The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on April 2, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1892
Page 4
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Such vv im the ilr:iwiiiL;.rontn ul' Sir Ar- thiir WorthliiKton, Itiinmet; ami lilsdmt^h. ter mid only child Klnrenee In uivi- the finishing touch or lieniily to tin- spli-mliil scene, while she reclined In her velvet mil ,:ililed chuir, a hook idly held in her hand, which she vainly tried to read, or thought •lie read, a weary expression on her fair I'litikii in face, which lacked warmth, kiml- !iiic-s, .•..nti-nt. \\ hat vva^ it? Sonii'tliiii^ inarreil its perfection. Iler fo ehead vvas pur'' and white as inarhlc. her tuovvs were clearly and delicately penciled, her large dark gray eyes lull ami iiright, hut yet utterly devoid of tcnileriicss, her lip- were red ami soft, hut yet cruelly cold-looking, l'rldc uiniiicnchahlc and relentless, vvas stamped 011 every ieatiire of the l.iir young face, love of self dlsplaved In every fold of her rich silken rnhe, in I'very detail of her e ireful and costly toilet. Mii-li was l-'lnr- enee, only child and heiress «f Sir Arlhtir "'•irthliig.on, llotoiiet. nlie had lieen utterly spoilt and Indulged from her Idrth, which made her mothi-i timid the full tide of fatherly ul 'i 'cction » Inch might to sonic extent have coiiipen-ateii her fur the great loss her childhood had sustained, vvas long withheld, hecaitsc she was a girl. Vur many years she seemed to lack the power to discover the secret path which might iiiuke her couipanioimlilc to her lather; hut, as I'Morcnce developed in tie.uity, and ac.juircil accomplishment*, Sir Arthur's fatheily pride and allcctioii I his daughter were kindled, and he hegall to imagine a pn^ihility, though -he vvas a daughter only, 1 hat *he might hecoine the prop of a tottering house, if the fates were pi-ipitimis, and she was uiideniahly its ornament. Jlul in the meantime sir Arthur could not help di-eovering that his daughter vvas most extravagant, lie could grudge her nothing: hut money vva* far from plentiful wilhiiiui; and her luxuries and splendors taxed him -orely. Miss Wonhington threw her hook on to u little talih at her side, and looked across to n recess in I lie drawing-room, where another lady was al-o seated, enjoying the perusal ot a French mm I. She was no longer mug; and. although Countess of Haven, few people thought her pleasant to look upon. The noise of the falling honk attracted icr ludv ship's attention, and sh glanced across the room to where her niece vvtis seated. The Countess was Sir Arthur Woi thingtoii's only and widowed sister, and, for the time, I'lnrencc's guest, so thai it behoved her ladyship to show some interest In her young hostess' movements She closed her own IIOOK with reluctance, her inert nature and thcovcrpovvciing heat of the ilui making her casy-chair. the shady oriier of the lonin, and her French novel ill very plea-aul to her. It might he enilurahle In the park by ibis time, aunt Margaret, If one only had a in-iage. Ills trying that papa, although it is the end of the season, should have ken It into his head to change the eai riauc mil horses before we leave town. I have wanted an open carriage HO many dav> lately; (br besides the heat and diseomfori, u brougham is not the most desirable ci|tiip. ige to -how oneself in," Miss Worthinglon ;aid fretfully. • The word.- roused the iluuutess from her novel and her half-recumbent posiiion. 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Ouniulution SB )UtT POLISH IN THI WORLD.] ST PV1P0LISH ••'lo all intents anil inirposes, ai iiiii 't.-1. riiere Is the tn-ini^liani. am of a hoise t'roiu Iteut lev's, when 1 •»111 1 'nave lieen without a cai'iia lioi 'ses of my own torthe last sj\ w nut ju-t at the ri IIM - when one wauls thein inusl. ill coiii -sc the hroiu;hani iloes vvcll •iioiiu 'h lor ni^hl-wo!'!;, hut not In tlllvc in lucinc. ihe ila\. 1 iiitist confess papa i» not evucrall'. -o Ihini ^htloss of my coin, fort; hut he -ays 1 must manage now until vrf return from Thornvilh"." What reason has ho given you Flor­ ence?" I,ady Itavcn asked. (inly that the carrlugo was too old fash- loni'il fur inn anil too heavy for the horses —which of course It was; and then pii |i Is tired of uray .s, anil wishes me to drive dark hays for the future." ••Hut al least he might have, left you the •.-rays until the hays were forthcoming," Lady Kavcn remarked, with apparent reason, mid also with n meaning expression on luu face. She did not dare give utterance to what was psissiiig in her mind then, or she could have told her niece that her chance of driv lug hays now or at any future time was a very remote one. She had little douht on the suhject herself; antl sho had less a few minutes later, when Miss Worthiiigtnn 'i own maid hrought her in n note on u salvor. ••Why aru you here, Marie, instead Hudson)'" her young mistress tiskciL "lleeause onoof Thcrese's women hrottght the note herself, nia'ani, and says she's hce told to wait for an aiisivcr. 1 though! might he ahout your dress, and that you might require inc." ••It Is not—andthorols no answer," Miss Woi'thliigton replied coldly. And the servant withdrew. Hut tho note appeared of soino Importance to her nevertheless, fo» sho road'and ive-reail it soveral timos, Hushing deeply the while. Lady Havens' eyes woro ilxod In- tontly on her niece all tho timo I'WIiat Is It, Floroneof" hor ladyship asked at length. She guessed too well, ul- though she asked to he enlightened. "Simply u pleeo of impertinence on the part ol'Tiierose, aunt; hut it is novevthe- less annoying. It is worrying too of pupa. I can't understand him," Miss Worthliigton lidded, somewhat Incoherently uWliUt has It to do with your father, Florence," "Why only this—Tlioroso lias heen tormenting mo ever since Christmas to settle toy account. 1'iipa allows mo only throe hundred pounds 11 your for my plii-monoy, and ho has not glron mo n fraction since long hofovo (Jlirlstmas. Every day I ask blm for a chock, hut ho always puts mc oil' with somo oxeuso or othor; and BOO how an noying It Is now, aunt Margaret—and Miss Worthington ?B voice betrayed that tears were near—"Thoreso actually docllnes to commence my dross for the tvvoiity-UI'th unless i<ieud her forty or ilfty pounds on account,"' lias she written Impertinently) 1 " hor ladyship asked. "Not actually In words, hut In matter certainly; there is tho note--read it; and Miss Worthliigton rose qulukly and handed It to her aunt. "It is too annoying—and pupa especially wished mo to have u new dross for the twcnty-llt'th, and also that it should be a hundsomo one. I Iiavo never known him to take so uuioli interest in my appearance heforo—in fact he chose tho dross himself j and now what am I to dof Possibly I may not sue papa again until the beginning of tbo week," "Is Lord Hnrcourt Vurnon coining on tho twonty-lllthl"' l.aily Ituvoii asked alt. ruptly. "Yos, I think so," Miss AVorthlngton answered, and again roddouod vividly. "Well, you must huvo a dress, child— there Is no doubt about that," Lady ltuvon sulci; hut It Is a iiad business, I four," she added, almost as if to herself. "Why a had business, litttit Margaretf— It Is provoking but I do not see that It Is more. Of courso pupa will give me a oltoek twice ovor for the amount If X ask hlin. Tt is only that lie Is always BO uuutory about money matters, as you know." «I know Indeed," Lady Mtwe-nimaweretl rather grimly j "but something must be done Ahout your dross, Florence; tho twen- ty-Ufth Is little more than a week off, and dressmakers aro all so .busy at this time of the year. Whut bad you orderqdf</ '. 'fOh, » most elitborato dress I liutl will never go again to' 'I'horoBOj sonie ouo else must undertake it; Tborese bus made hor la»t for me. Pupa, hluwolf ohoso it—wild It U to rarely: l»e takes, any Interest in tny drew, Rt least as to ita detulls. Ho Beemed totblnkl would took, so w«U u^Meaprai but J »mafr«)d U ^YlU^l»» «P»«y flW-M? ^-»ndth»» »b4basaq t9,dM«ribe to tU^ CoURteii - t^f «o^Blii|i«9B of go^d ^4 W ver tl««no, delicate satin, mill ta !0 nccessa- y for Its )i'.'iii |ii.-liii .i. "A u'<tly dress indeed, child I No won. di r 'I'lle.-c-o list- dcelia.-d it! l-'orherown credit 'hi; inusl send it home pel feet, and At no s.ight expense. She ma) really well demur, as «lie ev hh-utly thinks pa v incut for It may he indefinitely postponed; and there Is also a considerable sum In »r- re»r," her indyslilp declared. What do you mean by payment being Indefinitely postponed?" Miss Worthlngton asked haughtily. T have never been In arrear with herheforel Even papa has always been content with lite way I bavo managed my own ufliiirs. It Is simply papa's dreadful Iiahlt of procrastination which Is putting me to this inconvenience now. I'apacould wrlto mo twenty checks, If he liked," Florence averred. "Iteally 1 diui't know what is the best to he done now," she added. "You sec this Is no common dre-s; and I don't know any other per-on to apply to. Hut Tliercse at any saerlllce, shall never make mc another I" "Have you no money, Florence, with which you could content her for the time? Surely It might he wiser to d" that than to quarrel with her under existing circumstances." "'I'he sum total of my riches at the present time, aunt Margaret .imoiint* to ahout seven pounds, I don't thiiiK Therese would thank me much for that. Ik-sides, she shall work no more for me I The moment papa returns I shall insist upon his giving me a cheek for the whole, and rid myself of herat once. 1 can novel- stand impertinence like that. And I did not like her manner the other day." I.ady Itavcn apparently did not, on the present occasion, see affairs In the same light as her niece. She was silent and her face betrayed some annoyance or per]rloxity. ••Are all arrangements made for your hall on the 25th, Florence!'" her ladyship iuuuircd. • •I think so-" "Who provides tho supper?" "Morton—this time." "I thought Hunter provided the last?" "Yes, last year he did; hut It seems that papa has had some unpleasantness with him, so this year he has arranged with Morton. He will do as well, I fancy." And who provides the dowers, and arranges them?" Lady Haven asked. Willson or Williams— I forget which— But they seem quite elllclent and are anx. Ions to satisfy us; at, least so papa says." I thought Fuller was your florist?"— Lady Kateu asked again, with a meaning look on her face. He has been hitherto," Miss Worthiug- ton answered; hut pupa does not seem to avo been contented with blm either. For this occasion he made arrangements himself with Williams." Are you sure they arc made?" Certain on that point, aunt Margaret. Williams has been here himself to seethe rooms and staircases." \rc you equally sure that Lord llur- ootirt. Is coming?" You seem really very anxious on his lordship'- account," Miss Worthlngton rejoined, Willi assumed carelessness; "but I can set my mind at rest on that point. I have his written acceptance. I can tell you also that papa bus lately seen him, and he has been polite enough to express interest In my costume, and suggest that he should wear a companion to it." A more hopeful expression passed over tiiidy Raven's face as she answered— It seems a rather suspicious suggestion for his liiril'liip to make, Florence, does It not? If you are to he Jledora, he intends to play Conrad, I suppose it will suit blm too." Florence laughed uneasily and reddened. • 'It seems to me rather as If he will hn stlncd In play Conrad without a Mcdora. My costume for the occasion appears to bo failing to tho ground. 1 will not—no I will not," Miss Worthlngton, declared vehemently, ••assume any hackneyed, common costume—any kind of peasant or flower irl's dress I They arc always so stupid and monotonous. I detest a dress that any girl can wear I Mine must bo a recherche one. if I wear a costume at all. It is most provoking ahout Therese I And it is not only for this one > 'casion; hut. after her rudeness, I can never go to her again, al. though she has suited me so welt." 1 tell you candidly, Florence, I think you will never go to her again," Lady Haven said oracularly. The tone of her voice made Miss Worth­ lngton look up. I do not understand you, aunt Margaret." "No, my dear, I daro say not. And perhaps 1 am wrong in wishing to enlighten you ; hut yet it seems to me scarcely wise to let you he walking perpetually over a mine that Is likely to explode at any moment." "You aro still more enigmatical," Miss Worthlngton answered, with a little more haughtiness In her voice than -he generally favored so Important a personage as the Countess of Raven with. "It Is extraordinary to me, Florence, that you appear to remain In such comploto Ignorance yourself. Kvcrythlng I have soon In your house lately—everything you have told me to-day—only proves to me what I have feared for several years past. Your father is on tho verge of ltiin. He has weathered the storm many times before; hut 1 fear bis resources are pretty nearly exhausted now, and his relatives tlrodof londliig what he will iicvorbcahle to return." A seat-let flush dyed Miss \V r ortlilngton's beautiful face, and faded again as quickly. Her hands were pressed tightly together, as if she were trying to restrain any emotion which hur aunt's words called forth. "For goodness sake, don't fulnt, ultildl To manage your all'alrs with any amount of olovornoss you must oxort all your courage, and I think you iiave a fair share." Hut Miss Worthlngton had entirely recovered hor ordinary solf-possosslon—at least outwardly. "I am certain you are wrong in all you Imagine, aunt Margaret. You woro always prejudiced against papa, and have not shown the best tasto, I think, in trying to mako blm appear in tho worst light to mo." "You may take in bad or good part what I have said to you, Floroncc," Lady ltaven answered oarolossly; "but I am only try- lug to treat you as a woman, and to prevent an Inevitable! blow from falling on you too suddenly. My imagination, as yon term it, has nothing to do with it, my prejudice loss. I speak from facts and what I know; and you will do hotter, my dear," -sho said more gontly, "to make u friend of mo and avail yoursolf of my experience than to quarrel with mo, Your father's gambling propensities are Incurable.— Whore 1B he at this momont? What Is ho doing?" Florence bent her head and covered her eyes with her hands, l'rldo was the ourse of hor birth, the poison of hor nature; and she folt that tt was to bo bitterly hurt. It was struggling now with still stronger, doepor toolings, which she was trying to restrain witli superhuman strength, "Hotter tako what I say to you in good part, Floreveo, my dear, and lot me aid you us far as I can," Lady ltaven ropoated. "Aunt Margaret, I cannot think my father would blindly load mo into all this additional extravagance and oxponso if, as you think, he 1B on the vorgo of ruin. This hall, as vou know, which ho cerslsts insriv. tug will cost him at least tlu'oo or four bun. drod pounds," "It will cost some one that, anyway, Florence; but It is I fear your father's last and dourest stake, and Just what I wish to consult you upon; and you must listen pa- tlently to mo. Fimt, I appeal to your good «enso. Why has your father employed Williams lnstoad of Fullor? Why has he given orders to Morton instead of Bun- tory" "I roally cannot tell you. He Is lure to have some good reason." «Woll, I can tell you, Floronoe—hcisause both liuntor and Fuller arc pressing him for many hundreds when he hus not many shilling. He tolls you they are luofllelont j buthe would find It difficult to make me believe that thoy are." "Why should he persist in giving a bail »t suoh a time?" "That is a reasonable question, my dear, and the answer is a most important one, above all to yourself, I huvo had some painful conversation with your father lately, hitherto kept from you by hia especial wish, not to dlBtross you unnecessarily! but the time is come now when you should be told. Ho Is very fond of himself, is my brothor—very," Lady Raven Bald, with* curious smile-—"und ho cannot deprive himself of his own pursuits mid amuse* meutsj but still lie lias a soft spot In hU heart, Florence, -Ho has.»strong love, for youf" ' li was rattier w e*tr*ordluury statement Kacli The to make to an omy child; but those who knew Sir Arthur Worthlngton best would have wondered least. He had only one soft spot in his heart or nature. Something very like tears shone in Florence Wurtlilngton's anxious eyes, but they were driven, hack and B I IO looked calmly enough into her aunt's face. "I have never doubted papa's alii ctlon for me, aunt Margaret; hut I cannot understand what you are saying to me, and I wish you would he it little more explicit, or else keep sih-n ilto-etlier." Some In- stillctive feeling seemed to possess Floronce Win fhinu-tou that Iliegroii.ul she now sinned vlth ln-r aunt inlu'lil -0011 be cut from under In r feel. "Well, I will he more explicit with you, Florence. You shall not complain. I only wish the day were a little cooler one for our argument. It is frightfully hot, Is It not? However, us we have no carriage, we cannot lake a drive In the park, which I must say I should have preferred doing," Lady ltaven said with provoking coolness. "Hut now let. me be a. clear with ;nn as I ran, I'lorencc. Aet.ii..; under my advice, your lather intends Hits forthcoming hall to In- Ihe great crisis in vour Hie." Miss. Woithlugton looked amazed hut kept silence. "Lord llarcoiirt has almost proposed to your lather lor your hand, lie probably thinks you an heiress; but t tin I Is hi < own fault, and—happily be has gone almost too far lo retract with honor, lie Is evidently deeply struck with your beauty ; and this ball must, tiling all'alrs to a crisis in all wav-. >, oin inairi e--, l-'lorcpec, mt'st he hurried on, vnnr father 's dilllciiltlet warded oil" In some vva!— Heaven only knows how. As Lady llarcoiirt, mv dear, your position may he a toleralil* easy one; your fiithei must retrench atiroad as best he can," Lady ltaven declared. "A:ul rioicnce Worthington bo sold to the highest l.iddei," the girl herself thought bitterly; lint vet the thought vvas sweetened when she reniemhereil that the bidder was a lord, ami that lie could place a coronet on a brow well worthy to wear It. "From all you teach llie, It seems lu our slat Ion, that one's own feel logs count for little," she said aloud. "Feelings. Florence! For Heaven's sake, do not give way to sentiment, or ev. erythlng will tie lost! All depends upon your courage ami good sense, my dear, and I do not. think you aro going to fall us in either,*' Lady ltaven said more soothingly; and then she added, "All we must think of now is to avoid scandal of any kind, and try to our utmost to keep the credit ol our house untarnished. Oh, Florence your father has been the lirst of his name who lias ever—nay, unceasingly tried to dim Its brightness I His lirst folly vvas his marriage—1 mean no.slur on your mother's iimic, poor dear ! Her ambition did hut little tor her." "I thought mamma's marriage was love-match?" Florence asked quickly. "A love-match? Well, I suppose it was —at Iciu'. mi her side, poor thiugl Hut her love must have been sorely tried when she found that her husband was ashamed of her—that all his friends looked coldly on her. She was not of us," the Countess of Haven said slowly and vv ith emphasis. "Hut surely she vvas a lady? I have al ways heard that." "A lady, Florence? Well, she certain, ly never misbehaved herself in any way she always conducted herself with the most modest propriety during her short married life— 1 must say that," her lady declared magnanimously; "hut she was chemist's daughter, Florence, that Is what she was, child. If, you have never known before—a chemist's daughter," she repeated, "withunt the excuse of a penny-" There was certainly a look of something very like horror on Miss Wnrthliigtou'a face as she listened to the humiliating statement—a look which did not escape her aunt's observation. "1 never knew that before, aunt Margaret. 1 only knew that my mother was, a, you say, not ouo of us: but 1 had no idea she vvas a tradesman's daughter. Was It generally known?" Florence asked. •*.\o, I don't soppo-c that people trotili- bleil their heads much ahout vour father's wife, child, when she wa- not hrollghl I in- mcdiiiicU under iln-ir notice—especially as there was no seandal attached tu Iter mime to make It interesting; had there lieen, then, with her heaiity, she might ba\ o become, the rage. Who can tell, lu this strange world we live in? Hut, as it was, she was a poor, faded flower, child, and bloomed and died in her short solitary grandeur. Your father had not. long In. limited when he married, and vvas, of course, better oil' than he has ever been since. He certainly took his young wife's death to heart; possibly lie took to gambling to divert Ids niliid." "Was my mother so very beautiful?"— Florence asked, with a little more than ordinary intci-c-i in her voice, her mind, in spite of herself, dwelling upon the sweet face she had nev or seen, the sweet volco she had nev or heard, but often yearned for. "Yes, iny dear, she undoubtedly was very beautiful; but she did not assert her beauty suillclently—It was not In her to do that; still 1 must say, poor thing, she bad one of the most beautiful faces 1 have over seen. She was like yourself, my dear, only you lack hor sweetness of expression, and, instead, you bavo a more patrician stamp from your father—so you seo that you are llio gainer an tho whole, Florence," Lady ltaven declared. "Had my mother no relatives?" "Relatives? Yes, my dear, an endless lot of sisters and brothers, I think. Thoy pretended not to like her luarrhigo, and I must >ay thoy have shown good tasto In tie-, cr obtruding themselves upon us in any way." "I don't suppose thoy havo felt much in- torost upon that point." "I'oihiips not. Your aunt, i rojnemhor, wrote oneo, und asked for you to bo takon to her house—a houso of business perhaps. She had most probably a strong curiosity to sco what hor ltgli.born niece was liko; but happily you were then In my oliargo, and I of courso did not allow such u thing I sent her u polite noto however, Buying wo should bo vory happy for her to seo you in your own home, whenever shochoso." "Ami shu availed herself of your gracious permission. I can renicmbor her coming severul times when 1 was a child, but not at all lately, or formany years past." "Yos, she came u few times, and saw you In your nursery, and probably satisfied her curiosity und conscience—she has uovor repeated hor visits. But wo aro wasting time, Florence, and there Is little to lose,— Tho most vexatious question is about your costume for tin) twonty-llfth, and how it is to no procured." "My interest in tho subject I IUB very noarly ovaporatcd, aunt Margiiret; if we aro ou tho verge of becoming paupers, us you bavo painfully forocd me to believe, it Is difficult to associate oneself in any way with such grand festivities," Miss Worthlngton declared. "You aro foolldi, Florence, and showing tho 'wblto feather' for the lirst tlnio In your life. Holiove mc, my dear, all will go well enough—It only wants managing with tact and courage, A few mouths hence, wheu yon aro Lady llarcoiirt, you will lungh at all your fears. Your father is In difficulties pro torn.; If ho had u million given to lilm to-m OITOW , ho would probably bo In them again a week henue—with his gambling propensities, nothing can binder it. In spite of yoursolf, my-dear, you of courso complicate his difficulties and anxiety—• and it Is with yoursolf we now huvo to deal. Once let your marriage be safoly decided, anil all will go well, Tlio difficulty about your dress is a bagatelle. Is thorn no one, 1- luruueo, but Thoreso that you eun trust?" Lady Uavon asked. "No llrst-rate artist certainly." "Well, I must take the risk on toy own shoulders thin; tho scheme Is mine, and I must do my best to help you through with It. I suppose that Mrs. Gilbert could tin- dertako your costume?" her ladyship asked. Miss Wortlilngton's fueo brightened, for Mrs. Hubert's reputation as a Court dress, maker was too well established for her ability to be doubted. "But will sho not think it odd to be asked at the last minute, us It wore, to undertake my dross?' 1 "Not if I take you, Florence—sho made my lust Court dress, and your cousin's also, which was certainly a success; and I" —her ladyship laid greut stress on the pronoun—"have u weak-joss for paying my bills, If you ever have it chance us Lady HarcQiui, you can repay me her account; If not, ouo must do.somethlng for one's relatives." TO PB COWTINUBD. A PAH for irrigation belufcvbuUt In I Colorado will he 110 (eet high. The water will cover 1,200 ixnm and wvl irrigate. 40,000 note., DEEMING A DEMON. Muni, TH uf Mix Wire anil <'tiltiti-»u at ItHinliitll an KxpertN Work. Siriik* Told ns if li W ( >r« liii-eeteil b) ;i Hatcher. A SHIISH I II \H ('lonely Aboard the Balloral Melbourne. Huiiltlcd at LiVKiirom,, Miircli 2'J —U . Huiciiin un, one of it i! inedic-il men wuo conduct d th> po-t iiiorteni I'Xiiuii nation of the bodies of M IB Decoiintf and ih" fou r hilclr .'ii found btiri'd under the floor ot LLnhuni Vill-', Uainball. said to u iea>e •ntiiiive of ihe Associated pr-ss hct the criti!': di*eh-ses enhu -.i.' intr wickedness, :ind ciol, lii -.irtlc. s uvnciL'iy almoi-t. le.vond belief Tbo v.ork of murder wns expert. Oily in one ca w itsi the stroke causing dentil IUOH - then ullicici t for the pilro isc. Ka:ii strok se«erod a vi'nl omnn and no more might have been "ecoiupLs'-cd by A surg. on or I.Hciier •'ho kuti v Ins busineis .veil. Tli" mother and children had partaken of their evenii g menl The neither w.n first called into the room where the mar dorer uwiiilm her. If appear i I hat as she toiipoil to un io her slice sho wns attack* d Ir.un b bind, und died nlin si without strugub . Thou the i hi dreii were called upon o, e by oiu\ to in"-1 .their death. Herthn. the lc ->st. bud li> Miiimbs tied behind her | uiioK, n band i« -• wound twice, ar.-uud h> r i heud so as lo i over h'r mnii 'h and pit rent hor from cry -nig. A uiilo* c ise - pi.iced ovr tier head and ihe niurdcter tringled her. Toe hands of the second vrirl were tils" tied l> hint her hack, but in tl e ; is" of th" other chihlr 'n thi« pre cautnn was n it ihinght ii "C "s-ury. One other significant and .•ins or f.ic' i; that although the (tin nils of lour out. of live vic'iius were cu t, on none of ihe bod ies or c'othiii(r was there a Iraee of b'ood. Tie very terms <-f the lease upon which ll-eioiiig hir. d 1) nluiiu Villa if tvo -.iroo' of hideously ruhl-b'o.ided pre medi'.ili in ol the bulcberv The dccuuient, whhh wn- drawn up at d wri'ion by D* iiingihinHcll, -bows that when he tuo'- Ho- house tin ittrocitiei w< IV already Taken altogether it is believed no country ever produ eil such a consummate, utterly unprincipled and wuully ooutcien.:i'k'ss vil I nil as this liend in human form who killed women and children with as little compunction as an o-dinary man would kill a suuko. M EMIOURNK , Marc'd 29.--Deeming is granted nigh! and dav ub ard the liallnrai by seven w.,tclimed. It is iiiscovered that the appearance of his obavitu bis uious'ache is due to plucking the bur out by the toots in order to bailie iiicnlilicafion. Tli* detective ae.-utnpany- lug Deeming bins that, he fiosstmcs linki in u chain ol evidence showing Unit Deem ing committed somo of the tuurilers at tnbuted lo.) ick the Kipper. DROP THE SILVER PLANK. Iowa Demoernts llltr* Had KnmtKli ol 1'reft Cnlnnjre. D KS MolNK*. March 88.— The Demo cratic State convention, which incols at Council ltlulfs next month to M-ICI I delegates to the Cliieaifo cnuventioii. will not iviillii'iii the silver plntr adopted by >hut p.-irly in its lunt Slut- convention, vv bieli nominated tlov Boies at OUtiiuua last June. The silver plunk in the Ottuinvva platform did not represent the sentiment of the parly at that time. It tin t with utronn; opposition in the commit teo, but wool into the platform to attract members of the. Alliance parly, which already bud a ticket in the fie -I. Tbo election re inns proved conclusive ly, however. Hint nothing short of .Kill, treasuries ami in ml loans would plea - tho alliance party, which at Unit <-le tion polled u lurjfer vote tbnn over I e- fore in the State, drawn mainly fro the Democratic party. Silver nun from Colorado mid other sections have been urplnp; a r< iillirniation of the lit tumwa pin ii K ul I 'oniicil liluiTs, but it ia already settled in advance that it will not be done. Such party managers and leaders as Hunter, Fullen, I'urcy, Dunn und others, as well as the party press, lire opposed to it. and (Jovernor lloics is understood to favor the rcieifation of the entire question to the national convention. A Brilliant D1« MT« I7 In OematoIoaT. It is said that superfluous hair can b« permanently removed without pain. An interesting and valuable discovery has recently been made by John II. Woodbury, of I'M West Wild street, New York City. It Is a remedy for the permanent removal of superfluous hair, consisting of a fluid which is applied to Hit hair follicle by means of an electric needle. It is designed to be used by patients at their homes, and Is said lo bo fully as effectual as electricity. Full partlc ulars In reference to this valuable remedy are found In a little book of l'J8 pages, which is sent to any address for 10 cents, on application to the discoverer. flmythe—"These mugwumps would make poor bridegrooms." Tompkins—"Why sot" iimylhc—'Tbc'ro alwnys expecting Die best man to win." B KBCHAM'S P JI.I^V are not a new rcmcdv They have been used In Europe for 50 years, all well tested and excellent. Teacher—"What Is faith V Dkk Boy— "That which enables folks to enjoy eating clam chowder." FOH THROAT W8F.ASE8, COlKillH, (..'OLDS, etc., effectual relief is found in the use of "7troU7i'A lirnwfiiul 7'rorA«." l'ricc 2f> cents. .Soli/ only in Im/**. "Hoes your vvlfe always get the Iss 1 wordV "No; she hasn't any lost worth Bhe never stops." "August Flower" " I am happy to state to you and to suffering humanity, that my wif« has used your wonderful remedy, August Flower, for sick headacna ar.d palpitation of the heart, with satisfactory results. For several yean she has been n great sufferer, hu been under the treatment of eminent physicians in this city and Boston, and found little relief. She was induced to try August Flower, which gave immcdaite relief. We cannot say to much for it." L. C Frost, Springfield, Mass. 9 i re Charity may bce-ln at home, but It is wiser for subscrlptlon-seckcrs to call at a business ofjlec. T KK l.r.vis AKI ; >Srii .i> iN'i 'la persistent Couo;h, the ireiiera' ABANDONS THE BILL Aniline* .lien VTIII rn.ll Into Line. N EW O M.KANS , La., March J'.'.- The committee of seven to canvass the returns of the into olectlon Is at work in this city. The morninp; papers publish a letter signed by Thomtis Scott Adiims, the Alliance candidate for Governor, who yielded his claim to permit the nomination of Senator Foster for that olllce and accepted the position of the Secretary of State on tin- Foster ticlmt. It is addressed to the editor of the New Delta and urges party support of the ticket declared by the comiiiitteo after the canvass to be the Democratic ticket, whether it be Foster or McEnery In tho Intpr«st« of T .alior. O TTAWA , Out., March 29.—A deputation representintf the Dominion Trades and Labor ( i ingress have waited upon the governor ami aaliid that Mr. Tay lor's Allen l.ubor hill be passed, not from motives of retaliation upon the United States for excluding' < aimilian labor, lint I mm a desire to prevent the importation of men from the I'niteil Stales uiulcr e.-nti-ncts, who take 'he, places ihat would otherwise be filled by Canadians. They also support Sena tor Gordon's act to control Chinese im migration. _ Mr. Topuoody is no lawyer, but lib wife is tin able worn in. lie was stumped bis reading the ulher evenim; and appeal ed to ber. "Ate von up on I.itin. mv ileivrV" be asked. "What do you want lo know'?" si e en ijuired witli prnpcreautioii. "I want lo know the difference between de jure and de facto." Mrs T. studied a moment. "Well," she said, "vou are at the head of this family de jure." "Yes," lie put in, "I understand that.' 1 "'And," sb-- concluded with -oiue viuor, "I am the head of it. de facto." i. hi nsii wasted, and an Incurable eouipl .iini oltcn established thereby. I'r. l>. .In> lie'* l'.\| torant Is an effective remedy for Coiiuhs and Colds, and exerts a hniu'llcbil effect on tho Pulmonary and Bronchial organs. There aro too many people who would like to TO to heaven If they could take the devil with them. TAOKLR AS OllSTIN'ATIt CoI.'Oll Oil ('(II. o with D ILI'S FI ONET OK lloaunousi) AND T AK. P IKE'S T OOTHACUF. Duoi-s Cure In one Minute. The rain falls upon the just, but not upon the unjust who has stolen the inntir. il:. o! the former. I lie I o «. The pleasant effect anil pefci-l safety with which Indies may n-e t lo- ('nUtui'iiia liquid laxative tsynip of l -'iir-. omli r all conditions, makes il their favorite remedy. 'I o (.'el the true and c;entiltie artielo, look for the name of the California Fie; Syrup Co., printed near the butloiu of the package. Whether or not a cheap coat makes v. cheap man, there is no question a sealskin sueque becomes a dear c;irl. A NT book in "Surprise Scries." (best, authors), 25 cent novels, about '-.1 )0 pae;es each, Hi-lit free, postpaid, by Cnur'ui A: Co., of Philadelphia, Fa., ou receipt of 'M wrappers of Dobbins' Electric Soup. Send 1 cent for catalogue. The world is full of men so engaged In sayiiiir "Amen" that they tall lo seo the contribution basket. { X Corel Cold* Concho, Harm Throat, i ii/lueNER, Wlioopln^' Couch, Brcdntii< „ A wrUlu rtif- f r CourtuinpUon In fln ji/liieaER, An thin IK rittTiS, and » niif - Tt'.irl in ndvunml itajraa. at<>n • . Von will no* the pr.v«U«nt jfftot I tokliuc tit* llrnt <lo*», H"i<J by d*fclan •v»rr*f ^tallliiC Kulaubfirc'a 8en*atlonal Anuunuccm en! la th« l.aiultaK. Iti:ui .iN, March ','S. —The landtag lui not witnessed in many years such un exciting scene as that of today, when the new I'riissinn premier announced that the priinery education bill had been abandoned. Vou Eulenberp; was received on his first appearance as head of the 1'russiaii ministry with sifri'sof general respect, iieisaman whose manner and appearance impress favorably, and with the exception of the social democrats tbo members of the landtag have no prejudice against hlin personally. Kveu those who dislike the uris- tocracy us such respect Von Kiilenborg for his literary culture. Therefore the first impression to-day seemed favorable, llo announced in clear and unequivocal language that the government bud decided to abandon the school bill. The statement bad an electric effect. Kvorybody had expected that tho educational bill would be postponed indefinitely, but the declaration that it had been abandoned was almost a universal surprise. The national liberals worn dc lighted; the ultramontanes could not conceal their anger. Thoy had not anticipated such a straight blow from the government, and a storm of hisses greeted the premier's announcement. The national liberals cheered loudly and both parties got so excited for a time that it seemed as it somo might be provoked to personal violence. Tho premier took everything calmly and waited until the excitement had quieted down. Then he proceeded with other business. The Only One Kver Printed—Can Tim Kin I Hit) Word? There I B a 8 Inch display advertisement in title paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. The same Is true of each new one appcariiigcacli week from Tito Dr. Uartcr Medicine Co. This bouse places a "Crescent" on everything thoy make and publish. Look for It, send them the iiauiu of the word, and they will return you HOOK, BEAt'TJlfUI. 1.1TIIO01IA1-II8 Or SAMPLES HBBB. Mnao to Look Llkn New. DresscB, Gent's Clothing, Foathors, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, 1' I UB I I Garments Steamed, at Olio I'lotch'a Dye Works,!SUI W. Water St., .Milwaukee. Send for circular. "1 wouldn 't mind my wife's having the hist word," said Mr. Meeklnfl, "If she would only hurry up and gut to it." llewar* "l Oliitm nts Tor Ciiluri-li tint (onlulll Ven:tll-y, AH mercury will surelv iln.itroy tlio ,.e-e... if moo!I Hint completely ileiaujje '.ho whole s-. . • i vv lion einorhn! II through the inacotlH snrt-i Haeh IllUcles BlloIlM never li;i u~od exeiji' ul evesot 'tp! ious from reputable I'hyslciaiis i e • 'Inoiiiljii tlmy will do U ln 'iM'1 to llm il 01 ean I'OBslbly itertvi) Ernm tliein. Hall's (inn li ' 'no. munufiieUlrod by l-\ .1. I'lueoy ,v Co., Toledo. O., eontadiB no mercury, iin .t (H taken i-i- lei-niilly, and acts directly upon :he lilo -t-.11 i loai-'as Blirfii '-ea of Hie ny-uem. In '• 1 ; Hill's I'utarrb Cure bo sure yea eet lb" .. • '. .-. It is taken lalornally, and nifole in Tole.l. e .io, by !" I. Ch- noy .V. Co, Urf -Sohl by i>rc(;i ,'l8lR. price 7.M: pflr bof 1.. A'I J err«ct S HC«!CH« I. 1 u The R OT. A. Antolna ot Rofogio, Tex., writ«: As far a* I am abla to Jndga, I think Paftar Koenlf'a Nerva Tonlo li a porfeot nioeaia for any one who baa anffarad from a moat painful nerronsnaBi aa I did. I foot Ilka mraelf again aft«r taking tha Tonlo. W HAT fiina, Iowa, Oei. 4, 189a 1 was latTerlng from nerTouineat, brought eat ey overwork, for abont throo yaara. I ooaH not sleep ldghti, 1 eould not work, and nrymam- jry got impaired; I oommeneed ailnc Paitor V.enlg's Nerve Tonlo, and, after i*(vlng It a trlaL ' ted muoh hotter, my Bleep has returned, and I ai orerr way wejf plea mid with lis efTect on ma. THOUAB DOWL1NO. WoooBina, A!ton.. Nov. »T, 1MIX Pastor Ki Ic 'n Nerve. Ti 111. • cured me at -h .'JV '-tvtroHiblinK'' and 'swUutiiini: tn thehead." ANniWW JANSHN. '—A VnTunhle r>oon on TTervoua HlHetuieH Bbnt free to anr address, sml poor lKLtlonts CSD also obtain tliln mottle too free uf ctuu*ce. Tblrt remedy baa been prepared by lbs Ravtreafl, Pastor Knunig, ot Fort WIIYII'3, Ind.. Bince lffrtt and laraow urooarod ruidorhts direction by tha KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Bold by DrnnrlBtii nt S 1 ner llottle. 6 for >Si Tnriro Slue, «t.7fi. <! Hot lien for SO. FREE" 9 ® © © @ It vou liuvtj no appi't itc, IinHn©HMon, k Flatulence. SirU-il-'iUuiclii', "till ruiiA down" or IOHIII ^ lU 'Hh, taUii Tuti's Tiny Pills? f Thoy tonn up tho weuk MtomAch nviitl tmllil up tlio tlo^^tiif; i-ntTKloH. 2fir. "Checked your grip yotV" aakod the giraffe. "Didn't have to," replied the elephant "I have It in my trunk." Mn. J. li. E BIILU Prealdont Morning News Co., Savannah, Oa., aays: A niom- bor of my family who has boon a martyr to neuralvlc hoadachos for twenty years, has found In Urudycrotlno an Infallible nmedy. Of all Druggist*. Fifty centa. m CURES SCIATICA REE SUN DOiiS. Diirinj' llie |)twl ivi'i-k tlic West hus lii-i 'tt visiii il wit li 11 pi 'ciiliiif up- in'iiiiiiii-i' in tin- sky known us "suu ilii^s." In Miiiiu pliu 'es bt 'iiut -itnl suliir iiui'is ui 't 'c olj.soi'vcil, Hid tit tiiiilil 11 ci'iivs hus bocii sec 11 ou till* itiODii. These lialos are caused bji the n.'lli -i 'i inn of tlio Biiuliglil I liri ii"li i'lv-iais of im! or snow float- iiisi in Hi'! ii|'!»'i iitiiiosphcro. They Vll't'e III! Northern Pacific R. R. IUnHtratedl *ablleatii>iiB ,wia> MAPS, doscrlbiug Mtunekota, North Unkota, MonUnn. Idatio, WsflblnilteuaiidOi-eLroti, tl.e Pres (jloverniiiaiittin't CIIKAr Ilest Asrlcultural, (Irs/.lng i,ud Tini'ir hands neiv open to nettlerr. Atalli-'d VllKL AililrcKl Cltl. I. UstBDII, t.»ml(i:ra.X.r liJi..rit.J -nl.Mlnn. Detroit riro-llng» Armtcd. D ETROIT , Mloh., March 28.— Tho polico late last night arrested John und William Bloom and Edward Daniels, their brother-in-law. It is belloved by tho authorities that these are the men who havo been settin"; the niiini'roiu tiros which havo canned so much iliiin age recently. The men were caught in the act of kindling a tire in a furniture factory, and matches and oiled rags were found on their persons. County Treaaurar Im Trouble. M INNEAPOLIS , Minn. March 28,— Governor Mcrrlam has issued an order suspending H. O. Peterson, County Treasurer of Hennepin county, from olllce. The order is basod on the report of State Examiner Kenyon of irregularities in olllce. The sum of 81, 300 that Peterson received did not appear on his books. Peterson charges this to a deputy. Itallroad Commissioner Iteslgns. C OI.UMUUS , Ohio March 28.— itallroad Commissioner Norton, appointed by ex- Qov. Campbell, has offered his resignation, to tako effect May l.when he will enter railroad business. The man spoken of to succeed him is William Kirkby, of Toledo,a prominent Knight of Labor and member of '"some ot the unions of railway employes. Had Ills Leg Out Off. D IXON, 111., March 38.— Frank Typer, of Polo, lit, hud a leg out off at the Illinois Central depot in this elty Saturday evonlng. He had bought a ticket, but the freight did not stop at the depot, afid he attempted to jump on when he fell under the cars. He will •ue the company. .Jury Out Fifty-Four Hours. PiilLADiat.i'iiiA, Pa,, March »8.— The jury In the ouse of Itobert J, Cascaded, 111 years old, on trial for the morder of Policoman Elmer Fludloy, caiuu in last evening, after being out Hfty-four hours, and were discharged by Judge Arnold, they being unable to agree Upon a vordiot, Mttnk with All ou Uonrd. libAiNK, Wash., MiM-ch 98.— -A report! has just reached here that tbo iron tug' Tipple ot Vancouver, B. 0;, wua simk with all on board in English May Thursday. It is tjuppoped that (he T«a> Ml •truvst ft nwk Mr. JL J, BruiuXagt Ot Bnxton & Brunduge, eipressmen, Norwalk, ct., says It la No Wonder People Speak Well ot Hood's Sarsaparllla Me was a long time f.-rivi-ly troubled with Indigestion And Dyspepsia. IIn» taken Uires kottles of. Hood's Sarsapsrlllu and baa not felt so well for years, Seldom has distress In the stomach BOW. 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S YI.VA.V Ri '.MEin- Do., Peoria, 111 tlio sUmmch, llvvr aimliowi 'lH, purl-a K tlui lilooil, are tmfu and eflui-.tuiil I a u tjotl mnalolne knovm fur ItJUouv- i titiioi, couHtl|intlon, dyuttepslu, ruuls tiruatb, liiwlacliti.inenuu dupri'tisloii, e lalntul dlgoBtlon, bad cumploxion.e luutell dUcasL -suauKod by failure ote llie Htomuoli, liver or IMIWI-IH to ptn -J etoriu tbi'tr proimr fumsltoiis. Poreoiin glvuu to over -f J eattnu are bunolltud by tahtntr onu uftor eault iiituil .I Prloe. as i samiiUi. 160. At tirutciflats. or acnt by iciull. J e UIPiNB OIIEMI0AI. OO.. 10 Hliruoo Bt., K«w York. J ilruivd.v Frw, luatnnt llelli -l'. l-'inul vino ta 10 tlaytt. Nuvwr roUrnbi n., (JljfQ trUtil in vnfit B?* ry rmii.n!y II»H tf. riiovwrorl it HIIIH-IW uiirti ,wtil«j)i ho iv 111 mull tie* lo iiU follow t *nlt «ivi ,i. Add rt un J. II. ltKi.VKtt, l )Oi WW, Now York CJIly.N. Y. Patents! Pensions! Bend for Inventor's Qalile or now to Obtain a l'alam. Mend for Digest of I'anlon end llomilv Laws. I'Ktrlufc O'Varrll, Waelilnnlon, 1>. V. A.- A FAT FOLKS REDUCED Maple, Oregon, Mo., writoe ... ..-..-tt vrnsliao pounds, no* It Is IM, |2A lbs.'* For ulroulars add reus, with to., 'DEB. MoVlosor's tliestre, Olilcmo. 1U. Hood'* Pill* *" easily, yet proaptly sad efflclenUy on tbe IWsr and bowels, eon aeeaacbe. W • •» W 1 WOA IIS TU UBALICUS. i «ut a. UBDQ * oa, uini ...., •a,f»«i.Ki»». MMPIJg r BEE» IVtiiriililiin lliiblt Cured lu 10 in go ilnya. Nr (i»y tilt iiti-r.i. 03. J.r rr»MFN»S l.*»bsivon ' "i GVUlU , THE POSITIVE CURE. iULY BRO'l'HBRR. 08 Warten Bt^ Nwv Yorlr. I'rlco W) ct«.B CHEAPER THAN BARB WIRE. HUMANE, STRONG, VISIBLE, ORNAMENTAL. HARTMAN tbol sni „aMas,.W« Stale «l, OlU(UOO. Iwef» s»e»U»a tki* faper. WIRE PANEL FENCE. , SEVEN POUNDS. Pretty light, bat yoa now llebr will Brow, I and before long will need a carriage. .Will, we are inakJiig thousands o(' coaches every year, as Well as bioyeles, and If you are looking (or a good substantial ear-. 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