Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 23, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1898
Page 2
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Prompt Relief* «Two years ago I suffered severely from neuralgia and palpitation of the heart. I was unable to do light housework Nothing; brought relief until I took Dr. Mile? Heart Cure. 3 bottles removed all trace of my disorder and I now feel like a new woman. Mr*. •>, o, Houiton, 150 8. Water St., Ex«t«r, N. H. '' OR. MILES' Heart Cure la Bold by all druitKlsts on guarantee first bottle benoflu or money back. Book on heart and nerves iontfrce, Or. Mllei Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind. Alton Conservatory. Eighth Year. Third Term. Tec. 1st, Millc, Art, Elocution, Delgarte and Special Stadles. tilts Alice B. Marsh, Voice and Piano. Seminary street, Upper Alton. R C Mil I Q Seconduid Atby . W* /YIILLS, ,ti., Alton, [|f. Benlfor Catalogue. S burtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPBR ALTON, ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. First term begins Sept. 22nd. 1898. For Mane In lutrumantal too Vooal Muslo, Elocution sad pulDtlni 8*nd for catalogue s ALL WOMEN Off all th« pain •ndilcknessfrom whloh woman •uffer U caused by wetkneu er derangement tn the organ* of m«n«truatlon. Nearly always when a woman Is not welt these organs are 'affected. But when they are strong and healthy * woman b very seldom slok. Is nature's provision for the regulation of the menstrual function. It cures all " female troubles." It Is equally effective for the girl In her teens, the young wife with domestic and maternal cares, and the woman approaching the period known as the " Change of Life." They all need It. They are all benefltted by It. For a*rtee In earn requlrlnr SMeW dlraotlons, addrau, riving symptoms, the" Ladles' Advisor/ Department,' 1 The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chatta- aoot*.T«nn. THO». I. COOPER, Tupela, MlM.,Mp| " Mr tlster suffered from very Irregular and painful menstruation and doctors eould not relieve her. . Wine .of Cardirf Levl Davis, Solicitor forCompl'ts, MASTER'S SALE. State of Illinois, county of Madison, SS. In the Circuit Court, October term, A. D,, IBvDi f Albert Wade, Mary 8. Wade, Samuel Wade and Caroline E. Wade, vs Henry C, Priest, James W. Pennlngton, Jacob Magulrq, Charles Moolt and Thomas Dlmmock. In Chancery. Partition. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a decree ot said court, made at the October term, A. D., 1898, In tho above entitled cause. th« undersigned, Master In Chanorry of said oeurt, will sell at public vendue to the highest sod belt bidder, for cash in hand, on TUESDAY, THE THIRD DAY OF JANUARY, A. D., 1880, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m., |at tho north front door of the City Hall building In tho olty of Alton, the following described real estate, situated In the county of Madison and State ot Illinois, to-wlt:| The south half of lot No. eight (8). In block No. twelve (12.) Alton City Proper, In the olty ot Alton, county of Madison and State ot Illinois. Also the west forty-two and one-half O^'-i) feet of lot No. six (0) In block No. twelve (12), Alton City Proper, In the city ot .Alton, county of Madison, and State of Illinois. Also block No. thirty-four (34) In tho town of Hontloello, county of Madison and State of llltnolt. Except the railroad rights ot way through said blook. Upon compliance with the above terms and the approval of the master's report of salo by the court a deed or deeds will bo executed by the undersigned In conformity with said decree. JOHN F. MoGlNNIS, Master In Chancery. HOTEL MADISON, A. L. DANIBLS, Proprietor. Beooodond Hasten its. M. MAHONEY, NSUKANCE AND REAL ESTATE POR iALB. .jTwo-etonr double brink dwelling 10 rooms i trine dwelling on Fountain it. su.bft^direjljft on Djlle it. 1 Rvtftt SU bfti>B<l i tram * iwefflog wiuft lotVujpper AJl irrT-room i&ime dwelling, (OlWUlli ft wMt line ot Mala street, Big money Ing" on BUte it. og wlta «.1.9ti Ujper .Alton dwelling on Bluff .„( near WwiriJivlUe Croiilr rf-rooabrl< frtne dwelling IdwtrdirUle Craning, rtok dwelling, oor <B> ra'urn, I mllei icnthweft of, Brighton. Itonr bnok itore. Ho. Ill Belle, at. :»OT«_iann,.foid brick dwelling ud fro.MIBUIeat. it, slate roof dwelling, d. Booonu (or pur- K«o» Irmi dwelling, oor. Alb; 18Ute itr»»t,tM»tB »l Bind st jdw.eUInf, large b»n !o< uit, 11 I.BQHAPH PRINTING COflPANY. FRIDAY EVE., DBU. 23, NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. , 7 cents. .5 cents, Porthe>e«rlWa wo shall charge the Ing rates (or transient notices In our local col- UBln ' 1 rin LIHS Single Insertion '? oen * B Three to Ore Insertions 8lx to (.wnlre Insertion! HAWS Or ADTEKTUIHO TRiKBitHT.—60 cents per Inch first Insertion, and 2 juts per Inch (or each subsequent Inner- M|;-» Inohflrst month, »1.M per Inch each moi:ii ..iore«(t«r. .LIOAL ADTIRTII1KO tl per Inch (or the first Insertion, and SO cents per Inon tor each subsequent Insertion How (o Do It. If you want to rent houses or rooms, If you want to «ell anything, If you want to flnd any lost article, | Advertise in g the Telegraph. oooooooooooo oooooooo SAYS a Denver dispatch: "Lieut Hobaon Wednesday afternoon received an offer of $000 from a Kansas City dime mnsenm, the contract calling for two months engagement, tho sailor to be excused from embracing colored women In deference fo his Southern Ideas," Hobson baa no one to blam but himself for such offers as above. tb Ex • SECRETARY Olney does no share the sentiment of bis late chief ex-President Cleveland, In regard to expansion. He thinks tho conntr; has a right to grow and is empowered to assume new duties and obligation of rule whenever and wherever 1 may eee fit. That is tho opinion o an overwhelming majority of Its citi zene, but the contrary Idea afford the Democratic party an excellent Is sue to get beaten on as usnal. CONGUBBBMAN Robb, of Missour caretnUy estimates Speaker Reed' ability In these words: "Uo is th biggest man I have met In the Repub hcan party, and has many qualities to admire." Pshawl Mr. Robb, that 1 nothing to what yon will say when yon extend your acquaintance a littl more with Repuolleans. You will sa they are all big when you get out Aide your limited circle of Democrat over In Missouri, where coon ski caps are worn and gourds are use to drink out of. ROBERT P. Porter, who was sent b; President MoKinley to investigat sanitary conditions and governmnn offices at Santiago, has (returned. H reports that Santiago has become model city under General Woods' ad ministration. That the streets ar thoroughly cleaned, and residents ar compelled to clean up their premises The street cleaning force consists o 152 men, dressed in white suits, an woe oetlda the Individual who defile the streets by throwing slops on them He is publicly whipped and com polled to undo his unsanitary work Mr. Porter highly compliments Uon Wood's efficiency. He states that a a rule the natives have surrenders to the new regime of cleanliness an order. SENATOR Hoar found himself in od company Thursday (Dec. 22). It wa the anniversary of the landing of th Pilgrims, and the Senator addressed the New England Society of Charles ton, 8. 0. Other addresses were de llvered by Senator MoLaurin, o South Carolina, and Hon. Joseph B Gumming, of Georgia. The three ad dresses were all in opposition to th adding of territory to the nation Hoar baa parted company with all hi life-time friends on the question and has, late in life, consorted with thi men who have opposed him politi oally and every other way. However it is a pleasure to see a Puritan an the hot blood of the South In company on any question that is in Itself no radically wrong. PRESIDENT MCKINUSY has had pre sontod to him officially the name o Robert A. Hltt of Illinois aa Ambaasa dor to Great Britain, and ho now hae the suggestion under advisement Among others who have suggestec the uame has been Senator Oulloni Some time ago Mr. Hltt was considered for the place, and the President then said that be would be an Idea Ambassador, but that he was needed in tho House. Since then matters have taken a different turn, and whatever may be the vlows of tho President the sentiment ill Congress is almost overwhelming iu favor of the selection of Mr. Hltt for this important post. He was Secretary or Legation at Paris, Assistant Secretary o: State under Blaine, and has beui. chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, so that his training for many years has been distinct!} diplomatic. SOMH of tho meu who now declare that this nation has no constitutional right to acquire territory, presented the same argument when President Lincoln attempted to suppress the rebellion begun la 1801. "Coercion is unconstitutional," waa the cry then. "Every State," eald they, "under the constitution lias a right to secede." This ploa wan unheeded, and coercion prevailed and waa found to be constl tutlwuul, and those who were oow'oo are thankful to President Lincoln for It. Coercion waa accomplished with out a cliauge in .the constitution, and 110 one now obargea that that Instrument waa .violated. Arming the ne- groes vvaa another unconstitutional act. But tbey were armed and made good soldiers. No oue now baa aught to Bay against arm lug negroes, aud it ia perfectly constitutional without a change, ao far as that act waa cuu- oerued, In the constitution. Tbe cry raised, now that it U uuoonatitutlonul to acquire new territory, la even greater folly than that raised, during the war , of tue rebellion. Senator Teller stated tue oa«e very well in the Senate on Tuesday, wheu he aaldi "it we are a Nation," hn declared, "we have the power to exercise the rights of a nation- all tho righto of any sovereign power." He believed the founders of this Government Intended lo found a Nation, and the idea that they carried their Intent Into execution had been sustained by the Senate, tho HOUBO of Representatives nnd tho courts ever since. He declared that it was a prerogative of ft Nation to defend Itself. Ten years from this day there will be no one to question tho constitutionality of this nation's right to acquire territory, either by purchase, or as tho result of war. No Women Need Apply. Tho directory of tho Chicago and Northwestern railway has decided to discharge all its female employes, anil not to employ any more on and after Jan. 1st. The officers of the road admit that tho women do their work well but say they cannot be used generally; that they cannot be made familiar with all classes of work, and that if additional labor is required of them they arc unable to perform it. As clerks, ticket sellers, bookkeepers, stenographers and typewriters, no fault can be found, but beyond this class of work the females can not bo used profitably. In other worclc, tho officers cannot take a female clerk and make a train conductor of her, or a station agent. Still, what work they, and do well, they should be permitted to [do, and given tho op portunity to earn an honest and honorable living, instead of crowding the profession of school teaching, and other such avocations. It is nald that Lhe soldiers who had taken Hood's Sarsaparllla stood the long marches in Cuba much better than the others. Death of Mary Kelly. Mary Kelly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly, died at 8 o'clock last night at the family home on Vandalla road. She was 23 years of age and death was caused by catarrh o the stomach. The funeral will be hole at 9 a. m. Saturday from the Cathedral. Scott is the busiest tailor in town. Lindley & Dickinson, uentlsts, Nls- bettbldg., opp. City Building. Personal. Paul Garvin ia up from St. Louis visiting James Maupln for a few days Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Graham wil spend the Christmas holidays at St, Joseph, Mo., with Mrs. Graham's relatives. Mrs. Graham la now in St Joseph and Mr. Graham will leave this evening. Ticket Seller R. E. Bassett who represents the Bluff Line and Bur lington at the joint station, has been offered an exceedingly good place In the general office of the Burlington at St. Louis. The position carries with it quite an increase of salary and also places Mr. Bassett in line for promotion. It is quite a flattering testimonial of the esteem in which he is held. A pretty atomizer, and some sweei perfumes would do.—Paul Bros, drugs., Henry street. Shampooing and vapor baths nev barber shop, A. J. Zangg, 210 Piasast Try Neinlnger's Magnolia and new Improved Fig. Death Caused by a Grain of Corn. Joseph, the 18-months-old child o; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Budde, of 811 East Third street, died yesterday afternoon from the effects of a grain of corn lodging In one of its lungs. The child was playing with corn about two weeks ago and putting a grain in its mouth attempted to swallow it. The corn went down the child's windpipe anil after producing violent choking, lodged on the lung. The aid of surgical skill, both in Alton and St. Louis waa called upon for relief, but the child grew worse and died from inflammation. The funeral will be Saturday at 1 p. m. from St. Mary's church. Small Pox aud all other contagious diseases have no terror for those wearing a magic medicated disc, for adults and children; price 25 'Cents by mail. Agents wanted.—The Sennete Co., Alton, III. Dorsey fuel Co. have left Belle street and are now located at 314 Plasa street. Give them a call. Architect Eden has an ingenious little silver picture locket that was passec upon him a few days ago by a cashier Ia a St. Louis restaurant. The looltot was a trade dollar which had been hollowed out on tho Inside to bold a picture. The dollar was given to him in change and be did not notice at once that the piece of money was not as heavy as it should be. He discovered Us light weight and at first thought the piece counterfeit. While hand ling the piece he accidentally touched a spring near tho eagle's head and a 111 flew open disclosing a picture of a young lady inside. Behind the picture was a second one, a photogra h of an older woman. Ben bus been offered fauoy prices for bis novel picture frame, but he has so far refused to sell. Tonight If your liver is out of order, causing !li]ioii.siu\s.s, Sick Ilciiduoliu, Heart- liiirii, or OiMi.stij)':itiou, lakuaUuut.' of PHIS On i uiiil tomorrow your ill- will l>u icgulutt'tl uiul you will bu bright, urtivu and rotiily lor any kind of work. Tliia hue bi'im tho t'xponcnr.c of olliors; it will 1>« yours. HOOD'S 1'U.J.H arc sold by ull im'dieiuo deulertf. 2 r ) cU. WH WILL GIVE YOU A $4 WATCH t you will show our publication to your frlontlx Wo don't want you to sell them anything. The watch Is mailo by a well-known American (Inns, n two slios, ohllilrons' and adults', nickel or :old-iilated hunting care anil fully guaranteed. lend 2conts forpartlculars. Overland, 34 Park Row, New York City. A MARVELOUS OFFER I 2Sc. 200 Photograph Views of tho Ilnltod Btatos Navy takonto IS. H. Hart, U. 8. Naval 1'hoio- raplier, ana throe months' subscription to /ONKET'a llous JOURNAL, both foronly 26 uti , xiitpulcl. These are thu finest pictures ob- alnable ofDewey, Sampson, Suhley. Hobson, Clarke and other uoroes, thu battleship*, oruls- rs, monitors, torpedo boats and tuxlllary uratt nd tilt) principal Vpsnish war ships, and are erf valuable. CoNfsv'u HOUB JOUKKAI. Is the rlgutost and best monthly In tho oountry. laoh l«»uu contains new copyrighted sheet mu- la worth Wo to tl.iio.8U to is pigea eaob montb. end today, we want to Inoraaao our olroult- on to *»,0 0 and therefore make this remarkable Otter -CONKEY'B 110MB JOURN- L. Dept, A, Chicago, 111. Only 2 Days to Xmas! Don't delay another minute in making your selections for Xmas from our two beautiful stocks. Kemerabor you can (Ind something suitable for everybody nt PPPE'S CHINA STORE, TOY STORE, 110 West 3Js(. 317 Belle st. Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey Fuel Co. They havo moved to 31< Piasa street. Notice. Pioperty owners along the lino o: Ridge and Fifth Btreot paving, wishing to save intoreat, nro requested to settle for thu paving on or before Monday, D.c. 2B, ISilH. L. J. HAKTMAN, Gornp Automatic Sewing Machine $35. Never sold for lean than 365 to $00, Latest Improved. Did you ever see a lady who used an Automatic tha' would usn any other? Call and oee ihem at Ilnpgobd Plow Co. Hard Spring Wheat. "Cruara of the Earth," $4.00. \LTon ROLLER MILLING Co. Dr. \. C. Barr, dentist, 113 W. 3d a' Coal. Hard or soft coal at E. J. Lockyer s office at quarries. Telephone 1594 ,for Rent. My 7-room house in Middletown Steam boat.—U. S. Nixon. Hard Spring Wheat "Cronm of the"Earth," S4.00. ALTON ROLLKR MILLING Co. Go to M. Woritu's for your wintei headwear. The largest stock anc latest stjfB Hard and Soft Coal. Delivered to any part of the city Telephone 213. WM. PRIES. Mend broken dishes with "Climax 1 Glue Cement. Druggists and grocers For a good shave, uot aud cold bath go to Maul & Hall, Piasa St. Fresh Baltimore oysters, cranberries and celery just received at Stanton & Yeakel's, 2nd and Market. The only place to buy vlillespieOoa! is 314 Piasa street.—Dorsey Fuel Co. Buy "LaBelle ' The best, $4.00. Dr.A.W.Kue, Uennsi. Mpaldlug bid BETIIALTO. Miss Carrie Uzzell spent several days in St. Louia last week. 0. H. Flick has gone to De Sota to move a cob pipe factory to St. Loots for A. J. Battles. Mrs. A. Orandall spent Friday with Miss Josie Crawford. Mosdames J. McDonald and S. R. Audnall spent Saturday in St. Louis. Hon. John Green, Representative from St. Olair county, was a guest of bis mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Green, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Westhoff took the Illinois Central, Tuesday, for Le Mars, Ia,, where they will visit relatives. Miss Henrietta Dowdy, of East St. Louis, is a guest of Mlss|Mary Kable. Mr. Geo. Miller, of your city, spent Sunday here. There evidently are attractions hero for Mr. Miller. Mrs. Amy Burki, of at. Louis, is keeping house for Jas. Weaver. M. Reidoll has returned from a visit in Kansas. Mrs. Maltie Starr spent Sunday with her brother Harry. D. H. Barber IH confined to his room with a sprained ankle. Oscar Young had a cancer removed from bis nock. Bennie Schmidt and Gus Stoehr are yet unable to «ee out of the eyes in jured some time ago. Frank Gulp and wife and Herb Culp ami wife are visitors at St. Louis A quiet wedding will Inko place this evening at (i o'clock, the contracting parties being Mr. Fred Mutz one of our most energetic young business men, who is to the front in all things, and active in buuinoss circles, aud Miss Mary Kabel, tho handsome aud accomplished daughter of Herman Kabel. Mr. MiUz has furnished rooms handsomely In the Hhoridun HOUHO, At last tho Rebecca Lodge was instituted last Friday night by Mrs. J. Wheeler, of your city, accompanied by her staff. Tno following olllcers were clouted and iiiHtulku) In their respective places: Mrs. J«nnio Kol- Bi-y, N. G.; Mra. Nollio Rluloy, V. ().; MlHH Emma Canipo, Huo'y.; Miss Lll- lie Duffoy, Trens.; Mr. 8. MatlmrH, R. H. N.O.j Mm. H. Culp. R 8, V. G.; Miun Olho Henderson, R. 8. V. U.j Mr, A, J. Oiiulpo, W.j Miss Lena Klemm, O.-. Miuu Nolle Wood, I. G.; 'A. B. Owens, O. G.; Mr«. E. H. Lanterman, Chaplain. Tho lodge ban a memberHhip of lllly. At u regular meeting of Woodrlver Encampment t ho following were elected: V. O., S. R. lludmill; W. A. Wm, Montgomery; S , John Kloln; Hanker, O. V. Hiuigurl; Escort, Goo. RuuHoll; W., Chtts. Sohoenoweiso; 8,, Wm. Btoebr. Mr. C. M: UUon, a well known merchant of Plmimint lililj'o, Fnltou Co., ['a., baa a littlu girl wiio is frequently :hreatt)iiud with croup, hut wiion the it aymptoma appear, his wife gives r Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which alwaya affords prompt relief. The '.'0 and 50 cent sl/.es for salt) by E. Marsh and 8. H. WVBH. Many feeble Cannul Unnk coffee at nlirlit. It spoils their sleep. You nan drink GRAIN-O when you aue and sleep like a top. For .1RAIN-O doos not btimuluti.; it nourishes, cheora and feeds. Yet it ooka and taatoa like tho boat coffee. ?or nervous persons, young pooplf aud children GKAIN-O Is a perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get a package from your grocer today. Try it in place of coffee. 16o and 25o. UPPER ALTON. Mr. N. B. Windsor, of visiting Mr. mi 1 Mrs. Robert JMcKoy- noltls. Mrs. Rdgnr Wlllard went to OIllcR- ale today tar-pond a week. iHfisert f/iviua and B^lle B.irnard are hom-i afler a weeks' visit n St. lionla. Samuel U. Cook, of 9t. J-ouis, called on friends here toilay, on his way to TaylorTille. Mrs. J. McBrido and MIsi Mnggie McBtlt'.e, of Ooultervillo, are the io«ts of Mrs. Harting. Mr. Clyde Osborne, teacher ofScl- enco in tho Ml. Vernon high school, is at home for the holidays. Mr. Malcolm Wahl will spend Christmas with Mr. .Harry Teitsort at Ylr- den. Rev. T. II. Marsh, jr.. of Cnrlln- ville, Is visiting his parents here. Miss Georgia First, assistant principal of the high school at Lnvlston, and Dr. F. II. First, of Rock Island, are at homo for the holidays. Shurttoff closes this evening and students aro leaving for home on every train. The following leave tonight: Wm. Korr, Oarllnville; John and Will Eldridge, Stonington; John Taylor, Taylorville; \v. H. Worloy, El Paso; Will Bennor, Woodhurn; O. B. Qoff, Lebanon; Misses Leila Clark, Piasa; Anna Goodwin, Bunker Hill; Lizzie Heel, Woodburn; Gertrude Swain, Benton. The Christmas entertainment of ;the Methodist Sunday school will be hold in the church this evening at 7:30 o'clock. Miss Susie James gave a candy pull last night to some of her school mates of Room No. 8. The girls and boys who were present all report a jolly evening. Misses Bessie Ray and her cousin, Miss Gertrude Swain were tho hostesses of a popcorn parly Thursday night at the Martha Wood dining hall. The rooms were prettily decorated in festoons of strung pop corn and holly, and presented a gay and festive appearance when filled jwith happy young people. About 25 were present and spent the evening with games and music. Candies nuts and pop corn prepared in every form were served. Miss Ray and Miss Swain are lovely entertainers and made the evening a delightful one for their guests. One of the Worst Diseases Km"-n Hit is Overcome hy Alodcrn When Ih" romnion nymptom noglC'-tiMl ti wows This i We offer one hundred dollars re ward foi any case c-,f catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.—F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 16 years, anc believe him perfectly honorable m al: business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West &Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.; Walding, Kinnan & Marvin. Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, Price, 76? per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. for Rent. Three room dwelling with cellar No. 424 East Fourteenth street. A, g ply to Wm. Sonntag. Use I>r. MIloa' NEHVE PLABTEHS (or SPINAL WEAKNESS. All druggists soil 'cm fur After hearing some friends continually praising Chamberlain's Colic, Oho'lera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Curtis Fleck, of Anaheim, California, purchased a bottle of it for his own use and is now as enthusiastic over its wonderful work as anyone can be. The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. MORO. The road commissioners have just completed two stone culverts one-balf mile north of town. Mrs. O. P. Ellis is spending a few days with friends in St. Louis. The M. W. A.'s Monday night elect ed Wm. Montgomery as delegate to the county convention at Edwards- vine. The family of the late Mrs , Lida Berry take this opportunity to thank all their friends who so kindly assisted them, in their bereavement. Arthur Smith and bride are now domiciled at "Center Hill Farm." The Fort Russell Farmers' Institute Saturday was a very pleasant affair and there was a good attendance. Several district schools in this vicinity are giving entertainments to raise funds to purchase school libraries. Miss Minnie Handlon, after a pleasant visit with her sister, Mrs. L. J. Wood, returned to Edwardsvillo Wednesday. W. T. Miller Is home from a business trip to St. Louis. The Farmers' Game Protective As sociatiou is getting after the Sunday hunters. Miss Daisv Wheeler came out from Edwardpvilie and was the guest of Mlrfs Effle Skinner at Ridgely. The friends of Dr. and Mrs. Hinohee are arranging a surprise for Thursday evening in honor of their tenth marriage anniversary. Don't be persuaded into buying lin- ments without reputation or merit— Chamberlain's Pain Balm costs no more, and its merits have been proven by a test of many years. Such letters as the following, from L. G. Bagley, Hueneme, Oal., are constantly being received: "The best remedy for puln 1 have ever used is Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and I say so after having used it in my family for several years." It cures rheumatism, lame back, npralns and swelling. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Rheumatism Cured in 24 Hours. T. J. Blackmore, of Haller & Blackmore, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A short time since I procured ft bottle of Mystic Cure." It got me out of the house In 24 hours. I took to my bed with rheumatism nine months ago and the "Mystic Cure" is the only medicine that did me any good. I lnul five of the best physicians In the city, but I received very little relief from them. I know the "Mystic Dura" to be what it is represented and Lake pleasure in recommending it to other poor sufferers." Sold by 8. H. Wysa, druggist, Alton. Bears the rfgcature of P«ln In iirlrmtlnjt lnjt'show Umt the' khlnr.VH lire ^* Tlit Kind You Hara Always /V , j{£fi7-*-#- t£a&ffi&£%s/M PATHFINDER DEPAKTMBN1. Three Uuei or less under tali heading! One Im*, U oentii three d»ji, U cents i one week Moentii additional time* lucent*, oaihdown. TOOKI10LDER8' MISBTINO NOTICE.-Bt. "•' Louis, Duo. 7, IsiW The annual inuutliiK it stooltholdnrs of Hentluttl Mining Company 'or tho election ot Directors und tho transaction tf such othor business as may come hefore It, will bo hold at their office (hotel,) tn Upper Alton, in., on Saturday, January 7, 1801), from ' until 3 o'clock p. in.- A. II Fuller, Buoy. t-OR SALE BALK.--Old papers, D any quaelty AI theTatioiuPW offiuo. COR BALE- All la need ot kindling wood oao 1 be supplied by telephoning No. 41, Illlaoll Sox taotorr. M per laid—R. MTU. COR SAL.K—A Farm tour mllei northwest o( > LHohdeld,loo acres, tauanaure. Forp*r- louiars address O, A. Brown, or M. B. Brown, (riguton or T. 0. Browo, AHoa, 111. Mtf rlnnryctlwmlor, t.ut they '"i 11 .""' ,' BO ffolt llko a n.'w nmn. I havo '•nJo>."'l K°'^ hnalth over slnro, nncl fec-l oonll. rnt tlu y l»»o cnrod mo untlrcly. 1 procureil them al h. ». Wyes' drug store." liy SprlngnoW.O. There is a Class of Teople who are injured by the uso of coffoo. Recently there has been placed in at tho Rrooery stores a now propnrntioi called GRAIN-O, made of pure gnuna that takes the place of coffee. I ho most delicate stomach recoivoa it without distress, and but few can tol it from coffee. It does not cost ovei i, as much. Children may drink i with great benolii. l.W and 25* P«i packnge. Try it. Ask for G RAIN O A Giant Nerve Builder. The Mystic Life Reuower is the most powerful nerve builder known It absolutely cures nil forms of nor vous diseases and weaknesses no mat tsr how aggravated or of how long duration, such as neuralgia, nervou prostration, nervous paroxysms, St Vitus' dance, palpitation of the heart physical and mental weakness, debil ity'ofold age, etc. Sold by 8. H Wyss, Druggist. Alton. How to Prevent Pneumonia. At this time of the year a cold i very easily contracted, and if left to run its course without the aid of som reliable cough medicine is liable to result in that dread disease, pnetimo nia. We know of no better remedy to cure a cough or cold than Cham borlain's Cough Remedy. We hav used it quite extensively and it has al ways given entire satisfaction.—Ola gah, Ind. Tor. Chief. This is the only remedy that i known to be a certain preventive o pneumonia. Among the many thou sands who have used it for colds anc la grippe, we have never yet learnec of a |single case having resulted i pneumonia. Persons who have weak lungs or have reason to fear an at tack of pneumonia, should Keep th remedy at hand. The 25 und 50 cen sizes for sale by E. Marsh aud H. H Wyss. o .A. «s **.' ep n. a: A. Beau the A Tlie Kinl1 ^ m KaveJIways Bough Signature of U. S. NIXON Architect, and Superintendent Plans aud Specifications for Wor Accurately Furnished. OFFICE OViSR VL.TON 8A.VING9 BANK S. F. CONNOR Real Estate, Insurance and Collecting Agent. lldla^ and Loan ALTON, ILL. R. R. EXCURSION RATES. QEDUCED Rates to Southern and Wester •^ resorts now In effect via the C. & A. R. R and connections. HOLIDAY EXCURSIONS—Via Bin Four i 1 * very low rates. Tickets «ood going Doc. i 24, 2fl, 2il, 30 and .11, und Jan. I und 2. For In formation, tickets and rates cull on G.1I. Han llton, Ticket Agent. C HRISTMAS 18U8-NEW YEAR 1899 -For th above tho C- & R. R. will sell exfiirwlo tickets, at low ratea, from Alton to all Htatloi within 200 miles on Doc. 24, '&, 20 and .11, INDI and Jan. 1st and 2d, 1890. Return limit Jan. VMAS AND NEW YEAR RATKS-The Bur •'* llngtnQ Route will Bell eueuruton UckotH Do 21th, 25th, 2'Jth.llatand Jan. lut, and 2nd, t points within a radius of 200 miles a" one an one-third faro for tho round trip. Koturn Im Jan. 4, '«!»,— J. B. Thomas, Agent.I untAra' Rates to spool (led points In Alabama Arkansas, Kentucky. Michigan (lower pen 1-f 1 * . Insula), Michigan (upper), Mississippi, slourl, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, \V«s , , s Virginia and Wtaoonsln, via I31g Four. For In formation and tickets Gallon G. II. Hamilton Ticket Agent. 1'ho C. & A. R. R. Is arranging a werlos c • Winter Tours at low rates to Cuba, 1'oit Rico and Jamaoa via Tarnpa. Florida. All (iuar anttno restriction against the Island ot Cub have been raised aaa tho regular lines of Ov oil transportation will Hivo tbolr vessels In uor vice at an early dale. T o California and Oregon. -The C. & A.K. R runs weekly tourist slooplmf <;ar oxourMon »t very low rates, poniomillv conducted ever Thursday, leaving Alton at I):tj0 p. in. runnln via Kansas City, Bait Lako City and tho Hconl I.lno. For rates, reservations und mil paitlct lars apply Ui O. u. Norrls, A«t. , Alton. 'Poo Uurlliigtou n Thrcu-iJ Dar Service-- 1'a 1 aco Hleoporu und C'hulr Cars (seats free} t Kansas City, St. Joe, Omaha, Denver, Killing*) liock Island, Dubuque, Collar Rupldu, HI. I'ai and Minneapolis. Tourist Rleoiiorn to Him Frun Cisco and Los Angeles, Ca Irornla. I'ortlanii Oregon via Denver and Salt Lake City, over Wednesday. For rates, routes, etc., call o address J.B. Thomas, Agent. Slid Now Yours exournlonn. , rate uf one and one-third fare for tho roun trip, tickets on ualo DHO. 24, 2.i, 2(1. Ill, lS:w und Jim. 1 nmlv. 18W, llmluvd to return .Iun 4, will be made between all Bt. LouU-l'co.-i Line (C. I'. & M. L R. R.) stations, ulnlmui uoillng rate 60o. Through tickets from and t connecting lines will be sold. Ciot full partlcu laru from C. 1'. & at. L. agent. Cor California Tourls's—Tho Hurllngton Houl ' has weekly tourist sleeper eidurslons, per HOnully conducted (by aliunlngton Route Agent every Wednesday f om Ht. Louis, and Thiirs day from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Angeles and Han Francis™. Tho rouW In Denver. Sronlt. Colorado, Halt I.UKO Cliy wit OH per cent sur uhlno throughout the year. As your Ticket Agent, J. U. Thomas, tor parlleu lirs. H omosoekors Excursion HI very low rate via Klg sijoolllod points In Alabama Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Tor rltory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Lmilulauo Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Okla hoina, Oregon, Bouth Carolina, Boutti Dakota Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin am Wyoming. Tickets will bo on salo Nov. 16th Deo. (1-30, Jan. a-10j Feb. 7-21, March, 7-10 For full Irifuruiailou apply to U. 11. Hamilton Ticket Agent. loroesoekers' Excursions. Upon curtain • 'dates of Outouur, November and December tho C. 4 A. will aellesourslon tickets ul greatly reduced rate* to point» In Alabama, Arizona Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentuck UtuUUiw. Northern" '' — ' '" slsnippl, Ml NorthCaroll— —, . __ u, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming Tho reductions In rates aro of sufficient Import- woo to merit the at'.uotlon ot prospcotlr* Warelsrs. For particulars call on O.G. Norrl* anaas, uoioruuo. i'ioriu», ueorgia, iuano an Territory, Iowa. Kansas, Kentucky lslana. Northern Michigan,Minnesota, Mis ppl, Mlsseurl, Nebraska, Now Mexico u Carolina. South Dakota, Tennessee, Tot Xmas Dress Goods. necd.or holiday thought, this stock is ad- I 1 I L. k X»4> *•-» » ' * / i i v 11 «• f ,.,,.-,-._ , _ - - - _ v „ M v , k lfc j Qlll* ninblv ro-Klv- Time was wlv.;n Dress Goods were pushed o m t «lv bu : k to give prominence to trmkety stocks. Now he iuc'-ptablcness of a dross p.ittern is generally manifest, Linens for Gifts, Of course! What more acceptable to any dainty house- tivm V Linen Tablet. We've gathered largely O f -xiuiisite damasks with napkinsto match. Beautifully and mil moderately prices, special Towel sale for the holU days -o do/en frinped hemstitched Linen Damask Towels worth rf. Special holiday price 25^. China for Gifts. There's an overflow stock of China made up of pretty decorative "pieces that make acceptable holiday remembrances. Dainty dishes bon bon tea sets, etc., Kid Gloves and Handkerchiefs. What could be more appreciated than Kid Gloves or Handkerchiefs? We are sure you will find our assort- tgood. Ladies' Kid Gloves 85? to $2 a pair. Misses Kid Gloues #i a pair. ..,.,. u Beautiful Handkerchiefs 5' toSi.qo each. Holiday Furs. The showing is the most varied, we've ever gatheredJ Wonderful indeed, the beautiful Collarettes lor $2.50 to;] $i?.oo. Children's sets Si.?o to Sj. 1 Blankets. Are you seeking a gift for a house keeper? There „, warmth attached to the remembrance of a gift. Blanket! Beautiful Wool Blankets $i to $12. Overcoat Time! Is here. The crisp, cold air is lively enough to mak you feel its presence. We are just as we prepared to "OVERCOAT" you as we have always been to "Sun" you. Our high-grade! Kerseys, Beavers, Chinchillas, etc , for $7.50, $10 and $14. No More, No Less, Are values that double the money woul| hardly purchase elsewhere. We have gool Coats that are good for you to buy. Low! prices eloquent of economy. U.A.WUTZLEP The Outfitter. 632 East Second Street The Insurance Company have ADJUSTED — The — * PFEIFFER & BAILEY STAR SHOE STORE STOCK] They are Open Now for Business. SHOES GO AT 30c on the Dollar. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS*., complete and our prices lowei than ever before. the reiiabie J. SUTTER & 210 V*. Third Street, FALL andWINTE' 1899. style, Fit, Workmanship Jnd Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 113 West Third

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