The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on March 26, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1892
Page 4
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SHAKES AND FLATS Kept up for years —tho offer that's m:ido by tho proprietors of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. It's addressed to you, if you liavo Catarrh. It's a reward of $500, if tboy can't euro you, no matter how had your case, ot of bow long standing—an offer that's mado in good faith by responsible men. Think what it means I Absoluto confidence) in their Remedy, or they couldn't alTord to tako tho risk. A long record of perfect and permanent cures of tho worst cases—or they couldn't havo faith in it. It means no nioro catarrh—or |500. If you \\\ to bo cured, you won't fail to Ce paid. But perhaps you won't believe it. Then tlicie's another reason for trying it. Show that you can't bo cured, and you'll get $500. It's a plain business offer. Tho makers of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy will pay you that amount if they can't euro you. They know that they can—you think that they can't. If • they're wrong, you get tho cash. If you'ro wrong, you'ro rid of catarrh. TWO [DTI.M mo* BIOK Till BMlRHtm. Once a fowler, yonnjr. Mid artlea», To the qnlet greenwood came; Full ol eklll waa be and heartlete In nnrenlt of feathered (tame. And betimes he chanced to K* Krna perching lu a tree. "What Mransre bird le that, I nonilerf Thougiu the youth, ami apread hit mare, Uroe, chuckling at the blander, Unyly scampered here and there, llo hie beet Ihfit rlmpleclod Could not enare the agile godl DlnbberinK. to hie aged matter Went the fowler in dismay, And confided hie dleneter Wl h Ihjit cnrlone bird that day: "Mai-lf r hit*! thon ever beard Of TO lll-dldponed a bird?'" "Hear of him? Aha, moat trutyt" t^uoth the master wllh a smile; "And thou, too, shall know him dnly— Thou art young, bnt bid awhile. And ola Kros will not fly from tby presence by and by I "For when tboa art somwhat older That same Kros Ihou didst see. More familiar grown and bolder, Shall become acquaint with tbee; And when Kroa cornea tby way, Mark my word, be comes to stay I" li. Once came Venus to me, brlnglog Kros where my cattle fed— '•Teach this little hoy yonr singing, Gentle herdsman. Venne said. 1 »a» yonng—I did not know Whom It was that Venus led •• That was many years ago I In a lu&ty voice bat mellow- Callow pedantl I began To instruct the little fellow tn the mysteries known to man; Sung tne noble cltbern's praise, Ann the flute ot dear old Fan, And the lyre that Hermes plays. Uuthe paid no heed unto me- Nnv, that graceless Utile hoy Coolly plotted to UDdo me With bis song* of tender Joy; And my pedantry o'erthroxn, Hnner was I to employ II Is sweet ritual for mine own * Ah, these years of ours are floecingi \m I have not vuliily wroughll I He tartied to his friend, crying joy: ; ' . r; "I ace dark figures moving over the snow. They seem to be bornomen. Whatever tbey are, they ire coming thin way. Tbey are too tall to bo more wolves." Jean picked up the drum and bnat a wild tune, which went out over tho snow. It was answered by shouts, and botk could feo horsemen galloping for wad. "They are Cossacks!" whispered Antoine bin ahoulder to the door. Antoioe mechanically met them, firing away bi> last charge and droptng his weapon. In another moment n party of wild lookinar CcMsacka swo.iped down upon the but and Burraunded it while the wolves drew off. "Come out!" cried the Cussacks, "Come out. you are within! Surrender to the noltHer* of the great c»ir!" Jean and Antoirte opeu'"l the door and walked forth. When the Cossack" H»W the two hoys they set up n loud luugb, and their hetman, a fine-looking fellow, satirically touched bin cap in tho wny of a ealute. They had expected to capture a number of men soldiers "Yen, there is tho big wolf ou the roof," «aid Jean to An tone; and uure enough up there lay the gray monster, the cause of all their trouble. One of tho Cosiucks pulled the carcuBs from tbe roof and threw it on the snow, "Play for un," coanirinded the leader of the wild band. Jean and Antoine drew up togelber in the snow, and in a niomont tbe lively airs of Franco were wafted over tho dreary waste. Por a while (he faces of tbe Cos- sackit clouded. Hut at latt they Bwung their great cans over their hemU and cheered tbe boys of the Vonne. "You shall go back to your army," mill tho hetmsn. "Yon shall not ba taken to priBOn. You have been bravo. • Wo like bravo boy a like our own." The next duy tbe rear guard of the grnnd iirniy *aw approaching them with a FARM AND HOME. sickne«s, but as a rule they destroy the fa tare usefulness of the birds. Grit—good sharp grit—is the article that gives good health. Look at the number of cttfes of lvASOlTAOK. NO PLACE FOR BOYS. Vutararlama ?reep Into oar Language Kven by Iho Cultured. . It is curimis to note whnt vulgarisms indigestio , all owing to the fact that the creep into the American language, even in fowls have not the proper material to mas j the langeii|/o spoken by well educated, rot What can a boy do, and where can a boy stay, 1! he always ie told to get out of the way? He cannot sit here and he mnst not stand there. The cushions that cover lhal fine rocking chair Were put there, of course, to be seen and admired; And a boy has no business to ever g°t tired. The beautiful roses and (lowers that bloom On the floor ot that darkened and delicate room. Are not made to walk on, at least not by boys; Tho house la no place, anyway, for their uolae. Yet bova must walk somewhere; and what If their feet. Kent ontot our houses, sent into tbe street, Hhould step round tho corner and panse at tbe door Where other boys' feet have paused often be fore; Should pass through the gate-way ot glittering I licht. Where Jokes that are merry and songs that are brig'jt Ming out a warm welcome with nattering voice, And temptingly say, "Here's a place for the boyaJ" Ah I what if they should t Wbat if youi boy or mine Should cross o'er the threshold that marks out tbe line •Twlxt virtue and vice, 'twixt pureness and sin, And leave all bis innocent boyhood wlihinf Ol what if the^ should, because you ami f, While the days and the months and the years hurry by, Are too busy wllh cares Bnd with life's fleeting Joys, To tnttke round our hearthstones a place far the boys? There's n place for the boye. They will And It somewhere; Anil if our own homos are too daintily fair For the touch of their Angers, the tread ot their feet, They'll And It, and And It, alas! In tbe street, 'Mid the glidings of sin and thf glitter of vice, And with heartaches and longings we pay a dear price, Por the getting of gain that onr life-time eov ticate the food. lnJigeition is often taken for cholera. Lime makes egg shells. Along with the material to manufacture the e«g, lim; must be given to make the shells. A certain per cent, of lime is found in the grains, but we liberally feed oyster I to another, shells to supply the balance. Keep the birds in a good condition neither too fat nor too lean—and there will be less sickness and more eggs. Half starved hens can neither remain healthy nor lay oggB. It is false economy to cut down the rations. Lw corn and more wheat is tbe bitter policy. The hcience of feeding is not in (tinting the fowls, but in giving I hem as much us tbey can eat of the proper feed. In other words, for eggs stimulate the hens with such grains as wheat Mid o\ts—as much as ibey will cut up clcun. For growing flesh, give them all the corn they wish. Stimulation in the right way is tbe proper thing to do THK HOUSKIIOLlJ. to Bay cultured people. Just at present the ear is harrowed by a phrnsf, orrulher word, much usrd by our belles who iw- sist afternoon hostesses at that function called a ''ten." "My dear," s.iys one gir! I'm invited to pour for Mrs. Commonwealth nexc Wednesday." "Oh, are you? Well, she asked me to turn, but 1 had another enengcmi'nfc." Heiiven and earth, 1 thought, what is the meaning of pour" and "turn? ' It. was sometime before tbe verbs and their implied noun made a connection in my bruin, and then the desire to stand these young woman in a corner was so intense tbat 1 retired to avoid a demonstration. The century has a "Cr"*c'e^t"'on"eVeryrriViig' iliey mhie and publish. Look for it, send tlicm the name The Only One Knr Printed—Can Ton Wtml tile WottlT There Is a 3 Inch display advertisement In lids paper llils week which lias no two words alike except one word. Tlio mine la true ot ench new one apt>earlrirrcft<.'li week from The llarter Medicine Co. This house places - .'"'id ' ' of the word, and they will return you BOOK, iiBiUTit UL UTuooKarus or SAUPLSS rax*. You can flatter any man by telling him that you know htm to ho a man who b not caally flattered. Mjtrje i» Look l.lkn Mew. Dresses, Cent's Clothing, Feathers, Oloves, )yed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto Pletcb'sDye \Vorke,2»d \Y. etc., Stean . Water St., Milwaukee. Bend tor circular. He (proudly)—"My motto Is live and let live." She (wearily)—"I wish It was sleep and let sleep." ClUOJH & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., will send, postpaid, for 2 Dobbins' Electric Soup wrnp- I icrs and ten cents, any volume of "Surprise Series," (best authors), '27> cent novels, about 200 page*. Send 1 cent stamp for catalogue. Love came at dawn when all the world was fair, When crimson glories, bloom, and song were rife: Love came at dawn when bopo's wings fanned tbe air, Anil murmured, '.'[ am life." Love came at even when the day was done. When heart and brain were tired, aud slumber* precsed; Lore came at eve, shut nut tbe sinking sua. And whimpered, "I am rest." love. ploys, If wo full in providing s place for the boys. A place for tbe bovs—dear mother, I pray, ' ' sni " ort earthly Since today 1 am repeating What dear lesson* Eros uinght; Love and always love, and then- Counting all things else for naught- Love and always love again 1 cares settle down round our way, Don't let us forget by our kind, loving deeds white Hag a troop 'of wild horsemen of tbo To sbow^ we ^remember ibelr pUneures steppes, Bud tbe regiment to which Jean Though our souls may be vexed with the prob and Atoine belonged was overjoyed to re- lem» ot life, • - " ' " And worn with besetmenta and THK MIO OKAY WOLF. This GREAT COUGH CURE, this success, tal CONSUMPTION CURE I« sold by dru|- I ceive once more into the rankVthe little 1 musicians. Tbe boys endured the horrors of thut retreat, and in after years, when they sat with old playmates under the spreading Napoleon's victories had set all France ^ces of the village aud related stories of ablaw with military glory. Jean Potoir Napoleon si l.fatcd campaign, they never und Antoine Savary were French boys of f« jd to tell how they fought the big tbe department of the Yonne. They shared " olf a " d h , l ^ k ' ""d 1hmr re " iUe b * tho I everything, were nearly always to- Cossack of the Don. gelher. Ju-t before tbe invasion of Russia by | the emperor,_a number of recruits belong- and toiling and strlle, Our hearts will keep yonnger-your tired heart and mine— tf w-* give them a place lu their Innermost sbrlne; And to life'a last hour 'twill be one of our Joys That we kept a small corner, a place for the boys. FAItM Mom. 80U1SD AOVICK. rtitaon a positive guarantee,* test that no other Curt canrtand JucceMtullf- J{ Z\ m « T0 , ,HEVL ! LA K6 ^ 9 , R » ^J' 0 ^*' 1 ,.^.^? COUGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, It rill cure you promptly. If your child has ths CROUP or WHOOPING COUGH, use it mlckly and relief Is sure. If you tea CONSUMPTION, don't wait until your case is hope- W, but take this Cure at once and recelv* Girnediate help. Price toe and $ Ask your druggist forSHlLOH'S CUKE. If your lungs are sore or back lame, uss Bhiloh's Fortius I'l.-istf-. That Bearing- Down Feeling Thousands of delicatt women and girls doino housework, or employed in stores, mills, facta ries, etc., where they are continually on their feet, suffer terribly with different forms of female diseases, e a p e c i a 11 y "that bearing-down fecfing," backache, f.iintness, dizziness, etc. LyJia E. Pinkham's VtaetMt Compound will relieve all this quickly and permanently. It has permanently cured countless cases of Female Complaints;, Ovarian troubles, Ot^mc Diseases of the Uterus or Womb, I.eucorrhUM, Inflammation, Kidney Complaints, etc. In success is wot Id-famed. All Orugclitf ii-ll It, or lent by, in rutin "f I'ilh ot ' tasflittcii. on K.-Hl.tfill** I .!>!>. I.l»«t Mil., sic. I.'otrr- _ ^_ idJt,-.. hi cunllihiirt, / *, tlOJU E. I'INKllAH Mil), CO., j<O....IPlff.->».— I.Y»M, iUCB, ^»*«-OJ •"""•••<• Given by Actor Florence to a Stnare-titraok Girl. A pretty story related of the lamented Florence is that of an episode with a Uage-struck young woman. Coming out of tbe tbealre in Boston one evening after a performance a young woman timidly approached him, saying as he paused to listen: "Mr. Florence, will you tell me when I can come and see you about going on the stage?" Taking in tho situation at a glanco tbe actor replied kindly: "Why, yes, at, the hotel to-morrow morning at 12 o'clock," Punctually at tbat hour tho would bi actress wus shown in. She was evidently a simple bred girl, fiiBciniitid with the gla­ mor of footlights. With entire ignorance homo for a visit, and the two boys bbard their stories of the last onmpuign. As Jean could beat tbe drum, and Antoine was an excellent fifer, the recruits begged the parents of the boys to let them go to the army and share in the glory of taking the capital of the czar. The parents agreed, and when the recruits went back the boys went too, and wero accepted by the mustering officer. He said he needed a good drummer and fifer, and was glad to see them. Long before they reached Moscow both had become prime favorites in the regiment. It was a dreary time for tho French army when it started away on that famous retreat from the city of the czar's, Wintor «—. ~- „ , ...^^ had set in, tho earth was white with deep of what was expected of her she announced this is not best either for the consumer or f ace3 snows, tho air waB bitter and cold. Before berdesire hnishing naively: 1 mn,ll,l '»'- Thn »mo» rlnir .mBi who »,,n. \ .... they had gono far hundreds of Holdiera "And I thought. I'd come and ask you what 1 mus'. do first." You are familiar with jiotue playB, I Cow and Calf. When a cow is due to calve put her in a box stall a few days before the call! is expected, to that i -be will get used to her new quarters. If she is excitable after she culves don't go near her oftener than is necessary, and don't allow a stranger to go near at all. Poor Stock. If farmers were as CDroful to get rid of poor stock us to get rid of the weeds there would be a areat advantage gained. A scrub animal is on a par with a weed. It takes nourishment from better stock, and occupies room that could be lined more profitably with something else. Good flutter. The wholesale manner of making butter has led to a like method of distributing it Merev nnd truth are t><\ wingB of Life is nnido of hiuall things, us a body is built up of cdlls. It is as bid to steal a man's pence as it iB to take his money. A kind heart is like a fountain in the desert, it makes glad everythiug in its vicinity. To be penile and of a Hweet spirit is to have an army of augels working for you Ho that handleth a mntter wifely shall find good: and whoso truatcth in the Lord, happy is his. One of the main planks in every Christian's platform ought to be an undying purpose to be merciful and true. If you want to h«ve plenty of opportuni ties for doing good, bo sure that you do not neglect the first one. Some men get a reputation for bravery just because they are able to conceal how scared they are.—Somcrville Journal Talent, skill and force are invaluable qualities iu human character, but without self-reliance they are like excellent tool having no handles. II BLP Tonnsst.» TO O KT K ID of that Cough or Cold, or any Astbniiillt' or Throat Trouble by UBlng Dr. D. Jaync'a Kxpcctorant. The sweetness of the uses of adversity Is one of the things bcsl understood by contemplation from a dlslitdcf. D ON'T Tiiirt.B WITH Arrxcrions of tbe tlirtint uml lungs. Take llil.a's UoNIT ov llimr.iiouKii AND T AR. I 'IKC'S T OOTUACUS Ditors Cure la one' .Minnie. ndeed grown old nnd lizy when the tongue fiiiiU so small n word as "tea" difficult of utterance. To pour tea i» about us simple n phr.ise as can be spoken, and to drop the final word tea is to render it intoleiably vulgnr. The custom at Urge afternoon receptions here ot having two i He—"You didn't know I wa» color blind, good looking girlB perform this service,] did your' She—"I suspected It from the generally imposed on Bervants tu well-up- neckties you wear." pointed housi's in London, is thoroughly American, nnd so too is the iilouiinable j fault which has grown out of it.—Boston Herald. American Htittlo hhlpn. If our navy is to be first class it need not bo large as compared with that of Great Britain, thouah it must b« composed of vessels qualified for tea fighting. Tho (loot should ciunpriso a miflicient number of (.hips of this type to meet any combination that could be bn.iiebt against it, either upon the Atlantic coast, in tbe Caribbean Sen or in the Gulf of Mexico. It is not 1 difficult to calculate the number of ships we rrquiie when we remember thut a European attacking fleet would have to come in suflicient force to overwhelm our vessels and leave itself strong rnoughtu continue operations. If, therefore, the number of battle ships tbat could be pared from the Channel and Mediterranean fleets for a hostile deuionstriition upon thi* coast be considered, mid this number be divided by two, we will get the uiinnium list of battle ships needtt' for tho protection ot our Atlantic sen board. Congress hus so far provided fir onescoiion class and three first class buttle ships. Mr. Tracy hus asked tor two more. Perhaps another, or three in all, might be given thisyi ar, and surely three additional each yenr tor the next five years would be in the interests of p;uce and economy. "German yrup" William McKcekan, Druggist at Dloomingdale, Mich. " I have had the Asthma badly ever since I cama out of the army and though I hava been in the drug business for fifteen years, and have tried nearly everything on the market, nothing haa given me the slightest relief until a few months ago, when I used Boschee's German Syrup. I am now glad to acknowledge the great good it has done tne. I am greatly relieved during the day and at nightgotc sleep without the least trouble." 9 COUCH DOISl'T DELAY "t'apn, whvdo we wish people *a good ap- itite,' hut lint a 'good thlrstr' " ''Uccauso that Isn't necessary." froze to death. At night the wolves would till the frosty I air with their howls, and when a man dropped out of tho ranks they would rush I down upon him and devour him before his | comrades. They were large and fierce, and they came in great packs, and »ometimes perFumc?" queslioned Mr. Floronce. "Oh, yes," eagerly. "1 go to tho then, ter all I can. I've 6een jou every time you've been in BoBtou." "But 1 mean you have stulied some could not be driven off, not even by a fasi- dramatic roles f pursued the actor l ll( j 0 "I—think not, whs the hesitating re One evening, near sundown, Jeau camo p'y producor. The Biuall dairyman who sup plies his own customers can usually get several cents a pound more for good butter tuun can tbe commission merchant, who, from the lower price, must tnke commission for selling. But to keep this home market the dairyman must not only have good butter always, but the ice-cold room to store it and ice to go with it when .arketed. near sundown, Jeau camo to Antoine and said he" had discovered a farmhouse near by; he thought they might get some warm milk for themselvtH by telling the peoplo how exh uisted they were. The boys stole off, Joan and his drum I and Antoine with a musket and uome ammunition, which bad been given him by a "You havo read HOiuetbing, at, least, to let me see what you can no!" ho tried next. "I cau road potery," answered tbe tiirl- "Don't you know some potery that you can recite?" urpedMr. Florence. Yes, she knew Longfellow's. "The soldier who had been transferred to one" of I Bridge," and she proc eded to give it in a tho ambulances. wav that jt Da " P">hably never been given When they reached the place, instead of I before nor since a farmhouse, the" found a hut nearly Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it iapleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts eently yet promptly on the Kidneys, ready to crumble to pieces, and no sign of any one near. As tboy passed into the hut something rushed out with a snarl, and the boyB found they had disturbs 1 a large gray wolf. Tho hungry boys started back. Right came sooner than common. Darkness suddenly swooped down on all the vast, snowy plain. When they tried to Bnd the army they could not. Suddenly there entered tbe cabin a long, low howl, that startled the young musicians. "Tbe wolves have cornel" cried Antoine, springing up and running to the door, whioh they bad shut. Ou the snow stood a huge wolf whose sides shone like silver, shown that he wore a grav ooat. He seemed to bead the pack. Ho had brought them all on tho boy's track. Thero wna a moments silence after she had finished, broken, at length by Mr. Florence. "You have a home?" he aBked. ,'Oh, yes." "A mother nnd a father?" "No father, but a moth»r." "And a lover may be," watching the girl's face Veeiicly. She blushed and admitted that there was a lover. "Well, now, my dear," said Mr. Florence, dismissing hf-r. "I can spare you no more time this morning. Leave me your name and address, und you stall near from me v. ry soon." Tbe girl complied, and before her footsteps died awav in the bait tbe actor wis at the table writing. The next day, with a handsomely framed picture of Mr. Flor enco, there was delivered to tbe aspirant for histrionic effort this note Dear Miss: Stay with your mother, Grooming the Cow. Few farmerB like to work around cows or other horned cattle as compared with those who are at home grooming the horse, Yet the brush and currycomb freely used in the caw stable add jjreatly to the com fort of animals und to their thrift and good keepingas well. If tne cow is milked, tho brush frequently used insures cleanli miss in milking arid is necessary. But even the young cittle, not old enough to be ot milking age, should receive some care. It makes them gentle, and greatly lessens the difficulties in handling them when this becomes necessary. Tito l*atly and the Mirror. It is said by those who are fond of casting teflections themselves that no woman can pass a mirror without looking into it. This is stated [aa fact, established by long observation, but no one has ever had the hardihood to try to explain why. A good many prople havo hinted that it was I '"" K, because the ladies wonted to admire the ' '* set of a bonnet, sparkle of a diamond or, most audacious cf all, their own comely It has remained for a little miss of four—end children speak the trufh— to do tardy justice to her BIX and prove that the habit is certainly not due to personal vnnity. Th'8 little girl tho other day climbed into a chair, facing a handsome mirror, and when she nodded she beheld the ro flection of her o«en bright features, she turned to her mother in petulunce, ex claiming: "Mamma, every time 1 try to look ii the glaB^ my face gets in the way." "is (Soil Dead?" Boston Adveitisv-r: Wendell i'hillips used to tell this unredote of n crowdee meeting iu Faneuil Hall, where Frederick Douglass was chief speaker. Doughs had been describing the wrongs ot hi* race; as he proceeded he grew more und more excited, and ended by saying tbt y had no hope for justice from the whiles no possible redress except by force. It must come to blond; they must fight for themselves ami redeem themselves, or il would never be done. The old ne^ress. Sojourner Truth, wus sitting, tall and dark, on the front, sent, facing the pint In the hush of deep feeling, after Douglass sat down, her deep peculin voice, was lieurd all over the house— Frederick' is God dead?" The iffiet't wus electrictl. cbaugii.g a< by a flisb the whole foiling of the audience' Not another word she said or needed to say; her speech win made. M ANY buindings wero burned at Dan burv. Conn., Tuesday. The loss is nhou 8100,000. Now ia the time to treat Catarrh of long •tamllug. Ely'a Cream Halm reaches old nnd obstinate caeca, where all other remedies fall. Do not neglect procuring a bottle, as In it lies the relief you seek. Kcv. II. II. Fall-all, 1). I)., editor of the Iowa Methodist, says editorially: "We have tested the luerlta of Ely'n Crcttm Dtilm, and believe that, by a thorough course of treaU mcnt, it will cure almost every case of en- tarrh. Ministers as n class are alllielLiI Willi head and throat troubles, and catarrh seems mere prevalent than ever. We ennnot recommend Ely's Cream Halm too highly." Apply Balm into eneh nostril. It in (illicitly Absorbed.. Gives Keltef at once. IViee 50 cents at Druggists or liy mull. ELY lillOTlIEltd, 60 Warren St., New York. Wc may give a mnn eredit for hi> tcnml intentions, but lie can't get cash for lleni 1111- lesa they are backed by ^ood deed*. llHr.cniM's Pti.i.8 will euro constipation keep tile blood cool and tho liver ia good working order; price 25 eents a box. Liver and Bowela f cleanse* the ays- Autoint was'for Bring at the wolf, but | worry yourloyer^nd play leading^ad^ on tern effectually, dispels colds, head- Jean said it would only precipitate an at " 1 ' ' aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tbe only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in Its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to al. and have made it the most popular remedy known. Byrup of Figs is for sale In 60o jnd $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 9AM FRANCISCO, CAU lauisvitu. nr. new VOKM. tut. YOU NEED NOT FEAR that people will know your lialrla dy«4 If you tnw that perfect luUtailon of natur*, « Ovsr. coma* result* _J oruuu «uiii>|(|uur«« Sick HvauJakcbau rsatoreaUowiilaiMnjciuwVoiLttinMian. I ILLI) »o saint MsajipoaHarr. A vtoUa irl «r n »» S •»»rr nusi has diwowiwl a ahapla van .wtaloh ha wilt nail (mi; Mt fallowaahim lam pouirtm TMI woiTC5n ••'.v. •• S TOVE POLI SH ~ tack. They had hopes tbat so'me of Prince Murat's horsemen would comd along and rescue them without further danger. By und by the wolves became bolder. Tbe boys eaw them come almost close enough to be struok with a stone. Tbey had discovered the young musician, and now tbey began to set up their long, peculiar bowl. Jean seised the druuisucks and beat tho rataplan, iu hopes of frightening the beasts off, but the niusio made them howl the more. "Here they come, Jean." exclaimed Antoine. "Look to the door I If they throw themselves against it in a body it will not keeptbem out." The pack in front had risen and were rushing forward. Antoine tbrust tbe muzzle ot his musket through a crack and fired into the howling, struggling mass. Several yelps of pain attested the power of the shot. The wolves drew off, carrying with them a dead comrade, and devoured bim before the boys' eyes. Antoine had reloaded. They stood against tho door and awaited another attack. Jean seized his drum. Tbe little musician of the Yonne played AS be never hud play ed before; his drumstick* flew, warming hia half ROSSO fingers and filling the old shanty with strange musio, the roll of Na poleon's army. The hut was not high and its roof was covered with heavy snow. Suddenly the boys saw several wolves leap up and disappear, The seemed to have bounded toward the roof, and when Jean orled out that he heard something overhead, tbey both knew that the animals were on tbe but. Tea, the wolves were up there, trying to scratch the snow away, that they might leap down into the cabin and make short work of the young soldiero. For a moment Jean ana Antoine shrank together aghast, Look! the door I tbe door!" shouted Jean, dropping his drum-stioks, "They are here again, Antoine." Once mere the boy with the musket fired at the'lot outside, to hear another howl and to see the pack devour a slain comrade. But this time tbe wolves did not fall bockj tbey continued to try to force the door while Antoine reloaded with half- frcaan hands and Jean held the barricade. The animals on tbe housetop made a good deal of noise and the boys had begun to think the roof could sot be forced, when Jean cried out that a pair of eyes were gleaming overhead, ana the young soldiers looked and Mb saw tbe bead of a wolf. 1 "It is a big follow," «aid Antoine, bringing bis musket to bear on the appar< ition. "It is the head of tbe wolf we disturbed when we came to the but," The next moment the cabin was flllei with smoke and the boy* eaw tbe head vanish, and tbe start only" were teen 'Mkjenl 'fMW Jew, suddenly, and he ard the door, niaklag an sw-trun I* heads. ~ ^«^52ek#d throtub a eraak 3¥^^j ^Evf^^ c 1 ^wi?i The Economy or Generosity. It was a maxim of Lord Bacon that, when it was necessary to economic, it was better to look after petty navings than to deRcend to petty gettings. The loose canh thut many perBona thtow away uselessly and worse would often form a basts of fortune an 1 independence for life. These wasters are thtir own worst enemies, though generally found among the ranki of those who rail at the injustice of "the world." But if a man will not bo his own •I nAva In my employ a man who haa beon a victim of periodic headaches tot years, has tried all klmli of treatment, nnd " have tried vnrloua remedies on Mm. Your lliiidycriitlne helps hint ninro tlmn anythln-'ever did." O. D. Klngaloy, M. I)., White l'ittina, N. Y. Ot all Druggists. 50c. Jamefl Morarily, a prominent farmer of tbe town of R'ishforri. has been arrested on complaint of tho humane agent, who charges him with cruelty to aninmls. this accused of starving his stock. fripnd, how can he expect that others will? Orderly men of moderate means have always something in their pockets to help ration for ot.liersj whereas your prodisal and carelesR winter feeding in better understood than fellows who spend all never find an oppor- it U6ed to be. Clover bay is perhaps BB tunity for helping anybody. It is poor near a petfect feed for horned cattle as any economy, howeve, to be a scrub. Narrow- one, but they will eat more if with clover mindedneBB in living and in dealing ia Winter Feeding. The importance of a varied they have something else to pive variety, Grain straw as compared with clover is much less nutritive, yet after eating clover and grain utock will turn and eat a few inouthfu's of straw as a change. Il ia wotth while to consult the taste of fattening animals especially, no by so doing tbey can be induced to eat more and fatten faBter. generally ehort- sighted, and leads to failure. The penny soul, it is said, never camo to twopence. Geuerosity aud liberality, like honesty, prove the best policy after all.—Self Help. Treat the Colt* Kindly. thehbrLe stage, where you are fitted to shine in all womanliness. Be assured my dear young friend, on tbe other stage to which you aspire you would bo ns out of place as a mouse in u bull room. Sincerely your*. William J. Florence A WORD TO Bl'BCIAI^lSTS. Habea aud Sunkllngs often Bit tna Truth tbat Dootora Full tj See. Kxperto ciede is sound advice, and ninety-something times out of a hundred we take it and do well. The other odd times either we take it and don't do well or we take it with misgivings, or we don't take it at M. The world's experience has taught that iu certain kinds of cases the wisdom that has finally justified itself has been the wisdom of the unlearned. Tbe babes and sucklings of knowledge have hit upon the truth that tbe doctors have - put been able to see. And so, ordiuarily sagacious people c»me to make iiwtinotive allowance for the prejudices of learning, as they do for what the unlearned don't know. A valuable pocket of knowledge on some particular line of investigation is often acquired, like ambergris in whales, at tbe cost of considerable degeneration of tbe rest of tho ereatuie. Even so great a man as Darwin had to vive up euub intellectual valuables as bis taste for musio and his interest in religion in exchange foi what be learned about deep-sea fishes and the habits of earth-worms. Medioal specialists, espsoially, come in for a degree of chastened mistrust, and are in danger of being regarded as intellectual cripples whose minds, from too incessant application to one class of phenomena, get a list, as the manners say, In tbat direction. The point of all of whioh is, that humanity has a rational arcund for appeal from all tbe high intellectual courts, Not only does perfect wisdom not lie in even the highest learning, but tbe cultivation of mioroBcopio powers of tbe intellectual vision bas a recognizable tendency to make the cultivator intellectually nearsighted. In every day practice it is wise for us to listen deferentially to the men of highest learning and to act upon their advice, but it is neither necessary nor even tdvisabte to let tbe voice of authority wholly extinguish our speculations, since great practi cal benefit bas come to tbe world in time past from the faith of the unlearned, and imaginings whioh authority has ridiculed have finally worked out into marvellously fruitful results.—Prom The Point ot View, in the March Scnbner. At'l'JCMpTKD ASSASSINATION. The lllurrei) Picture. Bishop Thoburn relates the following incident: Some years ago his child, a little (>irl between two and three years of uge, died. Thoy had her photograph when a few months old, but no picture of her in A gentle horse is worth more than it later life except one in a family group, would bo if not gentle, advisesan equine taken a short time before her death. T BIB Irainer. What is termed viciousneBa in picture, however, was BO blurrod and im- horBes is frequently nothing but sheer Mm- perfect that be could scarcely discover idity, and almost invariably is Ibo result traces of the child, of rough treatment. Horses would not One day, bowover, as be looked at that give way to fear when a man approaches picture in a certain light, ho was startled them if they bad been accustomed to re- He thought he saw a look of his lost child, ceive always kind and humane treatment. jj e took the picture and went directly to a Now that the season for placing young photographer. colts in the hands of trainers is at hand, it The artist examined it with a glass, I B a good time to commence teaching them and said, "I can make a good picture of not to fear the approach of it human be- it." ing. They are fond of being petted, and In about three weeks, on the day ap-. with constant kindness will become quite pointed, the bishop wont for the picture, docile. A nobbin of corn, a handful of The artist had completed t'uo work, placed The female spiritualistic medium never exposes herself. Thut ia to soy, aha never goes out without her raps. 'I HAVE BEEN AFFLICTED with an affection of the Throut from childhood, caused by diphtheria, and hare used various remedies, but havo never found anything equal to R KOWN'S B RONCHIAL T IIOCIIKS,"— Jin. O. it. Hampton, J'iteton, Ky. Bold ouly In boxes. Two things a woman alwaya jumps at—a conclusion aud a mouse. There Is always a hand ot welcome ready to be offered to a strange umbrella. S TATB OF O HIO, C ITT OP T OLEDO, I L DCAS (,'OUNTT. i • F IIAKR J. C UKNKY nialies oath that ho Is thu senior partner of the ilmt of F, J. On' Nliv & do., dohw ImnlneHs in the city or Tolodo, t'ouniv ami Ktatn aforo^aid, and thai auid linn will nay tlw sum of ONE 1IUNI1HEU BOt.L.UlH for eii-fi and every case ot C'atnvrh that eaunnt bo cured by tbo use ol H ALL'S C ATMUIII IIUHE. FltANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before mo and subscribed lu mv rri'sunoe, this nth day of Deooiubor, A. 1). lssii, -•— , A. W, (1LGAKOX, j SEAL, j Notiirtf J'uhlfs. Hall's Catarrh Cure 1B taken Internally nnd aets directly upon the blood and muoDnn sur. faces of the system. Hend for luutlmonialB. true. h\ J. CHUNKY A CO., Toledo. O. «»-8old by DruwjlBts, 73 oouta. priain or a little sugar offered them occasionally will gain their confidence, and they will gradually lose all fear of mankind. Tho spirit of trustfulness thus inspired, and the resulting gentleness of disposi-] tion will last through life, unless adverse influences are allowed to interfere. I -Ex. •tuat ou lieau I'oila. The dark spots upon the bean pods last vi8ion°the image of my darling, summer were what is -commonly known It may be that tho imago is blurred in as ''rust," bat scientifically calleuantbrae- us. PerbapB we are imperfect representa- nose. It also affects I he loaves and the tionsof theCbriBt. Perhaps our lives are stalks ot the plant aud usually appears not all that thoy should be. If this ii the tbete before it does upon tho pods Often case, let the refiner put ua in tbe crucible Tbeo. Hollls, so Iowa Banker, Shot Dowa no the Street, ' ELDOKA , Iowa, March 21,-Itis learned today tbat an assassin attempted t he Ufa cf Then. Hollls, a prominent Radoliffe banker, Friday night, Tbe man followed Holds home ana shot bim down on tbe street, the bullet (erasing the skull end stunning him, It is said HolHi know* tbe assassin and be will be arrested.; The affair is said to be the outcome of a& old feud. Dr, P. Hayes Agnew dU4 at Phlladvi- it in a beautiful frame, and bung it on the wall. Tbo bishop stnrted back in aston- ishmeut. There wus bis child, looking upon him an natural and beautiful as m life. Said the bishop: "The image was all the while in the old picture, but my poor, imperfect eyes failed to discover it; though it was blurred, the artist with his glass, in the right light, saw it, and brought to my the Bpots do not penetrate deep enough to till all imaginations and every high thing j, 7 , or ro „, y pMt) affect the bean, but in other cases they do, whioh cxaltetb itself against the Son or have, with confidence, i and as theyinjure the pod™ for use as God shall be cast out, and every .thought far «•••?. v.riou. .i!,.airaort .11 oJwboin Jlev. James P. Stonm Ol Lower Cabot, Vt., formerly ot Dalton, N. H. A Faithful Pastor I* ktld In high eiteem by hi* people, and all opinion lpon temporal as well aa iplrltnil mat- ten It valued greatly. Tb* following Is from a clergyman long luBuentlal la New Xngland, now •pending well earntd teat la Cabot, Vt: •O. I. Hood A Co. Lowell, Man.: "We bare used llood'a Bartapatllla In our faro _ . j wllh „, e „ t UeneBt. We recommended (ttootberi THOUGHTS ON THINGS. string beans, it greatly hurts the sale of be brought into captivity and obedience to them. Its cause is unknown, but it is | Jesus Christ. • doubtless of a fungus cbaraotor, and differs somewhat from the rust which may be caused by working among tbe vineB while they are wet, but olten b^tb may be seen. Dr. Halsted has recommended as one means of preventing it that tbe seed beaus snouU be soaked for one hour be fore planting, in a- solution made by dissolving tbree ounces of carbonate of copper in one quart ot ammonia, and then Interesting Ksaajra ou the Oairleh aud the d""* Uooda I'llb * ffaiii t'urrot, »bl% Mra. Bwne aaya she canoot do without fhiB is not a fable, but the record of a| few reflect ions.promoted by the exercises' iu English composition of two deserving sobool-ohildren. Hero is one of them: "The ostrich is a large and beautiful bird. People ride on them wl in they ore •ate certified to great benefit by lta use. We can Honestly and Cheerfully recommend It •• tbe beat blond uurlOni we tave ever tried. We have used others, but none with tbe bmeScial effect* ot llood'a. Alio, we deem llood'a Pilla and Olive Ointment Invaluable, lira. Stone aaya at them." Ksv.J. V. trroira. Better Than Cold Mr. Oeo. T. Cljpp, of Eaitondale, Haas., saya. "I am B* yean ot age, and for SU year* have •uttered with raniinm tores ou one ot my lege. A few yeara ago I had two toea amputated, phyal At^^^X «.bt A ^ HORT T "V ?bo to L,vo and the snots aooear unon tho nods or 7 0 'y'ar«e wings. I no rrlnoe Ot Wales Blibt month* ago at a neighbor nrged me, I be- ana me spois appear upon ino pons or nR9l f ft o ^ri ^es feather in bis bat. gan taking llood'a rianaparills. The whole Jowr- The ostrich is a large bird and the hum- jw»S ^Jt'^m^e^rTa ^MH' 0 "' M The Prinoe of Wales r„ ..„•.„„ ,.HV, -„ „„j„ has' got a ostriches feather in bis bat, ganuWingUboo'trfaraa^ leaves, spray, them with a solution made T he ostrich is a large bird and tbe hum- P«tot my leg and foot w«.« running .ore, but if of the same ingredients, but With twenty- Mf" "vP'i " ™ ', '„if h„t the aatrlnri ia the JW • lmo .^ 5«"ipletelr healed, audi can truth- two o-allons of water instead of four and m "* f M «L DUIi t n , e . os J rl0 ° ls ,' ne fully «y that 1 am In better health than I have one -ff These ^remS areeUlJ tried, IWtoftbem, The ostrich fa found m been for many^eara... l have taken no other and may entirely remove the trouble from this disease. Manchester and thoy live on sand and ">J *'eln« »nd consider that I owe all my improve- make their nost» on it and lay their eggs 1 Stimulating fowls. unit.' it is dear that the author of this essay j is a person not only of muou information, . We believe in stimulating fowls, but wo but also cf a philosophical mind, want the stimulants (o consist of sudb Essay on a Parrot: -"A parrot is a bird articles that will build up rather than tear that reads a thing through aud never down tbe constitution. We believe in thinks about it, audit is a very nice bird, rusty iron in the drinking water during and some of us do BB weli as parrots. I damn weather or changing of seasons, think we all ought to learn, because that WeJikewtBe believe in a pleoa of asafoe- is »bat we are sent to school for. And tide, about tbe tize cf a hasslenut, wrap- when we read a thing we should net half pea up in muslin (a regular sugar teat), read It over, like a parrot, when a parrot I and placed in the drinking water when reads it oyer tbey don't think of what there signs oi! colds in the fowls, We be they are reading. But we should think 1 lleye ia an occasional feed of chopped raw about a word before we read another, and onions at night to maintain health. We not do like n parrot does at all, Ttcr? >« bellevelu varied diet of good, sound grain a great many who net like a parrot in ana green food for e«g production. But «pme schools round this country."—8aiur- we do not have much faith iu the eond'- day Review, t}on. powder* and eggs food*. A little , • . . ;;.. «••.» «reat wavs wtft jis. By studying tbe speetrun, of lightning - Bggwwaers may-force a larger, rtcord, a« it passes through the air,' it has been, but will enfeeble the constitution. Many found IbatsodlumTTba element from which Hood's Saraaparllla It la better than gold." «I rbeerfallr verify the above etatement of Mr. Clasp, whom I kave known SO yeara." J, M. Uowaao, Dragclft Baitondsle, Mass. REE { % CTnvfii Cot it*, Cotie>?», Sor* TtutMiV 9 itfltioHSM, >V.iiM>i >tni; C»ui£li, Oronenlfi e**lltlflH- *• CftTtftlU fife f.-f COM 1UIH {) t tOat i •UflMS, >VIII 3 A reiiM in nvlvtirirftd %i oO .fi, Vntl trill aoo the «xc«ll*nt •flvOt Aj. talclnfr t )i» Jlrxt ilo «t». bold by dialin •fcirwa L *jf t oottiet. fc) taub a-uJ f iiXX Kennedy's Medical Discovery Takes hold in this order: Bowels. Liver. Kidneys, Inside Skin. Outside Skin, Drlvlnit ev.rythlng before It tfca* ea^M 1 to be out. You know whether you need it or not. •old by every druggist, and raaanf ac1«r«4 lg DONALD KENNEDY, riOXBURY, MASS. GOVERNOR RUSSELL. Governor Russell, of Massachusetts, was greatly devoted to athletic sports 11 few years ago, aud by this indulgence managed at various times to break his nose, one finger and both arms. On two other occasions, while yachting, he has been in such peril as to think it was "'all up with him." It is a fact, iiuwcver, that the ordinary man is more in peril from pulmonary trouble than from any accident that can possiMy heliill him. More than half tlie human race fall victims to discuses of the lungs. REID'B OEB- MAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUKB will heal any malady that attacks the lunpirufory organs in any one, old or younir, man, woman, or child. 11 your druggist will not order it for you, write to us. Small bottlea 25 cents, lurgo ones 50 cents. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, III. W. BAKER *CO.'S I ~^«™-«««>«™» Breakfast Cocoa |Eppss Cocoa A for loci iSiiroeKf** v n Tbe fler. A. Antoine of Kofaglo, Tex., -wriuis ; Aihrul %m abto to Judge, I think Pastor Koenlg'i Nerve Ton to Ie a perfect iaoe«ia for my one "who has Buffered from a most pein/al oervonraoieae I did. Heel like myietf again after Utidug tbe Tonio. WIST BISK, Iowa, Oct. i, IKK). I iraa tuBerlng from Derroninein, bronght on by OTorwork, for about tbroo yo:tr». I ooald not Blwp nife'hta, I could not work, and my memory got Impaired; I couimouced using fan tor ttoenlg'fl Norvo Tonlo, and, after tf(vUiult a trial, I feel mQcb butter, my slemi bas returned, and I \m eTex* way wail pieanod with lteoff»otoD me. TZIOMAB DOWL1NO. WooiMiTOii, 41 Inn., N OT . 97, )W0. Faitor Eoen .e 'e Nerre Tonic cured me of boart trembling" and •lwimmlnR In the bead." ANDREW JAN8KN. —A Valuable ttooft «n Kerrona I>ls«use* tent fre« to anyaddroBS, Bud uoor patlenti can elao obtain thU medicine free or cliurce, ro pared by the Beverend Tbli remedy has been-- --—--^—, "utor EoenlK. of Fort Wsrue. Ind. since 18% and enow prepared under M B direction by tbe KOEN1C MED.COM Chicago, III. BcJdbrDrtiretiU at 91 porBottie* O for 9 5. T,ftrcr© Hlxe, »J1.78. 6 Dottlew for 8ft. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 187a from which the eiceis of oil hus boen removed. It absolutely pure antf 4t ia soluble. No Chemicals areutcd In lta preparation. II baa mere than thrtt timet I In ttrtnglli at Cocoa mired wlln fitarcb, Arrowroot or Sugar, and la therefore tar more eco­ nomical, coating teat than on* centacup. Itlidellcloua.noQr* _ UblDg, atreDitlbcolaa;, EAftfLT SiairriD, and admirably adapted for InraJJde aa wall aa for penona In health. Sold bj Qrocera eierywhere. W. B AKEE & CO., Doroheiter, Man. A MERICAN T RAVELLER. | ufkw^ BpeaVing ul If** jBfjeav cood vshia Lie r* * l ,u *-a*> VB Wbeie yo» get It. ricair note (he ipr>cl> flea l Ion • cart fully. US inch wheels. t&a E eut tpokei, nil bearliiaji, flnektattul uU lot, 1 l-t 1'icli _ — .— cuthlun tirw, long 1iead t handiomely flnlsbed, welfbt 41 jbi., price. *7». We af«o have aiue luecblne with UO Incb wbeulB, price 91 *5. . „ . „ n „ We are alio menu.BOtortng DBhy Goacheft, IlesIlD* Ing CliBlrs, Kuilhtf CbBlr*. ItefrlgerBtors, Ac" bllwrel dl«couatf and »jwcUl iaduceiu«at»eri I glveo tu the trade. 1 LUBURC MANUFACTURING CO.., 321'3-Q NO. 6th 8T M PHILA., PA. BREAKFAST. **B T e thorough knowledge of the eeteral !•»« ehlcb govoru ths e(wrntlona of dlfrestlon end aatrU Bon, Bnd l>y a car*tal *pplle *tioD of the flat proper- ttes of well-Hsleulftd Ooooa, Mr, klppi tmi provided »ur brsakfrM tehlss with a dflllcnt«ify ft«rorei. *riire which may as mauy h «ttvf dotteiV bills, \ Is by the juiiitioas ate of such nitivl«s of diet * "up m di.t . by the juiiitioas ate of »u»h __ tbat a con.tiiution may b# KtaduMly 'nitlt up natll itroaa enough to railit atery tsitdtttir.y to dtntBSe. Hunilrtxltt of t -ubtU inaladlas era flontlii(f arcund DB «tronj _ Irts'ltt at xiihtla ntaladla* era flontlnn , ready to attack wheruvar thsra li a wahk polat. , We mny ancHpe many a fatal shaft by keuplng our* j laltoi well fortified with tmra blood and a properly JiAQrlched fiauie."—"OiTtl H«r»lca aasef.te. n Made simply with boiling watar or mi 111. Sold I inly In half-pound tins, by Grocers, labs)ted thast IA9IK» KI*.?M A <;o<, HoraceopatMf Ohamlsta, LONDON. KMOLAUD. M0. mm KNHlUNM-»ue alt « O 1.1> I K H » 1 ] V dUsblail. H fee for larreuee. 3« jrean ei . perlenoo. Write for law.. A. W. MoOouMIo" 4 8os«, WiBHitiorON, 1). 0. and OiHomKATi, O. Q P PENSION J ?v Ji1.»M% t T' r successfully Prosecutes Claims. 1 Law l>rliiel|i»TK/aralaer U. ti. VeailOD Uureaa. > ;r». la lata war, la adludlcatlun elaliaa, «u 'f «lue». PATENT S "£Wi5a «uuSi i BUGGIES' We Cut tbe Prlcea and ^^••••TW iVwiil-CKTralCaaaarUOFrKa •HU a Man »rt.J« inu open HHK«y...on r «T.»« iNOTopniii;iiy....aHlr, 8ft.ou SiO Biigsr llarneM only 4 .7S •a/VaSTWSur ofViotory. Be»e i Middle^ $47.50 Sy£.n'ai>rollt.OaUloiueNo .7rroe. U.8 .BU00 Y* 0 AWT 00.11 f> m FAT FbiKS HL^iitii A Monti u. Eipentu Te Aaeata to Sell OlUAltH TO UKAl.tCIU. SI25^o NEW BUSINESS wnnteJIa sv«ry Section. Na lit»«jilii)e»t ^ only Teniwry utonca, * Kesprctntifs* ' uiivh, M<(iiry MACNA1K tX CU , Pctruit, Hood 's Pilla Art porely TtfeUbla. Morphlnn llublt Ourml In 10 toMOiiitye. No uay tillcurctd. THl~COST IS THE SAME. HAItTMAN STEKL PICKET FENCE ileket affair thai obatruote Ibe riew and will rot orjall apart Iu rotor fall apart FREE i..i rctura nik, lull ...cllalh* dfrrtils/y «( MQODT'flVtj aad at 00 DVI 1MFH0TKA TAIL01 gyi- TEMBotDrit* ~ ittlBg. U* «Wd is <>uk. ABJ )a4* »l ' ^ •r4lD *iJ iniim «j«Ua)j SB4 '"•lit l**™ tsi aas nikt say Kfcmtht ta aoy tl/lt, t$ sby a><ai«r% for I.sdt««, Mrs *%4 drcu. Uuaciti li.riuteea w (iT ifttttatlf irilBB Addriti LITTLE LIVER PILLS DO NOT OBIPS I0H IICKSB, Bare AOI r (nilon, torpid glanda. Tatyareeai T IUI ergiae, newtt aaaHe. die- k alum. Art Ilk. miileeaKlaV uo/aaadblatliler. Oeae^i blllutia nervoue dla- order*. En .bllrti a ' rtl UJ.1LT AOTioa. • B T t l ' r d r ., blow complex Ion by attLT VmirrAULB. Vlis do» U nlcflyadlmtfd totuUease, B * oua pill eel »**tr b« too much. £acb vlat contain*a. esrrlra In vsei eochvt. Hkfl httd pencil. U IIB I UOBB ngit'a I reel E cart, lifcfl U*t. r . ovtulfiice. Tnacn sailer lean lunar. _ Where. All genuine goods bear "Orescsat" •end l-csui rUxnp. You gat 81 page book »ttb sawpea U. HAITI! MEDICINC CO., St imiU. He\ tinnn FOR YODRCHILDREH ™ U YDUTH3 ENDOWMENT A8800IATI0N. Inoorporated under tbe atate lawi for tbe eudew. Dieut of cblldren, anr ebllil from klrtb 10 M raan eligible to nttntibenlilp. Earulnn He per du aet ibarj. tori lUnies mature at aie If toll leara Bade*. meutVumUltiiiM. •Uo amount tbat any otket eeea. •aujr or the Itlmll..d at aame age. Bead far dill lt .K. OpnilwlD, Sec'f, Home OOee, uioUe timniiug, MlunaapolU.lallnai PISO'S cunr FOR OsaauaaptUae and pegple wboba »e weak lanaier Aata- na.auouldaae Wao'aOurefor Uonaanpi'^n, It baa eared thnaaaatfa. ft bat not Injured one, 11 la not bad to take, It la Ilia belt wuab iirup. Bold oTorrwbi'ro. aft*.

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