Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 23, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1898
Page 4
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1 ^i...... " " - ''"" " "' Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account prtte, and doc. fer» p from the b<m«- . top, tmt jo«t \ »o louf; *s the '• bini« iiinif and Ihe flowers blooto, and a maiden'* lips arid a joting SmaiT* eye Mlook lore, lost so lotif Ibe lad and lawlrs wil HM -and kiw es be healthy, and trn<» eet cleanlincM of ^.____ —J lorlt* upon its lijw, Tbe de*alv germ* of dread consumption »re ta numteM ta June-time butterflies to the Tpttnf eus or woman who i» tborouirhly elean, wgart and healthy In every Sbtr and UiwtW. -The germs of di«a.<e only attack ttjt which £» already partly decayed. There, if a great medicine that it a «ore •no certain protection against all germs 5*. *-?9%? r Cflrc for a11 (Te"" disease*. It M Dr. Merce'g Golden Medical Discovery. It fires youthful zest to the appetite. It correct* all fanlts of the digestion. It •id* aMfanilatton. It fills the blood with the TitaL Hfe-tfrfnsr elements of the food. It Mild* tweet, clean, healthy tiwu-a in er«y part of the body. It drive* out all dlwawe jrerau. It cores eft per cent of all eaie* of branchial, throat and lung aftec- Ooa* If taken in time. All good medicine dealer* *ell it, and have nothing "just a* food," Mr. J«. Bendrnon DifHun. of ju Josephine Street, tttw Orl«n«, UL. writr*: ^7 w«« nilinjf for Km f two yean, suffering from dyspepsia a tired f«!lnz, « D d )/»» of e-n?nry nnd apwMitf. I tried one battle of Dr. rirr«> Of/Urn Sfelical Ditcavcij «od foand zrr-ai r»-lwf. «npre batik*. Ihre* in all, tad one of tbe '- I took two Peiirtn.' wheiTl'wi» "in rwl health I remmmmA In. J-itrce'« Goidcti Mrdi- all tbit it In daimtd to do." A man or woman who neglect* constipation suffrrn from slow poisoning. Dr! Pl'erce'n Pleasant FelkU cure constipation. One little " Pellet " i» a (fentle lara- live, and two a mild cathartic. A'J medicine dealers sell tlum. No other pills are "just aa good." Adjutant General Corbin Before War Inquiry Board. Fl'fmSHES MTTI.K Saj-f the War nrpurttiirnt IJId Not H>ri omly Confru,pliiti> U»r fnlll ft «> • n K«r*l>lllhrcl Fact — What lli<" A'ljn t*nt Ueneral fin, <„ >t>7 Abonl Campi A l|f* r Hiitl W'yfc'jfT—Snp ttl^ of 1 mn"p.»f t( for ftliafter-M Army Inmlcquat*. Washington, D'-«.. 23.—Adju'ant O<n- tral Corbin wax a v,ltn i .'K u b--''jr»- ih ft war InvftrtUatlng romrnisi-ion an') w.ia rldfiely rju>'iillon<.'J r'-Kar'lir.g tin- ?«.•- Irc-tlon of Cnrnfi AlK<-r, Va. U<- tn«tl- fipij that th" removal i,f Cnrnp Ali,"»r wan dictated by the iff rotary of war hliiu'.-lf and that Its original tstabllxh- How to Find Out. Fill <4 bottle or common g!a°3 with your water and let It o'and'24 houre; a sediment or mltling inc'icalei nn pnhealthy condition of the kidneys, I! it rtflins your linen it Is evidence of kidney trouble; too frt'j'innt dtsi.-e to pass it or paing in the back is al«o convincing proof that the hiiJnr->B snrl bladder are out of order. HflAF TO 00. There is comfort in too knowledge BO often expressed that Or. Kilmer's Hwump Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every winli In coring rheumatism, pain tn the back, kldnejn, liver, bladder ant! every part of tne urinary pa««age«. It corrects inability to hold water and scalding pain in panning it, or bud effects following the use of iiquor, wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often daring the clay, and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Hwamp Hoot is noon realized. It stand* the blgti- est for its wonderful cures of the most difltrescine races. Jf yon ne?d a medicine you should have the best At druggmta GO' or 81. You may have a sample bottle and a book that tells more about It, both •ent absolutely free by mail, if you send your addrtsa to Dr. Kilmer & o., litnghamton, N. Y. When wrlt- ^ be sure and mention that yon read his generous offer in the TKLBOKAI-U. John >-r<- I ninpnni |- H ||«. I" j:-..--Tli»: CiTv Innati ir- v-- ry < .m,j,:iny hrr-- as- V.-i!!- r I, 'Jr.-ina'-T. ' H.MM/. '1 ;t y<-;ir :i •1 « !7-.( FOR SALE. HM Or. Hardy propsrty corner 5th and Alby Mi. Lot VSam teetntA 2 dwelllDgo. A 4-room dwelllosr on EaaU» ifreot b»t. 10th and llth «t». Lot &120 feet. Price HOO. Ibe realdenoe of Oeo. Klrach oa B«I]« straet; • -t room*andbtthroom; la good re»lr. Tbfl 10-room reOdenco of 8. H. NlcboU en ttagOoatt, Lot 70x179 feet. A One location. A Bna 8-room dwelling (n«irl; new) wlthbUb worn; beaMd by furnace; la Mlddletown. The fine lot of David Doyle on Bluff itrMt with «-room briok direlUng, : TbeJ, M, Tonjor iorae«t««d oonUlDln* about *> acreai ace in room ivettlngtlrutt of all kind. 8oae flue lott on Blott itrevtwitt brick pav- Ittf ani Mwer; no grtdlng, la T. L. Foulda add Aflne »-room brick dw«l!in«, heated with •team. Lot 120H20 feeti floe (roltt half, block from Henry street. £ A dettnble realdence on Protpeot itreet with * room*. Heath wltt furnace. Lot M (eat on fiotpeot itreet. , . A flue property on tbenortb aide ot Second atmet. weit ot Langdon ttreet. . , , , . An 8-room dwelling with lot 120x180 teat) flne Jolt. One of the noeM location to Middle Alton ~A 9-toom dwelling with about Ito torai of Fine fruit and abade tree*. 1 blocki Ermn oar lice In Upper Alton. AflnelotonlthRtreel )lreet. BereniFniie tote on Belle itreet between uth udlMh ft>. . - 1 .,.: A two itory brlok itore and dwelling and a two aionr brlok dwelling on lame lot corner of fad and Vine it*. A good Investment. 4 One low on <tb street new Mr, Qantang flMdmoe. Tbefln. T£»flne double dwelling of Mr, »te4by »t»»m with modern'— Irery dmlrable 8-room bri 1 by »t»»m with modem imp, iry dmlrable 8-room briak.d B*U» itreet, wltn all modem Im'prtf , vQaritaog, vemeoM. llllDK, 611 _ r _ .jienui Tho'plats'Poundry, eVetjrthlaa,compute] landing 10 loUi iwltob connection Witt C. • A; Alton Norelty lUg, Co. property on U atreet, fiolttdlnff i lota. ' ; « fineloW In Highland Park, *aoh 70 by about AMxrooB dwelling on State • treat. Prlo* tiOQOi A food 8-room dwelling on Second itreet. fwo floe lot* on Alby atreet: . Via double brlek dwelling, oornar ,Talra ant i&t rtreeU, ooe of Ui« ttoMt looatlonaTn Alton A gat 7-room dw*Uln;i good lot and floe rt«a rooa dwelling IBUppar Alton, good '» ti <••• _, * -- • i tn PO-Elocxeet on Baatoo atraflt. I brlok dwelling with ) u loti In Middle-' Mtrfi.•- C^nranlent w motor flue looiHon. A TOiniierMldenoe of Albert 'Wade on Belle t, wltn U) rocmi and onUBed attlo, batb •aab rorau. Good cellar, Oaa and w«ter. landaarrlaganoaie. Lot H feat front. ~ oiranJ,otn«rd--lr»bl» property not «roomurl-k dwelling on William itreet. room "dwelling withi'l good lot» on Fifth •t. eartof Kldgo lireet. Prloe. $1.800. food 8 room bnok dwelling with l loti on , 17 room dwelling with Una tlrer Tlf>w, I by Hot water, V y *OR RENT, Th* tWu atory brlok dwelling with 8 room.,on Bellerleir arenue now oooupted by J, Moulton. A »-room, dwelling on 3rd atreet witb batb room with modern flxturei. New and two 4-room tenamentt K Witt oath roomj 2nd street near Cherry ' TbeL. J, ClaOaon bomeitead In Upper Alton with 10 room*, barn and garden, now oooupted by Mr. Oeo. LeTl». ( Pomio.iBloa given by July 1, "•V. REAL ESTATE, INbURANCE, and LOAN AQ61NT ROOM II, P. 0. BUILDINO. A flne building lot WxlM on Liberty street tween Orove and Franklin, for »>oo. A Wfore farm B mile* south or Brighton, --WUlocultivation,one-hiiir good pasture, two story brlok modern dwelling neir rof-Tnlrdand Oeorge street*, •room dwelling houna with Itrgu lot on itreet iputE of Twelfth street. sone (tonr frame dwelling No. 631 east , tor 11300. Loteoxiw. Good itreet I frame dwelling house and another 9, Mi on one lot In good Ijottlon '0. Renti for 138 per month: Irroam residence on Bute itreet on ' wmi .xlUonQak atreet between tbe Ig Four R. H. trtokn, aultable tor >or manufacturing purpoiot eiut Hide rHOQ. Urmln J«rt«r county - UUop by rail or rlYe. a buil.-iMi property, corner and too >)«,, on euy terms, " ton utreet, bet. hair mil* uated on Pouru it., -U1.TCTAJJT CEXUISAL COKBUf. menl wan r<..i.-i.i.m.-ridut»d by Captain Scaburn of f^-nvral Miles' etaff. He (General Corl.lnji hurl t;il<J at the time It could not !.f a K'.o'l i-mnp ground be- boause thpr • not Kufrlclent range for rifle pra'.-tlr.. He ha'! und'-rstoo'I from the Becr^tary (f war thai f; .neral Miles had something In <lo with UK m-Jection. He was not e«rtaln of Captain fi'ja- burn's exact »tatu», but h<; had understood Captain Heaburn had be*n sent by General Ml!t« to maVc the innpec- tlon of the camp Kite. No ProUwt from 5tlle». JJJJJ "Did General Miles protest against, or do anything asalimt the Detection of the camp?" he wan auked. "Not to my knowledge," wan the answer. General Corbin added that he did not know the reason for the discontinuance of the camp. Questioned ai: to Camp Wlkofr, General Corbin said that the troopa and hor»e» that arrived there about Aog. 8 were those left behind In the *outh from the expedition to Santiago and Porto Hlco, and that the transportation of the»e had not, aa he knew, led to railroad congestion, or Interfered In any way with the carriage of nuppllea for the troops sulmequenlly arriving. He denied that the contract with the Long Inland railroad gave It cxclUBlve control, and Bald the only restriction made In that arrangement wan the do- flrable one of prohibiting excursion ittcamera landing at the camp. He said one reason for Its selection was the excellent facilities for water transportation. He nald the carnp at Tampa wan never designed for anything but a point of embarkation, and «ald the flrst complaint he had heard from Camp Thomas, Chlekamauga, wag In the press. Hoped War Would He Averted. Aaked when he Drat seriously apprehended there would be hostilities, General Corbin said he might say he did not seriously contemplate war until It was a fact, for he had hoped to the last moment that It would be averted. On April 10 the army, for one of its size, was well equipped and thoroughly supplied. There never was an arrny, he said, better equipped, better clothed, better fed, or with better morale than our regular army at that time. He said prior to the wur there had been no corn- plaints of refrigerated or canned be«f, and, that they were used by the armies of the world and In commerce. It was no new experiment. "Herlounly spunk- Ing"' eald General Corbin, "I do not think the war department contemplated war until It wan declared by congress and appropriations were available. Of course tho possibilities were thought of but there were no general preparations except BO far a« the department was abla to mc.ct tho possibilities that confronted It." Not Knough TrauipurU, Colonel Denby, who conducted the ex- omlnatlon, here suggested to General Corbin that lie observed the latter was cautious and reticent, and explained: "It IB not our object to criticise strategy. That Is not our bUBlnens. The strategy of the war may have been right and may have been wrong. Hut our object Is to determine whvt.ii.-r the war department acted i-dlcluntly." He uald when General Hhafter's expedition Hturted It look all the transports It was pusslblu to obtain. The supply was not equal to Ihe demand. It had been planned to i-urry about 26,000 troops at thai time, Inslcud of thu 17,000 tuken. Hi, lu the letter of General MUCH, dutr-d Juno 24. laying out the plan of cuinpiilitn of the wur and said It wn« not approved. Hint r.uvimU u DUnntor, Austin, Tex., Dec. 23.—The northbound pussongor I rain on the International and Great Northern railroad narrowly mlHHiid a BCI-IOUH wreck forty miles below hero through tho Intcrvwii- tlon of a bird. Home miscreant had tied a rail secim-ly across thu truck, Juat a few miles before reaching tho »pqt, a bird blinded by the headlight Hew against the glasH, bn-nklng It and extinguishing- the light. Thin necessitated running slowly t () the next station; The- train proceeding at reduced upend struck the obstruction, touring up the track and cliiinuKlriB tho front of the engine, but no one- was Injureil. »Ir«. Thlel Urantuil u nivor,:,,. 8t. Louis, Dec.«1!3.-The wife of Gustavus H. Thlel, president of the Thlel detfctlvo agency, has been granted a divorce and |3,OW u yt-ur alimony liy Judgo Wood. Thu divorce was granted on the grounds of desertion and full- ure to support. MI-H. Thlel tustlllud that •he was married to the defendant In 1870 in Chicago, that ho desertt-d lici- In 1895 ami hud not returned to her since thai time or contributed to her WORKS FOR LUMBERMEN. llm. I'phnm Una f.'tiiirK* of A tnlfjuc nnd InlrmllnK Movi-mcnI, JMro. Mary U. Uphaui tit Marshfielii, Wi«., is in charge of some of the most unique and interesting work which rbti Woman's Christian Temperance anuiu in doing anywhere in thn country. .She. is responsible for tbe progress of the increment in the great lumber legions of tho north. Among lumbermen and in lumber camps her work lies. Mrs. Upbam has been national superintendent of this department for ten years, and sho is also president of the state branch In Wisconsin. Airs. Upborn is a very active woman. Ghe is broad minded and energetic and hag made her work tell in results. She SatliBWifoo! an ox-governor of Wiecon- siu. Tho method in which work for lumbermen in carried on by the W. 0. T. U. is to divide the camps np among the unions of each state and let each onion supply a certain number with papers, magazines and booke. Thoso are sent in Ireijuent bundles into the woods. In this work of supplying literature tho nuioug are frequently assisted by rnann- I not ;iff... i li;i(ci> II .1 Hi llillriK llnrneil. •-T'-!. .V, i a!ta 7:Si! nothing and tv. ner. 7"l ati-1 •;:' d the :-]>: tn.. a;:-I i-' .f; !-ni tories . Inv. r-; m,..i hoine- •'f •'( ;!!••• .\l.--lr«)so : !-- -i\ "n -.-. Fire •y ' •if'iinK about .. i l >• U th>.|-<! was •i tottering walls ht- i,oilhv. ffl oor- t3Bec]cn -• /vrnic-' .'inivi:. The best salvf Jn too \-oild for oats, bmises, BorcK, ! : '-Brp, rhennii fe- vor aores, toft^r (-h:>;,fn' i hunda, chil- blalrjs, corna, ;i:id all n!,;;i ornptions, and poaitivoly rui\..' tii'fi, or DO pay required. II s f;L- -;•./: -tit, <\ to give perfect Batlflfpc'.ior. < r i';.T.oy refunded Prico 35 .^titM pvr r< nx. For Bale R M»rfl-. ' '*••" er>-> \ -pprr Alton For Pneumonia. Dr. J. C. liiHhop, of Atjnew, Mich., says. "T h;iv« lined Foiey'a Honey and Tar i : tl'reo very uevere cases of pneumonii' the vati month with irood resnlts. .-eld by K. Marsh and S. H. Wysa. _ Hoarseness t-cads On toserioiiH irrlUll'jn of the throat, and may en-? in a recking, rasping coagh. Dr. Boirn Pinp-Tar-Honey will quickly clea-- fho throat and leave the voice clear Mid Htnoolh. It is an infallible rome'l v for fiough.s and colde and all disorr'-rs of the throat and iun s. Oood -JriixgiHla Bfll it. g-'ic. MWV.IM.I f Delicate 1 Children They do not complain of nnythirig in particular. They eat enough, but keep thin and pale. Thcyappcar fairly well, but have no strength. You cannot say they are really sick, and so you call them delicate, Whaf. can be done for them ? Our answer is the same that _ the best physicians have been ! K 8 lv i n £ lor a quarter of a cen- ( if tury. Give them ,, scoirs Emulsion j ^ of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo- it phosphites. It has most rc- J- markable nourishing power. S It gives color to the blood. It brings stfength to the muscles. It adds power to the nerves. It means robust health and vigor. Even delicate infants rapidly gain in flesh if given a small amount three or four times each day. 500. and $1.00 ; ill druggists. SCOTT'4 BOWNE, Ch«nl»l>, New York. Iliai k Itivrr f th" tn' st waa evi.-r MUCH PROPERTY I.\ l-'ormkluMe !<•<> (inrgc In tl Loraln. O.. IV-f. 2.').—On torinicUilile !<•<; K'irgcs wh ffovn In tlu- H!a'k rivv-r luir? b ;1 t.-n causing troul/lt? and danger for tli!: past forty-tlnht houiK. an I lh.- end is nut in Bight. Kach minute adds tit the j'-'Jl)- ardy rif mlilions of tlollais worth of v.:-s- Etl property in the harl»jr. The tug MarlnetU- ha" b(-cn spilnti-rt-d and a *errii-k stov.- disal-!-?d. The- stern of tin- eteaiiH-r .Mlda has li-.-on smashed in. DurlnR the night the st-cond gorg? brokt- and pent six of the large ore ves- E"Is down stream. These wore caught j by a tur,' and ore being he!U acaln.Ht tho Imrmnsc w.-lyht of k-e that Ls hearing The Nickel Plate be demolished if What do the Children Drink? Don't i/iv« thorn t«u orcoifey. Have j'ou trif-rl t»i'> IK w food drink called ORAIN-O? It is delicious and nour- inbiiiK and lakes tho slace of coffee. The more Drain O you sive the children the morn health you distribute through ibcir BystcmH. Grain -O is made of pure grains, and when pro- porly prepiirr-d t^HleH like the choice grades of r.'offoe but costs about on«- nalfasmuch. All grocers sell it. 15c and 2Gc. down upon the licet. railroad l.r-idRi.- will I another hrvuk ocfui^, ISft'-en fe.. I hlirh and ((( dred yards. Another about a mil-j al/ove tin- ]r,. j^ piied up V-.-is ?eV'.rai hun- oine lias forrn-d present j imm. d Meet and shDuld this break all the boats above will be added to the present jam. The .Midland Hallway company of England has just ordered twenty freiftht engines of an American lucv.rn .t:veLom- pany. •jiierc were Lirlh- in France during 1*97. ajrainst TSl.'^O cl-atjis. llooley. ihe nuinii-xis i/ncnoter, who recently biranie l>ankrij]'t. has B^v.-n J50 to the Cordon (; , fund. Englan.l has l.'O factori-p an,] farms conducted on ;h. ; c i-fperativ-' | rlni.ipU' by KurkincniM). V.US. MAHY C. UI'tlAM. factnrerfl nud llrma iuturented in tho lumber busiuoHH, who foul it nn obligation to look uftor tho well being of their men. About tho liolidayH comfort bajjs and pictnrt-H for tho walls lire oftou uddud BH it Hpeeial treat. Every nlTort IB made to huvo tho literature of a kind that will attract and bou«lit the uiou. For thin reason especial stress is laid by the superintendent on tho necessity of mingling clean, wholesome secular literature, tho daily and weekly papers, with tho truutB uud ToHtauieuts which -very proporly make up part of the offering. In several elates eaujp missionaries are employed who do excellent work. Other organizations assist in the work, hut probably none has taken it up HO widely as tho W. 0. T. U. In Wiscoii- «in mid New Hampshire many of the camps are supplied with traveling libraries. TlilnUooMeCaiiic Over In Thirty-nine. Oruwford county, O., lays claim to having not tho hignest, but tho oldoet gooiio perhaps in this country. Alman Out** cnmu to tho United Hiatus from Germany In 181)0 and brought with him a gooso. After keeping her 30 years ho fold her to Lafayette Nigh, who kept her until throe years ago. Ho then turned her over to John Quits, a sou of A bruin Uuisg, who hud her in his poe- Besnion uow. Bho laid sovurul cggB last spring and raised four goslings. Bho still looks well and walks around in u kind of n "don't you want your life insured" way. She is nearly (10 years old. --UJovolnnd Plain Dealer. No Humbug. Foley'a Honey and Tar does not claim to perform miracles. It does i not elnim to f.-uro nil cases of con- : Bumption or asthma, but it does claim ! to give comfort and relief it advanced i stages of these diseases and to usually cure early stages. It ' " worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dread diseases. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Or.Buirs COUCH SYRUP Cures Pleurisy and Pneumonia. The best remedy for lung affections, immll doses. Price 25 cts. at druggists. STUBBORN COLDS A stubborn cold In easily taken ; it sticks to some people all'wintor and very often develops into bronchitis or consumption. You should cure a cold promptly by taking Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. This celebrated remedy is acknowledged to be most eflicient- and reliable for all affections of the throat and lungs. It cures a cold at once. AVegclaWePrcparationror Assimilating the i'poci,UK! KciJ iila tin** itic Stomachs and IJov.'cls of Promotes Di^cslion.C ncssamlRcst.Conlains neither Opmm.Morphine nor Mineral. NOT N AH cor ic. Jnist Sr.J • Aprrfccl lit mri!y !'D" "or;sti[ lion. Sour Stnniicli.jJinnt.O Worms ,Convtibioi!S,ri:: vcrish- ticss andLoss Of SLEEI Tflc Simile Sign.ii'jre o! >TE\V von if. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of The Kind Have Always Bought. CASTORIA THE CCNTAUH COMPANY, NEW YORK CITY. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Eatatoof Daniel W. Collet, deceased. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely'a Cream Balm IB a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction has been ucnieved only as f,he result of continued BUC- coBHful uso A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by thi.s purifying and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it will be mailort for 60 cents by Ely Brothers, 60 Warren street. Now York. It spreads over thn membrane, is absorbed and relief is mmedlate. Lost. Many have lost confidence and hope as well as heallb, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a Guaranteed remedy for the discouraged and disconsolate. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wysa. The person who disturbed tba congregation last Sunday by coughing, is requested to call and get a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar, which always gives relief. Sold by E. Marsh and S. i u ,> Q ,.t n i,,i;, ' nde «lfned having been appointed Ad- IB certainly • mlnlstrator of the estate of " ..... DANIEL W. COLLET, late of the county of Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that be will appear before the Couniy Court of Madison the Court HOUSH. In Edwardaville, at the January term, on tne first Monday in January next, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for tue purpose of having the name adjusted. All persons Indebted to said lull's Cough Syrup Promptly cures Stubborn Colds. Jkjses ate: small and pk-awnt to take. Doctors rtcuuiuieml it. l-iice a.icts. At all dlujjyisls. Ccjpl ot HENRY J. KLUNK, tBtiflLig'tpni BEST TRAINS Nebraska ; Mootana,PugetSounr r AR.ViSTKON(i. ALTON TfME CARD Office . estate are requested tn make immediate pay mnnt to the underslgnoa. Dated this 19th day of Nov. A. D., 1SS«. ENDS JOHNSON', Administrator. , Wyss. NO SKIPPERS. NO SOU It MEAT. Bol.enon».h for&, on receipt of 50c. I l*ra»r»lii:ii CV. 13 C'odar h;.. K. ¥. Nun a I'UBtnilvtrvjiiB. The lust oortillcuto of ooiumieBion to tt poatniistresB givBii hy thu poatinustor goiuiral was Unit uf M. I'olycurpa 8tuinlo of tho ordurof St. Dominic, dho is Haid to bu tho only nun in thu United HtutcH to hold 8uuh mi olllco und pruaiduN ovur Bt. Joseph's, in HulUvuu couuly, N. Y., whom tho order of which sho in u mem her erected lu«t Hummer a Biiiiiturinm. —New York Cor. Kt. Louis Olobo-Deiu- nurat. I'lii-lilnnllo Tulle Srrilc'e In Tokyo. TheJiipiiucxo Kovtirnmeut in nugotliit- Inn fur the iiiNtullulinn of u complete piieumulio mail delivery eervicu lu Tokyo under Amerienii dirautiou, N. I,. FrnnciB, win,*,, <:nKHK«ini>nt Ml8» JUIHI Fullor, UuiiKhler of th« cli juatlco, liaa JIIHI bi.. ( ;ii iinnouncvil fi-ll heir, Bhoi-tly |,,,f,, n . |,. av |,, K coiiug.;, ,,, nearly, )1,OOU,OUU. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonlo. Invalids need suffer no longer because this grout remedy can cure them all. It is a oure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. Tho cure begins with the flrflt doae. The relief it brings is marvelous and surpriuing. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have Buffered, your cure Is certain under tho uso of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. H, Wyei. £)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. Cor. 2nd and Easton sis. Pdones 138 and 171. L> U , Hid., above a tu **4 protttab ----- r ------ eu pro brtok rwldecot, i t oonrenleai pn, oo »afy tirmi. M up iuooHoa ot Bom to4 -BUn4»ropar- TO LOAN, lip Tickets nm*oHr»tB«i* I A Narrow Eicnpe. Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada B. Hart, of Oroton. 8. D. "Was taken with a bad oold which settled on my lungs: cougb net In and flnally terminated In Consumption. Four doo- toragave we up, saying I oould Jive but a snort time. I gave myself up to my «avtor, determined if I oould not stay wltb my frtotids on earth, to meel »y absent pn«a above. My busband waaadTtoad to get Dr. King's New Dtopovery for Oonsumptlon.OongbB an4poWfl. I gave Jt a trlaT, toolfln •U elgnt bottJeB. It has cured me, and tbank God I am saved and now a! well «id healthy woman." Trial bottle* free atK. Marsh's drug store. Regular slue 60f and It. Guaranteed or price re_fn"di>d. «•*•» The Sure La unppe Cure. There ia 110 uao suffering; from thin dreadful malady, if you, will only got the right remedy. Von nro having pain all through your body, your liver is out of order, have 110 appetite, no life or ambition, have a bad ooltl, in fact are completely used up. Kleolrlo Hitters IH the only remedy that will give you prompt and sure relief. They ao ^ l ll r j ctly on y° ur Wvor, Htomaoh aud Kidneyn, tone up the whole system and make you feel like a new being. They are guaranteed to oure or price refunded. For Bale at E. Marsh's drug stow^inlyjSOipijper bottle. Wioo, Dr. S, Detcbon'i Ami-Diur.tic May be worth to you more than •100 If you have a oblld Who soils bedding from Inoontlnenoe of water tl urine •leep. Cures old and young alike. It the trouble at once, «1. Sold For Hoarseness. Bor.j. Ingerson, of Ilutton Bay«: ho had not spoken whisper for months, and ono bottle of Foloy'a Honey and Tar restored hlo voice. It IB used vory largely by npcukcru and singers. Sold by K. Marsh and 8. II. W.VHH. Texas. The MlBHouri, KHIIHHH & Kail- way Oo. will soil low rnto round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Dec. 0 and 30, with tlnul limit of return to 21 du> from duto of sain. An excellent op portunlty for hotnruwikorii, tourist and investors to vic\v lor tlieniuulve tho grent resource!) of the Hluto. Fo further Information address John ( Williams, 1'. and T. A«t , 103 N. Broad way, St. houlH, Mo. A Word to the Wise la Sufficient, Ely'a Cream Halm lias completely cured mo of catarrh when uverythlnj nine failed. Alfrotl W. HtevoiiH, Ould woll, Ohio. Bly'u Oreani Halm workti like i charm; it has cured me of Ihe mo« ohfltinute cauu ot cold in tho heud. 1 would not ho without. I'rod'k Fries 283 Hart st., lirooklyn, N. y. A lOc. trial nl/.o or tho &oo Blzo ol Kly's Uream liulm will he mailed- Kept by druggiatu. Kly lirolhors, fi( Warren Bt.,N. Y. A Little Si.ilCt, or a stubborn cold, or a deop-Boated fiougb oan ho cured (or good with Dr. Hell's I'lno-Tar-Honey. Thin famous remedy, taken In time, will stop the progress of consumption and bring the color of health to the pallid cheek Druggists sell It. . F. SCHUSSLER.M.b HOMEOPATHIST mil SURGEON OPFICK AKD RES'DENCB, HOTEL MADISON T«loDhon« 100 V, DR. D. .M. ;VtAHLK v . ir.-,>in».t Ooturir. Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer An* iulu In Frali iad Sill Mean mil Lird, »ii am, fictgrer «l Snaiijt. I 559 EAST SECOND . • ALMJS IU Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1898, trelnn will K°,&!S n .5 e R 3 . t ./.. Alt °n t _a,, follows- •*12:3i3 m,*8:10 '8:10 m. *8:47 a m, '8:4' a in, «10:05 p m For Sprlr,gfleld-'12:33 a m. am, »tl:20p m, >10:OS p m For Poorla—<8:47a m, «10:05 .o^o? 1 " Kan8a » City and the \ (6:20 pin, >8:50pm. *Dally. njxcept Sunday. 3DI 'est—* 47 » m, <**» « c.n .o PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work CarcfuHy and Promptly Done. Alio btut of T»a« and Chlne»a Norjltlei ot Between Alton & st. Louis. LT. Alton For St. Louis 6 1.1 am .. fi 20 am 6 BO am 70uam 630am \ Ar. St. L of Teta and Chlneta bind. 624 E»st Sect'iid g{, 306 State HI /)rs. E. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 8 a.m; 11 to 1,8 to« TELEPHONE «?. KLY'S CREAM BALM It a po»ltlveonre. Apply Into the nontril*. It la cjnlckly absorbed. M c«it« at DrnBf{i«t» or b; mall.- tamplo loo. br mall. ELY BHOTHKHS. 60 Warreo St-JNew rorkCltr. Granitoid Paving Co. 0 16am 1240pm. .. 320>ia 4ifi pm 6 43 pm S a? pm fiOSpm 820pm LT St L U 8 708 am 744am Bjg Four, Sat only'.'.'.•.•.".'. 4»p2 For Alton xr Alton £)R. L. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, ; O.-ici Hours: ««.m. toUtm, ud 1 la » II W. THIRD KKKT c/eet, Alton, <». .•** "^Vtw here la nothlug better than Poley't Kidney Oure, pyeryone who tries It ™«^? »»»»• BoW by B. Marsh H. Wyss. CASTORIA For Inlanti and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought DISCHARGES OBTAINED JN BANKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 306 Belle Street. W. & H. BEISER, Prop's, 613 East Sixth Street. - Alton, All klndb of Granitoid WorV: tildsw Stepf, Flooring, cto., done and tbc boat -•:• tyaf n<».tni-n) nod -work irmrntiic.v- f-r- bv tr.»ll will rr<:ri: * ; t .,., t jttn! -,|>.- HI. • all ** : C4 A and Bf aa 'y S'^^^fcW?^^"^ Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and Inourancu Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. s Rerverlne Pills The great remedy foi nervous prostration and all nervotn the KOBT. M. STAMFTR. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent. 30S BKLLl) STRMT. Money to Loua on Improved l'rnprrt> RENTS COU.iiCTfiD. Burlington Route I-eavo Alton » W) am Q 710am SiKlam I" i)5 am (Suburban serrloe) Dally "- er-8un ArrlToSt. L 8<0am 2 45 pm < to pm u Am;n I'aiNd. sex, such ai Nervous Prostration, Failing 01 lost Manhood, Impotency, NigUtiy Eml». uions, Youthful Errors, Mtntai Worry, ex. ccislve use of Tobacco or Opium, which cad to Consumption and Insanity. $J.Op per box by mail) 6 boxes for »OTT8 CHEMICAL CO., Prop'i? J For sale byv H. B. Wyss. MADE JV1E A MAN AJAX TAULUT8 K)HITIVKLV VV'.'.f AH A'ITWUI IHttqia-lfitHuii Ueiu r,H|.»j.l«Nm.«, iio cuuwl aliiw ^loe^ou tuj fait. ron »le by K THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN ST. LOUIS CHICAGO; KANSAS CITY AND rur PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WISHER BUFFET SLEEPERS -AND FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR GARi DINING STATIONS OPERATED BY THE COMPANY SUPERIOR MEALS, «• FIFTY CENTS. James T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor M«pi» Proflleo and intimate Furnlahed. jog Belle Street, Up S>ttltt, 0 6> ( IxiavoSt, 11 M am Dally Dally ex-Sua it Dally 8 Mam 1100am 1 <6pm 4 66 pm D OD pul & fil pm ' Wpm Dally ex-Baa SlOjm Arrive Alton 8 a am llilam 12 45 pm 8Upni 668pm ?u< EA51 fJrot!ciai!a who Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Twilor. SBCO.NtJ STKttj't ktiprecUte Ont-cuv« . to-d»t« TAILOR MADE CLOTHES -At- A10DKRATE PRICES, You aro limkod to nttl tnd tituloe m> NbW STOCK OF UOODS I /I'D 1 from Langdon train depaiti 8»- L. K. 4 N, W. Ihroiigli turvlce. InlAnrl,. m. n . ' Hock Island jPfro' »n<i all polntf '^ft^iySflS'S-srt and wilt. " B THOMAS'^°L 0 ' <» nor* U W. WAKKiJk?; aanTa^fe( A tt, C«nvi,r. L Alton i at. ' 181, L. c, «()t, "•""•"»"» ss Oraftcn- « Dally Buo B*-8un, IBuaonlyJ Dtlly, B A.W1UJAMS, O.P. A. at. liuli,

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