The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on April 2, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1892
Page 3
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ftx ftotrllle Weekly Review, rrtWUM ITIRY SATURDAY BY W. N. KJROICK. TlAMf: ti.bOA YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Balk Oysters at Hart's. —To-day is "April fool." —Call on Gray, %% the U. T. K. —Jolly in Pails at John Tlioraa's. — Gold nod Silver Shirti at Gray's. -Tho lea has gone out of the Missls- —Veal calves wanctd at Han's Market. Meat —Art is (arming down in Wagner townslilp. --Mrs. Eaten came up from Monona on Tuesday. —Pure Maple Sugar and Syrup at J. TIIOMA'S. —Gray is showing an elegant line of Spring Clothing. - Mobody sooms to bo riding out for pleasuro these days. —Mrs. McEvren spoilt seyoral days in Dtcorah Inst week. —Joe Gray is in Minneapolis goods for the U. T. K. buying —•Sohool opens for the summer term a week from nuxt Monday. -Call and uxaininu my stock of finished monument*. KB . H. PIUOII. -Wood is wanted at Beedy's Photo Gallory in exchange for photographs. —March, the most unpleasant month of the year, lias becomo a "back number." -Wilkes Williams has gone west to look after tho interest of his dolomite quarries. —Eggs have got down to 10 ets. dozen. A fair pi ico for producer couauraer. por and —Hatlio Taylor aoaompaniud her relatives to Chioago for further medical treatment. - Shorthand, taught without Ilreekemidge's. ho Graham syHteni, is extra charge at Prof. — Charley Daviess was over from Waukon last Saturday night, returning home on Sundnr. —Mrs. Henry Klnss and Mr. Edward Staadt are each building barns on thoir premises in town. - Miss U/.110 McKinlcy left Wednesday night for Madison, S. I)., where she will leach school. —Lansing pays each of the newspapers; there .*2o a year for printing the proceedings of the city council. —V. M. Orr has been looking over the western country for several days. He is cxpeotnd back this week. -See "Additional Local." —Who was Daron Munchausen? —Poultry bonght and sold at Hart's. —Gray seids away Laundry Work. —April showors bring May flowers. —Pop Corn lo a lb., at J. Thoma's. —Munchausen— Though dead he yel lives. —The town council meets as a board ef equalization next Monday. For Bale. My residence on the north side. Mns. H. B. HAZLBTOX. Dress Making And all kinds of Ladies' Sewing. DAIST FABIK. »w2 - -Sheriff Minert was ovor again last night, presumably on a little more saloon business. —How longsinco you have enjoyed a good hearty laugh? Go to the Mun­ chausen social. —Frienel J. W. Hartley, of French Creek, has recently pocketed $3,167 for 73 head of fat cattle. —Prof. C. E. Hanchett is down fiom Hesper putting In his vacation. Ho is as pretty aud social as ever. --Wo understand that J. S. Dresser has sold his home farm to Chas. Krunim, of Wagner, for W7 por acre Miss Mary Crosby, Teacher of Painting. Order work a apouialty. 4Stf Mise Anna £aaton Instructor on the piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. Miss Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. —Those wishing to havo toelh extracted witLout pain will Hud tho Gas a perfect anaesthotic. Dr. C. L. ToplifThas it in his office at Docorah. 1 wt Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, but a good job every clatter and prices vory reasonable. TlIOS. SnOUTBItEI). —Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pine Finishing, for sale at SANDERS & KAI-I.MU'S. New Dental Rooms. Dr. Will Cole IIRS oponed a dental office ovor the harness storo in the brick blook, whsro he may be found on Tuesday and Wednesday of each weak, where he invites the public to call when wanting first-class work dona in his line. School Books. Wo now havo a full and complete stock of school books used In the Postville schools and will sell Ihem at the lowest school board prices. We also carry n full stock of all school supplies at the lowest prices. Brick drug stoio. It. N. DOUGLASS. —Tho following is a very good showing of paid subscriptions for a muddy week, and the friends havo our sincere thanks: Wm. Rolllnson,' E. L. Van Dyke, W. P. Ragan, Mrs. M. A. Hanks, C. J. Meior, Mrs. Har.leton, A. M. Thompson. — Wc omitted to mention in our last issue that Col. Rogers, who has been railway mail clerk on the McGregor and Chamberlain run ever sinee there has been such a run, in fact ever siuco tho road startod west from McGregor, died at his home in McGregor last week. Ho had been in the service thirty years. —In view of tho almost impassablo condition of our main streets will not our street committee n'>w make a commencement lo Macadamize them, even though they do not accomplish more than a half blook a year? There must be some way devised to lift us as a town out of tho mud, if it takes a quarter of a century to do it. MADAME MITCHELL At Home Permanently for 3 Months. Madame Mltcholl will toll your for tuna to perfection, tell what you are best adapted for, and show you tho likeness of your future partner. Call and bo convinced of her wonderful powers at her residence, north of tho Milwaukee depot, Postville. -Smith McCloud, ono of tho oldest residents of northeastern Iowa, adds hi" uame lo our increasing list of subscribers. LOST:--OB Friday, Mar. 2. r >th a pearl watch chain) encircled with gold. A veward paid to finder. Miss LENA SKELTOX. - Mr. and Mrj. John Sanders. Miss Addie Sanders, Prof. Smith and H. O. Greon look the early train on Wednesday morning for Chicago. The former parlies will buy spring goods and all will look over the prospects of the booming suburb, Chicago Hoights. Prof. Smith will visit in Aurora a few days beforu his return. -Mayor W. II. Durford, of Lansing, in hot water as a defaultor to tho surnnco companies which lie ropre- onted, aud also to the city of Lansing for fines and licenses which ho colloct- :ind never aoceniitcd for. He will be remembered as tho man who organ- ed tho A. O. U. W. in Postville sixteen years ago. He i.« also in a critical condition of health. - The Becdy Photo Gallory is now fully equipped to do viewing in town or or country, and this is tho lime, beforo loaves are out, for those having very munv shail«trcas. 2t2 — Miss Christina Schiller is now located in Minneapolis, where the REVIEW is pleased to follow her. —If you want wood leave woro. with we or any of my teamsters. P. J. BF.UCHKH , Drayman. —Wo aro sorry to loarn of tho seri- oss illness of friend Nelson MeGhea, of Hardin. Wo hope ho may speedily recover. — A drizzling kind of a rain on Tuesday night and Wednesday has again put the roads in almost an impassable condition. Milk haulers, stage drivers and their teams suffer, and bnsiuess is vory stagnant. List of Letters emainiug uncalled for in the postoffice it PostylUe, lowu, Mar. 20. 1892. Par­ lies calling for any of them will pleaso say "Advertised:" Mary E. Anderson, N. G. Nelson, Mrs. Jessie Rhodimor. Postal Cards:—U. F. Ewing, Delbert Eaton, Minnie Turner. JAS. PEHRY , P. M. —Horse buyers are as thisk at Hies aroun4 a molasses barrel in August, all of whom get a few horses, mostly at low pricos, though a few are sold above $150. There scams to be no end of horseB for sale. --The social to havo boeu given by tho Y. P. S. C. E., at the Cong, ohuroh, Friday evening, has been postponed for two weeks. —The new opora houso will not b< built this soason, if at but Mr. McNeil will make a commencement in the fall preparatory to early work next spring, whether the opera house project goes on then or not. —The road? and streets never hayo been much worse than they were last Saturday, and they have been bad enough since. - Last Sunday, b?iug a beautiful day, was largely devoted to podestri- anisra and the churches were well filled in the evening. —R. P. Spencer, an old resident of Lansing, and well known all over the county, diod {from cancer of tho stom- aeli. lastwock. —Our staunch old lady friend, Mrs. Wm. Patterson, sonds an extra copy of the REVIEW to a rolative out west for the coming year. —Fran lis Fran!ion was down from Ossinn ou Saturday evening to attend the Workman lodgo ai d took occasion to make this ulTico a friendly call. —(J. W. Harris sowed some wheat on Friday and Saturday afternoons of last weok. This is the first evidence of spring 's work that has been reported to us. —Miss Grace MoNuil returned home ou Wednesday evening, to the delight of her many friends. We understand she will teach in the Finney district this season. —Winter 4 Boliman's livery outfit was closed out atauoiion last Saturday. Everything but the horses sold will Mr. Cornell continues the business with an entire new ouliit. —The accomplished daughter of Wm, Brownel), of Waukon, died on Wednes. day ereniug. The family have the sympathy of a largo circle of friends throughout the county. Miss Nellie was a Ultle past 17 years of age. House For Sale or Rent. A good now house, on Murdock street, in Postville. Good cellar, well, otp. For salo or rout on favorable terras. Apply to 62w4 Mns. JOHN THILL, -MISS Lois Tattle came home on Tuesday on a telograra from Lubmnn & Sanders, and has ta'ken her old posi tiou in the storo temporarily during iho absence of John and Addio at Chicago, She has auothei month to remain at Dacorah to finish up. —There will be no preaching In the 11. E. church next Sunday, Rev. Loek wood being delegated to fill the post lion of tho presiding elder at West Union on that day. -rBTerybody forgot the ceraotory P ««tfPglMt Saturday ereniug. Soma- thiog should be done at once to repair or rebuild ths sidewalk leading to it from the eouqty lin* swlb. fvMn.' Scott Roberts accompanied It*, tarrftbww and Mrs. Williams to Cnjlfornii, They bavo qomtnepQed »Wll T bitkt, Dw ei, tie >' „; ,f n«v,befoH> g Look Hero! For^Sale. Tho delivery outfit of the Postville postoffice, couiislin^ of 414 call boxes and 58 look boxes, all in tip-top order, U for sale CIIRAF; lo Ve delivered May 1st. 1892. This is a rarevohanee Inquire of A. R. PICESCOTT. —Notwithstanding the storm on Tuesday night the Demorest contest, at the M. E. church was quite largely attended and the contest was a very close one, so close in fact, that it was hard for the judges to award the medal, It was however awarded to Miss Flossy Boynton. —The council meets this evaning for reorganisation for the coming year, Mayor McNeil will yield tho gavel to mayor elect Clinton and the former will take the place in the council vacated by ye noribe, who retires to "private life." These are the only ohanges in the personnel this year. X. B. Sociable. There will be a Munchausen seoiable at the church on Friday evening. April 8tb. A Munchausen soutest will. begl lit soven. A sufficient number of good narrators have been secured and the eonteit promises to be a lively one, in terspersod with music After the con tejt »u opportunity will be given te ex. amine the wonderful Munchausen col lection of views and curiosities, and social hopr enjoyed. All are Invited to 1 M » also invited to sat sup, -going, Admiasipn Un els, What it Means. : El>. Renew:—A phenomenal season is ono in which something unusual occurs in tho weather, aside from what we generally expect. Ono or two illustrations will serve te show my mtaning: Thirty-six years ago wo had one of the longest and loylioat Indian summers in northern Illinois I ever saw. The ground did not freeze up till near Christmas, when it became intensely cold, with heavy snow, and temained so till Jan. 25th, when it thaved, and with an atmosphere like May; farmers plowed for four weoks. This was phenomenal, but it was a fact, for I was "in it." On Feb. 20th, 1877, I picked sonio snowdrops on tho sonlh side of Mr. Kovnnig'* grove, from an angle of a rail fence, and showed ihem to the folks at home. That was the winter of the diphtheria -we all ramber it; when the bottom seemed to go out of tho roads entirely, and horses had a rest.. A phenomenal season Is generally a good one for crops, but hard on children and the aged, according to the saying that "a green Christmas makes a fat churchyard." Three years ago this month the dust lay four inehes deep on tho wagon roads at Cedar Rapids and two inches hero. I quoted at tho time to a friend that "a pound of March dust was worth a king's ransom." The immense crops that followed told the story. The phenomenal howtrs in Kansas last season gave h#r yield of wheat that was almost a burdon to her. Naturo is fairly bulg- ng with freaks in such seasons. The country around Cherokee was deluged witk rain and ravaged with storm last summer, while we had not wind enough to disturb the perpondicular of our corn. Last August we had light frost, while September for the first time in tho mamory of anyone, went out without a visible frost. On the 7th and 8th of this month the sun shone out clear and hot, the mareury going up to to •10° in the shade, (1 saw a nwarm of Hies sporting in a sheltered corner.) next morning by 10 o'clock a good old style blizzard was pulling in its work at the rato of ninety miles an hour, ith tho mercury down to zero at night. It is curious to nolo that soasons go in pairs. If wc have ono drouth ^season we are sure lo havo another following, ml so of goed seasons and oxtra good casons. This is almoBt an invariable ule, yet why it is is yet beyon.1 human penetration. J. DUKXO. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. I have secured the servicok of one of tho best blacksmiths and horse shoers this part of tho state, and am prepared to do all kinds of blacksmithing and wagon work on short notico and in tho best manner. New wagons, bug- gios, road carts, ate. on hand and made to ordor. Call and examine work and prices. 2mS H. C. Hos.v. —Mrs. Stafford lias received tho order far hor insurance money, if she has not received tho draft before now. Some thought alio would net get the monoy. Sho wiu just as sure of it as if the pol icy had been in any company in the United States. t Thero is nothing safor while Ihey last khan these cooperative companies, though from their nature hoy are not liable to be as permanent as tho old line companies. Take Hotiae, ( That the Posiviiln Steam Roller Mills will grind Feed, Corn Meal and Gr,a ham Monday and Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working machinery we are propared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notico. Bring in your logs and havo them sawed. Respectfully, E. D. STILES. Dentistry. There being a good many people In Postville and vicin'ty that desire to have me return once more I have desld ed to employ a man to help me in tho olliee at Deeorah, so that I may accom modate you for a short time. Will be at the Park House, Tuesday and Wed' nesday, April 6th and 8th. Yours Respectfully, C. L. TOI'LIFF, ». V. S. GOOD FARM FOB SALE. My farm of 208 aeres for sale. Situ ated lu Madison township, Winnesheik Co., Iowa, tbreo and a half miles wost of Decorab, in sections 11 and 14. Well improved and timber enough for farm use. In good state of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. Sohool within six rods of house. Long time will be given on part payment. Inquire on farm fer particulars. Address, WM. MCINTOSH, (Box. 238) Decorab, Iowa. • J. W. WARD & COS Great Special Sale AND Commencing on AND LASTING 30 DATS. WILL PLACE ON SALE 500 Sacks Gold Medal Patent Flour, best grade, 1.25 500 " Peerless " " 1.20 SOAP DEAL. 300 boxes Soap bought by us at Carload Prices and guaranteed absolutely pure and to be tho best Soaps in the U. S. One lot "Hustler" Soap, regular price 5c per bar, -will be sold one box of 40 bars for.$1.00—24c a bar. One lot "Chemical" Soap, the best and strongest •white soap made, 25 bars for $1.00—4c a bar. "White Dove" Soap, the best combination laundry and toilet white soap in the TJ. S., 25 bars for $1.00— 4c a bar. The two above kinds are regular 10c goods. One lot "Hand" Soap, a pure coacoanut oil toilet soap and as fine quality as made, 25 bars for $1.00 -4c bar. Will sell 1.00 -worth or one box to any one party at these prices. Goods are sold for SPOT CASH ONLY. MEN'S CLOTHING. 150 Men's and Boys' Custom Mads Suits. 100 Men's Custom Made Pants will be put on sale at Speoial Sale Prices, that -will CUT to the bed rock of all competition. ESTABLISHED 188 3 POSTVILLE CLOTHING HOUSE, CARL HOLTER, Prop. CAN'T BE BEATEN. That's just what's the matter with our Boys' Suits— they can't be beaten. Look at them from any standpoint you please, that's the conclusion you will come to. We don't say they can't be equalled in material and make, but we do say that there's nothing thai comes within range of them at the prices. We pride ourselves on the great Selection and Variety in Two Piece Suits. School and Boys' Suits at from $1.20 upward. The prices we are naming are lower than you will find elsewhere, but we have extraordinary reasons for lessening our stock, and the quickest way to cut down our stock in a hurry is to out down prices in a hurry. Our new selections in Men's and Youth's Suits comprise all the latest novelties, and no matter how hard you are'to fit or please we want a chance at showing you what we CAN DO FOR YOU. IN FURNISHING GOODS, HATS AND CAPS, we are to the front, and kindly refer you to any of our best dressed young men to verify our statement. Wilson Bros. Fine White and Colored Shirts? (no more- expensive th-'ii ary other acood manufacture) are the' best fitters made. The Collar Fits the Shirt and they make you "tired." "The Lucky," "Tho Buckskin" and "The Indioator" brand ot Hats are sold only by us and the prices are. right. We are Authorized by the Manufacturers to Warrant Each and Every Hat. —We purloin ibe following Item* from last week's Deeorah Republican: "Cards were received Monday an- nounelng the marriage of Miss Lottie Kramer, of Caslalla, and Mr. Nelson Glbbs. ot Dubuque. Miss Kramer it well kuown in Deeorah, and her friends unite in extending congratulations." "An Allamakee county firm of mill era has glv<i» 1600 lbs. of Hour to the Russian relief fund, This amount squalled that of tho state of Virginia, was four tlaies as much as given by the »tates o( Alabama and Louisiana, and half as largo ns New Me *ico'» con* tribune" An Abortive Effort. Last Friday afternoon Uayor MuNeil received a despatch from tlio mayor of Council Bluffs statiug that a majority of mayors throughout the state had been telegraphed lo to send delegates to an anti-prohibition convention lo be held at Dos Moines on the Monday following 'or the pnrposo of presenting Iho necessities of tho case to the legislature and attempting to induce the house to reeonsider and pass tho Gateh bill, or to give some other measure of relief before the adjournment of the legislature In view of this fact the mayor called an impromptu meeting at Ihe hook and ladder houso the same evening to decide what, if anything, should bo done. A goodly number were in attendance, including some of our most prominent prohibitionists, and it was decidod to send a delegate, and a pur so of $10 was raised to defray the expenses. Mayor McNeil was unanimously chosen as such delogato, and he left for DesMoines on a Sunday evening freight, arriving there Monday morning. The notice being so short there was not as general a response as there ought to have been to have accomplished anything. Howevor the convention was organized and a committee appointed to meet a republican caucus of the house on Monday evening, when a set of resolutions was presented to the caucus, sotting forth the eondition of affairs in those seelions of the state where prohibition is not and cannot be enforced, and asking for relief. The decision of the caucus was that the republican mombers of the house were elected on the Cedar Rapids platform, which promised that prohibition should stand, and. consequently they could do nothing,to impair the law. This is just what wo were confident would bo tho result;,and wo should have bean disappointed had it been otherwise. The prohibitionists are bound to die in the last ditch, and just whore they are now. The upas of unenforoed prohibition mist bo ovor tho ata^o .two years more, and by that time there will not bo enough republicans left, on stats Issues, to hold a respectable eon- vonllon. There is hope of holding the party together long enough to save tho presidential and congressional election next fall, but after that there Is no "light iu tho window." —Cbas. V. Allea will close bis photo gallery April 1st, fully convinced after giving it a thorough trial, that there is. not business enough hare to support two galleries, and Informs us that. be has made arratgomenU to enter the Bsedy gallery for a time. Ho wishes us to say to to those having orders with him for pictures, or having previously made arrangements for sittings, to please call at the Beedj gal lory for the same and bo will be pleased to attend to their photographic wants in a satis- faotory manner. This consolidation of two of the best artists in this part of lo wa, and the best gallery and "apurto nances thereto belonging," will give the people of postville and v'oinity as good pioturo facilities as can be fonnd anywhere. Don't fail to visit the new gallery, over the Citizens State Bank. HE mi mum SUE WILL INCLUDE 50 pair Women's 5.00 Hand Turned and Hand Welt fine Kangaroo Shoes, for 3.00 a pair. 60 pair Women's $4 McKay Sewed fine kangaroo shoes for 2.50. 75 pair Men's congress and button shoes, worth 2.50 to $3, for $2. 100 pair Child's $1 fine grain button shoes, sizes 5 to 8, for 50c a pair. 50 .pair' Women's kid shoes, worth 2.00 and 2.50, for 1.25 and 1.50. YARH. 100 lbs. All Wool Grey and Brown Mixed Yarn for 45c per pound. 100 lbs. All Wool Yarn in high oolors, for 60c a lb. DRESS FLANNEL. One lot 52 in. wide, worth 50 to 60c, for - 28io One lot worth 35 c, for - - 161c Also great reductions on all Flannel Dress Goods. CORSETS. 100 Corsets. Great reduction to close out the lines. HATS. 100 Men's and Boys' Hats put on sale to olose out at greatly reduced prices. DEPEND TJPONUS FOR PERFECT SATISFACTION AND VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. Come to us for your Spring Goods and you will come out ahead, CARL HOLTER. Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL ING-RAINS. -Waukon baa petitioned the .railroad commissiouore i to Interpose In their behalf to aoouro better railroad fapi|l itiee, or at least batter, train service They nead It bad enough and IMs htjped that they will get It; buf the misfortune arista from being on a short plug instead of a wain Una of road, They nover can get good faolllllejs'uhder melt olroiimstatHW. to Rea/p a Benefit I BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, UNION & COTTON OHAN. Prices Low if you buy. It will cost y ou nothing to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Yours Respectfully, WALTER CHRISS; A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shtii- gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will oonsult their owji interest by obtaining- figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. And here it still goes. Best Water White Head Light Kerosene Oil, 10c a Gallon. Why pay 1& to 20d at other stores? WARD * If You Want the Best f off the Least Money Call and See Our Line of Hatch, Clocks, Jewelry I Silverware! 6ome Special Bargains in Jewelry foV the Spring Trade. . W.J.EfANKS, POSTVILLE, IOWA. W A It ' : rt El E) t INTcynfiiP d urchabers OF tM &Mmu 111 I E RUI till I DRAFT OR COAGH ^ItJ$B#* To vUIt our liable* and Inspect our UM« ilockof IUPO.TID P.IISWIIIHIMO Annuls baton ht»l»«V «ls «wh«», Mmt Mm srs 13 Rr*i. 4 second and 2 grind smwpsttk* ,>,!» winn .rs, nil sscuisdlaV hotly contMjedihowrlngjIn Septomb.r, 1801. Will esclmrih* Imported stock for well locii.rf f.™ Inula.': wiir.I.III... •« ,..^.SKI. »~ .ul .'.'A^^f-WW} 1m

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