The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 9, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, March 9, 1927
Page 6
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DENVER BOY BOXES WAY Wagner Is Handed Surprise of Lifiel When Elmer Refuses to Infight 1 And Oiitboxes Him. . By V. A. Cllrt. Fort Scblt.' Mar. !i. -If .loliiiiiy Wagner dUln'l get -.i iiifi- irimiiiliiB in his ten round bout with .Klnu-r McMiillen at Memorial hall here last night, Balie Huth hasn't si^n»'(l his $210,000 contrail wiilil the New- York Yankees- and Ceuo Tuniioy "isn't heavyweight cliainpion of tin.- w-arld. •\Vapner |\vas; handed tlie s:ir|)ri:<c of his life last night, and what -made it hurt__Kas the fact tliai' a hird nauipil ,iClih(;T did it. Elnicr, whojcomes'from Denver. ColQ.j gave the api>earan<'<' of a nice, fat boy who was going to slick around for a round or two . just to yhow how Wagner er.uld hit—!n .fact he was just rolling in fa». . Hut KImer proved a .pleasant surprise for the fans. .Someono silting nea;- the pres? box started counting in the eightli rpuml and discovered that Klmcr biffed Wagner on the chin fifteen times dur- itxK the round. "H'B a draw." someone remarked, "hocause Wagner look the offeu- Klve." True, Wagner did lake the offensive. That is, lit would rush itt Elmer, and then .Mc.Xlullen would let with n stiff j left 1o ' the chin. • ' ' W.agner.- for those who haven't HJ-en . him, dotes on infighting. Someone muHt hiive tipjied Klmer. for he didn't fight that way very -nliieh. When he did. however, he nearly broke.even. It wuf) just another euse of a good lougb boy who could; hit itgalUHl H good tougli hoy who could hux tind hit, and the latter bail llx* hesl of It. ; "Don't get the impres)4lon. hou- -c'veri'tlint Ihi- boiii was one-sided, hci-aiisu It wasn't. Wagner I'tuigbt Ills Usual good fight, "hut .Mc.Mnllen outpointed hini iu the opinion <if the writer. fit a (en round senii-u'ii(flup. tial' tllDg. Clemens of Atchison shaded Haxtrr Kid of Treet-e, Kans.. in a fast"bout. Baxter Kid was slightly the better boxer, but Clemens packed a. mean wallop, and nearly had lhe;Kidout in the fourth. Ilaxter rallie<l..diow-ever. anil a was a nice fighi all the way. Babe Hunt of I'onca City won ou "a louf, in the' sixth from Jinimic Rcageu of Leavenworth. It ivas a 'good fight until the sixth, with both boys doing plenty of slugging. A Winner I ATHLETES IN RUNNING NOW IN FILMLAND ! • —- I Muscle Comes Into Its I Own, Especially That ; r Of Champions in Various Lines Of Sport. HoMywood. Ca!.. .Mar. n. (AIM — The palh of athletic glory has be- ciiine a paved boulevard into Hollywood. '. " tho public interest in sports| which-has made football a inillion-t dollar pasiiine and gol^courses common as checker; boards, alsot has had its effect on the filnjs. and; the "alhletic lyi><-" is tlie big thing in tlie studios today. rnderstiidv lo the irreat M I'et- • ^" f"""'"" '"'"8 ihampiou, inutrsiiiii> to tne trial Ai i a ,„„ ,,„,„.r „r "lo-flur sir.-inter is psafe from the outihrust fountain ! pen and dotted line. They comiv they see. and they sign contracts; .More athletes are emoting before the camera today i;lian at any other period in film histofy. Kibe Until, tiie portly moiiarih of four-base bits, heads the conquering army of lirawii. Me is ci>- ; slurring, with -Anna tJ.jNilsson in -"liabe CoiiK's Home." Harold ••ltei'." Cniiige.. outstaiid- iiig football star of the last decade made such an e.\ci'IIenl impression ; in "One .Minute to I'lay" last year, lhatj he is abon' lo start another • tiiilure. Tlii.s lime he will be the hero; of an automobile i-ace. Charley I'addock. who holds the 1 „„,,„;, •,,., , . •, , world's 100-vard record at !("..'! sii-- Loiidou. .Mai. .s." LoniloM is lo ' , , - , .,. ,. , I... If 1 1 I I'lids. has starred will liebe Dan- 1^ ^:^"".;;".>,.>.o annual I ' nieml?ers i,p w.II he. „ dividii.g tij,.,. befween • .•»<el-., (Jeiie Tuiitiey. who komiuered Dempsey. has lii'eii iloijig pfellire work, .lohniiy :\lai k Urown.' Iiand- Konie AlalKima htilfback. is fulfilling his firsl pirliire ciinl'ract. Kreil Thiiiii-ioii. former I'rlncelon AtHletic Types" Taking Filmland By Storm ersen at center on the rniverbity of Kansas basketball team i.=t Kd- ward Henderson of Haven, Kansas. H i lidcrson is playing his seciinii year on the squad and has beeujiu several games already this season. Henderson is belter lhan the ordinary player, but his playing time has come during the long siring of chainiJionshiii years at Kansas and . IVlersen has been a little loo-good; for "Heudy" lo make the regular ceipler berlh. .As first siring sub. however. Hejidersou has proved a va uahle iiiaii in a pinch. , LONDON GOLF IS ! VERY EXPENSIVE HORSE'S NAME ISGOVERENED BY BELIEFS and than I will Nhmberl 19^7 fee will dues JJlllil. Th be limllpd to l.'.tl. L i Sir Frederick 'Mills, croinby, the well know u golf anihi- led. and a niiinbi-r of promiiieiit ' liankers make Up the coinnil^tee ' which" Is organl/.ing the new i-lub. | It will be loiHled on the topi of! I J. the lijayer. Addington Hills. Croydon, about 12 miles from London. .Mr. Alier- croniby, who will lay out the club. Hays the members are orgatil/.Ing It because they wiint to have club with .vo few members that It will athlete and one-tjnie lioliler of the w-iirlds derathlon reioril. is a r.aiik- ' lug Western star. .Malcolm .Mc; (in'Kov. Y.ilc .-iJlilele; .Maurice '"l.efly" Flynii. lilso from Yale; be possible to plav at week-ends : '-"K ''-''-; f"nuer Ilrltish wllhoiit booking a-starting time. (l'K"H'-"v.v>, ...xir; . oe Bono... _ _ . _ _ I hoxir. wri/sller and p'of's- IMniVIir K'lWlirADI ^a siimal strong mah: Diike Kabana- ^il/WAKIJO nioku. Hawaiian :swimnier. and IS RE-ELECTEDgiailuist.- athl.-les aa-e mak- ' jug ri'iorils ill eflort. (Co|illiiu<Mi from J'age 1; nienihcr.'i in K.iii.-..-is .> L'I'.CIIIII.IIII J , tile atiinuiit av.iilali).' (uv .;|ali- |Mir |io.>ii .i. fu roniiii-iii'ii Willi ilii,^ .-^ln' e.vplalneO till' liiidi;rl SN .-^l'-iii .iiid f. ile|-:ll lilil. .Mi^. Itii^scll pr'-siiiliil III lull. I.- fioni Bniiisoii. Ii-r luiiu'r liiiiie .\ li'ti'graiii wliirli w..- in In. s>-tii lo the >^lale H'Kislal iin.- Huiiij- ilig the Sli'ji'i III TDUII.I - lull w-as lead, bill Ui- i;>v. .Ui. .^ow.r-' by. who lalki'il on ' l..iw- Kiifoii- •- lii'lil.". riad it lellir li-olii K-'ini'- sint;i*jvi' l'.iik)liii.--l wJiHii )ii;iil'- il iiiineiessary III M'IHI llfT- li|-griiiii. I»r. S'owrrliy; si r<j-;< il l.i« nii.iiv iiiii'c and- the p;ini|i- ui a l:ilk. ,\ Vocal trio w:,^; i ;jvi ii I a llif .Misb,l-s Vii-giliia. Viiilla am! V-ll:i Siiiith. Willi .Mih -s Ciloi'' Ciiliilli A1.PMABET llieir new; field of CRUICKSHANK HAS , PEPl AND NERVE Hot Springs. Ark., .Mar. S.—Th« enthusiasm of^a boy and the nerve of an Iron man combine to make Bobby Gruickshank,; little Scotclt golf professional, beloved of gallery and feared by rivals. Ap^ prdachlng the IStli greeu of the flnbl round of the South Central Opfen, which , he won ai. Hot Springs, he slashed a long iron from the fairway, then raced like an excited 'boy to the top of a hunker to see where it settled. And he yas finishing 30 holes in iho ralii. He was leading by a slim macgin and he '.did not propose to..il08c this tournament by one pull, as ho had others. While admirers held tiieir breath, he sight: Pd anil shifriid. and then got his •shot down to wiii Manhaltan. Kan.. .Mar. :i ('AI ';i A..K. ".Monk" Kdwards. Ft. Scblt, was re-elected captain of the Kjin- sas .Vggie biisketjiall learn here last night. He won n guard ipcisi- !ii>n in his iioiilioniiire year and his popularity \yon him the c.aplaihi-y in his junior year. This y^i-ar he was jilaccd on the second- iM'-^'ls-i _.\i„p]-ji-;,|| A> souri valley team at right' guard, j JP:,, „„.],„ |,;,'v, LOUISVILLE IS. SEEKING FLAG He is u three-letter man, having starred on Uie gridiron anilliase- hall-diamond as well as on' the basketball court," , Louisville. • Ky.. .Mar. .s. Tliiri- is despair in Ihf- rniks of the married meii of tlie Louisville ociatioi . baseb:ill tried long and artfully lo inveigle Bill .Meyer, their manager, iiiio the kingdom of beiiedicls. "We hoped when he HADLEY, SENATOR, PICKED BY FAPfS Tampa. Fla.. Mar. Irving Hadiey, young Wasliinglon pilch- er, should be "all -wool and a yivrd «vide." He was rec-ininiended lo I'resideul Clark Oriffilli by a volunteer scout who is a maniifaiiur- er of woolen goods. Hadliiy is as ; promising as any of ihe.pitchiiij^ j talrnl discovered by properly accredited scouts Willi no munufac: luring side'liiies. wi II a pennant last yi.-ar, he'd folio v the example lif Bucky Harris, ijnd win a wife lliereafli'r," they .sa d. "but he w-ouldn't."' Krnie ki oh. a benedict pitcher, told .Mij-yer that he should l)e married, if for no other reason, because sliilistii's. show married men live longer than those uiimai-j'ieil. "Oh, niJ." said Bill "It just seems longer " The .\lleu County Implement ciimp.-tny soM a .McCorniiik-Deer- ili'i iiaelor veslenlay to Mr. I'j'Ii;* of tlie yalem lu-ighbn Mr., rellil ieviileiitlv ii one if i\f I;i;rg"r fanner i" of .\llrii luiiiil ValmbleMan . Willl^ . lii|-||n|)d. Outstanding Stars TPEN years back, five of th* oitf- ••i'standing utar? of Hie major lekfeues were the following well- known athletes: . ' Tyrus Raymond robh. great•1 *1 iall pJayer of'all time, holder of .so many records it would take a' iarge'-size volume to 'properly chronicle them. • .Eddie Collins., generally re• '{;arded'a« the pre.mier of all second sackers, past, pre.scht_ or future. . " Rogers Hprnsby, biggest figure in the NalionarLeague. the only player to threaten Cobb'.s .batting feats. Tris I Speaker, recognized «ver.vwhere as the greatest out• fielder in the history of the game, also capable of doing Either things'well, aside fro'm fielding:; . Oeorge Sisler, the last word as a nrst baseman and a great batter as well. • .1 • • ;V ManaLgerial-Fad 'DASHING in the spotlight each •"r* day because of their extraordinary ability, it seemed that all JJre mere enjoying about all the good things possible in baseball. - Tben .overnight there came a fad of .'making manager^ out of •tar pla.vers, idue either to a ^ scarcity of leaders, or i the belief that the playei-s might jbe equally . ,iuccessrnl as executives. Tris Spcake|f paved the way foi; 'J the run off slar-pla.ver-niaiiagei-f! It didn't takei .Speaker loii^ t>> demonstrate h worth. In wliai ,(\'a« really his j ecoh^^'car. be wi/n > pennant and a world champiMii- , liliipfor Clev 'i 'i ilii'l. . - ;' . ^ yjjytt w.^jiejtiio aiHH>U'tM":m ol Cobb at t>etroit, Sisler | Jn St Louis. Collins at Chicago, Harrit in Washington and Horniiby I. « • • Successful Careers the whole. I would 'pay- the ^< stars have met with more than ordinary success as pilots'. Tlirec of them have led peiij^anl' winners and world champion.s. Slanl^y Harris at Washington has two flags to his crcdi,t. '. j Yet, I have'always doubted th« wisdom of the appiiintments, admitting there are "exccplinns to c\ery rule. i AVhite the play of the stars has beeil good, considering the added: responsibilitfes of manager, still most .of them have suffered a certain deterioration )n their standard of play. I'erhaps the most;striking faillinf; off was noted in the work of Rogers Hornsby last season. • AVhile he played most of the year with a lame back, he frankly admits the mana* gerial woes and the .strain of realizing you w;ere piloting a club that had a chance, Mas a greater handicap,- , . ^.' Change in Style, TfHE fad" of star players as managers was an overnight affair; now it appears to have faded out as quickly as it arrived. • The five stars I ijave enumerated at Ihi^ beginning of this article are i no longer manaKers; All have been • demnled sine- e clitse of last .sea­ son'for various re.-.iioiis. I .Sl.-inley llariis al-jiie reni.-iiiis of tlie' laii- appoiiitiiieiils. aiidlhii .war Jtay ."-^.lialk ir^ added In Hie ii^t , of iitni-pl,i .M I iiiuiiii^i'is. ' it'a a l<iubh job, .say all u( theni^ -One of the outstanding centers in mid-wesiern basketball is Albert Petersen, of the Cnlversity of Kansas team. Petersen is playing his third .vear and t'wice has been ou all-Vailey leam.>'. and each year on a I'hami^.unship team. I.;ist season he was high individual scorer of t!ie .\jis;riiiri Valley 'Conference, and tliis se.-ison is among the leaders. With, an avirage of Hi jioiiils jier gimc. Ili.< home is Argentine, l\ani.:' When Petersen is "on." the Kaiis -ji tfiini iiev .tr loses, and.iii fait tjii- .layliawkirs have lust oi 'ilv five games ill the ijiree year"Pete" has been lit center. a- the pian.i. • Dr. II. Ci .Matliis lalk.'il i>n "To lal .-Mistlnanie-" wliidi I.e ili"ii"h; w.-is an ediic;iliiiii on .tin- ••^id'- of I IM-iihiliilion miil'il as liidiy ind.i.v as in Hie past : and thai .-.x.iiiiples ^.;le:lk louder lliaii prei-.-ii-. ..Mr. Cliaiiis F. Si-":i .<piik<- m; ••polilii-iti ()Iili'.-;ir!iii:s. " wliii-Ii In- siiinnieil lip as liiiuiu up willi MUIII- political parlr; Kiipiii.i; in ii'in-li .with affairs at lar^e. priniipally jthroiiL-li tlav;!rc-at ii.\v;-:;.;i;i is and I magazines: ami kec-iiiii;; Ti'li on jiiililic men.' .Mrs. Mi'dini-r cave a lalk on li -r visit to till' naiiiuial i-iiiivciilinn of .llie's Cln-iHiiin . Tfiiip.-i- !ane- I'liion h>'lil in l .o-^ .\ngeli-s. 'closing a very liisliiiilive as well ;r .M liijilily i-njoyalile ir.siinit:-. 'KkNSAS GOLFERS j ; ELECT OFFICERS .ManlialtaM. Kaiis.. .Mar. lAPi , F. It. Smith was elein-d prcsidi'iit •of llii- Kansas .-^l.-i!'- C ilffrs' a.-so- liiaiioii ami P. L- Halncy »v's- i((<'• •-1/ I.ii.a! s.-rr'-i;i;> at' tli.- ;iiiiiii il : !i;isiiiiss iii!'liii;r of Hii- iiniiilry irliili h'Tc ia-' flligiil llireilois ; i-Ii-cted wii;.-- 1-'- It. Si:iiiii. C;irl ; Fliierscli. .S. ,\. B.irilw ill. Cring'- Cla'mnpT. P. L. (laiuey inuf ilan.v P.r<»wir 'il \1;. ICi'ti-i .line- 1'" 1"': \v.n- il. .•:.!• .1 iii,').-! a-; 111.' I'MTI-- . !'i;- tin- aa:;iiil --i.i' ' .' •j.ilf I'liini,infill il-- ii< 111 li'-i • , t!i;.> y.-,ir. .\ M .i.r.'pi- iii-n, i.i Km ; .-lis .'tall' |r ill i-niririiii'i'iilivj- l-iil of I •llll<-^ ;;iiils iiil.i iv.d gr^Mi|i' 1111 an au"" In-'- w •.^ -iiilupt.-cl |i>; ;!l|i' i-nmilig i-uiiti-.-! Ir W:il-'i.i. . i Wichita. K.ii;-I-. -i-i-i-<-lar\ of tle- j Kansas .s-'r.-il.- (.oll-r.'-' ass^<i-:alimi- jdlscussi'd l;uit-iiann-nt plans wiiii \ the club nii-nibers. BOliOTRA TRAINING . FOR TENNIS TITLE .\ew Vurk. .Mi^r. :i • I'i,iii"<- do li"l ii;.'i-!ii! ti> l.'«is>-ii !.4 r h .ild n.; .\liii-ili-aii I'-Iilii.s lil'i- 1 .-ln!gi;le. Ill-Ill e .Ir-an P.nrii;:!, I'l-- •"Poillldillg lia>qtli-." Iia^ i-lil-.-Kil the national imliHir i-!i iiiiiiiniishi;-. starting .March liT iiio tiiitil consecutive year. ' Borolra. om- of llie iii-i>; inl.n- jtiil persoiialiiii-s in ii'ii!::s. wrni ih.> ; Yankee imioor irmvn In l:"L'."r :a niediiicre lield. lie was riii! I ner-iip last yi-ar tn'liis roiiair-. inaii. Ben.- Lai-n-^li-. affr Xwi Fren.-hniei: liai! i;:s;nited "i Vincent Uiciiarils ami - lii^ ^>,uV 'I':! I'.CII- -. • I . AUTOMOBILE TODAY A BUSINESS FACTOR tirealer respei t Im' the aiitomni , Iiile merchant as a fixture in tlie . ecoilonfic scheme nf tilings i> ime ' of the developments of tile day. Aiilomiil>i!e row liaj: g.-own up sn rapidly that the biisines-' nicii of .many cities li(u-iiiy aiipreciate th'- >eiiorni(nis volume of business being ' •done by thoie wlio fcW motor cars. Department stores, jewelers and i-Iolkiers enjuy public recoguition . of their importaine to civiTlife. but I'the auiomorive nn-rchdiit has been mure ill' less obscured. It w;is witli i-onsiderable surprise thai on.''aiitiimoliiie man i lierk'd ' ;iiver his .annual f-gures and toiind (that h" wa-; iliiini: a volume in ex; I ess <if i:ia; uf one iif ilie /aige ' loi-.ll tll"ri-:illli!e |ilisl|,„,.„jj, IS FOR EHMKE WHO SHOULD HAVE LOTS OF RUNS FPOM CONNIE MAGIC'S AGGREGATION OF SLUGGERS TO HELP HIS PITCHING RECORD./ .o .—• TWINS i*LAV ON BASKET(a INTET (Jxfiinl. .\lisT.. .Mar. Ary and Ciry I'hillips.' twin hroilurs. are -ilike ill In ing allilelic sliirs. but \io]ati> the traditions of twins in lii-iiig unlike eiich other physically. Itnlh are iiii -nibers or 111'.' tiii- versily of .Miiisissiivpi's basketball I'-aiii. ,\ry. guard, is a decided liloiiiie. far.*. fiii -A -ard. is .iii equally dii-ideil lirillii-tle. I TIK i|- work nil the team is one of ihi- reasons .Mis-issippi sta;i.ds jaiiioiig the liail'-rs in Hie Sniitlicrn , I'oilferelli-e tills .^'.-asiill. The Iiila 'I'li -i- and liattery Co.. of l'0!i Sciilii .leflersiiii. liaS put a hialid new ^.'rvi'e car into i niniiiis- .--iiii;. -\t li -,i -:t il looks lilie a new one. Il is paiiileila pine wliile and l.iieieil in iilai K jV. itii ilii.-ir NICK" ALTROCK LIKES HIS JOKES ' Tampa. Fla.. .Mar. :i. - Nick Alii -ii 'k. the funniest iiinn in baseball is I IK - hardest working '.atli- .)• te -1! Ill'- camp of the WashingtoiL .Si-ii:iti>r-. The comedian is tin; ilir-i out and last in at prac^ce :iiiil. aitiioiigli the yoiiugsler8 do not k:iow it, there is melliod in fiis ..(eiareiij madness .\s long as'he willj "do his stuff" il Is fun and not' {\ork to i?rai-tlce, and .\ii-k kiep.i tlu-m' toiling overliiiK- as till y -mill-. .\|lroi-k was a gii-il soiitlipaw-. pilejii-r for the Chicago Wliilij Hox i w III n he was younger, but there • wi re not ^-1 many dollars in base- lii'l llii-n as now. .-o today lu» gets j '-•veral limes as niinli money for l> -iiig funny as he did for pitching. The players will miss a Moiipie of liiMcheon courses, to ' liear liimi yidi "thirty love" a.s one I boots two ground balls in a row, j 1 or a "iiMSllie niblick shot" when j 111- jiops I'ne up instead of hilling i i-i on- tile, ground. j ALL-STAR TfiAMS I ARE SELECTED i Indcpcmieiiie. Kans.. .Mar..: S. (lAPi Cof/eyville was award.r-d two places on tlii' mythical basketballi team of Hie Verdigris valley leagms- selected by ? the coaches of the league, as follow.s": First team —iJeiiefield. Coffcyyille. forward and captain; Spiiiff^, JFre- doiiia". .forward; Fi-'atlieriigril, In- r ile|/i-iiilence. • center: Carvlii. Cof- ;t"e>ville. guard: Keeves. .Xeodesbij, I guard. Second team -.Vear. i'ndepend- eiii e. forward: Broi-kaway, Fre- iloiiia. forw-ard; liobsoii. .Veode- slia. : eenter; fireer. Fredoiiia, guard and captain; Clark. Clicrry- vale. guard. Heneficld was also chosen tho best all-around /dayer ; by 'tlio coaches. Superstition Sometimes Is Factor in Choosing a Name for Racers; Man-of-War Is Hoodoo. Louisville. Ky.. -Mai^. I". (AIM — "What's ill a name'/ ,Tliat wliicli we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet—" may be all right in some cases, but wlieii il comes to naming horses turf­ men disregard Shakespeare hold "a giiod name is lieltcr precious ointment.'' Call a spado a spade, if yo; lliey say. but leave the naming of horses to those who know what iliey are doing. It may be a-pe- i-uliar superstition of the tr'ack, Init the fact remains. Some fifteen, years ajto. one owner, J. C. Calin. had the good luck to get hold of a horse that developed into a winner for a small stable. The horse was called Itilter Sir. - Hi: the years following. Calm tried similar names to obtain sinii- •lar results-and consequently there was aparade of horses with names beginiutig with "Bitter,* Home were good and some wert- better. P.ut the nags won races! ^ Probably one of the niusl iiirfor- tiiiiale names to be used on th'- Iracks is that of "I«idy." turfmen say. "Lady" horses jii?>l seem naturally unlucky. All tiniisiially good name is "Pride," "Pride of Lisiiiore" i.s the prfigeiiilor of many of Ihi- present "Prides." He eariii-d his' keep and more on. every track lliai felt his 11 lofheatn. "Ocean" is another good n-iiiie. "Dukii" is not. Ilegiiiiiing wiili "Lucky" Italdiyin's "Duke of .Norfolk." classeil hy many as the worst get oj all the "Kiiiperor of .Norfolk" 'Alood, down Ihioiigli turf hisloiy the "Duke" horses seldom lia.Ve been winners. The World War proilm-e.i ;i drov of "War" horses, bql ".Man o' War" is the only one to imt-. game ufiiat is re','.irde,| as a hoo­ doo name, to the extent! of bccom-k ing; recognized in the truly great' , class. True, many of tho "war"'^4^ brood show promise, track ' fol- t, ' lowers say, and their-records arc being watched with added.. Inter-, est by the suporstilious. ^ KANSAS LIKES MAT CONTESTS Lawrence. Kans.. '.Mar. 8.—In- : . traiuural wrestling an.d boxing 1. matdies will begin within teiLdays at the I'niversity of Kansas under direction of .lohn Sabo. director of intramural athletics. Wrestling will be in six classes,with entries from various fraternities and -other campus organizations. Boxing will be in seven classes.. The Phi Chi fraternity won the' ' wrestling meet last, >-ear with ?,i points, and their nearest competitors were the Sigma Alpha' Mu's with L! points. The Phi Kappa Psi fraternity won the boxing tour- nameiit with .">1 iniints. . - *> .•\n importanl new cotton field is bein.c deevlopcd in eastern Ho-- livia bv a .group of Hrilish rapllai^ isls. • ^ "» Biitteiflies piiilect ; thfrir bod'ieii from cold by folding'their wings to the utmost al nighl-tlrae. - \ A GOOD GENERAL VARNISH I'I:K ( J ALI.ON rint.s QuarLs, GallonM ROWDEfS Mallory Spring Hats 1 UWE JUST ARRIVED ^ The snap brim i.s as popular as ever, with the Alpine a close second. (Jrays and Tans predominate. Hen-'at$5.00, $6.00, $7.00 The new Caps' are In re too. lieaiitiiuil jicw p.itleriis and colors $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 Barclay-Shields Clo. Go. is the MARR AUTO SUPPLY CO. 111-13 E. Madi.son Phone 252 --Telephone your Cla'sifled .-^d- , www •»TT»I^ *UTOMe»H.«» awlfcT. •WICK .... Announcement.... We wisli tf) announce that Mr. A. E. Wells has purchased the Man- Auto Supply Co., local dealer for the Buick.Motor Co., and will continue, the bus- ines.s under the same firm^ name and with the same policy. We wish to thank our patrons for the business given us in the past and to assure them that Mr. Wells is well equipped to give the. motorists of Allen County a real automobile service. GEORGE MARR "\\Uun L'ftttr Antoniohllr.-! Arc h'ldU Hiiiclc Will I'.uiUl riumr

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