The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 9, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, March 9, 1927
Page 3
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Mrs. Ktta Melvlii .returned lupic Monday evening from Colony yrucre nhc had, been carfng' for .Mrii. Homer Stout and ijifant -4aughtpr. :viary Jane. The Homer Stoul fam- lly live lon a farm west of Colony. street. M.'T. ShlJHii fii tcliprUd finite ill at Ills hotrje, 210':^orth Coll>oni I .--^^ . —try it bnce—you will haVe no otb«r. Van Hoozer'a Bread. "l|h^ !ola friends of Miss Miriam Thiciraman will be intere.sted to kndw that she was elected into membenihii) in the Washburn Col- legs Dramatio club at .Washbiiru College at Topeka.. —If you want a loan on your borne at a low rate of interest and 'wish to", avoid monthly | jiayments, sec Stewart & Funk. -.Mr. and .Mrs. James ijall qf 410 South Jefferson avenue day inorniuR for Columbus. Kan.s.t to visit ten days with th( "^wlfe. They went with left i.Sun- ir son and D. B. -Mc^ Carty and son in'the McCar.iy car. Aotiw- I. 0. <». r. 21. —Please be at the Hall at l ::'.o - o'clock Thursday to attend the funeral services vt i^ro. F. T. Van Hoozer at the First .Methodist Church. . - . . L. U. Z0LLAUS.:N. C. Llnyd Hinsou. the fgur year old son of Mr. and- .Mrs. Dun Ifinson of fil9 Kasl Spruce street, who was just recovering from a siege iof the , . measle.s, received painful •' burns / about the face .Monday -afternoon ' from a Kasollne exploslou. He was playing .with a neiglibpr boy and . a lighted match was jsiccidentally dropped into some gasoline, causing tho expl (?sion. , Card «i" Thanks. y —We wish to extend our thanks I' to, (tur friends a Ijjl neighbors for their help. sympaSiy anil kindiy'ss Iti our recent • bereavement. We . Ihtink the girls who sang, at the Hervlres; AIhO; for, ,tlie beautiful i floral offer! ngH. --.Mr. and .Mis. 1). ('. ChamberH mid family.-.Mr..anif.Mrs. AV. l-i. .Murjiliy arid .fiimlly. .Mr.H. J. T. .Maddox and danghler. .Mrs. .K. (!. Llnvllle. wi-r<: called to. Neyadii, Mo., Sunday by 'be di'iilb of ilieir mother and grandniother. -Mrs. O. W. Marlln. Mrs. Utnvllle returned home .Monduy but .Mrs: .Maddox remained for ii few'days longer visit. .Miss JCetta Scafe of .';»2 .\ortli .Icffersnn. was. the guest of the illFfies Kate and .\nna Doth of Cha-; nute Su/iday. R. Brown <jf 9«U South State street is ill with the measles. Mr. and .Mrs. llarley Ketterinan of Mildred spent the week end wltli thc^ former's parents. .Mr. and .Mrs, J. C. Ket.ternian of 714 South street. - It is better to 1)uy that Marathon Tlril now, than to wish later that >ou had. Tire Itepair Shop. IIG Fast Jackson, j .Mrs. L'.'.M. Fast, who I'ft Saturday for a visit with frienils iii Walnut, Kans.. returned hoine .Monday. Thos. B. Simpson, who sells; iii- Kuni -rul of AJ Swlgrt^lt. The funeral services for A. Swlg- geit will be held the home In Wheeler Ilelghtrf Friday* afternoon at '2::U) o'clock; conducted by the Uev. Harvey (5. .Mathls, pastor of the Firat J'resbyierlan chureh. assisted by the members of the .Mas- (inlc lodge. The body wlllbe taken on the Sunflower Special Saturday morning to Towanda. Kansas. wher<! a funeral service will be held and burial made in the Towanda Cemetery. Funeral of M,rs.i Mnry OMIell The funeral serylres for Mrs. surancei^ is spending this week, at .Mary O^Dell will be held at the i^omp- , i Sleeper Service Room Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, crinducled by —O. L. Cox, M. D., Spaclallst Bye, Bar, Nose and Throat -Alvin L. I'aiker is* breaking into the literary game. H<- i.s uyw re* hearsing a caste of • players in a farijc comedy of bis own composition to be presented,soon. .\liss Bertha Wooils of ,(;;i .'i visited Monday afternoon with • fricinls II! Cifsseltl . • —Jtist receive:! a car of Ited River Ohio. Seed Potatoes. The pricel is right: gca yours, now. IlHglies Grolcer.v, north side siiuare. llione .WG-.iOT; the Rev.' Krnest Foster, pastor of the Holiness church at Topeka. The body will be! taken to .Missouri for burial. .Mrs. .lolin Livingston of Chanute !>; here c'aring' fo^ her daughter. Mrs. John Moody, •who is ill at her home on .N'orth Oheslnul street. i Miss Marie Fisk lias accepted a p<'.'i(ioii at the Kres.s. Stori. I Wt'.y iiol a Maratlnoi Tire? They lalic tin' "ire" out of tire worries. Tire Repair Shop, IIC l''.ast Jackson. Phone 14G. .Max HarnJiarl has resumed his studies in Junior t'ollege after an ab.siliicc on aciount of illness. FAIR LAWN NOTEl^ (J. C. Nortoij) I have answered by mail ovir 40 inauirles about the soli survoy. 4t not being necessary to pubUsli'th& replies as their soil was the same as has been described already in the jftegister. In every case they state how they were interested in the review of the soil survey and crease' very rapidly. .Insteadijof pairing high freight, the crushed or powdered =llme rock can be delivered in each township by trucks. While burnt lime is the strongest, f rushed rocks will do the trick and can be easily deposited by spreader or seeder and drill. To-start criishing limestone, no building;; arc needed, no expense except for the machinery, labor and PAGE THkEE dll express their appreciation of i trucks to deliver It. th>* work done at Washington by o!ir past Senator, the editor of ^his Pflper. . Brock Lainbetii. who .^wants to , Here is a wonderful chance for capital to return- a good revenue. Plenty of rocks. large demand, prices fa-ir. what better could one want? The third of that famous trio- Fall, Dohenyiand Sinclair—linally has gone to trial. Charged with contempt of the United States Senate. Har<-y Sinclair, big oil and race horse man. faces a District of <'(dumbia Court at Washington. Willi sjiecial prosecutors Atlee I'omereue. and Owen J. Roberts hoping for a sptjedy conviction. Teapot Dome, leasin gof wMiich caused the investigations, also is I piclureil above. Charles La\'ern'e, sou of .Mr. and Mrs. V. Minor., who has been ill. is repotted as'gelling along nicely. .Mr.-,. .Vellie Parkeif retiirncfi hoine -Mrs. Dave .Moye,r. and? daughter ! from Humboldt today after a short JCettie. liave gojicV^ to ;Peltisrew| I vi.-it with relaXivcf .•\rk..-'where thc-.v will re.-^iile ciii | j their farm. Mr. .Mover will join them there later. >ollee I. «». 0. V. 21, 1 — I'lease lie at (lie- Mall at —JuBt like Angel Pood Cake, Van Hoozer'a Bread. 2 for*16c. .Mrs. .•V'owliln. of Si'" Smith C'iiest- iKll .'••Iri-it. is unable to be at her o'clock Thursday .to alieiid the- fun- 1 worl; at Thayer's Crocery on ac- er.ll services of ISro. F. T. Van 1 coliiit. of illness. ' Hoozer at Chiirc 1. the First .Melhodist 1 FrosUcji Your lilarmenls for iipring wear by <lyein(;. Call ns for information. A bleson Cleaners I'hone 10', ' * . . . Mr. and .Mrs. Clai-i'ncc Logo of Richmond. Kans.. wefe here visiting .Mrs. I.oge'sl parents.' .Mr. and .Mrs. S. P. Cptou, T,21 .North Jefferson av^Miiie. .Miss .Maxilie Kent is ill at h r • lionu! at 'ill: .Vortli Jeffersjni a-.e- nue. .MaxineUs a siiidiMit at Junior high ct Iiool. ; ; h. II. ZOhl.AKS, .\'. C. Hilly .McCain ol Jla -i .scli lias been' ill with the liieaslet. • Carl Fi'cdeilcli.soii of 'r 'Hikdw a,: OUIa.. iu vlsKlnv' Ir'ni'l* aiel rcla-i Hves in lohi. . . , —Dr, A. B. Twarieil, Osteopath New Qlobe Bldg. Thone 191. • « • • F. L. n. LEAVEIJi. M. D. • Speilal nltenilon given..Dla- cascH of Colon and Reelum, Fleet ro-The'riipy and , PliyHlolhenipy. Offlcelola Stale,Hank Bldg. I'hones-in and 705. Ben Anderson, the famous one- trip plumber has had to send ii:s Vt .m Service ••ar to (he lio.ip .'.tl. Bea says the ijiagnosis of the Ford doctor I reveals the fact that the car is suffering with aiv aggravated case; of appendicitis and may have to liave the appendix romovc-J. (ieiie .Nodgren, inanagejr of the Spot Cash Shoo store at l|nnilj.oldt, was an lola visitor last evtu'.ng. .•^Ir. and .MrK. RalpJi f^ee una .Mis.s Thclnia Wilhelm attended the .Modern Brotlierhiiod of American lodge at Fori Scott lust night. .Se-/er i' new membei> were adinit'eil l'.> ] member-.hip In the lo<lge. ; Word WHHi received from .\rle»'a. ! i .New .McxIiO Ibis ni(n-niiig U the i effect that !.Mid W. Fuller who Uifnl and "extensive groveiof cedari I trees need any lime oi' special care.! QLD ELSMORE ,as he knows of many that are very, s.-Otha Ford and Verne p.-.Ie and ^ome of thetn 'ly-ng rap-^ (,^,^.^1, ^.^„p,, ja,„es Colwell j idly, and he is afraid lor his trees, j ^1^^^,!^^^. i The north half of hi.s farm is i LauryPage was a Morau visit- I Sedgwick clay loam or red land ioi-Thursday afternoon, {and his handsome grove of cedars! Mr. and ".Mrs. .Albert Deraerritt 'fire growing on this kind of soil, -jhave returned from Te .xas where Of all trees that need lots of they, spent the winter, and are lime th<- cedar is the'most needv. i moving to the farm just vai;ated They are a native of a hilly and | by George Beaman. lime stony bluffs where thev seem i 'lazd I'^KO spent Thursday cy- to thrive wiihonl any soil except": •^"'"S with Heiilah Alderman, rocks ! -^''"S. Kd Olson and little duugh- ThJy never do well on our Whit. ij-^HX^^'""-' land: l<,ok pale: are tnmbkd with, g j, st^„, ^ Saturday ! rice, and dio young.. The remedy I Winifred IS to put., lime rocR around them! watson and Miey will devour it and get a| .vf^^ plove Colwc^l spent Fri- dark sreen healthy color. ; .i-,,. „ip,,t with Mr. and .Mrs. Verne On .Mr. Lambeth's soil his cedars! Col well, can easily go dp»n to an enor-1 .Mr. and ."Mrs. Webb Price took moiis supply of limestone and heisunday dinner \vith .Mr. and .Mrs. will never have to worry about' L. O. Ford iand faiWIy. tliem as they will take care of '.Mr. and Mrs. Emniett Johnson ! themselves. .'""d Fern spent Sunday with Mr. .Many of our trees and hedges oii'jand .Mrs. Winifred Watson. . white ashy land along our cement! Mrs. L: O. Ford called on Mrs. 1 road will now take oil new lile' Brightly Sunday evening, u -s they will literally devour the! .Miss Mabel Brightly was a Hum- jsVab in the iroad. In Illinois the j Inildt sho|>per one day last week. I .statement i .4 made that the; corn j beside the road is deEiroying IheJ tenieut liigliway. i Tlie south half of .Miv Lambeth's land is Oswego .?ill loam, a .Mrs. W. • Ji -Murray, of Sprlng- fielcj. .Mo., is jhcre lor :i short visit Iwilli .Mr. and .'Mis. W. J. .Murray. went there Isometiimv ago Tor the ^"'f'. ^^caniore SI. ibenefll/of Ills health. Is ;,reatly ! I liniuoved and Is able to sit ti|i a ^^i" •'' A. iBIxby. liiK Fast .Madi- Igood part of the day. Thi.^ Mews;>"'i' avi-nue. i ;eturne(i home Sunday will be r-eei \eu by his lola i. -r ml.'i O'om Kmporia where .she vlsilcd with mil II pleasure. Mrs. .1. 1,. Siiiith and son.-Jerry.; her daiighteri .Mrs. Rii .sisell Carlisle and raniily. . , .Miss Ruth CilkPrson. bookkeep- ' ! ftaiinard Sti-nford of Colonv was of t"'!' South Walnut street, who er for Shannons, spent SumlaV ai i .Mr. and .Mr.;. Staiisliiiry of I..i- Ihe guest of friend.^ in lola i;,st 'lavc been visiling'Ireirniother and Lawrence visiting her friend. .Miss i j jarpe spent Sunilay with their evening. ; maiidinotlier in (Iswe .to, Kansas. Rmh Bougi'* m. Idaugliter, .Mrs-. Roy .McDonald and iMrs. Fred Calvert of Colonv was, have returned home. ! — , family, a business visitor in lola ycstei:-; ~ „ , ' ! **' •^'" • ' — ,lav . ! —Dr. l-red ANoodbur.v, graduate | Springfield, Mo., are moving to a' ^. (• n-nnilion who has ,;f"ot specialist. Trctats corns, bun-• suburban home near Cas City, for ,„.;.„ ;„.n,.Kriii .her at ' tlie Farm ],1 .,I ions. weakeiKMi arches, etc. .\o extra j which .Mr. (Ilore recently traded. , . i ., — If you want to biiv (ir biiiln .i,,- - - _ - ,„ .„.. v...,. home. The lola^ Building & h„ani '•''''"•«e for resideiii!e calLs. I'hone | .Mrs. Clore is a daughtir of A.«.soclatloii willloaii y..u the mou-; ^I'fi. 217 West .Madison. -Mr. and .Mrs. C. K. Lehman o: .VH ey. easv ivriiis. no commissions. I —I i-Vcn-th Walnut street. Organized in IS.S.-,. .Now located 1 -Miss Mary Crew.; a junior at Ot-.| — southwest torner of siiaaie. (!. K. J'*'*^"" I'niversity. has liee'n chosen; Miss Carrio Clayton, tenclier in Pees, Sec'y. j a iii'rniber of the ca.»;i in th'annual j the Columbus High .-school, came iclass-play this yi-ar. .She is the j up Friday evening for a week end Mis .s Maud Deeley of Hie Kansas 'daughter of -Jir. aiid .Mrs, W. F.,i vi.sit : nitlii her paronls. .Mr. and State Agricultnrar (dlbfje. who;f'rew of als Jackson avetiue. has beeii working here in coiukv- i tlon with til.' Farm Bureau, leiiirii- - •^1'^'= of (fin N'orth ed to Manhallun im the Oil Fiver,'<""<'•• returned to her studies last night. •'""ior College after a few;ilays ' ; ; - ; illness. .Mrs. l.iila .Cideman is planning ~ to make improvements on,her prop- —^f- Montgomery, rblropmr^tor. erty at ll2o North Sy.anior.- si reel Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. Ibis spring. ' ~ ; .Mrs. .R. C. .tones, who has been .lust fi 'iciveil a ear of Red spr 'nrlipg the past.two months with River OJiio Seed PoIiiIim's. The, li<-r parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. Harney in'ice- is i -lijlil; get \riiirs now. i .Seals last of lohl. started on the Hughes Orocer.v. noilh side siiiiare.' noon train lodiiy for her home in I'lioiie .'(Ol)' .'lOT. iSfiii Diego. Calif. ! Bureau offic| for the |tast two years, has r.!;-ii:iied and with her lilisband i.s moving to a farm near Icda. .Miss Klsie .Maddux has taken her place: in the office, beginning her ilnlie.-^ this iiioriiing. Tile Tu-.n*ielh Century Sewing I . We wI4)'.Io express oni! heiiit I T|ie Rev, J. W.Coi n.'pa-lor of C^.pl.iln Ji '.I Sll.sirs, ol felt thanks and iil.prertation lothej,,,,. Se.-oi,-l l!ai.l'..l . h.neh nl S..'l<i.,n...,, Ci.v. duislonni he.-fei'aiy nuiiiy friend), and nelghlioi-H . for | .i,,..,,,),. ,^ ,,,„ ,, ,,,„ weel,,„r iIm- .^„|. ai 'ien .Vrmy lor Kfinsas. reg.s. ,, .Mrs. ; B. F. Clayton of 215 South; club had a laeeiing at Lallarpe Fourth street. ithis afternoon. .Several. iiieihb'ers 'I . — from lola attended. i .r. J. Wennessy has moved from i — ::»7 South Oak street to r.0!» South, I.. W. Tracewell. mechanic at the: Cottoinvood street. K. C. Plnmldiig \- Klectric Co..' — • ,inade a liusiiie.<s trip to Humboldt j The Dean Transfer Co. drovi- to today. i 1'arsons today with a truck load i i . . of Shady Brook bulti-r for some I '.'^li's. Ceiie Sinclair of .Mildred ' of the grocery merchants (IIi/tc. ' was -sboppiiii; in lo^a yesterday. | Shaily BroO-k is "Hie butter that ' . - , belters the hread." i Flliel Payne, (if Lallarpe.; — , was sliop|iin,i in lola yesterday. Marietta D.vgard "Of 2ii2 .South! - • First siri'et Is at tbi- homo today i -^'i'*- ''OPenliig with an attack of the measles. ; liavo gone to Cata-iiia, Texas;; where j •lliey are vbiiliiu llieir ilaflgliler.' 'I'he V.-lle,| f.npty ale (he Tay-^ 'li"-^'"''' ^'i- f-irl'ei-. ^ • Mr. and Mrs. Maysh Thotiipsoii of - Nehral^ka City. Nelir.. were hi-re f< r file funeral of .Mrs. .Marsh's fallieK Frank Mills. /Ray Roniliie of Cliaiiiile" s ;»enl Monday evening at the. home of Charley Rogers; 4:!0 Soiilli' Ki 'ii- lucky street. ; white ashy land, and needs lime. .Some think 1 !im wrong when 1 say the red land needs no lime. They think cooslant cropping has used up the '. lime in the red land. If I am j wrong 1 will he one of the first to. admit it when it is jiroven 1 am | wroiii;. ! ! What is the caii^e of our red land • and why wilf om; farm have red ' land and white land side by side'.' | Hen-; is the answer: Whenever; our shale Is drifted to more ilianj I five feel over the lola liinestoiiel I tile siirfaee soil is not iiftected by' I the limestone and the soil is white jasby land. Whenever Hie ijhale, is ilr'fteil over the lime to less than: i rive feet the •'oil is our red ^oil. I Rock materials .go into soUitiim.; stub as salts of lime and magnesia [ and are depositeil in the subsoil; I wherever the soil is less than five J feel over the rock, iind our plant | ' roots easily reach down to plenty i of lime. j in otlier wqrds. you nuiy n.ot hit rocks with the idow in white ashy ; laud, but you are liable to hit them anywnere in red land. .Many acres Jot red land inotir county have only about twolto three feet Of soil over the lime rock and some farms have ' the lime riM -k nearer the surlace than that. Lime stones are carried ; away in solution and the matter • that they, contain goes to form a!| clay soil like our red'aoil. ] Thus", when our shales lie shal- | low on our lime rock, our red, land j has resulted'from disintegratibn of ;tlie limestone and the linie content ;' •of the soil is large. The original lime content of our white ashy land was deposited in the surface of the 'soil by migration while the lime was in solution and il moved over tin- surface of lh!> soil with the slope of the land, and this surface lime ha.-i all been useil lip in constant croiiping aii 'd now needs limestone applied to it. There is not a lounship in'".\lleD county that has not got an escarpment, of lime roc-k. iir some sioiiy land that could be cruiln^d up fine lo be used- In a drill. Here is a wonderful opeiiiiig for some one to inake sonii>, money. JiiJ -t set lip a crusher and pile lip the fine criislK-d limestone and me(*t Ihe local demand wlilc-li Is iiuile. a ilctnaiid now- and will in- Keep Eliminative System Active Mrs.D.D.Wmiam9 Hannibal. Md.—"My dangbter was wonderfully benefited by taking Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, also a relative gives melas^ surance that it was a wonderful benefit to her, and others I cbnld mentiom So 1 am influenced to^believe that the 'Favorite Prescription' is by far the best tonic and nervine on the inarket and 1 iam now glad to recommend it."-^Mrs. D. D. Williams, 3141^ Mark Twain Ave. i All dealers. Large bottles, liquid, $1.35; tablets, $1.35 and 65c . Send 10c to Dr.-Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.; if yoa wish a trial package tablets and. write! 'for free advice. CtHtd Health Requires Good Elitni' ttatioru O NE can't feci well When there is a retention of poisonous waste in the blood. "This is called a toxic condition, and is apt to make one tired, dull and languid. Other symptoms arc sometimes toxic • backaches and headaches. That the kidneys are not functioning properly is often shown by scanty or burning pa.i.iaec of secretions. Many people have learned the valiic of Doan'a Pills, a stimulant diurct ic, when the kidneys seem functionally inactive. —I Evcrywlirrc one finds enthusiastic /Toon's U^jcrs.-/Isrc your neighbor.' DOAN'S ^1^^ Stimulaat Diantie to thm Kidnayu your throat soothlsd ^l head cleared, cough ^-e* lieved—^by the exdnsjytt > menthol hieod in 5e LUDEH'S MBNTBO& COOOB OROM Itohing, Irritations oftheSkinjaMSc^ Use Zcmo, H(?aUng Liquid ' Don't suffer shame of uRly, itchy skin. Never endure Skin jTorturcs and Irritations. Banish Pimples, Blotches and Blacklieads. Apply­ pendable Zemo Liquid. .Use at any . time. The safe, sutie way to keep skin clear and free from bleihishes. Atdrtig- gists—60c and $1.00. j zem0 FOR SKIN IRRlTATiOISli Where Men Are Skyscrapers * *«.««* : .\nieriiiui Tflcphonr & 'leie- ' unijih Co.—Bell Srvii-m LIOUi IMndend Xlie r.egiilar Muarterly <livi- *• deiid of T \vo Dollars and ' Twenty-Five qents (ler share will be paid on • * .\pril 1.-.. 1327. to stockUohl; • ers of record at the close of . • business on .March IT,. isiT. * H. BL.MK-SM1TH. Treasurer. ' '• ! ; ' ,' ; ^ Prof. d. i^. Johnson, one of Aiiier- ' lea's greatest tenor singers, who is '.at the head: of the vocal training department of the Community Serv- ii-e. Inc.. with heatiguarters at New ' I'ork City! passed through lola last night on his way to Parsons. Kans. •KVhile here he lookeil up G. R. Richardson of : the I'anta'toriuni. ^ who' was; an asiiociate worker with him! in th«; developing of the chopl department of the'local branch at Parsons. —Are you trying for the Kolvi- nator Electric Refrigerator? It's Free!. See K. C. Electric and Plumbing Co. ' j • jThe Rev. 0. Fsnitmd minister j at.rthe. Second Raptist chur<li at : Dodge City, was compelled to come ' home to recuperate from an lljness 1 . , of pneumonia. He is reported to j ^'t'w York has her tall Duildings, but Texas and Kansas claim the honors .;be recovering nicely. While lier,» i ff-r grownup men. Young Jacob Erlach (left). 8 feet 6 Inches up, la one he received a call lo. the Huptlst i Of t 'ne higlrspots you ought to see when you gel to El Paso. Tex. In the n'iulil and c-opifi rreil,;ibe iniiialory •ii.-;:ree niio.rt llirei; lairdidali-s. | ! .Miiiiil • ^< » enl V iiiemlicr.s allendeil. i Celie Itavis of Parsons iiioloieil ; 1 . . - j over today for a Hiort visit with \ |.; (;j|, was in Carnelt to-j f""'*"'"'"- !i |;iy as a witness in a; ease wlierein ! ~~ vthe .Mo. I'aei Itailroad Co. is de-j The Thos. Koiithard Coinpaiiy of; f,.„,|.,,„t-in a iilaiiiage suit. An i\v-\ .<t. 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This has enabled me to select such ingredients and in such propoAion as in my opinion will produce not only a loss of weight without harm and an improvement in health, but with it an alleviation of all of the troublesome symptoms' which frequently accompany and often are a direct result of overstoutncss, such as.shortness of breath on slight exertion, palpitation of the heart, etc., not to speak of the relief from theembarrassinent of being too stout. .Stout i>crson9 suffering from such jliscases as t hronic Kheoinati -im, ("<out, Kczema,* .Asthma add high blfMid pre:ssurc arc greatly reljcved by a reduction of their siifjcrfluoiis fat. j I \fy treatment.will relieve that depressed, tired, sleepy feeling, givingyoittM renewed energy and vjgor which corneas arc.^ultof thelossof superfluou* (at. If you are overstout do not po.-itpone but ait down right now and lend for .iy FREE TRIAL TREAT.ME.NT and my plan whereby I am to be PAID O.N'LY AFTER REDUCTIO.V H.VS TAKE.N PLACE if you ao desire. DR. R. NEWMAN, 286 Fifth Ave., New York — Desk O hour program every .Monday. Wed-..Mr. Cibson was ca iiesday and Friday fro'm 11': 1.'. to-,;,..,|{,. ,., |,ietii're of t IMMi p. ni. frpm Station KCM.X. St. |.,. js railed in the <jase to explain! iddition to the noon- ,i„. picture to the: jury. The acci- II. It will he on the ,| .,„ oeeiirr.-d ai a ,crossing near onnty. Joseph. In hour pi-ograi| air ^ ehi'.reh at Uarden City. Kans. This . iniikes three calls for Uev, hjsinoiid »*!thlii a year and while jie is hold- j'ng his prcKnnl cliarKe' at Dodgi' City. • tenter Is Miss Floieuce Klein, of El I'a»io, a slate American Legion Auxiliary officer. To the right )s .Siaiej Senator H. Vi. Behrcns. ot Lludou, Kas. He is 6 tikx 7 Inches aboVt soil and one of the reasons wby the Kausait kgliilaturc is IryrnK to blave aU hotel beds uutUe nlua 'fixl luui:..! ir each Wednesday evening from fireelev in .\ndersoi ce :0(rto t>-.:',(i i>. 111. Thos. \V. South- i ard 'will iiersonallv address his Mrs. ratriel; l.leffern. who last I many eiistoiilers and friends, and w.--k ill at her bom.' at i Ids aili'.ress be lull of the most ni Kast .M- nroe stnet. is able to 'valuable iDiiJtry intormaiioii. es- |,. ;,| r work as lioo^-keeper at Ii"cij.!ly tin- t|:e care'and feeding i>! loiji l.anudry. baby <-hick--. . — >lr. K. P. Fuller is reported to Walter Hamilton. Charles May i,..((niie sick at his bmno. Hi- seems .-ind j!-W. Reynolds motored .ilown i„;he threatt -ned wiili fev.-r of to the Oakland school, just south sonte kind .-liriM- iiarlially reiover-^ of Humboldt, last night. where j„i. from tbi' flu. wiili which he i they were joined by Ceo. L. Waite. suffered last; we. k. ! and the iiuartet assisted in giving a- comniiiniiy program, which is a \ regular event with the folks of this ; prosperous school ilislrict. The Oakland orchestra, ilirecled by Mr. Walte had a big part in the |>ro- gram. .Mr. 'Hamilton contributed a , bass solo number, and readings and , a playlet were inte.rspered between , the nin.sical numbers. Refresh- . ments were dispensed at the dose of the entertainment. T?he brothers and sisters of the late Floyd H. Vanl'loozer who are here for the funeral are Mrs. John Klsenbarger of .Martinsville. Mo.- N'rs. P. H.WaltersofOlney Springs. Colo.. L. D. VanHoozer'of Yates; Center. .Mrs. F. T. Crahani of-Haw--' kins. Wis., F. L. VanHoO/er of Kan-, ^as City. .Mo.. .Miss Elsie Vanlloozer : >f lola. and .Mrs. L. M. Diinioij. De-^ troit. .Mich, Oth^r relatives here for the funeral are' John Kiseii-1 bfruer, .Mrs. F. L". \'iiiiHooz.'r. 11 C.j Klnnifield of Hothany. .Mo. t:arl I Duitnsk.v'and ''lordon Uulir.skv and .Mount r)iiliii.'').-v of .\ecs '"i KalH ; .Mrs. L. "I». .'.mil .to; i -r o,' .Yati • 1 Center and .Mi'.^. loee i,re. ii.iiii ot : ) Kansas City; .Mo. [ When You, Feel a Cold Coining On winlnei Gripj Inflaenza and numy Ihira- moma* btfgia as a commoii cold. PHqaSOd. til* boxbMn tU« stcutai* .metallic bous. tolrd «ith Blue W ' ,«lblMi. TakaMMlMr. »«y v BRAIVn l'iLt ».«tnr4 «rank <ie« •t tlMt. Sa .'ot Rciitbte. Bar Vitwl, •ni t. OKUGGISTS BVEanriEif r FID SMASH itI ;. It'* tlw weakened, jmn-dowa eoaldition that u tiibl* to Ba. Keep yoarttnmach' r^ht aod . NatnnwOl keep yoa fit. "Tlui more than 30-year-old temedy, tntd and provra, MAKBS your Momacfa do'it* job . • i . kecptbright. Askyoordnig- gistfer : Dillindham *s Planr Juice Nature^ Orii^lnal Time-Teited TONIC Am CLEANSER Stif*, plitant, and iaty la Isit SPRING IS JUST AHEAD Wc Jii'c c(|iiipi)C(l to (it) any repair ,]f>h, I.irgoor .small.' pise Sharpening, Plow Work, General Farm Repairing and Blacksmithing F. G. LAWYER'S SHOP I 12 Norlh Walnut Phone 119 RE-CREATE YOUR OLD DIAMOND PIECES Dr)ublh.'.s.>< you havt? a tlianioinl in your .'^afety box which— .tlic .SL 't'-.inH'.s- are out oi"" date—you tici iif)t wear. Why not brin^ it to out: .'•tore and let u.s .submit—without obligation-^desiKn.s for moderriizinjf it with a new^etting of white gold -or platinum ? The cost i.s very low and.a .startling effect i.s achieved when an old-fa.shioned ring is transforrned into a modern setting. White Gold Settings .$10.00 Upward JEWELER-OPTOMETRIST For Gifts That L(i4—Consult Y'on,: jcucler

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