Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 25, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1963
Page 18
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EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 25, 1963 State AJI Chief to Speak At Carrol I ton on Ort. 26 Cnrrollton Girl Student Tfarher O»rr»>n'on '••'jh s..'/" l.'fV. HP r«!- ^ hQrh*k,-r of vi'T^f fa- .r :>shr-,i]>iiff from th^ t.'ni- •;. ol liiirr/!* tn l.'fio STK) ^ «-t of v.i'-n-'f-. t\pw-f- in a^- t-:i:*\ '•'or^r-;'- ;n 'i'.fA. ri* for fte K'-rf M'/rr],v, v, '• r '-. ',' f'^rr'Altftn and .%;"•; H* Mr? l^-.nrx ."nor? 'A (',i*f«r&;«-A •r;iv-i Fr^r-h of Carrollton: I''--.-,} •'ir.f: of Kan*-, and Mrn. H'-i'-n K-Tih^rn rrf J I'tnt^rK 1 ""^ CARF'.OLLTON — T h o rn a =. ''•fi'^n T**--)TTp*l rjorr)'.- ,S'j/;'lay ro.-n '.*•!<• fjear.rjn^s^ \\rp$>\'n\ in •or.<: virj'-ry on his har/J in IVj .- *- !-<*:. . f :f~."i-*. r ir, •'..:• '7jy, f:.:-.'. Mfi- '**r^'> »o r.'-r :r; 'he r*.", '•T.'- -J7V Mr«. A.•.'.<•- '•Ti.'il tJllfl =inrj th* F •-•d .TO rr.'-mf)«rr«h:r. rr i >'rrt»~« ;s.s *h<: tP&rf. Oi' red .Schmidt andi r Kuhnlrrw i for Mortnn. Hi, to, Fri4^> a/'tendiRg- -.-«•.«!« "nr/w. i Fkrvd Ander-son Wednesday Evening TV Digest KTV1 (HBO !, RMOX (CBS) 4, KSD fJfBO 5, KPLB 11 dv : Bft_2 ! r 11 ThT«; i.-_2 C.^.- C II TREASI RE (Pr«?mtef*) J M.-=. Mr- * ' Ftis 4 DA.Wi •)•.'/> p Condon ; £: Harriet P.^r^r's — 5 ElTventh Hour 'R> 9 S* LO»JJS at 9 ii Movie — "Manil'a Caii- z" '1942 1 Uwd Nolan. Cnr- Teacher TV Show Under Way By O.MfUA LOWKT AP IXrrkVm-Radio Wrihf NEW YORK fAP—Th-re's ! Homecoming Set Oct. 11 At Calhoun High School HARDIN — Homc<-orr. : ns Rttiv- in ?h» county wtw is interested m ities win be observed at CaJho-jr the work of the HraH Committee High SdwoJ Friday. Oct. 11. wh»niis welcome to attend ttie meeting, the {oral football team meets the i which will begin at 7:3D p.m. jGreenfieW Tieers on Calhoun'sl PaHent fn Bo^jHmJ. 'home field. A dance in the schc-MJ HARDIN — Miss Cathy MUler. eym wij] follow, the game, st daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harrell time a Homeco.^ Que,n McN-i- r •.-,.-<.-<• J ': ;n For In Mr?. : > rr.'/txl ! G;ih'-r" ;.r> r; ; i r/!;i;. o;/ r.-^n -it .Mr. rnorr,:r.i; hii;';. of rx* havi fmishM ;f f'j/id- they . Ha'nr. W. — Trw S o m fl i i <r -d -*ith '!K prw-ri-. -rinz h<;r neTt port not be rwd r.-e! : (in — 2 ! !vaion netnrjrk. and MGM. film studio, may glamorize the: will be nflnwd Candidates for qui?f-n have been v the high school cfass^. is N <?••'• s A-o- r, Ari'iy -R> P%f'y D-jke Turkish Question People Are Funny <R» Prir-e Is R;ght OI.VMS rPremlere) 10:L> St«:%-<r Alien Johnny Carson al<?rr trxlay. alrve tomornjw. J A f electricity is a jack of all trades... helps you live like a queen A * V .S'; : '":r-nr.,:n<<ri wife & her at-i torr.'-y h'jstend get involved J ;r, , : .T;probflb!<? adventure s^mi-prri sleuths & crime- fighters. Glyrris Johns & Keith Andf«> ?•.tar Ii B-°s-t of Grr/ueho 'Ri 8:00—2 B'-n Ca.s^y 5 BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (S'-ason Premiere) 5 Mystery Thf-at-?r 9 Ta'-k-s With Eric Hofler 11 Spf-fi'd Spectacular 8:30—5 DICK VAN DYKE (Season Prcrn'ere) ilO:2S—4 E;.e-Line: Roby — 10:.'50—4 Mo%-;«? — "The Lady th« B*r/!it" '1951' Patrk.-ia Medina. Louis Hayward 0—11 Movie — "King of Bur- le«rrue" '19.V;' Alice Faye. Warner Baxter 11:45—2 Peter Gunn 'R' I2:oo—! MOYJO — "Two Smart Peopi'-" 'i!>4'v Lucille Bail. John Media. 1 ; 5 Tonight in St. Louis 12:15—2 Ne-.vs & Sports 12:20—2 .Mahalia Jackson 12:30—5 11 News 12:40—11 Nr-'Asreel.s & Religion 1:40—4 NF.V.-S & Religion I The vehicle which had its pre-i imiere show Tuesday night is "Mr. Novak." The hero is James Fran& dscus. a handsome, blond young, man not unlike Richard Chamber-| Heart Committee lain. He plays an idealistic 'each-! evpmn ? at the er in a large urban high school. Miller, is a patient in St. Mary's Hospital in St. Louis. Calhy entered the hospital Thursday, and undergoing tests to fiMd the _ of an eye disorder. She ex- sophomore. Pamlpects to he there several more Peters. Batchtown: junior. Sandy j days. Becker. Kamp<rviJle: and seniors.! 'Mary .Ann Coughlin. "-'- u Heart Ortrap to HARDIN — The Calhoun County will mwt thi? Hardin GLOVES ARE HAND* PITTSBURGH JP— Dick Stuart, Boston first baseman not noted Where Kildare has his Gilles-l pie, Nov-ak has his Mr. Vane, the soc|ation _ lrit h pnncipal.i . jn ^ ?m ! regional director for the Heart As- mature wi« school Thursday Daytime, Sept. 26 piayed by Dean Jagger with un-1 derstandine and «it. Thf production -,vas glossy andi the sentiments expressed about! education were valid, if sometimes a bit high-flown. The high; school pupils shown seemed like fine, high-spirited kids. There was not one juvenile delinquent vis-. ib!e. offices in Alton. , 0 assis , wjth thc plans Mrs. 5:1.>— 4 5:20 — 4 5:30 — 1 6:00—4 6:30—4 7:00—4 5 7:30—4 7:40—4 7:45—2 7:50—2 7:55—2 8:00-2 4 8:30—2 8:40—9 9:00—2 4 5 9:15—2 9:25— 5 9:30—4 5 10:00—2 4 5 10:30—2 4 5 11:00—2 4 5 11:25—4 11:30—2 4 5 11:45—4 11:55—5 Noon — 2 4 5 Give Us This Day : News: Tom Brooks Sunrise Semester Town and Country P.S. 4 Morning Scene Today: Hugh Downs News: Carmichael World of Mr. Zoom Mahalia Jackson Farm Report News Spotlight on KETC Capt. Kangaroo Tree House Cartoons Begins Broadcast Day King & Odie CBS News Say When Romper Room NBC News I Love Lucy (R) Play Your Hunch Price Is Right The McCoys (R) Concentration Seven Keys Pete & Gladys (R) Missing Links Tennessee Ernie Love of Life 1st Impression CBS News Father Knows Best (R) enjoy service fit for a king ..... get comfort and convenience that are ace -high THE COST? MIGHTY REASONABLE WHEN YOU THINK HOW OFTEN ELECTRICITY WORKS FOR YOU. UNION ELECTRIC BuMlnft* Mgniefd. Invfitor Owned, Serving Two Million feopl» • SUPPORT THE ALTON-WOOD RIVER UNITED FUND Search for Tomorrow Truth or Consequences Guiding Light NBC News General Hospital News-Weather: Roby News: Jim Burke 11 Newsreels 12:05-4 My Little Margie (R) 5 Charlotte Peters 12:15—11 Modern Almanac 12:30—2 Divorce Court 4 As World Turns 11 Cartoons & Comics 1:00 — 4 Password 5 People Will Talk 11 Movie — See Wed., 10:40 p.m., Ch. 11 1:25—5 NBC News 1:30—2 Day in Court 4 House Party 5 The lectors 1:54—2 Mid-Day Report 2:00 — 2 Queen for a Day 4 To Tell the Truth 5 Loretta Young (R) 2:15-11 Movie - See Wed., 9 p.m., Ch. 11 2:25-4 CBS News . : "The Richard Boone show." thc 'antholo-zy series for which NBC ihas such high hopes, roared into it.s Tuesday nisht nirhp also. It started with an off-beat story , more like m<-- sort of thing usual- '•, jly tackled on Alfred Hitchcock'?: jhour. j Boone. in a role light years iaway from his Paladin character, 'plaved a harsh, nasty and un- Make Room for Daddy, ^ cnlpulous prosecut0 r derermmed I to wrest a confession from a worn- Jan suspected of slaying her husband with a hatchet. • It was a fascinntins exercise in acting—and Boone is a great strong performer. Bethel Leslie! played the hatchet lady and very, competently too. Who Do You Trust? Edge of N;ght You Don't Say Trailmaster iRl Secret Storm Mate!) Game NBC News SS Popeye Adventures in Paradise: 2:30—2 4 5 3:00— ii 4 5 3:25—5 3:30—4 5 (R) 4:00—2 (R) 4 Movie — "Woman of the Year" (1941) Katharine Hepburn. Spencer Tracy 5 Corky the Clown U Three Stooges (R) 4:30—5 Maverick (R) 5:00—2 Rifleman (R) U Mickey Mouse Club (R] 5:30—2 Zane Grey Theater (R) 4 CBS News: Cronkite 5 Huntley-Brinkley 9 P.S. 4 U Yogi Bear PTA Meetings Are Resumed at Eldred ELDRED — The Parent Teachers Association of the Grade School held their initial meeting of the year at the school Monday evening. Officers are: Mrs. Robert Reynolds, president; Mrs. Robert Closser, Clarence Mrs.-. Verl Owens, treasurer. Mrs. vice - president; Mrs. Evans, secretary; and This is the night on which Danny Kaye starts h;s career in weekly television. "The Danny Kaye Show" with guest star Jackie- Cooper along, starts at 9 (CDT) Earlier, also on CBS, there is "Glynis" a half-hour comedy with a mystery theme and starring GlynJs Johns and Keiih Andes f7:30:8>. "CBS Reports' (6:307:30]''•..will be an interviewj with Secretary of Defense Robert; S. McNamarai . { MILLIONAIRE'S INTEREST WINCHESTER. Ky. (AP> — A : Winchester bank did its best to make someone feel like a millionaire. Reynolds presided at a short business meeting. John Clough, principal, -show-! ed a film on the "Modern Method of Teaching Mathematics". E/dred Notes ELDRED — Mr. and Mrs. Walter Straub of Jameson, Mo., and Mrs. Opal Darr of Alton were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vinyard. Additional Sunday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Roy French and Miss Pauline B'rench of Medora and Mr. and At an open house, it/gave $1091 to a lucky patron —'approximate-! ly one day's interest, at lour per' cent, on $1 million. Mrs. Alvin Vinyard were evening guests. The Household Science club will meet Thursday afternoon ati the home of Mrs. Irl Davidson. DISPLAY SAMPLE SALE! REFRIGERATORS $ . 16-Inch Portable TV $ r or Kami Colora 99.95 GAS RANGES $9^95 ADMIRAL COLOR TV BRAND NEW 1964 MODEL 24 XT. GOLD WIRING Circuit ELEVEN YEARS IN COLOR tiimriinlriti Driicndntilc M«ri'lc« EXCLUSIVE "LIFE TEST" t4-IIuur Factory Text Hun 399 95 M(Ml«t TIDUO Optional TRADE-IN SALE CONVENIENT TERMS FREEZERS S 168 88 100% Nylon Carpet With I'ud and Installed $T99 7 Sp. YD. 23" CONSOLE TV *179 95 Each IMEiSPRING BENMI $ 18 Slight Extra Charge for Delivery On These Itoms i p i p i' i' < p ^' FINANCING CAN BE ARRANGED! Comjtlet 2606 STATE ST. (Next to Trf-Clty) 2 PC. LIVING ROOM SETS 50O9B QUALITY FURNITURE AT DISCOUNT PRIGESI Furnishers PHONE 465-7S88 UOXANA, ILL. AIK-CONDITIONED THURS.-FBL-SAT. Continuous from 7 p.m. Sunday Continuous from 1 p.m. No Parking Problems Ph. 254-6813 or 254-7271 THURS.-FRI.-SAT.-SUN. Dolores Hurt, Hugh O'Brian Karl Boehm "COME FLY WITH ME' 1 Color—9:05 Bob Hope, Lucille Ball Marilyn Maxwell "CRITIC'S CHOICE" Color—7:20 SKLKCTKD SHORTS BEL*AIR MWT 66 & t I 1 IK 6 9636 OPEN 6:30 — START 7:15 NOW THRU TUES. BLAZING ACTION! M CLIFF nBEITSON TY HARDIN • JAMES GREGORY ROBERT GULP- GRANT WLUAMS _ <;n (1:45—Start 7 p.m. Admission Thurs., Hat., Sun, Adults OOc—^Kiddles 25o Admission Friday Only Adults 70c—Kiddies 85c Matineo Nut. and Sun. THURSDAY Through SUN. 'CASH iMcCALL Tonite & Thurs. Open (i.-4,^—Starts 7:15 "Flipper" Shown FIRST ... at 7:25 Only Connie Kon Kumlcll, I'aulu 1'rentiHH ROMANCE T 5 Ifmitaur 17 * / HIGH Thurii., Frl. ut 8:M p.m. uum Thurs,, Frl. at 7:15 p.m. Short Subjects 7 p.m. I PLUS- Chuck Connors P f ^ THE ISTEVE REEVES SLflVE' THESONOFSPflRTHCUS Shown 8:05 Only TONIT TIMES teve McQueen • Jamei Gai "The GREAT ESCAPE Jamei Garner in STARTS THURS. Paul R. Durr. fommittcf m IIHS stated trial anyon" for his fielding, once said at a Pittsburgh banquet: "Behind every successful ball player is a fine woman." The speaker who followed the former Pittsburgh Pirate couldn't resist cracking: "The woman behind you, Mr. Stuart, had better have a big first baseman's glove." Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" EMPLOYEES' VACATIONS ARE OVER We Will Open Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 26th OUR CHICKEN DINNERS ARE WORTH CROWING ABOUT Our Menus Include Steak Spaghetti Shrimp Ravioli Chicken OPEN Mid-Town SUNDAY DINING ROOM 7th and Central, Alton, III. AT NOON TONITE •Ti*Qn2r¥^H Open 6:3 ° Thru TUES. EMm^nTOllrrrr** 1st Showing! THE MEDICAL JUNGLE DOCTORS DON'T TALK ABOUT! SHOCK —PLUS THRILLS & CHILLS:— The Most Exciting True Adventure Ever Filmed on the High Seas! ^^ lECHNnOUr-MNMSNT -^..MWStKK CUFROBERTSONfflffilS STARTS FRIDAY! 'VOUK FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN TARLIGHT COLLEGE AVENUE, ALTON, ILL. Box Office Opens at 7:00 TONITE Thru SAT. OMBBie RMYNQLOS THE FUNNIEST FIX A GIRL Jf EVER-GOT INTO I fUFF IOBERTSOK DAVID JMSSEI PLUS SECOND FEATURE KRKDOU3US Color Cartoons—Free pJiiygroMnd—Children Admitted |'r««

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