Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 22, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1898
Page 4
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" ! *-" "* T*P»I* SHOO- WBat It C.n do to Bring Customers PEDDLERS IN MANILA. <'T«P*l»t«, lo«f of a ' • n ' 1 '""Wl"" Wind »nd to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account Street Venders and Some of the Wares They Handle. to Find Out. Fill A bottle or common glane with yonr water and let It stand 24 hours: * sediment or nettling indicates an nnhejilthy condition of the kidneys, if It §t»ln* your linen It In evidence of kidney trouble; too frequent desire to pa*» 11 or pains in the back In al«o con- viecfn<? proof that the kidneys an bladder are out of order. so* SENT TO '.~Kr. ,„ „, .1..rto»c EKXEETAINIHO MOHKEYPEDDLEBS Wbcr l» tow nun. «y»l» or (tome , , probably )*• coB.itimp. if his father or mother died of par- nervous trouble it Will or even Insanitr ; if there i, a ff If In " f f_P«ure, it may be tbea- t - . find*, himself out of •nffirnnir from the symptoms If i« 1/1 r*.*.^.^* »>. f»— r>r_. . een, corrtcfs all ~perfect, , inrigoratM the liv thf A blood an<1 and ntrvp the Odd Hlrd* Th«« Arr Hold For I'»l». 'orlon. M»fh,,d« of In Mn- Wnnttlna; thr F-'nf* r ifcff Hprmior. Arthur C. Johncon, eperfal war cor- ranpondent at Tho Mnontaln New», writing from Mani/a unrlor (ho data of Oct. 2<i about tbo city's ttre«t vender*, e«y»: The city of Manila at present Is cor- Ulnly the paradise of tho peddler. If tbo inhabitant* of the city will not bay, there i« tho ever rea/ly IJn Ht«M» ftj/dfer who will, Theroi/i a fruit venoVr iKioattlug in every ebady nook and plenty of ebop« which neeta to thrive in the refrenhmeu* bn*j n Every few days there appeari on the »tr<«tf! a man or woman wbo ban jam "blown iu" from tbe country with eoraethlflg new t/, inrefg/o coin from tbe soldiers. They wildom l-ave town withoot they have got rltl of their flock and bav« the mon*y for the *amo jingling in (hr : jr belt pocket. These peddlers all foriihh entertainment et«n if they don't «•!) tboir wares »ery rapidly, a)J ,i , JB rb 0 p, , he most en . tertainmeM in furnished by the monkey ptadJer. Ho carrlei. n large cage con- •trncted from tbin Urnboo strips | D wblebaretlje majority of bi« catch of monkoy*. Probably uvo nro playfna tag around hlsnwk «„,] , ip and (] , JW * ,,,* WIMT TO DO. There is comfort in tbe ki>o»led«r so often exprewed that Dr. Kilmer rffr^Jm l ' lbe gresl kldDe y fome ay fulfills every wish in caring rheu mailsm. pain in tbe back, kidneys nver, bladder and every part of th urinary paiwsRes. It correct* Innbill ty to bold water and scalding pain in parsing it, or bad effect* following th one of liquor, wine or beer, and Jver come» that unpleasant necea*H«> o being compelled to go of t«» daring tbe day, and to get no nunv tlm»« daring tbe nlgbt. TbemlM Vnd tbS extraordinary effect of Swamp Root Is soon realized. U stands tbcblga- e»t for lt« wonderful cures of the most distrewiBa cares. If you need a medicine yoa should have tbo best A t druggists 50* or «1. . iTn'J.I?^ h .*T, e * "rap's bottle and » UOOK mat leijg more about it bo sent absolutely free by mall, I/yoa send yoar addrcvi to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y. When writ?* be « nre ««"l men «on th«t yon read this generous offer in tbe TELEGRAPH. r *»f*tm«af n Flrst-ola«i Ir rar • anoe Coiaoanlii ioth Klrnoh ot. Belle street: In good re .air. ' of 8. H. Nlohola ot .) bait biook Monkey* oro fold on the streets of Manila at the iate ,.f from f to 8 pores. None of them neeitiN lo bnve any partico- ^ u i!?* 0 " tU " I0 pcd '"« *•««• considerable painHwitb hl.cafch Wore bringing it to town and llxuauach little beast up in tome faniyf wanner Ho trims tho tuili. of eowa ayd in U]y c or others ho pnls Uuiogolr) plated earrings. In w-llljig carriuHcd monkoys ho makes . bi« talk for Ibo » 0 lid gwW that St^tb him. Tbo monkey ponrll'r by letting tho wholo of big bunch gut »S tbofrcago, w | )or<) tnc , baVQ / • '** !". g U P si" Incfiimnnt ph/mci;^ " -( , op •\tiaf\i-f. Pal., u,. 0 j 2 _„ nntlun nt j tndrvw J. finijtt, ' K ,, r "l'll<-rK' hfitnr at Ham* f-n accspted to (ako *rr« »1. 1199. Mr. KniHIi ni v »« a« Son for rcflli/nlni; ili«i t«, „ . >, hi* llf,. h. i urn nr,- h.jvr l),.(. n riiad. '•*av«-nworlh, Kan., anr] th r-fintly at Santa Moril<n „,» ,„„.,. 'i'- «ay». haii prevail,.,] ,^'.n hil tire lo private || fr . '^ n hltn to r ' M»n.-y r«i- -«|[Ugon«l '"VHnr of Monica, •t Mnrt-h Ills i-ffi- ' pv.-r moti/ |.r.,v n bnt il tha ./ret , i Sllt|.|:iv nrslit :t r^l ^.> r ,- 5 ,j '.'. r -'. Ki»iii)=ri! •!» -•».! n v.i:ir f,, r h!< r states riauv ... ,fiH h"lr t, n. f o« K. A ,.k. <=wurlnit » f;j!| ,,f pj- H uM"r IV.WO n<v.| to 8v h<? H-.II. , liuntrj . .^Jt lo a T" I 'Illl, lift- flniilly father. tl)!lt rinul him, ryiriit R-V-CHI iKisltlnns. ;"' "'" I"-rf.~.«l,,n ,,f „ •' nn lnt(?:.'I^pnt man anj rric.«sn«e IMJ p ( . r ,t to nls Jf Perfect § InfantFoo .... - ' Gail Borden Eagle Brand Condensed Milk New TurllT on foal. Colurnbug. o.. i,.. c . 22.-Nr, w OB ronl fr,, m ,,,e O(,M n,l,l w err.,-t a ., l „, ti!( , acti , n 1.50 to }] JS. y comp«nn.; i '•'J»!on In thr i-s be s APtRTECT SUBSTITUTE fou MOTHERS MILK. FOR 40 Vt«» THE luomo BRAMO. "MFANTHEAUilStKTFKfE. .:nth Ff.|«.|:,tl.. Fran!. L' ni • of til- th.- n tie TIC John «JiTit. flxth fi,ii..W iUr.'-!l nal Mil).-Max M.> % i, •• pres . .(;:• . < !n:" -r.i ' f tli ,r.l J..i!'< s i r'l.'.-i.n.-;! u i'.v.'l fiJMive i.ih. r i »?l K.-iirih vU c i•i<.«!il< nt IliT'.il!., \i.-<- ).n-«l.|!-n .ik-is. fifth vl. .• i-i-.-fl « nf !h" r.-tai! < l< rkf nit. Thi-riin? I. KUH1 u Fnit'-rral d: Tluirras Trar-y the ciciumak.T of th" niaeh(nis !• untes lo Knplaii of llr.stdii. repres.'ritlnp f . fiii'.l .Innu-s (t't'.innt-I t.«. Petiott ^\a« Ft-krtC't j,,,, lt trafn... x.sociatir t!,.. Ohio ,.- oa , Tra . (I| ,.„,,„ have bfcn d ' Kin,:... A futile effort «mtl< ; t,» .Hssuaae th ,. 1t , xk , ty from rnuklni; th? cut of a Malletoa Matnnfa have ln-- II Is repurlnil that «r*«u.ur y> ™ n required. . n the worK for cate nlcers, nalt rhcnw, fe- chapped hand*, chil- cornn, and aU ekJn ernptiops. , cnre * P 1 ' 88 ' orTo pay" la guaranteed t Marsh. > and TJpp«»r Ij)f/rM»J. MARKETS, Ohlcago, Dec. 21. the ijuotatlonH on t.hc Dr. J. Vot Pneumonia. Bishop, of Aguew, Mich.. r Ve use£l F ° Je y'« H °"«y and Tar ia three very severe cases of pneumonia the pa*» » ont b with eood W a<?' J ' ^ MaF8h and S< H - . roipeot street With ..•a*oe. Lot W ltt/<. oo yon thenorth side of. Beoond jt Ctngdan street. , u tn dwelling with lot 120(120 teet| floe . one ot tbe finest lootlloa In Middle Alton .t, »~room dwelling with »bout m Wet of ind. Pine fruit tad tlude trees. J bloolu i o*r Une In Upper Alton. X floe lot on 4th street. Oetertl-ane lott en Belle itreet between 15th IMtD sts. WO story brlok atore and dwelling and» two story fartok dwelling on «me lot corner ot to* and Vloe its. A good !nr eitment, flne low on 4th street Bear Mr. Oaritani ..oa'doable dwelling of Mr, R. Oar»t«ng, 1 by §t«»m with modern ImprprenunU. . Lverr doitrable a-rocm brlok dwelling, 918 ' g, street, with all modern Improvement*, . ._ Plaaa Foundry, ererylhlng oompls;»i In- tiding 10 lotei switch oonneotlon with 0. 4 A. Alton Norelty Mfg. Co. property on U street, D J 1 M l el)*u 0 mHlghl«ndPark, each 70 by about CMt Ajitiroom dwelling on State itreat. Price X food 8- room dwelling on Beoond afreet. doSble°brlok dwelllngTo <Q „ d| -ec|nto noUllng „ -° «»onkey'. poiichaui -- 1 "' aml " " 6ma11 u °8 i . Wouk in willing to keep a ay, ovcu if ho be unrewarded by _<uglo (leu. Tbo nuliviiB of Ibo Fhillppinos inak quite a bunlueiia of birdcntcbiiig. Uy means of ingenioiis trupa constrticicf from butnboo they catob littlo cunariei oad titmice, which In tbo oity bring fair priooe nniuug tbode wbo liko pots. Tho bird woniun, or man, as tho case may bo, generally lius her cutoh iu temporary wlukor oago. In some instances tho peddlor doea np heir birds by pities in tiny littlo cages all reudy to soil «t 5 cento per liiindJo. Tboobuapexl birds oro tbo littlo brown spurrowHwho have few occoinpliNhuients beyond a vi- Vaoloiis cbnttor and voracious appetites. The fawn colored birds with a collar of rod and u bill almost iu tbo sbupo of n A »ew tm room dwelling in Upper Alton, food \foc4 tie fine realdenoe ot Albert Wade on Belle it. with 10 rooms and flntabad aitlo, bam a. Oood cellar, aai and water, ctrriaie home. Lot W teet (rant. W NM, other dealrable property not rick dwelling on William street, ffroom 'dwelling with i good lota on Fifth • wet, east ol Ridge street. Prloe. II .800. •--•'- groom brlok dwelling with 1 lotion .„ oom dwelling with fine 1 by hot water. ,|POR RENT, The two Itpry brlok dwelling with 8 rooma.on Bellerlow i»onue now ooouplod byJ. Moulton, A P-room <lwe}]lng oo 3rd street with bath I wlthmoden Aturea. ore roonrand two 4-room tonamenta > room) 2nd »trec.t near Cherrr , J. Clawaonaomeatead In Upper Alton Jroonu, barn and.ganlon, now oooupled , Oeo. LeTla. PoalM)ailon Klven by July 1, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, and LOAN AGENT ROOM 15, P. 0, BUILOINa. »OR8ALK4 A flue building lot Mi 1*5 on Liberty mreot I Mtween Qrore and fnjnldio, for $500. A 180««fe t»rm d lullof ioutli of Brighton, ine-B«lf la oulUvallon, ono-U»lf good puture, purrot briug ?2 n pair. Tbo natives ofton buvo tbo bright «ruon llttloparrot blrdn for Halo. Mono of thorn nun talk. Tho oano seller in another of Manila 'a 8jtrt)0t charnotora. HII walkn np und down tbu Kgaolta with ton or n dosinn ebony canon in a bug and a conplu in hia band, which ho thruatHOOt topiiHuorH by mid offera to coll at prioou \enn than a dollar. 'I'lio natlvna are vory clevor at tutting nud polishing ubotiy Into gruco- fill walking xtloks, uluo tho cocoa wood. Tbo soldier who in out of tor tbo ronl startler in tho cuuo lino buy« ouu which consliitg tit a plcoo of tapering cocoa wood covorucl nvor with tho okln of a suuko. lo Mnulln tbo OhlnoHo dry goods merchant gous nronnd from houno to boueo with u Ntaok of HUOIIH and printu on blsBliouldor. Wbou thu BoUliuruoiimo to town, bo luoludtid HOC Its and undur- nliirtH. Thero are cortalu imtlvcm und Obiuono who hwvo nothlog (o peddlo aL-oat tbo BiruetB bat thoir profu««lon. Tbeso nro barbers «ud car cleouors. Great number« of thoHo diHpennu with room rent and travel from ouo Hhady Hpot to un- other with a smull stool on whiuh thoir pntroiiB (tout tboniHolvoii. Tbo burbur, wbo la ofton n Ohliiauaii, l« urmod wllh ft nluiuey looking throe oornorod razor with a curved «d«o. As a wbottor bo oarrlcH n tiny bonu Iu bin left band. Tbe mitftonicr BUIIIH biniHolf bull njirigljt. on tbo Ktool nnd wt'itrn n wnrrlud look wfailo the barber prodiKiim u half wot rag mid given tlm wliUker nigiou of bla fqoo o wlpo or two mill prnccfxln tnbuiii- ness. It in iilmoNt u "dry nbnvo," but IbuNhavuo HijuiiiB not to mind it. Tbo razor in very obnrp nnd dot« its work woll, A l'liHlp|)ino Khuvu ililTiiru from the Aiuorlann (diiivo in u Bturtling pnr- tioulnr, nnd (but IH tbu Nliuvlng nf tbe bridge of thu none. This IH tho hint motion tbo bnrl»or inuken. With a graceful nwoop ho drawn tbo razor along tbo iioso, gliiWISH carefully urouml tbu fnuo to HOO tbiit It baa been woll itcrupud and iloju/imls bis two ooutavcMi from tbu OHM- tomor. No wiiehiug U ooiiHlderud uocos- May July fJ/tts— I)«<:<'mbc.>r Mny July 1'urk — Dc(. p fnili'.;r January Mny Opon. '. M% ' . .05% .28 26% M'/j .«S% .60 .35% '.M% Low. Close. ls«H '.W% .65'/j .68 S. .'if,% .2414 r,.0. r ) f»..'J« Short ItlliH— C.05 S.ilT". T..10 B.32i/i 4. '„"% 4.65 4.85 January 4.fi2'A 4.B7'/4 4.62 May 4.SO 4.SO 4,fcU Profliico: Buttcrr—I^xtra cronmor- lefi, lilfjlilte PIT ttj; extra dalrluH, \Ml lie; frcuh packing stuck, 11@12<.\ RKKB —KruBh Block, iil'/i per dozen. Dresnnd roullry—TurkcyH, S(ii Hie JUT J1>; chickens, KfiiK'A'", (lurks, ordili/i::; geese,(i(fj7o pcr.Itj. riitatovB—Coninion to choice. SMjji.'Mc per hu... Sweet Potatoes—Illl. nolH, »1.0»fl.l.2r, p.-r Mil. ApplcH—Com- mon t" fancy, J-'.00(7<a.7!; per lib). Cran- berrlnH—WlHcoiiHln licll iin'l Imgle, J5.00 &6.50. ClilvdRii J.lvu Stodk. (.'hlcujru. Dec. 21. Hops—Kslltnutctl recelptH for the day, 3(1,001); rulc'H rariKt'd at I2.KOS3.25 for plKH. $3.iri^;f.;j7 J ^. fur ll^ht, $3.15^3.25 for rouK'i packing, $:i.^r,^u.'l5 for mixed, and !3,,'i.47V4 for heavy packing and BhlpplriK lulu. (,'attle—KHtlrnated re- telptH for the day, 11.000; nuntatlonfl raiiKed ut lG.70tfS.lf) ChrlRtinns bt'ijvcs, $IJ.!!Oia'f>.7fi chulci- t.o extra Htiters, J4.fi5r(() r,.M Kii'iil tn chilled do., JM«<f/"l,85 for fair to K"0'l, JI.OOTilGO coniruon to medium do., l3.HFtffiH.3i) biilcherH' steerH, $3.l)0ft5.20 f^d weKlern 8teci-B. »2.80<(14.30 feeding Hteei-H. $2.(KIW4.(K) COWH, »2.COit' 4.70 helferH. I2.wtt1.25 build, oxen anil ;fl, $8,30W4.40 TexaB »teem. and J3.60 (&'fl."5 veal calVfB. Sheep Hti<l Ijarnl)«— Intimated recelptH for the day, 10,000; quotations ranged at $:i.00;(!> westerns. $2.5004.30 nutlveti, and J3.7r<(ffD.40 lambfl. Ku.t HulTnlu I.lmStook. Kant Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 21, DunnlnK * Hteveim, Live Stock Commission Merohantn, East Uuffalo, N. Y., luote as follcnvs; Cattle—Uecelpta for lay llfiht; tnurket dull and easy; proH- let'.t only fair for uuy kind until after lolldnyn; veulH MlrnnKur; good to choice, 3.75W.25; llRht to fair, J<.00«4.00. HOKS -Hecelpls. 20 cars; fresh and Ii held iver; market dull hut llrm for Rood :litB; pl«s lower; hulk (food welKhts roin 170 pounds up, $3.4D@3.&0; few fan- y heavy, $3.R7V4; P'SB. »3.25; light Yorkers, $3.30®3.35, Rheep and Lanibn— ItecelpU, 12 earn fresh and 11 held over; market dull and a shade lower for lambs; sheep about steady; best lambs, W.3WZ.W; others, J3.25®5.26; mlxfd sheep, H10iij4.25; culls to good, |2.00iS> 4.00. Nt. l.oiiln Gruln. Ht. Louis, Dec, 21, Wheat—Higher; No. 2 red cosh elevator, fin Vii c; track, 71c; December, (!9'/ie; May. 7l%c: July, «5%c; No. 2 hard, <ir,<y(ir,K,c. Corn—I-llgher; No. 2 (fish, .'Me; December, Me: May, 3BY t c.. Oats—JIlKher; No. 2 rimh. 27V4c; track, 279ic; Dcccmlicr, 27%e; May, 27%c; No. 2 while, 2'JMic. Hye—HtronB. 53c bid. MIlwuukflB tirulll. Milwaukee, Dec. 21, Whuut—Higher; No. 1 northern, 67^4c; No, 2 norlhcni, OMliCOc. Oata—Steady, 27V,t<yiJ8V,|(. 1 . Hye—Lower; No. 1, G4@ H%c; No. 2, 5.'f'/ii'. Harley—Steady; No. 2. 48Mi4;'4'Jc; sample, Hoarseness i^eacls On tos'jriouB Irritation of tho throat, and rnuy end in « rackuip, raspirjfr cough. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Iloney will quickly clear tbo throat .jnd leave the voice clear and smooth. It. is an infallible remedy for coughs nnd colds and all disorders of the throat and lun Good drDgglBta «ell it. 25c. What do the Children Drink? Don't siyp. them tea or cotfey. Have you tried tbe m w food drink called GRAIN-O? H IB delicious n»d nourishing and takes tbe slace of coffee Tbe more Grain- O yon «ivo tho children tho more health you distribute through their systems. Grain-O ia made ol pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes liko the choice grades of coffee but costs about OUP- half as much. All grocers sell it. 15 C and 26c. No Humbug. Foloy's Honey and Tar does not claim to perform miracles. It does not claim to cure nil cases of consumption or asthma, but it does claim to give comfort and relief it advanced stages of these diseases and to usually cure early stages. It ia certainly worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dread diseases Sold by IS. Marsh and 8. H. l-car Trouble In Samoa. Auckland. N, 55., Dec. !2.~A(lvlre« re celveil here from Samoa, under tfnte of l),.-t : . K. say there Is scvlous trouble In connection wllh the election klnpr to succeed the Int The supporters of come warlike, and the Herman consul Is supporting tnafa, In spite of the agreement arrived at between Ibe consul., to remain neutral and allow the chief justice ( decide upon the rnie K || un of succession The foreign residents fear there will be an outbreak, of tribnl wai wh*n the chief Justice pronounces his decision about the end of the year, and they are nnxlous^for jiaval prolertfon. Princo (;sor B « in Cr«t*. Canea, Island of Crete, Dec 22 — 1'rince George of Greece, the high'com- missioner of the powers, arrived at Huda Lay. escorted by the British, French, Kussian, and ItaJian flagships. He was saluted by the forts and was welcomed by Immense crowds of people on landing. As soon as the prince was ashore a procession was formed and proceeded to Canea. The route was lined by the international troops. The prince and his party stopped before the church, where a Te Deum was sung He then proceeded to the government aulldlng, where the Cretan flag was hoisted nnd_jiajutca by the warships. Morn Pay for Conductor*. St. Louis. Dec. 22.-Thc management of the Missouri Pacific Iron Mountain railway system has sent out the following circular: "On nnd after Jan. 1, JS99, the salaries of passenger train conductors on these companies' lines will be at the following rates: When the train mileage exceeds 5,000 miles a monlh. SI2D per month When the train mileage Is 4,000 mlUs <ind not over 5,000 miles, 214 cents per train mile. When, the train mileage is less I ban 4,000 miles, rates ot pay to remain as at present.'' At present the maximum compensation for conductors Is two per month. Writing Expert TMtlfleil. San Francisco. Dec. 22.—Carl ETsen- schimmel, the writing expert, was the first witness called In the Botkln case He continued his testimony, comparing the writing of Mrs. Botkln with the anonymous letters sent Mrs. Dunnlng- and the note enclosed In the box of candy. The witness was satisfied that Airs. Botkln was the writer of all the letters In the case. ns the next place f-ir h"liliiiK the convent Ion. One of I he !ns<t arts of the convention was tho adoption, by n practically unanimous v.>!,.•, ..f the following re: lutlon. lntr,.(!iui'1 by Max Mi.irls Denver: "liesolved. That It Is the sense of this convention that the action of this body In substituting (for the re-solution of John Klrby u>n"Tnlng th'.' Bold standard) a resolution roafTiimlns nil the former declarations of the A. F. of L. rcl.'itlnt; to the principles of bimetiil- llfcm, doos not in any d>-j:roe rnfan the abandonment of that prlmiple by tbo A. F. jinil I/., but means that It Is so strongly Intcr.chrd In tho lal.or mow- menl that it is i!..t nu'essary at this time to debute Hie question." Mr. Morris explaint-d that tbe reason he presented the resolution was that Incal I'npers h;id grofHly mls- reprc-senterl the position of tbe fcdr-ra- tlon on this ((iiestlun, and be wished lo announce to the public hoiv the U'.bor inovctnent stood on that matter. It is unrlerstoofl In New York that William Thomas of .Boston, said Iu he worth tirj.i.iX'.l'OO. will suciei-d Jlr. Seark'S as treasurer of the .«usar trust. S. H. Howe, pr.-sident of the S. 11. Howe Shoe ci>mp>i;>y of Marlboro. Mfiss.. has declined to arbitrate labor (IJIDcultles with rt-prn-spntatlves of the American Federation of I^alior. AN'egctablcPrcparationfor Assimilating iheroodandRc^ula- ling the Slomacbs andDo^vels csf ProtnotcsDigcstion.Chectful- ness and Rcst.Conbins ncilhcr Optum.Morphine nor Mineral. WOT NAMcoTIC. Apcrfcct Remedy forConslipa- lion. Sour Stoinacli. Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions ,Fcs-crisl\- ness and Loss OF StEEP. Tac Simile Sign<ilurc of NEW YORK. A For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the ature The Kind Have Always Bought. CASTOBIfl THCOCNTAUH DOMMNV. NKWVOHMeiTV. Ilotralt (Jruln. 21. (VO Itory brlok modurn dwelling near I .jMOf Third ah* Oeore'j Btroels. room 4welling homo with large lot on '- itrcet noutfl of Twelfth utreot. » ftory (i-»mo dwelling No. Ml eut ;, (or IUOO. Lot «OilV. Oood itroet l on* ouw _is dwelling bouao and another , ail op one lot la good 1 >oatloa — , , ______ own, Rent* tor KB per month: ew S-roora realoeno* on Bute itreot on A ilMonOak street betwuen the aultablefor bet. in Jersey county, halt mile Jon by rail or rlfor. buslooiis property, oornerlni , oo «a»/ A. Mi Big Four K. H. traoka, aultabl bpoie or manufacturing purpoaeu. ; WK on out, ildo ot Alton ulreet, .61* (ram«~irild*en"o«, o«w and al Of«menU, •Hutted on rourtb it., . . "with n»o»Mary twlldlogi O eu », •ultablp for a r —' " irabl* tad proflU t »ud mreeC, oooup , IgMgjjta, » Kroom brlok rinldenot, i tooar«nltol mtral looauon, on »a»y term. ' d*«Uj&«» at tbt junction ot Bona tad iff. dwiil rwU&f proii»rty. i( Bnom building lot* lo l/unt»rit«wii muSSFVbHw&ff* S£fW ' U ' irjr'briok, il*t* HMt rwld«oo», No, Cheap tod *ur t*r|u, i Oour mill, roller'prooeM ID of tbout 4.000 liihibltafita. LJU r,_ __^»T__l.T^:_ -'" _ Vrn. 9 /. »**•*• i pur- buUdlng (ultable (or ttqrt 01 , Mw "i k t, oppwfu llnrvta'* Vulurril Harruul. Tho lul« Oeuuriil Ourclu hod an oolorud goryhnt who WHH toru u wluvo upon bis futhur'v pluululiuu und wan brought up with him from cblldhoud. Tliu old m-uro folluwi'd him Iu all hla wars and nbun>d bin prlnoii oella und But bcaldo bin bin) >vuun lliu KOUUIUI truuthctj J)in |«st. Jivory tlmu hi* man- tor 8K)(iB{id lip would groan o]«o, and tho death wbiqh. ciiino lo tho uuu will not let the prfaor linger uiuah louKur. Tbo fliltbful survuiit tlocH nut euro to live now, 1IU intercut Iu lif» U U uno Ulnl uo onu would bo nurnriuud if ho died of grief within a short Ilinu.— Wellington Our, UltloiiHO Htmoril. A Nurrow Etctpe. Thankful words written by Mra. Ada B. Hurt, of Groton. S. D. "Wna taken with a bad cold wtilob fettled on my luugsj cough net in and finally terminated in Ooneuniptloii. Four doo- torega venae up, saying I oould live but g short time. I gave myself up to my uvlor, determined if I oould not my frleudo on eurth, to meet t on«»« above. My husband was advised to jet Dr. Kin Detroit, Deo. Whfat— Oimli white, 70r bid; red, lild; Di'ceinln.r, B9V Jt . Lid; May, TlVfcc hid. <!orn-Oii8h, HU: Outu—Vfltlte, 8UV4<:. Hye-CBVic. 'flit- lt,.fii It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in tbe head. This distinction has been uonleved only R%|Se result of continued suo- cessftV^ae A. morbid condition of the mefflHlrane in the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by drug- RistB or i' will be mailed for 60 cents by Ely Brotherc, 66 Warron street. New York. It spreads over th(? membrane, Is absorbed aud relief ia mmedlate. Lost. Manv have lost confidence and hope as well as beaKh, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a Guaranteed remedy for tbe discouraged and disconsolate. Sold by E. Mareb and 8. H. Wyss. The person who disturbed tha congregation last Sunday by coughing, is requested to call and get a bottle of Foley'e Honey and Tar, which always gives relief. Sold by E. Marsh and S. M. Wyss. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonlo. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a oure for tbe whole world of stomach weakness and indi- g estion. The cure begins with the rut dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter bow long you have suffered, your oure ia certain under the use of this groat health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Bold by 8. U. Wvg». Dr.BuH's The greatest remedy for Incipient Consumption. Cures at once Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, Bronchitis, Grippe, Asthma and Croup. At all druggists. 25c. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Eatate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Ad- mlaletrator of the estate of DANIEL, W. COLLET, late of the county of Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before_the County Court of Madlaoc Hacking COUGH A hacking cough is a grave-yard cough; the sooner you get rid of it the bettor. Don't wait until it develops into consumption, but use the celebrated Dr. John W. Bull's Cough Syrup at once. It is a wonderful remedy for nil throat and lung affections, and will cure a deep-seated, cough or cold in a few days. Dr.BuU's Cough Syrup Will cure a Hacking Cough. s are small anil pleasant to take. Uoctors- At nil druggists. tccuinmi'iiil it. Price 15 Dr. Williams'Indiiial'ilu -nLment will cure liilnu eiliui; anj ItcUlnf It jinsorljs the; tumoi.s. O ilClllUX til Ul:t l\ .'let-: lief. Dr. *V|i,Kims'ln«i:iiilM(.O <••'• nient li prep'ircil for ITc i mi'.; p.i.-i I nf tho private p:u-:s llvt'ry hn\ i wurrnntail. Ily ilrni.-pi.'.tx. l-y iiri',} or: n '. ot pri."e. »i!& ft'iits ;iuii ifl.litl. WltLI/'M 1 ' !IFflnT!IPI*.p " r : f'rAn--. (.'!*-vp!nnfl. Mlil.^ HENRY J. KLUNK, BEST TRAINS VM&*T i*{y*gy.\_ ^A t iS'B|p5c/.rIo5>» TO INebraska^ontana^ugetSouni 1 WM ARMSTRONG. Oettar Ic Demerit, Lime and Waii Plaster- prices to meet competition. Goads <J«- llrn/ed. elaphoae IS3 Office 107 Went Second ALTON TIME CARD mttallie eaten, m«»oi- Itc oni. elolh ra»het». requeiited to attend for the purpose of hanni theiaraeadlUBted. All porsoos Indebted to *al3 eatate are requested tn make Immediate p«r- mnnt to the underalgnei. ««U«MI v*j Dated thla lllth day of NOT. A. D., I'm ENDS JOHNSON, Administrator. l«; TO LOAN, Jhip Ticket* *"v MMVMBO. iii uiu uuruu we. and thank Qod I am saved and now a well and nealtbv woman." Trial : feSS!fiJ'S! •^ %*'• ^'»« •»«».' of l;i,0(IO,OOU In the urgent I'l.'iicy bin, now before conRreaa, to I'xiu.mli'il nt tliu dlHcretlun of tht) im-Hlilfiii, IN for the payment nf a imr- tlon <if (lie Halurios due thu Cuban army mill tlic riilll|)|ilnc;u. ISVwB IIUH been received nt Heattle of a Hllile on Ibe Chllkuot PIIHH Dee. II In wblch Hlx people were killed. Five bod- len have been recovered. UM follnwH: MrB. DnrlliiK mill two HIUIH of Luke I.ln- deniian; Her! JoluiB, Juneuu, und Hurry Hliuw of Hlutgimy. The bonne coiiiinlttee on poHlollK,.. authurUed u fuvorutih; report on the bill of Loud of Oulifornlu providing for an amendment of Ibe lawn relmlng to-utc- »iid-eluHM mull mutter, Tha Sure La Urippe Cure. There la no use Buffering from this dreadful malady, If you will only get the right remedy. You are havfnir pain all through your body, yenr liver is out of order, have no appetite, no life or ambition, have, a bod cold, in fact are completely used up, Bleotrio tmtero IB the only remedy that will give you prompt and Hure relief. They aot ,«»reotly O n your Liver, Stomach and Klduoys, tone up toe whole oyi- tern and make you feel like a new being. They are guaranteed to cure or price refunded. For Bale at B. Mawh'B drug atore. only 60f per bottle. Or. B. Deletion'! Anti- Diuretic May be worth to you more than fioo If you bave a child who aolla bedding from incontinence* of water durlnu •Jeep. OnrM old and young alike. K 6909. $1. Hold m 8eoond . arreitUi the troHblo at FoTKldney Trouble! there )• nothing better than Poley'c Kidney Oor«, everyone who trlei It For Hoarseness, BOEJ. Ingerson, of Iluitou. aid,, says: he had not spoken above u whisper for months, and one bottle of Foley'u Honey and Tar restored his voice. It is used very largely by speakers and singers. Sold by K. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Texas. The Missouri. Kansas & Texas Kail- way Oo. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 16, Doe. « and 30 with Anal limit of return to 21 day from date of sale. An excellent up portuulty for homesmikers, tourist and Investors to view lor tbomselve tho great resources of the State. Fo further Information address John I Williams, P. and T. Agl , 103 N. Broad way, St. Louis, Mo. A Word to the Wise in Sufficient. Ely's Oroum Balm has completely cured mo of catarrh when evcrythln else failed.—Alfred W. Stevens. Osld well, Ohio. ' IDIy's Cream Balm works like i charm; It baa cured mo of tho mos obstinate caso of cold in the head, 1 would not bo without.— Fred'k Fries 883 Hartst,, Brooklyn, N. Y. A lOc. trial shse or the 50o size ol Kly's Cream Balm will be mailed, Kept by druggists. Ely Brothers, 60 Warren st., N. Y. A LMIe Snillle, or a stubborn cold, or a deep-sealed cough can bo cured for good wllh Dr. B*U»a Pine-Tar-Honey. This famous remedy, taken In time, will atop tbe progress of consumption and bring the color nf health to the pallid cheek. Druggists aell It. Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. Oradaate OaUrlo Vetornl»ry College. Offlof over The Model itord COR .THIRD AND PIABA HTB . 4 I.TOM it.I Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Ao< into u Ffwh aad Salt MeaU aid Lut, ut mil tacfenr •( Sinure. BW EAST SECOND . • ATOM ILL For Peorla—'*8:47a m,™lo.-09 n m .For Kansas City and the Weat•Dally and the Sunday Between Alton & St. Louis <Kavt>*. [)rs. a, and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURQEONS. OKKIciE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Eaeton sts, Pbones 138 and 171. ELY'S CREAM BAIJtt l» u poiIUreonra. Apply Into the noitrlla. It la qnlckly abaorbsd. 80 c«pt« at Draxglata or by mall; lamplea lOo. br mall. ILr BROTHEHS. EC W&rreD Buf New fork CVn. PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. «IO belt of TMU and Chlneie Noreltiai oo htna, 624 East Second at. 306 State Lv St L U 8 708 am Altpt, 847 am £. R SCHUSSLER,M.O, HOMEOPATHIST ud SURGEON WtlCtt AMD KSB'JKNCK, HOTBL MADISON T«l«pbon« 100 CASTOR IA For Infaati and Children, m Kind You Ha*a Always Bought Heuturtgf [)rs. E C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OPKICB HOUR8; 7 to 9 a.m) 11 to 1, t lo t p.m TELHPHONB 87. _.. .nui, PJLLS Lm uk i r OatlMUrr KaglM rjia-A i Iu Hut) ni'il KM IceltUUV IIM, ir*lod wlilt MHO rihlwin. Tai.e > "-. niukttllf !«•. IT*" <» iMtr.tij rMin Granitoid Paving Co. W. &;H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street - Alton, III. All kinds of Granitoid Work: Sidewalks, «•?•. «oorlng, etc., done and the br-"-""' 5»o! mtterltl tnd work guaranteed. ttoaln pronpt «tt«otlon. i|£:;;:;;s^p§;;:||| C. C. c. & St. L.—Big Four ' QR. C. B, ROHLAND, DENTIST, liter Hour*; l*m, lollt II W. THIRD B, nd 1 (o RHUT Edmund H. Blair, Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. NoUfjr Public. ROBT. M. STAMPER, REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, 30S BELLE STHBBT, Money to Lofa oa Improved Property RENTS COLLBCTKD. 710am 800am 10 OB am DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 300 Belle Htreel. ME A MAN THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND THE ,,._ PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAa WAQNER BUFFET SLEEPER T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profile* and Gitlmate Furnlcbetf, log B«lto street, U|» 5t«lr». 428pm C Leave St. 7 Warn u 81 am loaium 11 00 am HOO B in Burlington Route. o. 18, J8»8, {Suburban aorvico) „ Dally Dally ex-Bun Dally . Dally ox-Sun will leave 640am 1100 am J«pS L. Dally 8uu Arrive Alton 11 U am •AND- FREE RECLINING KJiTY CHAIR CARS DIWNQ' STATIONS ORATED IV THf COMPANY, SUWSBIPB MEAL8, tn H..N..FIFTY CENTS. £ James Cnas A. Stritfmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAST SECOND ATKCUT. O«oU»mea wto tppreoltte artt-olm, u TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, .-.At- MODERATE PRICES, You are larlMtf to call tad tiiwtRt n; NBW STOCK OP OOODS J6ip m 760pm 8t> k' K > * N. W. "SSI M^KX-A^ «* w .!

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