Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 9, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1927
Page 5
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Wh»t Hfls (>'o^e Keioro ' Garrett Polsom is stubheil to death while swlmtniiis at t)ceuii Town, N. J. Folsom's bathing cninpanlons had been Uogc-r Neville, a buKi- iiess pahner; Mrs. Helen Barnaby and Curnielita Valdoh. Anastasia KoUoni, eccentric: and masterful sistei' of the dead man. arrives and lakes command. At the inquest it is learnt that the death weapon wu-s a pichaq. an Oriental knife, and it had been bought on the lioardwalk. It is learned that one (Jroydon Sears* is a fanciur. of (iirious weapon.s. He admits buying two knlye's but not the pitUiaq. .Anastasia engages Titus Higgs, .Trchiiect, to work on the case. Dan Pelton; the ' <I^ad man's hi'phew. arrives and is intrigued l)y some- curious French (dolls'in Fol.som's ioflini. I Croydon Sears "s initials are' discovered in-a notebook, of Fol-i som's and Pfeltou thinks his uncle had Jjceii doing some black- muJling. Robin Sear.s, Croydon's 8on, is worried now that suspicion is resting on his, fathei'.. Kiggs tells him he lias, learned that Cl-oydoh' Sears had pur- cliased'^ third dagger. . "The eWer Sears sends for the fawtD'as. detective. Fleming .Stone. Anastasia, ciiiestioning .Madeline Harvou. iip -sets her and Madeline gi .)e .s to her room to break down jiiid sobi :.>ow iio Oil. \S\\\\ the .story Carphm Wis '•Hut perhaps ' the siibjecl bores or pains you. DucljeKS," Dau said, as hf and .Seville be^n to discuss il. - ; • •"No," she returned, smiling faintly, "nol if yxiw iliin't keep it up too long.' ".lust a minute. Vou see, .Mr. Neville, it's this way. The police people and, well, some- others are R^Us Again Assume Lead \Vitli MeiTiiferiRepQrts And H^vy Freight Business. New, York, March 9. (API—The stock market gathered strength to- beg.nn.ngJO whisper the name of 1,,^^ „njer th«. ilmpetus of a re- Croydon Seai-s ".connection with pool operations and he taking off of my uncle. Oh 1 coveruing. RallH again as- kiiow thai s putting It rather'bald-j,,^ leadership of the up- IVf but. l.k<- mr revered- aunt 1 ;..^.j„ with-buying influenced by usually call a spade a spade.- Or.L„„.,.„. „,,,, „ ,.n„,i„„..,„,.o marker reports and a continuance of heavy freight traffic. The bullish interpretation placed by most observers ou the t«ifnis of the new governnjient: ffwanci sideied an i'mpoi-;an ing sctimeut. Kansas City. ,Md life -was con- llay steady; 72 cars. r;h S. (APl­ at least, some other folks are doing ^!o. Now. -Mr. lUggs tells me that you assured him that so far u." you know Sears had no dealings with my uiuU, .<avo one'qr two of Uic nvrcst nuBiuess traiisactious, Ih:;t ttijuld by Ro po.ssibiJity have had any reuscn to cause ill-feeling bftwi-en the two men." -You are pmiing the statement Kansas llty (iralH. a iriile too strong. .Mi-. Pelton. but Kansas City, .Mar. y. (AJ'I— ;l believe .Mr. Ki^gs and Ij did haveiW'heat: receipts 6S itars; unchang- la slielit <(n.vorsali6n on the sub-ieei: No. 2 dark hard $1.32'5^' iject «,t C. II. i?." •» - WS^y-y. No. S. *1.32(H>1.3S-, No. 2 j "nidnl vou give the ;i.ssurance hard *l..'13'i'fM.3.SJ"; .Vp. 3) $l-32>/t 1 spoke of?" |<!il.;{,S; .\o. 2 red $1.3U's(fil.:{2: No. 'Ni't assurance, no. How could 13, $1.2!»'/i6» 1-31. , r.' Tlieie may have he^^nl all sons j Corn nnchangedl to 'l-c higher; oi (onneciiotss betwueu those two j No. 2 white 71>2fi7;!c: .N'o. 3. 6iVj men of.whici) I ku'iw nothing." «il2.2r.; light light ll.-Jb ft 12.2.'.; packing sows $l<l.254i U.iKKsluiigb- ler pigs %\\AU(ii,\t.iX,. Cattle 8,(100; best heavy steers $i:i.25; .bulk :f9..V) dv ll.iio; best yearlliigH $11.7'i; siockers and fee<ter.s $7..".0«f8.7r.; nnHit heifer.s $7;60tfi'9.0«; nireable sprinkling of yearling heifers fO.ari # lO.OO; vealers largely ;(lu..'ioi^f'12.iH* iu packers. , Slieep 12,000; choice lambs td .small.''kil.leKs {ICLCO; best hehl bighel-; eaily bulk wooled lambs $1.").00 I??' l.'..7 ."i; rt 'W loads !)3 to 9S pound averages |]4..".0 fi I't.Xi^; choice heavy lambs held around |l.'i.7.'>; asking tipward to $14.00 for choice me<liuni weight dipped lambs; wooled culls Jll.OOifriZ.On; sheep scarce, steady: medium to good fat, ewcs-$S.oO 9.00; fee<ling and; shearing! lambs strong; j medium ?lo good offerings $l:f.75&i) ! I4..")ii: Tuesday's late j.acker topi $l.=i.S.-.. ! IIKPKNDABLK l/SKD CARS—Lafe 1U2€ Chevrolet coach; two 1525 Chevrolet coaches; one 192.'l Chevrolet roadster; one Essex six coach. I These cars all in best of condition. B. T. Barber Garage, 2U West street. Phone 1>1.'». OAKLAND — Dealers — PO.VTIAC --'25 Oakland laiidku sedan, fine shape; ;'2-l Ford roadster; '22 Ford CfMipe, : good; '18 Ford coupe, cheap: '22 Hudson sedan, goiid shape; "2:1 Chevrolet; '21 Studebaker 4-piiss. coupe, fine shape: '2."> Chevrolet touri(ig. Some other ver.v cheap <'ars. iCash. terms or trade. llobart-Ste ^-le Motor Co. .10l,\—The- new Di<;t«tioii Class in Uregg Shorthand at The lola Business College and prepare for a j)o.sitiqn^ i '•. LIVESTOCK Hones, Catae. Teb^cles 48 PAGE BwtJaw* iadOttw Eqafpuwa* U TYPKWRITBRS FOR S-4LE,—Rent or trade. Adding machines, any make. Public stenographer, notary., and ronltigraph work done. Room iO-ll, over (Hobe Clothiers, Farm Eonipmenf 55A FAR.M MACHINERY —Good used disc, tongue truck, $17.r.O; good Superior 7-12 grain drill. $4.*..00: one goo<l drill, fl.j.OO; some :new drills, selling at less than wholesale on account of overijtock. .\llen County Implement Co. Fuel, Feed, Fertllfaers ^^6 BJVLEID ALP.'VLFA—And prairie in ton or half ton lots, lola Land Co. KA,VQTA SEED O.^TS^.^.Oc per bu. at farm, 4 miles northeast H:IS- mbre. Charles }lu.s.<i, IJronson, Kas. KAFIR COU,>;--10O . shocks with jsceil; will mak«»i35 to 40 bu.shels acre. .1. H. >Villenberg. 4 miles .south on State sJlreet road. LOOSE HAY -20 ton dioic- timothy aod ifovei. $12 per ton. Scales on farmi. iieii Cricve. 1' miles north Country Club. REAL ESTATE. FOR 9AIJ5 Honsea for Sal*; HOUSE—6 rooms, fine condition; strictly modern; priced right. 209 ^ First. .Minesipser. :Pho.^2J. . H0L?SE—Six room motterii.i withj two lots. .Tackson Realty Goi, over! Brov.-u'.s Drug Store, '| HOirSK— Five room modeni.riiou-. ble'garage, good locationl j Joboi Reuther. HOUSE—Modern five room; \ gar-j', good location. Inquire . 415 S. Cniton^-QoA .street. ., •• I SnMferban for Sale 8J Sl'BI'RBA.Vr-r, room hopse,; waterj j light, gas, an aicre of grounnl.. -Ad-j J drc-fw "R. .M." care Registerl J •» LI;GALS Legal; Notices -VICE PRAIRIE H.AY—Haled, .r'.c bale at bar^i. Lewis Powell, mile north and one east Iron Works. WELL ROTTED .MANURE—For flowers, gardens or lawns. J. C. Butcher. 200 SHOCKS—Corn fodder with corn, extra fine. 7 .'ic sbock. .Mrs. •Coop. 4 miles east, half north Humuoldt. 192.-, FOUD COUPE—Bumpers, bal-j li'iiu .tires, in first class mechani-j lal shape. Boyer .Motor Co.. 212} Soutli .lefferi^on. Phone 23. 1 HORSES AND .MULES—Twenty head: one pair mares. , weight 2S00; ona pair hor.-ses. weight ."iOOO: one pair horses. : weight 2S."iO: one mare, years old,, wz&iglit 1200; one pair, nnile.s, -T years old, weight 2">00, i!Xtra good, well broke fcr boy to drive.; one pair mules, weight 2;i0(l: horse. 5 years old; one pair mule.<^ weight 2100. mare and a hors^. ;> and C years old. blocky built; 2 saddles; 2 sets work harness, oiie extra FURNITURE—When in need of good set; one wide tire wagon: furniture, don't forget that I carry Honsehold :Goods S9 COAL AND WOOD R.\.N'f5i:—.\ good one. price f2U. Inquire 301 South Sycamore street. .NOTICE OF APPOINTkEXT Adiiilitlstrat«r. Siatf of Kansas, Allen "County^- SS. ( . - ^ . i' • In tlia matter of the estate pt ' Cynthia Wright." late" of lAlIeo; I County. Kansa.s. ' NUTIl E OF APPOISTMEST. Xotice is j hereby given, that on: " the 24th day olf February..;A. P.;i ; 1927.. the undersigned was by. the': Probate Court of Allen Cpnaty,; Kansas, duly appointed and:«iHalir| fied as -4''nvii'slr'i'"r of 'he estate;;; of Cynthia (Wright, late of Allen.' ' county, deceased.. All. parties In-; r terested in | saidi estate, will! takei not fee and govern theniselves ac-': cordingly. ! ' J. F. WRlGHTv ; _Administrator,] :'. l3)-2-n-lG : (hiragu (•nilii. f^lii'ago. Alar. 9. (APi—Wheat. factor in hap-j-^lay $ll40'!»,(fi;% ; .luly $1.34>4 : Sept. j looutire^. new'brown oil !»1.31%02,. I J'''^ lock .steering wheel. Corn, .May ~f>'M to 77c: .Inly Sl?s -: one walking plow, ll^inch: one! a complete line at prices that cant l'.»2C FORD ROADSTER-Starter.! harrow: one mowing machine: al-! heat. Brvson Furniture Store.! demountable rim.s. five good bal-j „,„.,;, „ew; one h"y rake. Will;— I • •• I'nint; sell on time. .1. C. Butcher. FURNITUUK—S-piecc dash!. .Inly :! to Uc: Sept. ^.ic. I Oats. .May 46'ic: Sept. 45c. Rye. May $1.06; .luly Sept. 99*^^ l-n< Carry's CH.\PTER XXXVL "Dearest." .-i n d -Angel "Weren't partner V" "In some of liis busij|(>.ss pursuits, yes. In other.s. no. .Mr. Fol- soui wa.s .-I man of many linen of i - \ ai tivity." • ••«() I aril findiiig out.". Dan Pel-1 ., j ton! looked gravely serious. ".\nd Fair '((70'ic: No. S. vellow 74^/75'i .\o. 3. 71<fi74c: .\o. 2 mixed 'Ut 7314c: .\'o. 3. f;7C<f'70Uic. Oats, unchanged; No. 2 wliite 40 (f(4!tc: No. 3. 4."i(a>47',jc. .Milo maize $1.16(« I.-2:;. Kari;- *1.07«i:i.l7. , i Rye 72((;73c. Kansas City close: Wheat:; .May control <iit-out. £oot feed, good 1 t'lp and side curtains, motor good '•••''''•I shape. Easy terms. McCarthy =, ,, i -Motor Co.. 212 S. Wash. Plit). S93. >l.oI '4: SPA.V MULES—S years olil. Iti 1 hands high, weight 2CU0 pounds.! Will Duggan. Bronson, Kans. ; Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts 13 The old Bruton church, in Williamsburg. Va.. is believed to be the oldest church edifice in con- tinuoBs use in the I'nited States. AUCTIONS lacUons IDA COOD STORAGE BATTERY—fi volt, fully charged, cheap. Edw. Vanderville. half mile sortth. 1 east l.allarpe. Ilin asking vou now. as man to "'il 11.33; .May iiew.|I.32',s; Mnly ni-in. if jdu did know of any—I! : Corn: May 74-S.c; .luly w''I| .'H- plain—of any secret .shared Sept. 5<l%c. smoothed the -short, ruffled locks, "dmi't mi;nd that horrid woman. I don't wonder she gets on your ,„,,.,P j,,. y^y^s that !I.!.'Zf'„i°f5.lV..,!'J!!/.. '=^"^1 might at any lime in their lives: Ji .Tve caused unfriendlineifs tween t'lem." worth worrying :about. "1 know it.^' iiladelihc Barron i' liaifl, I'aising her head a little. know it—b-b-'«it oh. Angel, 1 wish she'd go away from here—or else "bat w-w -we could." i"^ ''Shii wont |go—you couldu'i expect that. t5ti|t we can all go. .\'c<l ' .w.U say y<\<< jio that in a minute • • If you ask hipi.'' "i know itJ— 'bless his dear idd .. darling heart lint hi- loVes it here, oil. Angel, 1 ain so niifcerable." '•Why. .Maddy, dear," and ihe^irl was truly liuzzleri. "what is if.' You cari'l bu to licirpiy affei -led .by ' ibal nian'-i deal)) -a .stranger , lo you—" ; "I know.- .\o. it isn't ihat -oh. iieA -et mind, .-Vilgcl. Don't lei 's dis- • cusH .il. iielp'ine pull myself together and gi-l Into shupij;" Olid at (his <»pportuniIy t<> liilp. Angel brnshedlier friend's hair ami brouKht her inakeiip box and a fresh- handkerchief and soon . ti iraiisfdrmalioir had been wi'oughi that reHuKi'd in a very hively .-ind serene .Mrs. Ni-d Bai-roii who weiu • downstairs again ready fur her lun'cheon. Dan Helton • cros.m'il tlic room and |)aused at the' table wlier 'e Ciii-meHta and .Mrs. I'.ariiaby sat with Roger .V .-'Villc. "(Jolf .today?" h;- inquired, for he had , rather decidedly attached himself to the train ivf the beautiful Carmelita. "Yes, if you: like." she smiled at him, and then invited him to sit with thetii for luncheon, , . "I will, gladly-" be said, .taking the fourth chair. ".My adored aunt has gone off with friends, and I'm a waif and a stray." Even as \\i .'-•cated himself he sa^v Madeline Barron enter the dining room and join her own group of friends. "Yes; she IS lovely." said Carme-. "lis palpably evident." .SVville said, slowly, "that you have, somehow learned tha' your late I'^''-'•^''y iin(-Io did sliare secrets with some I 01 Ills—^clieui.s—that might in v ^x-, tain circumst.iiices cause unfriends j'^l'''* top »1 Kaunas (ity LIveMAck ),p. I Kansas City. .March 9. (United IStntoh- Depart.m<mt of Arijiculturei Roger j—Hogs 8,S0nj ,slow, uneven; desirable' light and niodiiim weights liness—" , , "Or more." 117t) to • "Or. more. Such ll^igH are nol!'l-*"': 240'pounds $11.3r.<f< eiilirelv unknown in lawyer's n-la- ^!••'»"• >"«'W 260 10 3.00 pounds $11.0( spots up .'•>c: liglit lights 10 to 1.5c higher:, weighty 4nitchers dull: stock pigs steady, 12..'>0; big packers inactive; .90 on 140 to I61) pounds; 190 pounds mostly $11.55(&) lionsbips. but i» is (dten unwise to |packing sows $lodO(f?lo..-.0. pl.Mce loo: uKuh .stress ou them. 1| <'"itl''- S"'-""": ca»ve« l.OOO: choice am (!iii"»- sun? .\lr. Sears c<)ul h.i'd no secret, shared by, . , ;-som. that wnulil or possi blv could I'T: f'"' «<"<l' strong: spots lo lO tra^n-dy j I""' higher; bulls, KtocUers and " i feeders strong: veah'rk and calves steady; c-liolce big weight att-ers iild jiav<'I **'<''*<'"y sfcers stes'ldy: medium to .Mr. K6I-11"""' i^l""'' ^«"'« sileudy to l.'ic hlgh- caAiiA.VTEED .\UTO PARTS- Fiu-il motois overhauleil. $l.">.oo: rt-ar aNles. SI.OO: connecting rods tigliteired, $2.30:' transm!s.<-ion baihls rdined. $2..">ii: Chevrolet motors ovcrhanled. $17.00: other wriik in ^lr^)portion. llqrry Drake. 700 CottonwoodJ Phone 1274.1. TE.\M—Oood smooth month team \ ot horses, h. B, Hopkins, four J miles north. 4>.-i east Lallarpe. i rola parlor furnace, bed jdaven- port. sideboard, typewriter, disher.. ^ .. n , • chairs- and numerous other arts- i '-'>.----'-lt' cles. Sadie Adams. 1^14 E. .lacksou. j >-()f ic^; PUBLIC AUCTION-1 will seil :il , public auction Satiiida.v. .March 12.1 at Bishop's Sale.-; Pavilion al 1 j p. m.. horsca, cattle, hogs, diick-j ens. wagons. - buj:g:es. TT:" P\RTS—Hitteries tariri machinery, and lUis of .good ^.f .';'„'...,-;i.'i^. ' ^—HJt'er'e^- household fiiruituro. C. S. Bishop.; .Vucioneer, g,-nerators. tires, used parts of all kinds, lola Wrecking Co. jPho. 7S2. PUBLIC AUCTION—1 wiir sell a public auction, at Bishop's Saleii j Pavilion. TIpir.sday. Marcli 10. a* j one p. m.. 30 i.i'ad of hor.'-es.;'I'roilj! 3 to S years old. .Most all of iheui are brok*?. This is a wonderful opportunity to buy some pood work horsjes.j Also farm niacbin- e>-y of all kiiidsJ C. .S. Itisiiop. Auctioneer. ! i BUSINESS SERVICE liiikiness Services Offered 18 C.-\I.L US—For your carpenter or ri'pa'ir jo1)s. C. S. ;Venard. Phone i :!05Wi TEN PICOY SOWS—Will farrow j in one week to three iweeks, red j ones, white ones and black ones, weigh from 200 lo 300 pounds each: one Durham cow, just fresli. giving four gallons milk per day; 1 |ii-(;S—Ten closeout patterns Ax- one Holstein cow, just- fresh, giv-j ,„i„ipter 9x12 rugs, vouri choice, ing .seven gallons milk per day: • jjS.-.O. ; Henninger's Furn. Store. one Onernse.v. just giving; ' : ~ 3V.: gallons milk per^ day; ^one 1 Mnsiral Merchandise 62 Red Durham, just fKCsh." giving I————r—— ———^7 ; four gallons milk per day. These j PIANO-\\ e have in lola a brand cows are from 3 to 5; years old.' new Gulbransen straight piSno. X<»TICK OF APPOINTMEXT, i ! Kxerator. State of Kansas. .Mien Couiity> SS. ! • . I : i , In the matter ot the estate ot; .Mary .Ann Shoup.- late- of ;Aileni . i Coui'ity. Kansas. . • I i N<KritE OF Ai'POI>TMEKT oak dining! r^"^^^ i^; "^'•^"'L.J*''^''' ' the 2Sth day of February, A. D., ' 1927. the undersigned was by thej Probate Court of Allen County,;; Kansas, duly appointed "and qualified as Executrix of the estate, of [.Mary ,-\nn Shoup, late of Allea: " FURNITUKE—Of S room Ihouse, i ^-ounty. deceased. All parties in-; •horis, rockers, stoves, dressers. it«^'ested Jn rsaid estate will: talteL sewing machine, china dosel. ce-1"»'!"' K"vcrn tnemselves ac- dar wardrobe, libr-jry table, heat- ! coi'dmgly. room suite, dresser, 3 used rugs. 2 beds. spriH .i;s. rocker.s. For sale or trade for hens or radio. Fisher. ^20 East .lacksiui.! Phone S49W. W. O. BOLER. _ Executor, WilVsciron time'or"will'ti-ade fori ^eeks: large first fat cattle or stock cattle or hog.-^.i Pa.vmcnt made on it. Will .sel lor p2, t!;. .1 C Butcher ' h.-ilance on easy terms. Addre.-^s. | Probat;.- Court ot j .Martin Bros. Piano Co., Fort, Scott, j Kansas, duly appointed and ifuall- OF APl'01.\T.1IE5T. Exernirix. State of Kansas, .Allen County,; SS. • • ' In the matter of the estate of: L. B. Pearson, late ot Allen Coun- IV. Kansas. - ; ' j- • NOTK E OE APPOIXT.HEST. Notice is licreby given, that on; Hie 12tli day of February. A. D,.i iinder.sigDed was by the! Allen CoiiBty,: Poultry and Siipplles •19 i Kansas. BARUElV ROCK EO<;S—For hatch- I ing. $3.I 'M) per hunilred.; .Mrs.'P'red (Jeer. LaHarpe, Kan.s. iPhone .568. Scpds, I'lanis, Flowers I (->:i ALF.'iLF.A SEED—Kan Conmion,' ANNOUNCEMENTS LCSl tai Strayed, Lost, Fonnd 10 T—Pair hornl rimmed spcc- es. "Retiiiu |o Uegisler rir FIUNITURE UEFINISHING—AH kind.';: moderate prices: lucquer- ii;g a !- pecialty. Michael. I'ho. 6311. HoTUii;, TraclilRg, Storage SS CORR [TRANSFER C*?.—Packing, storage,' long distance hauling. Refl«:ni»nble rnteq. ' Phone 140. pbiine \\\. .Professlonat Services 88 have br<>uglil about tlie that look |.l:iie." "Voil can't be ."lire of ijiai. KoR- er." ('i.rniellta Viddon i'j\daiiued. $12.90: dudce medium Wi -ighls "No lUM- c-,1, sav for sur-j wh.i .lid j.*l---r>; me.llum to good short feds or •diiliifi or could <ir roiildii't |„., IV'.'.ft; J I.oo: good 7.''.7 pound helf- imiili<ai.-d in.that allalr.-} \'-^'- «,9.2.-); practical veal top $12.r.O. Ol' riiurile mil," salil ill vatfui-lv. lor she had 'ji 1*111 icini Duch- siiddvli left out fcdliii^; \\\^\ sill' was I of .():»• coiuer.-aliol) "Why. for all tbest' men know,, you or 1 might liave UilliHl the; man. Cuijmy." "Don't talk ro(!" Carme" with a rcpioviiig riare frirm;. " "I'isin't rol." the Duchess re­ turned'placidly. ".\t least it may be ,f«r me. for I'm sure 1 couldn't! ita liled.'$'3.^5. at her Sheep. 7.0i)0; lambs generally 25i Iilglier; closing steaily; odd lots slie<-p steady; top Colorado;lamh.s $l.''t..''>0: fed lots niOHlly $l."i.2.';<fii I'L.'IO; fall shorn California lambs i$l I.OU-. others $13.sri with leeders at Chiciiffo Llvestdek Chicago. .March 9- lUnitod Slat<>s Department of .Agriciilturo)—Hogs 13.000; slow: uneven trade; pat'k- let go of the rope "eVcm ^v^tVi" one i '"K «"WB top $12..-.0: bulk desirable hand to make that stab.But you!l-"» ^00 pound averages fM.SWil liia. intercepting his glance, "but; you"' could. Carmy. you're so brave in the water.*; • j .X'irmelita gave the speaker a sudden j^lance 01" withering angey. andjtheii as'suddenly broke into a smile. j • "Y'lu're loo absurd. Helen:" .she said "I am brave enough;for apy- thinl-'. but i couldn't .sfal) a ipan in the ocean without being seen by those netir me—if they jwere all as lyus-oyod sm you. dear, can .swear ' I didn't do-ii. You cran't you're not tjo concentrate on her. We're here." "Very much hero." insisted the - DuchesV. 'gaily. "It's, a strange thing, as soon as a man is .in the company o,f two of jthe mokl bcau- \ tiful women in the'place.'his attention immediately' wanders to soiiie other woman." "Oh. Xord. jhoney. I didti't mean ynu did it. 1-only meant-p" ••You haven'^ the fainl|est. idea what yon meant." and Dan Pelton laugheit at the bewildered] look ou the Duchess's round pink fac(». "Well, all I'm ,a5jiking of you. Nu- ville. is whether; you canj suggest motive-' for Croydon Sears, o;r •"For air instant onl.v.".and Pel--i Whether you ca^i' . ton laughed as he deTotcd. himself to his companions. " | ; It wfls not long before the talk drifted to the Folsom case. 12.1.">; most 210 to 240 ppund wdghts $11.60^19.90; iio ttf 300 pound weights $l».35<g!11 .8ej few 320 to 350 pot^hd butchers |11.2a@ 11.35{ packing sows mostly $1(W0 (fi 10.7.5: pigs j upward to $1?.?5; heavy weight hogs $11,35 ll.«0: medium $ll..-.0 @ 12.00; light %\XM liked by individuals or .-fih&tl groups who wi^ihed to be alone, and when al' last C^ydon. !<eani and his guest arrived. jRobio Sears Was re- lievd. for he jh^id been the lar»et for envious glances from those who considered him selfishly inclined. He had met Stone before, thniigh not recently, and he {ookeri with interest al tlie gr4ve-faced, qu^etl.v moving man, whose eyes, however, darted about everywhere and took in everything, (lo lie i'.ftnWnw'A) lOLA HIDE, FtiR 1^ V OOL i COMPANY . Get'our nrices on POULTRY AXD EGGS We will come vSXgr ponltr.r/ IJ. A. JONES 111 So. Ohio Phone 1.107 • "\ cant." said Roger j Neville shortly, bm his harassed eyes seemed to belie the franliness oi; i his .•!sser«io«. ' j ' I "\ siippose you know it's your! •duty to tell anything you 'can." "Yesj but it's not my duty -to -isuri^ise or imagine. 1 do know I that Folsom Jiad certain dealings or business with Sears that neither side. wanted to make public, and , that's a^l I can say about if." '! "You'll say more if the |authorl-•! ties .aslv you." [ | 'Thdy haven|l asked yet." .<aid MKSII BAC 1.0.STj-A Whiting and «"'^"E«V-.MedIcUie. X-ray. Dr. iDavisbag.ontaini«gdorin...son,e LldpJ^ceSt^BW T' = .han^^e and a haioikerdiiei'. Finder .r"!;''<'l!!i:f JViy. L pli-asf reiiirn K.-jiar.l. to Jti-gister ofth'e. EMPLOYMENT REWAUD-To anyone for turn of ihe Paluce Shoe canvas window strips. I Help Wanted —Female. ' 32 .•ilorel NKfiDi^j,; ACKD WOMA.N' — Wanied TWO WORK BRIDLES Lost on Humbiddt and Elsiiiore road Mardi fi. Finder please notify H. Mynalt. Reward. Humboldt phone 314-'4l.i to care for aged lady. .South Third street. liiipiirc 3111 Help Wanted—.Vale SS WRIST WATCH - While gold S3*ls .s, lost. Reward if returned to Flegiiiter. _ AUTOMOTIVE Antaniohile Avancles .UAKHIED .MAN-To 'work on farm; must be experienced iu farm work. .1. W. Lantz, La­ Harpe 11. 2. .MAN WANTED—For farm work. Si-(> 11. R. Livingston. 2'>i mile.'i northeast of Colony. Phone 70-6. Colon v. i W.\NTED—.Middle aged married man for farm woi'k ihe year uroiindi Earl .Montort, two miles Phone A USED CAR—Is OS dependable as the dealer who sells It — Dodge Sales and Service. The best place to buy good, dependable used cars, north and one west lola. .At present we Ifive a complete ;|n7-23. ; line of both open and closed mod- -—^''^^^^ els. priced to sell. Ellis Motor! j FINANCIAI/ CQ., ZIJ .North Washington. { --; —— — 1 Investments-Stocks Bonds 39 BUD WHITE MOTOR CO.—Hud-; , „ , son-Essex dealers. Everything in FEDERAL RESERVK-Life Insur- hlgb class used cans. You will; ance slock for sjale; 10 shares, 'iflildwhat you want here. AH j S'>oO cash. W. B. iMnrphy. Cba- I^riced' worth the money. We trade ; nutc, Kans. or give liberal terms. 219 South Tir«ii»r *« I oan_«ort«airM 40 Washimtton, Phone LSO. Money to l^oan—Mortgageg v) FARM LOANS—Quick service aad 1:\ reasonable rates, A. D, -Haw- Automoblles for Sale I*OR -SALE OR CJirysler "54" coiipe: 192.". \Ovir- land sedan: 1926 Ford totiring. Ross Arbuckle's Garage. Cluysler •Dealers. Phone .'.6. ; fRADE — I92f;! thome. 213 S. Wastilngton. FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms. 5^. city. 6%. Long or short time. R, y\, Cunningham. BABY CHICKS—State 'accredited.. Brooders and poultry -supplies. Custom hatching. 4c iier egg. Sturdy Chick Hatchery, 220 West street. ; ' ' $12.60 a bushel. Humboldt. Kans. C, W. Works, SWEET CLOVElt Scarified home grown seed for sale. Henry Cox. -Mbrau. Kans. CHICKS—Friday and .Saturday, S. C. R.' I. R. from good flocks winter layers. Phone 130.=iW. 406 .North Se<ond. ECCS—For selling. White Wyan- dciles. $3.00 per hundred. Phone 964-12. ROOMS AND BOARD Rooms for llousfkeepinfc ;69 LIC.llT HOUSEKEEf 1N(;. ROOMS- I'or two ladies or young married couple. 211 .V. Sycamori' street. I'luoie 1147. EOOS FOR HATCHINO —Fi-om culled Single Comb White Leg- hoi;!! riock. $3 per hundred. D. <'. Cation. Iluiiilioldt, Kas.. )ihone 569. ROO.MS-2 for light housekeepin.n, in modern home. ."{02 N. Walnut. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartmenls and Flats 74 HIGHEST MARKET—Prices paid . for cream, eggs and poultry. Our truck and chicken coops are at your service to pick np poultry. Barker Produce Co; Pho, 058, FlUNISHKD—EiMire up .<talrH. 3 rooms, 2 closets, pantry, sleeping porch, front - porch, private ep- trance, moilerii.dose in. PIro. 5.VI. .lERSEY BI^ACK OIA.VTS - First prize hen and first prize cock Eastern! Kansas show 192.7. Eggs reasonable. Oscar Brown. La­ Harpe, Kans. MODERN APART.MKNT--Furnish­ ed, ground floor. e:isl porch. In- -'I'llC.'-' 206 North Colboro. Houses for Kent 77 QUALITY ELECTRIC HATCHERY,' Gas City, Kans. Custom hatching. 3c per egg, or JJC per chick. Baby. chicks, heavy.breed, $12 per lOO; ' light breeds. $10.50 per 100. iHOUSE—.'> rooms, garage; also pa.«lure in couutrv. W. il. Morrison, LaHarpe I£. 2. lOon CHICK OIL HOVER —Used one year, good condition,'$6.o0. Phone .Mildred. Rose King, .Bayard, Kansas. Wanted—XlTestoc* "60 HOUSE—Seven room modern, double garage, paved .street; also front room, furnished, modern home. Inquire .">02 S. Cottonwood. THREE ROO.M HOUSE—Electric lights, city water, located at 508 South Chgstnut. See AL A Schlick. WANTED TO BUY—All kinds cattle and hog.i. J, C. Bntcher. W.ANTED—1". head cows lo pasture, first come, first served. $2,00 per month. .L P. Copening. Phone 969-2. ; ' MERCHANDISE In the next ihapler (Voydon .*4 <>)ir«i expl:iiN<< souNHhlaf.'! 'ke reliitions Ijetwetn' biiii aiid ''pr. relt Folsoui. USED CAR BARfJAlN.S — i;t26 Chrysler "ZO" roadster: Maxweil sedan; several Ford toariiips. Marr Auto Snpply I'o.. Huirk Dealers. MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastern money to loan on. farms and city property. Low rate. Terms and payment to suit bor- rbwer, ! Stewart & Funic. Articles for Salis^ &1 CHUNK WOOD—For s timber or $3;S5 delivc'' Swinford. Phone 31S. e, $2.50 in A. J. .-,00 HEDGE POSTS—For Phon" 990-34. , sale. REAL ESTATE FOR .SALE fieii as executrix^Of the estate of: L. B. Pearson. 1-ate of Allen Coun-T vy; deri.-asi-d. All parties interest-", ed in said estate will take notice; and govern themselves according-; Iv. i KSTEiJ.A J. PE.\RSON, Executrix. 12;-23 (3)-2-9. - '• - • Pimif.ATIOX .NOTICE. (First published in the i lola l):iily Register,^February 23,'1927;) .M. M. Weatherman and Mrs.iEs- tclla Weatherman will tjike notice that they have been sued i'p the district court ot Allen County, Kansas, by Ernest ->I. Weatherman, administrator with tha wiir annexed, estate of T. A. "Weather-" man, i|>-ceased. to recover the stun- of *r.73.o0 and interest on their promissory note made to' T, A- Weatherman. now deceased; aod that attachment has been issued and been levied on lot 4. in block 2 and lots 9 and 10 in block 3, city , of lola. Kansas, to i>ay said deht.; And Chat unless tihey answer'said petition by April fj, 1927 said petition .will be taken as true and judgmeni rendered in rem as therein asked . and the attached; liroperiy sold to jray .same and' _ cost. l-ntMK.'^T .M. WEATHERJ^IAN, Administrator, Jly .C. S. Ritler, Atty. x Attest: fJIadys F. Marmont, ' Clerk District Court. (2)-23 (:!)-2-9. Brol^rs in Real Estate R SO.ME GOOD BARGAINS—Im town "lu-openy. We have them from $500 up. Arbuckle Real Estate. Farms and Land for. S^ale 83 In (he lii'strict Court of (he United !<(!iies for the IHxIrict of Kansas ,1 Third Division . In Re R. H. Wade. B;inkrupt. .\o. 19.S7 in Bankruptcy.: .X'OTICE IN B.A.NKRUPTCY. : This is to give notice that R, H. Wade 01 .Mildred. Allen County,; Kansas, was on the 3rd day of .M.-vrdi. 1927. duly adju(lged bank-,- vnpt in the above entitled Court,; that the administration-of thli e^-; late bus been referred to the under-; signed Referee; that the transfer' of anv pvoperty of said estate by;'. him is forbidden by law: that the SUBURB.A.V— 3 '.^i acres, fair im-; -Meeiing of creditors of! said ; provement-s. good land, somii" fruit, j'••'"''•'''M't. culled for the purpose of; located out east.-- Stewart Funk. 40 .ACRES—Smooth cultivated, near Pittsburg. Kas..- 1 miles to Broadway prvoment: good location for IHjultry farm, dairy, or market garden. Will con.sider rciital proi>- erty in lola. .Address 1119 .North Jefferson. lola. Kan.s. filing dainis,'"lection of a Trustee,-, ami the transaction of olh,er btisi^; iiess. "will be held at the office of ; the undersigced lleferee. 128. Brotherhood Hlock. Kansas City, Kansas, V _ on T:i".-;day, the l.'.th day of March, \ I;t27 .-arl2 o^clock noon. K. R. ADAMS. Referee in Bankruptcy.; FRECKLES ANQ HIS FRIENDS 'GRENNAN'S MARKET l''SfJ^"tbe iniUalive ,;hat bad We pay the following prices: Hod Tiie Riggs to investigate ./or I Faney Ef^iirs -_[-.; ,-.22c himself t^ie possibilities or prolia- Jib. 1 EKifS —1— ^;—IHc I bilities of Sears's connection >>' "J jfo. * Eres lie'the Folsom case. Dan IVliou jiut "I Checks and lllirly Eairs ISr'om matter from his mind and der Hens ISc to Sic iat>d his afternoon to goJf. - Springs : Iflc to 19c lie was not on the deck when a JasBg and Old Cocks ^._,..l!ic .lall, durk^eyed man appeared ihlre ' '-fi^XL Hides «c,and immediately made himself Hijrse Hides ..1 ViM re will come after your poultry. ; J.' F. GreniiaH Produce Co. ' lola. Kans. home in a certain pleasant corner, which Robin Sears had hcln agaiiiat other woiild-be occupants for this very purpose. I SeiJuded coruerj of the deck of jthe Hotel ^lajusaca were greatly

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