Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 9, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1927
Page 4
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:P4 $er a»y of I6&. l,|f«per.City' of fPakiMt. . paey- Mien Caunty. •. ^ i «UB8CRI^10N (RATES. Bx ^CWTier i(i lAla. Oas Citjr. LaHarpe iL .i -j .i' and Baasett. D B « W «efe' W CenU DiM M^Ul 70 Cent* One Tear n.80 BY MAIL ;-,/.' ..Outslite Allen County , One Tter JiM effMontha t!.66 frutce Motitha tl.BO -In Alien County , One Tear .$4.00 iBbc MonttM 12.00 (•riiim Uontha ...11.25 One %)nth .....ft 60c Member of— N«tf •f Aiioetatlon. KtmtuVPft^'AiinciUion. fand; Oany Preaa Aeaeelatton. , M)£M6KR .ASftdCIATBO PpE89; ' TJw ReKUter' fiarries. tti<^ ARBoclati^ "Import by tptetdl mased wire, be Aa«9Cla.^0d ifress la excluiilvely en"ed lo, thi?, use for reuuUli-atloh of ne*» dlspateiM» ercdllMf to It or •ttbt tfat^rtMM oAmtml m thin pffper. Mid al^o: the local news puWIattedhere- te. Al} rlKbts or republlcat ,lon;.of ap?- . Clal dUpatehes hpreln are also rpspr\'«1. .• ^ jtS -A.^ BihU Whoiight for Today. Ifo.'staggered not attlie promise or God through unbelief.—Romans 4:20. • .v.>ytaen in Bos^B a {Qwvyears-a^ the;editor of/ the! Rei^ster 'was ahoyrn the orlginat of the Yambua letter r£printed beiow which, hangs, frjimed^ on the waila of vthe JBosr ton City rlub..and is its chiefest trteaure. as well it may be. !h i« generally regarded by literary jcrit- icii a« the moift perfect example of condolatory note>.ever written, at least that lever has been made puli- lic. and the Register reprints it for the benefit of those who may neVcr have seen a oopy o| it: Exetnthe UniKton Washington,! November 21, 1864. To .Mrs. Bixby, Boston, Mass. Dear Madam: I have l)een shown in the files of the' War Department a stite- roent of the Adjutant General ' of .MassnchiiRettR that you are' the mother J flf five sons wh6 died gloriously on the field of hattle. • 1 feel hrtw weak ahd fruitless must I M* any words of mine whlcir should attempt to l)egaile yon from the grl<'f of n loss so overwhelming. But i cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation 1 that may| be found In the thanks M the Republic Ihey died to. sav*^. ij pray tliati our Heavenly Father may as- suafie the anguish o( your bereavement, anil leave only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the Roleiiin pride that must he yottrs to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of |freeilom. ~ Yours very sincerely and respect- fnlly. : •• A. U.NCOLN. ; DO mTSETHlSU WITH SALT. . According to the Wichita £^agle, salt water, that bane of every' oil and gas driller, is about, to be converted front an adversity into an Tulsa capitalists, says; the ^lajgle, are building factories laying pipe lines and generally preparing IX THE ».iY».S NEWS. Tljc distinction jof being the only survjiving general!who held a c6m- misiiion in the Confederate States .JVrmy belongs: to Gen. Felix 11. Robertson of Waco, Texas, who today reaches hift S7th birthday anniversary. A native of Texas, he | — was a cadet at West Point when to take a lot of fear out of the salllport Sumter Was fired on. Young IwHler sjiecter. For years oil drill- j j^o^e^^oi, resigned at once,, went to Richmond and was appointed a Iie|Utenant of artillery in the Southern army. The battle of Shiloh and Frlel were in Varnan and lola SPKIM; IMtElAlTWX.S. .Should not era have been spending millions to punch holes through earib crust ' geologically likely to cover petro- loum pools. Formations unfold promisingly and when the driller seems due for a big strike to re• ward him for hjs outlay, the hole fills with salt water and everything is off. r.Iis venture is .a total loss. Uiit the chemist with his^ test tube iHiK found that,there are • lliirly-tliri -c ini|io|-!ant products to li<! <leriviHl from this salt wiitcr. Tiilsa riien are going after itliem and by so doing will uffcii dne ofj thej world's gr«fltcit indiistri ecouonilea. As drillers strllce suit water, this jonipany will . recompense them in wjiole or in pah for -their losses and pipe X le salt water li} factories. Aud thei*e from this old-time Tiuis.ince will' lie extracted j table salt, nitrates for farms, iodine, caustics for bleaching, epsom «nd medical preparations, atfimo- nium siilphnie. calcium' chloride and eheniicalA for oil fields. This company is already turning out '{ one hundred' tons of salt per day and fa just;KettingI into the byproducts. • The Kagle thinks ilie idoa will . spread, and that eventuilly petroleum profits will .soar becausi- a ' bfg source of will be diminished. It c<-rtainly js to he hoped the idea will'apread. for not only ; vould the profits of petroleum • soar, but there mfght be eliminated What is now a great menace io the water'Rup4)ly'of innumerable cities ami to.wns: Right here, in lola the thing that is causing the greatest concern to those responsible for the city water supply is the in- creasing <iuantity of salt that is finding its way into the Neo.sho river by the overflow of salt water from the oil aniPgas wells that have been and are being drilled within tlie watershed of (he river. If the owners, of these wells could find a market for their salt water Ihey might be more careful than they are now about jollowing- it to escape Into the streams. found him a captain and from th^n on he" was in every' great battle fought by the Army of Tennessee. At the battle of Pouch; Tree Creek, Ciui. Uobertsou; performed what then seemed u miracle. .He stopped an" lijfantiy advance with'artillery, .lust before thelend of the war he was appointed 4 major general, being the youngest man of his rank in either army. When the end cuiuf. he disbanded his men, and rode two «lays in order, ti>| surrender tn joen. Kilpatrick. The good housewife I torget: T.hat the' season now is here. When spring fever, boils and pimples Are most likely to appear. Siich disorders to forestall. The good old fashioned tea. i .Made from the bark of sus.'safnis, is the sovereign remedy. ' 'Twere al8<». well i to bear in mind That for thi« luds and lassies. It would he cruel to omit The sulphur aiid molasses. -GAUM-: STI.VK. hegislatiires do queer thIngH. Ex- hii)lt A, thf/ Kansas Legislature and the. :elKBre*tte law. While' the bill was pending certain jirmisions in it were pointed out as illdgical or unreasonably and those iii charge of the bill were asked to eliminate t item. The reply was that if tl\ese provisions were eliminated the bill could not lic| passed. In due time the bill passed both limis^s. And then the same Kansas Legislature, practically by unanimou.s consent, passed four bills which removed from the law the. very provisions which had t)een objected to but which had been retained in the original bill on the score that if they were cut out the bill .would lie l)ealenj Legislatures do. we repeat, queer things. CliOSS GURRERTS LI (A. C. S.) Accoi'ding to the report of the Insular auditor, one of | the few Americlin officials left in re8pon?i4 ble positions in the Philippines, the appropriations for the office ; of the president of the Philippine : Senate now amount to 75 ,o6o pesos . a year, more than 1.1 per cent of the Senate's entire expenses. The man who holds the office of 'pres^ . Ident of the Senate is .Manuel Que- .zon, who snid not long ago: "I would rather have the Philippines goyernjed like! hell by Filipinos than governed like heaven by Americans."' In the grossly extravagant approprlatitins lie has persuaded the legislature to make for .his own ofticejhef^is demonstrating: ' that if they had si free rein the « F^lipinps would govern tlie way •' he says he would rather have them 'r go.vern- than to turn the {•ountr>' over to .Americans. It e^impliment to Congress that the country feels vastly more comfortable when Itj Is in vs^cation than when it is ini sossion.^par- ticularly When there is a Cbolldge sitting on the, lid! in Washington. The Congress played horse a good deal with the President during the recent session, turned down ii number of his appointees and refused to jiass laws'which'he had recommended. But that the President is' a good deal stronger with, the' country than Congrexa is, nobody \^ likely to question. And it was notia bad Congress, either, as Con- gressejs go. J ; Thai was a curious fi;eak of the wind on Sunday night whicli reached down anil wrecked a lot of little buildings oh a .single farm, .picking: .up a ))icce of siding and driving it "straight through |in inch board, then lifted as suddenly as V tt fell and ,did no .more harm any. where. "The wiiij ^J ^^weth where It listeth; and ^mFlSearest, the S, sound tbefeof biit ' cannot ! tell whence It coinethf and whither it Charley Finch: Aside from the fact that the fake "Lincoln and Lee" university at City-is not getting anywhere and Is not Jlkely to, there seems'to be a big joke on it. The "Lee" part was put oh to catch the mossbackcd old Democrats around Kansas City. But at the start the "university" was to be Methodist, and the Meth- odjsts of the Sni Hillh , wouldn't take the bait: they refused even to speak to the northern Melhodr ists, and when it came to contribj- uting they quit the game cold. A picture of an Alpine j:rag was sent over to America recently and wa .understand it took the experts four (lays to decide whether it was a scliool of salmon altac:king a tin can factory or the artist's concppl of a bevy of Hrazilian heczarks pursuing a (razed ovis poll. « • * • } ' 'I'cxas lc>:islators'got into a fisii- I cuffs over an argument and were .\(ar. S.-There is no f:"-mi»»-'; s..paratc.I will, .liffieulty l.v their done yet. ! ,, „ , . , , ,, ,, , , icollcagiies. F:;isipst way to stop J. F. HarcUroilo sold his fat , , , ' ' hogs Wednesday to .Mr. Welch of | <l.isgra.efiil scenes would I K- .Mdran. i 4 to puss ji law barring cojleagiies >fr. and .Mrs. Boyd ^visited .'^un-'j'Troiii intcrft-ring. j day with their son. Arthur Uo.%'d | . . i. « and family. ' j | A recent Atlantic storm tossed a t. K. Hall hadisome hay lialed j jot „r (V -.lw on the beaches. PRAIRIE CHAPEL of tlicin secni to have the first of the', week. Mrs. Arthur ilciyd and children!,' , . vlsiieH Thursday with her parents.!"" "-'-^ Mr. and Mb. L. W. Howell. * * Col. La Rue arid family visited Sunday at' the ICus Thompson' home. Mr. and .Mrs. Ri L. Robb visited Sunday In Moran. with their daiigh- | ler, .Mrs. Elmer Trammel and tarn- j iiy. Mrs. J. A. Mattocks received word Saturday that her sister, .Mrs. Fred Bowen. "was bad sick and lit tht hospital in Tola. She left at once to be with her sister. D. F. Lowe and family, of North Fairview and Jim Ard and family of Elsmore visited' Sunday .with .Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bacon. .Mrs. Joe Hurlock'and daughter. I^ouise, Fred Brown ot lola and Marjorle Ford spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and .Mrs. L. W. HowellJ Later they all called on Mr. and Mrs. .\rthur Boyd. .Mr. t<nd Mrs. L. D. .Mkttricks and Dale spent Saturday (evening at tlie C. F. .Maxwell home. Miss Ethel Sloan will go to Wichita Wednesday to learn the nursing profession. A few LAGRANDE Mrs. iStella Frida^L H. p. Morris was in VVestphalia several days the latter-part of the week.! . j " ,. i' ..Mrs. Leona Cublson :spenti; Sunday-afternoon with Mrs. Jim Anderson, and family. ; Lavon Love of thje Soutiiwest Bronson viciuity visited the Xenia school Wednesday, i Isaac .Evans and family o^ La- Harpe spent Saturday and Sunday with his^i jtfaughter, Mrs. : Finis O'Hara am] Mr. O'Hara. Amos Ross helped Luther; Carmean butcher a beef Friday morning. .Mrs. Minnie Delavan^ spent Sunday afternoon with .Mrs. Carrie Smith.; Mrs. Clarence Broughton ot the Bronson neighl)orhood. spent this week visiting at the home of hfr parents. .Mr. and .Mrs .-VVill Anderson. Glen Stewart spent Sunday afternoon ' with Eugene Robb. Roy Leonhardt and wife riio#ed from the Charlie Bloom farm, two miles west of Xenia.'to the .Northeast Xenia neighborhood, the latter part of the week. • .Mrs. Jane. McClimaos of the Xorth Pairview neighborhood was . a caller Sunday afternoon at the i Grover NVifst home. Several ifroni this ueighliorhood attended the community aiirtion sale ^t Blue Mound Saturd.iy. Doris Brillhart spent Sunday, wit Daisy Carmean. .Mr. and Mrs. Ardeen Abbey, and small grartdson George Abbey "of near Center\-ille spent several days tthis week visiting with th<;ir daughter, .Mrs. Dena Morris and •family. Mr. and .Mrs. I.,onnie Robb spent Sunday with their son. Jesse Robb I and Xamily. , George Canatsey and family moji-ed from the Xortheast X^nia neighborhood to tlTe Charlie Bloom farm two miles west of Xenia the latter part o£ the week. • •Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Stevenson of Bronson visited Sunday, with tlie latter's mother, .Mrs. AnnaJaro and her sister Mrs. Stella Friel. The Pleasant Hour cliil) met Thef^Eays' The garden is a to- keep vegejtaWcs^ fresh" than the ren frigerator. The economy of a gar-; den is seldom cpnstdered- from :this viewpoint but it. is'an important one. There is no waste from storage. The vegetables' are- kept a=t their best quality while growing. They may get over-matured if left too long in the.soil but. they keep where they grow' and only a quantity sufficjent for- a meal need be gathered, leaving the "rest' to remain in tip-top condition for another day and another meal. Mar. 4.—Mrs. Herschel Smith and Riith Jean called on'Mrs. Russell Morrison Wednesday afternoon to; with Mr.s. Sadie Smith Wednes- see the newi daughter. Carol Bos.-;, day afternoon. Mr. and Mr.s. Clarence Houk aiid I Morris held a public sale children T.nursilay afternoon il>'«';e '» -"^enia Wednesday with her paie^its. Mr. and Mrs. I ^ fair sized crowd was pre.sent^ a... p„..,i-. i : It IS reported that everything .sold "^•""^' well. Duke Myers returned home from , y^^^ Howell Anderson visited th«« Fort Scott hospital Wednes- wj,], x\eT sister. Mrs. Ciiarlie Wilday. He had hii tonsils and ade-; nanis and familv th..- latter part noids removed. . „r the week. Dee Henderson helped Roy I.ove j .Mrs. Dena .Morris aiid Wil- work on his car Wedijesduy liam Jewell and Rotl.wcll. »verv in Mr. aud Mrs. Will Myers. Mr. VVcstphalla Sunday. | and Mr.s. Alva Fliick went to the, '""I fi'iiu'.v moved Kort Scott l.o.-pital F.iday io; f""""* the Will .Ste(-Ie house north sec Duki .Mieis ''"^ Xenia to the Bill Erniel farm. Mr. and' i.Mrs.' Ilii.sscll .M„rri.<on io''"^ aui.oi.nce Ihe birth <.f ii (laughter. I "f^f"'" ^"'"'•'''ly- ^ , . Februarv 'U. whom thev i^.ve '^'"'I'-V';"'?''^"r''""'•'"'^ named Carol Bess. , '-fp'r lil- ' ' ' Walter Kreil and Alva Flick •''\?„^°l"r' M V ^ ^, . ^, helped Hud;Zornes move ^':^^^-\J^,!^^:^, THE iSAeDEM IS THE BEST PUCE TO KEEP VEGETABLES.»GATHEIi ONLY EHOUCH FOB YOOR OAILV U5E. day. Gladys Hesseliine is heliiiug %Yith the house^-(,rk at .Morrisons this,j,r,^_ (.^^^i^ g^,„^_ Lonnie Robli. .Mrs. Klnio Luiiceford. Grover West and family. Mrs. Stella Friel. According, o some authorities, the first regi larly organized golf club in the Lilted States was established in ^an Francisco at the beginning of ttie 'SOs, although the game had be 'n played In other sections'some vhati earlier.' .N'dw lliiit ('ongress is over, rc- (•eipts should pick up for Washington vaudeville houses. • • * • A British woman, authority on animals, claims the horse is the dumbest of creatures. Other wom-! crawled all week. , I Report hi LaGrande school for j sixth month ending Februar.v 2.i. 1S27: Xuml^er ot, days taught, 20; number enrolled. boys'S, girls 9, to- tdl, 17: average daily attendance, boys 7, girls 8; average attendance. 15; cases nt tardiness. 12: number of absences. 7; perfect in attendance, 10. as follows: Russell Flack, Everett Myers, Arthur .My- jer .H,,' Walter';Williams, Ruth Myers, en will take this as evi-j .Muriel Scobee, Lucille .Williams, dence she is a,spinster. Elmo. Eugene and Daisy Carmeat and Adrian Cubhlson and family spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Amos Ross. A pleasant evening was spent by playing games, after wliich refr«»shments were served. Henderson Mills and family moved from the Webber farm in the Pleasant Ridge vicinity to the Ermel farm two and one-half miles south of Xenia Mond.ay. LEANNA "7.—Mr. and Mr.s. Waller Robehs and family visited M.-. and Mrs. Roy Roberts. Elmer White. Mr. Roy Boggs helpL-^d John Cation shingle his house the last of the| W(<|ek. .Marl Ludlum stayr>d Saturday night and Sunday with Vyrl Uoli- erls. —Don't miss seeing | the demonstration of the new two-row Cultivator for the Fordson tractor in lola Thur.sday. The announcement is on the want ad page Of this issue. Lester Roberts. Vera Holman spent Sunday with Ralph Roberts. .Mr. and .Mrs. Andy Roberts and Gla^tys and .Mr. and Mr^.-Trast arid dat^hter, sou and granddaiigliter si/ept Sunday with .Mr. and .Mrs. Dellmer Ludlum and' daughter, Margaret. I , Lola .Myers,! Je.ssic Williams and Beulah .Myers. The following pupils have twenty correct spelling lessons for, this month: Arthur .Myers of the fifth grade, and Jessie Williams. Ruth and Beulah Myers pf the-eighth grade. Beulah was the flri^t' to have lOU perfect lessons in spelling'. Luna .Mae, Curtis, Rollin and IJoyd Ciirley and Robert Russell ot Rising Star, and Doris .nnd Earl Spragg were visitors. Our school is much smaller as ifeveral of the children are mov- WAVERLY Mar. i.—EIroy Darr is on,- the sick list. He is having a si^ge of the measles. .Mr. Yate.-i of Utllarpe visited at the home of his daughfer% .Mrs. Will Simpson Friday. Several in this neighborhood have been ill of flu. includitig the writer. We are glad to neport most of them better at this- wiling. • . . .Mr. and .Mrs. Geortje Scobee arid A garden saves a lot of room in the ice box and provides better quality vegetables than can possibly be gathered from the refrigerator or from the cold storage plant of the grocery. Home-grown vegetables do not suffer as do market supplies from wilt from being left in the sun and they are not passed through hands of whose cleanliness and sanitary condition there is I grave suspicion. jHohie-grown vegetables are j cleanest, of best quality, and a | real economy. I ,'Clean spinach for the baby is the incentive for many a garden star;. The wilted" and sand-iaden greens often on sale' at the green I grocers cannot compare witli the | fresh, crisp leaves that may he gathered in the back-yard. patch from a nickel package of He(j(ls plus a little healthy i.i the wa.vof spading up space ti plant it. ; But proi»cr illei for the lialiy is no more in.piirtant thai, proper diet for the adult ^nd although it is usual to treat a baby with more cKiisideration than a growu-iip when it conies, to food, there'Is no good reaiion for doing so from a strictly liygiepic standpoint. Start a vegetable garden this .vear as a measure of lieallli and economt If it is no more than a spinach patch it is thai niiicli ciear gaiii. Toniatoe.s in'ay Jollow the spinach and two staples of the menu are provided for the season. ,fff v_ Sp£imoidicGro5p>s£N ;|aeiW ; [ leUSvedbypaealllBc^oC-^ 1 ,F0R INSURANeEl ^ty arid Fattit I Phone 1 1^1 oi: 8i2« Ray Inves^tmcnt Co. tlTrs. PhUijp S. Kay i II : LET J ONES. ! I i. DO ,|,iTr -• • T I Jones Electric Wi»ks i L I'rtONEm- . J PHOlifi - . . ... - • . ' ! ^ IWHE.V YOUR LIGHTS-GOi OUT OR YOUR PLUMBING GOES.B.\D 1 Electric^ THE RADIO ST6RE )\-\ If, A survey shows that 11.5 industries, including the manufacture of paper, textiles, leather, glass, soap, butter and steel, use liriie in their processes. ' FOR Torn CbXTENIEXCB • TfE DELIVER FHEB ' " \HARm»tRiiL IMPLEMENTS fOLA -k^J -AX ! family' visited at the Joe 'Scobee ing away. We are .sorry to lose; ,,ome Sunday. them. TheiZornes children have church announ(ements for Wes- been absent, from .school, as they jpy chapel Sunday sHiool at 2:00 have the measles. We hope they p. preaching at .1:00 p. m, Ep- s-oon will repover. The school en- 1 worth League every Siindavileven- joyed a I re(;es.«. caAdy mill Friday after In .N'ormaii (KidI Elberfield the High Point 'club of the Piedmont League will jhave an able and ex- 'perienccd pilot this season. y/ BLoopTiHvf?srw'! -ti-tl'S' »4) A RAW OEAU VOM'V/E G\V/E OS! The fact that the United States Supreme Court should render a decision to the effect that the State of 'Texafe. may "not legally bar Negroes from participation in^ Democratic primaries is interesting. The surprising thing, though, is that any Xegrq should w^nt to vote in a Democratic prima'ry! The largest American enterprise in Shanghai is tobacco manufacture. "There arc tiro large cigaf^' ette factories controlled wholly by AmericiinH, in addition .to those of a joint i nritisb-Amcrican company. Although Americit has led the world in the manufacture of safe^ razors ; and blades^ the Slretfleld Bte^l firms are finding a growing market: f6r their blades in this cauhtry. LOOV^OUT FER BLOOD SPLASHIM* OMWO^E- CLO'tS ALLf?IGHt, GREA ^V, Nurt KiKi - TAKE \-THIS CRxlfeR our ^ AKlCOOW'lM, HE'S i DEA'O wAtr, GORL >/ I I'uLCaO <S \-r A ^IKSvAOOTtRt MINES GOT ing. Report of Waverly school for^the sixth month ending February 2S: Number enrolled. It!; .'i ,boys and 11 girls: per cent of attendance. 93: tardles. none. Those perfect in I attendance were: Geraldine ibarr. Harry Diciiss Jr.. Minnie Gerds^n. Fannie i Gerdsen. Jaunita jDarr, Daisy Dickens. Howard Lust and Thelma"Darr. Visitors are invited to visit the school;—Ralp^ H. .Morrison, leachcri Clarence Morrjson attended the basketball tournament at lola Friday and Saturday. .Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Morrison were visitors in I.,one Elm Friday. Six new pupils enrolled at Wav- jerly .Monday. This will bring the number of pupils up to 22. .Mr. and Mrs. Charlie .Morrison and family called at tde Ed Powell Iiome near Colony Sunday cvenlng- Mrs. Cole, who has been 'ViHiting her daughter. .Mrs. Will Morrison and family, has returned to La- jHarpe. Mr. and Mrs. John Lust and children visited in the pareiilaI*F. P. Williams home neat* Colony Sanday. .Mrs. Wesley McVcy. who has I)ecn quite sick with' the measles he past few weeks, is not so well at this writing. Her many friends hope for a complete recovery soon. '• \ Don't forget the writer has a 1 telephone. If you have a . news Item please phone • hbr any i time. She will be glad to get it. • Tiros. H. BOWLIS, PresMent «. R. lioWXUS, Cashh* Allen County State Bank 101,4, K.AXSAS i Eslabllshed u Quarter of a Tentiiry Capital Stock ......... .if Surplus and Undiv. Profits .. .30,000.00 15O,OO (t0() Deposits i. 1,000,000.60 INTEREST PAID ox TIME DEPOSITS SAFETY DEPOSIT B OS: E.S FOR RENT! Be qiaitk-^$e skre ] . Deal promptly wjthi a cold!. Use the most efficient. mPst complete help. That is HILL'g. It js so ideal that we paid $1,000,000 (or it. HILL'S stops the cold | in 24 hours, checks the fever, opens the bowels, tones the entire systein. Millions now enjoy it. Start it today.;. lH|||,«iy^iTnVnr>»fii jfmiiin Ii Wide Awake If you have poultry or .<?irpplies to .sel !-f -right no* is the time to .sell thetn. No itiistafce about that, at all. Buyers of chicks, eggs, laying hens, and supplies are on the look-but now for sources! of supplies. And-you can. easily get in touch with them and supply their Tieeds.' | Your little ad, or ads, in the Poultry cfllupns of The Register's Cla.ssified Section will reach all the interested: prospects in. this imiriediate viciniti^— economically and in the shortest space of time. i. c 1

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