Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1965 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1965
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Houston mighty proud of its new 'Dome* indoor stadium Historical Society pity, Iowa Playing field four levels below ground fey Duane E. Dewel. They call It "Roy's Round- House" somewhat on the dcri sive side but Houston is plenty proud of the Astrodome and not adverse to singing its praises. A fellow named Roy Hofheinz talked the county into issuing bonds to pay for it, hence the moni ker, However modestly they do ad mit it is only the eighth wonder of the world. That for a born and bred Texan is modesty. For all of that the Dome is quite a hunk of building. Set in acres and acres of parking space it looks a bit like an old time cheese box. The distance from the'gate to where your car is parked is so great the dome is dwarfed by the distance to get to it. On specified days when there isn't a game there are tours of the building .with girl guides with statistics giving, with the statistics. These girls are also fast walkers between lecture posts and an aging guy gets a bit panting keeping up. Strangely enough the playing field is four (avals balow tha ground surface outside. And there are five levels above those four, including .that lofty spot for which sporting gents pay a cool $18,000 a year, in advance for five years — a check for $90,0001 Of course in Texas they actually have a waiting list of companies willing to pay the price. Texas is a bottle state like Iowa used to be, hence the several public bars serve only beer. However there are two "clubs," one reportedly.in "heaven" at the $90,000 level, and another at one end of the press section. This second deal is for the cheapies .— only willing to pay $280 for a season ticket and an additional $50 for club privileges. There is one bar with (naturally) the longest bar in the world. And there are numerous places to get a tidbit, a meal, or go through a cafeteria line as jv,you* wish. s Prices; ^re.witliin reason'— ? for Texas. . ' , ' For'the boisterous souls who like to toss a pop bottle at a blind umpire there is a jail com. plete with bars and cells. And during games there are two doctors and a couple of nurses in a first aid room. And there are gift shops naturally featuring'items based on the dome. Recently the powers that be started suit to keep even pictures of the dome from being used by outsiders — after all they wanted to sell these gimcracks themselves. The dome cost a cool 31,500,000 dollars, which in oil rich Texas is small change. However to get into the ball game a fellow even with field glasses willing to wait for the recast from Tellstar can get a teat for $1.50. Seats within eyesight of the field sell at about $3.50 to $3.50. These of • course are for the peasants— the hoity toity are in the hea- . van seats and the $280 club section. Bode man, 2T, charged wilh rape John Stanley Pederson, 27 of Bode, is free on $500 bottd on a rape charge after appearing a week ago Sunday in Mayor Jean Kleve's court at Humboldt. He was taken into custody by Humboldt county sheriff Marvin Anderson on a charge involving a 15-year old Bode girl. The incident allegedly took place about midnight May 8 a mile north of Bode. Investigation is continuing. Rural Wesley girl to Europe with singers AI qona Ho^uth County *""•«••• +J**am*m ——•_»—__ , .1,1 BMBJiJBJi^e^MBaBMBBMBWBie—/—i Entefod as Second class mattor, Dec. 1, 1908, at Aigona, Iowa, pestofflte under Act of Conarets March 8, 1879 VOL, oS—NO, 37 MONDAY, MAY 17,1965 — ALOONA, IOWA - 12 PAGES IN 2 SECTIONS Break-ins, thefts reported JANICE ALKE Wesley — Janice Alke, Wesley, is one of the students on the Wartburg College choir which will tour Europe this summer. The group will give 29 concerts beginning June 1 and ending July 4. The group will then return to New York for a performance at the New York World's Fair. Countries to be visited include Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Austria. Albin Spsngberg ;—••--:-> t'-vri^'V-" •§: ;,:. %$ * ;....* ^J.. ^KVjU.e.-'v .,.•:.• ••'-" •..-••) .wii.iv-/,-nv-,.(.- r * f Tij-">.-T^t,"' " dies Saturday Albin Spongberg, 83 of Ai- gona, died about 3:30 a.m. Saturday at St. Ann hospital. He had been a patient there since May 3, but had been ill for some time. Funeral services are in charge of the McCullough funeral home. He is survived by his wife, Lydia, and two children: Vernon of Davenport, and a married daughter, Emma, Des Moines. Mr. Spongberg was an Aigona resident for most of his life. He served as a railway mail clerk for many years prior to his retirement. He was also a longtime member of the Aigona Municipal Band as a trombone player. Complete obituary details in Thursday's Advance. TRUCKER FINED Harvey H. Everding, a trucker, was lined $150.12 pJus $11.50 in costs by Judge Hand Thursday when he pleaded guilty to having a 9294-lb. overload on his truck. Judge directs judgment in insurance case directed verdict Thursday in a case being tried in court last week in which Luke Youngwirth asks $11,000 damages against the State Farm Mutual Insurance Co. was given by Judge J. P. Hand. Judge Hand directed that Mr. Youngwirth be compensated $l,00o on one count in the insurance . company !s policy but that Youngwirth could not col lect on another count. The case arose from a truck accident Oct. 6, 1963, near Yen tura when Luke Youngwirth 's son Tom, 18, was killed. The company maintained the policy proper did not cover him when he was in commercial employment as a trucker. Ths part of the policy, for $10,000, was upheld by the order. However the $1,000 for funeral and other expense was allowed. Members of the jury were: Dennis Priebe, Lone Rock; Florence Paulsen, Lakota ; Ruth Fo- iey, Gertrude Kollasch, and Al- Injunction is ; , \ given against boys removal An injunction was granted by Judge Hand, in district.; court last week against Beverly Busch taking children from ! the r nqmo oi Leiloy Busch ,;in Ledyard township. ; ,:. ;, Tiie case has interesting ramifications as a court in Colorado has issued a temporary injunction against Leiloy BUsch iroin taking the children from h^r home in Colorado Springs. 'j According to the petition Beyerly Busch took two sonsffrom the Ledyard home March 21. He then went to Colorado Springs and returned the two boys to Leciyard. He then filed a petition lor a permanent' injunction against Beverly Busch which Juage Hand, granted! The status of tne case probably will hinge on the residence of the two boys. The Hand order confirms it as being in Ledyard township, and the Colorado injunction probably will have no effect here. SET RIDICULOUS DAYS The annual Aigona Ridiculous Days have been set for Friday and Saturday, July 30-31, it was decided at a meeting of the Re tail Bureau of the Aigona Cham ber of Commerce last Thursday morning in its regular monthly meeting.,.. Escapes with broken ankle Verna Schultz, Marie Dutton and Gertrude Grand jenett, Ai- gona; Jessie Newel, Fenton ; Dor- is Davis, Irvington; Gertrude Schutjer, Titonka: and lone Sandt, Bancroft. Senator Jack Miller Diplomas of graduation will be presented to 104 seniors of Garrigan high school in the Gar rigan high school auditorium at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, May 30. The Rev. Nicholas Ruba, pastor of St. Benedict parish, will present the diplomas to the graduates. The Rev, Francis P. Conway, Superintendent, will present the senior class for graduation and confer graduation honors on those students who are the recipients of the various a- wards and scholarships. He will be assisted by the Rev. Cecil Friedmann, principal of Garrigan high, The Valedictorian address will be given by Miss Toni Tucker. The principal speaker for the occasion will be the Honorable Senator Jack Miller. Senator Miller, formerly of Sioux City, has been a member of the U. S, Senate for the past four years. He will fly here from Washing- tion, D. C., to give the address. The seating deal is a pretty picture when the dome is not occupied. The seats are in various colors according to the price paid, There are two shades of red and two shades of blue, -the darker shades being the choice seats, also a black. And tickets are colored according to the color of the seats in the section. Most of the peasant area has two colors of yellow, the paler being for the real down and outers who can't afford more than the buck and a " half. Being circular there is a tendency for people in the roundhouse to get confused in directions, This is tricky, for in the acres and acres of cars for a game a seeing eye dog or a Boy Scout equipped with a compass would be useful in finding the car. When, you think you're coming out the west gate the chances are you're heading due southeast. For baseball 46,000 can. be seated- For football there are 55,OOjO seats, two huge sections of seats, complete with concrete stairs, foundation, an 4 the works, are mounted on rails, an4 are moved to change the field from baseball to football and vice vers|. There haf been *9me ?«m- mint in the paper about fly ball* in the outfield feeing lost in Hit flirt of the plastic per. (Continued on page 4) Kossuth Republican women THi KQSSUTH COUNTY Council of Republicans Women held its annual spring luncheon Tuesday, May 4 at the Aigona Country Club. 90 women hegrd Mrs. Rachel Paul, Brooklyn, Iowa, the state president, speak on "Women Are the Answer." Pimng the business meeting following the luncheon, Mrs. Marc Moore, AJgona, presented a $35 bond that she had won to the Council. She was awarded the bond at the State Spring Conference for having personally obtained the most members in her county in the Sixth Pistrict. The 3Qi members which she is credited with ranked second in the state. Clint Patterson, Purt, who won the CoyneU-sponsored County Teen Age Speech Contest and placed third in the district, presented his talk oh Civil Rights. Pictured are — back row, left tp right: Carol Gotten, program chairman; Betty Schutter, 6th district president; Pat Honsbriuch, vice president; Jean Bolenus, Wesley, vice president; Betty Davidson, Swea City, legislative chairman; E<Jns Skow, Wesley, chaplain; Leone Heetland, La- fcots, 1st vice pres.; and Pearl Moore, membership chairman. Front row, left to right, Virginia Puchmi,n, treasurer; Mae Riter, state membership chairman; Mrs. Paul, state president; and Judy Thoreson, county president. LINDA GOCHE, 17 of Bancroft, suffered a badly broken ankle in this crash last Tuesday morning as she was traveling to school. She is the daughter of the Walter Goches of rural Bancroft. She was taken to an Estherville hospital and her condition is good this week. A cast was put on the ankle Thursday but she will be hospitalized for another two weeks. Before leaving the hospital, another cast will be put on. Miss Goche, a senior at St. John's high school, will graduate with her class on May 30 but it is not known just how she will get on the stage that night. The car. owned byher father, was almost completely demolished as shown in the above picture by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst. It rolled over in the ditch and then ended crosswise on the highway 2Va miles north of Bancroft. To hire architect for next New high school, Bertha Godfrey addition planned At their regular meeting last Tuesday evening, the Board of Education of the Aigona Community School District reviewed the plans to date concerning needed expansion of school building facilities. They discussed present difficulties including; insufficient elementary classrooms, particularly for the Bertha Godfrey School area in Aigona; need for additional space lor the junior- senior high program as presently housed in the high school building, the Annex and two rented store buildings; prospect of increased enrollments, particularly in junior-senior high. Additional temporary rental space may be needed in the coming scnool year for selected classes in grades 7-12. In anticipation of plans for increasing the school plant, an architect will be selected at the next board meeting; these plans will probably include an addition to the Bertha Godfrey elementary school; remodeling ol the present high school building for grades 7-8-9; construction 01 a new senior high school for grades 10-11-12 at the new 38 acre site in the southeast part of Aigona. TEACHING contracts were authorized for Allen Kniep, Iowa City, for junior-high studies, Carole Eischen, West DCS Moines, primary, and Emily Nevitt, Dexter, for grade three. Willard Snustad's resignation from the vocal music position he has held for 8 years was accepted and he will teach in Glendora, Calif. The board accepted bids from Standard Oil for fuel oil at lQ.79c per gallon, gasoline for buses from Kossuth Oil at 7-79 discount from posted pump j>rj,c- es, 2 bus chassis from Perciyal Motors for $2,395, the bus bodies from Ward at $3,997 and milk for school lunch program from. Lehmann Dairy of Emmetsburg at $2.97 for 5 gallons. Sally Bay to spend summer in Spain Sally Bay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.''Mel Bay, has been accepted by '.the American B'ield Service to spend July and August in Madrid, Spain. The purpose of her visit will be to gain a deep insight into the country, its way of life and its people, and they will gain a similar knowledge ot the United States through her. She will be a guest in the home of the Delfin Albarrans. In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Albarran there are two children: Pilar, a seventeen year old girl who is. now in Allentown, Pa. as an American Field Service representative, and another daughter, Margarita, age 12. Mr. Albarran is the owner of a shop and they live in an apartment, which is modern, comfortable, unpretentious, with a wide terrace and garden. A list of clothing for her to take was sent and also the stipulation that she may take only 10 pounds. Her spending money should not exceed $b.OO per ek as most young people there have no more than that to spend. Young people in Spain like to do generally the same kinds of things that U. S. teenagers do. During the summer, many families vacation away from home. The kids swim a great deal, go hiking and bike riding, go to parties in groups and walk almost everywhere they go. There is very little individual dating. Unless a boy and girl are practically engaged they don't even hold hands. Sally will be kept busy for the next six weeks with the closing of her junior year in the Aigona high school, getting her passport and the necessary innocula- tions, besides getting her wardrobe in order and will leave Jyne 25. It was suggested that only short high heels be taken for dress as the boys are short. A one piece swim suit was on the clothing list In addition she is expected to SALLY BAY be able to discuss living conditions in both urban and rural United States, foreign affairs, government and politics, education in the U. S., fine arts and entertainment, class, social and economic distinctions, the labor problems, fanning and geographic characteristics. Minnesota men admit buglaries at Lakota Arthur Mayland, 18, Elmore, Minn, and Gene Kauffmann, 19, Wells, Minn., were bound over to district coi/rt on $2,500 bond in Mayor Bill Finn's court late Saturday morning after they admitted the two Lakota burglaries according to Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst. They did not post bond and were taken to the county jail. Lindhorst picked up the pair late Friday at Elmore. Part of the loot was recovered from Kauffmann's car and the rest from May land's room at Elmore. Two break-ins, a tractor theft and vandalism all are under investigation by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst after a busy 48-hour period in Kossuth county last week. The two break-ins occurred at Lakota sometime last Wednesday night, May 12. The Ogren Service station, owned by Earl R. Ogren, was enter* ed when the burglars broke the glass in a window on the west side of the station. Merchandise totalling nearly $100 was taken including sunglasses, flashlight, fishing equipment, gum and candy. There was no money reported missing. Lakota mayor Marvin Austin called in this theft in the morning and then in the afternoon reported the Legion hall at Lakota had also been entered that night, with four six-packs of beer reported missing. No money was taken there either. DEAN LOSS reported to Lindhorst Thursday that three or four tools were taken from a tractor he left in a field after completing work the night before one mile north of Hobarton. And then vandals broke in a heavy plate glass window in the front door of the Sentral high school at Fenton sometime Thursday night. The damage was reported to Lindhorst by Supt. Donald Koeppel Friday morning. Ex'LuVerneman charged with OMVI William Hof, formerly of Lu- Verne and now of Mankato, Minn., was charged with OMV1 Friday afternoon. He was released on $550 bond and preliminary hearing had not been held as yet Saturday morning., Hof was picked up by patrolman Tom Cogdall between Burt and Aigona, Father off Biirl woman is dead Funeral services for Fred Waters, 80, father of Mrs. Merwyn Bahling of Burt, were held Friday in the Lohrville Presbyterian church / with Rev. D. 0. Stuckenbruck officiating. Mr. Waters died Wednesday. 544 senior pictures in today's Advance Here it is — the annual Advance Graduation Issue with 544 pictures of graduating seniors frpm 12 area schools. Only the Ledyard senior pictures are not included in today's Advance and they will be printed as soon as they are available. Aigona high school with 108 seniors (106 pictures) and the 104 seniors of Garrigan (four midterm graduates make* the two classes exactly the same) comprise the largest two classes in the county. Other schools represented in today's paper are Swe* City, Sentral, Titonka, LuVerne, Corwith-Wesley, Burt, Lakota, West Bend, Twin Riven and St. John's of Bancroft. lllllllll|llll!illllll!llll!!I!llllll!l!IIIIl«llllllll!lllll*llll«

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