Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 16, 1961 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, November 16, 1961
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ette School News Third Grade — We \\,'e p.-oud of Nancy Ash and Dawn /.alwis for winning first and second place respectively in the "fire prevention" po-ter contest. I-'.veryone has worked hard learn ing to carry in addition. We are iroud to say that we can nil do I'lcso problems now. This month we are recording the wi-atlvr on our calendars each day. Kadi person has his own calen dar to work with, and a different ((•••rson is responsible eaeh day for recording temperature, and so forth on our big calendar. We have begun to study about the Pilgrims in social .'Indies class. We have learned who the Pilgrims w'.-ri 1 , why they came to our land, the n.-nu of tin; ship that brought them, and so on. .Marsha Leverington and Billy O-r will celebrate birthdays during November. Most people are doing well us "ig words correctly with helping uo -(Is in language class. We have learned to use saw, seen, did, (lone, went, gone, ran and run correctly in sentences. Fourth Grade — In arithmetic we are learning to divide a three place number to get a two place quotient. We are working with the fours in multiplication. A. a culminating activity with aquariums we are making underwater scenes. We have also begun a new unit about ancient animals. In relation to this Scott Lingc with the help of Keith Himmel have made a dinasaur bulletin board. Scott has also been bringing many interesting books on the subject and also a statue of a tyran- nasaunis dinasaur. New terms such as crenoids and trilobites are being learned. Trenches, pewter, vats and the first Thanksgiving have been our discussions of the New England states. Kveryone helped to make a chalk mural of this for our bulletin hoard. Delvin Van Bogart made a , chair similar to the one the early colonists used. He made it from a stump and legs of a regular chair. Mary Manderfield won a spelldown this week by spelling "daughter" correctly. Vicki Crafton made a "Season" booklet with table of contents.and facts about the seasons. Marisue Yates made a Ixxiklet titled "Circus Sights". A wish for speedy recoveries to all numbers of the class who have been ill this week. Fifth Grade — — Mrs. Downing We have been studying hard this week. The six weeks are almost over. In spelling we had our selling test. Fifteen people received one hundred per cent. In language we arc studying about the table of contents and the index. We are studying about how to add fractions in arithmetic. For science. Patty A 1 s h o u s e brought a visible man. We have also been studying about bones and muscles. This past week we had a social studies lest on our last unit We are reading about the Civil War. Our class received official safety manuals. This 'n That — I see by the enrollment of the F.T.A. from our school that the world will no longer have to worry about the teacher shortage! BEAT ARLINGTON We want to congratulate the football team on their good record this year. So we didn't get first in conference, the Ixiys played real good ball and improved much over the past few years. BEAT ARLINGTON Also our congratulations to Larry Williams on being chosen as a player on the second team of the conference. Those who got honorable mention were: Ken Butters, Bill Chase, Gary Campbell and Don Timmennan. BEAT ARLINGTON The senior class play is really shaping up nicely and promises to be a real hit. Date: Nov. 10, 8 p. m. BEAT ARLINGTON Buzz, it wasn't absolutely necessary for'you to look in her purse and get her driver's license. Don't you know'that all (well, most) girls lie about their weight? BEAT ARLINGTON Barb B. your hair has looked rather nice the past week.. Did you say the secret was "steam sets"? BEAT ARLINGTON Do you know what a cat is call: ed after she has walked aero s a desert? (Jive up? Sandy Clans. BEAT ARLINGTON What does it take to convince .lostin that women should get the privilege of voting even though we aren't drafted? Come on, have a heart. BEAT ARLINGTON Sue and Janis have finally dis covered why the girls have failed "P'nunt. so miserably the past two w<vks "THE STUDY APPLE PECAN ROLLS make a Good Breakfast Better Their plumes of cinnamon and apple drifting through the house make these rolls "warm persuaders for generous break- Th'cy whip up appetites. Before you know it, the members of the family are eating—and enjoying—the sound breakfast essential to build quick energy for the morning's work. These Apple Pecan Rolls are light and hot and love to drink up butter. Spicy with cinmimon, with a taffy-like topping, each hi to 3s crunchy with nuts and tastes of apples. With good rea- <-dn! The rolls enfold a thick filling of canned apple sauce and pecans blended with butter and brown sugar. And they stay so fresh and moist they can be made the afternoon before and just reheated in the morning. 1% cups canned apple sauce J /3 cup brown sugar or % cup chopped pecans Cinnamon - Prepare roll mix according to directions on package, adding 2 tablespoons of.sugar. Cover; let rise until double in bulk. Add 2 tablespoons butter to apple sauce; cook 10 minutes to evaporate some of the liquid, stirring occasionally; cool. Melt remaining 4 tablespoons butter in 9"x9"x2" pan; add brown sugar and heat until'melted. . Roll out dough to 17!'x9"x J /fe" rectangle; spread with cooled apple sauce, sprinkle with pecans and cinnamon; roll up jelly "roll fashion. Slice in 1" slices. Arrange cut side up in pan on sugar mixture. Cover: let rise until double in bulk. Bake in hot oven, 400 degrees, 20-25 minutes. Serve warm. Makes 16 rolls. 1 package roll mix 2 tablespoons sugar (5 tablespoons butter margarine HEY YOU BOWLERS Enjoy America's FAVORITE PASTIME All Teams & Individual Bowlers Welcome SEE OUR SELECTION OF — Bowling Balls — Bowling Shoes — Bowling Bags V Bowl Where You S<* The Magic Triangle LILAC LANES — 8 ALLEYS — Automatic Pinsetters West Union, Iowa To send items for . ner - president, in charge. f^t . .f , Thc program opened with a de- L-hnstmas gift Shop votional reading by tho pastor, MAYNARD — The American Hev. Herman J. Brandt, and a II | , . . i Legion auxiliary will have a dis- talk on the problems of Ezra as f—/f^K)/**/ |f«| r~\/~ir\/~* pl;| y of ilcrns l » be sent to the told in the Bible, and tne simi- I I\JI I \J Iff f fLJHLJ Christmas gift shop at the vet- lar problems'of today. erans hospital, Clinton, in the Other numbers introduced by Tooth decay and reading troub- body that results in dental caries windows of Mrs. Lois Sorg'.s Main Mrs. O. J. Tokhein of the program les often go hand-in-hand, a re- and reading difficulties. .street property for one week be- committee were a piano solo' by cent study disclosed, reports Dr. -ft j s an established fact that K ' nning Mon day, Nov. (i. Lois Albrecht, readings by Mrs. •m imh->i-mi-.. ";„ hnr), i i r These gifts have been purch- Rusn-ll Lockard, Mrs. Frederick .in imbalance in body metabolism ascd with tho p rocccds from , hc Ru(>ht , r and Tooth, Reading Problems Often Go Vc-arl G. MeBride, din-dor of the Reading Development Program "' "" "' """- Y ""---«""••--"" asect wil.i the proceeds from thc Rueber and Mrs. Tokheirri-'and .I,, s- for Children. l ' ;ln result '» th< -< development of poppy sale last spring. They two contests in which Mrs. David He said that there appears to P" or reading. Many factors are will be attractively displayed Kauten of Westgate, and the Rev. be a high correlation " between involved in the reading process, latcr boforc tne veterans to make Brandt earned high honors. 1 tooth devel- l(nd in ollr studies wo arc tryin , their selections as Christmas gifts On the t , ist werc Mrs E ,. .o determine some of the many amil e" °ThJ e wH "then 'be 1° ? ro {* m £, n "1, '**" T ^"^ in.-liiili.fi ->m -i, , • . , , '.miMiu.v IIIL.->L wm uiLii nc vVestgate;• Mrs. Roy Lehmger, at baslutball practice. Their solu childicm chssed •„ , e,de s V> Y i™ ? J C , '° b ° C ° n " wr ? ppcd an , d , mallcd , !ls directed. H . izlt , ton: Mrs . E d Kraemer, Mrs. lion: We're jut not "uuarjetate ' < ,„ ' or ^rs'" • d M r Me T fu '" , °,' H v • WC v, "^ , ^ H , h|1!Ullt ' u:irle « , s Louis Hinkle and daughter Phyl. i"««>^,'-i.(iLvvi . tu in puui i t-tuiL.1 o , r»ii HI iv 11 . i>it - h(>it) t hi" 1 t'll iln xv rin i^ ni vinr* lifi*s noon rtvpivon MV f nc> M 11 v i J . • ^ . . « •• t » (;<«)d thinking Rirls A; soon as Pride Of those el-i«(-,1 -. • "nnor ,. , / j naving nas ooen rectiVLa D> tin au.xil- ]ls Oclwem; Mrs. Anna Schlan- we figure ouf what it ,n,a, we " ^ rs - 15 n er cen -,d , h ^ ^"'""^ l ° ^ -ary for old nylon hose to be used Ccdnr Fa ,, . Mrs Frcd Finki will improve. )lv "f ' SO L den "l -mes Of " Wc havc finmtt that hi ^ h mc "- ^, ^ P ? l ? n a V r° SU ; lu> ™"' Mrs. Lewnin Fink, Mrs. A. F. Ae chsTcd '-Ko d r -uler " ^^ docs not at all insure good I". 1 hospitals as fillmg for toys ncrRmani Mrs . B , ancnc Perry> r y ^7 C ^nt SUI^: -din, progress. Good physical ^t^te^a^in,^. ,»J ^ ^ f^T^ll^ lH-a,th, as shown by the present for the Old Soldiers' Home at ^ IJ^^^^Taye Cum" hat bad study, is also a vital factor," said Marshalltown. Either iiose or mi Mrs Frank Jo . nnson Mrs . probh nis, MeBride. sheets should be banded to any MaHon Rummel) Mrs , Marvin "A child of average mentality ™- v 'rd' c '' of the auxiliary before Hehr, Mrs. Etta Strawn, Mrs. Dale Tuesday, Nov. 14. Meinken, Mrs. Robert Hennager, Mrs. Anna Stcege, Mrs. Ed Erick- Mrs. BEAT ARLINGTON We're glad that the shorthand students got their little error all straightened out. It was good de "This doesn't mean ductions to figure out that apples, (( , ( , tn peaches, and cherries don't ;;row on fir trees. Good going, kids! BEAT ARLINGTON cause readinf although they may well be a contributing factor in school achievement," continued Mr. McBridi , , , ... , . and in good health may achieve Now that a new season has just "but"rather"the "utilization'o'f'cal- mllch hi B hcr in sch ° o1 lhan thc Annual guest day son all ()f Ma y nard . and started, let's really get behind (lie cium and other elements in the VLM '- V "right student who is in MAYNARD — The Ladies' Aid Hob'ei t Klemp, Fnye'tte". cheerleaders and back the Cards. poor physical condition, as was society held its annual guest day Hostesses for the event were with the boys new warm up jackets indicated in the comparison be- program at thc St. Paul's Luth- Mrs. Walter Suhr, Mrs. Maurice we should really make an impi-es '"'id the boys and girls and lets tween dental caries and reading eran church Thursday afternoon, Hurd Mrs Erwin Schrader, Mrs. .-•-ion on the other schools. (Jit be BKAT ARLINGTON! troubles." Nov. 2, with Mrs. Dclbert Weg- Earl Arthur. TURKEYS TO BE GIVEN AWAY Friday November 17 — AND WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 — In Fayette, Iowa Don't Miss -• The chance to win a FREE 10 or 12 pound Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Be Sure To Register •- At any of the Fayette business places listed at the right side of this ad. Register -- Each time you are in the place of business of a participating merchant. Winning Numbers - Will be posted in the participating stores of Fayette, from 1 p- m. to 5 p. m., Friday, November 17. RULES: 1. Anyone over 16 years of age is eligible to win one of the free turkeys to be given away Friday, Nov. 17, with the exception of the sponsoring merchants or their immediate families. 2. Each person may register in the store or business place of any of the sponsoring merchants. Registrations may be made in one or more of the participating stores. 3. Winning numbers will be drawn Friday noon, and placed in the stores of participating merchants down town, from 1 -p. m. to 5 p. m.. Friday, Nov. 17. 4. Winners' numbers must match one ot those posted, and prize must be claimed before 6 p. m., Friday. 5. Any turkeys not claimed on Friday, Nov. 17, will be added to those to be given away on Wednesday, Nov. 22. 6. The decision of the officials will be final. Will Be Given Away Through The Cooperation Of These Fayette Businessmen ED'S DEEP ROCK STATION Phone 45 FAYETTE CO - OP CREAMERY Phone 143-R-2 PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Phone 266 SINGER PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 247-R-2 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Phone 258 ZABRISKIE'S GARAGE Phone 80 UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY Phone 170 JOYCE LUMBER CO. Phone 162 MC LEESE - LEYTZE FURNITURE - APPLIANCE Phone 160 DH PAUL GOURLEY Phone 82 CARLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 77 BILL'S SUPER VALU Phone 84 WILKE AND WILKE PRODUCE Phone 9 OTTS DRIVE' IN Phone 192 MAURER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING Phone 263 FAYETTE STONE CO. Phone 73 HARRY'S CITIES SERVICE Phone 38 DR. SCOTT UNGE Phone 101 DANIELS DRUG STORE Phone 163 BELLES - WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME Phone 199 INTERSTATE POWER CO. Phone 66 UNITED WINDOW CO. Phone 31 STATEIBANK QFFAYETH * Phono 4 FAYEITE THEATER LEADER

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