Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 24, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1898
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SIXTY-THIRD YEAR.' u. isw.) ALTON/ ILL., SATURDAY, DEC. 24 .1898 TEN CJENTS PER WBEK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. m j— w ^w <MW ^*. m ~ «• i i "•'•• v ' with the paiut brush ia like that "alitch in time" tliat "saves nine." Point is a labor-.wVcr in the home. A glossy, painted surface discourages dust. Hut the labor of painting is lost if you use the wrong paiut. Different surfaces call for different coverings. Housewives don't put rag carpet 1 on the parlor floor nor velvet carpet iu the kitchen. They wouldn't suit. Paint making has progressed more than carpet making. There's n special paint for every kind of painting. Looks best, wears best. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS For pulntlng bine board*, window lilln<1n, oiiplionrdu, nhrl"», flower stands and other little thluin uliniit tho limuc, net The 8hentln-WU!l«niHK«iiil!rPnlnt.]'r>rfuniil.uri>, pottery, wickerwork ami diicor&tivc.' work IIBO T*iu Rlicrwln- Williams tin- Amel Pftlnl. For bftth tu]>«, Iron l,,',lfit«Aits and motnl work get.TheShi'rwIn-Wininmi! Bath Enunvl. Hararejon'n- tight. "Pulnt 1'olntB," «cnl trie, \i»\ lirlp jroo. THE SHERWIN-WILUAMS Co., PAIHT AND COLOR MAKERS, 1610 Stewart Ave., Chicago ; nl«o Clcvc-, ^ Und.Kew York and Montreal. -* RUSH TROQPSTO AH Available Transports Are Being Prepared. SPANIARDS EVACUATING RAPIDLY. H. W.^CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street Licensed General Superintendent end Mec«onl,-. 8 I Drnughtaroan. THE HOLIDAY SEASON Is at hand at Marsh's Drug Store. You will flnd Cigars, Choice j Perfumes, HairandjClothlBrushe And many other beautiful and useful tuinga. A REMARKABLE SCIENTIFIC *JD , vnifroPffRTIINPTfllB "^^t^y* ll"lIB«=sSfs fc.:;Xffilm«UbUMdiota.U».l»_««"'»." _„_.« W«>KJI <nraA>OUr«[>&^«.. Fire and Water-Proof t ROOFS Gravel §5* Composition «» ROOFING MATERIALS (IcnArnl Cimtellnnm forbid" All Demon- ulriiMim* In Havmin on CliHulmeui— Tluvilt of SpanlPili Solcllem—Lntc Newi from Manila—Insurgent TroopB Nenrllie Kiiliuiliii Cmuo Anxiety—Cruiser New Vork Koturim with 8iiuiti«on on Dolird. Washington, Dec. 24.—There IB every evidence in the war deni.rtment that strenuous efforts nre bciiiK made to put enough American troops In Cuba to mnet any call upon them through the speedy evacuation by the Spanish gar- riRons. All the transports available at Atlantic ports are being prepared under rush orders for sailing south. The Spanish are carrying out their evacuation contract with unusual celerity and there Is some question whether American troops can he concentrated at certain points before tUe Spaniards leave. I'l-pparlnK for Dcmonntratlon". Meantime the Cubans arc preparing for demonstrations during evacuation week and it Is thought very desirable to have <in adequate force on hand to prevent any outbreak that would Jeop ardlze the American entente at the out set. There will be thirteen custom houses on the Cuban coast to he turned over lo the Americans, and, althougl Eomc of these doubtless will be closec these ports will require a large guard Bc-sldes this the wcrsdepartment Is hav Ins serious difficulty in securing com petent customs men understandln Spanish. FKAItS TROUHLB IN HAVANA. Ciwtcl!iiiiu» Forl)l<i» All Demonstrations on ChrlMtitinH. Havana, Dec. 2-1.—General Castellanos has issued a decree forbidding all demonstrations in Havana on Christmas eve or Christinas day. More trouble is anticipated here before the Spanish leave, particularly on Christinas day. For thirty years the Cubans have been loiiKlnu to celi-brate deliverance from Spain by a feast on Christmas in every house. The Spanish soldiers say they will not tolerate a Christmas celebration nl any house this year. Excitement prevails among- tile Spanish soldiery. The presence In the harbor of the Texas, llrooklyn and the Topeka makes them respect the Americans more than before, but they are still ready to fail on non-combatant Cubans. Castellanos has no control over them, especially the Colon battaHon, which has garrisoned the city again. The change In the plan of evacuation was due to a formal demand of the Spanish soldiers on the captain general. They said they were resolved not to tolerate any tlai* not Spanish hoisted at any house in a part of the city evacuated by them. Should they see such a flag, they declared, or see the people show- Ing satisfaction over the evacuation, they would fire on the house or the people ns they did at Cerro. Castellanos then changed the plan, and Instead of evacuating the city bydegrees theSpan- lards will keep the whole control until Dec. 31. LATE NISWS FROM MANILA. Iiihurgent Troops Near the SuburlM Are Canning Some Anxiety. Manila, Dec. 24.—The United States cruiser Boston and the gunboat Petrel have arrived here from Chinese ports. The steamer Union, which has returned here from Hollo with native and Spanish soldiers, has been refused a landing here. Private Tyler of company L, of the Nebraska regiment, who has been suffering from typhoid fever, Is dead. The steamer St. Paul has arrived here with the Christmas mail. The first American flag has been raised over the Malate school house. It was sent by the University of Pennsylvania. The honor of raising the flag was accorded to Father McKlnnon of California In recognition of his services in re-opening the schools. The native troops encamped In the suburbs are again causing anxiety. The attitude of an insurgent detachment at the Panduchan bridge on Wednesday was such that the California. Idaho and Washington regiments were concentrated In light marching order, at short tiotice, at Paco, but trouble wasavoided. AUMIHAL SAMPSON BACK, Comes from Ilnvium lo Attend the Mar- rlUKB of Mil Ulillglitvr.: New York, Dec. 24.—The United States cruiser New York from Havana has arrived here Admiral i ., ABSOLUTELY PURE Makes the food more delicious and wholesome L (AKINO Hymen oo.. NEW TOBK. s on board witn Mrs. Sampson. To ome newspaper men who boarded the <ew York at quarantine Admlrnl Samp- ion said he had come home to attend ils daughter's wedding on Jan. 4 at Hen Ridge, N. J. Admiral Sampson was not Inclined to discuss the Cuban situation or his connection with tho Cuban evacuatloncom- misslon, explaining that what he would nave to say on such matters he would report officially. The admiral and his family were taken from the New York on a government tug. He will spend Christmas at home with his family In Glen Ridge. THBEAMA CANAL Preliminary Report of the Commission Completed. :LOSE HOMES ON TOTAL COST. Havana Council Sendi; Tliankl. Washington, Dec. 24.—The following has been received here from Havana, Dec. 22: "McKinley, President of the United States: The city council in solemn session has resolved, In the name of the people of Havana, to return Its warmest thanks to you for the contribution sent in aid of the needy poor "MARQUIS ESTEBAN, Pres." ICclltor Scot to Jnll. Dedham, Mass., Dec. 24.—Torrey E Wardner, editor of the Boston Traveler was sentenced to thirty days in Ded ham Jail for contempt of court In per mittlng the publication in his paper o comments and editorials on the Getchel case, which, in the court's opinion would have influenced the mfnds of th Jury had the paper containing the mat ter reached the court house before the case was submitted for final consideration. Engineer Getchell of the New York. New Haven and Hartford railroad was charged with manslaughter In connection with a railroad collision last August. i M. ' •'»• Counsel * -•• -•• AlaKOH iem . Marshal. :» th.. Dec. 2i.-Lawyer Powers, for the defense In the Mains perjury case, cross-examined Writing Experts Tolman and Ewoll andsucccod- ed In making the-in eontradlc" tlit'in- selvcs several tiiiK-s. Marshall Kwoi: of Chicago \v«s ihc- first witness. Hi." tts- Ono Hundred ami Tlili-ty-flve Million Dot iBrailComcrvinlve ButllllBte—Mnny Do(alls of Comtrmitlon I" Kegnrd to tho I?ro|.o«.l Ilouto-MIIHon. »f Cubic Yard, of E»cavattli|f To Ho Done-No K»tlm:lto for the Weatoril Dlvlnlon, Wr-shlnstun, Dec. 24.-The preliminary report of tho Nicaragua cana commission. consisting of General Halnes, Admiral Walker and Professor Haupt has been completed and will be read before the senate committee either during the. Christmas recess of con- gross or Immediately afterward. This report will give many details of con- stru-tlon in regard to the proposed route and will give a- close figure on the entire cost of the undertaking as far as human ingenuity can foresee. A summary of these costs have been madi out In sections and without going Into the details of curves and levels, they are as follows: i The eastern harbor and jetties will I require about 9,000,000 cubic yards I of soft evcavalion. The jetties thcm- ' selves require about 400,000 cubic yards of rip-rap stone. The Greylown section of the, this is the section be- j ginning at tho harbor and reaching _to XKW TKK.VTV WITH I'ERU. It Will l'rnvlil« Arbitration fur Claim" of Now Yorlt, !-)<•<:. 24. —Cnptnln 1. 13. Hlck«y, military uttarhe of the United States l,-«ntloii in 1'cru, arrived here on lln> I'annma Ilii'-r Alllnm a. He Is on his wny to WashliiKton. SpoaklnB of Ihc notlflcntlon at the abroRatlon of the commercial treaty hctween the United States iind IVru, which expires l)y limitation next i.H-tobur, . Captain Hlckoy said It will hi; followed by a new treaty, one of tn«,|.rlm-l|)al features of which will provide- for arbitration of claims of rltlZ'-ns of "im country against the other, that will do ««»y with the friction which iiUi-ndi-l the McCord and Godfrey claim?. About tht pvcrc't mUslon of Commander Carlos Fcrryrns of the Peruvian navy to France and Spain, Captain Hlckey said the report that he was going to purchase war ships was lauRhod at In Lima, and It was there said that If he made such a statement at the Isthmus he was simply romancing. Captain Hlckey tsaid Peru Is far too P"or at present to indulge In luxuries like -war ships. Another passenger on the Alllanca was Victor Frldian, who claims to be an American citizen and says the Peruvian government confiscated all his property, and that he was compelled to fly to save his life. Frldian said Vie mad* his way on a sailing ship to San Francisco and there found spies awaiting him. Next he fled to the Isthmus and there became a steerage passenger on the Alllanca for New York. Frldian did not go Into the details of his troubles In Peru. Captain Hlckey said he had heard nothing about Frldian before boarding the Alllanca. _ ^ ~^r ~^r ^^ ^r ^^ "^ ^r- ~^r ^^ GAILBORDEN EAGLE BRAND CONDENSED MILK HAS HO EQUAL ASM INFANT FOOD. "INFANT HEAlTrfSEMT FREE. HOLIDAY GOODS We are prepared to >bow a large assortment ot , . , KllgS, O f all kinds and prices. Lace Curtains, Portiers, Table Covers. HIzoRUGS. A.Neerman&Son. OVERCOAT SALE JOHN M. SELLERS, of c t Louts, outboin Hotel, New Planteil' Houi«, I. -' >—- -• - ,,i« rop E. C. MACK, Corner ••'»>" Electric Power. ' We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at Lo» K * te w of any manufactrer who s seeking lo- ope Jny mechanical application. call on us for '^ . , • incandescent Lights, Electric »»*» T" „,,»-,,.-Telephone 93* THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS Is due not only to tho originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to the cure and skill with which it Is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CAUFOUNIA Fio BVIIUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the Importance ol purchuslnK the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Fltfs Is manufactured by the CAUFOHNIA Via Svuur Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The high stiiudiiig of the CAM- roBSJA ITia SVHUP Co. with the medical profession, and tho satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of tho Company a guaranty of the excellence of Us remedy. H Is far la advance of all other laxatives, «a It aota on the kidneys, liver and bowels without Irrltatlujf or weakening them, and It docs not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get Its beneflolal effects, please remember tho name of tho Company — CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. •AN F»A«CWC«. IX* tlmony was the s,inu- as examination. ICxp.rt " examination WHS ';O:.M-: had to listen several iiu ing of his own tcsiiim.i. contradicted himself George W. Medium, HuSberfs law partner, was next on the stand. He was asked whether he had promised Mrs. Glfford. through John Roberts of Battle Creek, money if she would contradict her testimony given for Mains last fall In the trial of a civil case. He denied having done so. Mrs. Gifford was one of Mains' star witnesses last December, when she swore she saw Mains pay Hulbert the money in question. This spring she confessed that her testimony was false, and Mains was arrested on her confession. She will be put on the stand. DIG^TAMPJRAIJDS. ClerUi and Brokem In New York Are Accused by Oniclul. New York, Dec. 24.—The stamp frauds that have been carried on by clerks and messengers In certain stock brokers' offices were investigated by Deputy Thompson of the internal revenue Inspector's office, with the -result that several of those who have been Interested in the transactions are now known to the deputy, and others are expected to be Implicated. Deputy Thompson visited the ottlces of Price. McCormlck & Co. and accused a clerk of using canceled stamps. The clerk made a full confession and said he had made $300 by buying canceled stamps at 75 per cent, of their value. Deputy Thompson said also: "There have been extensive stamp frauds among the brokers. Recently I became suspicious that one firm was not stamping Its sheets properly. 1 Investigated. Inspected the sheets and private books of the firm and found that the sheets were understamped. The firm sent a certified check to this office for $5,200 rather than have the matter made public. That was the amount of the shortage^ CLAYTOX-BULWEBTTltEATY. Little Doubt That Great llrltuln Will Agree to Abrognt* It. London, Dec. 24.—There seems to be little doubt that Great Britain will agree to abrogate the Clayton-Uulwur treaty The temper of the cabinet and public opinion, which largely Inilueiu-.-s the government's policy, points to such action, thoush no definite understanding with the United States has yet been reached. Great Britain desires that the Nlcaraguan canal be constructed and Is willing that ihc United Slates should control If tne United States Ruarnii. tees Its neutrality and safeguards British Interests. . The reports from- Washington that the British ambassador there, Sir Julian Pauncefote. has been Instructed lo negotiate the abrogation of the treaty. «r« Incorrect, though It IB likely he will soon receive Instructions lo that eftect. I !><• Impression here Is that Ihe British foreign olllce and the United Stales ch»r K e d'affaires, Mr. Henry While, inctdenlji tu his vislls to cabinet ministers, will arrange the basis of action. To I'llllMi Nlii«iira l''all». PIUBUunr. Dec. 24,-Tho Miller Eld- trie Construction company of 1'lttsbiirn hat. Invented « »rw l'l'"> "' »""*'• lllu power of Niagara Fulls, and It Is expected work will bi.gln the llrst ol Ihe year. rwi'l-HltlltlMH the .•xpelldltun: of al'ovi't tiDD UW). H In propohfil to i-iril a |.,ri;..i lulhlliu: -lop- '" ">" ''" 1! " '"•""; he lit In pi" 1 ' 1 ' >'>' "'"'liol's "l" 1 hcu\> i,, i, milieu. With a series of conlrlv- f,,rcc of the fulltuH wut.'C. Meet Ic ul llui.l l» 1" '' triinH'"i-l''d b >' '•onduitt. and heavy wlie lo distant rolnts. VIllnl'V liil lIlii MilBCHVillln. Clevelund, l'e«, IM. • Judge UK-He III criminal coun Hi.suUi.e.l the 'I""""''; 1 maJe to ihuln.lli' l-'x-M'iyor K !•:• M'lBowan, Mi* •«"Kowlin and M>'« MUKOUHM'* kju-.-, upon Ihe charge of chlW stealmB. TUe con ordered all of the .lefeiiduiits "' ""' case dlsch»rged. Haying thai It was not 8 crime for a mother to steal her own child in th. •t»l« <" °' llu ' Tl |« """ gowan'i W*re not In court when the do" sion Wai rend«r«J and aru suld to still b» lo 'J the east divide, will require 16.000,000 cubic yards of earth and clay excavations. Will Cost $10.000,000. The three locks In this section wllk cost In the neighborhood of $10,000,000, complete, with 3,000.000 yards excavation This sivtlun is about thirteen and a half miles in length and runs through the jungle country near the coast There will be 700 acres of clearing and 1 Drubbing also in this section. The incidental expenses will amount to little besides those above enumerated; therefore they are omitted. The divide section roaches from here through the high rocky range of hills to twenty-four miles further. There are 7,600,000 cubic yards of rock in this cut. and about 5 000,000 yards of earth and clay. The depth of this cut will be mitigated by the height of the canal, which Is here 112 feet above the sea. The actual cutting will be about 200 feet In the deepest part. From here begins the Ochoa section which runs through the San Francisco basin and Florida la- Koon This is a low country and the cutting which will reach to the Ochoa dam, thirty-four and a half miles from the Caribbean sea. will only add 10,000.000 yards to the figures, making a trifle over 40,000,000 cubic yards to the dam. Seventy-five Million Cublo Yards. From here a summary of the cut through the San Juan river will aggregate 34,000,000 cubic yards, with about 5000,000 more for curve widening and 2'oDO acres clearing and grubbing. This will not include any of the dams or embankments, but simply the channel cutting in the bed of the San Juan river This makes 75.000.000 cubic yards of all grades of cutting to Lake Nicaragua The cost of the Ochoa dam upon which rests the entire feasibility of the route, has not been accurately computed, as the undertaking is of so colossal a nature as to be beyond figuring within a unit, or even more. The dam will be over 1,500 feet in length, its foundation seventy-five feet below the bed of salt in the river bottom, and Its rise over 130 feet. As the river will have to be turned from Its course during Us construction, it will be seen that many details will have to be taken Into consideration for an estimate for its cost. The Sim Carlo* KmbaiiUiiient. The Sun Carlos embankment will cost several million dollars and the estimates are being made. The cuts In the shallow part of the lake will aggregate 10,000,000 yards, making a total or ia,- 000000 to the western division of tne canal. Tho ostlrnat.-s for the western division have not bivn made yet. 1 he> are under the din-lion of Admlra Walker's son, V. W. <•• Wnlh.-r. mid they will amount to not loss than .«),000,000 cubic ynrd? more, making a total of 115000.000 cubic yards of all kinds of excavation to the harbor at Hrilo and allowing ll.OUO.l'OO rubl.' yards for ilrfMB- |,,g here, the total estimate will come to nearly IIS.MIU'OO yards, exclusive o all dams and embanUmeiils. It win be seen tluil }i::r,.OOO.ooO will be a conservative estimate of the entire cost c,f the canal und this almost agrees with those of ilenenil W. I.udlow's report of 1S'J6. Wauled I" I'" *"!»>' I.jin'lilin,". Menomlnee, MM.., 1'-c. 24. Sheriff nuprec-hl and several deputies were recently summoned to Hagley. MM... o prevent it mob from lym-hlng M. I.. Swolg. the liimb.-rman ami farmer who la under boml* for ni'l'earitnco In the circuit court on the rhnrgi- of Retting tire to the ff.uU'ii «l thnl place In *••!ember It l« «!*> <-hargnl that Bwe R „«.( lire to properly belonging to M* wife, from whom lie WIIH cmiang. a. Sheriff llUl-.reeht,,1e,l Hi .|UU-II.IK Hi.' crowd by lln.llng out who tin- riiig- |,.,, v ler «.IK. tin'' »"•» '""'"' " ' '"" and tin- individual numbers of Hie would-b- lynrliiiig puvly. iui.1 warning then, lo dri-IM. whl.-h lliey did on condition Unit Suel,: remain nwiiy. ll.i.l only •!«! <•""'» »•«•'«• I ns Aiig«'li'». >'.-il., Dee 24.--The coroner's jury in Ihe <•'»"• "f Alexander W. Null, who was found dea.l, rendered H verdict Unit he died of a self-ln- lllcte.1 woun.l. Ai-i-ordlntr to advices from Philadelphia, Null had been a man of wealth and Influenc.; in that city for mniiy y"' 1 ". l>ut among I.IH po^essi.u.H only !!« cents In ruin \vu» found- K no request for the. body IB received within a reiimnmble leiiBlh of time It will bo Interred In the potter's Held. ll,.ell..t *.,! Ullllly. MAKES WmiOWS MEN HAPPY. VF. A. Smith 1 * Letter Kejoctlng: Plngree Overtures I< Hnile Public. Grand Rapids. Mich., Dec. 24.—Con gressman William Alden Smith's letter declining to enter the senatorial flght against Senator Burrows has been made public, and its contents have given great satisfaction to the Burrows men. The letter is addressed to Governor Plngree, Albert Pack. Chairman Marsh and others of the Plngree contingent, all of whom joined In the Invitation that Mr. Smith enter the Held. The congressman thanks them for the kindness, deems it an honor to be even thought worthy of the senatorial office, but recalling- that his congressional campaigns have been utterly devoid of bitlerntss, lie declines to pursue a course which would surely engender Btrite. The senatorial canvass. It Is stated, is nearly ended, alliances have been formed and pledges given, and he cannot consent to be a party to any attempt to cause embarrassment to the member-elect or their friends. Mr. Smith's withdrawal Is diplomatic, yet seems to cover the ground and If his boom goes any further it will be without countenance on his^part. TBYIXG~T<rSA.YE JOHNSON. have Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. \V< 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will sell for the next 20 days ; REGARDLESS OF COST. We must clear them out and it will pay vou to come afl price before you purcf ase. Mel Shoe & Clothing C< Henry Watson, Contractor and Buildei GOT. Tnnner Importuned to Commute Sentenced of the Condemned Man. Springfield, Ills., Dec. 24.-EdHor Will A Connelly and Attorneys G. M. McDowell and S. M. Clarl: of Danville are here in the interest of the negro John Johnson, alias Pinnex, who Is sentenced to be. hanged at Danville next Monday. He was to have been hanged last Friday. but Lieutenant Governor Northcott, in the absence of C3overnor Tanner 'from the state, granted a stay of execution for ten days. The visitors now here will ask Governor Tanner to grant a commutation of the death sentence to life imprisonment. Failing to get this, they will ask a further stay of execution to prepare the record for a new trial before the supreme court. They have with them a strong petition signed by prominent officials and business men of Danville, asking executive clemency. It Is insisted that Johnson, or Pinnex, was not afforded an opportunity to prepare properly for trial in the court in w^hlch he wasjoni'icted. Sow-s THIS i We offer one hundred dollars reward for anj' case of catarrh that can not be cured i>y Hall's Catarrh pore.-F. J. Oheney& Co., Props., Toledo, O. We.iie undersigned, have known F J. 6heney for the last 16 years, and believe him perfectly h°n° r * We *?.S" bUBineus transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made bv their firm. . , West & Truax, Wholesale Druggist*, Toledo, O.; Walding, Kinnan & Marvin. Wholesale Drugglste. Toledo. O. Hall's Catarrh Cure ia taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price, 76/« per bottle. Sold by all druggista. Teatlmoniala free. I7ni!l)r Miles' NEIIVK PIASTERS for BPINAL w EAKNiaaa. All drugglsla sell 'oui for25c. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stoi Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., *y, on band. AUo?]DMler In -JMOHO» Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Pari| Side Track! Running Into the Quarrte*. Telephone No. 31. AI TON. IL1 Residence 6a8 Alby it '* L - * *'™9 1£ -' J ••••»•• J. Bauer & Soi FURNITURE, Undertakers and Emt Second Street. Opposite City Hall. Altol} Mr. 0. M. Dlxon, a well known merchant of Pleaaant Ridge, Fulton Co., Pa., has a little girl who IB frequently threatened with croup, but when the flret Bvmptoma appear, his wife gives her Chamberlains Oough Remedy. which always affords prompt roller. The 25 and 50 cent sizea for Bale by . Marsh Many People Cannot Drink ooffee at niKht. It spoils their sleep. You con drink GRAIN O when you and sleep like a top. For . IBAIN-O does not stimulate; it nourish**, cheers and feeds. \et H looks and lastes like the bust coffin-. For nervous person-, young pmjpU .,mi children GR UN-O in a per ert Irlnk Mttrte from pim< Bruins (W u package from your grocer today. Try it in place of cnffou. 15c ttiid 25r Jigrjiture ,f Wl- WILL GIVE YOU A $4 WATCH will »huw our publication to your friend* nr Overland, "end ''wills lorpurllu How, New York City. 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