Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 25, 1963 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1963
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWENTY-TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1963 DAVID CRANE By Creig Flessel DELIGHTFUL.,,/WD WEVE DECIDED SOMETHING WELL, DID VDU TWO 1THAT (YE KWNT TO TELL WE'VE DECIDED THERE'5 NO POINT i IN WAITING TO GET M/flRRIED...I'VE THE LICENSE FOR SOME TIME.. KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola ToRTUREP BY FEAR AND CRAMPED MUSCLES, TOY FAN WAITS ENPLESS HOURS... UNTIL SHE HEARS THE HATCH COVERS CLOSEP DOWN... UNABLE TO ENDURE THE STRAIN ANY MEANWHILE...] IONSER, SHE OPENS THE CRATE'S HINSED SIPE- WALL AND WEAKLY .^•^v.—. CRAWLS OUT/.. .L^ggn-^ad \ Mr. /// «'•-' SSH/..OUR STAKE-OUT IS ABOUT TO PAY OFF,, JOHNNY/ FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry RASH...YOU RE NOT GOING THROUGH WITH THIS? THOSE WEAPONS! Y-YOU COULD BE KILLED! WHY HOT, RONALDO...? I'VE GIVEN HALI; MY DUKEDOM TO "FIX THE OTHER JOCKEYS! ALL BUT ONE.... ...WHO RIDES FOR THE DUKE OF PANTERA....THE PANTHER! YOUR SWORD WILL FIX HIM, SIGNOR FLASH...FOR IF YOU DIE, SO WILL SIGNORWA DALE I! HE'D BETTER NOT..! JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Bobbins APOUTTWO HUNPRE7 FEET DOWN, RR6IT, PEAR,,, SECURING THIS NYLON CABLE HERE,! CAN LOWER MY5FLF SAFELY AMP RECOUP THE 6EM CACHE.' ANP IF MOTHER EAGLE. PROVES BOTHERSOME „ THE RIFLE/ ANP THIS SMALLER ROPE*, TO PREVENT YOU FROM BECOMING BOTHERSOME, PEAR HR6IT' WHAT 15 YOUR PLAN OF ATTACK, EFRAM,» THE EAGLE'S NEST « EELOW HERE. YAH? THE SMITH FAMDLY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith COUNT MV eft NOW ON 3- UK George Mitthew Adim Semce, lac. 3-15 Sffi BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney FAMOUS LAST WORDS. ONE OF THESE DAYS I MUST GET AROUND TO CLEANING THESE ASPS OUT OF THE PALACE. PAD BLAME SNAKES f PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates / YOU'LL NEVER THEY SAY IT CAN'T BE DONE X BUT I'LL DO IT,' SOMEHOW I'LL FIGURE OUT WOMEN' { DO IT WITH A WELL, I/LLTELL YOU ONE THING... SLIDE RULE! DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney IN ANyMODEU VOLJ M/ieH,SIR.' OUT THE COUNTtfVf yes, we'D &e SLAO TO SIVE you A DEMONSTRATION STATION WAGON? you said ft! ' ... but why? "ON TICK" ... on the cuff; on credit. In use since about 1642, this term indicated a writ' ten document; a form of 1.0.U. It was simply a contraction of "on ticket," and the ticket was a promissory note or acknowledgment of indebtednest. I i BIG BEN By John Cnlten Murphy By A. LEOKUM What Is an Antidote? Win The 15 -Volume Britannica Junior Encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Mark Cruse, 8, Austin, Texas Nobody ever needs an antidote unless he has been poisoned. An antidote by itself has no meaning. It is a substance which prevents the action of a poison. And a poison is any substance which produces a harmful or deadly effect on living tissue. There are basically four kinds of poisons, divided according to the way they affect the body. Corrosive poisons (like strong acids), | destroy tissues locally. Irritant poisons produce congestion of the organ with which they come inj contact. The next kind of poison, neurotoxins, affect the nerves within the cell. And finally, the hemotoxins combine with the blood and prevent oxygen f r om forming hemoglobin. Carbon monoxide (such as comes from the exhaust of an automobile) is a hemotoxin. It causes death because the blood is deprived of oxygen that nourishes the tissues and brain. In treating cases of poisoning, .three things are usually done immediately. The first is to dilute the poison. This is done by having the patient drink as much water as possible. The next step is to empty the stomach, and this is done by inducing vomiting. Then a specific antidote is given against the particular poison. Antidotes act in several different ways in preventing the action of a poison. One way is by combining chemically with the poisonous substance and thus making it harmless. For example, ! Soda combines with an acid, vine! gar combines with lye. An antidote may also act physically by coating the mucous membrances with a protective layer. Olive oil and milk act as antidotes in this way. A third way antidotes may work is by absorbing the poisonous substances on the surface of finely divided particles. Charcoal acts in tills way. Some antidotes actually produce the opposite effect from the original poison in the body, and so they counteract the action of the poison. Of course, one of the chief things a doctor, tries to do in a case of poisoning is to eliminate the poison from the body, and there are many ways to accomplish this. The best rule to follow is prevention. Poisonous substances should be kept where children cannot get at them, and products that contain poison should be clearly marked and careful!; stored. FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. Why don't they make telephone poles any longer? 2. How do you make anti-freeze? 5 What should you do if your littl brother fell into a manhole? ANSWERS: 1. Because they're long enough now. 2. Turn off the heat in Aunty's room. 3. Go to the library and find a book on how to bring up a child. Win a Britannica Junior for Writing About— "MY MOST EXCITING DAY TIHS SUMMER I f What was your most exciting day this summer? Why was i> exciting? Write a short letter about it and you may win a 15- volume set of Britannica Junior Encyclopaedia. Important: entries must be addressed "Exciting Day," Tell Me Why, and give your name, age, and address. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's winner is: Margaret Trombley, Madrid, N. Y. Don't Alton Public Schools 9 report to the community in Saturday's Telegraph! DID HE EVER. KILL ANYBODY WITH IT, ANDY? AND ANtTY GRANT WAS KIND ENOU0H TO &RINS HIS ILLUSTRIOUS ANCESTOR'S SV/ORD TO CLASS.THINK OF IT, CHILDREN-THIS SWORD BELONSED TO 6ENERAL SRANT.' ACTUALLY WORK BY ©ENER/L ©RANT/ ANPY! 3 MUST SAY, 1 POW'T KNOW WHEW I'VE EVER BEEN SO THRILLED! LITTLE EVE By Jolita By George Sixta NINETY-SEVEN, NINETY-EIGHT. NINETY-NINE, " '"ONE'S, MISSING! SOMETHIN' LOOKS WRONC HERE/ -THIRTY-SEVEN ,TH 1RTY- EU5HT...THIRTY-NINE, FORTY, FORTY-ONE... By Carl Grubert THE BERRYS THE SENDER WANTS TO BE SURE THAT MAMA READS THEM/ OH, THOSE ARE J ADVERTISEMENTS WHY ARE SOME OF YOUR LETTERS MARKED PERSONAL ? HENRY By Carl Anderson MISS STEP'S PANCIMC5 SCHOOL. CU.R1— TRUDY "Mind if I try it out—it's for our little boy's room!" True Life Adventures HEAVE A TBIQ/OU? T3LJU- ei-EPHANT. MB i_ABOK)OUS)_y HEAVES H}& 4QQ fQUWS OF* T<O THB TOP; CROSSWORD By Eugene Sbeffer IZ i5 24- 4& 19 34 )3 2.9 41 17 35 33 3o 47 4z II 86. girl's nickname 39. classify 40. entertain 41. enliven 44. variety of lettuce 46. mythical king 47. herd of wholes 48. superlative suffix 49. take as one's own 60. printer's measures VERTICAL 1. Supreme Being 2. high card 8. legendary hero 4. tropical fruits 6. genus of . maples 6. Dutch cupboard 7. land measure 8. capital of Burma 9. San Answer to yesterday's puzzle. HORIZONTAL 1. breach 4. African seaport 9. steal 12. South American wood sorrel 18. nest-building fish 14. Guide's highest note 15. takes out 17. titles 19. avouch 20. Eskimo houses 21. assistants 28. Celebes wild ox 24. cut of meat 26, Cyclade* island 26, symbol for lutecium 28. Massachusetts cape 29. alarm signal 80. dance step 31. exists 82. worth 83. residence) 84. persuftd* 86. female horses PUL UAO PUORL OZ POliYZOO AEOYLBO. Yetterdfty'f Oryptoqulpi TROPICS ABB FAVORTOD TOPIC OF VACATION CONVERSATION, Avu>(0 time ol lolutlou: 16 mlnutet. (O 1063. King Feature* Syud., Inc.) 10. oU: oomb .form 11. edible fish 16. equal 18. exclamation 20. arm of the sea 21. Turkish, regiment 22. charged atoms 23. eagle's neat 25. funeral song 26. rich fabrlo 27. employs 29. South American bird 80. act of carrying 82. earthen. ware cupt 88, injure 86. damp 36. insignia of office 87. minor prophet 88. a violent blast 89. break suddenly 41. fuss 42. embrown 43. printer's measure* 46. term In

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