The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, March 10, 1927
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Tor KrCA ,KANi.. VOLUME XXX. No. 117;- BstablUhed liiS7. Tola Dully RfKUter. Efltablffihei] 1897. The . Weekly R»glster. EDITORIAL HE.4L .Mr .Sir TOMOKKOn. ]>Jel you j'vecibear rpal,' liiRh rlafis muklc. by an o^rcheMra of whlcltfvpry one of tlip.tjilrty nii'ni4 licrK is an. arlfHt. pluyii g Honie of ilif Krf-al<Ml inuHic ••vf-r wrlttfii? Or liavp y<im stpfTfdi'lrar of micli 11 foiiciTi on- tli<* ilipory -that not . liiivlftK' ilmt Kort (if an pilurailoii j "lilKltlirow iiiiiMic" wniilfi !)<• HO far: ovi -r your li<'a<l you coiililn't ••ii- Ji.y If.' ' Will. If you nt-vi'V liavo heard tin lifrtnrmunr- of a miittlral orRari- BE HELD IN lOLk FRIDAY Kansas City Symphony Has Well Balanced Program for Concert ait .Memorial Hall. Leads Wets .\ piiiiiiTly ariaiiKcil conci'ii I llki- a |»rii|iiTly |iiaiiM>'il iliiiiii'r II ratitio! ,11111-"Ist i-tillri'ly of Itci-T iHt.'ak any! ""'n- 'han li ••an |"* il/ation that IH ronkV-d OH one of | ,„.„|,. „,, ^,>l,.|v „f ,i,.s-..ri or <toiiji. till- very hcst In Ann-rlca. Ih'-ri yon \t miifi li-.«in ;uiil) a ll>;l)i ilijji jo oii>:lii to try It onc»'. And if you K^'i- /.-st (o ili.- a|i|..ili>-. |ir.j<-.'.-d liavi- hf»'n afraid roallv Rood inuxic .fooil, and "iid with >alad anil Would lior" ynii rathpr than fntor- j.,.,., • tain you. tlirn you ouRlit to KIV<' of Lhi> doubt hi'iivifr dcH- <oni-..".ri whiih will li.- Rivfin •I'lniorron (•v<-nin« In M'tiioriajjliall by t-ln- .'i Cliy l.lulf t?,vin- . phony orchi 'Sfra ^as ht -i -u arrailKfd who' KepiresentatiTe Charles J. Unthl- ciini. Dem... of Maryjahd. whuwaH chosen by the Houiie wet bloc *» It* leader in the next CongresB. He :>) u c c e edit John Ptallip Hill, Rep.. .Maryland, who was (lufi'atpil ill the DATUTAfllllS ON TRIAL NOW . . L_ .Moro Chieftain and Aide Face Trial in Sulu Todiay. .loll.. Island of Sulu. .Marrh 10. (AP) -Th." trial of Datu' Tahll, IIIKII vioro ihipftaln. and hi.s aide. Datu .Tai.son. oil; ( harjje.H growInK vnt fif th»- rfctiiit n-bellion in wliicii faliil's wife. Prlncps.s Tar- Vfiiur^i'lf ilip •bf-nefii one. • 'The :Lit|Jlp Svinphonv OrrliPstra, of kansa^rity. whi.-h ..s to be at^^,„^.,,,, ,^. ,l.i„grha.a Kira.n fiRurfl. Btarted .h.-re .M.-.iiorIal Hatl to-morrow nlBht. is„„^ i.i.-a! w!),i,b '"''^>' ""• ^'^ f'"""" thp kind of an orKaiiization and ' will l.-aip th.-n. i.iiil,..,- huuKryl i,..r of other, r.'bels .-apturpd by lilay.s (he kind <if tmisU- p»>>ryl«idy •' ' Th. (i -rt IS • Holi»inia. 1 ouphl to ht-ar.i-thoKc' who roally Kivt- 'uiusu- lor till joyni<;ntr and lliosc who think thf-y .mr,. i,.; Vnihx iVim 'i carp much about music just. It wa.f wiit: lor" tiip sakf ol tindinri out \vh*-thpr I!i 'liLini:i "liors iriiuvri-.s" of iti^' 111" ih" I'i:il!ppiiifi coiiHtubulury will bo : lii-ld la'tcr. I' Tarhiita joined Inn- I! tlip rea.son tiipy don't cau.s.? tiipy ni -v«.'r hav (ip-ni;iK niinih M'. j "In liadlcy. This I1V.-I-- .iiid airy tlirougllmit. «n al the rfiiuf.-;|' of hi I) in )!ii)iP 10 be i ... till-, annual "'lliKii .links" of (liiit organization in ihtf < alifornia. It is !'r (laju's: haffin iittpr bping edii- Lower House Regents Ac* lion Taken by Senate To Make Changes In New Highway Plan. Topeka. Kann.. .Mar. M. <Art — The boiiwe growled at tht- HPiiaie lottay.. show'.HK Its unKer orer ainendjiienlH which the upper rham- bpr plaKfered on thp house'.s road bill. ItepreMentatlve .Mack of Harrey county, orlfinator of the enseitlpl Idea.s in the new hlRhway bull ling plan, moved that the, houHe rt fuse to aroept the nenate's atnendmi nts. but aliio to ask for a conference. Representative Broa<Iip of iCdwtrds county offered a siubsiitiite nu tlon that the house repect the sehate amendments and "stand pat" on its own plan.' "The senate has killed out mortgage registration bill for the benefit of the national banks ami the loan ponipjiJiii'S," Broadie declared. " the senate also tike the re-, spon-^ibillty for killing the road bill." Speaker Hamilton toojj the floor. ibLA; KAN., TH^mSDAY EVENING, MAKCH 10, 1927 HOUSE MNS FIRE QN ROAD BILL Successor to The Ida Daily •Rejff.stpr. ,Tbe lola'Dull}-1 Record, and lola Daily. Index. TWELVE PAGES Sentence of Death in Six Minute Trial Londltn, Mar. 10. (AP) A murdert trial lasting ojihj nix minutes was held in Old Bailey today'. JamvH Frrdriclc Strat, t'ln, a (fed 20, pleaded : f/uiltj/ to in/trdentif/ his I sweetheart. s e r e ii tern days ago. Stratton's plea was accepted, by the conrt Jvhich immediately passed 8ent (\nc,e of death. MINISTERS IN KANSAS GITY DISAPPOlNTlED Recalled UNDER STAIEGONTROI Such Is Proposal Made by Public Utilities Committee; ^'Elmer Gantry," Sinclair! Lewis' Latest Boolf? Is Center of Storm of Comment From: Pastors. triiis is .Manual C. i"ellpz. -Mesic-an' ambasjpador'to the I'nited States, who ha.s hi-tMi recalled. P r. o p a K a n d a a K a I n St Coolidge policies eoianatlng I iroin the ;.Mexican j embassy Is the reported cause of 111/ departure from AVasliington. FRICKMAYBE ! SAVED, DOCTOR US. PAINTED AS AN IDEAL BYKERENSKY Russian Terms America As Nearest Approach to Democratic Ideal . Of CJovernment At Present. ^ J Coming Out of State Of Paralysis. caJJsf I hi' ri ; Topeka. Kans., .Mar. 10. (APj— _ Ta.xicabswould be subject to regu- urgrt^; "the houseTo plai[e "its c^^^^ ^'"'^ public service a in pi<)(.'iici-d care is ' heai-d real ; Hob. niian Crov i .'led in a:i .Vnietican university. ; Tahil's case brought forth sixty-I two jir )secuti6ii witiiessps and fifty I idefensf witnesses :aml the court{„„„,{„^ road bill will be ,.eu,.. •„ • ^: • ,. , r,., „-,r :n».m was crowd^.l. The princess. I J^P speaker warned "We, Rcpub-'The .state would legu-!'"' :a iii-rj. of the sultan of Sulu and i ,i^,j,„, ^.j,, ^^^^ ^oad ssue in' """ fourth wife ot Tah:I, uas an inter-(jgos if we don't do .something to' e.-ted spe.tator. J^xrial i-* ex-1 ^oad road leeislatioh. Vou.cKn' pe,i .;i! >o last two wl-eks. deuce in a conference cbmniittee. j «'»n>""sfion. the same as inter•'If VOU adont Mr nrnnili..« mn l"" buSseS. under a law -pro-, , - - 4fw —- •• • I I .u. oriuoit h^no_|pjj^^^l today by the public utilities "^'>"''''/'",-.aaioiinis to en%gh ; whistling, the doctors discerned j I late both rates and schedules. The state.s printing bill for the next bienniumj will : exceed one Kfinsas City. .Mar. (u\l'l - Kiijisa-s City niiilisierh K«nerajly ex-; pressed dlsapiioiiitnieiit on rt-.adiiig! Slnjilalr U-wis' • latest novels "Kl ; rner Cantry." which appear^ to-i p|^yj^j^j„^g BcHcVe Hc Is day. .The book is desirilied as a' Hatir<^ 'Oil foniinercializeil rejlpion.; .\Iii«rh of the niatt>rial was gailhered I liere. ' / ' - "flantry" is portrayed as aicoun- 1 Chicago. Mar. 10. (.MM—.\lbert tryi youth who attidded a th >joltJiji- j Pri'k at noon today still was able seminary where hc appeared in express through liis . eyes his , ,. , ." Ji^'^ ; thanks to coinrade.s. whose et- and .Jediicer. Alter beiiii; expeHed he led a noma.l lite, but finally i f<""'''' ^'<"'<" ''^<i ^'^P'- 'h*? breath of sought to.atone for liis -^ins tliroagii life in hi.s body for 9S hours. tlipM-hurch. '- • A wisp of hope, the doctors said 'rile Rev. I. .M. Haiiieft. pastor of still .fluttered over the hospital the Cranil .Aveijue .Meilimlist' teni- 1 roi>in. where since Sunday morning pie here. (le.-;<T:!)cd r!:e novel us his iliaphragni paralyzed; Frick "overdrawn and preposterous.", hiiit drawn breath only as fellow "l.,ewis .iloesn": know' wliat we employes, two at a time in-Xifteen preachers are working for in our, minute relay.'-:, forced his deadened chiir.-hei!." iJr. Hargett declared. !<hest in and out by manipulation. "They .say Im 'Klnier Caniry.- Im i Watching the boy'.s- open mouth racy is not only political but eels-not offeiKlPil personally. I dttn't' as artificial breath came with faint notn'c- "The. world meaning of the btl- the soft palate fluttering with a h ^evLst experiment; in Russia is SVilliam L. f^tiiiger. of brisker motion than yesterday j'hat they wanted there to build a; .\ew York. Mar. lo. (AIM—AIoX-; ander Ker.'nsky. who led the tlrfiti j- uUeiiipt at demociatli: government in Russia and was ousted,by the botshevikl. belie'ves it Impoiislble | . to attain the democratic ideal ^hy-j where fn the world under..present/ social ~i conditions. ^ The United L States has the nearest approach ito the ideal, he thinks. 5 ; •The etiuality of opportunity •Which yoii have in America, while not yei liringing the couxrtry loij a perfect state, distinguishes Amer- '; ica favorably from European countries." he said today. , .• "We- are witnessing in the world the beginning of a real democracy/ and America is furthest ahead. | "jAn intensive economic deve^ob- ment. possible now only und^r capitalistic institutions, is the neic- essary, for the future real democracy.' The real demojc-. hopeful the paraly.sis pri.ile.e of ;:a.m;;',l.e;::condsp;ighi:;;:l'^^^^^^ si:;!S ^facingi ^'ll ^d;r 't ::n^K''''w.,,d wj Arrangements for "taking care i istic wa,;./' Dr:-^^Ul^::v..i:i?--:lu-]^^^ uig this great oich-Mri,. (.rdin-.,,-: ...e las. two ri.e u. real Ini^h s Ij;^ ^ tto .e aLaV. si i his r"'s^itl.c^^ ^ ' „n '^>-«-'"> 'he stat.^ gr >i„ in-, stead we ^et this stoiy of a, Ut.Ie; Dr. T. K. Conley. who. witli Dr. H. arily. in Older to hear si,,-h music, o, hriiii.-.n. y ..nd dramatics. i | j/j^Ma"v Iheliel' T .I i MK<ttion depat-tment v^-ere .nade by perverted minister, an alt.„e,her K. Conley and Dr. Cha.s. F Read. ii .ju. ! niiiitirnie the senate which passed a bill cut- 1 impossible picture, entirely ujueal. :t neurologi-ft. .is in constant; at- tiiig the amount of i-olleuted fees 1 not. even :i good caricature."* lendaiii one-must go to th< two or tlirpp. dollars for a s«'at. To-nmrrow night we can hear it il«hi here in lola and' pay only • •ne • dollar: a seat, it is a opptirtiinIt>-l and .Memorial olltlllt to be crowded. I city and p;iy ' "iieiw en <'>ur.-e.v" lonies the sili- • ft. I.y .Mis. Klizabeth IHisti lirook- fiebl. loiitral'o. who will sinij "D Don Fatale." irnni •Don CitrloH" by Virdi. ! " ; ; . '.. The salad coiir.-.e i< n^xt: "Kan; l|.,l|;tasia Karandole" by Dulioi.~i. •j.N'ut- riirrKiV. by .MaifiKci an<l "Damfe of ^ ihe'(idjiiedlalis" by Siiieiana. All of i rar-' her husband. .Many Ibelieye, in j fideiicp in View of her relationshli) with ilje |oonimittee. .-iillaii. that if convlctwl she will not be sent to jirisun, but will be held as a ward of the government «ith restricted liberty. Th.-. Rev. the Linwood Hoalevanl -Meinodist • when its mo\-emeiu wa.s exceed-| social democracy through the dfe^ i Kpi-scopal church, wlio introduced! ingly sluggish. They nodded as-i-'trnction of political deniocraCT: * .Mr.;I.ewi-: to many niinisteisliere. [ surance. i In overthrowing capitalism-Auasia lent at noon was awake, j wa« forced later to go back to t^e and cheerful,' occasion- j to articulate under- .•ords. beginning of capi;ali.'<tic. accumulation iis a result." M. gave his views French. Knglisli and Russian, aifd also made use of an interpreteir, but. for emphasis lie used Frenclj. "There is a iievv element in tfte world." lie said, ".\fter ihe^'apjo- WORKMEN'S BILL TOPAULENNOW , Mie-. : luniilK IS .cr- livelv. siiii-y. 'piqifant. Iirilllaiil 'I lov are re•d with leiieweil relish liter Symphony and iln-' .Vila, and 'Introduce in a most aj pro- ite iiiiinner the idesKeri co irse. ceix ibi p \a IMIOII loll."' trom the'.Siille "lnii»re /i- liy <harpet|ll<ir. miooih flou'Iny. of Italy- .niintber Is' of hiilody and bariiiotiy le truHi of tl at th i; for the prii e nf a remaiirant heon'; I'lid t.'iii--" who lliiss it will' be sorry for a hmi; tiiiie to come. Tickets may be r-^served at the .1. \'. .Merchant ilew dry • i-om- iVfeasure Is Passed and |J'"|][ Change Made—-^ome Im. • I'thlni; to leave n,, t Amendments. Topeka. Kans,. .Mar. l"t.*(AIM—! U',' "' .' The new workmen's compen,afl.„i- [l.^" lode today nee^b-d. only llie signa -'i tore <<f Covernbr I'aiilen to become.'"'^ a law. The House of Rf-presenta-i tive-< accepted|the senate's amend-; j ments to Ule .bill. whi<-h iucreas- j es the maXniium death benefit (Jrom ' $:!.«'i(j to .$4 .(itiO and the ma.viinum ; • 'disability Ifenefit from il 'y to $ls a week and aVso iiermits discounting of only" five instead of 2U'per •<ent,' of X compensation claim agaitist an'insurance company. , | .Sweeping elianges Were liiade in : the new act b.v tfie senate. One • extended its compensation provis- ; ions to the oo'uputionaf diseases. , .\iiother continued compensation j to other dependents after the mar-} liage of the widow. The bili as it : came from the house also was ' changed to allow compensati/ju w hen the workman was negligent : unles.s his action was willful. ThPiHTli.- <-onienipt trial conilolMseiir just REED GROUP IS HARDUPTODAY Kfforts to Raise Cash for Campaign Probe Fail. .i . - — WashliiKion. .\{ur. 10. (AIM—Ac- leonic wars, there was a new^ elje- upon the 2'2 year old pa-jment. also the third- clasH, tie. Mr. Lewis is now on a walking, tient. .; bourgeoisie. After the last woild tour in Kurope with the Itey. Karl; "The tongue wa.s the last to be^ j war there has arisen another ntW Ulackman. assistant pastor of i come p-.iralyzed. . It was the first ebjinent the fourth class, the pijo- thc IJnwood • lioulevard fbrisliaii t" regain, its strength. We are in ; u -tariat." (.jjiir'.li. , liopes that the iliapbragm will be; {{e hastened to i-xplain. that ]»8 i iC'Xt-." , : , to the proletariat, or the workliff- ....., •> > >Eix ' 'I"'"''"'*' pointed ouJ that the i,.!;,..^.,, („. „„, beiievf. in -strtw-; The fli-nat.i' passed Ih.'i bill after :||||| | ||nl KANIl Ijiaralysis began with lUf bladder. ^1,.^, idodshe.l. and -tlirect actiofa" j then the legs, the iliaphragm and ,„ accomplish wider e<iuallty, b|lt which the department must pay Ito the state i from ten to jfive per- 'C«-Tlt. ' i . >' "This Ifurnishe.s a little more pie for the 4o 'y»r" Snydef of l.eaji'- enwprth, chairman ofithi*Ways and i means committee' said. : .Mack, the iiiairtnan <»f the group, explained thut all thr^'e nienibers would "st.and pat" <in the important of the road bill as it was 'pUHMeu by the houi<e. The senate ai^iendetl Iho bill to incrjase the, state aid road fund, from •l.'.»t)ti,»uto to $:;.t)t)f).o»K) a year, i and aNo lo rai>e the jiew county j Senator Hnyder explalni'Jl that the' free fiiJiil from Hdu.duu to $.suii.iui<(. department had to "take care of", vvA /vn /i. ' ' •' -' ' >•••'•'"•' .CLOSESDOORS HOLTON BANK THE WEATHER Iers-on. I . £Wiil> that delighifiil "sai|-fied fe 'd-:,.„:,„„u,,d to sptfjiklhg'. in ternm of nitllions, the Reijdi carhpalgn funds 'committee bad ijiiireaHiffg ilifflcul- ly today in' scMJiIng together a iiMittei' is thai beiiiK ser- Memoria' liall toinorrow ' (.'.„. iHindr. d iloUiirs to permit con- liniianee oi in Investigation the -umiiier. ' Inable to secure an exteiision of it^ .oSE^ili ''K ^J?\' j:;;:;!;;;ffi!n.ii^^ t« c «»«<^t Notes HhBt roMi-r toiilKhf. ! Temperature- Highest yesterday; f. j,,,,,^,.^ „f Wellington i.i- 01. at 4 p. m: lowest last night. Wame probably tbe first a. in.; normal for today. | ^„„,_,„ ,„gy„ a,iop„.,i after at- ila.stiy the throat muscles. Frick's desperate chance for re-j^^^, ..j„„.j.,i coverv seemed to depend chiefly ;' ,,* .', lipon his ability to .jndure th. ! advocated moderation, ballotlvKI •volution." bolKhevists and com- doc- ;>•). at 42: excess vesterday. 1 1: excess j '""-lisince .lanuarv 1st, :!(ia degrees• I?'"T/'HV.'-V -^"-^ -^1". this date la^t vear, highest 4r : 'T''*" : f'"X^"- »/, Welington lowest ''7 • ^*' had reared, him. making him a! sion of i.,.„,.'i ,*,V r .^T- ,u. Oi !,„ - member of the family when he wa.i i ,.,„„.. „„,i,<m, „,„(„, hour, „;,;„"'5 ;':it,n.'',,.rj;: 5.i.:tl;^L.?;;;^^'!LJu^^r^^^ SINCUIRJURY Is Reason, Says Rtjiy L. Bone. Topeka. Kans.. Mar. ID. (,\IM Difficulty ill collecting Itans led to the dosing of the .State .I'.ank ol'lloltoii. the state biink- iiig departnieiit e.vplaine>I today. Roy 1>. Hone, state bank coinmisi;ioner. pla<ed 1>. \V. Wocll^y. an examiner, in cli3r ;,'e of tliti bank. ; mnnisis have nothing in^ coromdn. 'be explained, although he conod is constitutionally abl., •'V"'""." 'l'!"'^'." '"''J'^'f;! ^''T* ito witl,:.ia..d tho rigors of artifl- i'"•^r<•^H'',''»'f •»?f«' cial respiration until he regains |'^i develtjp- irhe use of the diaphragh he wllli""'"' «<«-i"'y- treatimnl, according to the tors. , "It he After a week in New "Vork he said ills chief impression of American life wys Us •'Creative intqn- .sity." f "I am overwhelmed by It. Ain- erica represents a very intensive and i -reMtive human effort. • Here the hiniian being iS more free, hain- Ipered 'by less jirejudice arid tradl- • ~ _ _ !:ion than in Europe. It is a n^w Lang Hogan Glad Story ;country." ; live." saiif l>r. T. K. Conley. MN,WKILLS WIFE, SATISFIED ''•K^">!of direct ors ordereil the closing, i rea-' lU Ulil Kfijr,''-'""^ "'•'T'^''^' J^'^r^^^^ So a specfal act of the ,tV VUA ""V* ',„rmi, e.M.enditure of Jl.ouO on. i{„„rfs „„d Weather Kl.sewhere. i ture giX Rov Sllnker "alH^^^ "extraordinary occasions. All clear, all roads good except rights a^ Wivileges of ^ 'h- bank , trotal.d; Vpniremen Given HolidaV Hut. ..senator Keye.s.; I{ppublican .|sali „a. fair.. l,on' jPriMiegPs or '"^o" , j.-jiij .oo .i at the time of the last. Y LIIIICIIILII VJ1>1.11 llUllUaj II..,,,,...h.,,Vr.inn ..f ' »V.o! 1: . Oll-l-lertv «t-.lemellt' (111 t .<t D III) tTIP 1 The foster parents. w!io are '"•'•'"^'> ''''''*^'' "'^."."M^"^"^: iweel-to-do have no children of I :'">":>nte.rto ?L'63.00iV The; .«urplus oi $l .i..iv''. compared with I ia eajiitalization,: of .t.Su .DW., ; \ .\Iex Dunn. Jr.. ispreslHent and; Un^il Legal Tangles Are Fixed Up. .\'ew Hampshire, chaii'nian of the committee on audit and control, ruled the jommitlee could money on this ground either, and Kdwin P. Thayer, secretary of the Washington. .War. h !«>. '-M'>-|,^„„,^. declined to autl,otWze the ' i expenditure. Mr. Thayer said that nf llari3- fill." provision. Other senate amendments, jn- . eluded: j \it Death bJnefiis.' when death oc-^ curred mpile thalf tliree years after the ac'ciilent. Compensjitian for dea^h or injury of a tnihor! Payinent"of compensation due at tho time of death. ' - ' Right of action a thir<i party iu the. event of injury or death of. a minor. 27 REPORTED DEAD IN RUSSIAN FIRE "^Jll journed until Monday. Deciding he waiitod to ^|ea|^ the defense lestiiiio.iy liiiiisi-lf ijefore I expenses of senator.s. Vologda. Russia. .Mar) 10. (AP)— j BANDITS P. A. Adam is cashier. Xw^nty-aeven ijersons were buror • LN A HOSPITAL: The bank did not operate under ed to death and 40 others are miss- 1 ' [the depositors" gutiranty law. inri today, in a motioni picture firej Kansas City, Mar. 10. (AP)— AVIATOR IS AT CAPE JUBI NOW Uruguayan Aviator and ills Companions jAre Safe Now, ; Madrid. Mar. 10. j (AI'i Major , Taderi I.nrre-Hiirgefil rriiKUuyan aviator, and his VonuiiinlonH. inlss- liig since the wreckhiK of their plane last week, arrived at ("ape .liibl shortly after 1' o'clock thl.'S afternoon. Th>' Prugua.vaiis arrived safe .•ind Well sat 1:1."> o'clocjv having suffered no harm while l>eing detained by the .Moorish tribesmen. j The breaking of fuel pipe'was the cause of iheir forced landing. ^•iNearing the seA. coast the fliers encountered a heavy storm which destroy^Hl the .•'upports~of th* under- caf rla^e. They were - assisted ' by- natives who at lirat gave no indication of hosti/it}-. One of the first acts of the aviators after their arrival was to send messages of appreciation to King .Mfon^o and to friends in I'ruguay heiaii^e of the interest .shown in their •lii>erafion. They said they sreativ appreciated efforts made to .rescue them since tbe Moors al- ihimgh ostensibly friendly proceed•MI to relieve them of their personal effects, iucluding money, jewelry and arms. . . he, decided whether it -w; silile- before the jury. .Iti.- seiit the jirrjnienj home e then ordered the' trial The tirst and only called was ..Martin S' a imis- lice Hitz ; arly. and j o go <in. I witness to.'be' PEKING FORCES MAKE PROTEST jin the village of .\orth Avinsk. BIG BLIZZARD w. [Littleton. : Sinclair s chhf .ounsei. who, upsef Q|,jp^.^ Dlsorder lu the Occupation of / Wuhi. moving from the attorney's table; U\\o the wi!ue.-s chair and submit-; ting docib'ly to the nue.stioning <if I his colleagues. • \— l.itlieion teMiiifjd thai ' Sln<Iair| ^^'••'•''"'"K"'"' -^'"r. Id. (APl — was acting on his urivbe. as conn-1i''''•"•r"' llockhari at Hunsel, when he . refiis,.(l li.ifore the.'l^ow- has been dlre<-ted by .Minister senate ,,-! i.miiiillle'' lo answer ibe I Mi'cMiirray at Ifeking to protest lo "lUesltollr, about 'Ie:, D.,Ille ( hat i ''"' ''OileMe iHltborlt leS OVer ilis- becallle, the bahi., of the pi.•si-iit '"fders after the fliinlonese occllpa iTwoibandits abandoned their usual , haunts here last night to rob a patit-iit in Research htiipital. m g~,f^m y-ww> » wxz-v Charles W. N'eal of Tulsa, Okla.. L/UliUKAUU listed as suffering from a heart j ailment, told police two mpn ap- Denver. Colo.. Mar. 10. (AP)—A j peared at his bed and covered him blizzard in Southern Colorado to- with a pi.<»tol. . They took a ring day ilelayed trains; blocked high- ' valued at $1.(»00 and a watch. \tay.s and blasted hopes of San, The nurse said she showed the iJuan valley mining communities ; men to Nea -l's room after admon- • to re-establish" transportation lines Ishing them that they could not severed a month ago by sn.iw ^'oy long a .4 visiting hours -were Has Been Told, He Says Today. Kardstown. Ky.. ' March 10. (.-\P) — fi u m a n hOnes were found in the -burned of l«ing llagan. near Holy Cross at noon today. NelsiOn county officials conducting the search, reported. Tiie bones supposedly were those of .Mrs. .MaiTr .Maftingiy Hagan. who. her husband confessed at Charleston. .Mo., yesterday, he had slain and Juried under the house before setting- fir^ to the building. GOVERNOR CAN DO AS HE LIKES It charge MARIAN MEYERS DRESSED IN NOW Young Womap Shortest Penitentiary. Sionx Falls. S. (.\Pi- A young woman .-laileil today on the shortest term in Hit history of the South Dakota state penitentiary. ;'.o While she was sentenced to lays in prison. .Miss .Marian Meyers, an. through good liehavior. reduce lo-25days the leriu she must serve for attempting to.rob a Vermillion bank. The IS-jltyir-oJd former university co-eil \vas given prison number n.'226. ami assigneil to needle work on 'prison linen.! There are several other women jprisoners. Miss Meyers, before she entered the prison, said ; ishe intended to "be a good girl"! and that she had noj done "half j Ihe things the newspapers say 1 have." jilon of Wiiliu. Injwhl<-h American imliHioii property jwas looti-d. ! Tb>' r'anioneHe laiifhorlHeH will II.' ankid lo see jtluil nny Amerl- <aii mission property In the area •hey IHHV : coiitrol be Pfompfly evaluated, atid that the property be fiven protcrilon. A consular dispatch from Nan- 'king said the rioting at \Vtihil was to Serve '"Cantonese Instigated.," prm in ^ Anoih-r consular message said fthe Madame ftorodiah. wife of* the Russian civil advisor to the Can- j tones.'government, and three Rus- D. .March JO. jsian auents. who were taken with Mnie. Koroilin off a Russian ship seized by th" troops of Chang- fhanc. while undotibtedly being detained as prisopers. were being "lavishly entertained" by their Chinpse- captor.s. ' slides.. nearly ovprJ They agreed. Executive Clemency Catch I Is Killed in the! Committee. Charleston'. Mo.. March 10. (AP) —".My .story has been told and I'm satisfied now." today declared Lang Hagan: Ho. held in jail here after his confession to haying m'brdered I his young wife. He was told that bones had been found where he .'»d- niitted that he (buried his wife after killing her with a rock, at their home ih Bardstown, Ky. Sheriff J. O. King saiil Hagan was anxiouii to return to Kentucky and ':' face the murderUharge. LIQUOR FOR DRY ONTARIO 'PEN'BREAK IS SEEN IN SAWS Topeka. Kan;<,. .Mar. 10. (APl-^ jTlie legislature will not feiiuire [ Ihe governor fji get. approval of •; county officials' heiore he grants exeiiiilve .leniency to ii )nvi.isM Tiie program "lommlttee of the whiis.' iniiiiiiiuiii heiiteiiceH have not I if,,rvi||.. Women's Kami Miireau expir.d. icliib |s m.-.tini; in.lay lo <iutllne The "-iiate's fi'd.'ral and. siat.e; ;v,,ri; '(ur th-- .lub lor tlo- lotnlng affairs ciinimiite,. tiiday Killed 'he'year. ' bill by Hr...i.lle <if K.lw.iidi lo'iintvj ^ Will you define comiiiunism and" "Communism and fascism are the antithesis ot"- the ideaj of detntic-:. racv. different in color and degree.." but their opposition to; i he ideajof' democracy unites them. Both the. movements are reactionajry in th^lri siib.stance because both are aeainst.' the freedom Of the individual." | "Do you believe that, in present day competitive society there [-is', any freedom of the indrvidualTi' "Yes: all freedom is relative anyway. I know that many good Am- erican.s are dissatisfied with tbe social conditions in America, abd that is a good thin.g. for the ^s- satisfied are the social evolution-? aries and the contributing cauael of .,' progress.. In .saying that America: ha.s more elements for rapid development along social litiestban any . other country, includrng Russlat I am! aware that you are not perfect hei-e but that you are . furtl^er ahead of any other country in Eti-1 rope. I have been all over Eii- lyjpe and speak from comparlsph,: .•\t a time when the world is look- na'ti; infernationaL progress, Aan- erica iis (he decisive factor and it After Ten Years Under Federal Authorities Have Dry Law, Change Is i Discovered Hacksaws ' Made. In lieavenworth. L_— • ; i • 1 Toronto, March 10. (AP>—Ten I>'avenworth. Kan.. Mar. 19. (APl ye.irs of prohibitum In Ontario are With the dljicovery of n buiulle of to be followed by governm.nt sal.- ''acksaw blades, in one of the cell of liquors under provUioii Of a hlocks at the federal penitentiary governineni bill before the |egi-Ia- lore, u daring plot to escape ha.s lure. i been frustrated. It was learned The new Hquor control act. toUhis morning from prison author- be«,onie effective about .May first, ities. or at a day to be fixed by prodama- The saws were smuggled into i the nle.^sure two years ago. shortly j to plac.' r.v-iii li il.iiih un ili« goc- .•rnor's ex .-r .iie of !il i p-irdiin and parole pow IT. I'.r<>:|di'-. a Ijiwyer, proiKiHPil that the ifiunty attorn<-y or sheriff and'ihe dl.-itrict jiiilte in the county where a prl.son .frl sentenced i;ive the govern. ir mission t.i relua -i • tli- convl. fore Jh.' minimiitn seiiteiii plet'il. Rroallb's bill has b.-n r^j.-.-ted twic«> by the seiMt.- after , being pass.'d by the house. He intrbda.-. <1 HOKVn.l.K WO.HFVS CMlt ''^ of-jtorld importance whethetf th«| rOM .HirrKK . MEKT.S TOn.n i'^'"''""'''''" I""lde attain to their iiot'-ntialiti.'s for political inatiir- liy." i kerieiisky said a regime inspired by hli i.leas of ib-mocracy would be as^ dliiferent from the present fiiiSHlan dictator .xhlp as the provln-^ lonal 'governm.'ut was dlfferfntf from th.' czar^H. "The workinz people fn Rusiiia are the most •oppresr-'.'d people la the worbl." he ailded. was per- be- is tom- tlon. makes government stores the,the prison and investigation of the sole distributors for liquors ami i plot is reaching outside, \prison place" administration In charge otjauthoritle-s pxpre.ssing the belief; er of exec-iitive clemency. Alth'jugh a commission. Permits will .be! that th'ei peh'ion who successfully HOTEL FIRE IS FATAL TO TWO Amarillo. Tes..|Mar. 10, (.\P)— Two lives were lost and six per- s'ons injured in a fire which destroyed the Old .Amarillo hotel an- nei todav. The! dead are Mrs. •iter Co-.-erit'ir iJavi.i was arrested j on i-barses .if ci^rrupting the pow-| saws inside the insti- will be apprehepded. uncommon tt> find hacksaws in the pris- iiecessary for purchase of liquor. ' planted the The commission can refuse a-per- , tution soon mit to an individual without ex-, "It is not planation. It controls the brantl« home made, _ . . and prices t^f Ifquors to be sold.' on," said Warden Thoma.s B. [White, the hours of hale, and it may regu-|"a3 prisoners have access to ma- lale if it see.s fit, the amount oflterial from iwhich crude tools may liquor to be sold at onetime. j be made, bt" It 1.^ seldom -saws The bill carries severe penalties : are successfully smtiggled inside for violation, two month jail ?en- the prison." i ' fences being; mandatory for first • The saws found hidden In lone offenses, for illegal sale. Jail sen-i of the cell blocks, but not in lany were ot the finest pos-i quality steejl. Close Investigation Peuito Gonzales] and her InfantUences also are mandatorv for per-1 prisoners ci -ll, .i daiiahter. The l^aby was burned .son* found with liquor in their pos-I quality steel. C ^"11'''°^ '••''r''^'''''" '•^^^ pur-j disclosed no attempt had been mother died late n the morning. | chased In government stores. imade to use the sawa. Davis Was later cleare.l. /Hroadie tried again this to a restriction on the granii.'jg of pardons ami paroles. MRS. SYVERUD TO SPEAK AT CHANUTE Mr.s.' Florence Syrerud. .count.v hoiije denioustration ai;eiit. w^ill go to Chajiute tomorrow to adilress i Xeosho county women's nieeting. Plans are being made. .•fCording to .Mrs. Syverud. for the establishment ot a Wom':-n's Farm Bureau in the county. THREE POWER MEET ASSURED V , I Great Britain Instructs Ambassador to • Accept. Washington,- .March 10. (.-\i'i —The IJritish government has instructeil .-Xmba.ssador How- ar.I here to a'ccept Ihe American proposal for a three^power naVal disarmament conference. Tokyo. March 10. (AP)—The leading ivernacular newspapers are %'irtually unanimous, in welcoming the proposal three-power conference of the I'nited States. Great Britain,and .iapan for the limitation of ,naval armaments not in- eluded In the Wa.shinfeton agreement. •A Tokyo dispatch yestor.Iay said the Japanese government Intended, to accept the conference proposal made by tbe United States. FIRE DAMAGES MILDRED C A R Fire, supposedly started byf a ' igar> tie. damaged a car belon|$ing to C. K. Canm. Mildred, last, nltht whil" it wa.s pavkedln front of Uiei Fllite theater. The upholsterlnJK dama,ged aiul glasses brokeni The (ire (:eparlr>ient put out fire. Damagi' is estimated at S7-5i he DEATH TOLL UP IN JAPAN QUAKE Tokyo.: Mar. lO: (AP)—Oftitiai reports to the home office from- he earthquake area say there are 2, 5$ dead. 4.107 injured and S8 missl ig. .\bout 6.000 houses were destroj ed! ""-j by fire, or collapsed, and over 2,100 were badly damaged. The 'horaeles.s are being rapidly relieved through the construct oa^ of barracks, and food and mell-: cinea are flowing Into the devia-.; tated region. __J

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