ten other good cheap Ford tourings and roadsters tiiat we must move. 1 We trade or sell on easy terms. , Dodge Brothers Cars—Graham Brothers Trucks ^ ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY •II N. Washington Phone 301 ' ^ <Open Evenings-and Sundays) ' 2 . : '. : I !)bs vis- COMPANY . Get our ptleet on i POULTRY AND ^BQS We will come tfter poiilti '.T. B. A. JONES 111 So. OWP Phone; no; W OOL j night 1 n. Hibbs's ! Saturday .Mr. ami .Mr^. Lester Reed of liumboldt visited with M?. and .Mrs. A. R. Alumbaiigh and family Satiirdav night. Xir. and Mrs. Otis Walker of Chiinuie spent Saturday evening with A. R. .Mnmbmigh. Mr. and Mrs. Ijassman' of Humboldt visited lit A. R. Alumbaugh'S Siiiiday evening. GRENNAN'S MARKET We pay the follpwlof prices: Fancy Efffrx -.,.*-.. 22c, Horse racing has been a fivorl.e No. 1 Ew - IHc! pastime in America since Colonial No. 2 Kggn — I«r^ ' Checks and Dirty Efgs... V.\- HcttH ..- -.,-.18c to 2lt- Springs . - ---J.- He to life Tonnff and lild Cocks I2c' OrHin Hides _..«c H«r»e Hides z.........AiM) We will come a^r your poultry. J.F. Grennan Produce Co. lOlfli' .KaiUt '""S of il»e sovdntica. FBECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS .oufiiOAAAsjeAAi oflFfc^ Boy FOB SATXajWJ/S^ 7KJ0B' days, 'and there are still In "eitls- ! uff a score or more of fanioun .•^'.iikf races which were inaughra- ri'd around the civil war period, Aiiionfc them are thc'Travers Siaki .It f^nrntoga, which lias been held since 18(>4: (lie ura'toga Cup Races, held since 1865: the Belmont Stake. n|pl'l since' 1S67. innd iiiiiiib.-r of jolliers.; 4 >iiu:Jll.v j fa- TO HIS LIKING. t CAMS I/O 7D SBC )P VOU VHOOUVJT AJ6Et) AA» OPPICS BO/, MI^H TIMS T. COVU> . A«oe OSEO QMS BY BLOSSER

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