The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 3
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I;; A, Hez. Wara of LaHarpe WBH an Pjold bu8lne«3, visitor ypsterday. CM. Jewett wasMn Chaniite jv's- lerilay on buHiness.: —Chddren 'H llatK for,a I axes, hi straw. Hllk untl gt-OTKoiti. $l ..'iO to U::,. Kdwar .lM .WljlJiifry Dr. K. H. r.rlffhi. of', Klncai.l. viUH un lola- byHlncHH vlfiitnr jffs- it -nlay. > . ' i H 'Tt Fryor. of Fryf l^rox. Cro- rf>ry wii .M in llarpHtt toiJa^- on bii.s- Int -s.s. ' ' —It Is better to biiy that Mara- tlioti Tire^now, than to wish later that you had. Tire Repair Shop, lie Kast Jac-k.fon. S. E. Dale said ihi.s mor.ninK .that last Saturday wa.i th«^ first Saturday hv had bef;n up op the square" lu eij;hl years. Kred Bishop,- who was liere to . .'(ttend tliH funeral' service of hi.-* l,rot ;hHr fharl<f.s Rishop. returned lo his home ih'*rl|i<:ii;o tliis iiniprn- . ing. I • ' : • I 1^ —.Iii-^t received :a car of Ked " River Ohio Seed P.-talnes. The price i.s right; >;i -t yours now. Hughes IGroiery. nortli .«ide scpiare. Phoue ."iiiO-.")!!?. W. \V, Webb. Ill* at ciitt-r at llie Wuplies -Market^ was in Carnett today as a witness in a law siHt. W<Sod;w4s a basincss In Fort Scoit today. fijohn ^V. Brown went to Yates Center tlils afternoon to officiate at! the funeI:a^ servlte >f Floyd Van Hopzei", as a memlbei' of the Odd Fe)la»s lodge which had charge of t he service at, ibc | grare. .Ittena Tabernarie Meetipff, You are -invited to the TaUer- niicle on the earner-of IJncoin landj Kentucky streets Friday eveiJlng| at "::!•) o'clock to hear C K. Fos-; ter of Topeka speak. Kveryone U:] invited to attend. Mrs. Maxwell)^! parttor. 1 :/ Mr-«. Anna Balr has r<iHrne<l lo her lionie in Waverly. Kan., tifter :i week's slay with h.'r daughter. .Mr-t. r. K. YounR.,^ of 2in .Vprth Elm street. ' ' Frank Reynolds? fllstrict mana"; per of the Pet .Milk Company: of Mfalvane. Kansas and J. I A. Latzer, 1 president of the Company, of the I St. I>iui-s office, were! business .Mrs. F. \\: Arnett is In Topeka I visitors at the local iplant today. this week visiting her .Mrs. .lames De Ball. 'lOTI<)Ii!A;DAII|Y REGISTER. THURSDAY ^yENING, MARCH 10.1927 ^ |:.-hoRers." who haH been very ill flu. was taken to the Jl.' K. & tf hosprital .^at Parsdns yesterday.' I, ' mother. ITSmiZfiNS Kerfption liHen Iter, nilliam .Mnr- rN hf .Meaibers of the -II. K. rhiiiTls—l-"red .«<lusser Pak-es Away. Mr. .Armstrong, sinta Fe attorney, of Topeka. aiiil C. .M. (Jlad-' siiii. claim agent. Were business visitors at the local Santa Fe office today. Everybody who ha^ a 2x4 plot of ground is busy ntaklng garden and planting potatiie:. Neighbors chickens will hav« to be penned upr or suffer the consequences Dogs. too. must not be allowed to | last night from run at large. i Kansas where he (.Mrs. p.pal .Mitchell) LAHARfK. reception wa .Morris by »he| of tlie M. K, William Achter returned home j evening. Onj.- Independence. attende«l the ' Feb. 8.—.\ farewell given Rev. William funeral of Henry Baden, pioneer grocer of that city. PAGE THREE members and friends time yet. but jMr. I^omc'r received a letter from home that his si:itcr w;us very «ii;k. .Mr. ai^ -Mr.-). Frank Root of Manhattan annoftnce the birth of a son whom the>'have named Robert Cation: • Clyde Owens and .Vlbert Kalni of Uuniboldt isp-nt Sunday ^with their grandmother, .Mrs. Emma Owens, and Mrs. Caroline I..owe. Fred Owens • accompanied ll'iem home for a week's visit. • .Mr and .Mrs. .AustinjPaddo<(J{ and 4bildren of Centervllle. .Mr." and .Mrs. -lohn Harris and children, of Blue Mound, visited with their church on Mo,,da>| The Rev. !"""•"•'•• •^'"' •^'' """'"' "'"''"""tr sniiil! daughter :of .Ma|>leton visifiil over the lust week. «;nd with the fornjer.'s mother. -Mrsi -Ernest My- er.'iapd,family., Mr. and .Mr.s. jReorge Malconi ac- comprinie<l Jobiiny .Myers of lola to Yafe.-r Center Tticsday to attend the fuijeral of .Mn. ^.Myers'.s mother. have been visitinx ibc pjist monllt- with Mr. and .Mrs. (.'. T. Harris, are moving to the Christian farm .seven- miles northeast of hallarpe. .Monday.- Mr. and .Mrs. i><)ren Meek. Mis.t Opa! and .\da .Meek, visited theirf laiiut and uncle, Mr. and Mrs; Iryin' yiy. and .Mrs. C.len Ledford. who; Farmer, in lola Sunday. persons wer.) pre.sent. .i relatives .Mr. .Morris l^as ;been^ with this ^ Miss Rubv Plumer is visiting her i charge lour years but o„_ i ^^^.^^^ J , Mr- Baden.of I'""''" health of himself and his j^^^. •f. C. Ball of Kansas f'ity. who Floyd Elliott wcrit to Tulsa. Ok.,, • -• --- : , , • . .i. today on a Imslne ^fH trip over the! was S.I years old at the time of , «'.f<- Jie i.s rj-tiriug to 'he super^ . ^ ^ , Red Star rout/ ^ ! his death. ! ^'l'''''*"'' '"'^f '""^^! w':^^^ R. H. Curby of the Curhy Supply,- _ j _ ' ''^'7 h"'"*- M '/.^P*-"^'' ^''f 1 brotber-tn-Iaw. R. .\ng^^^^ C«..of Ottawa was a between train p manager of the! ' Mrs. p..-C.ilver of Humboldt was will be near jiheir .son an.I <la'iKh- his. sister. J business visitor in lola yesterday, j m,^,^ ^^oe store wU w^s in Kanf j» business visitor in lola today. iter . .Mrs. M.>rri.. accompanied the ; ^.^^^^ — sas City the first of tlie week oil ' ' — i Rev. Mr. Morns to lopeKa w.,en, —Try It once—you will bmv« no ; b„"siness connected! with the storel other. . Van Hooier • Bread. ^ ^as returned hom«^. , .Mrs. W. 1i: Bell and niece, gart^ visii f Freeman, of Colony, ors in lola Wednesday. William B. (Srinies, Spanish eric-!an and World War veteran be iin lola the next ten day,s on liusinciss. derwent an ^ , I ihosiiital -Monday f.J'] ^^""l "'^ misfotr jcrinK -satisfactorily. I ^''''^jtune to step on a iiail whicli pene- ' ; irated her foot and caused a c-all I from a physician j Hoy^'ever, she •A*"" ,is better todav. will j. • " _, I The front office room of the law 1 firm of Foiist. Brown & Foust; is Mr,-^. Everett RenisberR. who tin-| he went trj conference aiid_ remain- 1 ^^^^ .Mrs. Eastman moved Tuesday I being redei-orafed and tlie floor re--l his fiti'^i-rs on his right liand am- 1 opi-ration at Si. .lojinsjed there while lie reliiriled to pack i |.'.V". idav i.'iojfning. is recov-• their lioiiseiiold «c>od---. Evervone;, ^, " ^ ,ii sorry to Jiave ihem leave but- " - i wish them better health au.l alii • .Mrs. Patience I>-c»dom- who was either b'evsiiifcs to .lie theirs in their i operated upon at St. i .lohiis hospital new home. Songs and talks w-ere j yest<-rday nioriiiug. Is r<-ii<irted im- given. The R«'v. .Mr. .Morris gave; proving. • !''' l""'h'ug talk which was j — j ve'-y much appreciated by i-very-: Ceorge Boyer, wha had two of; one- .\ silvei offeriiig was given! rty on South Broad- i recently purcbased i Locjse. Air. and .M^s. Loren Meek and I,. K. HORVil.I.E. President F. O. BKJi.SO.N^ Cnshier A. W. BKt'K,^ ViPe-l'resldent : K. I». I.AM», Asst. (ashler. 1 JIAKKY SIIIVKI.V. A.ssi; I ashler lOLA STATE BANK WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS Capital Stock :. SurplusI ...?43,d00X)0 At-e you trying for the Kelvi-1 finished, r Electric Refrigerator? I Its' StiTv Laird, daughter of .Mr. aiid | wcc'k. refirpei Mrs. A. A.• Laird] of 'ilu .Srmih . .,, w ,.otidialHa. 11.-..u: ..-,1....^ : ..r C. Klectric : and | nator Free: See K. I'luinhing Co. — [ .Washington" .Avejiue. is out of Mrs. Clara Frederickson leffj this ;sc-hool on accounV; of an attai-k of morning for Los Angeles, tialif.. j measles, for an extended visit with friends j anil relatives. i i i j p;ifated at the lirst 'Joint at St. '.lohns hospital iiaturday ot i| tvlday ti> iiis home us a riniembrance to buy something ti^r th<ir home. Sandwiches audi c.-ike and coffee were servi-d and | all will have pleasant memories of i this evening together. . i Ceorge Slussi-r receivwl a mes: .Mrs- K. C. Courier of Sf-i .Vorth j .sage telling of the death of his; street, who underwent ati opera- j brother, .Mr; Fred Sliisser. at the. titm at St. .lobns -hospital a week | home in ,«;alle. Ind. Mr. Slusser i ;Hett3e Robinson I daughter of Mr. | \i„n,lay is getting along nice- and family lived here several years and Mrs. L. H. JRobin.son of ."J^l I y,,,, t.,\p'e,'ts to be Mine ..oon. I auo and old friends will be .sad-: Mrs. I). W. Dillmon of North ' South ..Second .strfit is ill of chick-| ' |d«:ned to lea|rn of his cieath. I Walnut,,-itreel. >ipent today with j eiilidx. iher incilher. ('.'L. Denton, of La-i "r; , ^ . I Sycamore street, who has been ill Mr. andMrs. Hay,wood. ofLong-JHarpe. • I ! ,„^';:trL!^„f ""^r"!!" i!!^- i fir several weeks, was taken to St. .lohns hospital tins morning in cila today on t ton. Kan. an bu.siness. , : —Spei ial shiiimenf of beautiful Dress Hats at $<.T5 .'.:rj [ncItidlng youthful styles in large hedd siyjes. > .Also soft strawB that tta^e tfte place of felt at * fMwan s Millinery. , I — T- C- 1 Howard, of the- Jfowrird '"anity .Shop, wjio lias been confined to liis hoijie for a couple of Weeiiri, IXCMU'-'"'' of iilliess. i:i re- porieil as iniprc)vini; slowly. .Mr-^! T-rella Tlionii.son,- of Wivt- Idialia. was sbopjiing In lola y<-s- le relay. AMenttoh .Masono. , —As.seinlile ;if .Masonic -Temille at 2;00 Friday afternoon to attend the funeral .-ervii es of Hro. .A. .^WigKitt. ! C. A. FRRE.MA.N. W. M. ; .Mrs. (;er.ild Robinson and ^Uf^a , Mildred Robins<in_of Chanute were in lola yesterday on their way to Kansas city where they expect to remain. ! ' ; —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor. Tola Laundiry BIdg. phone 138. R. If; Btewort rec4ivei] a kiter from P. H. j Schoenarts this morn- •iijg stating that he had undergone c_'n operatioh at; the Researc-b Hcjs- pital in Kansa.? City, and that he was recovering, .satisfactorily. He was alilc'' to be I up and around bis room -a part of tlio time each day. Un Coffeyville viKlting her" par „ Angel Food Cake, •''"'•'• has returned home. I Van Hoozer'B Bread. 2 for 15c, ,,i 4, H . , „, i Mr. M. :M. Itoberts and .Mrs. T. Mrs. R. B. Porter I)' Sl .'i .North ! .Mr. and .Mrs. Wra. Loonier left I this morning on the Santa F" at 16 :41/ for thVir lionu- in .Madison. —Juat like S. D-. after! very pleasant and hapiiy visit of twelve days with .Mr. and Mrs.. Llohn Widman. Mrs. .Mrs. W. B. Buriiett and diiugh- 1 R"herts came down from Carter., reliirnediiio their home :"•'" ,""1">:,'? in Stark. Kan-, todav after a ; "'•^' '••">'l ^<"' "oozer. of a week with their mother j and I grandii'iolher. .Mrs. .\J. .Irwin, cif i TJ;; Soutli Sycaiiiore street. Mrs. -A. D. Cordon and children crf Snulh Stale street an- confined lo their lloiiie by illjie^s. • Why not a -Marathoii Tire? IThey tal<e t lie.-ire' out of tire Arnrjld .lolniHon has 'returned from Kniiioria wiiere he has been as relief telegraph operator for the Western Ciiion. where surgeons amputated her left ami two inches below the shoulder. . , She stood tlie operation r. mark-I I-oonier is Mrs. Widniali's half-s;s- abiv well for her advanced age, ter. It was their first meeting, but wlii.h is inear tl:-> <-iglities. Her ' they siim-rely liope it won't be thc-ir manv irlend.^ hope ior her <ontin- : la.^i. .Mr. and .Mrs l.oomer would ii«d improvement. .m.l hive return, li home for some K. F. Scovill of the Palace Drug Store is in Kansas trity today buy- | ing new: stock for the store. ; i Clifford Haun has returned from worries.. Tire ^Repair Shop.i IIC. KIDotado! Kans . whvre be has! Ka-i. Macksi.ti. Phone jl Ifii b<-en 'for t!i«- past wc.-ek oh biisi-| .Miss i:ii/-ahetli Aid. [of |j2 t .Soiilli, iies«. Oak street, today foij Topeka. j |xi ,e regular .March breezes are" i where .she extieet.s to renjain with,ujtb us again and are .-Kgenlle re- ber brother. Senator F. C. Apt and niinder that Spring is here, family until thi-ir return home .Sunday. p.. Smithy, of Sinith ^l ; w; s a biisiiii-ss visitor ill Tuesday. M. K. Hath.1way. of Marcc-line, Mo., and C.'.A. fJafney of Chanute. s Pace, traveling auditors for the tiania ; Wichita Fe' have been herci for the past two days.cin one of their reciilar j semi-nnnua! trips 'checking over] —O. L. Cox, M. D., ^peclilteL ; tlie nci^oimis at the local (iifice. Eye, Eai;, No'ie and TbrodtT brvillA; Potts of Colorado • j Mrs. .T. O. .lensen. Of Florence, i Springs. Colo., wlio has been visit-; ;Kan.. arrived Jast nicht for. a-Visit i ing homefolks. left this afternoon | ;with Mrs. L^ .M. Wood. ; • ; for l.awrenice wber^he will visit t , — ' :-. I before returning tn Colorado, j .An old-fashioned runaway of -a i — ' team of horse.i hitched to a lumber I Mrs. Fred Duniap of near Hum- wagon was witnessed^ on South . boldt was in lola today cm bu .'i- Kentiicky' street yesterday. The ness. Her frienilsj ar,e glad to know; I 'wagon^ was l03d<-d with native ; that she is greatly improved in 'huiiber with aiplow riding on top healtli after an lillne.s:s of several • • • * ' of the lumlicr tearing down t Freshen Tour fJiirnienfs for Spiling wear by dveing. sign at the '. islied. .M Call 1 The team went , mon'lis. .Mr. and .Mr.-i, Iliiiilap re- le street, taking ev- cently have reijiovc.-d from the. * eryihini! l)efoi- ii. The khool FrSnc i.-; farm fiear Colony to the Kinley was clemoH •'"•''•''noii'l farm, a mile southwest ! '.of Humboldt. s for information. ^Ahlpscin Cleaner^' Phone .10.-1 m ~ _ m The Ford which was operat'-d cm Yesterday for aiip-ndiciiis ,'ii the Mc-Cartby hospital, is gc-Jting- along as well as coulcl be expecteci., Ii is learned that the ailment wa.s ben- dix insteail of appendix': Mrs. Fannie Smith, cjf Ktnpnria. ' will arrive; this evening ^o visit lier I Isler. .MKs. C. H. -McClure. who —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. ( -Vew G'obe Bldg Phone 191J ' scl i Oorue Pat-'e ,tion to jiis ho Foiirtli .^M-ee:. piirciiaseii til • property. Mr=. H. B. .Arlams and grand- I n. Harold Ra.v. went' to Ottawa ; toviay tc» visit their .son and'uncle..j is liuildinB ail, addi- Sc.oft'Aclasis and famil.v. .^cott : ise. at lu:'. South ' Adams is employed with tlie Santas Mr Page rec-ently' ••'T at Ottaw.i and will <oon be I transferred to Cutlirie. Okial:onia. ,. Mrs. Yect ;i Ueno went to Colcmv , Th<:v<- is a, city ordinance pro-,„,i^_.,f,^r,„„.„ f,,^ a" visit with hibiiing lor tryinu tci the use ol , piov j Hender.;:on- i!,.. streei pavement - for skating. ' i i'j'bis ordinance in being violated ; i .h-erv day by children. Some day i Fashion's Newest Modes in Spring Hats 'Trimmed with Flowers, Ribbons i;and Ornaments. SnjaJI, .Medium and I^'ir>re Head .Sizes; Ifor (he .Miss or Youthful .Matron at Prices Beyond Compari.son. Hundred.^; of Hats to choose from. Viscas, Cro- cyted, Hair Braids. Ev- erj^ style and color imaginable. ( hlldren's Hats, popular priced, "JiJlH UNITED MILLINERY CO. ll«!East .MadLson I t;li»re- will be 'be to- blame? an ace-ident. Who'll insier. .<ii-.i. ' "• V "-^i'" o t^,[',^^ Mrs .1. s Turner was in Kansa.s na M;-ciure motored td Piqua ,„! millinery for'ber store. I 'fiKeet her aunt who c anie ion the Sl -K-T to that place. : "I'lease start the Register to me again and! send yesterday's ulons viUb it." called an lola subscriber on Tue^d:>.>'- thought I < oul " .M. R.-iniey. iliilius Calkins.^ ,Miss Ferp Sliirck and Sophia f'alklns of Chanute. nio.tored to' Iida • y ^'Sler- dav for a visit with friends. i .arrier- t'o -.vas enough Donald Hendc'-rson. wlio lives on ' (HI I lie ?.n.i,> . • • . I 1 f.iiiiiiii I !• I r..... ...... (!ef along ;\Vilhout It and. told.'he . «;„nrh Keiitiicky street, is ill of the top it. . il'.iii on •'••>' I measles. i i , — ' .Mrs. Delia Nelson, .who! spent i —Or. Fred,'\Voodbj[iry, graduate .^..^...r;,] h-re with liom4 folks; K)l speriDjist. Treafs corns, bun- ,-i.nirned'on the Oil Flyer i-e.ster- j fool Ions, weakened arches, etc-. Ncrextra charge for residence calls.. Phone 300. 217i West .Madison. .Mrs- Mary .VcMurra.v. of Oil North Chestnut] streer. who has lieen quite ill <JY the flu. is report<-d better. ; Mr. and Mrs. L. [M. AVood. of r,02 -North jwalnut strtjet. 'have moved .10 South S>vainore St.. where have rooms. day to. Kansas city. 1 1 hey Miss ENie Masden has taken the i place ni.-ni.- v.icani by the re^igna-' Ition of .Mrs- W. Hamilton at the 1 Farm Bureau olfic-e. | .A. R, .'^trouii has cone to Bar-' tle'.sville, (ikla.. where be will i|o ' soiiie spei';:il work lor the Indian .Territory 'Illuminating Oil- Co. He -.vill be Eone for at least two j .inoniliS. i 1 1 • 1 • j -Mr. A. A. .Mosher and Mrs. Mo- i ,1 slier :iccoliniJani"d Dr., Maybelle i , I True to Hiiinboldt this morning, i ,!wher.- Dr. i True will heild a babv .clinic tcMla .v. Miss True is health ,i nurse for tin Tuberculosis assoiia-f ,;!l>-'n, -Mr. Slosber is chairman of ,jthe .Allen ('(iiinty association.• • I Mrs.W. .V. Jeff-rs left on. tlie-; • I noon train today for Carthage. .Mo., i ' * to. attend the funeral of her neph- j A ncite froni Ric-h.-jp'. W. Thack-:'.«-. Bert Hudson. • j er. fortncrJya residei: of lola but! —' . : no-v in St. Lrtuls. rpnewing sub-j Mrs. .A. R Willey and (laughter.: Ktrtptien |L0 tlie Register, sbys "I j.Nova, returned. liighf; from': hure miss i'l.'nl-I home town. I met! NVwiilk. Penn . w-here they were} Dr. Pendarvis . two weeks ; go, I: called ten day.s ago on account of j ;'alRO .saw p. :nttelbach am 11; H .ithe illness of 'a rflativn. 'Fleisher about two m-'nths ; go. " I • ;, _ . met them a-1 a: the sante pjace—a ! - Tiie .Alleii County Tuberculosis • >ntrle,<ciue show ! " 1 met ByxPj^ M., association is Crr^teful fo the wfim- -•^hlnn aboiit twp weeks ago. j lie is; en 's, clubs, school teachers and • i r, L. B. LEATEIJL. M. D. ; • Special atteiitlon given DlB- •, eases of Colon and Rectum. • Electro-Therapy and iphysjotherapy. • Office lola ;tate Bank Bldg. • Pbdnea-^147 and ,705. RICHARPSONJ'S An Extraordinary OfferinK W'ith Savings I FOR FRIDAY ANP SATURDAY New Spring Coats .Made to Sell for Tlie»e I 'liat* mnile i>f sill niMil I'hur' mene anil all hate tpiarsin- Crepe linings A nice line of Sport Coats at $8.75 to $15.00 22m These I 'oaN are all trim- ine<l wllh Bell} Squirrel and Baby .Mink .Made to .Sen for. $19.75 All roiors. all French seamed, deep .hems and in the styles. Special ^ $13.75 .10 .New Onc.'N Values up to si«..'.0. Choice— • $9.75 OTHER SPECIALS :'i Vanl <i Hoi»e »us |ln --*IJ»0 YiirHo »r» I'epp^rel Sheetinir •IJW ii|.^.'>iKiiit infonsuHs . flift'oulintr (ionjis «I.«H» i-ias Silk Tedrtie> : ' ieiji-i Silk Vest .1 ... ,-,„.*lJ)0 2 I 'aiirChildren's Kayon Hose .i-..*lJt« *IJ»4silk Srarfs. Special . ...MJM C'l VanN fast Color Percale.. ..-..*IJN) t'i VariN FaM Color Sniliiitr .,.-f\jnO 44 ianK 3.-H- Poriree Prints — J- .«Ut« m Yards 12 .Momnile .SUk Ponicee .-JJIUW I Heavy 3> Turkisli Towels 36x20. i _*IJ)« !n.2'>.4'oile Stepiui, Teddies and Ciiwns ,..$IJ )0 fl.*.-. Fant C olor Silk and CoHim CreiM-i .«lJtO i=lJM5 Foxrroft Sls9« Shert*, seamlesH .'-.ilJW * Yards ti>. Rayon, all colors ...flJMI 5 Y'ards 2.1c heaty yard-wide Outlnir .-...tJIXO <i|.2i Swede tilotes per pair .-- $1J» ^IM Silk «;!lo»es gray only, per pair ...MJOO *H \uri< (ianry SCIIIMII Uhls Silk Ka)ua,$lJN) Mercerized Table Linen, per yaN ^.tIJM» II Yardx pa!rt linen Crash TMwellni; .....jsiJN) MILLINERY 4 Ilojten !4mart »W Hal4 iit'^t In. ,Halr Braid- and Hew Tailored Sl)ie. ones Chok-e- Cri)chef. .'i^ new $1.69 THE S^ORE OF BETTER VALUES To Enhance the Beauty of Your Home Riig.s .should be your first con.sideratioh whfii you think of ftinnishiiitf your home. A suit*!, of / furniture for any riMim may be the finest. (Ait , put it on a rug that is worn or one that hasn't the profK-T colors antl tin; vviiole effect of the roorr is ruined. We have provifled in oui' display >{ spring th)or coverings all the new de.signs anil •olors at a price to .•-tiit your pur.s'e. Fine (|uality deep nap : seamed Axminster Rugs in a wide' range of patterns. Size 9x12 feet, and 27x54 inch to match, only ...... .$40.00, . Seamless Axmin.ster Rugs in splenditl new patterns; Size 9x12 feet ................. ...$33.75 Size8-3x10-6 .......... .$29.95 Size 7-6x9 ..i i : .$24.75 Size6x9feet ....,|........ ..$17.10 Fine quality Oval Axminster Rugs fini.shed with fringe, designs suitable for all rooms. 26x48 inch ...... i. .$7..50 35x54 inch i .$12J00 4-4x6-8 .$30.00 5^10x9......'.,.......$45.00 EXTRA SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY ANi) SATURDAY ^ . Two splendid patterns of 12-foot, Printed. Linoleum, :Special, at. per square yard— Armstrong Lipoleum Rugs ^f you are| looking for something different from the commonplacej hard .sur-. face rug, don't fail to .see these new, .Armstrong .Jaspe Linolieum Rugs. Hht •)xl2 feet— ' • i $20.00 Mattress Specials .Here'.s a .splendid.'oppof'tunity to .save ' on your spring bedding needs. Aw t'otton in good medium .igrade ticks, full rolled edge, weight 45 lbs. Special— $7.75^ Simmons cotton felt mattre.=;ses, full rolled edge, three'rows side .stitching, weight 55 lbs.— $12.25 Simmons Steel Beds Two-inch continuous post, brown fin- isli, or ivorv. Special— $6.45 Armstrong Printed Linojeu'm Rugs Size ilxll' feet Size fl.xlO-r;,; ..:--_-.S14.85 Sl.^.^O Now! The New Four-Foot Hoosier at About Half the Usual Price of a Cabinet of This Size and Quality i 2-lxl8-'inch porcelaiii top. three drawers and spacious utensil compartment in i); Spice jars, sugar bin, .5.5-lb. flour bin and a large cupboard sj>ace in top. Finished in three coat Hoosier grey enahiel. THIS BIG HOOSIER ONLY $55.00 SIO.OO down and .?5.00 per month outs this labor .'<aver in vour home.

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