Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1950 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1950
Page 17
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WIDNtSDAY, JANUARY 4,MM ALTON EVENING TKUtORAPH HARRISON AGENCY CONVENIENT TO TOWN-Ranch type California style ultra nwdern, I mem and trtllU.v, living renm, drnfftte^kltohen, Mreem knotty pine, MM ni*m, asphalt tile fleets, yapw •MJ, 0. ft. metal caMMta In kitchen, tfetttte window, Ftttnie In Utohea, fleoreseent Hkht, |M heat, anaee far wrtoeaatle washer, easement wMtwa, water heater/large let, concrete driveway, stairway to garage attic, TMt home eheut • iMMtka ett Price .,!? 112,600 BOXANA-« teem modern, Venetian blind*, built-in eeMnete, fi"?"?* . llrtU> «** «•*•«•. '«» fceeement, In one of the better locations. Maw vacant PRICE I5B60 BOXANA (Near Basinets DMriet) — 4 room modern, t ream eeerliMsU In bassnunt. oaMneta, Venetian bHnda, gee fur- •aee, MrtMMtto gat water keater, Insulated. PRICE 14050 BKCELLENT LOCATION-* rtom modern brick, em year old, atmlkwt condition. Large living roam with reception vestl- tola, fireplace, wall to wall carpeting, kitchen kaa beautiful eaMnett and Inlaid llneleum, large bedrooms, tile balk, screened tide porek, stairway to floored attic, oil heat, awn- Ingt, comMnaUon storm task, concrete driveway. Well landscaped. PRICK , 116,300 WOOD RIVER—4 room modern wltk tun room, living room,dining room, kltcken, and sun room down; tkree bedrooms and hath up, Venetian blinds, cabinet* In kitchen, wired for stove, ttoker keat, automatic water heater. Corner lot. On kus line. PRICE I7O5O HAWLEY—4 room modern with stairway to floored attic, largo rooms, on level lot, good furnace, W-block from bus. Sell- Ing to cloM estate. ONLY , 16850 BLOOMER DRIVE—ft room modern. Large living room, H.W.F., Venetian Minds, Inlaid linoleum, electric stove and refrigerator included, fluorescent lights, shower In bath, oil keat, Insulated, electric water heater. PRICE I895O OERSON—4 room and utility room, stool, cabinet* In kitchen, water, lights. Nice lot. PRICE S42OO NEW SUBDIVISION (North Alton) New S room modern with hreeteway and garage attached, H.W.F., large living room, cabinets, InliUd linoleum, large bedrooms, S closets, wired for ttove. Hot air furnace. PRICE -112,600 KETttALTO—S room modern about I yeart old, I reeios and hath dawn, (Minding knotty pine emweem, I rooms siNwnd floor, H.WJr., Venetian Mm**, gtatMd rear porek, skewer In basement, ttoker wHk Mower, atttomatte water keater, water softener, barbecue pit on large, well landscaped lot. S*ear garage. PBICE 115,500 NEAR LINCOLN SCHOOL—M.W.F., large living room, cabinets, S bedrooms, newly painted. Good furnace, wired for ttove, intloated. PBICE 17060 UPPER ALTON—4 roam and katk up, ktteken and skower In basement, H.W.F., large left U«t * 1M) wltk plenty shade, garage. SEE THIS FOR ONLY 94800 COTTAGE HILLS (Eteellent Location)—4 nan modem. Stairway to attic, * years eld, H.W.F., eaMnett, nil large room*, 4 closets, large front porek, garage (M x IB), atne fruit tree*. Moving out at town. ONLY I735O BROWN—8 room modern. S up and I down, H.W.F., cabinets, nice basement, excellent location. Rental apartment $*o.oe per month. PRICE . . 112,600 VIRGINIA (East Alton)—4 room modern, • years old, H.W.F., Venetian blinds, caMnets, insulated, t room apartment In rear for extra Income. Large lot. PRICE I81OO UPPER ALTON—IB room modern duplex. Two B room apart- menta, S down, S up on each aide. In excellent location on large corner lot. One apartment has oil heat. Excellent buy. PRICK •• I15,OOO NEAR ST. MARY'S CHURCH—6 room modern, two I room apartment. All largo rooms, 9 baths, H.W.F., cabinets, automatic water heater, stoker. PRICE 111,500 NORTH ALTON—8 room modern about • years old, all large rooms, H.W.F., Venetian blinds, Insulated, Garage. Corner lot. PRICE *9OOO BERING—S room modern. H.W.F., Venetian blinds, cabinets, electric water heater, insulated. On bus Une. PRICE I8OOO FARMS NEAR CHESTERFIELD—IB acres. 4 room bourn*, dairy burn (20x50), granary, chicken house, SO acres tillable, remainder in pasture. This farm was limed laat year, all phosphated In 1B4B except 1« acres or can vacate In near future. A good buy. ONLY I12,OOO TO 1UY OR SELL CALL ROLLA H. HARRISON AGENCY-REALTOR IVENINGS 3-536&-2-3618 2511 STATE STREET OFFICE 3-5397 WE HAVE SEVERAL BUYERS Looking for nke homes In good locations. If your home Is for sale or you are considering selling, let us show you our home sales program. . Satisfied owners and purchasers are the constant aim of our sales organization. CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY •49 E. IROADWAY Evtnings CaH 4-5962 1940 Bulek Super 2-Tont aroMt Finish Radio and Hoator . '495 HARV. & PHIL REILLEY 1025 E. IROADWAY IS COAL-COK*—WOO* COAL. ftOdK, gAND. SB •Ml MttUag. Fnons ——- "•^^ rtAKKLIN COUHfV MOWN COAT-lMi; — ~ Pries rsssenspls. 40J ^^ MMO. •I **mtm • ———- - — BWE1T CTOWI -- AjfiJ awiss. uAaais, tfa mil* aonnwsst w -—-— *•*"-"li Boitrss, off MslertHirg ress) i of Ctovs* DIAL 2-8732 IfOR SALE — 1B4B HUDSON (COMMODORE CONVERTIBLE actual miles. Private I owner. Radio, heater, under- ooatod and back-up light. Will saerlflM, IB1B.M will take over equity. Phono 4-B9I4. WANTS* TO BWV WANTED—« or S-tfrswar ehMt. : or msple flnlsk. Vhen* 8-M»». WANTED—W-il» violin Of % slM violin. Burnhsm. SIS Elite. Mwsrdi- vllU. Ph«M S1T-*. Ptetur* tarns*. •vwv* mnm^r-' —wi vtswa.' Bft: 8ft Kfe: s*. Itatuci. a-aiM. WANfU TO TBA0I—BWAF POKTAUC KAOIO—Man's asw tint: laM of lumbsri will swapter ew »• 4laT tseii or shetaua. 4-easi. 4i>rus Foil •MTDlALS IN TC ail THESE B)UVB _ Hudwnrn * H IMO Buick B*eaa •••*es»t«ses«* *s ses *s•»e*s t * rallajg Avaama «l 4 g. ViXMCl Loans made on signature, car or furniture, without endorsers or guarantors. Repayment plans especially arranged to fit your budget. W« specialist in /art, /rlcnicf/ft. courteoui iirvict. Phono or visit HFC today. Convenient Payment Pieiw MONTHLY MVMBNT PUNB x it n tnmtt jttmtt i*»mtt 96.76 13.38 19.67 31.47 98.40 16.69 24.66 39.81 95.03 10.07 20.03 29.68 48.18 99.24 18.48 36.86 64.90 90.14 HovnkMi ck*tt it law i thai *xwl of o kSoioiKt wot i ,„ , _ „ _, tkti part of • Mint* in MWMVa? j>i$Q»*t** MWMsilM 9390 1 d)M4> /• dW ellBV fMsMtNvfr. < MONiY WHIN YOU MHO IT INANClt lit W. Third Street ted Floor niONIia-BBTl-Alton iMt ewiVMUt-Bp^ui tf.iun. iu. «or. This ssr hai PfrfMt body, orli- uu> blsek paint. Only *•«•. Pkon. 3-l» 1B3S CHBVBlCn S—Motor, pslnt 1S50 HUOiON—VscMnsksr : 1S40 PLYMOUTH—Driven less- U4T PLYMOUTH-ClUb Coups is?" Vono —a-'boorl' r> lquppjd iio*ui At mil 4-saai row CUBTOM Tuoon IU4lo. wf. wsrtb overk«Hled SislM wHfc trunk RMter. Recently owerk Fully equippee. Unmually _- . car. 421 Lincoln, bit Alton Pial 4-9W. l»M ro»D B-DOOn^cltsn st • sin oriainal bl*ek finish, almwt nsw tlrss radio sad hwUr. Mst covers. »».» PHONE 3-6621 APARTMENT HOUSE — good location B6300 16 ROOM ALL MODERN — N Alton, good location, level lot Karate. 15 ACRES — Modern 7 room house, close in; all weather rond. | NICE HOME—All modern, baths, beautifully landscaped yard, very good location. (BASEMENT HOUSE — Large floor plan, S. Roxana. |« ROOM MODERN—Excellent location, close to school, bus stores, churches. Reasonablj priced. 14 ROOM MODERN — Oarage cheap. |7 ROOM APARTMENT—Foui down, S up, all in first ela»« shape. V/t acres. Double gar. age, stoker, close to bus and school;" upstairs ( apartment furniture included. 10 ROOM DUPLEX — Separate baths, all modern, convenient location. v [ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS is a nice place to live; if you wain a nice S room brick with 2 extra lots, everything In good shape, garage, barbecue pit wo have it. Immediate possession. [ 5 ROOMS—Oil burner, bath, fur nace, Venetian blinds, electric water heater, low taxes, eas> monthly payments. RIDDICK AGENCY BBT East Broadway DIAL B-UB1 si *uiroa-rAsaaiiogn CAM l§4fl fypifUQf'TT.—p^^fty "fdstii msr- oeii Ilnlsh. good tins. B1040 down, ^^ ?JHN°H&E AUTO co, Eatt Alton. llUnoln. 4-3ST1 TWO »M CHEV. TOWNS—Blsek Mn- IsB. fio.oo down. S16.M ptr month JOHN HIKE AUTO CO. tut Alton. Hllnoli, 4-M71 Eait Alt*, Illllioli. 4-3S1I IB3B DE SOTO >-DOOR-A real gOM SUi it Bells. Alton. Oisl .. H1NE AUTO CO Illlnoii. Ext Alton IM1 fdttYfAC 4-D66.V-J-ton. grsta fialsk. BIO down. » »sr i "" JOHN HINE AUTO^O, ^^ &'J^St>__»«^S Mack fin 44BU Btt FREE! SO UUONI OF IAIOUNI with each ear sold during the remainder of tkls month. 1B4B BUIOR SPECIAL 4 OR. SEDAN—Radio, heater, backup lights, teat coven, white well tires. One owner. Car perfect throughout B1B4B 1B4BBUICK SPECIAL 8EDAN- ETTE — Radio, heater, nylon covers, white wall tires. A denting metallic Blue. ...flltB 1MB CHEVROLET IUBET- UNC DELUXE t DR. SEDAN —Radio, heater, seat covers. A beautiful car at I1BBB 1MB BUICK SUPER 4 DR. SEDAN—Radio, heater, backup lights, plaid covers, white wall tires. Gunmetal Gray finish. A topnotch car at B17BB 1B4B STUDEBAKER COMMANDER DELUXE 4 DR. — Radio heater, overdrive, seat covers, dark blue finish. A good buy at flBBB 1B48 FORD V-B SUPER DELUXE STATION WAOON — Radio, heater, lot of extras. A clean job inside and out. .$18W 1B48 STUDEBAKER REGAL DELUXE CHAMPION CON. VERTtttLE — Radio, heater, overdrive, white wall tires. One owner car $1448 1B47 STUDEBAKER C O M MANDER REGAL DELUXE 4 DR. — Radio, heater, overdrive, seat covers. A beautiful light gray finish B1S4S 1B47 PONTIAC STREAMLINER B CVL. SEDANETTE — 2-tone, radio and heater. A real buy at flSBB 1B4B MERCURY 4 DR. SEDAN — Radio, heater, white wall tires. Grey finish ,..$BW PRE-WAR SPECIALS AT LOW DOWN PAYMENTS 1041 DeSoto Custom Coupe BJ45 1B87 Chevrolet 4 Dr. .....BIBB 1917 Ford 2 Dr. B6 BIBB IIYJM A <ffi^ 01 TllICi you're 9 Cuefomey. nof^i Borrower .-,..,. —, _., GMAC PLAN Plus A Fin* Selection of CHEAPIES Buy With Assurance From A New Cat Dealer. H. D. Humphreys, Mgr. Wm. (Huek) Finn, Salesman Lowell (Sonny) Pitchford, Salesman Granite City Auto Salts, lie. lt« ST. LOUIS AVE. EAST ALTON Phono 4-2111 FOR SALE DUCO ST. 4 ROOM MODERN HOME — Very clean and perfect condition. Lovely fenced landscaped lot 13600 DIAMOND ST. 4 ROOM MODERN HOME — Splendid location .... 16800 CHESSEN LANE A VERY NICE 4 room home. HOO down payment Sale price 12050 ORCHARD BLVD. 4 ROOM HOME — Like new. Hardwood floors, cabinets, Attic, garage In basenwnt. Special value 96O50 MILTON DRIVE A DANDY 4 ROOM modern home. H. W. floors, cabinets, fully insulated. Oaa automatic keat, carafe, landscaped lot. See tkis I7OOO CROVELIN ST. BEAUTIFUL 4 ROOM modern brick home. H. W. floors, cabinets, Insulated, storm windows, gas automatic keat. Landscaped lot. Reduced to 18000 FAIRVIEW 4 ROOM MODERN HOME. A-l condition, a bargain for 15500 ADAMS COURT NEAR TOWN—* room modem brick. H. W,. floors, cabinets, attic *5OOO WEST 19TH 6 ROOM MODERN HOME — An unusually nice buy for 17500 NEAR STATE B ROOM MODERN HOME — H. W. floors, iaa heat. A-t condition .... 10000 SANFORD AVE. 6 ROOM MODERN BRICK HOME, sun parlor, H. F. floors, fireplace, built-in cabinets. A borne you would be proud to own 914,000 SEILER ST. 7 ROOM MODERN HOME Suitable for C and I room duple* 97500 Harry F. HemphNI Agency PHONE I-IBB4 After B P.M. —t-lllB, 1-1711, MtBB, »-4eee, *-IM1, 4-B4II tt 4t)Tue~raaei«iuaii uana WHIN IlA^Y TO FINANCI YOU! NIXT CAR f URCHASI MOM A 0 " "" ssm. 1 •nu. *9 fQR USIO CAM n^JJ" ••-gf'*" ••* IslTTlJJ AlTfjLJJO AGIO SALES ...FOR THE GREATEST USED CAR BUYS Modtl Full Prlco 1MB CADILLAC "SI" 4-DR. — Radio, Heater, Hydramatlc 13395 1MB CADILLAC "62" 4-DR. — Radio, Heater, Hydramatle 12405 1ISO STUDEBAKER—Overdrive and Heater 11995 1B4S FORD CLUB COUPE (Custom) Radio, Heater, 8-Cyl H405 IMS STUDEBAKER COMMANDER 4-DR. Overdrive and Heater 11495 1947 FORD CLUB COUPE — Radio, Heater. Exceptionally clean 1995 1B4S HUDSON—Radio, Heater. Exceptionally clean car $895 1947 PONTIAC CLUB COUPE —Radio, Heater. A real nice car 11395 1B46 PONTIAC SEDANETTE — Radio, Heater. A beautiful ear *1195 W« havo 25 or 30 '37 to '41 If your eradlt It good you can buy thaaa with nothing down. SHOP AT THE CORNER WHERE YOUR DOLLAR BUYS THE MOST EWING Auto Sales 231 ST. LOUIS- AVE. E. ALTON, ILL. FUN Modal 1M1 PONTIAC 4-DR. — Radio, Beautiful maroon HBOC 1141 FORD CONVERTIBLE — Radio, Heater, Overdrive *16M 1MB FORD COUPE — Radio, Heater. Must Me this one to appreciate ffff 1B8B DODGE PANEL TRUCK— A steal at 1940 PLYMOUTH —Exceptionally clean. Radio, Heater 1308 1B47 BUICK SPECIAL 4-DR. — Badio, Heater 11495 DONT MISS THESE BUYS! OWL 4-M11 * * * * * * * The Advantages of An ,•1.1,' USED CAR from ALBRECHT'S Our "MEW" Asldrtn 1944 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR . 1944 FORD 2-DOOR 1941 RUICK SPECIAL 4-DOOR ...... 1941 FORD 2-DOOR $«9f 1940 CHIVROLIT 2-DOOR Wt* 1939 DODQE 4-DOOR . $110 193S CHEVROLET 2-DOOR ....... $110 193S CHEVROLET 4-DOOR f 171 ALBRECHT CHEVROLET INC. 222 ALTON-EDWARDSVOLE HO. WOOD RIVER ILL $25 REWARD Far Information af aiV^Hapa InfJvwfjii'fT Outboard Malar YOUR AUTHORIZED WOOD RIVER Chrysler Windsor 6-Passenger ieriel Me. at OUftoB Toireoa Harbor Deeh eotwean Oct. i and Oet. B,

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