The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1927
Page 7
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• 1 STOCK BUYING . BRINGS JUMPS After Sinlflnjar Early To- the Stock Market Takes a'Brisk Rally. da^ New York. Mar. 8. -.The stock marki't cxppricnct'd . an'olliL-r siiik- - iUK spell tliiK iiioriiiii,:; bill ralticil briskly (;n lli<v appi-araiicc of siroiig buvini: support in sonii' of the rc- t\-nt iii (Iu8ti -ial Icailcrs. Malduiii. •(ioiicral -Motors ami scyi-ral ollicrs made lip early losses of J to nearly i points by varly afternofiii when the piarkot Wa^ ai ;aiH beatieU upward. , I - i' The announdcinenl olj new crnnieiit fiuanein.t; on a •"!'< and o',4 per •:eiit bas-is. lonple.i With th« e .stal )Ii5?hnjeiu of new highs 'In' five I'nitcd States sovernment •*tK)nd.s and the prompt oversub­ scription of a .?22,00O.00() IVnji; yl- lania, • OUio arid Detroit railroad bond issue; te.stified, to the t^-'neral • lascrof tiie-i -redit situation iml i-e- \ivcd' talk ot a' possible redinAiou in the X°w York Feileral ileserve . redis(:ount rate.' \ karly .selling w ;as airecle'l < Uivl- ly against Iti-i niot;;.rs. and tlio oil both of whi<;h •:id .isiries hav:- sui- fcred recentiyii-jin,.price eut.-<. iJisappointins dirront IraffiL- stctehicnts contributed to the h ^'av- iiiess of the' rails with Wabash. St. I>ouis Southweslorn. Reading. Le-j high Valley' and Canadian I 'a.-ifi^': . (iUowing substantial recessipus. Clik'siijo I.histotk. V i Chicago. .Mur. S. vL. S. l>;pt-. of, .•ig.riculture)—Hogij, 21.liui>: fairly active; bulk desirable !.')<) to :.'00 anif BAYARD (Mrs. Floyd McCorinack) ; Mar. 4.—Mrs. Ike- D^ker Louise spent from .Wednesday lii Saiur^lay with. Frank Decktir and wile it liidOpcndonce.Mo. Mrs. Dfi'ki^r wi'iit back to Kansas Cijy Wednesday of tiiis wfi?k', an*! will be li 'ei''- perhaps three weeks for ii.iedi;-al Ireattnent. 1^ Chas. Moleinan and family moved llie.flrsi of last wee.k to the Lent f-iri|i north of .\Ia))le Crovc. This ' takes IClva and hesier llcleinaii from "iir •iclicol. ('•. .S. .Merrynian iind family have Inav«^d to the farm vai-aied by IIid.eiiian's. Kl.sjc. Uo- veiia and Heula .Merryiiia'Ti- entorVd Center Valley school 'I'hnrsd'ay :0f this week. '.Mr. and .Mr^. .\. 1'. Ri;;gs adend-, ed a hirtlii'ay yui-p''i*e at the Wor- I ticll home near Kiniaid Tuesday of lasl xwi'ii'. ' • ' . , .1. IJ. Diiiilap, who- spent sev^-ral days here visiting his son. (): .1. llunia;) ani^ family, returned to'hisi honiv at lola Monday. Strayed,] Loitfc Foand WHIST WATCIIj — White rgold Swiss. lost. Reward if returned to Rpgister. i j AUTOMOTIVE Antomobile i Armctra A USED CAR—18 as dopendablft as tli.irt dealer who isells it — Dodge Sales and Hcrvlec. The best placo to buy good, dependable used curs, At present we have it. coinpletfi line of tioth open and closed models, priced fo Kell. Kills Motor Co.. 2H North Washington. FURXITURK HK>i.\i:,HriNG — Alii kinds: moderate pricei!: laciiiior-i iiig a specialty. .Mich.-jel. I'lio. C -itiJ Morlffr, Trnckin«r. Storaira ii CORK TRANSFER <;0.—Packing, storage, long dlataiice hauling. Rcasonahle I rates. Phono 140 B.\BV Clll (t 'KS—State accredited. - Brooders ind poultry supplies. Custom hatching. Ic per egg. Sturdy Chick Hatchery, 2-'0 West street. Antomobllu for Sile 11 i(".\lt MAI((;AIX.<i-rl92.'; .Vash<o .iTh: i;>2l .\a «h touring: 1924 Hudson sport touring. All in Al shape. .\a.ili .Motor Si'.lcs Co., Ill East .lackson. Phone 720. (ime ill viHt- here Iioy Lauiz and wife left Wednesday iiirht for their Denver after .u week's wirli F, A. Lantxjand family., ~nr C. Caldvell and wife vi; ited at .1. \y.' l.ain:.y'.s in lola Thursday. KoyjC.wiu.. .\iien county farm HErK.\DABLK ISKD CARS- r,:vt.- ir»2« Chevrolet coach: < two 192.0 CIvevroIet coaches: one 192:! Chev- •ijlet \r<iai!sfer: one Essex six Frofeiislpnal Serrices 28 SURGERY — Medicine,' X-ray. " Dr. F. I.«nskl. Phones: office. 8»6: residence. UZfiW. _________ EMPLOYM iNT~! ' KC.Cr?-For ; setting. White Wyan- rinttes. $:(.itO per hundred. Phone !M ;4-12. I culled FOli HIngl. horn flock II.VTCIll-VC." - From Comb White Leg|3 per hundred. D. C. FURNITURE—Of i room house, nods, rockbrs, stoves, dressers, sewing mai;hine. china closet, cc- dhr wardrobe, library table, hcat- rola parlor furnace, bed: davenport, sideboard, fyiH-writcrj dfsher., chairs, and numerous other articles. Sadie Adams, 211 E. Ja:cksoii. Mnsiral Merchandise 62 Cation. Humboldt. Has., phone .'.69. i Help Wnnlrd--Female .MIDDLE ACKD WOM.X.V For hoiiiiework on farm: Oiu- used to country life. Phone ;t:«.2-IL'. A. L. Townsend. I HIGHEST MARKET—Prices paid 1 for cream! eggs and poultry. I Our truck [and chicken coops are at your service to pick np poultry, harker Produce Co. Pho. 658. PIANO—AVc have in tola a;.brattd new Gulbraiisen straight piaiio; used only .1 weeks: large first payment made on it. Will sell for balance on easy terms, .\ddress, Martin Bros; Piano Co., Fort Scott. REAL ESTATE FOR |IENT 'Aparfnents and Flats 74 FURNISHED—Entire upstaifi?. 3 rooms. 2 closets, pantry, sleeping porch, front porch, private en -1 trance, tnodfirn. dose in. Pho. 554.! REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Honse<i for Rent 7t H0USE--3 room with-garage: also i 4 room hon.sej both good Ipca- [ t-ons. IS.OO each. Phone 946F2. PAGE SEVEN! Honses for Sale HOCSIv-!Mo<ierti five room, garage. go|)d location. Inquire 415 S. Cottonwood street.' Snbnrban for Sale S>rBri:nAN-r, room house. «rater, liglsr. Hajs. an acre of groand. Address "It. M." care .RcgistSer. ' HOUSE—Partly modern' ."i room 'house, garage iind garden spot, or will sell. Phoiiie 1268.1. — ( L I SS IFI I E 1> Pli^PLAY HOUSE—Seven room inodern. double garage, paved street: also front room, furnished, modem home. Inquire .^02 S. Cottonwood. THREE ROO-M; HOUSE—Electric lights, city water, located at 50S South Chestnut.. See M. A Schlick. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Brokers In Real Estate R HENNINGEirS FURNITURE STORE Wext Jfadlstfn Street Suit Cases, good size $1.00. Suit (i'ase with straps $1.85.. SOME C.OOD B.ARC,AL\S-ln town property. We have them from $.500 up. Arbuckle Real Estate. Farms and Land for Sale 83 SUBURBAN—:!Vi acres, fair improvements, good land, some fruit, located out Stewart & Fui'ik. Hat! Box to $3.50L Bijr >iuit to $5.flOL Steel Cases from $1:50 Ciises from $3C00 _ 4(1 ACHES-Smooth cultivated, near; Pittsburg. Kas.. I miles to Broad-; tt:ay "pavement: good location fori IKinltry farm, dairy, or market gar-' den. Will consider rental jn-op-' erty in lola. .Address 1119 Norili | Jefferson. lola. Kans. '$10(10 I^ker Huit Cases $5. f.ockejr Trunks $5 to $6.50. Slcanicr Trunks ?7.50 to $10.00. Wardrobe Trunks $15 to 1 $27.50. I Genuine Leather! Suit Case Houses for Sale Seeds. Plant!!, Flowers 63 Heliij Wanted .llale 33; coach, emdit I'll \V\ These <-ars all in best of (III. II. ,T. Barber C.arage.' st_strjoi. Phone r>l."). AIARRIEI) i MAN farm; muk.' bo f.irm work. .1. Harpe K. 2,- -To wiirk : on expi'rieneeil' jii W. Lanlz. Ui- .lERSKY nL.\CK GLINTS — First I prize lien j and first prize cock j Kaslf-rii Kansas show 192.">. Eugs I • rcasoiiablej Oscar Brown. I.,!i- j ll.'irp". Kahs. ALFALFA SEED—Kan Cc>nimon. 112.60 a bushelL Humboldt. KansL When rin need of hii;K»«c cx^ HOUSP>—6 rooms, fine strictly modern: priced ir?. First. Mihe[*inser. Pho. fiK2J. condition. ' amine oiir jjoods and prices. right. 203 ' agcul. ;av" a pimiire shOw showing hob; and sheep feedliig at ihv Bayard lial! Tbuisday evening. Tlie Junior clu!; for the "boys' ahd girls' work-was org;:nized with seventeen incnibei's anil mv.:v expoil lo join. The boys .elected I. Dc<-k.>r thi'ir leitdei" in the 'lec-f i liib. The hidie-; of the Osage farm hiireau dub had elected Mrs. .M(Corni;(ck iV oversee t'!e girls' iliib xvork''rinir^day evening. Floyd-McCor'nack was'elect - it)AKLA-N'D — ,'d ge;i'M"'l leader ot l!ie Junior club here. Beside-;'f i-lu!i FOR JS.VLE OR TRADE — 192G Chrysler ".IS" coupe:'11)2.-. Overland sedan: 1926 Ford • touring. Ross .Vrbucklc's Garage. Chrysler Dealer'^. -Phone 50. MAN WANTKD- For farm work. See H. Ii.. I.iviiigstt'ii. l"j miles ilortheast of Colony, i'lioiie To-fi. Cidonv. ail'ALITY HLECTUIC HATCHERY. ' Cas City. Kans. Custom hatching, i .'Jc per eggi or .".c per chick. Baby [ chicks, heiivy breed, ?12 per 100: • ligb.t brecits. $10..".0 per lOO. KA.NOTA—Oats. Bros.. r.«jHarpe. LaHarpe. HOUSE- Si.v room mi>derli. with; C. W. Worksj i two lots. .lackson Realty Co., over i Brown's Drug Store. lor sale. Dickens [Kans. Photie 66:!; I HOUSE Five room modern, ooii-; ble garage, good location. John-' Reuther. HE F Wrs) Mad NNINGER'S IRNITURE STORE \ lohu KuRS>a.S isitn FINANCIAL CIIIC^ OIL ilOVER -r^odj year, ill good coiidilion.;?ti..vO. | FORD 1924 model, good cord tires, new brown oil .cinisli. paint, starter, .good top and side lurtains. uphol.<?tei=ing e.xtra gom! ' condition. $175.00. Easy • terms. .McCarthy .Motor Co.. 212 South Washington. Phone .S9". Dealers — TONTIAC •2.1 ^Oakland landau .sedan, fine iu,i)e'i liuo. shape': "24 Ford roadster: '22 Ford some .of the members' \viir raise | cenpoT goojl: 'IS Ford coupe, chickens or pig;-. A social good j 'heap: ,'22 /Hudson sedan, good lime al intervals is also planned. 1 shape: '22 Chevrolet; '21 Stude--Don't miss seeing the demon-,' ''yV-r 4-pass. coupe, fine shape: stiatimi of the new two-row Cultivator for the Fordson tractor in Ip^ Thursday. The- announcement is oh. the want ad page of this is.sue. j j-gj.^ ( J^R -Mrs. .Myrtle Liisk spent "Tuei-dayl Chrysler "^O '25 Chevrolet touririf;. Some other very cheap cars. Cash, terms or trade. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. pcflinll averages SH.7r>C/12.15: ii:u- (liiim lo goo(l kindb $11.60ifi lt.^:>; hjiJkl 210 to '250 pound averages . Jll.lti<!cll.75: most 260 to rioO poiiii.l butchers .$ll.:!5f(J 11.40: few biiUfh- ers |11.25: most packing >ioWs j U 5IO.40(f«) 10.50: better grades slaughter pigs $U.S5ffi 12.15: heavy weight hoBS J11 .25(fi 11.50; medium $11135 #12.00: light $11.^.0(^^12.2(^: \ihn Ugbt $11.4t»(f?12.20i packing -soWs .S10.i5ft 10.90: slaugJiter pigs .$11 25 .@12.15. Cattle. 9.000: mostly Ktendy to stroiig: bulk steers scaling l.|:5il lipltncts dowiiward . $9.25'« 11.^iO- ijitockers and feeders scarcest of season; 'bulk $7..5.0* T S.25; vealers with her friend. .Mrs. F. A. Lantz. I Mrs. Lnsk had just returnejl from Uuhceton." Mo., wher(^ siie ; callei! by the illness and deaih <>(' luM- mother. .Mrs. Liisk's manyj tiieiiils hi-re jwill s\mpalhize, with; n herbei-eavemeul. i | BARGAINS 1926 roadster: .Maxwell sedan: several Ford tourings. .Marr Auto Supply Co.. Buick Dealers. i lierbej-eavemeul. i Triml)le has had to miss iiior • than tw'o weeks from his work at. .Mildred high .--chool be- caiis.- of sickness. Earl Oiiibey loft Miuiday lor l.ynia/i. .N'ebr.. where he will work on the cOnstriiction of a beet sugar i fac'orv. He'spent a month with ' his parciil.s lurre anil relatives at' l.oiif Kim and'KanHas City. i.MiJdred Dunlap's si.\teentlibirth-' •lay> was celcbniied at her home i I !'2.-. DOp(;E. ROADST-JiR;—Good tires, good paint, good mechanical shape. Boyer Motor Co.,^ 212 S. Jefferson.' Phone 2.1... 111'l.'!.00 to packers; shipper.- he evening of .March 1 ''-V the $13<00® 14.50: • vouui; folks of Ba.vard. Those pres- 'Sbecp 14.000:; opening fairly ac-; eiit .vere: .Mi.«s Orpha Luuceford. tlv-j: desirable fa,l lainbs 15 to 25c i Margaret. Kathryn. Harold and higher: early bulk Wooled oift^i- 1 Wllb-ir GinheJ. Ings $14.75^15.65; he.-ny load fl4.50?i)15.:55: wooled culls $11.00!& Bernicc Isaac. Vc.l-! nvi and VeraiCillham; Marvin and Corwiji Siders, Lois. ; Loren, and John McCormack. . i The Lantz .sale Tuesday drew a 'greatly missed, enter school at' heie for d will, be-; .antz will 11.75: sheep scarce; steady: feeding and shearing lambs imchangcd. Tnedium to good kinds ?l'3.75i5 14.50. | big crowd in spiie ct the .snow ani • 1— . ; things .sold ifl good prifc.s. The Kansas tity Lhesloti. Laiiiz family has lived I Kansas City. Mar. 8.. (U. S.- Dept. over twenty-fiv.-years of Agriculture)-Hogs. C.OitO: mostly steady to iOi- higher than yesterday's average; stock pigs steady :$11.75 "mi2 ..50: top $1L75 on 110 to "170 pjbunds:- bulk desirable; 170( to 2no pounds $11.40@ 11.65; light lights up to $11.75: most Tjiitchers 21U poiTiids up, Sll.OOif'11-15: packing sows $10.00(£i 10.50. - Cattle. 7.000: calves 1.000: fed steers moderately active, fiilh- I steady: she stock steady to l.'ic / hlgfier: bulls, 'vealers and calves • firm; stockers and feeders strong: country-depiatad for feeders broad; good heavy steers .$11.75: good light . weights Jll-Mi comparatively few steerls of desirable finality selling and wife are now W-cupyinK Chas. Payne larin. ! ; i under IS.75: praictical veal top ?12.5p; few $13.0^. ' Sheep S.OiW: &mbs around iT.e se<M-^for the ciimi • hlghijr; top wotted lamb.s Jl.5.25: i Mfss Orjdia L otheijs $14.90(fil5!00; feeding lambs! I'"'' olaiinetL a SlS.Sw 13.50: CKld lots .sheep are !-I^'o.vd l>aTitz whb atearav. ' • ; ><ihool where he ,r - '- al' his school lill Thb educated man has a voiabu- /ary (Of about word-. Lloyd Bronsoii where they are moving for the present. Fred t'ahtwell and wife have rented the Lanlz farm. John Siit- terby ami wife have rented the W. H. Smith farm, and Ca,rroll Hutton the Chas. !'ay Dennis Isaac -ind family visited : Mr.". .Anna Hardy Suhda.v. i ' | Chesley Garner and wife moved | to a farm south of .Montevale and i Paul'Sutton and family have moved" to the house vacated by GaiTner's j \vh:<li is owiied by J. W. Dicken- soit • i Os;:,:;e township board met at the Bayiird hall- Saturday. They ap-i pointed L. C. Caldwell road 'over-' I'.UD WHITE MOTOR CO. liUDSON-ESSE.K IDEALER— BUICK. 1920 tour., fine shape. CHEVROLET, I D L I ROADSTER. - f CHRYSLER. 192^ nOADSTER. .DODGE. 1926 ROADSTER. DODGE. 1925 latd model sedan. ESSEX, 2 1926 >ix" Coaches. FORD, 1926 COUPE. FORD. 2 1925 Tnlior Sedans. FORD. 1925 TOURING. FORD. 1925 ROADi^TEK. FORD. 1924 TOURING. • HUDSON. 1925 CbACH, IH'DSON. 1921 7^pass. Sedan. NASH. 1192;! adv^ancctl louring, winter enclosure. OVERLAND. 2 1924 T0UR1> I G S. STUDEBAKER. 1926 stand, sedan. 1923 special InreslnioBls-Stoeks. Bonds 3!»! lixii) one , . , , I'hoi'.e .\Iilired. ard. Kansius. Rose King: Bay-; $500 cash. i!Ute. Kans. lusur- sha W. B. .Murphy. Cha- "Wanfcd—Livestock FEDERAL RESERVE -Life ancs stock lor sale: lo ^^I'aves. j ^r^j^TED "TO BUV-All kinds cat- He and hogs.- J. C. Butcher. - Money to Loan—Morlcaifes 40 W.V.VTICD -15 head .coivs to .pas- FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne. 213 S. Washington. tore, first I i'.er month. 9i;9--'. onu-. first served. .$2.00 J. P. Copening. I'honc FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farihs. !i'~c. city G7^. Long, or short time. R. .M. Cunningham.' ME^CHANDI Articles for Sale" TO LOAN—Private and money to loan j on farms MONEY: easterii and city pi-bperty. liow rate. Terms and payment to suit bor- rcner. Stewart & Fupk. MI'GCY—.Vlid harness: also good breaking plow. luiiiiire first house iioriii Filliiig Stiilion. at l.,aHarpe. CHUNK WOOD—For sale. $2.50 in timber or'.*;!.25 delivered. A.- J. Swinford. Phone 51S. LIVE STOCK Horses, Cattle. Vehicles 48 .-.((1) HEDGE I'honn 990-:'.». POSTS--For sale. DUROC JERSEY -SOW and 12 nnsJness rind OtHce Eqnlpment 54 jinrebr^.' F. W. Eremer. I'hone i TYPriWRIIJERS FOR SALE.—Rent 970F;?2. I I or ti-ade. Adding machines, any make. Public stenographer, notary and Inultigraph work done. Room 10-11. over Globe Clothiers. STUDEBAKER. Roadster. AVe Trade Or Soli Easy Terms. On 219 S. WASH, PHONE ISO 13 Aiito Accessories, Tires, Parts •g summer's work. —: 1 fnceford ami pu-jUSEIi. AUTO PjARTS-Batteries, l-chool party; for j generators, tires.j used parts of all is leaving: our| kinds, lola Wrecking Co. Pho. 7.S2. has been a pupil They a gathered . —For prompt results lise the Classified! Columns. U ' -, - ^ : lOLA HIDE, FUR & W OOL COMPANY • r . - Get oar prices on I POULTRY AXD EGGS We Trill cone «fter penltijj. B. A. JONES i lit Jo. MJo Phond inn? at the hall Wedmfsday evening hopr iug to surprise Lloyd. Games were j pla.voii and popcjorn and- .apples I servect. . . " . j I Mrs Krnesi P.jker. Howard and I Harold called Thursday afternoon BUSINESS SERVICE HORSESi, j AND MULES-Tweuiy head; one pair mares, weight 2800; (in--- pair horse.-:, weleht ::oOO: 5one jiair horses, weigh! 2850; Vine mare. 5 years old.. •.re.fght 1200: one pair tniiles. .-, j •"''••'''" years old. weight 2.">0i). extra good. | well broke for boy to drive: one | pair mules, weight 2.'!0(i: horse. 5' years old; one pair mules, welcht i 2100. mare and a horse. 5 and 6 i years old. blocky built: 2 .saddle.-;: j 2 sets work harness, one extra good set: one'wide tire wagon: i one walking plow, ll-inc-h: one' harrow; one mowing jn;ichine. al-! most liew; one hay | rake. Willi sell on time. J. C. rlutcher. SPA.N' MULES—S yeaks^ old. 16 j bands high, weight ^600 iiouud.s. j Will ^iiggan. Brons(|n. Kans. Farm and Dairy I'r^ucts 5.'. P0T.VrOES—About .lO bu.: -Vii. 2'K . one.year frrim the .North Ohio. $1.25 ibu. A. L. Toivuscnd. Farm; Kqiripment 6.<>A FAItJI AIACHINERY —Good used disci tongiie IrncTi. $17.50: good Superior 7-12. grain drill. $45.00; one good drill. $15.00: some new drills, selliiig at less than wholesale on .-iccount of overstock. Allen County Implement Co. Fnei, Feed, Fertilizers fifi TEA.M—JGood smooth jmoitlh team ot horses. A. B. Hopkins, foiin miles tiorlh. east jLallarpe. BALED ALIfALFA—And prairie in ion or half ton lots, lola Land Co. KA.VOT.V. SEED OATS—50c per hn. at farm; 4 miles northeast Elsmore. Charles Huss. Bronson. Kas. SOWS -AVill farrow ! KAFIR COR.N—100 'se'^d: acre. hocivs with will imake^:!5 to 40 bushels .1. II. Willenbcrg. 4 miles on State street road. TEN PIGGY in one week to ,tliree we«-ks. red i)ne«. white onci and' black oiir-s. >veii;h frnrii 201' to "00 pounds ^ I iach: one Durham cow. Just fresh, i £^j)QSI.; HAy_20 ton choice ' giving four galhins. milk per day: j ,„|,v ;„i,i .ilovcr, $12 per one Holsteiii cow. j:ist fresh, giving seven gallons milk per day: one Guernsey, just fresh, giving gallons milk per day; one Red DurhaiH. just i fresh, giving tonr gallons milk per day. These rows are from 3 to p years old. Will sell oh Ijime on will trade fur fat cattle or stock cattle or hogs. I J. (•. Butcher. : L.- I tini- ton. .^1 ales on, farm. Ben Grieve, 2 mil(!s uorth Couutry Club. NICE PRAIRIE HAY—Baled. 3.5c l):.Io at barn. Lewis Powell, mile north and one east Iron Works. PfJAIRIE HAY—15 tons good loose prairie hay. E. D. Rapp. .Moran. Kansas. Ponltry and> Supplies 4D W.KLL RO BARRKD ROCK WiGSL ing. $i.0(). per hulidredl (Jeer. LaHarpe. Kan.s.' For hatch- I .Mrs. Fred . Phone 56.N. flowers, gardens Butcher. ITED MANURE—For or lawns. J. C. -I- CHICKS—Friday and .Saturday. 1 cOAL .VNl iroii«ieliold Goods W( 59 YOOD Business Serrlces Offered IS IL\.\-GE—A S. C. R. I. R. frojn good flocks i good one. price $20. Inquire 201 e l';05W. 406; S(Milh Syean: winter layers. North Second. Phone' apiore street. CALL US—For your carpenter or repair Jobs. C. S. V'enard. Phono i 1305W. ~ CHICKS—S. C. Red. lec eadi: will be ready Saturday. : Martlt 12. Phone r!?5-]::. .Mrs..Joe Adam-. FURNITURE—When in need of furniture, dbn't forget that I carry .1 I omplete jiiie at prices that can't fi" l-.ea'. lirvson Furnitiin* Store., At Last!—'A Really Successful Cultivator for the Fordson THE MOLINE CULTIVAtiNG PROBLE.M. NOW YOU CAN REDUCE THE (UST OF OPERATING YOUR FAR.M- THE SUREST WAY BLE BASIS. Easier-to operate that/ a ha FORDSON—SOLVES THE TO I'UT FARMING ON A MORE PROFITA- tractor, tractor. rsr-dranit cultirator — operator \>^its on ifir:- icatchcs one rokv dirrctl;/ in front, and nimpliji drire.s -the flua ample clearance—sufficient to lau hij corn. • Doea a better job of eulticatinr/ than a lion-e-draim. eidtiriilor. Qnirl^ dodi/e for crooked rows, Cidtirafe.t nil the i/mnnd. INC'U'DING BACK OF TBfC TRACTOR WHKK/M. and will destrdu [less cm in the. row and at the end of the row. Cidtirates /a.s/rr—/M'O rows at a time, s size of. cork, loss of time, rest in fj hoj-Ues diminatrd ffire ijonr corn the cnMiration it nerd other work is niost prcssinfj. COME AND SEE THE FORDSON AND WORK IN AS NEAR TO ACTUAL AS POSSIBLE—DRIVE THE TRA THE MOLINE ClfLTIVATOR CULTJVATING CONDITIONS CTOR AND OPERATE THE CULTIVATOR YOURSELF—SATI5FY YOURSELF THAT-IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO CULTIVATE NOMICALLY WITH THE FORDSON. 10 A.M.t05P.M. THURSDAY, MARCH 10 In the Field at the nridpe on South Washington Ave. te<d of fruetfir limited onh/ hn ot a s<asfin of -otfihles lion lo (lie ifiiir when BETTER AND MORE ECO- lola. M Lincoln ^^^S- Fordson ^ /N bCARW MCTOR GO • McCormacTi's-and I.saac's. AUCTIONS FRECKI.g8 ANP HIS FRIENDS THAT KVPl .AINS MATTERS. Anctions lOA GREN;NAN'S MARKET 1 'Tfe pajj the followlag prlc'es;. i Fancy Efgs U22c . Xo. 1 F«gs :.l>»c! iro.\a Egfs —J :i.-.c l^ecks and Dirty Eggs t:i. ; IfeBS — .1--— ISf to 21c ...L—' 16c to ia«- I SKiig and Old Cocks^ _ ^12c r Oreei HMes «c Horpe Hides ...nM We.irlU come after yonr poultry. 3; F. Grcnnan Produice Co. j^ist Vonro(> Ejiiff Phone S7fi lola. fians. PUBLIC AUC-TIO-N-1 will sell at public auction, at BishClP-'s Sales I'lvilion. Thursday. March 10. al oile p. m.. 30 head of horses, from :! lu. S years old. .Most all of them are broke. This is a^.wonderful opportunity to buy some good work horses. Also farni machine'-y of all kinds. C. S. .Bis1;c;;. .\iiciioueer./ ! I ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed, Lost, Found 10 REWARD—To anyone for the return of the Palace Shoe Store canvas window strips. i TWrr WORK BRIDLES—I^st o Hantboldt and El.smore road Mar:h 5. Finder iilease notify H. Mynatt. Reward. Humboldt phone, 314-41. JAY SAID AetSEB >0 AIS POP A RAZoS IM AJS AAAiD A/O 'POAAMWe <gD0D6i2AC)CUS VJJAS- 7Ae A^ATTEG??

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