Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 6, 1961 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, April 6, 1961
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SOCIAL ....... t>AOfc M MAblO * TV ..... PAGE *t g*»« ....... SPORTS ....... CLASSIFIED ..... PAOB 41 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 125 Hears Established January 15, Vol. CXBVI, NO. ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, APRIL 6,1981. 44 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of Tha Awodattd Prttl BLOSSOMS IN THE NIGHT Fate of Dag Up To UN HYP ASS ROAD ON UPPER END By TOM HOOK I VJNITKD NATIONS. N.Y. (AP» i—Secretary-Genera I D»p Ham- itnarskjolrt left his fate in the ;h.-iinls of the United Nations Gr>n- ;eral Assembly today with a stand UiiR offer to WBign. but there ! seemed no prospect (hut a inn- '.joritv of the members would nc- cef)t. 1 Hainiiiarskjold made his show ,down move during the ussemblv s iConsjo debate Wednesday in in i obvious maneuver to take the 'stint; out of repealed Soviet blot .demands thai lie step down, Judo; iimi from the applause he re iceived al the close of his Un scheduled address. must dele 'yalcs want him to stay on. ' H:imm.'irsk.jold. who has been i under mounting Conimunisl al- llark since Soviet Premier Khru- |shchr'v demanded his resignation last trill, slood by his previous vow not to yield to the Ited demand unless the assembly asks him to (fiiit. The I'.N. executive also made clear he would consider silence from the assembly to mean he should remain in office. lie told the de.legales: "1 do not consider that I am entitled to present the General Assembly with otto Kerner said today he does;a pay-as-you-go basis. Kennedy and Mac Continue Parley * By JOHN M. HIOMTOWEB WASHINGTON OF)— President Kennedy and British Pflfht Minister Harold Macmillan focused their allied policy charting on the crisis In southeast Asia today planning particularly tat negotiations with Russia and Red China on a permanent settlement In Laos. !S>\v road has boon constructed at the UPS< pud of the McCann-contraeted section of McAdanis river highway. It bypasses an area where railroad tracks will have to be moved, routing traffic from the old road beside the waterworks—Staff Photo. While the two leaders worked separately at the White House and the British Embassy, their foreign policy chiefs mot at the State Department to review the progress of the British-American talks so far and get ready lor the final rounds this afternoon and Saturday morning. At a Potomac River dock the fl'2-foot presidential cabin cruiser was made ready for this afternoon's Kennedy-Macmillan meeting. The two men and their advisers were scheduled to board | the cruiser "Honey Fiitz" in mid- afternoon and spend two to three hours conferring on the Laotian icrisis, the Communist threat in south Viet Nam, nuclear tests. ..... ___ •disarmament and other issues in the cold war conflict betweent he i Communist bloc and the Western ! powers. The two Western leaders, in the j second day of their Washington i confe'imce, were reported opri- |mistic about Soviet agreement to ; a guaranteed cease-fire i n the j Laotian civil war. up a budget that will be in bal- where 1 ever said I was for an( They were expected to agree SPRINGFIELD. 111. (AP)— Gov. ance and will place the stale O n ;'"«"»«' tax." ho declared. j, nat ' oncc tj]e fighting ends they He said his chief motive in seek- should focus their efforts on uni- Kerner Plans No Sales Tax Increase for His New Budget with one notable exception In the case of United Nations membership for Red China. Their differences on this point could lead to trouble between the United States and Britain at next fall's meeting of the U.N. General Assembly. But the President and prime minister Indicated a determination to do everything possible to minimize the split. They discussed the Red China issue at the White House Wednesday in a series of meetings which began at tl a.m. and continued until after 6 p.m. U.S. and British officials subsequently described the consultation as "most valuable and useful" in providing a basis for strengthening allied cooperation in many fields, despite he inability of either Kennedy or Macmillan to do anything to narrow the differences on Red China. The second day of British- American talks on worldwide problems got under way today with a forenoon meeting between Secretary of B> OIIARLKS WHAI.E.N broad revenue article is to 'I give the legislature leeway to WASHINGTON —Searchlights high- background is the Washington Monu- light the blossoms on the Japanese ment, also brightly lighted. The trees cherry trees which ring the Tidal Basin are in full bloom during the National in Washington Wednesday night as Cherry Blossom Festival, being held visitors, taking advantage of the ilium- tills week in the capital. (AP Wire- ination, photograph the scene. In the photo) Says Building at Spur Hunt SIU Not Residence For Bank Robbers a accompli by resigning to-' m{ })[ . M , 0 proposf , „ S!( | Ps tax The budget has been delayed/" 1 " a cause I have been requested to]. , . . , ,, . , , ...... !~ ,lo so l,v a bi« power andits like- I"™' !" hls ., w °'^ s ^'"' sald ' ^^ h( ' ls Insishn 8l , .- "' ' budget. which will be submitted mm, CHI supporters, 'to the legislature April 18. On the other hand, i regard * . the will of the General Assembly; "' ; <"> »°t depending on a salesjprmhon requests. . ^^ whpn hp ^ ^ in this respect as my law. a iid j ta *,' 1K ''' easP -' Kerner told a news | Kerner said the new budget will' jiK , Jhe II)|nois Yo(Jth Commis . fyiug and neutralizing Laos, seeking that objective in a forthcom- i he said, beeaue he is insisting < Ul(1 , oad Qn pl . ope , r , y owncrsii international conference on ;ha, some departments makej by spreadjng faxcs on a .. more the future of the Southeast Asia ."substantial cuts in their appro-;,, nnitnhlr , u ns ;. - ,, ; _ J ™, 'equitable basis. (lie General Assembly may thus; ;consider itself as seized with a! islanding offer of resignation were !it to find it to bo in the interest iof the organization that 1 leave." But, he added, if the assembly does not ask for his resignation, he must conclude that "you neither expect me to proceed on the basis of that offer, nor desire in conference. The governor said the only sales tax program he will have will be to broaden its base to knock out existing exemptions, and extend temporarily the hall cent which was put on two years ago for school aid. Kerner disclosed that the state will have to transfer $40 million to ; be "larger of necessity" than the $2.7 billion total of two years ago. This amount since has been raised by emergency appropriations for! public aid. Kerner said, however, he does not think the 1961-63 budget will any other way to avail yourselves 545 million from certain ear- house in question stands consists of 54.07 acres and the price paid Wa SIU President D. W. Morris today denied that a president's home has been or will be built -on the university site near Ed- wardsvllle. He made the statement when queried by the Telegraph about criticism that was slated to be directed at him today in Spring, field One question to be asked by an Illinois legislative committee concerned alleged expenditures on the "president's, residence" near Edwardsville. A legislator had announced that Morris would be asked where the money came from for work on the building in question. of the possibility it opens." Hammarskjold's term of office does not expire until April 1963. 'marked funds in order to meet current expenses during the budget period ending June 30. PEKIN, III. (APi —Spurred by authorities centered their search in Pekin today for two men who from Andy and Theresa Telichoff. On the parcel of land is the house that is being remodeled into office space and living quarters, the public relations department continued. Real estate appraisers were quoted as saying that: "^".SW hold »P ** Copies State Bank of Manito, 111., Wednesday and escaped with $22,000. The getaway car. a pink and •Olsewhere in the U.N. Yugo-, Some of the money will be tak- slavit- and 14 Asian-African na-| en frorn me \vorld War II soldier tions proposed that the General Assembly threaten Belgium with punitive action if she does not pull all Belgian military men and political advisers out of the Con- The amoum fo be go within three weeks. Under the U.N. charter the punitive action could take the form cream 1^T modeV, was found ° f eC ° n ° miC b0yC0 "' dipl ° ma ' iC ' abandoned Wednesday night on a huaranbne or even force. bonus fund, which has a surplus that will not be needed immediately to meet bond payments, he said. will | be repaid from income supplied i in the new budget, he added. Seeks Balance • Kerner said he is trying to draw 1 hit the S3 billion mark, mainly because there isn't that much revenue available. sion, Kerner replied: "When I get ready." The youth commission, headed by Oliver J. Keller Jr. of Springfield, has been i n the linelight since the firing of Clarence Farber as superintendent of the Sheri- kingdom. Kennedy and Macmillan, in fact were described as substantially agreed in their positions on a wide range of world problems- He revealed that two agencies— [t o inmates, the Illinois Public Aid Commis-! sion and the State Welfare De-j partment—will not be on a 24-i month budget basis, but probably j on 20 months. '• On other subjects, Kerner saidi his demand lor a new state reve-j nue article, with no restrictions! on what taxes the legislature could enact, have left the impression that he favors a state income tax. jdan Industrial School for Boys. A legislative commission is still i investigating charges of brutality TODAY'S CHUCKLE Housewife, cashing check at supermarket: "I just couldn't get along without you people, since the bank stopped cashing my checks." (© 1961. General Features Corp.) Demos Win 5 JP Posts, Four Constable Races Denies Being (or Tax downtown street in Pekin, 10 miles j I northeast of Manito. Police said 1 "I challenge anyone to show me| day in Madison County's five 1 new .justice districts, as shown Estimated value of improve-j tne vphicl( , had bppn s(olon menls to the property is $33.400. This includes house, garage. | barns, fence, granary, poultry and 30s, holdup men. apparently fled the in robberv! 17-Hour Blaze Aboard Tanker Only exception was in scene by back roads to avoid bar-; KAOHSRIKG, Formosa iAPi — _. . ,. .. fto* - - - ov^ MI. ijj uo^n i w«vi;> iu ti\ UlU Ucll • , I\» \\JI iolL'i>vi, j. ui uivnn ' /i i • — Ite chairman ot tne states too , s . h , x | s _ n improvements in i ricades SP , up shor(Jv after , hev j Hundreds of firefighters subdued Higher Education Visitation jsped out of Manito, a community Commission Rep Ralph Steph-j With , hf . valup of improvements J 0 f 1,093 persons in central Illinois. enson (R-Mohne). asked Dr.| SUbtracted from , he price p . lid for ' Morris to appear before the| tne land and improvements com- commission. jbined, the balance of $13,195 is Stephenson said the building {shown as the value of the land, was purchased for about $25,000 The appraisers were quoted lur- a cost of 11 her as saying that the house is 'valued at $18,860 and that, to build and remodeled at $70,000 to $80,000. Morris told the Telegraph: "There is planned and being constructed an office building for the staff and, connected with it, is a two-room overnight arrangement. This (buikl- The FBI joined state and local a 17-hour bla/o aboard a small tanker today and a tug towed the listing, ship into the Formosa authorities in the hunt for the twolStrait. ending the danger of a a similar one, the cost would be $19.445. The public relations department did not elaborate on the costs of| interior appointments of the! house. These figures, the Tele- : holdup men who had cased their target the day before they struck. The gunmen tied up all except Maloney and made them lie face down on tlw floor. Maloney was forced to accompany one of the robbers to the vault. oline explosion in Kaohsiung har-| c '*y bor. Nine erewinc :i aboard the Broader Crosstown Route Study Asked Broadening of the field to be studied for au east-west cross-, ,-n route in the College-20th area was recommended to thej tfl ]'y "' l £ . votes ' ! by the Greater Alton Assn. of Commerce highway commit-i " ie officml canvass ol i -_* - itin-ntt fi-nm Tnpsnnv s llistl morning about reported considerable spoilage of ballots in areas where voters apparently became confused and voted for more than one candidate for justice of the peace or constable. In some Alton area prey complete unofficial returns, j eincts it was reported that from EDWARDSVILLE — Democratic nominees swept all five justice of the peace offices and four of the live constableships I at stake in the election Tues- justice district, which includes Collinsville and Helvetia townships, where an independent candidate, Robert L. 'Wrigley, tor constable, topped Democratic nominee, Jen- Mincke, by an unofficial the j nis itee Wednesday. L,j. % | The committee discussed with) The committee voted to defer beria-.vgistered tanker Huang Lung were killed Wednesday when three explosions ripped through the 4,200-ton ship. City Director o£ Public Works [consideration of other projects Thomas Griffin the problems en-1 however, pending a report expect- tailed — already disclosed pub-Jed through the highway depart- ilicly — in sending the cross-town!ment next month on the north- returns from Tuesday's justice I district elections was begun this morning at the office of County Clerk Eulnlia Hotz. Miss Hotz said this morning it would be impossible to predict the time graph was told earlier this week, would he made available next , ing and overnight rooms* be used by staff members moving between Edwardsville and j week. Carbondale. i "It's difficult to get a con-! South African venient place to stay over-' W a i t .h S ov iet Fleet night," he added, "if this is 1 « »« " aoviei r ieei Votes to Be Canvassed At Meeting Wednesday 40 to 100 ballots were declared spoiled and uncounted by poll officials because more than one candidate for an office had received a vote. The instruction, "vote for one," heading both Democratic and independent tickets on the ballot apparently caused confusion. Many voters, said campaign workers, thought they could vote for a candidate on each ticket, and voted that way and invalidated their ballots. In former years, several justices were elected. In general elections, voters are State Dean Rush* Foreign Minister i route directly over the College j south interbelt line arterial route. | of completion of the canvass. ; L'Olh route. ! F. M. Kaar, GAAC executive Spoiled Ballots Griffin said current instruc-1 director, told the committee E.j Canvass records do not pro- con[usion :.ions by the planning commis-jW. Reifler, state highway division vide a listing of spoiled ba tots) Tupsdny> sion, which also is considering the i district engineer, had informed '" lh<- election, although _tney! T np S dity instructions were ade- and British Lord Home. Macmillan spent the morning at the British Embassy attending to British government business, aides said. The prime minister attended a Congressional luncheon, before resuming his meeting with President Kennedy—this time aboard a yacht on the Potomac River. Lord Home and top aides went to the State Department at 11 a.m., for their session with American officials. Sitting in on this meeting were British Ambassador Harold Caccia, permanent foreign undersecretary Sir Frederick Hoyer Miller and others. Assisting Rusk were Undersecretary Chester Bowles, Ambassador to London David Bruce, State Department'policy planner George McGhee and John M. Sleeves, acting - assistant secretary for Far Eastern affairs. Kennedy arranged to take the prime minister on a late afternoon trip down the Potomac River aboard a 92-foot presidential motor cruiser which he has named "Honey Fitz" after his maternal grandfather. Katanga Gives UN Brushoff ELISABETHVILLE, Katanga (AP)—The Katanga government and black and white residents of Elisabethville kept up an economic war today against United Nations troops despite President Moise Tshombe's truce with the U.N. command. All business places, including instructed as to balloting on garages and cafes, still refused state representatives, without the that was reported to serve U.N. personnel. The chief U.N. spokesman in present _ . . . , . S7.300 is earmarked for the re. Tuesday s city-lownslnp elec- (Anincil on April 38. The •'M>iniis !s , rU ., 0(l study . Griffiu estimated tion returns will he canvassed andiC'uuncil \\ill adjourn sine die on!(he broader study could be held what they're talking aboul, I WALVJS BAY, South West At'-jthp result officially declared byithat date, newlv elected officers I within S •^ . ' i.i.... / A Ti\ On. .xt. A *—: —. . . in.. « .. ... _- i._ * ; just can't understand it." Morris said he occupied president's home provided by the university at Carbondale. "I have lived In It tor many years," he said. Complaints by Madison County property owners near the site have been filed with the commission on the premise they do not believe any additional land is needed by the university. They have expressed objections to plans for use of the land. Stephenson said he understands three lakes may be created on some of the land. Property owners claim their lands may be condemned at prices too low. SIU has purchased, or has options on, some 1,600 acres for the new campus and seeks 1,100 more acres contiguous to the site. The objecting property owners have organised under the title of Cahokia Hills Citizens Committee to oppose SJU's attempt to obtain the land. At the hearing before Stephen son last week in Edwardsville, the property owners taking part included Wilbur H. Gehring, Otto Hurlbrink. Herbert Kiingemann, E. A. Romano, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry kewis. At Edwardsville today, the SIU public relations department to- formed • Telegraph South African naval (City Council al its meeting next (will be sworn hi, then the "new" 1 The engineering studies have n,m> » ei n «> u-atAiii^-.,^-.. [Caunri\ likely will organize and I been assigned to the firm of Shep- Irica (AP) craft are keeping a close on nine vessels of a Russian fishing fleet that has been operating off South and South West Africa for several weeks. The action will open the way (choose a mayor pro tern. Another scheduled action Edwardsville Hospital Election Set May 20 for newly-elected city officers to start their terms with the biennial "change-over" sessions of thejweek will be to allow election bills. jsaid City Clerk Paul Price. The j payroll for election judges who (served last Tuesday is now being , prepared, also the list of bills ,-»iuii ( \\ i ill 11 cuou ir» i uu.THJ\;i III^IIICTI " ' - - — fill broader approach, are to restrict!"' 1 " < ne Lochner report on this arc totaled on tally sheets filled| (1 ,, aU .. the survey to the immediate areaip ro -i ect wtmlcl soon b(? tortInrom-Unit by poll officials, Miss Hotz, ln >* 0 -,. ^i of the present street. Currently!'"K- j explained when asked this;,; odfrcy and Kos Teachers' Institute at Alton, Collinsville Set Officials thought the j Katanga, Michel Tombelaine, was ejected from a downtown hotel .Wednesday night by the hotel strict -- Alton, (manager and a Belgian police of- ister townships-- jficer as a crowd of whites jeered. !l)enioci-iii George M. Berry, Al- ! The Belgian officer and Marcel i ion attorney, was elected justice ;Ti'nee. Belgian adviser to Inter- iby 79L' votes over his nearest independent competitor. Berry ipard, Morgan, & Schwaab. Griffin suggested that the in- Minister Godefroid Munongo, told Tombelaine that Tshombe's carried Alton by a wide margin !°. rder lo im P° se economic sane- the Council at its meeting next; tTeased area to be covered by the EDWARDSVILLE - County Judge Michael Kinney Wednesday afternoon set Saturday, May 20 as the date for an election oni^ 1 "?. gt .„ (Collinsvillc township. of Ft. Russell, llamel. and Pin Oak townships and all of that portion of the corporate limits of the for rent of polls and other inci i dental election costs. Total cost account of the bi-, • ennial election is uncompleted hut!"" is expected to be about $5,000. a survey might go as far east as Rock Spring drive, with the possibility of relocating the proposed route either north or south of Col- lege-20th. The two-section, 103rd Madison County Teachers' Institute will be held in Alton and Collinsville, Friday. All schools will be closed. The Alton sessions will start at <9:30 a.m. at Alton High School One advantage which might be;and continue throughout the after- jj' a re-routing, he said, ;noon. A special session for par- I little less than the cost of I lip jFcb. 14 primary. be a more advantageous ; enis is scheduled at Alton and ;rade. 'Collinsville. It was pointed out thitt n straight ,\ t H H , t \] lmi par{ . n i si confer and even normally Republican Foster township, where his plur- j ality was 72 votes. Independent chairman of the National Con-j Kendall R. Hunter carried in ference of Christians and Jews j Godfrey Township. ' - • and member of the Governor's Advisory Committee for the Aged, will speak al 9:45 a.m. on, "For the Love of Mike." Peter Reich, aviation editor of tin spi Democrat John Ragusa was elected constable, carrying Al- tions on U.N. troops had not been rescinded. A U.N. spokesman said Wednesday that after a conference with I U.N. officials, Tshombe had agreed that sanctions would be "suppressed but not lifted." The lon and Foster Townships. In th Tri-C'ity Area No. 1 district, which • Chicago American, who will : ( ,, mpl . isps the Tri-Cities area, ;ak al 1:10 p.m. on "Jets;,, 11o , )pusfld riemocrat Ham F. Kockels, Space and You." Nora Wain, writer for and inop 11,'irtnian wa furbim in Deputy C The petitions were filed in Conn- out ivote in less than a proposed hospital district herej to be known as "Edwardsvillei Community Hospital District." !!L^. U l.! a lfl b _ l "±L. b :i ^l.l 1 ' A similar proposal was defeated by voters by a margin of only 140 votes on Feb. 2, 1960. Judge Kinney had taken the matter of sufficiency of the hospital petitions under advisement after a hearing continued to March 24. A group of objectors residing within the proposed area tutd filed a series of objections to the district. Wednesday, Judge Kinney ruled that the petitioners for the proposed district had sustained the burden of proof in support of the sufficiency of the petition and called thu election for May mute is not particularly essential. l( , mv M1 ln ,, annex starting at 1 p.' " ;il " mal nmga/ini's ,, ,„,.,, " '''"'Id curve north or south, then'„, i )r . LowP || Fislu , r , statc cnai ,,;correspondent, will ;n. independents t I vl u'' i , ' swing back '" 'he original P»i"t i man of the North Central Assn. of I '' ; '"°' wl "^a/.ncs and foreign.^ imlcptmi.nts .lerlv Mike \\aide puint-, ,• approach to Slate street. ! Cnlle"es -ind Seco.urirv Schools :rolTes ' )()l " l(>nt ' will appear at 2:05'>"; , day that the cost per ^ re ,, outing pmposal |lad | ' '^^"' f ^. r a^P.'"- «« speak on. "Life's Chal.engei J'' the ^hnsvle a,-e torney for the sponsoring group, the Edwardsville Chamber of Commerce Hospital Committee. Representatives of the group have met recently with members of the county board of Supervisors sanatorium committee to discuss the possibility o f locating _ routing proposal ay's election will be |fjl . st ( . ome up whe|) )he ( , ity found f that tor the pn-;, ha , widen j ng tne College avenue mary that preceded it. This is' lion between the Cirde and principally due to the far greater .QM&O track number of votes cast Tuesday— > ^ o{ s jj t 10,517 compared to 6,392 in The widening fill, he said, would February. WaH e estimated the liave to te sli : engtllene d with con- crnt for last Tuesday will be sidl ,,. abje pi | in g lo com p ly with slightly less than 50 cents a vote, neods fo| supporting heavy traf j will speak on, "Teachers and Parents Meet the Educational j tu Evt ' r >' spokesman called this terminology a face-saving device by the president. But neither the Katanga radio nor local newspapers made any mention of Tshombe's assurance. The U.N. military commander in the Congo, Gen. Sean McKeown overigi Ireland, warned Tshombe dur- iing the two-hour conference he • would reinforce his garrison in •ea Justice iKIisabethviile with Indian troops District :•>. Ronald J. Daly. Demo-1 if there was repetition of Tues- ,....,,.,..,. ...... elected justice of , 11 lie peace and his party running . „ A ,l! mate, Cv U'alker Jr., woi ippear at 2:0a . • ' . it hive independents tor con- Challenges Today." won over two inde- aspirants for justice of day's mob violence against th«; U.N. force. Tshorabe violently op- •***•"»" »•»«- jffmit ** »*••*»j ^* » »U^-«*»**>Q j net *.|o IU4 OUMMUI- UUg It&dVj' I* dl ... . , the hospital - if it were approv- as I'ontrasted to $1 a vote for fi( . This hc pointed out. would;,' P re - sldt 'ed by voters — on grounds of the the Primary. incicase cost of the improve-' The simili County Tuberculosis Sanatorium, i Anottiei tactor is the lower cost nHJ , u |, eav j|y. Robert Towell, chairman of the ^ Tuesda>'s electon due to the ; Tnt , t . rosslo Aubrey J Holmes, executive j t:rat ,, . L „ .. .. ;director of the Illinois State! l' mi .-. Robert Zellei. guidance con-, Teai ., iel . s . Relhvnu , nt system,I' 1 " 1 !>«"'< J ipo^s use of Indians in Katanga- will speak at 10:40 a.m. on, "Re-j William Ilubbard Jr., and James! About 300 Irish troop!> poured on jtirement, Suivivor's Benefits andj E Youngberg. Democratic nom-jinto Elisabethville Airporl ^\ Legislative HiglUights." jinees. were elected justice of the|Wednesday to relieve the Swed- Dr. J. B. Johnson, Alton super- j peace and constable, respectively, jish garrison that was attacked imendent of schools, will intro- '" tht cour.ty's No. '2 district. iTuesday. There was no resistance idiice the sepakers. Invocation! which includes Wood River, Morojto the arrival, and another 606 improve-' ""' similar parents conferenceI^JH | )L . I)V rj r . Cortley H. Bur-,and Kt. Kussell inv.nships and Irish were ejsppcted today. ; program will be presented in the |rnu g|,s, piistor ol First Presbyter- {Precincts 2 and 3 of Chouteau s would ruii into a | I s lie ! triel of the state office of instruction, will speak Outs and No. •>§ director of the Fl'A., chamber hospital committee, saidi countv Baring the expense of I The district, as outlined ua the petitions, would cove* all * EkKvardwiH* TmmH* today lltal supporters of the proposed hospital district were to conduct a public fund drive to provide $600 election expenses required under Judge Kuuey's order. The sum must he deposited in County Court within 10 days, «o- cordiag to the order. compensation for judges of elec-j fjc at a 30 m y es tion. The crosstow'i) drive would be to handle through traf- rate now. he said. Election judges are to be paid, The Committee yesterday touch- at the county rate of 525 with the city paying US and the county the balance of $10. The city ordinarily pays $20 for (flratiwted o* *. Obi. I.) ed on several other items, including the Alby street problem which has grown with opening of the Godfrey Beltline; and the Milton improvement. L'ndtT Tshumbc. the agreement the Irich and will) ( ,-j *--• jl IIU^I IZ>, lMt\al\J+ Wf * 1» «3* * » CO«*J »t*|~ morning at the Collinsville sec- j ian c'liurch of Alton, and benwlie-! Township. tion which will meet in the Webs-ju on |,y the Rev. William L. Bifd, ( Karl Vuagnfiiux. l-:dwardsvillc'jpi)li w will guard the «irp0rl ter Junior High School library, jj^slur' ol the First Speakers, a musical program i Church of Altwi Methodist-att'inipy and Democratic nominee, !joinll>. crttliU-d with an uuoiliciul and an addiess of welcome by Wilbur R. L. Trimpe, county superintendent of whnols will highlight the sessions for teachers to the AJtoa High wditorium. B. J. WaSwr. Protestant co- Leroy Fritz, director of music margin of 255 votea oveJ' his Re- iu the Alton school system, will lead the audience iu song. The same speakers will appear on the program at the GoBins* ville sessions. publican oppouent, M. G. Schauer* te, in the No. 4 justice district. Donald Leo Hosting* St., Edwardsville, won handily on the Democratic ticket for constable. •i DATA AT THE DAM 8 am. Uoipejr«tiurff today 38° Blvwr HUu 4am at r 15.B. Pool

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