Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1894 · Page 8
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1894
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

^/f^f^f^^^smfifT}' '^^^'s^y^^^^ams^m • V"f •"*• "C, -' s;r \-"-,,-'"' ! •" *, '.""'.' ' " ' ~'|fp^f''4 •;•_,-' ,1".- ^ ' ' \! ALGONA, IOWA. F&IPAY ^JectMos s6tcntlficnlly fitted and guaranteed. - - IOWA lew Meat Market. a°n ^\in&fe.Ei^ flah «yery Friday. Come and k"5i ' flCB UB> \ '" ^KILLING. t ^ ; W6 tare abran new Outfit made to order for MflWs locality, and dan do tho best of work ^^Wtltet guaranteed or no '. • FEASBB BttoS. Algona. Iowa. •V >;' >&•* Q?Wo doors east of my old stand, *where I w,ill be pleased to see customers and many new ones .... SX^" A'V ' That I receive direct from all my oysters m ,W. 'A. LADENDORFF. ntdlnstrjoPofs PR"s euro and'Malaria. purifies the NOVEMBflfr 80. 1894. PROFESSIONAL CAKDS. DUO. B. CLARKE. CHAS. A, COItENOtm CLARKE & COHEJMOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. 4LGONA, - - IOWA S.S. SESSIONS, Money to Loan on CluUtle Security. \LGONA, •- .:•". i IOWA SULLIVAN & JV1 C MAHON AT1VRNEYS AT LAW. Office In PostofHce Block. ALGONA, IOWA. E. V, SWEETING, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to Loan. ALGONA, - - - - IOWA, e. M C COY, PHYSICIAN AND ALQONA, SUSGSON. IOWA, M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. ALGONA. - - IOWA. F.L.TRIBON M. D. Homoeopathic Physician and Surgeon. Calls answered promptly at any time. Office In A. D. Clarke Block. A -r Consultations In English or Gorman. ALGONA, - - _ IOWA. A. A. BEANE, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, . IOWA E. E. SAVERS, Veterinary Physician and Surgepn. Office west of the Thorlngton House. Good Hospital Accommodations, ALGONA, IOWA. E. S. GloASlER D. D. S. .DENTIST, ALGONA. IOWA. Special attention given to savins the natural teeth. Office over Algona State Bank. A. b. RIST, D. D, S. DENTIST. ' ALGONA, IOWA. Local anaesthetic for deadening- pain In ?ums when extracting teeth. • WHITTEMORE ITEMS, The Good Templars gave a conundrum supper Monday evening. Prof. Carter our old time elocutionist will give an entertainment in the Baptist church Thursday. Our city marshal is dest/roying cats, so now if you have a tabby that you want to preserve, just keep 5ier in out of sight. The lieyer Bros, and ttie Moosback Bros., will have sales Dec. 4th and 5th respectively. Did you get a turkey at the raffle Tuesday night, if not, why not? Fred Munch was at Emmetsburg Tuesday, attending the wedding of his cousin Mr. Adrian to a Miss Taylor. Thos. McGovern is getting to be a regular dude, he actually bangs his mustache. Two turkey raffles in town Tuesday evening. A wedding Wednesday the 28th, will name the parties later. J. M. Farley is immensely better, he has thrown away his bottle. Another death from diphtheria Tuesday, this makes three in the Vogel family. Col. Sessions and Jas. E. Blythe were in the city Monday. No politics in the visit- There was a great turkey raffle up at Mrs. Ryans last Friday, quite a number went out from Whlttemore. PISTE Y ON REAL ESTATE. HOXIE & BRUNSON, - ALGONA We wo; are locaX Graafte andit entlon to the fact that we to keep inTrtB™ 1 * 111811 * 1 ^ for the manu- nients, Head T cemetery work in Marble, ..All work it$5- We now have and Intend onlymaimfa'' falrU neof finished Hqnu- suth Co.' ! sTh s « eto -> an( * will guarantee fore plaeinff® 1 to the best. We are the by fair an<Q? r s of cemetery work In Kos' Please give us acallbe- ? e ' ttn dhe convinced that ' nff< wo COMPANY, Bast State St. IOWA. •it' & Dailey,- ^ell Contractors. -:gorily cable steam drilling ln,the county. Sink wells for -.towns, cities and railroads. "**•"* 'well work. Estl- fir. " n application. Wo Irlllers. Address. _ iT -,_>ATLEY. Algona, ^( •W ,pt»-' k ' » -sft. Wbuv We ™, machine! water sij 1 Special i mates o, employ WORK OW Want . e Job with 'ntfiewost, 80 .» VIBI* inwed, with our facilities we can id sajesraanjn two weeks from raw T».««— -*"" 1 - that is warranted is seed potatoes in __..._,,. want money write W,LJ&/J&MAY & CO., J ' St. Paul, Minn, and Seedmen. (This >; > JOHNSON'S MAGNETIC O8LI M. P. HAGOAKD. G. F. PEEK. jHAG@AR9cSj PEEK, (Successors to Jones & Smith.) Abstracts, Lands & Collections, Tom Corcoran says him getting married, back on him. Geo. A. Hanna and G. E. Boyle were at Cedar Eapids a few day last week. The auction store, like the summer dew, has come and gone. E. B. Higley of Mason City, was in the city Monday looking after the buying of poultry the coming season. Lives there a man with soul so dead that never to himself hath said, the Republicans are away ahead,. because of their great generalship. The Dem's and Pop's they lost the tip, the Rep's they got'em on their hip, and this accounts for the generalship mentioned in this chapter. Dr. J. M. Pride was over counseling with Dr. Paul in the diphtheria cases Tuesday. H. S. Daily has traded his residence property to Chris Bell for the Bell louse. Harvey will soon be a full fledged landlord. The wedding mentioned above will take place Wednesday evening. The contracting parties are Mark Pray and Sarah McKinzie, with Hezikiah Small acting as best man. Either his honor Esquire Hatch, or his honor the Mayor, will tie the nuptial knot. In either event the job will be done with neatness and dispatch, and the happy pair will have their matrimonial skiff launched and started on life's journey with the well wishes and hearty God speed of all who know them. The wedding takes place at the residence of the brides mother. . BEHIND HIISON BARS. WHAT MAY BE SEEN IN ANY GREAT HOME OF CRIMINALS. ALGONA, IOWA. P. L>. SLAGLE, Manufacturer and Retail Dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, Shop south of Goeders' Store on Dodge St ALGONA, - _ IOWA P. DINGLES . A. W. MOITATT. DINQbEY & MOFFATT, Real Estate, Loans 11nsurance Have for sale in Kossuth County and ad oining counties a full list of wild lands and Improved farms. Will pay taxes for non :d! -_._ -. . __ —. .„„. ,, ^ tt , JJM * KUA.CD lUT IIUU- residents and redeem lands sold for taxes. Offlcg—State street, Algona, Iowa. A, D, Clarke & Co, EARM LOANS. ALGONA. IOWA. JAS. '_A. ORR, PAINTING. Gaining and Paper-hanging. All orders promptly attended to. Give me a Shop on Call street, Algona, Iowa. call. ' " —TO LOAN— ON REAL, ESTATE. C. B. MATSON. In State Bank Block, IS-*™ TW E "^ W-fi ' ' „* t J PN'8 ORIENTAL SOAP ttmfFniiat.HfFhn/lAuva* av.i^, **»__ nnr! t^iw*TTi»2"w "f"; •£*•** #? **^ JOQBT -,ily perfumed Toilet soap on dHHM&iii^g&e; h for Infant*. J^JSNT** gpT,*4jS9>Ub ~ iy^.i.|.«inji.i,., 'i$6' BahffiwipfiB. iflfltenjjqnto of the ma. ?&.;« las ttb.dftO* aeatiow INSU^ANGE! Farmers of Cedar Rapids. Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire of Minneapolis. ' Itookford of Rockford, JJloyds Plate Glass of New York. ' United 3tates Life of H[ew York. d, Loan and Collection Business M, Bailey, FAIR HOPE COLONY. i ' . • ~ • • • Iowa Single Taxers on the "Way to Their Alabama Home. St. Louis, Nov.' 20.—The train on the Mobile and Ohio railroad which left the Union station at 8:35 Tuesday evening carried nearly adozen families all bound for Alabama, where they intend to establish a community which is to be conducted strictly upon the single tax idea. All are members of Fairhope Industrial association, which was organized and incorporated atDes Molnes last February for the purpose of illustrating, if possible, the advantages to be derived from a single tax government. The community is to be started in Baldwin county, Alabama. Among the members who passed through the city on their way to Alabama were: E. B. Gaston and family, Des Moines, John Hiinnel and wife, Minneapolis; Mrs. Dr. Lamon, Cincinnati; and George Beck, Johnson, Neb. Gilbert Anderson, who resides at 2619 Pine street in this city, and who is also a firm believer in the single tax theories, accompanied the party. He will stay until thecommunity is put in working order, when he intends to return and move his family. A number of other families met the main party at their destination today which is the day set for the formal opening of the community. Fifty-one familes are said to'be at present member's'of the 1 association and representing seventeen states, extending as far west as California and east to Pennsylvania. The officers of the association are: L. B. Clement, Des Molnes, president; E, B. Gaston, Dea Moines, secretary; and Alf Wooster, Oskaloosa, treasurer. CHRISTENSOH,^ ' ~* "" ' " The interest which the government will have to pay on the recent$50,000,of 000 Joan, amounts to the snug sum ~"!,942 per day, An authority on weather declares that tornadoes are most frequent between aoon and 6 o'clock, and that the rainiest uow,r of the day is 4 o'clock in the after? noon, This IB the report pf a meteor' ological expert, not a weather prophet; The EskfcW Bulletin, is 'the fl'niy, JOHT- A Visit to Sins Sing:, fccw York State's Famous JUcceptncle for Convicts—tho Friatih' Odor —The Appnront fcftok of Strength In Visible Government. A pricon interior has a strange, morbid fascination for tho average freeman. There is such a general atmosphere of weird unreality about it all, accentuated by tho sternest realities of an iron discipline. From the burly, hnfd faced guard, who leans upon his shining Winchester in tho sentry bos on the walls, to the pale consumptive murderer, whoso hacking cough is the only sound that breaks tho stillness of tho prison hospital, everybody and thing ia strangely different from the outer world. Hundreds of silent, striped suited convicts bending over their workbenches, walking about the yard with arms folded or marching in lockstep with eyes averted, surround the visitor on every side. There is a peculiar odor born both by the .prison apartments and by the prisoii inmate's which is as marked and distinctive as the odor of the hospital or of the steerage. It tells of a life of torpidity i barren of sunshine and of change. It tells of utensils and cells made stale and foul with constant usage in spito of we lied about eridless scrubbing and rinsing. The His girl went prison is one great hive of yellow, close cropped, hangdog looking humanity, speaking to their keepers or to their companion laborers atraro intervals and in subdued tones, but possessed of some secret freemasonry and means of communication with one another and with the outside world that baffles tho most rigid discipline and searching iuquisi' tion. The thing that strikes the visitor from the -outer world most is the apparent weakness of the governing power. A hundred convicts armed with knives two feet long and sharp as razors are catting out great piles of clothing in a room guarded by half a dozen apparently unarmed keepers. Another company of surly malefactors are plying the hammer and chisel in a stone yard, mingling with a handful of guards whose skulls could be split in five seconds after the giving of a preconcerted signal. It is the vast but unseen elumbenny power of the state that holds'toens, tho knowledge of the keen sighted, iron nerved marksmen on the outer walls. -whose repeating • rifle* carry seventeen lives apiece, and the hopelessness a world where every man's hand would bo tgainst thorn, and even' temporary success could only end in deat'u or lengthened punishment. Principal Keeper Connaughtoa. ofBiti;; Sing prison, lisa t?peut seventeen years of his life among convicts and never carried a pistol. Dozens of times he has been assuniwd by desperate convicts, but hisv brawny arm and heavy stick havo carried him through safely. • "Wha$ was the narrowest escape you ever had?" a wondering visitor asked him once. '_'When a fellow jumped on me with a knife as I was sitting in my office," said the keeper. "What did you do?" "Sent him to tho hospital when I finished," was the laconic but expressive answer. "They have no heart," continued this steely eyed convict driver with the square, mitsoive jaw. "In the days when wo worked them in the quarries 1 havo seen three hundred of them bi-alj away in a body and go runnicg down through the yard to the railway track. Only two guards with Winchesters stood between this rushing mob and freedom. Tho first three shots dropped the first three convicts, and the rest turned and ran for their lives back to quarters." Among the curiosities of every prison are tho famous convicts, notorious miu- iei-eiii, fallen bank presidents, clever swindlers and romantic desperadoes of every type. The oldest prisoner is also trotted out for inspection by the specially favored; some old, white haired, pale faced man, who for twoscore years perhaps has not looked beyond the prison walls, stands blinking before the visitors. When he left the world the civil war was unfought, France was an empire, Germany a mass of disorganized states. Outside the shining river still draws its water from the purple hill, and busy life flows on, but all is dead to him. As the visitor stands in the little green courtyard at sundown and sees company after company of sickly looking prisoners issuo from shops and storerooms and wind around the walks like so many huge' centipeds, with the undulations of the lockstep, each man with a slop pail on his arm and a loaf of bre,ad in his hand; as he views them disappearing into the cryptJiko dining room, whose floor IB wet with the slops from a thousand tin coffee cups, or watches them filing into the tier after tier of galleries that lead to their narrow, stuffy little cells where tho night is ^passed under look and keyj as he comes through'the low arched entrance on his way to freedom and. catches a OfUvnV^Oa f\f 4-Vkrt <r..nJJ.J«_ >_ 1 »Q circle,; It to printed »t pape?rinpe of 'Wales, 3c», »»ft'$B |B8^e4 only-once ^ year, .T*ro taw el dynamite , r T - ------ — *»»*^s WMIVVJ.J.OQ glimpse of the waiting: room, where prisoner stands with a look of agony in his dull face beside the sob ehi^en form Of a visiting Bister or mother; as he hears the great iron gate shut with a harsh, jangling sow^ behind him ana SjowJy shftke ; a off the hgrxov and' disr' gpc? that Pte0p,fte very »tm'ospher§ of" th<* pjMj fee realicetfui} fce. W e Y er ^d b£ fore that the way of the transgressor is hard,— New Yorjt Tribune. JEWEL STOVES \ A MI r\. ^F .:• m* Are the otttcd, years' ^ experie'flti i designing, consl ing and testing stoves. In them) combined all the \ devices known to t. stove maker. They a built upon right linW to give the greateL degree of heat at the! g rr T-TT J .. . . . ' ^ east expense of fuel, of) ithe right material to give the longest service at the? I £<*?*««* &* repairs. They areof the latest patterns; i imisned in the handsomest manner. Ask to see them i at the dealers* The Tradt Mark will identify the genuine. STOVPPlANT.INTHEWDRm \V. H. 1NGHAM, Pros. J. B. JpNES, Vice-Pres. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier, KOSSUTH eOUNTY STATE BANK. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAb, - - $50,000.00. , AMBROSE A. CALL, Pros. D. H. AtTTCIIINS, V-Pres. 0. B. SMITH, Ass't Cashier. WM. K. FERGUSON, Cushior FIRST N/rTIOJSIAL CAPITAb, ALGONA, IOWA. Money ulway $5O,OOO.OO. Carter, Ambrose A Cash Capital - $5O,OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS. A. D. CLAHKE, PHES'S. 0. 0. CHUBB, V. PriEs'i, T. H. LANTRV. CASHIER, GEO. B. GAMiiArrn, W. 0. TyimEtW MYRON SOHENOK. Tnos. F. COOKE. r Algona, Iowa. ' GENERAL BANKING. Private Safctj' Deposit Vaults. A. N.BBAKE, President. WM. WIEMEli, Vice Pres. Capital. STATE FRANK WIEMER, Cashier. E. G. BICH, Asst. Cashier. $25,000.00. K OF LEDYARD. EHrlnterest Paid on Time Deposits. DIKEOTOHS-A.NDnikeH. A. Miller. J.O. Cook, Wm.Wiemer. Geo H Wl<=uor f *• Albrook, J. D. Newcombor. W. II. Woods,, K B Bnlhml Wlsuu ' C ' B wnf^nrf 9 ,™ 0 ^ 0 ? 1wifc , hJ , tlle banking we do a Real Estate business. Have wild and improved land for sale or rent. Farm loans made at Lowest Hates LEDYARD. - - IOWA. I wish to say to the public that I handle the best Sewing Machines and Organs that are made, and I desire to show my goods to all persons who contemplate purchasiug such. The WHEELER & WILSON -No. NINE and the HOUSEHOLD SEWING- MACHINES can not be excelled, and I will not be undersold. Store room on Call street ALGONA, b>ESSIN<9. IOWA. NEW GROCERY FIF^M. HA'LEEN &~PETERSON. Tour doors North of the Opera House. We have opened a new grocery store and will carry a line of Choion Vre*h groceries of all kinds. We solicit your trade, wfta^ke butLer ancfegtrs in exchange for goods. We sell as cheap as any house in town Try us HALEEN & PETERSON, Algona, Iowa. TO lE-iCXA-nsr oibT -Improved - Farms.- 6t And to Reduce my Stock some I will,sell at - - - . Away Down Prices On Everything in Stock ! Come early and get, the first , ; ebaiiQe of all the. ~ J. J, ilMf£0K:^^'^ J ' n '^ mBil r %,V* i,; * t 1 i- f V

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