The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 9, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1927
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VOLUME XXX. No. llG. SOCl THE The Weekly RoRfster. EstabllKhed m7. •r\if Ii .la Daily Reitlster. Established 1 ,89.. lOLA, KAN., WEDNESDAY EVENING, M^^CH 9, 1927. Successor to The. Iota r >aily Retfist.r. The lola l>!iily: Recot-<l. .-mil IMn Uaily In'lex.- Unchanged TOSTUDENTS Rural .SchooTPupils Will Pariicipate in Program Sponsored by the i4g:ricultural {Department. An All-'Hura'l Sirliqol day is to lie h''lil in lola for Alien counly April , 1 by tli« vocational aBritnliiiio ifi- |i ;irtniciit of lola liigli .s<liii(il. 'A full iJay pnoKram is planiii-d for ! Iioys >liicli will c<)i^<' from siliodls '• thruuRUoiit the county. I>cller.~ j ipliing of the proKiain liave bci-n j sent out. • • j Tlie prosram iniludt'S judpiin; j and fdentifying of Kraiiiii and! s't'oiis, talks, and .a track nieel. A| large part of tlie nit'cting will be ' at Lincqln school where the loeal 1 voctitioital agriculture department j lia.s its rooms. Twenty-two varie- | lies of Kraiu: and sorRlium .seeds which will be identified and judged by boys entcriuR the contest. Points gaiiicdf jin Jthis contest will count lowaril •III"''latKc li'oj>liy i<» be given lo (lie school .Muiiuj; (he most iioints. Work of lioys in the vocal ioiial agriculture depanMiciit will I i display. This work will' imrliicli' larin carpenlry. bJacksjiiilJiJuK. harness repalrlMg. fiel<l work,: and iiiahy other d visions of work which liavi'. bee i (akcii U(i by (lie .lioy« this year. The departin<«iil i«,iis been " w:,orklii_i;; on thingM lor tills display sltit'ci the close of iho riirlhUiiaji vacall*>n niid will li:iv<j< Hoiiie very creditable ixhIbltM. au," f'i 'rititendeii 't Tho|'oniiiti aii>l piulii ably oiie or Iwii wej] kiio \Mi bill I'liMhicHM men HWI talk lo tlie.b(iy»i lit eliher. the high hchnol or Die Innlor hlgli school aiidiiorlniii. At iiooti tile diillKMic science lie-' liarliiieniK of llie'senior and Jiinlifr high •<c |i(iols will give a (vcr llllK lo (hi- visitors. Iit;th(! alteriiootr a track iiHK 't will be held at Hiv •MSlde park ii;id' iiolnts gullied in this meet will also count toward liie tmliliy. ')lie;c \eiit \MI| iliclmli! Jumps, dashes, sack and puijiio races, and a (ine-'niile li|cy< le ijiK-e. Some of the s<iliools .havo alri'ady •started preparing for the f!vcnt.s to HOLMES AND Kuhiiin ilv Valera. IrNji repub- lif-aii leader, .ippeari^il lillle eliatiuwl lij lln^ and ««•"• liiill" jeiirs wliielrelapseil siiiee lio was la>>( ill .ijnieriea. «»/ieii iw jirrhed at >V»» York llii' oilier' day. HU jiiiirnev to llie riiited SInU's is for Ilie piirjiiise «r frstiiying in Irish itoiKl liti- mition liPiore 1 he: New Vork sn- preiue eourt. UoVulera is now iltaiireljor"I iMilJin I'liiiersitj. w. c. T. u. MEET; : IS, SUCCESSFUL \yonieni Discuss Work in Addre-ssos—The Slate ^ : President Talks. Tbi- aliMlial cuulJty illslilrile <if !(|ic Women's ('biislt.irf 'I'empi rancc I'lii'in u .is.lil /l ycMlcrilav in tbc Kir -.i i I'lni,)! liiii cliiiiiji with the ciiiliny inicid'iil, Ml,, .diii'Mva Itiirsell. Iii-clian ;i Tbc ill viifirili .ii ii 'ilod W.I t pre spifcil over by the Kev ./ K Kevn i >lili ~';)iii) con ^.fi' <1 III •.iiiiv ami ii lel.l on III! I i|llllil'e tliilll llie ,.|Miy III .lof liii.i. 11)1 i|i\ "lie •li.iiii; anil 'it Kooil colli are." H;I. Ill" (Miiida Jimi nt Ihlh talk. Tlie wlilti' illilmii clicei «as ulv 111 tor .Mis Mlliali M Mltchner. s'atc prcFideiil. Kl(o (be prin- 1 ipal Npeali"')' ul tn.- iiini iiiliu ses- •iioii. and tm- .Mis. .Miiiei va-Hiissell. .Mrs. .Mitclillel'- Mllijecl "All InstlfiK<?." wbblii she defined as a school ol nielliiMN where one le.ains •J. p. Arnelt Loses Race For Finance Commis- .sioner; No Other j Races in City j ; I Primary, (). \V. Ihdmes and A. II. Hecox. : presei^l (omissioner. were noniin- •aleii for finance <rommissloner yes• terda.j in the only coiilested^ race I in I III) city primary. I : llol|mes imlcd li:! votes, with I M<-(o.v.iaiikiiier second willi ;t7!i. J.. 11). Aijneit, third man in tin; race, i received 'i'H votes. I A. K. Sleeper. \V. K. RalKlon. anfl <;. .1. .Stadler. candidates f'^r • three! positions on tho board of !education werel not opposed. .Melvin Ifronk. wa.s the only man in tl^e riice for school board troasur- i Votes cast for Keeox follow: ' first ward. .'t.S; .secoiiil wjird. To; i third ward. 7-': fourth ward, '.tl: I fifth ward. ^2; sixth ward. 'iS. I .For Molni's: first ward. H'l; •siMo/nl wtird. aa; third ward. T:!: lonrlli ward. 124; fifth ward. aO: sixth ward. 21. ,f. i). Arnelt: first wani. ."!:!: second ward. It; third ward, a;!; If 'iurlli ward. 41; fifth ward. :!,S; i sixth ward, II'. Votiss jiolled by the bonrii, of eilucation canilidates were: A. II. Slee |i .r. Sill; W /K. Kalston. T"<l; , C. .1. .Siadler, TJ'J. j I'rOiik received a o .f 777 , voles. .Ill the fin.'iiiee ciiiiiinissroiier'H race, a total of I.OlC vole .Si wiTe ,cast out of a total regUt ration in i lol.i n( li.iiiin. I I Daily Meeting td Be Held Thursday Night Certificalr.'f Will Be l»rej^iited and An Addrc.'vs Will Ite I Made By E. B. Welk: Ajrronomisl—Schauli.s Will Lead Diseusiiiion On Feedlnfj. An irhpmlant meetinR of interest to dairymen of Allen foiMity will be held in tihe Chamber of Commerce room.s at Memorial Hall Thur.sday nijfht at 8 o 'clock. At thlB time certificates bf lion-* or, which are awarded annually lo herds which make) 300 pounds of bnttorfat or more, will be pro- seiiled to members of the Allen HUMAN CHAE KEEPS Y0Um Rules the Air SIX PAGES b«' present for the meeting. W. K. Seliaulis. cow tester fori Allen county, will lead a di.scns- sion on feeding and other prob- Albert Frick, Chicago, Is| Given Artificial Respiration for Three Days to ' Save Life. County Cow Testing association J lems. who won them in Ift^T. and l!i26. ; K. It. Wells, extension agrono- Uoy Cwin. county farm agent, i mist from Kansas .State Agricnl- and It A Kav, se<relarv of the as- ; tiiral college will he present and soclation have expressed the wish! will discuss "Cmwing Legume that all winning, certificates will! Feeds for the Dairy Herd." RIFLE SHOOTING POPULAR SPORT CONCERT HERE TO BRING MANY fbicauo. .Mar. H. lAl^J -\n cnil --i less human chain lield AlbiTt ; t'riik in the land of tlie living ni-' <!ay while dtoiors liovereil n^er tbei 22-year-old y<mtb who was' still' alive although he had not '.irjiv.n a i normal breath for three <iays. as a' - ' rp.sult of paralysis .Of lln; dia-; phragni. t ' \ Propped lip in beil at ;i l."i degree ' angle, Frick was jible ti>-cftiivcMe, briellv with Tlmse alwiiit him and '•• I pl'Vsiciaus redoubled elfu:-ls to Two Rifle Squads tFrom i Reports Troop A to cpompiete Tomorrow Night. Crowds From Nearby Towos. vent a tiial instant's iireak in i . i the rhythmic prore.»s :fiii of men j who have been induciOK artiliiiar Large i r^P'rat ion for the striciveii yiiiiiig': — 14 „ - ^j„,p jjisi Hniiiiayniorn- i I Trai) shooting has long been one | jof the popular sports in lola. but now it seems that rifle shooting I i.s coming fnto iLs own. Indicate ^ salesman in,::. Two by b"d. swayed back and foiili for fif- ilraws nearer for thoj <<••'" minutes one on eai ll ' side. Iiyibm. on the bfil fill As the linu' Kansas fily l.iitle Symidiony cert in .Memorial JIall Aranv X tiibson. cap-jtLi^ -eck. interest |.nd enthusiasm | (hem. Jn a ain of Troop A. annouiiced today j.seems to be growiiip anace. Miss' ••>f'>rt , hat there is to be a wmpetition ; Kalis received Word this morning I . Twenly-li con* "'"'•king feverishly in e.x.u-i ., . , "I pressing their hands down i r riday '".victim's lower cinst.-then relaxing,; an endlc-s iT .';;iiril.;c!ial tain that l>otween Armory and the four m^n have wiirlicd in iu .li rifle siMi ;tiIs ill the i',. . J. . , '.'an iinbriiken emit iniialioii i )t eiiriit public is'invited to come ' '>f schools in (Jas City, that he is j friends sturjd ready to at US' ; iili be lii'ld as y large Iropliy will iKjjt" 'lo work nietbodiciilhl.'She out diiieil given by the lola Chamber of Com-!'in'''! 'be work nf Ibe Woman's' ><'iin merce to the sclioid whieh holds jChristian Teinper.iiici' fuion as the average of poiiUs at 11'ullows: I'ruliiliinoii.* tlie fiv.^t the end of the Juilgiilg contest and plank, is tlie bi^col tliinn today tfack meet. This troidiV will bo Uind site stressed ili.- point iinito; valuable aim unique. ,iiiem)H)s nf ili • liiiim .ibonld lieipeka. The invitation is extenilod to the well intbriii'il mi j':II iii:ii!ers per- i-ighth grade boys of all the rural tainitii; lo this plank. She slate.d THE WEATHER i l«»U h\>S.\S: I'liill) iloiiit) lo. iileli(,iinif Ttiurstliiji colder Thiiis. . (Ill I. Teiiipei iitiire lllghesi yesterday ' ;A. if 2 p III ; lowest . Iai«t iilghl • ai i; a. m ; norfiial for friday. 42; exi , • , yesleiday I; excess since Ian I. ^.'^•S degrees: this d.ite last ycai bmliest lowest •,;7. I'rccipiiat jnti for ilie' hours i I'li 'lln 'i; al 7 a in. todav, it; total fur 'lii-i year t 'l dali'. 1.7ri; defic- ieiny since .laiiuaiy I. I.MI iiiib-s. Kelaiive liiinildity' at 12 noon yesli'iday. 11 per cent: 7 a. m today, y.'. \\iS\* cent: baronieier re- to sea level, 2',i.8x inches, rises /;:I2 a. m.; sets (;:2;i P, m. j WealhiT .sind ititntls. | .Ml clear, all roads eooil except i that i.s.-ilina. /'itl.<-biirg. OKawa. fair; To-,! in and lookon. One s(|iiail is mai^e up nf trap- 'shooters and will \ Include Hoy •liHir, Koss ArbucklKI ItennlH liul- i lea, I'iirnest nergniaii .'ind <>. II- id'arkening. .Miiro Uriiwiifli-ld has riiei -n apiMdnlei) ns a siibHtttiite to shoot for /'iirkenlng If he Is not I able to be fliere. Tlio .other S'lUiid in made up of iKIks: It. I,. Tlioitipsoii. .Ir. Mow- wird .MID/'f, Areble I'aitl ' .N'igli and lilll .s<'liniiieriis. .No Troop \ iiMMi :{(>• on eiiber team, bill II is Intimated (lia( a -eballeiige may come, from them to the wiliii'-r of lli<» contesi toinor- ri>w night. Army rifles lunl »m- munillo/i will bo «s<»d nnA ihn shooting will lie <;ontliicted utnler army rules I 'tiil ri'giilations. .Mr. Cibsiiii would be clad (o have a number of visit'irs witness the i -ontest. The arnjory is at ffe corner of West 'street and .Vorlli U'alnut. That's what (las City thinks ' planning to bring h|K entire student 'body t<ver for this afternoon ''in- ce-'t. of It. 'albo reccl\ed word that Will be hell) I roll! .Mo- She has Hi I hililren t ran. ::u from Uallarpe and .'>'J llnin Cobiiiv. , : ill (Ills (oniK'ciloii, (I inigbi b ere.I ll people generally ou that Miss Kalis is lioldiHg a lal rehea -sal of !"ir ;;rade .school iibiits- rJoii in all from the 4Ui, grudeH "In .Meinorla I and lith gradei II at :i :i.'i Uimor d any w|io care t GOOD WILL FIJERS AT FLORIANOPOLIS rough. !! Klorianopolis. lira/. ilAlM The I'an-Ain schools of Allen county and .-i largo group is expected. Loiters were sent lo about i'li schools and i;rol)- alily almost all of these will be represented.- The program has tlio approval <if tlie Counts' Kuperiu- lendenl who believes that it will be a good thing. The iirogram wilj.^start at. !t::io anil will last un- 'lil iibout 4::iO. "Ehis is tlie first_year that, sue .111 ,^11-Uuriil Kcjiool Day has bee BOYS REPORT ON (Will fliers airivcij liere at je at Kl. Scott ed at Mm Hi-Y I sponsored by llic local vocation;tl .isrieiilturei department. If it over; ill big fa.shion this iyear il ttili probajbly '(je<ome anj annual fcaturi' cowriiig different divisions ' of farming eac'Uyear. It ijj largelv j through the'efforts of Garl G. ; Hies. V"<'a''')iia'l agrifuUiire in- L, .,, ,, „., structor that this day is being !, planned. {thai l-'rances U'lll^ird's plalf'ir ii 'w ,i- the same as i.. iiseimMlay. aid ! disiiissed tb" sev.ial d'parl iiieul isci<ntifii- leiiipi-r .itice. < hjid .'we!- 'I'are. social iiior.iliiy. .Aiiieric.Tnisi i. il.ov.-il Temperance Legion, and~ 11 c iniotlurs' depariiiieii'. Kvangelist c j »><•'•''">; ,ycstcrday| • Sevi n boys jwoVk. slie said, was the bub of the lami "1'' laciilty inember attended entire wheel- ariiiiuii -wliich ; u flrf^n lola. ! , oihers revolve. She also dwell on' Tb'- biiys who atiendeil ^rom lola; ithe re.l I,-tier davs an-1 various were: D-.nabi ilenry Wall-, loilier inioortaiil pliaJes iniorj.ori^l- •'I'dson Kiiip.s.'y. .lailk Sber- led in the mea' organi/aiion. ,^vood. ilerbcrl .McKver.s. Kenneth K'"'^ Tie „i )un pile lU villi.uials werej«i "'tb. Klavius Sherwood ind Ilar- eondiicted bv tlie Rev. .Mr Thomas i "''I Howaprl. with .Mr. Carl C. lies • If the Na/aieiii- cliiirili with prav- 1 •''.•••JIf f:icttJly supervi.sor. The boy.« StilUt"S. Witlifiiil a lireak. the |iiie es., |ia :i gone on since .Sunday ji»i >rii)ii«,' when creppiii;; paraly is Imd. .iie 'i III nerves I oiitrollini'.. ilie iimn-- ni' Ills of the youth's .'•Ii:iplira2tiii. The case seemed Mriiial!> Ib -fi''- less but doctors imiiieilialidv sH up an a-'liflcliil respiraiinn, auil I'ncl. ] responded to th" tre .itiiiejii,: llnp i "fling against hojie. the nii '-'lical men to! Kent "Itt 11 ''411 l'>r vidiiiitetr.-'. and employees in Krlck's, firii 'i (loopeij in. ' They' Were liastllv Insl rllcted ill ^ the priiiclple-i of artitlcial breath-' Uitnor^uw afternoon; {iiir'.. and I 'v/r siiiie imve tal <eii up to listen to this; Ilie b ;i (ile ibe i«»i physician' «a::ed taking il alone for IIIHIIS . each alliirnalely: comiiressiii^ and expanding one liini;. pumping oxygen fi^j- the lis- siies.- I I 'hysi'cians said, they were witnessing one of tlie most remarkable achievements in medi 't -al hi:;- relienrNjiL niay do so by s( iit aiiywili'rc iipstiiirH. The eveiiiiig conc.crt promises to piay to a crowilcil house. The ticket .sale Is. coming along in fine shape anil those who Impe to get <-hiiice seats should not delay a l.'nirene'(>. .s_»krs, of .lackvn'n, .Miss., is one <ii the fivf mfm- bers of the iiathmal comiiiis. >lon to cirntrol radio liroaileast- ill'-', kippoinled !»> rresidpnt. Co<di <ige. He is a I 'lriner Justice i»i llic .M/ss |vM 'pi»i suproHip eiiuri, TWOHbuSESIN I ^UNDS CLASH House; and Senate Fail to A;;ree on State Fair Appropriation. Tupeka. Kans.. .Mar, H. (AIM • Till IMIII -e and .'.ellale ere at big- gerlieads tiid.iy over appropriations I'lir the stale fair ai lliilcliinsoa. Til" lii'Use refii.sed III approve the :-cliate's alliiwaiice nf iMl.lKi'l for a Kraud stand, ami, also tibjected to tlie ,:iii ll' s ( lor t(/'i'mlMlng lliiiclilii.siiii aitlonioblle dealers t'l liiiilil .1 il;^ pl.iy building on the f.aiiKriiiitid •,. I'liaii iii .iii S'':li'>eii <if Mil- liiiiise w.i.>': a;ii| iiic.iiis ciiiiiriiiilee iiiMlst- iil tli .it Ilie ,iile fair lie Kiveii iiiily ^(7 .<"'i <i tor till' ii -'xl'liieiiuuni. ,\'cniireiMii e c /imiiiinie ivill try if WORKSTOLD Commissioner Mather Says Plant Is. Making Money; Estimates Improvement Cost. The "talk 'time" at rtie Cham- - | ;| her of (!C)mmerne lubclipon at tha Kelley holei at noon today was occupieii by ft. J. .'llalber, commi."J-| sioner of public utilities, 'who re- jSiimed the rii|cussii)n of lola's wat- ,cr plant which he began at th» luncheon, la.stj week but hadn't timo to finish. Today Mr. Mather called attention to" the fact that, whefeas tho wal^r works fund was $2,000 overdrawn two years ago. ib now shows a favorablf balance of^ 16,000. a I not "gain of $.<?,()00 in the two years. This, tho commissioner said, was due to three things: Tho installation of meters so that all the water now .sold i.s measurpd instead of being given out at a flatrate; tht» improvement of-the service such a way as to pre.vent leakage.' and the better collection of blUa due from; con .siimers. He stated that water rates in lola ^wero. cheaper than in a~iiy .other city he knew of in Kansas and that tbero remained as a debt against the plant only $ir,,ili)0 o( bonds yet to b/' p'jiid off.' In accounlinc for the fact-that the (lualily of lol;i yv.iler Is not up to Ibe' stiindard if should h^, ho stated (li.-i( on account of tho amount ol^ silt wliii -b in the roursn of 4'> _ years^"•liad piled up' behind (he dam ill till- river. It had be- /•om» necessary to eievatjvfho Intake pliies from near (bo bottom of the stream to near tho Hurfaco o 'r tlie^ water with (he reflult that many impiiritles were-pumped Into i |ii> setiiiiig IUIHIS which would 1(01 fie the iase if tll<i water could lie (akeii froin' near ili<> bottom bt I the streiitn. Another soiirco of Ipolliitbin i.H the salt that gets tn-. I to the vvater from gas and oil ! well,':, .mill another handicap is •1 lo bring abiJiil an agreement tweeji the hoiise and senate. nrinule in getting thtir reservations ''"ry ''"-s '"''>• a"'i Vlt hi.iir.s pa.«sed .-t the .1. V. .Merchant ,lcwelry com- "fl*'"' "f "'f HHR'T"'- Tliey first hrimghl KrlcH lo fb(< .Saturday, when liie first The sedate sen.ifo, sorved nidice that it is not going to niake ih< state's taxpayers pay for any mom bouquets bestowed by the house The upper chambT stood behind I. jviarcb ri'vili P,aiiy. !n .'iddition to tb befs whi''h eviin'Mg program, several plendid .mm- ' ''•'^•I>"al constitute the regular; "\ tl"'> nnmbnes,s. d.i.cnosed as Uinilry s paralysis, wore ilis- ¥¥T «-i/-\iiT«m»Tmr/-»».r I" c|0''k Ibis afterri'ioll HI-Y CONVENTION IfJrLrle .b. .Sul They coiUinvie lo San i 'aul ni->' luiys who w,<,'nl lo (he dis-|nopn. trie! Ili-V coiifcrejuj last we-k end report from Itio idaniK'd to Ibis after- poptilar g ,„„l I selectiims will, be jilayed as <;n- j^. 10 j cores. .March Slav, by Tschaicoski, the iriifiiiishcd Symphony by Shubert and "Sli-igh Hells" have been reiiiiesled lud will probably be given as encores. V MARINES L^ND IN NICARAGUA H0USE SEEKS HIKE IN PAY Dclaclimcnt of, 7.50 Menl'f .i?e,n».tie J ^assfts Measure ARMOUR GRAIN QUIZ STARTED two Hijfh Officials Quit And Committee Will Investigate. ' fliicago. Mai-; il.' IAI')- I'l intcd |ep<((l> Ili .1 e.sigiiatliili of two h'uit'off ci.-ils of the Armour (ii'aiii mmpanv. and appointment "by the <'li(('a'.:o lmai:d of trade, of ,i (om- iiilUcc to Investigate alleged trre;;u- lariOcs of the (.iiitlcet u in c'Ulliei;- tioii utth file grain inarKctiiig com paiiv' lalluie. liOid the alle|ilii»ii n'J Die gra'n lia<ic today. • ieoiKe K. ..Myf'v. clluillliaii iif tlie board (d" din'ctois o| the .\|-- itioiir concern, and Ccoige 7"hi>nip.•i >n. ••^Hperintenociil iii charge of cb'vatofs, w.'re; till- two otfici;i,|s. the Tribune sajd. whose resigiia- er by the .Kev. .'Mr. .Neiry. of .Sjio- kaiie. W.ish.. Willi, with .Mrs .N'erry sani; an insp-iiui; duet. "Cod Is All.r dev'o- • iKiri.ils .-idr -iii liiiieiii wa> made for a luiicheiui which •!'.>• lineal mvlu- bcrs provided and f-.-rvul. .\ coll .-eil al lull service. I'll hy ;Mis. .1. 11, .^iiWirlc. npiiieil the afj- ieriiiioii |iioi'i ;i |ii. Il'i- riiiijecl was I "l.'ivi and 111'- (Ileal I'rice of lie. I •deiiipliiiii." I 'r.iy r- od'ered j b .V Oielillii) ,. e; lie- llllmi, alld I hyiun .s'Were suiiu. I- The seiietaiy and ;t i easiirer |df j the coiiiiiy iircaiii/r.iti<^n J.".ive le-! imrls .Mrs. .\lilililler ; e \plaii|ed ] 'hat lltrj mie diillar diuis paid by , meiiilieis W.i- ilNliui sell a- Inl |||^^^: 'Cv ^etlH lellls |i, ih,; home oix'.ini/.iiioii, l.'i ceiiN, li^.llic cmiii- t>. ^.'i cents III Ilie ollicial pap -r. In ceiiis nali.iiicl diie~. III leiits lor depar'i|ie|iiil ivnrli .cid 2" cnis ,Iiir stale Willi; As llieii- avr M.imt) U'on'liiiii d (.Ml r .ice 'i. .N'liiiilier |i report Ibis 1,0 fie the most impressive conference evk -r attended by them. And 40 Olficers Have Landed. It Will Co Up to the People for Vote. COOUDGEASKS AID im JAPAN Appeals to Red Total Dead Listed 2,275 Today. .Managua. .N'icaragiiii. .March I'. (AP)—A further detachment of 7.')0 men and 4i> officers i from rnited States" flender.son arriv- <'d in Managua last night.' lal number of effeetivi 'S that have tome here from the Henderson Nin<-e il reached f'orilito several days ago. now stands at i;22tj. The /' arrival of the rnarincs caused Cross ;! mucli I'.xcitement. at hero j SINCLAIR JURY EXCUSED TODAY Wa.'^hiiig.lon, Mar." .1. (AIM l '|•e ^:denl Coolldgc asked the \ui<'licali Ued (^loSK lo<Uiy In iMler aid to .lapan in its latest i,>.i '-lh/|iiaki; dii^asler. Ited Cross ^'tlicials said tiK 'lr assislaiice iMiiild 'le at- .llipan's dlsponiil. but that il was not. vet ceilain 'ti :\l Hillside lielp ,H »s rerjiiirwl. teonrls from Ibe stricken area iire iieiit;; studied at Ited Cross ji •adi|ii .iilr'rs where an ' aii- tiiiiliicemeui may made Miorllv (iencral Harlolome Viquez, i of the recent battle ;lt Chinaiidega I between the Conserviitivc and illiberal forces, .has been appointed I Conservalive commander In chief' j in the fiijld, lie was preparing to I leave f'ln Itoacaa. where tliree j tlioHsaniL Conservative soldier.-i !ir'» concentrated for the purpose,, it I was niuioiineed of altemiJtliig ••definitely to end the revolution," .S.-ilv.idor Iteyes. with .'in" i llieii. has |efi ' .Mafagalpa^on (lie Topeka. Kan.s. March n. (Ai'l — The house of representatives vop'd loday to .>{ubmit to the people a j constiluti'inal amendment^ for in- : creasing the pay of legislatok-s j from Il.'.o •{«'?.">»/) for lyvrry regii-, lar session. : Sevi^ral members of j Ilie bouse fried unsuccessfully to • sifl)mit to (ho voters an amend- ; ment whi<ib would have retniiri-d Kansas law- makers to serve without, compensation. If the senale 'adopts the resolulioy. the citizens' who refus- ; eil last fall to increase the ir.iy of legislators^ from (<» JS a day, ! will vote «)ii a |>ropo.'li(ion lo fix- the pay at $."iOi» for every regular 1 covered, three days after the youf '.i bad liad (wo (ceth cvtriicfed. fty 1 .Sunday (he paralysis li :id numbed his legs and was creeping up hi-- until it took possession of tin- diaphragm ;ind the cliest wall muscles. ^ The patient has been unable lo eat for many hours, and has iiei'i'i given nourishment by a ' :;liico,-e sohuion, injected into his I'laralyzcd legs a iiuart at ii time, A sli.^bl improvement ill; Krick'.s coiidilion wa.s-noted today. .:I)iiciors j said the paralysis of his ihiioat harl I slackened slightly a.iid be was aide Mo lake a liltle food. His fellow employees fnim tlie I'ltblic Service ccmpaiiy i >f; Niirtli- eril Illinois continued in provide the artificial respiration r;illicr than resort to pulniotors. I Senator .laekson-Of Cariiett, chair-' jiiiaii ot Uie claim;-; and accounts cmiimiCee, who refii-sed to approve :an item of $l-t .".0 spent by th<\ ; bmise for flowi'^rs given to a wo--. !nnn who for the memners. .An i'e^rt of ili>.:,'> for I 'radJe flow- ;ers for H.iilie V. Waggener. ,1rd, soil of Representative ISailie P. ^ Wag ^i 'iier of Atchison county was •••ipprovd. • ' •"Well, ihere was only 0110 baby," .!;;<ksO !i remarked. hJ-jllie lai t Ibat there is but one Hcr- i vice line from the pumplniif plant. . (to the city and since it has been Idnwn for-21; years, doubtless morie tor less fill by sediment has accumulated in (his hiain.. . Coirwag I" tliK question of the cost of niakiiig such imprrovements MARIAN MEYER3 GETS 30 DAYS Co-Ed Who Tries to Rob Bank Enters Pica Oftiuilty. Verimlioii. S. I). LMarcli !' lAI'i Marion .Meyeis former i.'o id at session anil a'day additional for i "le i'niversiiy of .South Dakota, special S («sstons. Present provi- was seut .-iieed to ?M days, in the ion of thr constitution limit the !"I'"'' !'<'nii'''i<i"''.^' w'l'-n she pb-ad- a day vnipensation lo ,^0 days : ed guilty today to an attempt to . way to i Vi(|ue/.. coordinate ! with lieneral EARTH TREMOR HALTS VOLCANO lue 1 rioiine saiii. »UOM: ie:^iHM.i-; - A t ti I •lions be<ame k|iown after a spe-i Ar ^UflK'ntS by V -OUnSel ' cial meeting of tfie .:ompaiiy's PHnciOal \ctivity t"iaie. •i ' • . -•»' Mr. .Mai 'i 'v. who is in 1,'asadeti.l. Calj'f.. is one of the oldest chiefs ill the .\rmoiiv organization in point of service and one of the most widelv known grain men in Amcr- :i.-a. •- '^ In Court. i I WiisliingtoM. .March :>. lAJ't - jTlu- jury which will determine . whether Harry K. .Sinclair should I be pviuislicd for coutompl of the The Arnioijc drain company re-1 senate today beard tl|e oil opera- cently was directed to pay approx- 1 tor's sliie of the cond'Oversy which i-.natL'ly $:!.'iOO.<iliO to the ilef-anct {grew out of Grain MarketinJ; company liy an ToK.vo. Mar. ;t. i.M'i The home ilfi|e anf.ouiieed this afterti'Min j thill! aicording loMaiest advices Jg( 2.271; persou.-i were killed in .\|on' day"'-- eaillH|iiakc iin'central .lupan apil :!.441 Mijure'l. Houses numb'er- lup :'..i>ii»; Were devtroyed by fire, by the nuake, l.'iS were partly burned and ,].6."i]7 damaged iiy shock. One report from Mineyama says ilayor .Vakaniura and his family wore imprisoned and burned to^ei,i.,i by Saturd'avs ijiiakf collapse'i'i )f a regular session and lo V.d d.iys of special! se.ssions. Kepreseiilatlvcs Walker of t'ow- ley coiinl)' and nonnelt of .Marshall couniy. offered a suhsiKute resolulionj which was lanlainoiiiit to an offfr to work wiilmui pay. They said the privilege to render public s'Tvice should be its own reward. Only 1!'? representatives voted against the proposal for an in- arbitrator who heard charges that records had been falsified . and "-ain Vamples changed at the' time of the formation-of the -?2o.o.u0 .nno coorerative ! project, ill wliich-' the Armour coiicern held 4S per cent of the stock- i JOHNNY MOSTIL GETTING BETTER Shreveport. Ua.. .Mar. !). (.VHi — Condition- of Johnny .Mostil: outfielder of the Chicago White Sox. • who atteinpled io take his life-here Tiie-day I night ;was 'somewhat im. proved, this morning. He is <'on- i<ciou« .liter .sjasliing himself severely *'il|> '•>• kHife razor blade. 'his refusal to answer queslions before the committee which investigated the leasing of the Teapot Dome naval liil-re­ serve. After having iiccupied only one day .'ia presenting its testimony, the g|ivernmeiit rested its case soon after the opening of c ourt today, .-iiid (Jeorgo P. Hoover, chief of Sinclair's coun.<eI, opened for- the defense with a recital of the points to be raised on behalf of his client. . Argiinient by rounsel on the question of admitting ceriain testi- ,mony Sinclair gave to tho senate commiltee and the ptTtincncy of liie que.stions he refused to answer was continueil Into tile afternoon session. Justice iHilz/excused the jury nnt 'il tnmororw .Maiiauua^ .N'icaragiiii, .Mjr. '•}. <i\l'l Verification was r^-ceiveil today that -.1 freiik of uatiire. in the-torni ; crease in their pay, while the snb- of an earth trem'or.i Saturday a|>-fStituto plan for service without par-'nlly ended the Isiinliago -vol-; compensation was defeated by 'a rob (be vaiill 'if (lie I'irii. .N'atioii- reit nt,' .ll l',at>k here to ;;i -l $'J1 lo pay her tuition. . Third degree burglary was the, specific charge against the girl who w;is arrested here Ifebriiary .'1. after she .had atlempti'd to «aiii entryiice to the vault wjfhaij 1 u-r trie drill. .\l the time of, lor arrest, the girl said she needed ?2t lo pa.v luition at the univi-rniiy. In sentencing the girl. Judge A. 1 H. lieck declared that, in hi-s opin-' ion. she had not receiveti '•an yeir break at the hands of society," and ••The senate agreed'to the house anieinlmeiit. loathe pri.son • labor bill plai iiig aulborit.v- to direct use 'if .s-iicli !al «>r under the board ol .idiiiiuistratioi!. The senate origi- naliy dejeqafeil thir. authority to The wanlen of the peitilentiary and the siiperinteiuient of the reformatory. Tlie irrisoners may be used 0:1 any land '"owned or leased by Hie s.'.ite." .Senator Frizell, super- tnieudeiit of the reformhtory, said il was intended to use tlie reforma- tor.v inmates to niake . improvements al the old soldiers home at Fori Dodce and 'be MolTier Hick'er- Oyki' home :it Kllswortb. Tlie holl-e pas :-eil .-illd' seut lo Ilie -e-i.ii.- the yjipplegale 'bill to peu .-iHze aiitomoiiile oA 'uers ?I a iiioiiih it" they fail lo ."ipply for mo- I 'lr veiiicj.. license;; by Fj-briiary 1. ADLINDSEY IS AfPROVEH AT O. U. .Voinian. tif la.. ."Mar, '.>. I At') ,\i !r !aii l.inil-ev 1 I' llelh .irn I'oll.-ije. .(.iiiif.ti'iri;. Ka 'i,. i-i'l-iy w ,ts ap !»rov ed as Imitliall 1 o;ie |i ;ii tie- I niv r .-.ii.v' lit nkl .'li'iiii.i 1. 1" ll!'" Iioai'l of in Sl-'-'iOll liele. as would hi' necessary to Ijring the plant up to modern standards. .Ml". .'Mather e.4limaled the cost of a filter plant, at ST.'^.OOO: improved machinery and alteration of' the se(lling,-has"ins $10.0110, 3 second line fronp the pumping plant to the. city. S.'l.'i .oon. a new d.-im. making it possible to take out tho old dam Whicli is really in a precarioiis-cdtt- dition and ileiin out the sedtment behinil it'. $2 .">.noo. This makes aJI together. S14r..00ft. If a softener! were adiJed^ this would J20,000 additional. ; Mayor Hobart asked the commissioner wlifWber he had made' any investigation of the. possibility of obtaining a w"ater supply outside the river, and he answered: dial he had not hut from tiie ex-"- perienco of other towns he feared the answer would; be in the negative. FRANCE NOT TO ATTEND MEETING No Representative to Sit In at Parley; England And .Japan O. K. Washinslon. .Mar. D. fAP) — London. ami Tokyo news advices clearly indicating C.reat Uritain niid .lalian will accept Hie Am'rican jpropoaal for a conl 'Telice wiili the ITnitcd .Stales at (elieia Ihi.s .summer ' "11 iiiix-ili .ivy war craft limita- limi areiia'i'fi Iji.v officials here, lo iTieai! -U'lija -Project ulti- iii.ilely \\:ll iie hroir.;hl about. THREE SOVIET 'SPIES'KILLED Reports Are That They Had Chinese War r Plans. death when, their home and took fire. Other families suf^ fered a like fate. The scenes after the flames died down were described as niiist piuful. some of the survivors digging in the ashe^; for some .tra<;»' of their inissing. and olher-j huiiting for crumbs of food aiul pleading for assistance from the' atriving relief workers. .rHiindred.s of bodies still are be- nf?ath; the rjiins and the search for them I is continuing. Newly, made bamboo stretchers .nre used r.v the bpdies, which are placed in piles tawaiting burial, i Blue jackets, landed from a cruiser and four, destroyers, are assisting the survivors. The naval nien are credited with rescuing .!Oil persons from burning ^nd cot" lapsed: 'buildings soon after : the .HhoJk. ean'> Inme meliac -e, whii h for years i viva voce, vote. CHtised hitndreils ofj, ih'onsan 'K- of dollars dama ^re -'-in the rich coff'-e territory in the vi<-iniiy of .Managua. Thousands of ditis of <'arl!i. loos- filled the The $.")00 ."i 'sos-,that bo wished to give lier "a fair sioii idea Irereived .S.S votes or four ; <'hance." The thirty day sentence, more than the required two thir.i.-, ; 1"^ thought, was the best way of majoritv. I ' [aiding; her (o regain . her proper ,'_ I 1 statioi) in soeif>ly. ;The law per- SEVENTEEN BABIES IN CLINIC IN lOLA veiit in the. volcano, from whii h deitntctive fumes were <onstantly' j ' e.xude<l. killing all vt'geladon for a i Mai-ybellc True, who is score U miles and making the lau'llout by the Kansas State Tubereu-; '^''f. , . , . valuefe'^s ilosis n.ssocialion. who with j ^ cutting the telephone,and sig- (o regain . her in soeif>ly. ;The law mils a maximum senlen'!e of I.' years imprisonment for liiird 'if- I gree burglary. ' j Sentence of .Miss Meyers closes .st>,it''h'' ease' which had its inception to loot' t&e - vault- VISION OF DEATH JTRUE TO NEGRESS Coffey-iille. Kans.. .Mar. 9. fAPI — A few years ago. Lucille Hamilton. Cotfe: villo ncgress. saw her mother's sjpirit in a vision. The spirit told Lucille that fSod would take her when she was 21 years olci. LuciUe celebrated her twenty-first birthday anniversary Monday. She becinie violent yesterday and was locUrd up. The desk sergeant tiptoed to her cell lo see why she had suddenly become ciuiet at 4 o'clock this morning. Lucille w.-w dead. FaiintelleiBrucp, lola school nurse, has been holding a baby clinic and examination of studejnts her{> for several days, is doing the., woric today in Humboldt and will visit I..aHarpe tomorrow for a clinic, and will return here Friday to examine and talk to the girls at the junior high school. Dr. Trtie examined 1" babies here and! gave advice to the mothr ers as t(j the care of the babies. Twenty-three high -school girls received eiaminations and consultations yesterday by Dr. True. She was pleaiied to ftud the girls of the junior college and high school in bettor ccindition than last year. nal wires she broke into the building through a rivar window.. i I'ekinsJ March (AI'l (•;iiiiiese |:--"'>uri "e,- Report the ihrerv alleged sovief enij'ssar'e,.; wilo were arrester; wirh yiaif. I'.orodin on the Rusi .i 'i ve:-;>i.l I'amiat I.enina Satiir- i !ay lia.ejl'een ex'^iiiieil liy order of C'eneral t'iiang Tsinig-f^hang. .'^haijfiiigese leader, on the ground tliai ihey were sp'ies ami in possession 'of his military plans. ; .Mme. IJorndin i.s ihe wife of .Michael p.orodin. a Russian, who 'has been acting as advishr to the Cantonese • government against • which Chang is fighting. Reports that .Marshal Chang Tso- Lin. the .Manehurian war lord, or; dered the execution of the three 7Ttussi.ins are denied jit headquar- Indepcndcncc, Kiis, Mar. ;•; (API iter."! of the Ankuochun "allied The i financial statement of the i Northern iarmios 1 which .state that Praifie I'ipe Line conipaicV" for the .re;ir iKfj shows ini"om<! for (he vear of $ll,t46.7.S7.72. Refund 1022 ini onie tax. $.'5,421.2.''i. Creiiits. profits and los.<!. fir .,S2t .H. hividenrl.s paid. J6.4SO.000. .Addition to surplus ^undrs. $7.981.l)3S.ll. Total assets of the company are listed at |14S,.^21..'? 11.07. s^me] PRAIRIE FINANCIAL STATEMENT IS MADE Chang Tsiing Chanf. whose officials arrested the prisoners has full pow(!;r to deal with matters of this kind withotit asking permission of Chang Tso-Lin. The- sovient ehibassy tonight banded "a., note of protest to the Chinese office, which telegraphed Chang Tsiing-Chang for the (acts. IJeliev.'l, \i;ir. !l '•"iivlni I 'I ilf thr •\tnei;iean propos i(a(i<lns. and also Stal'ls does: not i.VfI—Franco la ; in erity of tho Is for naval liin- i::ai the United?^ lii'sir- lo Interlero . what n'lever: ill the smooth ipfogres'a of fl e| League of- Na;ion.s general fli.sainJamcni plan. a. spokesman for the Fijr'ncb governnn'irv. today told the .Nsho'iiated Press. f.t' Moiiiiied. Iiow-ver. (he wis- doiii t;ali(iii as "•observer" post enci vrl'» ma til of dispatchin:; a French dele- to the' pro- • three-powrr naval- confer- a.; he beliivd France could rcadjiy follow the iron'ercnce'a de^ h regular, diplor* linn'-ni.^ ibrouj i:halir.e's, | lon-iad-rl Indicating" Frame .'ijc-iiy |d:ffered from the American •.i-'wp' int wi'.'i restiect to tli«; most practi'cal means of. approaching the iU --"armament pVob- Icm, .she l-eing convinced that it constitutes an indivi.sible whole. Japan's acceptance of America's invitation was in Japanese circles- LIME PRICE TO GO UPWARD SOON Hoy Cwin announced today thalS he ha.s received- word from -thai. Fort Scott' Hydraulic company tO;, the effect that after March 15. the price of "lime will be raised twenty; cents a ton. Lime purchased be* fore that time can be procured a|; the old price, Gwin said, _„

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