The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 2
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f PAGE two' • 11 tj THIRTJ- VKAKS A«0. Lffdics wore bu8t ^e8. Nobody had Appendicitis.* -Nobody woio white shoes. . CantaJoupoji wore nniskmcIoiiH. Milk shake was the favorite drink.- Nobody swatted ihc fly. Nobody owned a' tin. Lizzie. 'Doctors loflkedat your tongue. Hired pirls Rot ont--fifty per week. The Imtclicrs threw, in a piece of llFer. > • People fhouglit. Kngrish sparrows worp birds. • Jules Verne was thi': only convert (o llie siihniarine. — fount DeBaBc. ' ' .Xe*»liiir of fast Pcesldenis' < Inb Mrs. .lulia Sandcr.s was hostess to th(r nii-inl>prs of the Past, • dents I Iiib of ihe Woman's; Holief Corps yesl'niay nfHTnoon ;in her home. 4(/:! South Elm streelL The Lonl's Prayer repealled ; in •concert opened the nieelini;.^ Ftoll .<;all responses wer<! eurrent eveiits. Tlie j>n;-.ii|fnl. Mrs. Olive Nichols. ; read of soiii" forlunale <icciirrenee.s, toi distinguished ' peopli- o«i the thirtf^nlh day <if Jlie-nionlh and Kavellic rradinp; •"Tfhat Old Hweet hear! oi' Miii'';.'" < werf-: •Tould Wa ther readidKH Is of Houses Speak," iiiid an en<'orc, "Dinner Stories," Mrs.'Surah .1. ('offlehl; ".Molher'H Prcjuiiii <•," MrH.' Khiida .Merrer: "Modr-Vn KrifUflslifp." .Mrs. Marlon liiadlry: "Who's Afrnld." anrl ei)<<>tt'. "hllllc Kly." .Nflss Itow- ena Wi,iodiird: "M'wiern Kv*-,"; Mrs. Ora Dllle; "Hill .\yo JIH Kiilryinan." Mrn. .MnrBiirrl Anderson: "Mer ICpHaph," Mr^i. Crrtei" 'A. becKor: "Jtnosnveit'K ' I'htltiNOphy." ^\Y\\. Jennie Mather. Several niuslial selections wore played by Mrs.; B. I. iWoodard. The assisl- ed| by Mrs.-Woodard and -Miss Uow- enla Woodard. served refreshments. rJuests were': Mrs. .1. H. Reed. , eonrtesy, takinR with them a'Kifti |Mr.s. Woodard. and Miss nowena.-fqr her. Mrs. Adams cxpeets to go jWbodaril. ' ' to Kansas City in two weeks to re- The next luoelins will l)e .Vpril i:i when fuilny stories will be roll aall responslps. • •> • •:• Wedne^dar Kvenins- Bridge <'lnb Mrs. I>«'e;iNoftzgcr. of SIG Kast street, entclitained the niembers of the Wednesday EveninB Bridge club. i ;Mrs. Gilbert HeeVes. Mrs. Winfield Jones: and Mrs. Jack Hiatt were guests. HiRh score favor Was wonby .Mrs.iR. l'. Fry. Lun<.'h !/was served., , The menilx-rs pre.senf were: Mrs. Melvin Fronk, Mrs. Frank .McCarthy.: Mrs. I.. Gish. Mrs. R. U. Fry and .Miss Margaret Smith. • •:• •> •:• I'amiuif Kraj- Clrfle" Hold!) Picnic Siipi^er The menjhefs of Cammie Gray Missionary fjrcle of tlie First Christian church held a picnic supper Tuesday niJKbt at ti::!0 o'clock in the dining room of the church. Those atteniding the supper were: Miss Krankie Lee CiriRRS, Miss Ivalec West.-Mrs. Rajpb Ross, MlHB Heleii (•olhy. Miss .Klla Old. Miss Ruth Colby, Mfss Ruth (ireen. TVIIBS Callierine (loss. .Mrs. John Keyser, .Mis« lOllralielh Kipgs. Miss Vivian Snffrnu. .Miss Vivian RisRS. Miss Ilazil Snrfron, .Miss Winifred ThornUfn. Miss Fern Hillinhi .Miss Luelu(T!< M<ltow<'ll. MJHn WJync-tla Olmstead, Mist Faye AiK-rbttijh :(tHl. 'Mrs. Caiyie 'rh (iiiiai<, '> <f <f Woinnn'M MiKNioniiry MiK 'lel) MeeiN , , The \Vi((ii;m':'. MlMKioiiary (^nclcly nieeritii,' III ih/- Flrni (•lirlsKiiu church WM!i bi'lil yi'st^rday . after n<mn In Ihi- Imnio nt Mr'*. A. It J-(roup, Its Kant s(ri'"t. Mr.i;. ('Hirii- Tliouias.' prcnlilcnl. pr<*;<id''d "V'T llie busjui'ss niei-l • ing. '•• ^irs. Farls Fr;i;ier was : in charK'* of IhSj di'volinjial pi-rind and gave a lalli 'Pti "A .Star Iii Tin- East," in ctinnociinn with (lie scripture k:;b(in. The study of l)(e aft- crnoou was "Cliin .-i" and leaflets wero r<^ad as follows^ ' "C'hina's New NationalisMi," Mrs. C. A. Williams; "A Native Kvangelisl." Mrs: J. C. Littrell: "A Native l^reacher, Mrs. }{. \.. .la<k.son; and "A Native Hible Woman." Mrs. J. K. Reynolds. - A talk on the world- 'Mtide prayer • programs' in the schools was .given by Mrs. J. W. Hesser wlio visited the schools on the day (.if prayer. Marcli 4. / Miss Alma Hudson ga^o a reading i and Miss .Mane(t.;i| I'elerson pla.yeii a violin solo. ' I Special guests of the society were members Nvho had been married' ten years, and .Mrs. (;. A. Youiig. Forty- five women were present and refreshments were s(\3'ved by Mrs. Bert Fryer's division. ; . • .;. .> |3lrs^ Kred Denion Hostess Mi-s. Fred Denton was ihosless yesterday afternoon in her home at'THi Kast street to the nienil)ers of her briilgo dub. Miss Kliy.abeth Apt and .Mrs. \i. B.. Chevalier were guests ancj the members altonding werj»: .Mrs. L. V. Bowlus. .Mrs. P. S. .Mitchell, Mrs. S, J; Griffin. Mrs.|l .i G. Stadler, and .Miss Hazel Bofthis. . , j " •> •> ;••> 1 • . W.plcome I 'or Pastor and Family • TJie I{ov. J. C. Wilsoh. returned pastor of Trinity .Methmlisl Kpis- copal cliurch; .Mr.s.. Wilson and Ihe'ir son, .Mr. Joyce Wi|sdh, wore* honored with a supper j yoiiterda>^ evening in the dining room of t .ho parsonage, lo which all jmemb(?r8 of tho church contrlbutetU Eighty people were present, and a program 'of talks wdre givon .iMr. Lyio Hamilton welconicd the paaior and hlB family abd the R«v..J. C. VVil- «6a responded. . ' ' .'A few busineiis matters connected with the parish work wore dis- -cusBod, among them t^e budget for tbo ensuing year. .Mr. L. ^. Foster and Mrs. L.. A. McMillan were the speakers on this subject and after; their talks a large number Dt the church members pledged [• Jaihoudts for the year..; Picnic at Minms Bluff i A party tiigh school and Junior college youn« people went to Simma ,B|u« last, evening for a wiener.i and marshmailow roast. The young.people were chaperoned by Mr- iNoblc Mbrrison of the high !|:cho6l ' faculty; and Miss Ruth Russell of the Junior college faculf ty. , . • r 'I : Those wJio went were; Th^ Misses Klcanor Steele, Betli Brin(non. .Marrianna Ralston. Elizabeth Hanktus, Opal OBborn. .Maiy ;Fredj- ericlison, Joan Henderson ana (Jlajdfs Conner. Mrs. Audrey Croo|c Tall; . and Messrp. L.ester DoIllsoi|, Dav« Xlassey, David Shannon. Clyd- Barber. Ward JTall. Huxlej,- Ritli r.; Raymond Wagner, Ralph Ahb( I. and Stanley Davis. j •> • n 'edhfKday Bridge CInb Mcei.s Th> VVednesday Bridge, club mem lers were, entertained yester- il7iy ifternooii in the home of .Mr;;. S. "l. Sife'r.-;, 11!) South Washington ajVen lei . ' Mrs. Victor I.. Kirk. Afrp. Horaife .Miller and Mrs. ('has. .-Fry were gnes^-!. After cards refreshniem s were!'served. The members . present were,: .Mrs. R. O. Christian. .Airs. K. R. Cook, .Mrs. George C. Dalgarno. jn, and .Mrs. G. H. Stodghill. • <• \ HuhbaudN are (lueslM | The husbands w<^r« giiesis olf Iho inemhei^s of a cand;clul) whi<!h meij :lasi n 'Blii in ibe home of .Mrs. RJ L, Tllompsoii, \,\\ ^Norih \VnHhlng-[ ton avenue.! . | Dlnni-r wfts served »il six o'clocki at three (|unrletle:liibles. { TlioHK preflent Were: .Mr. audi MiH. If. H. .Sherman. Mr, iind Mrs. t'. ('. AuHhei;nian, .Mi-, and Airs. Paul Kllno. Mr. and .Mrs. J. E.for- nlnh and .Mr. and Mrs. W. 52. llar- lelH. i i Siirprlte .Mr^.. Adam'* i ! Thirty friends yf .Mrs. slidle Ailams went lo her home last nlglit^ and surmised her as a farejvell, THtB lOLA DATtY-RBGKTER. THURSDAY EVlEmNG /iHARCIf 10.1927. side. • • • Pylhlan .SNiers to Kuterlain One of the lafge St. Patrick par^ ties will; be that of the Pythian Sisters "for the Knights and their families, .Marci^ 17. A basket sup-f .BAYAkp , . • (Mrs. Flojd Mcq<irraacld) i.Mai;. 9.—F.A. Lan z and family moved t» Bronison Friday and Will, niakc tiicir boiiie there for awhile. I'ljyd .McCormack and family callcdiou his brother. Eh-nest McCormack at Moran several times during Ills recovery from an attack of asthma. / Wnlken Gillham an^ family ind I 'Chas. Dozier had a nichic dinher at :the creek Sunday and broujght honie a nice lot of fiiili., ' Miss Myrtle Ltston ojillcd to sec Merlyn Trimble Wednesday evening. • : • I Mr. and Mrs. Joe Forrester of Joplltl. made a short visit Wednesi liay wifli their niece, .Mrs. I'haunce TiMmble'and family. ' (!. I^. Donaldson an« family gavf- a birthday dinner Suiida.v, in lion- o rof their cousin. Mrs. liUtiu Ilo- bjirl. ThosL- enjoying tho day were G. M. Donaldson and f^ou. Will, and Mrs. Doiiald.sbn Sr.. of Selma. l.u- tii' Hobarl .and wife -of Kinraid .Mrs. Geo. Crouch and sons. Rujjsell and .Melvin. Frank .M.>'ers and wife of .Moran. I • Mrs. F.- ('. Dicken:jon and Don Ray and family of ijHildrid were Sunday aftcrnor n visitors with J. W.. :ind .Miss Kllel^ Dickinson. Chc.sloy Garner nid ykitV called in the evi-ning. L. ('. (Jaldwell and wifi« and Floyd j .Mcformack and wife atlcnil- ed th<t funeral of .1. II. Cramer al .Moran Sunday afternoon.' .Mrs. Nellie Smith ;ind sou. Dean Smith and Howard l.ivingsinn and fajnily of Colony visited al \.. .M. tliulit^y's Sunday. -i [Mrs. Ernest . Itakerj and Mrs. Dennis Isaac went to take liie mil- lliiery work for Farm Bureau club work at lola Ainnday •'"»! Tuesday. I Deiker shipp<'il,st<ck Tuesday. -Mrs. Pearl .McCallen if Tulsa and daugliler, .Mrs, Geo. D.ilgarno ol lola called al the ho.ine of j\frs. McCallen's hroilicr, Chjiiince Trimble and family Tuesday. I,. C. C.'ildwell and riiad worker^ began work Monday on tli>- low plai'e Just east of "lliiyiird. Tlie bridge will he rebuilt. .Mrs. Duiilap. .Mrs. (jaldwell ami .Mrs. .McCormack alteilded llie W. C. T. r. institute at i<ila Tuesday. E. U. Stafford was Indlast several days lasl^ week. The telephone line to Bayard was out of commission .Monday and Tuesday so it was impossible to call for neighborhood litems. . Corn and kafir are still comliig into the Bayard elevator, a number of loads each day. So much rain during fall and \vinter made crop gathering slow work, j (Jne farmer SALEM . (Hazel Markley.) . : Mar. 7.—Mrs. E, E. Kalm entt-r- Ulned the..£alem social club at her home Thursday afternoon. A large number w^as present and the afternoon was spent in quilting. Dainty refreshments wero served by the hostess. . Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ixjver and Prudence of lola, visited Sunday in the parental Lower home. Mrs. Fred Boweii. who underwent ah opijration at Ihc Si. John's hospital at lola FViday. is report- ec| goitii^g "along nicely. Her nmiiy friends hope for her a siJcedy recovery. Joe and Elizabeth Johnson and Dhelma Markley of Savonburg and Don Markley of .Moran look supper Sunday evening at the George M^^rkley home. tlufth Sliileville and Harold Bowen are out of .sch^iot this week on account-of the mq.isJes. .Mr. and Mrs. .Melvin' Wise of Wlnfiejd. Kansas, called at the tieorge Markley home Friilay afternoon. .Mr. Jinil .Mrs. Edgar Pe.iruian and baby visiled Sunday with .Mrs. Ernest Pe.-iihnan ami family. -Mrs. Luc-Is celebrated her sev- eni.v-tliird birlhilay Frirla.v. Miich •I. al the home of her ijaugliter. ,Mrs. Frank Stafford. A prost card shower was givbii her by her mtpy friends in wtiich - she recetved eighty-eight cirds. Thoscj who spent the day *IHi her; wej»: Mr. Tom Lucas an I family, Mr. Bill Lucas and Mr. *>eorKe Lucas of Bayard. : : ^ Mr. and Mrs. John ' King and family and Mh. H«nry Kins, of Chanute. spent Thursday eyepJo^ at the. Georn p(ark}ey hpme. Mrs. Lee Qui* of Bronson. is I visiting today w th her sister. Mrs. Frank Stanford.. Sam and Ray Lower called at the (George Markleiy home Sunday afternoon. i Dhelma Marl(icy, J<»c Johnson and Mrs." Fred jWlxson caJU^ at tho S. J. Markley home Sunday evening. ' Alfred Church spent:Sunday with his brother in Bavonburg. .Mr.cKnKs (oDtinae. iiidefinjilely. The protracted meetings which have been in .session at the l.'nited Brethren church' will he continued indefinitely andillie subject of the sermon tonight will be "Religjon as a Business i'roposiiion." These meetings have been'lar ;e- ly attended nnd the pastor c.xtcQds a general invitation lo the public to be present: DRYOdOpS^WOMENS WEAR-MILLINERS •OLA KAMSAS Nurlliru|i BIdg., formerly orrnpied by James KIchurdHol^ lOLA'S POPULAR STORE Fine Ru per will bo followed with gameslisays he is looking l|or a corn contests and music throughout, shucking maeliine with lister at- the evening. i tachinerit. •:• • • (]leue«ieve (ireen Mchols Receives Complimenlarj- Notice Tho following complimentary comment about Mrs. Gcnevieye (ireen Nichols, formerly of lola, but now. residing in Chicago, apj- pears in the furreiit issue of tjie •^Musical Leader," a Chicago publir t'fUio.n: ' Genevieve Green .N'ichols. a gilt[ cd. pianist of Chicago, lias been devoting her att!ention to teaching as well as recital programs. Ref cently she delighted a large audience at the New Georgian Hotel by her artistic, playing. Mrs. Nichols has youth, vigor and personf alily. i^he is a powerful .pianist; and wins charming effects.' Many •encores were demanded. The other artists were Jessie Robinson, soprano, and Ruth Hanif oldsbn. violinist; they, too, BCorei! a nice success, Mrs. Nichols ha; several classes in varioi s liicnii lies of Chicago. She acct mplisht 'i splendid resullg.wllb i'lil dren be cause she iindorslHiidH Ihi' psycho* logy of begitibers and children In the Inlerinedlato grades. l»RAmiE CKNXKR (Neva Wolfe.) March X. Mr. anil Mrs. Roy liinj n '4 'li and bafiy spent .Sunday after-; noon with ,Mni. ,M. R. I.tarnelt w\f\ (ilenii. Mr. and .Mrs. i.<levers ell idren visited i .Sunijay cvji 'iiini^ wlijli .Mr. aml-.Mrs. A. C. Collisoii. Mr. ,ind .Mrs. Durnd Young aiif .Mien Wayne called <ui Mr. .iii .Mrs. r .ee Wolfe Sunday aflornoon Mrs. .Matthews and Helen o Earlton spent, Thursdav until Sun •lay with .Mr. and Mrs. Will Tasche] Orviile .Miller of ilerrihgton Nebr., was here Thursday attend iiig to (jhi? business of his father'.^ farm. Mrs. 1.,esler Krirkson spent Fri-j liay with her mother, Mrs. Noursc Mrs. Shaw called in the afternoon, Mrs. Gus Wolfe and Neva visited Friday-afternoon witii Mrs. Taylor and Margaret. Mrs. Barnett sp«nt Sunday evening, with Mrs, Rumble of Chanute. .Mrs. .r. Sieyers of Humboldt visited a few days last week at the Frank Sievers home. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Tasche are moving to the Cloves farrji !this week. ,• - ; i • Neva M'^plfe and Irvin Sherrill spent Sunday evening with ,« Mr. and Mr.s. lyoo Wolfe. Mrs. Zlegler called on Mrs. Bar- nelt Saturday. Frank Sievers called on Glenn Barnett Sunday., -> Claude Hough visited Tuesday; evening with M'ill Ellison. GLENDALE (Mrs. y. W. rieath.) Thursday of Cy Watklns moved last week to a farm inear Carlylc. ."Mrs. Clarence Maiik called on Mrs. Heath Friday morning to get eggs for setting. ,i . . I/oyd Heath arid family drove up from lola Fridayj and visited until Sunday at V. Wj. Heatli's. Miss Ruby Whitcomb spent SiiUi- day with Mary Coopeij. They calli­ ed on the Hoslcy girls in tho afti ern'oon. | '• W. P. Van Pelfs drove to loUi Sunday to help celebrate the S2iid birthday of Mr. Van Tielt's mother. Guy Hickman and family snent Sunday evening at Van Pelt's. Miss Ruth runninghiini came ""• from .Mildred with tliejHo.^lr-y girls lo. spenil III'' ijvening.' Mr.s. Bert Ciinper ciilli-d af(lie Tucker home i^llnday ariernomi. .Mr. .'iiid .Mr.s'. I .ee 'lalley ni'ived onl finm .Mililreil wll^i their son, Dick, and w.ill help with the rariii lug j R»sr- iinil Ruth llr):!|ey visited at V. W. Heath's Sijnday afier- iidon. i Tlie Wliilconib buys I vlfiileil with .liinatliaii llosley .Siinilsiy. Mrs. Kate V;iiii|eveer and Kiigene Vaiideveer and family vi.'.lied al Kd lliisley's a week !ar,'i Siliiilay aftiriKion. j j . When ;i inau is !;e)KToiis l<i f:nilt, it is verv "flen Ills <iwii l;mll hi- is B<'neroiis to. i Specially purchased and specially priced for FYiday and Saturday. 69c Pair Ju^^t rt.'C'.'ive( fine ruffled cur{ backs. another 100 pair qf these;, aiRs, complete :\\^ith tie- .SJ:I; TIII;,M IN OI'K .SOITH WINDOW SENEKER'Si ^ndicott-Johnson WorldN Largest Shoe Makers /igUging Smartljr.Styied Friday and Salui-day Special S4.98 f BILES 26 Years of Successful Merchandising hi ibla enish Your Stoiik For the Summer Now in oiir Greatest Sa,le o!f Handkerchiefs we have ever ijield. 100 Dozen 25c and 35^ Values HANDKERCHIEFS FROM CHINA HANDKERCHIEFS FROM HANDKERCHIEFS FORM CHEOKO SLOVAKIA (hp M«sl all| of jthem hand made affairs. Put itp 6fiQr5fc FRANCE in a bunch, one of each utyle—• 1* • 26 Years of Suficessful Merchandising in lola Here They Are at I iiii I *>ma Ami ill llu' newest .spriiip.shad I'd. Soa (iiill. Diadem. Libt-rly Blue. The Snappiest Little That have been shown in lola. the New Tani and Ripple FJffect.s—l.arjre and II head sizes—for the Mis.s or the Matron. |^-~Athena, Monkey Skiii. Motlierj (uio ;!e, Cain- looscberry. Other Hats priced as low 7i& $2.95 and up to $15.00. /

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