Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 23, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1898
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ESS,-' ALTON EVENING TELEGBA SIXTY-THIRD YEAR. 1 (Bttabllihed jRiHurr 14, !8J«.)t ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY, DEC. 23. 1898. 1 * i";.' Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. ........ .. „ ... ..-.— _ L -. T - _ Ll — L ; i - "......I ..-_-.-•—L"-- J ' '-" " ' ' *-^-~-~-**----^**±*~*»*~~*** with the paint brunh U like that "stildi iu time" Unit "saves nine." 1'iiint is n labor-saver in the home. A . glossy, pointed aurfnce <liscourngc3 dust, lint the labor of painting la lost if yon <;<ie (lie wrong paint. Different surfaces call for different coverings. Housewives dou't put rug carpet' on tlie parlor floor nor velvet carpet in the kitchen. They wouldn't suit. Paint making has progressed more thiin curpct making. There's n special paint for every kind of painting, Looks best, wcurs best. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS f* For palntlnff tmmt hnardu, window hHmlii, r.nphoardn, flowor HtAiidu nnil nthiT little tlilnirn iiliout tho hmiHf, p»l Tlio Slierirln-W/!ll(im«l''niiillrPnliit. F<.rruriiiliirr,|irif|pry,trlrfcr<r- wntk «"<! <l"c»rM,lv • work ma T)i" HIiiTwIn•willlniut Kn- »ui«l I'nlnt. K"r hitdi tiibn, Irnn lii'il*l»«il« nnd iiinlnl work got ThciHhi'r>vlii.Willl«niB Until ICnnm.-!. Hr , nri ji.ti'r right. "Palut, Pnlntn," rirnl Iri^i', will hrlp you. THE SHEKW/N-W/LLIAM3 CO.. PAINT AND COLO/? MAKERB, 1619Stewart Avc., Chicago; nlanCIc' few land, New York ami Montreal, MOSTER OUT TO Fifty Thousand Volunteers Be Discharged. Will H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Howeli's Carpet House has some fine nrw patterns in Carpels, just the latest' things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kindi Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we caii show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street Licensed AR6HIT B6T *od DATEMS -To «BT pcrsor. *Hto\f.if to oewr. Loiters Pmcrt on new laTonttona m lmprOTomenl« 1 " d«tl«D», I wilVfouutodriiwiSBuiitiii ip^oiaostloon and milce KppllcMtom f«rpatento«. • o-i> W THIWO «VTWfiRT. ThlrrA Plonr T THE HOLIDAY SEASON Is at hand at Marsh's Drug Store. You will find Cigars, Choice] Perfumes, HairandjClotOrushe And many other beautiful and useful things. A REMARKABLE SCIENTI WONDERFUL SCIEN I "SOLAR BIOLOO RICHES TO BE BB HOT TO H Fire and Water-Proof H J£Q FS j Gravel sa Composition x ROOFINO MATERIALS JOHN M. SELLERS, of "i Louis. ..autnorc Hotel, New I'Untoii Houa*. ** ~ roof, mr P« IJVWtmTION OF Till: I'KESIIIEffT. Two lli>nB(in» fur th« l)crl»liin to Ucdtice Ilin lllllllnrr Force, dm l'rln<'l|>nl One lli'InK Ilin ll«»lro tu Cut Down Kx|>nn«ei — AinlBlant fiMrxtnry III1I on Church rro|ierly In (lie I'lilllppllion—MlR»l»»lpiil V<ilmilf!«rn Dingrncn TliBin»cl»c». Washington, Dec. 23.—Prcflklent Mc- Klnlciy IIHR directed Secretary AlRcr In arraiiKf! for the muster "Ut of fiO.OOO volunteer troojm. There were two prln- cl|mi rraponH for the decision to reduce the pres'-nt military force'. The desire to cut dnwn the expenses of the government was tlio more Important of these. Ily the muster out of 60,000 men thegov- iM-mncrit will save $780,000 a month In pay alone. The other reason is that by curtailing the size of the army by the numher mentioned the military service would In: coiin'oned of about 100.000 men, the force which the president, Sccreliiry Alfrer and Major General Miles ure agreed Is necessary to furnish KiirrlsoiiH fur Culm, Porto Hleo, the Philippines, und at home. The ]*rc»«lit Military Force. Figures prepared at the war department In connection with ths muster-out order show tliut tho present military force of the United States, regular and volunteer, consists of approximately IfjO.liOO men. There are ninety-six volunteer organizations* iti the United States, counting the twelve companies of the signal corps as one body. In the Philippines there are twenty-one volunteer contingents, artillery, cavalry, infantry, engineers and signal service. The Intention Is to order home for rnus- ler out several of these organizations,! In number to the elffht regiments of regular Infantry to be sent to the Philippines, but the volunteers will not be withdrawn until the regulars have arrived there. Troop* To He mustered Out. Among the western military organizations included in the muster out are: The Fourth Illinois infantry, Ninth Illinois Infantry, One Hundred and Sixtieth Indiana Infantry, One Hundred and Sixty-UrM I.ndlnna infantry, companies A and I!. First Indiana colored infantry; Ninth l,)\va infantry; Third and Fourth ICintut-Uy Infantry. Second r.oulsM-.mi Inf.i'iiry, Thirty-first and Thlrty-lifth Michigan Infantry. Second and S ; xlh Mlr*:>uri infantry. Fifteenth Mlnni Hot a Third Nebraska In- fantr>.'. and fiixth Ohio Infantry, Ninth Ohio battalion colored infantry. Tenth Ohio infantry. First and Third Tennessee. Infantry, Fourth Wisconsin infantry. C11U11C1I I'KOI'KKTV IX I'HII.Il't'lNKS. Cougreiw, Not Slnle Department, Una tlio I)iS|10Mllloll Of II. Washington. Dec. 23.—Dr. David J. Hill, assistant secretary of state, said that the disposition of the property of the Catholic church In the Philippines rests with congress and not with the state department. He continued: "I should think that a court similar to that which was organized after the annexation of our Mexican possessions will be the proper way to determine the ownership of landed estates. This court of private land claims has examined the title nf innumerable pieces of church properly In New Mexico, Arizona and Califoinla and it has given universal satisfaction. "Tin re Is no reason whatever for Cathi.llcs to think that their churchmen will not be honorably treated by the Uniti-d States government. Nor is there any reason for any one to believe that Hie administration will not proceed on broad lines, almlng'to form for the Philippine Islands a government which will develop them socially, religiously and materially." RS TEIUUFV A TOWN. nifMi Shoot a Ho}' to Death and Injure H Womilli. , Miss., Dec. 22.—Members of Mississippi regiment disgraced themselves on their return home after being mustered out at Columbus, Tenn. A child was shot through the head and fatally wounded and Us mother received a painful wound In the shoulder. Mrs. Lucy Thomas and her little Bon were standing In the dorway of their home watching the first section of the regiment rolling Into the town. Suddenly 11 fusillade of shots was fired In their direction. One bullet struck the boy In the forehead. Mrs. Thomas was shot In the shoulder, but Her wound is not fatal. The boy died in a short time. Oovernor Johnston of Alabama has offered a reward of $100 for the arrest of the man who hilled the Thomas boy. Ti'»op» Ordered to Manila. Chicago, Dec. 23.—Sixty families, ag- fitructlons have been received from Secretary of War Alger ordering the Fourth Infantry at Fort Sheridan and the Seventeenth Infantry at Columbus Harraeks. ()., to pull for the Philippines on or before .Ian Ifi' The tronns will Makes the food more delicious and wholesome ftOYAt fiAKIMQ POWDER CO.. HEW YORK, BO to ManlTir fo rell'iJVe till? vnlunU'i'r refilmentB now on duly (here. They will pall from Nfw York and mnkr the journey l»y way of the Rwx rurml. Tin- officers will be iR-rmlttod lo lake their wives uml fnmlllcH. HH the length of service IB almost certain to b<> sc-vcrnl years. Cuban tfttnlH OlNftolvcil. WiishlnRton, Dec. 23.—Tho Cuban tjunta In America hiiH been tllsKolved, as the reason for lls existence, the freeing of Cuba, has crimed to exist with the signing of the Spanish-American peace treaty. The formal dissolution of the junta was marked by the Issuing of a statement by the junta to Its members and friends, In which full acknowledgment Is made of the aid extended by America and Americans. OtlH Hendcrs HntfHftlcfory Survicn. Washington, Dec. 23.—Secretary Algor Bays that Major General Otln had rendered most satisfactory service In command of the military forces In the Philippines, and would be retained In that position. Whether or not he will be appointed governor general of the archipelago depends upon future events. vjongressman w. A. smith or Michigan has decided not to contest with J. C. Burrows for the E'mntorshla. SUICIDE. LIKE mm • P» st&! to OI °' vl1 utldlDn. Drop » po»t&! 'o oi oivii uu j. E. C. MACK, ACT. ** «_ l?»t:*trlt; .. « / MtiJ'jtA STftit* * Corner Shield* >*>* "" J ** S- Electric Power. prepared to contract for Electric Power at Low Ra "f you know of any manufactrer who s seeking lo- ^t^Sttl^nor runnin, E.evators; ric motu-s wn we used 'for running Elevators; all kinds of machinery, pumping water; in, fact mechanical application. call on us for * Incandescent Lights, Electric Telephone 93- is THE SOUL .OP WIT." GOOD WIFE, YOIUNBED SAPQLIO. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to thu originality and simplicity of tho combination, but also to the care and skill witli which it la manufactured by scientific processes known to (ho CALIFORNIA Fia'Sviiui- Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all tho importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by th' CAMKOBNIA. Via SYUVP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one la avoiding tho worthless Imitations manufactured by other par- tiea. Tho high standing of the CALIFORNIA, Fia SvKur Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which tho genuine Syrup of Flgft has given to millions of families, makes tlio name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on tho kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor imuaouto. In order to got its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company— CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. •AM FHUIUUC*, «•!. mr r««s«», T, Well Dressed Woman KIIH Herself at a ColuuibUB, ()., Hotel. Columbus,. O., Dec. 23.—A well dressed and refined looking woman went to the Chlttenden hotel and registered as "Mrs. Ashton o£ Plttsburg." She was assigned a room, In which she was later found dead, having committed suicide by taking carbolic acid. Two envelopes were found in the room,one with money to pay the hotel and the other addressed to the chief of police, containing the following note: "My husband having died and left me alone, I do not care to live. There is $77 In my purse In my corset waist. Bury me anywhere." The note was printed with the evident purpose of disguising the writing, and all marks had been carefully removed from her cloth- Ing by the woman. The deceased appears to be from 30 to 35 years of age. The body was taken to the morgue. FAMILY SEPAIUTIOX KUMOKED. Society Gossips Busy About Mr. ond Mrs. Henry T, Sloane. New York, Dec. 23.—Society leaders In New York are busily gossiping about the marital relations of Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Sloane. Rumor has it that they have separated, and facts seem to bear out the rumor. Authoritative statement has been made that Mr. Sloane Is now living at the Buckingham hotel, while his wife remains at the luxurious family mansion at 9 East Seventy-second street. Moreover, it is significantly stated that Mr. Sloane has selected a legal adviser "to take chturge of his interests." Both husband and wife have been shining lights in the "400," hence the gossip. Wnn ulBil&ucky Tniln. Topeka, Kan., Dec. 23.—It Is understood that the fast mall contract between the government and Santa Fe has not been renewed for the coming year, and the early morning mall train will be discontinued. The fast mall has been a very unlucky train ever since it was Inaugurated, and has been a very ey enslve service for the company in other respects. The train runs between Kansas City and Newton. leaving Kansas City at 2 o'clock In the morning and returning about 10 p. m. The train Is of much benefit to Kansas City and Topeka morning newspapers. Bllli Signed by the President. Washington, Dec. 23.—The president has signed the following bills: Providing for a national exposition in Philadelphia in 1S99 and appropriating therefore; amending the laws relating to American seamen, for the protection of such seamen and to promote commerce; concerning sailing vessels of over 700 tons and for other purposes; to regulate the sitting of the United States courts within the district of South Carolina; to amend the revised statutes relating to consul and vice consul gen- jyflls, consuls and vice consuls and commercial agents. llttlik llobberi Put to Flight. Fond du Lac, Wls.,Dec. 23.—The boldest attempt at bank robbery In the history of Fond <lu Lac and one that nearly culminated in a tragedy, occurred here about 10:45 o'clock. As It is, Warren Chllcote, night watchman at the First National bank, has In his possession a hat, powder-burned and containing two holes made by a leaden missile which, had It passed an inch and a half lower, would have penetrated hie brain. Chllcote surprised the men at work on the back door of the bank, and after firing at him, the robbers fled. Curllut Agitation Continues, Madrid, Deo. £3.—The Carllst agitation continues In several of the northern provinces and a number of agitators have bean arrested at Morella, province of Castellon de la Plana, owing to Carllst demonstrations. A Cat-list has been arrested at Placencla, province of Caceres, for distributing arms. The report that Don Carlos has contracted a loan In England Is denied. It la explained that he tried to do so, but failed. Kx-Cauiitjr Treasurers Sued. Bscanaba, Mich., Dec. 23.—Tho bondsmen of the ex-county treasurers, whom Expert Dresner found short In their accounts, are being sued by Prosecuting Attorney Jennings, for the recovery of the amount claimed. The ex-treus- urei'B are P. M. Peterson, lilchard Mertz and John McNaughton. The last named la dying of consumption. The total amount Including Interest alleged to be due the county ls_ $0,635.47, Uleduttlili A|[HU( 1IHI. Malone, N. Y.. Dec, 23.—News of the death of Patrick Haggm'ty, probably the oldest man In tho atute, has reached his friends In Mnlone. Mr. lluggorty would lurvo been 109 years old on tho 17th of March next, und was wonderfully preserved mentally and phyj^cally. He enjoyed his newspaper, reudSuj the finest type readily without BluBwM, lie was regular in his habits and was always an eurly riser. CoutiuitUlil Uulntile 111 Ohuroll, Boston, Due. US.—Minn Margaret Dodge, 80 yours old, a well-known literary worker, wuu found deiul In u nul- lery pew by thu Junltur of the church of Bt. John the lOvungclUt o» Unwduln street, She had lilddun In thu church ufter the evening service unil ended her life with cyannltle of po.'.ajssluri), a vial by her ildo rvveulliw thU fact. Chicago Stirred Up Over Another Terrible Murder. WOMAN IS Till; VICTIM AUA1N. I'ollre Kiiy Hit? Trnijrrty for Which tlie BnniiiiK" Maker Was CnnvlHi'il In Clonoljr UupllcatiMl III Hie HolllllBCr Mnrdi-r Cain—Alleged Attempt of llm HiiBlmml to Millie W«y ivllli lll» Wlfu'o lleinillnn— I'oltiU l» \\ Mull H>e CHUCK Are Similar, Chicago, !-><•<•. M.—The police have drawn n r<-m»rk:iu!<' parallel between the cane in which Michael Kmil K»l- llnKcr Is now cnsirtlng- the lulu of ac- tUKc.-d wlfu tminliTr r ami tho crime for which Adn!pn J.<uiM J.uctgi-rl esuipcd tho gallows t'.vu yr-ni-K u«o only lo receive a life !-(MiUM:cc to UK- penlUntlnry. In tho present <ufv, as i-m-h si'tinatlonal duvelopimnU lius mini; t" light, the police claim they have KtnriiKthpned their belief that Holllnger IB a "second 7,ui't|?<'rt." The opinion was formed wli'.'ii the lirst eix-wsnim' facts of Hul- llnger's ullwil crime became known through the discovery of a supposedly incendiary li>->; In a closet of his house at ISl 1 liaclnc r.venuc.'. The finding uf Mrs. KuIliiigcr'H body umld a pile of oll-soalic-d clothes and kindling wood— P.ollinger'B 11-yi-ar-old sion isaw him chopping that same- kindling wood ear- trom s to 12 yPars,' evinced little sorrow when informed of their mother's dcnth. Thi't"! plnsiilar clrcutnMnncrfl, conpleil with n prore of others equally Rtrlklng, K" '" mnkfl the precnnt cant! Ihc ilnpliiate, so the police say, of that climax of atrocity which bus paused Into hlBtory. An wnn the case after the l/U'tK'-rt murder, when the scene of the crime, thn Immense Baufmgfi factory In l.nk«! View, was gunrilud by fero- <'|OUB wntchdogs, the HollltiKvr house on Undue nVRtiuo Is being protected from Intrusion by the presence of a huge and vicious fit. Hernard. Above r,ll thl? In the Interesting fact that HulllriKpr claims vo know titictgert, and that llu-y were well acquainted before Hie Inllnr attained notoriety In a man- nnr which has nlncc become thn lot of Krilllngcr. Han Four Mvlng Wives. Aurora, Ills., Dec. 23. — William Wright, iillnn William Portfleld, alias John C'arr, of Uownrr'H Oorve, Ills., Knve himself up to the police, confessing t" being a bigamist. According to hlH story Wright tins four living wives. Thirteen yraiH ago he married Miss Harah Jones of Danville, Ills. He de- scrti'd her to marry Kiln Weldon of Pontlac, Ills., nncl later married Lucia Laufihlln of Pickering. Mo. His latest wife was Lena Konnan of Pcorla, Ills., whom In- IIP has just deserted In Downer's Orovf; Ills. Ills conscience troubled him, "ii'l °n reaching Aurora he gave hlms.'lf uri. Are Charged with Murder. Toleil". O., Dec. 23.—William O. Hpuuliling, cashier of the Oerman- Anujricati bank at Port Clinton, and Mrs. .Mi'.rtlia K, JamleBon of this city arc undi.-r arrest on the charge of causing 111'- death of Minn Amy Meeker by perf.irmlnB a criminal operation upon her, Spauldlns was arrested at Port Clinton by Detectives Carew and O'liiii." of the Toledo police force, and Mrs. Jamieson was taken in custody. It IK said that Spauldlng has made a confession. 1JUHNED 8TASDAHD OIL BOOKS. TEN CENTS PER WEBK De \V011 HOPPER. America's Greatest Comedian Uses Paine's Celery Compound. Her In the clay—have inclined the police to believe that had Theresa Hollinger's husband been as shrewd and cunning as was Louisa Luetgert's there would be some question whether she might not be alive and in hiding somewhere. If the Uuor Hud IJeen Open. If the door to the closet had not been closed and the fire thus smothered, the whole building mlsht have been consumed in names and all evidence destroyed, \vllh the dead woman's remains. In that event Hollingi-r would have occupied exactly the same position that I.uotgert did before suspicion was attracted to the fatal "middle vat." The wife's non-presence would arouse only the supposition that she had "disappeared." And Rolllnger would thus have been free to marry Lena Ilockcr, as Luetgert hoped to be at liberty to carry on his love affairs with Mary Slemmerlng and Mrs. Agatha Touch. According to the theory of the police, Kolllnger went about attempting to accomplish the desired end much as did "the biR German," whom hc,stril;ingly resembles in face, manner, gtafl|&»^ai)d gruff, hard speech. After Mrs. rSBjj(t<- ir was strangled to death, as the pom-'! maintain, her body was secreted under the'mattress of a disused bed and her absence was accounted for as was that of the sausage-maker's wife. Uolllnper explained to the children. Emll and Anlonia. when they asked for "mamma." that she had gone to set; a sick woman, naming Mrs. Karri, who lives on Orchard street, near Webster avenue. Spent Miivli 1 line A way from Home. Kollineer'R actions previous to the tragedy correspond with those of Luet- Ecrt. Both men led dual existences, spending many days anil nights away from their own housi s, which, by tho way. were in the same section of the city, being not n mile apart. Mrs. Kollinger's brother. Ferdinand Nabicht, was the first outside the members uf the police force to directly accuse Rol- llnger of murder, a situation which, also, is but a repetition of thu action of Luetgert's brother-in-law, Diedrlch BiekiufSe, when ho arraigned his sister's slayer. William Charles. Luetgert's business partner, figured In the sausage-maker's defense in the same capacity that George Demmer, Rollnlg- er's former business partner, has assumed, that of friend and champion of the accused. When Kolllnger exclaimed "Ach, Gott!" in apparent surprise at the news of his wife's death when he returned to the house an hour after her body had been taken to the morgue he manifested about as much j grief as his blR German prototype displayed when he viewed the mortal remains of Mrs. I.uetgert—some bone dust and a sesamuid or two that were rescued ,'rom the vat in the sausage factory where her body was disintegrated. Aellou of tlie Children. Kven Mrs. HolltHKer's little boy and girl, like Mrs. I.uetnert's two children. \vlin were about the same age. ranging Warning Testimony Given by an Employe of the Company. Cleveland. 0., Dec. 23.—The taking of depositions by Attorney General Mon- nelt to attempt to prove that the Standard Oil comany had destroyed a lot of its books and papers a few days before the supreme court ordered the books to be produced as evidence in the Investigation of the Standard OH company, was resumed. John McNierney, an employe of the Standard company for over two years, said that on Saturday morning, Nov. 19, he was ordered to burn a lot of the Standard Oil company's books. He burned them at about S o'clock in the furnace of the shops. Later In the clay, he said, he was ordered to KO to the Euclid avenue offices and set some boxes. The boxes were taken down from the Fifth floor in the elevator, but some one objected to them being taken out of the front door. Thereupon the boxes were taken back to the fifth Moor. McNIorney said that he remained around the Euclid avenue office until 6 o'clock that afternoon, and then the boxes were lowered by rope and tackle from one of the windows. He was assisted by four other employes of the company. The boxes were taken to the company's warehouse. They remained there until Monday. The witness said that about 10 o'clock Monday morning he and'a man named Moran took the books out of the boxes and burned them In the furnaces. There were nine boxes of books and six socks of papers. Some of the books were about twenty inches high and others were much smaller. McNierney said that the books that were burned Saturday morning were taken from the Euclid avenue offices Friday night. He received his orders to set the boxes from George Fields, the carshop foreman. HOY KILLS A; Deputy Sheriff Shot Down While Trying to Serve Le^al 1'aperi*. Chicago. Dc-c. 23.—Because he tried to serve legal papers on the boy's mother, Deputy Sheriff Frank E. Nye was shot and killed by 13-year-old Thomas George Crosby. The tragedy occurred at the Crosby boy's home, 1529 Wilson avenue, at 10 o'clock. Nye died twenty minutes ufter the bullet from his slayer's revolver entered his left breast. Heedless of the threats of the boy, which he thought were made In bravado, Nye, with five companions, tried to force an entrance into the Crosby house by tearing out a window. As a board with which a hole in the window was guarded fell away the report of a revolver from the Inside of the house rang out, and the next moment the deputy sheriff fell backward into the arms of William McComb, one of his companions. As he fell he uttered the words, "I'm shot, boys." and lapsed Into unconsciousness. He died twenty minutes later without regaining his senses. Trial by~7uFy will be established In Siberia after Jan. 1, by a recent ukase of the czar. OVERCOAT SALE have Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. \Ve 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will sell for the next 20 days REGARDLESS OP COST. We must clear them out and it will pay you to come and price before you purchase. Model Shoe & Clothing Co. No! it is not claimed that Foley's Honey and Tar will cure CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in advanced stages, it holds out no such false hopes, but DOES truthfully claim to always give comfort and relief in the very worst cases and in the early stages to effect a cure. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H.J Wyss. ^ ,< *•**« Back of every smooth performance there is an amount of preparation, study and rehearsal that eoon tells on the health of every actor. It is significant how unanimous men and women in professional life, whether actors, editors, teachers or physicians, are in regard to Paine's celery com- ponnd. As a nerve tonic for the exhausting strain of their professional duties nothing else does the work of Paine's celery compound. A testimonial taken at random from the Many that are constantly received from the theatrical profession, says: New York City, Sept. 25,1898. Wells, Richardson & Co., Gentlemen:—If others have been helped by Paine's celery compound as decidedly as in my caae I do not wonder at tho enthusiastic testimonials this remedy Is constantly receiving. If I had never heard a word as to its remarkable invigorating capability, I could unhesitatingly recommend it from my own experience. As a fact, many of my professionrl friends have been urging me to try Paine's celery compound. It proved to be the very thing my tired system needed to overcome the exhausting effects of close application to stage work. I am recommending it to all my friends whenever they complain of sleeplessness, indigestion or other indications of nervonsesa common in our profession. I am, yoers sincerely, KATHBEINE KIDDBK. De Wolf Hopper, America's moat popular comedian, writing on Got. 4, 1893, from the Knickerbocker theatre, _ New York, says: V "I cordially recommend Paine's celery compound as being thoroughly efficacious," When the history of Paine'g celery compound is studied it is easily understood why its popularity is ap enormous. Painn's celery compound la the -world-famed discovery of Prof. Edward Elisba Phelps, H. D , LL. D., professor of materia medioa at Dartmouth college. Prof. Phelps' ontunul talent quickly established his reputation and prominence among bis professional brethren. He was f ally alive to the danger* attendant upon the American way of living, and he sought diligently for some common sense remedy tbat would cure the common evils, which, under one name and another, result from an unhealthy state of the nervous system. His labors were crowned with glorions success, and he i to the medical profession the cele ted remedy which has won vo\ wide fame as Paine's celery ooiu,, pound. " HOLIDAY GOODS We are prepared to ehow a large usortment o£ . . . O f aii kinds and prices. Lace Curtains, Portiers, Table Covers. blze S. A.Neerman&Son. Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Always oo band. Alio.'j Dealer la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracks Running Into tbo Quarrie*. ALTON, ILL, Telephone No. 31. Residence 6a8 Alhv ttt i i !_,j .'JJEL- JS 1 .™"— '-1 —•'- ^ J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and EmbaliuemJ Second 5troet.J Opposite City Kail. Alton, ^ 7. W. BUJROBSSf Best Cor. Sixth and Aliyitt Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruit*, heat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, FrOTB, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Purt Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fan Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, etc. Telephone 69.

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