Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 24, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1898
Page 3
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HIS nri.usliiB and practical sermon l,v Dr. Talmnge will reach many ... hi'iirlB and he an especlnl Inspiration <„ Hume who nre now starting In life. His textis •/ochnrlah U., 4. "Him. speak l< T ting man.' . was no snow on the beard of tin ext and no crow's 1'oi-t hn nea? his eyes, /echnrinl oriso nnd I will tell you whether your life s fo lie n triumph or n failure. You nee, K|iiipolse nt sneli n thin 1 menus BO many hlngw. It means Keif-control. It menus . capacity to foresee results. It menus a confidence In your own Integrity. It neiiiiH n faith In the Lord God that he will see yon through. Don't UK Suspicion*, ARnln, If yon would he muster of the iltiinllnn put the best Interpretation on the chnriicter nnd behavior of others. Do not be looking for hypocrites in churches, or thieving among domestic Hervnnts, or swindlers among business men, or mill- feasnnce In ofllee. There Is tnurh in life to ,inen miRplclous of others, nnd when that characteristic of suspicion he- comes dominant n mnn lu.s m-cnroil his own unlmpplncsB, nnd he IIIIH licoome nn There- , , lese angels desires that young /ech 'Mi «lio«M lie well infornied ahont about dimensions, " ,; s is ended, closed. . xvou. before this' century is Run. before his character is In- out by long nnd ! hitter e make vou master of the ' in now placed and nmste of nation in ever w be laced And In order that my, subject mnv e climacteric I begin on the outside eTc of tbTt advice, which will be more and more f ° 8 offenne In nil circles, rellitioiiH. conuner- clnl and political. The man who move* for a committee of Investigation is generally a moral derelict. The man who goes with bin nostrils Inflated, trying to discover something malodorous, is not a ...nn, but n Blentliliound. The world is full ot nice people, generous people, people who are doing their best—good hushnnds, good wives, good fathers, good mothers, good officers of the law, grxid judges, good governors, good Stale nnd national leglsln- tors, good rulers. Does Homo man growl out, "That IIHS not been my experience, nnd I think just the opposite?" Well, my brother, I am sorry for your nfllictlve clr- cuinstnnccH, nnd thnt you had an unfortunate ancestry, and that yon have kept such bad company and had such discouraging environment. 1 notice thnt nfter a man him been making n violent tirade against his fellow men he Is on Ills, way down, and If he live long enough he will In. asking you for u quarter of n dollar to get n drink or n night's lodging. Behave yourself well. O young man, nnd yon will find life a pleasant thing to live, and the world full of friends, nnd God's benediction everywhere about yon. Horace Wnlpole says thnt n mnn dropped down'lit the door of a clubhouse In London nnd wns carried in, nnd the gnm- blers began to bet whether he WIIH dead or not, nnd when it wns proposed to bleed him for his recovery the gamblers objected thnt It would affect the fairness ot the bet. Whnt noble, men they must have been: But more nnd more Indies nre becoming gamblers. They bet at the races I nt:i over SO yenrs of ni;c." My reply to her wns the reply 1 .unite to you, "All those who are over I).", .rears of age nre living on horrowcd time, since the m.'ijor- . Ity of people go out of the world before LTi j«-nm of nge." (Sot Clone 1o Ooil. More young men would take Ibis nil- Minlnge which I speak of if they did not have the notion thnt religion puts one Into depressing process. Thi-j- hnve heard, for Instance, (hy nlisnrd preachment, "You ought to live every dny ns though it were your hist," Such n lachrymose niiin I would not want anywhere around me. On the contrary, you ought lo live ns though j-i>\i were going to live n grent while In thin world and to live forever In the next world. There Is no smell of varnish of collin lids In our genuine religion. Get In right relation with God through .I.-Riis Christ, nnd you need not bother yourself the rest of your life for two minutes about your death or about your funeral. Here is a manly religion, one thnt will extirpate from your nature all that ought to lie extirpated nnd irradiate it with every virtue and nnike it glow with every anticipation. Neither would I have you adopt thnt other absurd preachment, that the things of this world are of little importance ns compared with the next world. On the conlriiry, you ci.mmt s.iHiciontly appreciate the'importance of this world, tor it decides your next world. Yuu might us well despise a school house because it Is not a university. In the school house we prepare for the university. If this world is or such little importance, I do not think the first born and the lust born of heaven would hnve spent thirty-three years down here lo redeem, it, Do not postpone to the fifties or even ABDICATION OF A CATTLE KING. Grant Qillett, the Most Spectacular Ranchman of the Western Prairies —Made $500,000 in Three Years and Left Four Times That Indebtedness. UtT.LKTT. When staid business men. shrewd commission house owner*. conservative bunkers and Investors can be Induced to lend their money and, name to tho schemes of a tnnn of only .",1 years old, who three years ngn v/ns n farm 1»o.v. and llnd (lint they art) out nearly $1.000.000, there Is rciison for wonder. Kuch has been the exporloncu of some of tlie best business men lu the West In eou- ncctlon with tbn cattle king, "rant Gordon Glllett. His spectacular career and for ?50,000; a few weeks U^D one for $2:>.000, nnd on the '.1'i.V lie left for |>nrts unknown he look ffSo.OOO In accident in- .ion umiru. n.n Bl ,,.-v. - • , ,,v., m inutlon. Associated with nni tho meteoric methodswhlc .marke, s fulUx. »>' £ £ n . lliw- , nose of ,„ history are among the strtU B I 1 ' ()( ,,,„ „,.„,,, dents of the West, and he will t. >k 1( , ono or tw with Coal Oil Johnny nlid other plung- "^J 1 ^ 1 ^ „„„ m) v l Hl ,,, c „,„„„ «_..«.* Iltinn>il>i1 I'll/ill I'll . » WHIP* « - the forties of your life thnt which you cnn he and do ill tile twenties or thirties. If you do not amount to much before 40 yenrs of nge, you will never amount to 'much. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of American Independence nt 3S years of nge William Fltt wns prime minister of Kngland nt 24. nnphnel's grent paintings were all finished before ho was d7 years of nge. Cortes was 31 when he overcnuiD Mexico. Grotius wnn attorney genernl nt 24. Gustnvus Adolphus expired nt 38. immortal ncinl '•w° r ' 1 ; c nshmnn i of support nnd made them apparently •ars ago a >oung fcngl shmnn i ^^ QM yo(lng m(m 10 m'ulrles of central i\nnsn» «»i.iimri ers of financial record. Forty years came to the prairies and settled on the rich Lyon Creek hot tomfl. His name was James A. Glllett. and he married, raised a family of five children, grew wealthy, and was one ot the county's ofllcers. On his place the Hock Island started the town of Woodbine, and he became a local nabob, 'len yearn ago he died. A few months Inter a woman came from Kngland and claimed the estate for herself and daughter, saying that he had married her lu bis youth, nud thnt he deserted her when he cntne to this country. There wns a lawsuit and a compromise; then the remainder of the estate was divided among the children of the Kansas wife and the widow. surance. Ills methods were simple, iilmnst not- nbly *o. He began well, nnd for two ycnm met all bis p.'iper with exemplary prompt HOSH. Then began the consummation of his scheme to make wealth rapidly. It Is a story Hint bo.irs dirvetty | on tho dangers of cattle paper Invest- UK-ills when made without cnrof"! and Associated with him his r's two eans head. In this deal ho ran na pod to Rfit together about the same amount that he had ntlempted to get on the other nnd placed the entile where they would be fed but he did not pay over lo the commission men and the Investors all of the notes thn.t he got from the feeders. They are probably out It. the Imnds of Innocent parties, nnd must be paid dollar for dollar by somebody. How a growth of *2,(KX),000 or more could thus grow Is easy to be nwri. Surely It dIJ grow.nnd there wns n constantly piling up bnll of mortgages In nil the counties of ccntrnl Knn»n«-vnon It K»t too large he had lo drop It. The extent to which GVU.rtt dragged others down with him Is remnrknb.e. In bis home county be and those of h,s family nnd people associated with him have on record over $2,1.00,000 worth <rf cattle paper unrch-ased. Much of this has been pnHl nnd not released, and other Is blanket paper that, will really amount to n duplication. Hut there Is not less than $1,r,on,0i><> worth of paper Then there Is the Oregon deal Plnyed llnvoc nn « Stijur-'.adcn Slilp Until Sen-Bird* Attacked Thsm. The- Urltlsh steamer Kclislng'nn, su-ar laden, which recently roach.-, n.lln.hdpbh!. from Smiral.nvn. a poll „, .lav,-, while in tb«- Indian <><;i'»''. ,,,„ I,,,,,,! vnsi field of seaweed. 1 lies'.! wc,ds wen- .the bom- of » biru'c n:id voracious sped,- of the dn,. f ,.,-lly. Wlnicloil by tbe fumes of ti.e sug.u tl,e tiles swiirm-d U!'"» the d.-cks In mlllhins Thousand" of them p.-netva , „,,; •,,„,,, ,„„! fcas'ed I.]"'!, thesu- ,,.,r Thousands wen- upon tb<- deck- seeking i.. u.-i below. Ill* .-n..«K i .« ,,,, ,,,is.-l,lel', they got savage nnd a i- tll eknl the crew. r,.pl:lll. La..g»«'ll hiiil ihlrl.v-twn men i battle of their llv-s. not be driven off. Their bites wro INTERESTING AND , LESSON. Reflections of on —Wholesome Food for Btudylna the Scrlpt.irnl telligently and Profitably In- there. "hey Im-l h. The Hies could om<-ihlng nwful. L tillSll.VUH ^vuu.yin.o •-- . 1XUU.JUU ....- - ._-._ l,.a \t 27 Calvin published his Grant, the youngest child, took urn ,„„,-.„. Institutes." Alexander the mon ,,y, and In two years had spent It rent died nt 37, nnd lesser men get nrm- al , Ho fe n in ) OT c with the pretty opor- 1 for the chief good or evil of their lives ator at tho stnUcm and they were mar- aud the Oklahoma deals that will mnki: the total not lo** limn S2.000.000. There Khcnild be to settle for this at least (.0.000 ciittlc. but It Is going to be very lucky If there are 40.000 to be found, owing to the system of duplicating mortgages thnl he put In force. Gllb-tt s , own tiwne Is on over ?1.000,000 worth was a poor boy Just out of a Btruggi )n c(intral K nns as, nnd no one knows how much elsewhere. Kftnsns has hnd many meteoric cn- reers In business nnd in politics, but Glllett has won the distinction of having made the most tremendous failure of them all-lf not In the entire West- ln his line of business. The splendor of his living, his nabob manners, the methods by which n raw country boy Imposed on the keen business men who had been in the cnttlo traffic ten times as long as he, bow he could. In spite of fast living and expenses that ran Into hundreds of dollars a day, mnlte a reputation that would allow him to borrow $2,000,000, Is a marvel. o of ,,,,a iM-fi-n- 11..- 1--I.V "f " ! "-" ," lil Ibc crew wns n mass »f bhmd. Tll ls tcrriidc pest of .lies iMStcd 1U c .lays. The,, r,.r "P In H,.- sk . 1 1. ,levpenilc snilors saw a HocU r'-IHiir. TlM-v we.'" '• .,, su,,l,,-s birds, th the d,-:,Kon-lly <»f the „„ ,h" po. t th M,t. T1.4 l.n.1 enemv. and just ' l«"«y iirl "- v " .UMHily 1- » ndian tc.M.n s" l.lnls s,,b .-nt.Ml their ,,m-l.;n ns the stetim-v vm swooped a r..s..i,i- sharp beaks timely n-scuc s c... S bey v>> , directly miller them down. These birds of ble a dove, but u»' »"'">' They have long mils nnd Against the crew's ;:;.JX r .^^ r «.« 'nnt'^^rr 1 ^:;-" wen- not enough of the Hies '" further trouble. ,lowu to cabin boy all i-lr terrible experience icforc they reach their midlife. important us the subject uu- Now. if you would he master of the 8 it- ,tlon do not expend money hefoejo en irretrieva- or go into expe n span ng team to n glittering turnout or conTract'for the building of a mansion on the Potomac or the.Hudson. Do not (It pend on an inheritance from your father or uncle. The old man mny live on, n B oo 1 deal longer than you expect, and the da. of vour enforced payment may ) come before the day ot his decease. Better get 3% per cent from a government bond than be promised 15 dHUU-nd and hnve prizes in social groups which are nothing but the stakes of gambling. A good way for a lady to get into the gamester's habit is by beginning with "progressive euchre." That opens the door in a fashionable way. In one of our grent cities invltntions were sent out for such n meeting nt the card tables. The guests entered, and snt down nnd begun. After awhile the excitement run high, nnd tht ludy who wns the hostess fainted nnd fel under the table. The guests arose, but Home one said: "Don't touch the belli Le us finish the game. She would huvo done so herself nnd would Avish us, it slit spoke." The game went on for thirty nun utcs longer, nnd then n physician wus cull ed After examination of the cnsc it wa found thnt the ludy had been dead twent minutes. As the guests lift their hand in surprise I exclaim in regard to then What delicate and refined and angell womanhood! Avoid Gumbllnc. Again, if you would be master of th situation, expect nothing from good luc Save Brittle Money. If you have to wait n year or five years or ten vonrs or most ot your lifetime, then von hid better wait rather than spend mmJv vou expect to get. Then after you . Bollt do not spend It nil Never ^spend a dollar until you have 50. cents that you do not spend. In the government service ta ?h s ci how many splendid women the daughters of tnen who spent got and then sneaked out of life who are they e to leave their daughters penniless, to be looked after by some kind Senator o frien who might solicit for them small salary, but enough to keep ttnn oil hllinil fill m i",* t " ll * *-"—"" . "• them from starvation and the poorhouse! Such men do not die; they nbsco 1. I cannot understand how such spendthrift and reckless and Improvident men dare at ihe r decease appear nt the door of heave, seeking admission when they have let Selr families "' th(> to " llot ° f T""' mendicancy. Such men do not deserve a l h rono:ndahnrp«nda,mnnsion,hut«. everlastius poorhouse. Krom no dlsap poh ted or disgruntled state of mind d I Blvc this counsel, for life has been t me a glad surprise, ns it has been to nios people n disappointment Ing ot advantnsu-or opportunity, nnd s evervthing has been to me a matter of pleased ainnzcment, but I have seen so " men ruined for time am eteni ty ng i»to expenditure with nothing " Star ried, he securing a position as station agent In a little town In Marlon Coun- One. Young man, start right, and the only whs]c ,,,„ wl{e was operator to start right Is to put yourself into ->• d | BnpI)ear ed, nnd it was said . i_i_. ...:+!* frhi» tmut- friPllll fl I ""J . _ _ 4 * _ __„(« ^ft-alnr ay ompni.lon.hlp <,..„...,. ..ith the best friend a oung man ever hud-Christ the Lord. He •ill give vou equipoise umid the rocking f life's uncertainties. He will support to complete a law course In the State university. He sold him cattle nnd then bought them back again until he had made him worth $10,000. But he also has the young man's name on paper to the amount of $1)0,000. His relatives had the same blind faith la him. and they tried to keep pace with him in vain. They signed papers wherever he told them, nnd they often had the pa- „ tl ,e|r there runs" From "kipper ,„!„';, Tuc's'of th with the vicious dragon-fly. cnrs overwelghed. was back, .the matter 11C Will »u|i|jwiil woo——r. _«tv, n ^'n form " • i,,v of loss He will direct you he went to work on his mothers farm. vhWoo come othe forks of the road His wife left him. and he secured a dl, d Vnow no w-hich road to take. He Uoree. marrying the village schoolmls. v III gmde you in your home life, if you tress , Amanda Bnumbaugh. the daujrb- Mil guiiM. •>"" .*.,„„„ „ !,„„,,, n f vour . '• _ T>. Ti,.oii,,-on fnrniel 4 . fifteen ; grain dealer pors , n blank when they signed tbem In a year he nnd then Glllett filled tbem in and sold and ^ ^^ ^ tfao £ vilT'show you how to manage a fortune. I -our earthly projects fail and you nre pnt in financial straits, he will see to it lint that Is the best condition for yi nnd'the discipline and the hardship will make you more and more of u man. H you live on to old nge, .he will make the evening twilight as bright ns and perhaps c\i.niub t. . » ..,._ ..,„ twilight, 1 r \virenouL.h to hnve n home of your \^ t ^^v T Brethren farmer, fifteen wn If you live on to grent prosperity, he , ' '"-*•"•" ' Things went along quietly until three years ago when stories began to circulate that Grant Glllett was getting rich out of cattle. He. came to the county seat one day and went to a number of business men and showed them his bank book-there was a balance of $40,000. It surprised them, and he was the talk of th.e county. He showed his bank book to everybody, and bragged a great deal about the money he was making. =»-xS:'S5'SS= | T 2^f»^™ j mi ,jii. ^ t —,.— *!,_„„»_ i f c g ( jgrg < Then he wont to ivanbas v^iij and borrowed the money to buy them: day he went to a firm in Kansas City and told them ho had a buyer for $15,000 worth of stgck. Tho firm went out In the yards and bought the cattle, A Fireman's KemarkaKle Coolness. Chief Henry Lemon, of Grand Kap- Ids, Mich., told a blue-ribbon fire story for which all the firemen of bis city will vouch. "It was at the burnilng of the Kussell carpet sweeper factory," said he. "A fireman was. caught In the top floor, the sixth story. We could not get to him -with the ladders, nud he could not get down on the Inside. He backed out ou the sill of a window and swung there a moment with his face to the wall. Then he dropped. We could not American Indwirlal Supremacy. An Knglish trade J<,urn!ib di-,,s the growing procure ^,-J™ 1 •„",:,","„",„. The lesson for I't-c. '£> Is tt quarterly re- clou'. A lev, (|iK-stl(nis for tin- use of. the ti-ni'lii-r nre given In-low. They art- Intended to Iiring out genernl fciitnres of Die. quarter's worlt Jnthi-r Vlism <letnll«. Who wns (hi! lirst KJIIK. of .ludnh nfter Solomon? Why were the kliiBdiinm ot .Indiih nnd Israel KrpiirntcdV 1'olnt out on the tnnp Hi" line tlml seiinriiU'il thc-nu Which Imd I he larger country? Which I he more fertile'.' Wld.-h th" Inriier number of cities 1 .' Which was better protected ngnlnst foreign enemies'! 1 h rough which of them did tho Irnding caravans nnd the armies of Kit.vpt. Syria nnd As- nyria |>ass In traveling and in wnr cspertl- d'ition*'.' Hnd this anything 1" ' lo wlln tlK-ir history? In whnl wnyV How lour did the northern kingdom. Isniet, lantV How lone did the southern kingdom last? Which hnd the nmre pencf fnl history? How did most of tin- king* of Israel gain the llir-mtV How dul nil (In- kings »f .Indnh succeed to their position? In which wan morality »t the lower K rnde? In which did Idolntry gnm the larger nnd more periiinnent hold? Hml Ih,' kingdom of Israel, during the more thnn 200 years of Its cxistem-c, ever « genuine reformation V Why not? Were there no great prophets in Israel 1 ! V, hut four prophets especially worked hard clnim Israel? . In what century did Asa reign? was the need of a reformation m his timer How thorough was his reformation! How did it happen that in the reign ot his BOO Johosnphnt some of the work hnd to b« done over again ? What was Jehosai,hat'» munition with regard to the kingdom ot Israel? Who was king of Israel at tma hue? What great mistake did .Tehosa- phat make in his family? to re- dustries upon tll ,, S e of Gn; savs: "Much of this l« '"" superior cirieloney of the and the way In by American machines are worked to the American which they workmen How did this pout UlllttU 111 "io .......-rf - * vl nl * afterwards affect Jndnh? How was KlnR ,Tehorutn influenced by his wife AtUaltanr After his death, what ambitious scheme did Athallah carry out? What were the results of her cruelty ? How did it happen thnt she failed? Tell the story of the boy Jonsh and his coronation, ^hat yoatn- ful enthusiasm of Jonsh led to an important reform? Why should he care about the temple? How had the temple fallen into decny? What, plan wns adopted for and i-ibohitants use of auto e, [actor In the different Indus l*a< „ „„ „„„ the king thnt died in the year that Isaiah was-calletVto service? jHad he reigned Ions? What wns the wndrtwm of the nation in the middle of the eighUl century? Was any foreign enemy Ureat- oning Palestine during this century? What nation? How did Jndah oWtf» Israel in this earlier invasion? being anxious to lost amount w ^viiut t\na AO*.««'. ~ - - .his machine. pn_e | dnh , n his cnp ncHy ns n » tn * cs _ m * n ,;, man may be a < often seen working D-icitv Not only the products 'ITnerU,.,. macbiues themaovos »« 'rapidly Iwlnc introduced Into l-nt. the workman "--"-t. -- 1,1,,., late .01 »m-uv* "• •?—",---. • . he record in the utmost amount wWili what wns i sn i n h's main message to .._ en, Ve cot out of his machine. One d „ ,„ his cnpnc Hy ns n statesman? (To can U fc ot - ioowng anor hlllf bcwBrco( forelgn cntanrfement. «nd^ machin.,, nnd even l>oys .» ^ m ^£r?%££^$& »« ' rt be but the 1 hv tllllTOrS SUnipun:, luiw iui.«««»i —— ™ Illiu uvniv/«^v* «-*"• ., n ways tearless nnd songful and resplen- ho got lt shlp ped them north and sold den so that the mightiest calamity of , hem to tarmers lu small bunches, the universe Is the portion of that one who were tak , ng the flrst spurt up- ,-rcontiruiiiu inr hnonnzuru ui" m<* iii *"rs •*«•*-•"•«•- —- 30 declared, or paid only °' n " p ^ whon it is estimated that gnn „„_. .„. ns to tempt you deeper "^ pxc ' hnnKCg , noncy to tho llroo ,mt o In before the grand BmuHh up. -" e nseti... ^...^..nan's life when he hopes to get some- hing for which he does not give an equiv- lent and there nre fifty kinds of gam- ,llng' Stand aloof from nil of them. Understand that the gambling spirit is i disease, and the more successful you are he more certain you arc to go right on to •our own ruin. Having made his thousands, why does not the gambler stop and mnke a safe Investment of what he hna gained and spend the rest of his life m nulet or less hazardous style of occupation? The reason is ho cannot stop. Noth- E but death ever cures n confirmed gam- Kceley's gold cure rescues the fnils to enter it. Copyrlsht. 1808. had ! SHORT SERMONS. ward, and before he knew it he made $5 to $3 a head on them, and bad started on a career of plunging. Established OB "Cattle Kintt." His next step was to buy 10,000 head in a bunch. When It came time to go s.mdav Duties-Do not confine your at ( er them'he did not allow his men to Sance at mas, to Sundays and do «. but went In person He organ attendance at holy dnvs of religion. Come frequently l zc d among the cattlemen on his ranch =»SHisc & = ^'X sssr sr f ^rehTyou -»"^* c Kroco UIU ° I that he 8tart0d f0r tUC Ca " ' -—"- t . sponsible. Having got the habit in him, he s no more responsible for keeping on than a man falling from a roof of a tour Btorv house cun stop nt the window of the second story. Here and there you may find an instance where n gambler bus been •- ...llomau Catholic. San Francisco, California. Education. -Education, means something more than Information. It is not small intelligence. It Is the process of bringing the Individual lu harmony with his spiritual environment- Ihe of education is the provision the ----neighbors, nnd then gave orders for the train to start on Its triumphant tour Arrived In Fort Worth he went to the hotel, paid all the bills and hnd the band play In the rotunda^ He marchw with them and ordered then GILLETT'S FAMOUS COWBOY B oaded them aboard the cars nnd took -i mortgage from Glllett for the whole amount. He took the cattle to Alma, Kan., and sold them to the customer and put the money In his pocket Instead of sending It to the commission men. The firm will take the stock and leave the feeder without a dollar. What a Beautiful System! Gillett used to buy bis droves of cattle several thousand head at a time. He invariably gave a mortgage for the purchase price, and then took the herd to Woodbine to spirt them up Into small droves for the little feeders who bad smail lots of corn and roughness, farmers flocked around him as were a god. and hung _on his words. .„...„.— what he was trying to do. When his body shot by the fifth floor window directly beneath, the fellow- lunged forward, threw his arms out, and caupht In the window. He rested a moment and dropped again. This time he almost missed his window, but he finally got up, and tho people and the firemen cheered him on. Once more ho dropped, nnd nt the next window my men took him on a ladder. His arms were terribly bruised, but he hnd escaped with his life. He was the coolest, most desperate man I ever saw."—Chicago Inter Ocean. land and it is impossible for any one who is in the habit "^^'^ " t ^ng- lamT loTvoid 'seeing bow rapidly Assvria What wns his main moral and rehgioaa teaching? (Kefomntion of morals, de'' on God, faith in the surrltalot The If he We", what do you want here?" "Why. Mr. Glllett, I thought I would look to see He would step up to one nnd say, " " purpo of the please " ferring He began by taking chances on n book- cnse or a sewing machine nt a church fair getting a few pennies tor his clnu of thunder I would with that li,,i vehemence sny to nil young men what John Knndolph snid In yonder Senate chamber as he stretched his long tinger out townrd sonic senatorial.opponent and with shrill voice cried out, "Gentlemen, pay as you go!" Anger l a Unhealthy. Acain if you would master the situation, when angry do not utter a word or write a letter, but before you speak a word or write n word sing n verse of some hymn in a tune arranged.!" minor key and having no staccato nussugcs. If very nnerv sing two verses. If lu n positive rngi-' sing three verses. First of all, the uiihcnllhiest thing on enrth is to get mad. It Jungles the nerves, enlarges the spleen and sets the heart Into a wild thumping. Many a man and many n woman 1ms in "nn.' of such mentiil nnd physical agitation dropped dead. Not only thnt, but It makes enemies out of friends, and mnlius enemies more virulent, and anger Is partial or consummate suicide. Grent nttor- nevs, understanding this, huvo often won their cause by willfully throwing t nosing counsel Into n rage. .There mnn vou must manage or ono woman yon n list'control In order to plense God nnd innke life a success, nnd thnt '.s yourself. There urn drawbridges to every castle by which you may Ue«l> out ot your nature foreign foes, but no mnn has a defense ,t himself unless It be a d.v ne de- Out of tlrt) millions of the human ho can do case or a sc and ended ,e 11, the op- is one onlv man who gambles successfully Is the man who loses so fearfully nt the start thnt he is disgusted nnd quits. I>t lilm win nt the start and win again, and I menus farewell to home and heaven. Most merciless of nil habits! 1 To-Day. Not To-Morrow. Agnin, if you would he master of the situation, never adjourn until to-morrow what you can do to-day. The difference between happy nnd inspiring work nnd wearying and exhausting and dispiriting work Is tho difference hetwetm work behind you and work before you. But nl- ways wait until you feel like It. wait until circumstances are more propitious, wait till next week or wnlt till next year, and thfl probability is the work will bo only Imlf done or never done nt nil, Postponement' Is the curse ot n vnst population. After n while nil the things thnt ought to hnve been done previously will rush in upon yon, nnd. It being too much for your bruin nnd nerves, you will be n fit subject for paralysis or nervous prostration. How ninny battles have been lost because the general did not strike ijulck enough, nnd the enemy hud full time to gntlier re-enforcement! Von Intend some time to write llmt Important letter. 'Vou Intend Home time to make thnt business en 1. ion Intend some time to finish that book, iou Intend some time to preach that sermon. Where is some time? What is some time / Does it walk or does it llont of happiness and contentment human family.-Kev. Dr. Boyntoii, Con- B ro"ationnU»t. Detroit, Mich. Christlniiity.-Chrl-stlnnity does not come under the law of cause and effect. We want to know something more about God than that he is simply a be- I,,,- of omnipotent will and nn arm of liower. He Is a' God of love, and other foundation can no man lay than that Is laid, which Is Christ Jesus.-Dr. I-at- ton I'resbyterian, Princeton, N. J. Creation-Creation Is ascribed to God in the Old Testament. In the New Testament it Is ascribed to Christ. There Is no discrepiuiey between Moses and 1'iuil on this subject. The nod of the old is the Christ of the new. Christ Is God. All things were created to display his manifold wisdom. God s wisdom Is seen only In redemptloii.- l)r. M. C. Peters, CongrcgatlonnJlst, wife's idea. SUo is very fond of music, and when tho proposition was made to her to have tbe cowboys play for the rnnch she fell In with it heartily. In person Glllett is n strong, athletic » "Look then; 1 have no time to tall you," and he would leave to see other customer. In that way he sold the very cattle he wanted to nnd at his own price, usually more thnn the machines , through failure to go wanted in England, been and bluff younc man prominent gold-filled teeth and dressed In good style. He always attracted attention to himself on train or lu depot. It was no uucopimon thing for him to show his bank hook to strangers on a train on the sllghlcst provocation or without any provocation. He liked to make a show of his possessions, and had a number of diamonds that were used for pocket pieces. He brought New York City. ' urntltiide.-Gratltude is the noblest of exercises nnd ha-s most to do with t'od Repentance and faith have reference to ourselves In consc.iueuce of the fall of man. tlu- race ere yon I nnd everlasting harm, «ud that Is the being that walks nndor your own hnt nud In our own shoes, il 10 met- there la only one person w. permiint-nt ni is the being Sost'Uhnlh'afy^'wmevi'rhaveto h^ ^.rnio^r^-p 1 «hin can carry Is dynamite, and the most fier Ions thing 1 n ono 1 . nature Is nn explo- ITvu teniiier If your nature Is hopelessly ^wSW^,!!^* 1 ^?^^ ino 11 y , '" °" flro nni1 Will It happen to co No! Some time \\\H \l Iiuplll'll i" »."«•••• • --- , . . is never. There nre no stragglers In he doys nnd mouths and yeurs. If one dnj should refuse to keep step nnd become a straggler. It would wreck the universe. I»roiiiptnos»! Uptotlmel To-day! Now! You will get only what you win. There ure acehlonU, like the printers istake which caused Louis Nupoleon to Gratitude existed when was no lost Eden to deplore and continue to exist in heaven forever."U«v. A. 0. Morehouse, Methodist, New York City. Unpe.-Hopo Is composed of two eon- KlItuents-Hb-sIre and expectancy-ami tin- (iiliility nnd nicnsuiv of hope depend* upon the si. -en^lli of Ihese two eit-mcnts. They mv the fundnn.enia el.-mcntH of life, and l.he measure lunl nunlHy of life depend upon these two thln«n'~wlmt tlo you wish for and the •Irtnco you have of obtaining what you Ish fii'r.--l>r. Abbott, Coim't'egiltlonai- st, UrooUlyn, N. Y. __ _ Dlrlttutltin. Next llm« yon have a palu nnywhori! IT illrlgnth)!!. KlrlKiitlon, o' i'rof "j01:iH>r (Sales, of "the power of Ibt! Individual to cou- ,in> bin cuiisclimnneAS excluslVt'ly to I... Blil'ltfcft"*-""' 1 -*^-.!!!^ U i* t* j/«i--"« v with blue eyes, farmer would have paid anywhere else. The farmer paid $2 to $3 a head more than Grant did for the stock, and the theory wns that he would feed them and sell them at a good profit In the spring. He would give his note to Gillett nnd It was supposed thnt Glllett would send the note to take the place of the one tlmt be bad given on the whole lot of cattle. Often he "overlooked" this, and ot late seems to hnvo done so intentionally, for there are cattle mortgaged five deep. One bunch of cows in the Indian Territory Is mortgaged for $175 a head in this way. A farmer cnrne rushing Info tho courthouse a few days nfter the failure nnd called for the sheriff. "I want help," he cried. "A lot of men are out at my place taking off my cattle-3()i head tlmt I hnve given my notes for. , nnd which I can pay when they, arc , due I have fed them all the fall, and , It will niln me if they take them from , iiKsuiESCK. me." A search was made for the mort- WHIPPING POST FOR ILLINOIS. Preslrtent of Humane Society Advocates Corporal PunUhment. John G. Shortall, president of the Illinois Humane Society, who believes In the efficacy of the whipping post ns a reformatory agency for hoodlums, has been prominently Identified with the humanitarians of the country fur n number of years, having for more than twenty yenrs been at the bend of the Illinois Humane Society. He had also lx>en president of the American Humane Society, which was organized at his suggestion at Cleveland. Ohio, In 1877 Mr. Shortall was born In Dublin Ireland, Sept. 20, 18158, coming to America with bis parents when a smulJ boy 'and settling iii New York. His parents died very soon afterward, and he begun earning his own living in the service of the New York Tribune with Horace Grei-ly. In 1854 be adopted the advice of the famous editor and came West, flrst entering the employment of to avoid .seeing bow rk-ui I.ilMjr-s:ivlnf! machines arc |>oin" utilized. Specific instances of this are constantly to be seen-in- stnnces where British who have lx-en fighting al against using American have latterly, what Hie}" w..«— -- compelled to adopt foreign made lathes nnd other special .machines, and now say that they would not be without them." .. Fish Shocked lo Death. In England, where the game fish laws are much more strk-lly ob- sy-rved thnn In this country, the "poacher" on forbidden waters, who Is too anxious to escape discover} to spend the time necessary to en Mi nsb with rod nnd line, will drop a dynamite cartridge into a river hole, and after exploding it, will scoop up a lKi"ful of IHH whlc-h have floated on the surface from the concussion. An officer. Major Micbelini. who -on InvestlgatlMS tlio;<]iinlltM «' rifles, has discovered thnt and eu , a righteous remnant of the nntlon ) great event In the northern kingdom ^happened early in the reign of Hezcktah* (The fall of Samaria, according to one ettronologv.) What kind of reform 'did He°ekiaif institute? Whnt great danger threatened his kinsuom and his- c»P"» l J° the yenr 701 B. C.I How wns it escaped? What great reaction took place in the first half of the seventh century, the reign of Manns**?: AVhnt became of Mans*- seh? Whnt was the last great rp formation in Judnb's history? What PUbW work did Josinh undertake early in .»» reign? How long had the temple bj» necleeted? What remarkable discovery took place in the 'temple? Who *««»**• hook? What did he do with it was the king impressed "**"* was read to him? What order did h What reforms were Instituted In COM«- , the Illinois Central us a surveyor, and has bee an.l ellslly " even bv ' , Ihe bo killed th" dynamite cartridge. lle, which is alhiut .SjX. Ine In ..alibr", proved very deficient stopping power nt the " evertheless, nt .s bullet f- day tired In battle ot A.Iowa. Nevertheless, nt .short rnngi-s , r ,e very hlfrh velocity of th" ,-lvcs rise to a ^werful cxplo ft-vl' Major Micheliiii one of th"*" gnus into tlie water at an A dend fish to the sur- wound wns mistak A 1'nrU un edi- Cn" exting, sh the flames, nt any rote U0 l"'llko what Abraham Lincoln said to J Ilk" ."'"",**" _...„__ n-hiit cublnct be called "Napoleon HI. --- tor nt the time that Louis Nupoleon by huso strategy turned the republic Into » monarchy wrote In derlslou the word Nn- poloon." followed by three exclamation points. Those exclamation nolillli the printer mistook for thu luttor I three times written, ond hence he was culled "Nanoleou III." But promotions by accident nra not to be depended on. »°1 ) 'J 1 >< 1 on gutting nothing oi-ccpt that which under God by your own industry uud good seusu you achieve. Necessary. »uld bu master of mu It last because most Important, for you know thu " to Necessary. Again, if you would bu master of tin. sHi,atlou,a,,dI«,un«ltlaHtbec r o s LUtf IHOal IHliMH !***«• •«* <r v " ~ . , which l« lust moiitlouwl Is upt to ho be, remembered, I charge you get Into ,ou tieart and life, your conversation and you manners, your body, mind and so-.l. ilu ncur O.OtMJ-ycm-old religion ot tin Why so'/ Hecausu DIB large waJt.,. plople quit this life before 2B. y»«» oC and th« |K,sslUllt» Is that If jo« do 10 tuko possession of this ru-ligwu, u»a ie lluion dues uot take possession ot yo WUIto you a,. 0 youtig, you will never cow W> Jiuuce. Mrs. McKlnlcy, th. •aPtUe - --- presideiit, «ata to W" "»tlto \VhU • on bwrowed tlw*, to coitling of any selected part of "lu. body and by practice to send morn dtMid to tlmt part ami alter thtMvIn the ympthiitb' and th.-rmlc nint-llolis. This menim that by <-..iifinitratlng ,ne'H thought, wiy ou oim's ha ml, for " ulvi-n tlmu'oiw c-ould, by pniclli.'.-, m-iul bhKKl Into It, or withdraw un- inry Wood, uud also muko It warmer or wider. Thin Is a scientific man's altmnpt to explain tho uiluil euro. It Is lug.mlous. iimi-li*\ho i-oucontration of the tliouglit upon thu toothless gums lias had to do with tho growth of new sett, of U'elh In old people? Tin' next time ono of thi-so WWOH Is illB«,vi-r«(l l«t tho ln.,ulsl ive 1*1 nut tilt-mi questions: llinv „,.,„ hwvii you Ijwm thlnkliig about vour Jaws nx tooth produwrH/ Have Vou not been Iioplug and puvhaps «.v 'pi-ctlna tlmt y«u might b'Pt a llc ' w the first Knnsns, horseless to ranch. house built by his father, but lie added to It a largo burn, tlie best lu the comity, acres of sheds, an elevator, ;ind wns about to open a bank In the little village. Thora Is an empty building good enough for n town oC 15,000 ready for It. Gillett bad a special love for making himself conspicuous around the railroad. Having been nn employe on one, It came to him naturally. Sometimes he would meet n man on the train and made a deal of $50,000 In ten minutes; then turn over In his sent aud go to sleep. One day he was to start for Texas with some friends, and It wns necessary to take n freight train for a short distance. They missed tbe train nnd tho friends wanted to go homo till the But he hired nn engine and The marvelous ncter is not that be was able to fool the farmers of his own country, who hnd known of tho flue standing of bis fam- llv and bad faith In ills success. It was tlmt be could borrow money from Hi,. ei.nsorvMtlve business men of Kansas City, St. Louis and other Western cuttle centers without any investigation that amounted to a complete showing of his real standing. Resourceful Under UiHlcHllic*. He was hard pressed for the first time last spring, but it made no differ- eiice In bis living. He hired more mon morrow. . caboose and Mllowod the freight until ho caught It, Often he would hire an engine nnd ride with the engineer for miles where ho wanted to go und mnko n deal. Last spring he Invited tho Governor of tlK) Blato to lie his gtlOHt and nnd begun the erection of new build- tooth, or n wholo set?' 1-ei'hups wo art! on I ho cv« of .Uiscov- ,.,-U's llmt will miiKi. th» an. 1 e ,,il»l uunui-twiry. Tho twenty-Hi's. c-wiuiryman mn.v a M thu ' Uo mny bw tibln to ropluw \ tvvtU and even luipprtuut by IK.WOW »u«U took him to Woodbine on a train There the party was entertained and driven in carriages until Into In tho afternoon. Tho day's pleasure cost him $200 or more, but It gave him nn advertisement that wns probably worth moro than thnt to him. As bis business doubled un and bo shipped tnilnlo.-uls of cattle ho became ambitious to have nomotbUiB tlm would bo an Invostment. Ho set tied ou life insurance, mid, cullius In ngou s, gnvo liberal orders for policies wilt- ten on the lontlno plnn-twonty payments for the mo«t part. HI. Hplcmlid pliysltiuo miido him nn onsy subject and tin- companies wore glnd him. La«t year ue loofe out policies, .imotmtliis to about l, llt that wns «low for him. am lust spring took out olio for $10,000 In a lump; li> to get seen.1 cajnile ttuttttwr Ings. One day lie was culled on to pay $100,000 In a week. He went to Denver and then to Kansas City, to Chicago nnd to St. Louis, as fast as specln trains could curry him, and In the em did what he wanted to do-mlsed enough to tldu him over his trouble. Hut right on top of that cumo the famous Slrlbbling deal. This wns olio of the most lu.tablc deals on the range In the cattle history of tho West. Glllett formed a plan for tho purchase of.all the cattle on the Strlbullng ranch, In eluding all of on.) brand. It was to take fUOl) 000 to swing it, and In order. H make sure the Immense dual h« paid down one-tenth of that sum-*JO.OOO. Tho tlmo of tho option passed, and ho could not muko tho raise, mid. at lust l,u came to the linul day und begged and pleaded In vain with thu i-oiumls- Blon men to help him out. So he sut am watched the clod; turn to noon mid thought of the fortune that wus slipping iiwuy from him In tho i'«"ch lots ,U Ainurlll... The blow was thu m'st ho had received, but U was not to bo the last, for things went from thai to worse. Aftcr-thls hi- tried the Northwest nnd imidf n trip to Oregon, where ho nr- for another Ittrtfo Uord-15,OOU one angle of about -45 degrees. nliiuist hninedialely arose CMC.- On t-xnnilnuiliMi no discoverable In the Ixxly. the death be!„., ,UH- entirely to the hydraulic shock arising from the impact of the bullet with tin- water, amply confirmed by iiii-n:», mid many H*l blow of tile bullet two years later engaging In the abstract business for himself. Mr. Shortall prospered In tills branch of the real cstiitt) business and was able to retire from active business in 187:.'. Since his retirement he has devoted himself mainly to charitable, educational and hu- manltnriun work, devoting himself with enthusiasm to directing U»o Illinois Humane Society's affairs^ " Trun Hospitality. lu n New Ilauipshlro villirlfb many glories are told of a former resident who did uot always utter his real meaning. , One cold winter day he Opened his door lo see. _ m UK- minister, looking chill ilud" tlrefl wndlng home through tho snow after nn hour sjient with a needy but unpleasant parishioner. '"Conm In. parson, come right In!" ho cu" -<\ ohL-i>rlly, waving his arms with himpltftWe intent. "My wife will make a rouslnfc n>" to warm you up. It's well started already,' riivrson. Shu'll make It «» hot you fan't slay In tho luxiso llfloen mliiutes!"--Youth's Companion. ^^____ ' Tho Cuuml r-un'i Hwim. The cniucl is thu ouly iinlniul tlmt ciilinot a win). 'A'ho moment it loses Its fooling In 11 stream It turns over, and makes m. u-rt'orl to BIIVU Hsi-lf fi'on. 1 dro wiilns._ The gnilititTiiid's volro will always bu raised In tlol't-nsu of tho mothcr-lii- Iliw. Bouiu pcoj>ie"ivro""terrl'biy stuck on uo vwtiiou to « he Schiiol S.-IVH the pi-chilly This view wiis further cxpci'l- were killed by on tin 1 water xiictlv us if by an explosion of a dyn- ' hell The effects of the by- mile <hock seemed to Ix- siifficii-nt I,, kill "II tbf Us" wlthli> frt-ni two to tw,, and one-half fVct of liio point ot Impact. _ _ A Critical Child. •hildivn ,-iiv so observanl, I'level.-llltl 1'lnlll ll.-illt-r. t-i-- f their teachers, ..|iul inure when they nre just, s-tni-iin.!.- t)UV 111 sclltitd. V Htilr ri.-v,.|;ind P.'''' "'' li|x SUI "' iei< cnini- home the t.ther day willi er'mlml lillcil willi thin new wonder, the sfliiitil IMOMI. llow tin you like yt>ur feMclifi-.' her mamma a-keil. ••She's a very nice teacher," said ibe lillle ulie. "..lily :t's such :l plt.V sbt- dot-sn't speak M. many "I her wonl> right. I shouldn't iblnk they'll U-l be' 1 teneli 'till she Iciirnt-il I" ^:>y '!»' : " so people could uiiiler.-tanil." "Why. what dues she say llmt Is wrong V" "Well, ye.-'lei 1 '.bl.v she wns going t" say Tuss'from lln- room t|ulfll.v.' mid wl'iut d.i you think she dltl say? She Hiild, Tuwss,' Just Ilk,- llmt. 1 gm-ss nobody dldn'l umli-i'stmiil her i" ">'"• Ami liien. '''Is morning we were talk- in- llbmit trees, ami she said, 'brawn- dies'- yes, nm'ni, Ju*l like that. Slie's U nice'teacher, but you got I" gi'f u^'d to her before you i."in nnderslainl her IllllgllUgt 1 ." ' A Conjuror Caught. Mr Maskci.vnc. tin- London conjuror, ', I., i.eeii coiiipcllcil by ll>f courtB f o I,;,!,;,. K , M) ,| his onvr of *-V>"<> (o any nl.l linllate successfully .his lie had made the id the kings v ' prcs list dnvs o » it ill § t-»«••*••• •-' — • . »».u*trT' Qiience of the commands of the ftoour How did Joslah meet his death nnd whent Explain why the death of Josinh h«li been called the greatest tragedy, of Jewish history. Whut hopes came to an end witt 'curing'the twenty-two yenrs between Josh's death and the fall of Jerusulenu «hat was the state of public^pinion and public order in Jerusalem? Of what sort were tbe four kings who- reigned during- riils period! Which three of them were brothers? Whose sons were they .' What general remark can you make about heredity ns illustrated in the kings of Jn- dnh throughout'Its history?. What'fact ^^^an^tadson^rpeU a'olvgumy: the character of the mother, and'the early iiillueuces of the harem Sften counteracted the father's infliience; in a few cases good training in childhood counteracted u bad iuheritnnee-c. g. Jonsh.) What groat prophet wns the leading hg- nre in the history of Judnh for the lust forty venrs of its existence? What was his constant wurning to the people? Why was he so misunderstood und hated t What wns his personal charaeter? How treut him? Did he have friends'.' How were his V'ropUeaes .rve.1V l.nppened to him m the f Judnh's existence? What ' " (Was taken m by a party of .lews wnu .".•" i"""»-i •—d P'OD- i.t wns the date of the siege and fall nisnlem? Whnt king captured the ' What b..-cnme of the' people.' Were they all taken to UpMi »,^v I""* ^ the captives stay in Hubylon? _ How did JuirJvrt wt U «P ^^uV t 'wh7so?t o?" covoniineiit did the people hnve between the return from the captivity and the e.m.iii" "< <'hristV (A mixture of hli-r- ,.|iv"ind aristocracy under Persian con,1 until AlcMinder tin- Greni; nfter ua •ill. ami the division of his empire, he',.,.„ the Ptolemies or rulers of Kgypt I tbe Se'leucids ->r rulers of Syria, 1'ul- ""I'ine w:l< the bone i.f contention hetwccn ru.vul luiuws. l.'inK-r Hit; vorsc- ihi. Sviian rulers, ciiln.inutins -ii (.it Anllm-lius Kpiphnnt-s, the,|l,-.| iinder .lud^is Maccubueus, ,„, ,, v..,. Tl(c -Miicc.ihnenn family t-ur- •i,.,l ..n the reb't'lll-iii linl'l pructic.ll Independence was achieved ill KM !!. C. Toil ,„„.,, than hnlf u ceninr.v the .lews, though I1 ,,, 1 ,i,, 11 ||v still under a lile.',. were re.illv-pivei-neil l'.v men claiming royal ..utborlty. luCul H. I', the llun.nna ttjolc .l..nisnlPin--and assumed control uf thB country. ruliiiK it partly through Jewish uilii-ers some of whom wen.- cnlle.1 king*, „,„] paitly thrungh procurators. Next U*son--"Christ tho Ti-uu Ught." -John 1: 1-M. all cc,,,neof.Ien.n,iiih? (Was to rgvpt after the fall of Jerusalem party .'/.Tews who tied thither, nud ot itv .me who co ,,,, x lr ,,.U. w Intr y,.iin pay. ioX Illtu. -•' . ,1th Impunity for years In his .speech „„,„„„.,„„ ,he tilck. bu, when two l'iisi'il tu V ' A "(K-ntlcman" Ucllnt-d. vllno.-s In n London police eourl rllM'd 'I"' defciidniii as a L-enile -ni- i'lea uf a gi-illl«'- ud.e. "I I- Seems lo replied il.e wluu-ss. about id. Say Imw -'li^ U'om miblltf .„.,„ i ,„, „ .,„.,.,,„«. doing nuihlng, g-'li^^ Uouse to public houau." he wal How T| U . iidir* ..,v.-n thH i he ll-hi becau WlHP JH Nnl iii-o. diy is whit* iy«i W» !>«* e Iii swimming about la JvUlf.- i>clly.l*i.iU«;color ot shining tliruiigh Hie wntwr. ,„.,„.,. protects him from Ills clu-my ue- low Ills ba<'k being green makes him, on Hit- irther h'i» ( l. appear fi'wia «tjov»r «a liiirl uf tin- gwn W4Kr.,uU|l.i« UU HiilVunnl from li:iwk-t and other - Sill- l'lt:kH tho OIllOMt. Mi old Imly t" -NJ' 1 '^''". wl """ said tujw I in >'«.•««'* wa" nwiii rlc.l lo a man "f ''*• ' iini-rlcd neveviii tluie^. a husband hn.s died' sh us bl.-i HUCC.SSUI- i te , mill cia-ll tllU* has plcki-il «« oldest mun 111 tftf (idling Htruiii t'li«ttl»U. \ iiutubh- cvelil ill lUUUlclpiil ee'rlii" I* the upcniUon of a" light plain al Hhoivdltcb, I,ou(l«», which tin- steam U tstmoratwl oy * of city n-f uitu. r * J '*X ,

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