Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1950 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JANUARY S, 1950 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 2 Men Injured In Falls on Ice WtlUam ritchugh of Hartford, an operator at Wood River Oil A Refining Co., *•• brought to Alton Memorial Hospital, Wednesday, following (i fall on the tee while at work. X-ray examination was made of shoulder and neck Injuries after which he returned home. Relatives today reported he was making satisfactory progress * and expected to report for work this evening. Alfred Whltten, 69, of 2010 Main, is a patient in Alton Memorial Hospital, following a fall Tuesday night, incurred while he was on his way to a neighbor'! to get help after his lister, Mrs. Ruby Cress, Mad suffered a paralytic stroke. Mri. Cress, an employe for many years at Luer Bros. Packing Co., and her brother, redded at the Main street home. Mrs. Cress Is a patient In St. Anthony's' Infirmary. Mailmen Carry Blow Torches Atjeneyvitle JERSEYVtLLE, Jan. 5. — (Special.) — Employes of the Jersey- Whitten jury. sustained an arm in- Recorder Shows $1(1,758 Balance EDWARDSV1LLE, Jan. 5. —The audited semi-annual report of County Recorder Harry T. Hartman shows n fee balance of $10,758 after payment of all salaries and operating expenses of his office for the half-year ending Nov. 30. Fee receipts' for the six-month period totaled $23,844.85, and expenditures, $13,085.91, leaving a $10,758.94.balance which has been turned Into the county treasury. The report was audited Monday by County Auditor James T. Callahan, assisted by two members of the officers' committee of the county board of supervisors, W. J. Meyers of Alton and Gilbert Loyet, Highland. Fee receipts of the recorder'i office for the half-year, by months, were: June, $4127.50; July, $3765.25; August, $4030.10; September, $4039; October, $3995.50, and November, $3809.50. Expenditures included $2000 as salary of the recorder for the half-year; $2686.50 salary for two deputies; $5140.60 as salary of five stenographers for the 'six-month period; $273 for extra clerk hire, and $2336 for duplicating supplies. Urge Jerseyans To Feed Birds 'ostofflce department carried torch on their totites early Veterans Advised To Check Benefits JERSEYVILLE, Jan. 9. — (Special.) — A heavy coating of sleet and Ice fell In the Jersey County vicinity during most of Tuesday night. .,-.». Observers warned that food supplies for birds which , have been vllle t>< a blow Wednesday morning when they collected mall deposited in boxes n various parts of the city. The freezing rain Tuesday night had cemented the boxes with a deep coating of Ice and the blow lorches had to be employed to thaw locks and open boxes. A Jacksonville Trallways bus, which arrived hert Wednesday morning, hnd great difficulty In opening the baggage compartments upon Its arrival al the Jerseyvllle station. Scores of motorists, whose cars had been out during the night, also found it impossible to get the doors of their vehicles open Wednesday morning. Reports Streams Near Flood Mark JERSEYVILLE. — Henry Vln- sort, who lives in the Hussey Lake vicinity In southwestern Otter Creek township, was a Jerseyville visitor Wednesday morning. He reported that streams In the Otter Cheek area reached flood stage Tuesday evening. Road conditions on many of the highways were becoming bad before the sleet and freezing conditions arrived, he reported. Roxana Woman Hurt When Struck by Truck ROXANA, Jan. 5 — Mrs. Kathaleen HartsOck, wife of Robert Hartsock, 147 West Second street, was badly shaken up and received minor abrasions of the right leg when struck by an Illinois Bell Telephone Co. truck near the bus lot In East Alton Tuesday at 4 p. m. . Mrs. Hartsock was treated at Wood River Township Hospital and allowed to return to her home where she must remain in bed for several days. Announce Birth ROXANA — Mr. and Mrs. Luther Klnser, Chaffer avenue, are the parents of a son, weighing nine pounds and four ovlnces. The baby was born at 4:44 a. m., Wednesday, in Wood River Township Hospital and has been named Steven Ross. He is the first child born to the couple. Mrs. Kinser is the former Miss Eileen Stevens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stevens, Jerseyville. Kinser Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kinser, Greenfield. Cancel Scout Pot-luck ROXANA — The annual Girl Scout pot-luck supper scheduled for today at 5:30 p. m. at th.e Community Building has been postponed until a later date due to the weather. Televising the entire earth would be one of the possible uses of a man-made satellite rocket. , wintering la this seriously cut off. may be residents are urged to engage at once In a bird- feeding project. Mourning doves, robins, and other species, which usually migrate, have been observed In large numbers In many localities up to the time the billiard hit the district Rural resident* of Jersey County have always been cooperative In seasons of bad weather when it be came necessary to feed quail and other birds. Ice conditions have al ways been the worst for blrdlife to contend with, as natural feeds when covered with a heavy glaze are almost impossible for birds to obtain. KKtttrent *. County Betvlce nilnols Veterans ComtnlMlon Check your veteran benefits. BONUS (ILLINOIS) - Veterans of WW II who served other than dishonorably are entitled to $10 a month for domestic service and )15 for each month spent overseas (Including Alaska). CIVIL SERVICE **- Veterans have preference In both state and federal Civil Service. Additional points are added to grades if the veteran is disabled. COMPENSATION (Or Pension) —Veterans who have disabilities they believe were Incurred in or ggravated by service should file i claim with the VA. Veterans who TC totally and permanently disabled from non-service disabilities may also have entitlement to a tension. DENTAL CA^E—Dental service may be obtained from a local dent- st if the condition is attributed to service and prior authorization is [ranted by the VA. DISCHARGE REVIEW—Veterans who receive discharges other han honorable and who feel that an injustice has been done may, mder certain conditions, request and receive a review. This office at 102 West Third, Alton, should consulted. Such consultations vill be held In the strictest confidence. Factual or typographical errors made at time of separation may also be corrected. EDUCATION (FEDERAL) — Veterans of WW II, with 90 days or more of active duty service, discharged other than dishonorably are entitled to schooling or raining at government expense The length of the training course s dependent upon the length of service. Tuition, supplies and IIv- ng allowances are provided Veterans with war disabilities are given special consideration. EDUCATION (STATE)— Veterans honorably discharged from war service are entitled to fre'e scholarships at the University of Illinois or at any state teachers college. These scholarships may be resident study, Correspondence or extension courses from the above named Institutions. Veterans with vocational handicaps not due ,o war service may receive training or schooling at state expense when employment is the objective Veterans may secure credit from secondary schools and colleges for war experience. EMPLOYMENT — All Illinois Veterans''"Commission offices as sist in securing employment and "on the Job training" in coopera tion with the Illinois Department of Labor. Vocational guidance aptitude tests and professiona counseling are available to veter ans upon request to VA. HOSPITALIZATION (F E D E RAD—Veterans with service con nected disabilities for which treat ment is needed are entitled t Hospitals. Ou or treatmen iltted to ft VA Hospital when beds re available, Ambulance service available only In emergencies nd If authorized by the VA. HOSPWALIZAT1ON (STATE) —Veteran! mentally 111 may be dmltted to any State Hospital by oluntary or Involuntary commitment. Veterans with minor ner- ous ailments may receive treatment at the Veterans Rehabllltn- on In Chicago. Veterans having entitlement to Federal hospi- allutlon may receive treatment, urgery or prosthetic appliances rom the Division of Vocational lehabllltatlon, provided employ- ent Is the objective. Limited reatttlent may be received at the admission to VA Patient Service* utilizing local hospitals and physi clans may be obtained when a emergency exists, provided servic connection has been establish*! Prior authorization by the VA 1 necessary. Any honorably dis charged war veteran may be a<! Sdntfe DM S* Met hr BwiMHm Mri* NO H8IB ARTHRITIC BIN RELIEF KNOWR SmathnalNewRwarch 5ucc«MStops Swelling... Uncork* Joint* Soldiers and Sailors Home. INSURANCE—Veterans of WW 1 or II may reinstate either U. S. Government Life or National Service Life Insurance. Term policies may be converted to Ordinary, 20 Pay, 30 Pay or 2 types of endowments. Waiver of premium is granted where total and permanent disability exists. Premiums may be deducted from pension or compensation payments. Beneficiaries may be changed. Lump Sum Settlements can be specified by the Insured or by monthly Installments. CHANGE OF ADDRESS—All changes-of address should be reported Immediately. Many veter- an* are tulfli the above services to solve their many readjustment problems. These services are of great value, use them wisely and do not overlook their Importance. McOlnty Goes to Reward "McGlnty" will be shorn no more for Yass, Australia, reports the death of the 14-year-old ram famed for the amount of wool he yielded. For 13H years he averaged about 22 pounds, compared with 10 pounds for an average sheep over a 7-year period, Me- Ginty, a pet of his owner, J. C. Carey, knew his name and would come when called. Re v.N.H. Ellison Dies at Age 66 The Rev, Noah Henry Ellison, 66, of 1530 Market, a retired Baptist minister, died Wednesday «t 10 p. m., in St. Joseph's Hospital following an operation. The Rev. Ellison, who had resided In Alton for the past three years, entered the hospital Christmas day. He underwent surgical treatment Wednesday morning, Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Effie Ellison, and a son, Grover Bill- home, fh«nts. tAOttfTKB to ii fttiftftl MMWI pending tufltttt -» — A native woman carrying h*f three-monthS'Old child eft n*f back got caught in ft WfttMt crowd outside a butcher shop m Broken Hill, South Africa. 9h« had joined a queue In which th« people rushed forward whetr the shop opened. After belnf and leaving the stbre, th* felt something was wrong With the child, so she undid 'the'.MM* ket In which she was carrying It. She found the baby had crushed to death. NEW HOPE FOR ARTHRITIC SUFFERERS "God bleu you sll for dcrful new IMDRIN. Thii week I start my third bottle, •nd my husband already sijri I «n like s new woman."— Mrs. W.P.* Newark, N. J. "Before finishing my first bottle of JMDRIN, the aches •nd pains in my back were gone. I feel much better now than I did years ago/'-Mrs. M.H." Clarksburg, W. V*. •N«m« •• nqutil, t»ni Mayor's Agony Over AfUr 25 Year* The mayor of » progressive town pear Albuquerque, N. Mex., tells • thrilling true-life story of tensa- tional pain relief after 25 years of unbearable torture. He says: "1 was ready to give up hope, when I heard about JMDRIN. Even be_ _ fore finishing the first bottle, I received wonderful relief and I can now enjoy liv- in* without ifcrTeririg." . . . IMDRIN may brin s you the ssrat btotcd relief. Ask lot IMDRIN today. CLEVELAND-A closely-guwded research secret has finally been released for the benefit of arthritic and rheumatic sufferers. Clinical tests prove that thii great new remedy, IMDRIN, h one of the fastest known reliefs for arthritic pain. It is • sensation from coast tocoaw. Bow NEW MMIN Hales Hdfcm Medical researchers have now proved conclusively that IMDRIN works in- tetiudly towards wonderful, sometimes complete, reduction of pain, heat, redness and swelling in the joints. IMDRIN is not habit-forming, absolutely safe and easy to take. Hundreds of longtime sufferers now depend on IMDRIN to help avoid days of agony, and to speed their return to • normal, pain-free lite. You too may experience thii heavenly blessing. Get IMDRIN today on guarantee of •mazing pain relief or money bsck after fine bottle. Cn*rM4 by Ufrt Druggist* Your dniwiii it now rexlr In nip- pi* you «iib iro«in» IMDRIN. You mull t« (in, blessed inhrinc fwa ivlirf from 6m boat* or tour it reruracd. , . ii the if $u |, O f e«e n sjve research which combine! a new ingredient with other pure Pharmaceuticals. IMDRIN contains no dope, narcotics. or dangerous drugs. As • guarantee of scientific safety, this sensational product . There i. BO /««* njlff VIMS OF OTINMVC THIS IMDRIN wss developed cmly after lonx ««i)«rimental research in the laboratory. Today it is • P>ot»4 success, offering you mvw wthntic p«m a How ARTHRITIS Strike* . _ • , .. •vtciciiMfe ••>•*•• i ••••» w»-«™--—™- »r- Arthritic and iheum»uc 5fi? L " J" *uT™JS~ JKr? •» btcked by $200flOO.OO_Product Lit"* " """ * * " *" ' "' ~~ --——•--• toj^jr it no lympfoRil, the public todsy! GET IMDRIN TODAY If you are (utTcriai the »fony and eonurt of srthhuc piini, swelling and uifloett . . . OONT GIVE UP HOPE. IMDRIN m*r help you itsrt • new pain-free life. Get IMDRIN noif! Don't mus rhe chsncc to enjoy norm*! YOUR ' --«=*— living once agsia. CUAMNTH: No jitter sr- thrittc piin t+ lief or your money back •tor fir«f bottle! ONLY 3°° NMTfM'1 e»ft»N.«M every TIMIOAV «*d THUIIDAY ItMlMUTUAl OPEN TONMNT • na STOIHS ALTON, WOOD MVn AND IIMIWIIU, IUINOU MOMi UK SHOPS NOT A SPECIAL PURCHASE . . 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