Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE POUB Vm »W LPE School Clbsf s OB Ac onst of Hear- 3lr. itnd8t filing In' : k%f Wnrk. for '.heir vAr- i<ON£ ELM. Mar. ^ of scarlet fever and nrfaool. is closed fot] longer if aevessar}'. The teachers left 'lous homes Fiiday cjyeninB, to enjoy their' enforced > acation with liome folkfl. T. B. Shaniion 'B m|en InHlHlled n milking inachinc at week. \Vc'i linaerstalnd there will bv anotiinr one InsllaUea soon in ; i/one Elm vicinity. Mr. and .Mrii. Frai k Newl'on attended the M.'E. aiinjial conference which was held at year. We understani MiFbach. I who has b the past i twD; years, jiaslur for l.>onc Elm for the coniihp year. Diile iScwIon spent at J. 11. Newlon'ii tlii his folks wore in Tobeka. • 4> <» « «ie> • • • • TOR TOLA DAILY REGISTOR.' fSSmSOAY BViaflKG. MARCH 10 .—On account measlejs our a week and ANDOBREGON. TO Topcka this the Rev. Mr. en at Wclrta will be the and Diamond several days week, while here that the race Sterling Word was received Il.v. .Ml', and Mrs. HH »vcr«' in -a very serlojis auto accl- • d '-nt while oil their way to Topeka. At Lcbo ;anotlier car comi|ig to meet ihcni was 4n a rnt and collided with their car tearing both wheels off ortn'thc left side of their Tlicy wore very fortunate to get througih siich an accident without some t>nc getting hurt. . Mrs. M.| A .:rrwlM. Glen, Lewis and Anna jn-er^ calling at Penland's .Sunday affornloon cnroute io Colony. Clifford Ucese aiid: Earl Gilliland . spent Sunday at the Helms home. Dr. J. O. Smith, torraet pastor here, was fn aft - atito accident'at: Topeka Thursday. He; and Mrs. Smith were .riding wfliVi some friends to th» church when another car collided with them throwing Dr. siniitK through the wind shield. was riiVhed to the hospital at oice liut with' the exception of aj few minor cuts and brtiiseij hfe was resting as well as could be expected. Ciaire ihk-ln and Ruby I?arrett motored to Baldwin Sunday to - spend the day with school friends.' The Catrier families Suudayed in Baldwin. • . .Mrs. Heck, was able to call on -Mrs. IJjVa Jackson RrJda(y e;ven- in^. Ih 'r many friends are glad she is 1 improving. Aj^aiir the death angel has vis- iti 'd lx)pe Elm; and this time has taken Harry Dicl 'oe. in five weeks and six days .after his wife was taken. Harry had suffereil with stomach trouble for a long time, but no onb :knew he was in sucli u i 'et 'lous: condition, bin his Immediate' frlenlfs. He was a patient • KUfferer and endured much. He ' was taken to- hit Bcthaiiy hospital for an opc ajtioh thjhkiDg his life might be K >a )'ed a little longer bm hfi passed awa .v .Monday afternoon.! The body was brought to Ix>nc Elm and he waR laid to rest beside his Kvife. Funeral services were conciucted by the Rev. E. L. Geyer at a .-.W at the .M. E. church Wednesday. He leaves to .moiirn his loss his two sons. Elvin and l^sler atid Tils brother Alfred, and a host of friends arid nelgh- bbrs. Harry was a good neighbor ami a sterling Chrlstikn character, i' . .Mrs. Emma Strlckler was 'able to. be brought home frohi the hos^ pital this week. ,'i : Harlin McCHnnis of lola spent the day Sunday with Wllber Helms. Mrs. Denny and Mrs. Helms were in lola Tuesday. " • ' Ruby Barrett; is helping at the telephone 'otfice <1urinR the time our school is. closed. DID TOD EVER STVP^ THINK .By Edsd ^D R. WfUit Shawnee, Oklalio na -fr •^ T* * * RILEY H. ALLEN, EDITOR ok THE HONOLULU (HAWAII) STAR^BULLETIN, SAYS!;' JThat Hawaii fs just as much a patt.of",the United States as Ne^V^ Ydrl?, Virginia or Oklahoin^ Hawaii is a ftill -nedged, territory —enjoying ; more powers of sblt- government than; any otheir tet'ri- tory or any possession of the United States, Hkw i il was peopled by divillzed. cducatdd Amedcahswhcn only a few st ^ay while hunters were In Oklahoma. I For J lore than lOU years American InHuenlie has been strong In (bis mid-Pariflc groiil*.' '.-Honolulu is a city of mo )e than imi.ono people, with all modern fa- eifliies such as i^ved streets, cicc-' ric lights,, telephpue Hcrvjcc. ! f|nc. stone and coticrete office hi lldings. irreat hanks and bualneRs ^gcnclcs — in fact, (he whole structure of; American businesW is here. i The people of 'liawaii are wide' awake American cltfjiens. Tliey' read- hewspapers au <l enjoir much the same sports, recreation iind cul- turalaetivllles as thepeopiej of any city In continental United states. Thfee grcht internatlonsil conventions will be held In Honolulu this year, and many mbr^jin the years to come. One of the finest hotels | in the world, the iRoyal Hawaiian, was opened Febniary 1, 1927 on the beach at.Waikiki. I ! The largest and. most ellaborlite passenger iteamer ever built in an Americin ijhipyard will be iput into service this snmmer between San Francisco'and ilouolulu — 4 |/2 da.vs from one port to the other, i Proud as Hawaii is of its imatcr- ial achievements, this territory is still more proud of its hospitality, its racial and religious tolerance, and tlie increasing jiurt it is Inlaying in international affairs on the Pacific. INDEPENDENCE . (Myrtle-Campbell.) Mar. 7.—^Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brown and children of Golden Valley neighborhood spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Day arid children. .Mr. and Mr.s. Wm. Campbell called on Mr. 3n<I Mrs. Abe Pierce (Sunday afternoon. Miss Nollle Shaughnessy is spending a . few days with home folks. I ' Russell Boyer of lola called on Will Campbell last Wednesday. The Larson children have recovered from chickenpox and are back In school. I. N. S. cliib met with Mrs. Bert W'ilhite. February 24. Dainty rer frcshments were served by the hostess. The • next meeting will be with Mrs. John Day and roll call ivill be 'answered with "My favorite cliickeh." Karl Nelson spent Sunday evening at Campbell's. Mrs. Elizabeth Williams is real poorjy at this writing. The .Maley children are absent from school on account of sickness. Jolin (irumriMe of El Dorado spent tliejweck end'with the Canit>- bell buys, • Waneta, Hicks of Prairie Hall PRAIRIE VIEW (Neva Wolfe) Mar. S.—.Mr. ^ ,(ohn Toniliu.son went to Cedarvale, Kan.-;., Saturday to attend his aunt's funeral, i"eturnlng hom.e. .Monday. Daryle Connett. .Minnie, Winnie and Fern Tomlinson are all on the sick list at this writing. .Mr. and Mrs. Byrl Carl spent -Monday afternoon at (!eorge Carl's. : .Mr. and Mrs, Hurley Butts spent Sunday .at' the, parental Snider home. .Mr. Snider was r«'al poorl.v- again and we hope he soon will be better. .Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Lassmann and children spent Sunday with Mrs. Ijissmanu's parents. Mr. arid Mrs, Wni. Bland. Mr. uii^ .Mrs. All)ert Lassmann spent lasC Tuesday night wifii Mr. and Mrs. ifrank (ilbson and Charlcis. and .Mrs. Lassnian, .Mrs. Wllber ai d (ieticviove! spent tlw day \yedneh- day with iJMrs. Clbson. -Mr. and .Mrs. tJeorge Carl aifd family 'siient Sunday with; their dnughtca.i.Mrs. Clarence Orth oi d fariilly, wlio live down by Earlton, How cjuickly and nnexpectedly death can enter Irito our homes. How sad It was for the friends and relatives .When the news canic over (he wli-e I ^iit Wednesday afternoon from Texas telling that .Mrs. Fred liussell had been killed In aM auto Hccident. The Jioar and dear ones have our deepest sympathy. .Mr. and .Mrs. Lonnie Bakiir spopt Siiuday with .Mr. and .Mrs; Kciinotli Hharp and. family. Mr. and; Mrs. Edri Oihson, Corwin, Virgil and Nila .N'adine. KCu- iteth Farmer ^pcnt the day Sunday at "Frank (Jibson's. Johnnie'and litS AddHI ^asi [to Faritt Bnlldlngs In 3pM !vlrhiIt7^»M»!^i«n Chucb lYard ImiiroTriRemti. Personal JKentlon; ; 1927; General .Mvaro Obrcgcm (right) former jiresiilent of'.Mexico, imparting to President (I'alle.'i at the Chapultepec Palace. Jfexico City, observations made on Obrogon's recent visit to the Tniled States. One wonders jflifled right knees are pr('.si<len.tial penchants in the republic to the south. • . : ; Psychology SOUTH FAl^VBEW (Thellua Rogers.) South l-'airview Orange met at .Mr.,Nichols's Tue'sdav night. ' Oddie Pool was brought home from tlie Ft. Sc<)tt hospital Thursday. • N i .Mr. and 'Mrs. Roy .Nichols an- I nounce birth of a duiigliter to I whom tlie.v liave given tlie name jThora .May. Mr. and -Mrs. Kverctte Rogers and .Mr. aiid -Mrs. R. S. Klllott and family. .Mary and Paul visited w,iih : 1 .Mr. and .\lrs. l-iirl Elliott Supday. I I Uoy ivrry sold two car loads of hay tliis wei-k. ' ' Tin- weekly prnyor meeting' will lie I K 1(1 at .Mr. Ed Stewart's Ft-I- tijiy night. ' ' Otis Brown has been operated on ill the Ft. Scott Iio.spital. ' He l.s i,!gftting along nicely and "will I)fc brought home next Monday. Floyd Hayes lias moved to the I Diiggan. farm, vacated by Loyd ' Broughton. 1 The Harris tlireshiiig iiiachiue lias been ihrcsliing in tliis com- iiiiinity this week. Epworlh. Ijcagiie was well at- Ifndrd Sunday night. We had an interesting Bible question contest. (Mrs. G. H. Fordi) MORAN^ Kans.. Mar.' 9.—Our farmers are delighted^|witb the fine weather of the past few days and are hoping for the real spring time soon. Tli^ fields arej yet so wet that lio farm work hi s begtin except in a few favored spo'ts where some oats are being; d -iUed. The Reuben ArnistjriAig family that moved to the > Walter Cliiic farm cast of town on the higliway ban within the' last feW daysmoV- edi to the J. M. Taylor'farm three miles southeast of town. Mr. Cline Jias not rc-reuled his farm at this time. Wallace Sloan is adding a large room to his house on the farm occupied by the Robert Eastwood family. The addition | is not only an improvement to the appearance of the farm but Is a great comfort and convenience to the family. Mrs. Walter CHue' attt:ndeil a meeting of the lola Music cluh Tuesday afternoon and gave onl> of the nnrabers on the: program. A group of the church men met Tuesday afternoon and spent the time disposing of ^he surplus mound of dirt at the: back of the Presbyterian church left there since the excavating for the nei »r building' was begun. The entire lawn was prepared for the sowing of gras^ iifbd also. The Rebekah club enjoyed an all-day meeting Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Dora Stuteville. Tlic following members werfe present: Mesdames Lofs' Manning, Nettle Bartlett. Rachel Wcsist. Charles Bryan. Nettle Rees, Carrie Young, Inez Archer, Dona Frye; .Marie Tlce. Miss ..\eU Manbeck. Mrs. (Jeorge Welch. Mrs. J; C. Norton, Mrs, Herfin. Mrs. C. 0. Larson and .Mrs. Abel Cook. .Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Twadell and little daligliter, Lenpre. visited Mrs. Twadell's parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Fred McCormacfc near Eureka Sunday. Mrs. J. IT. Seber is enjoying a visit from her sister, Mrs. Oland Young of Slater. Mo., {'and another sister. Miss Ethel Farley of Kansas City, visited over th» weekend. I Paul Klein of lola is addingr some fine improi^ements to his farm building just north of town on the highway. iMartin Anderson formerly of the Prairlp Hall neighborhood, now occupies this farm; rather iT^airkable baseball record is that of Bob Prysock. who | last year won the MichiganrOntar- io I..eague pennant for Bay City and wbb has beeiil^ signed to pilot the' Wheeling Stoffes in the .Middle I Atlantic ' Leagne the coming season. Prusock has played in major and minor leagues for 14 years and during this long period he has been absent from the line-up only onct> In some 2,000 games. Fornand Buisson, the new President of the French Chamber of Deputies, was in his day a fu-^ mons Rugby player, one of the best! e\*er •produced in France. ! "TJif Virginia League, after con- 1 sidcpation of some suggested { changes, has decided to start the I 1927 season with the saiiio circuit of jlubs as last year. ' IN ADDJTION'tO WE SHOW : A very complete lin e of Hosiery, .Millinery, Corsets, i Brassieres,- Lin^eriStamped Gopds> Novelty Notions, Laces, Children's Marments. M«LAIN'S It I East Madison Sifers Bkig. Ralph Tomlinson noon there. spent the after- Short Talks By Tlioutrhlfnl .Mothers i-A California (l/ingjBeach)j Motli- er speaks: "Only a. mother who h ^K passed tiirough anxious nights of fear of croup, hearing that lionrse, croupy cough constantly, can appreciate our feeling ofj gratitude toward Foley's Honey ftiid ^ar Compound. . It stopped Jiinior's dreadful ^cougli the first night'pic took it a^id it was a great rolicfitn see him idrop Into a quiet Mcep." Good also for whooping cobgh, measles pongh and heavy wheezy breathing. Sold and recommended everywhere.—H. A. Brown & ^on. district day. enrolled it: 4i (ihool Mon- In the Memorial! Gymnasitim the I'niverslty of •N'irWnla possesses one of the largest arenas for Indoor athletics of nny colleges In (he conntr>'. One of the features is 8 banked track of the same dl- mensionivi of the track In ;MadIsOn Square Garden. GOITRE REMOVED For Another Kansas I Ladfl DIszl- ness. Headaches. Ciiokin(r< Shortness of;Breath 9eV |eTt>il fcy' Colorless LInlra'ent. —Mrs. Irene! Erhart. Webber. Kan.s., says: "|9ifi(4to1 -Quadriiple has brought me liothing but happiness. My neck has been reduced almost two inches and the terrible ' distress rellered. • I thank Mrs. Dot Cox, IJelaiifare- Ohio tor writ- ring me her eiperiencei' I now-feel lit my duty to tell Or >Tite others." 'Get luore Information front Sor- T KI I Company,' Mechnnicsbiirg, O.. : Dmg 'stores 'eTCrjnfrhere,' Locally ' at Brownla Drug Store, _ WIQQIE YOUR TOES. COT A CORN? We Maide a Jar of "End-O-fcom"! for YOU. Your DrusKiatlla Waiting for You to CaU ttr It. -aiND-b.CKJBN'' «e to ally BNOB eORKa and avtry paclcM* coatUa*:'a' VOMBT OOARANTnL^at yiU cmn oaablct anr bank If rim coma>4D ntt Mimiy oiiappMn . • ••END-O-COBN*' M aodorMd Irr th» toltowlDB druaaiit*. But ir th*y tkm net w-ar you and yottr n'lshbortioodxtnqp-' tilt doon'l hav«'Mt. wrltu (o KND<.Ci- .Vlvilf Chleafo, aad w* wUt M « tlitt VM' neeiy* a Jar. • j *•>. • t'ooK';^ nurti STOKE! A sign that gets a laugh ought also to get the businc>s, the chimney-sweeping fum of "Small & Brown" figured down Savannah, Ca., way. So tlio youthtul work- 1 .MJSS Cussio Perry and .Mis.s Imo ers devised this one. ' Cogens were the leaders. .Miss I Rogers's side won the conte.-l. The (,f: losing.side will entertain the winners. ' For 9 Years.Gas ^ Ruined Her Sleep —••I liBil Stomach tr iuble 9 yearsi and gas made me restless and ner- vouis. Adierika helped so I can eat and sleep;good."—.Mrk. E. Touch- Hlotie. .Inst O.VIC spoo ifuI .Vdlerlka relltves gas and that bloated feeling so that you can eat and sleep w*ll. Acts on BOTt| upper and lower bowel and removes old waste matter you never thought vias there. No matter what ~you have tried for your stomacli and bowels, Adierika will surprise you.—Palace Urug Store. Ccrtaiii-tfcd IlexaROnal Sl&b.s purniit yoii to secure a hifrhly (lee<»ratiye roof .surface with a diktinttive and iiniisiuil tile eflecl al ;i i\?lativo!y .snia!! invpstmeift. Thoy arc made in three solid dolors of Green.-lied, and BUic- black which may be used indivitiually to Rive a uniform c/ilr)r or combination to form a variegated roof effect whitli is most jittrailive. They ai'c' a!.>o s<u{>plied in Color-BIendnvhich is a hamionious conibinatioi! of several colors on each shingle. ! . Certainteed Shingles, Provide: Permanence Eeonoiiiy I'ER SQl AUK Pho^ie 115 301 West Madison The .National Kifle Associalioii liie.United Stales is ar.irriKin;; for representation in ihc iiiternjition- al rffle matches to lie helil in Rome, Italy, lienginnins -May 20. Th(|r<;'K only fine Milnp ;i wife will a^init; she doesn't know. :itid tlial'.s why she niarrierl her hiishaiid.i Donald .Noble has nioyed to tlie (d(l Klliott farm which lio pur- i eliased: from R. S. Elli9tl. ' Ira WigKins had an attack of apiiendiciiis Saturday night. He was taken to the Ft. Scott hospital liut returned home Sunday morn- ins. I i M?itinee 10c and 20c; NiehtllOc and 30c TONIGHT—i.AST TIMES I woodsman—a luring ,'''^1? ''•''t ^^'1' % all tpo^ dangerously.^ GrippirigV Clara Bow, Ernest Torreiice and Percy Marmont in "Mantrap" , Clara Bow as the manicnre-girl bride of a .Maine vho smiles and sparkles Sensational! Differ' and eht! By t3n6 author of ".Main Street." "Babbit' "Arrowsmitli." • COMEDY AND NOVELTY REEL SATIJRD/VY^ DrunrliiUi wiUi lie nntteraUndins; that moaWAfriU ba refunded if it faila u^cnra . aar caiM of Itrhidr. Blind. Bleadina or . Pratnadinar Tt\tmpWhT ixA «ri, it. -1 FORD STERLING LOiswiLSorr LOUISE BROOICS . GREGORY KtLLV a MALCOLM ST. am 9roA>dim. mSIMTED Br AMim lUHOa- . jfast U \MV Qmanount I You know thisj fellow—He's a b^ckslapper and a crackei-—hie's just a lot of bluff and nonsense—|)ut he sure is'iFlfNNY'! : Watch him move in on his hattihet-faced - mother-in-law. run over a traffic iop with a Borrowed flivver and upset things in ; general, including your nervous ssystem! Saturdajf —Bbot Gibson in , ^ *^he fei^aroo Kid" , AI»I>KB— The lirsl cliiipler of the new serial. '•The Sfleitt Flrerr fmhiring ".Sllrer Streak.*; (King :«i' Hoe Stars). .Mnlrolm !Mc(ireir- or aiiil f.o'iiKp I.tirnilne. I I I ^ 1-JA Cmi^Me Showing 0^ New Parchment, Blonde, Biege, Sauturn, Rose Blush, Gray, Paisley, Iridescent Patent PRICED Blonde, one-stdip Cherry Trim. ' . $6.00 Moon Grayv Bo^ Heel "Cherry Trim. $6.00 $7.50 Rose, Spike HeeK Tie Iridescent Patent, I'arch- ment Trim. Sauturh Tie, Paisley Trim, Box Heel $6i85 Rose OBIush ArchS^Fort $6.00 Box iMeel Patent Strip, Spike Heel Pump. A complete line of Arch Supports in ^rown. Tan, IBUise blifsh. Patent and Kid $6.00 I'atent, Spike Heel, Short Vamp, Gypsy Toe'^ .4 complete: line of> Spring Hosiery. All, of tjie new shades to match the footwear. Holeproof—• " $1.00 $1.50 \_ Vandyke Heels, Chpfaun; Cadet S1^5i) ^^^^ $1;95

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