Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 22, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1898
Page 3
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XMAS SLIPPERS Men's Faust, Black ami Colors, $i.qn to ?j per pair. Men's Vioi Kul, O|vi;i Evrretto and Columbia, Black and Colors, $i to £2.50 per pair. Men's Velvet Embroidered, 7^ to $2 per pair. Boys', Youth's and Children's Slippers (same style as above) ?</ to gi.2{ per pair. Ladies', Men's and Children's Felt Slipper, fur and braid trimmed. in bliick, blue, tan, brown, red and green. Children's leather and cloth Leggins. MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY ONLY Men's good quality 50* Night Robes at 42?. Men's extra quality $o? Unlaundried White Shuts, at 10 per cent discount on White ^pron?. Ladies' plain black 25? Hose at ^\f a pair. Also a sweeping reduction on Ladies' and Childn n's Jackets and Ladies' Capes, at H. F. LEHNE'S, 113 West Third Street. IV TUB TRUJURAPH PRINTING COMPANV. THURSDAY EVE., DEO. 22. Dr. H. K, Schnsslor was over from West Alton, today calling on friends. Mrs. K. C. Smith, of Chicago, Is visiting her mother, Mrs.Kmlly Haagen, in this city. Christmas cards and calendars at K F. Seoly's make nice holiday gifts. The Belt Line lias recently erected two little waiting rooms at the flag station at Burlington park. Pearl handled pocket knives at onr store Helling at fiO/< on the I1.--A. L. Floss. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 305 Belle st Mr. Jacob Neidorhaus, a wealthy and prominent farmer of Missouri Point, Is reported as being dangerously ill. __ Miss Helen Burbridge has arrived homo from Chicago, to spend the holidays. Miss Burbridge Is studying music In Chicago. Anna Dietschy has the finest assortment of Xmas candies In the city. Congreeman • elect Uodenberg, Post- mauler Feketo and Judge G. A. Crow, all of Knst St. Louis, are the victims of the grip. Try the Best, "LaBello," 84.00. Tho installation of Erwin Lodge officers touk place last night in the Masonic Temple, and was followed by the Installation of Chapter officers. The Alton Maennerchor will give a concert and dancing party at Turner hall on Now Year's eve, and the members are practicing for the occasion. Ladies and Children's Kid Gloves in all shades and prices iwwwwwww^^ HELLO! Merry Christmas. Want a handsome new Diamond Ping? Thought we'd belter let you know, we have 'em just in- Come before the rush. Our stock of Opils are melt- ling away pretty fast! Better come pretty soon! The public seuools of Alton will be closed tomorrow for the Christmas holidays. The usual two weeks vacation will be given beginning on Monday, l>ec. 20. We keep opou house until S p. m.— A. Neermann & Son. Mr. G. W. Smothers left last evening for San Diego.dal., and Oapt.Fer- mier, of the Western Military Academy, will leave tonight for San Kran- cisco, via the Burlington. Best Standard Prints are only -lo at jrlAA (jt ill IN Dt The snow storm that cfttne today was destined to be short lived. It found the ground so wet with rains and the air so damp that the unow melted almost before it had stopped falling. There was qnite a fall In temperature during the night and some more Christmas weather In not among impossible things. "" llAAOIEN'S are offering Gapes and Ja&kots at, greatly reduced prices for Obrlslmnn. Christmas without McOoliutn's candles will lose one half the charm to ohildron. Give them McOollum's only, and Christmas will be twice as nerry and no serlona after effect. Come and select a fine pair of thnne ] slippers or shoes at Giuffreon's for your wife or sweetheart, as the case may ba.—J. M.GIberson& Son. Four Sunday schools will celebrate their Christmas festivals Friday evening, as previously announced. They are the Congregational, Presbyterian, Unitarian and Cherry Street Baptist Mission. At each of the festivals programs of special Interest to the chll- dron will be rendered. Other Sunday schools will celebrate on Saturday, Monday or Tuesday evenings. We Invite your special attention to our complete line of shoes, which will please every one.-J. M. Uiber»on A. Son. _____ For dolls^nd dofl heads, souvenir cups, vases, ornaments and e large line of novelties for Xmas. Call at Norman's, 822 east Second street. Montlcello Seminary closed last evening for the holidays and the young ladies attending from Alton are home. Previous to the dismissal of school, each student was required to make at least one garment of child's wearing apparel which was to be given r.way to help some poor child have a merry Christmas. The clothing was to be divided In St. Louis, Chicago and Alton In orphan asy- lump. Alton's share was distributed today among the little folks of the Oatbolio orphanage on Prospect street. Christmas Greens. Christmas trees, Christmas greenc, holly, mistletoe and cut flowers should be ordered for Christmas now at Krug's floral store, M'Pike_ bld'g. Shampooing and vapor baths new barber shop, A. J. Zaugg, 210 1'iasast UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE :•: THE :=: PIERSON & CARR D, Q. Co. Will be Found In Their Office In the Second Story of Dorsey Fuel Co On Piasa Street. J. H. 119 West Third Street. Fresh Nuts, New Orleans Molasses, New York Buckwheat, e Fruit Cakes, i, 2, j Ibs. Fresh 'Fggs. Ours are fresh and best in quality. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bids?.. Phone 185. LADIES! MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES. FOR MEN. It's a difficult matter to purchase present* for a nmu that will appeal to his taste. You know it. Our Furnishing Goods do please the great majority of them. When it comes to unlined, silk lined and fleeced lined. rk ftflODBPlO P*» uur< *»" » —- •* «••»« BROWNWELL & CLEMM, ioa6 Second st. How Do We Dolt? By having No AwnH, No Fiddler,. No Middlemen- You pay one pmall proOU Sive Oie-b«lt v 7 ntyles to eelept tropi' Complete Wttl) all attachments jam inv uuu» ><•• --vr-,. hn fnro Tlio Here la a wonder noyar o Teiod bororo. . SSSK^ and the many other Incidentals of Meu's wear, we can help you. Prices consistent with good goods. ^ont ana Henry-it. HAPQOOD PLOW CO. N , B ,_Wohave no Agents, Canvusers, or Peddlers i. WILKINSON, i\i. ».iV(ri4M an d SURGEON, 20} west jd st. - Alton, III. f It Pays to h"" the S Best Ooodi. Prices Might. A Trial Order * Convinces. ip \ T. M. ANDERSON, CROCER. 7 Pliouc I7». - »3» Union Street, Mrs. Eva Thyaon has received no tico that she has been allowed a pen siou of §8 per month, dating back one year, aud $2 a month for each child under the age prescribed by law. Anna Diet'jchy'e is the place to get your fine Xmas candies. Miss LetitiaMoOinnia, who has been attending the Visitation Convent in St. Louia, arrived home this afternoon to spend the holidays with her pareute, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McQIn- niB. Any one wanting something extra nice in the way of turkies, ducks, and all kinds of meats and poultry should go to Luer Packing Oo. at Second and Eidge streets. The Pierson & Oarr Dry Goods Oo. loss has not yet been adjusted with the insurance companies, as only one adjuster has so far boon here. The firm has made no plans for the future, be- iug obliged to wait until the loss is adjusted. Mrs. L. B.Merriwether and Mr.E.B. Merriwether, of Alton, are among the legatees of the will of the late B. W. Green of Shipman. Mr. Green owned valuable farming lands, and In addition, §15,000 in personal property. He was a brother of Mrs.Merriwether What is the trouble with the Alton water is a question that Is being quite frequently asked. The water that is served up through the mains has emetic properties that would make It invaluable to the medical profession. Its disgusting taste makes it a very unpalatable drink. Smoking Jackets, Jersey Goats, Cardigans, Sweaters. H: M. BCHWBPPK. Bud Brooke, tho negro bound over to tho grand jury for stealing $1.51 from the cash drawer in Felix Fortin'a store, was taken to Edwardsvilie by Deputy Sheriff Batterton last evening, where ho will remain iu the county jail until Olty Court couvenea, iu default of bond. Christmas shoppera who have not looked at Seely's flue stock of Holiday Goods are making trouble for them- st-lvoB. Something for everybody can bo found there and it is BO easy to Una what you want. Go to Seely'a book store. Tho loss in the stooi of Pfeiffer & Bailey's slue store, was adjusted today satisfactorily to all parties con- ceruod. Tlio stock of shoes was found to have suffdi'od mostly from water. Pfelffev & Billey will be ready for business tomorrow rairn- I ing aud w.ll then l jegln a flro sale of shoes, Some of the farmers residing on Missouri point In the land north of the "K" line embankment and west of the Belt line embankment, are beginning now to fear the results of high water in the Mississippi next spring. It is claimed that all the vast amount of water that usually inundated the low lands in the spring and found an outlet under the Belt line trestle across the slough, will be thrown back by the nil-In now being made by the Belt line across the slough, and will have a disastrous effect by inundating all the f arms iu the territory between. Some of the farmers say that the Belt line will be held responsible for all damage as they claim the embankment new being made will very effectually oat off the usual outlet ot the flood. Christmas Dainties. Christmas candies, good and cheap. Plenty of eating apples. Fine fresh oysters and celery. Florida and Mexican oranges. All kinds of fresh nuts. Michigan sweet apple eider at J, H . J5AU.MA.1N tit Ice Gorge Breaking Up. The ice has not many days more to last unless cold weather speedly comes to its assistance. Pressed down by the rising river and too rotten to support the tremendous pressure of millions of tons of ice behind it, the gorge is steadily giving way and it is but a question of a few hours befora the channel will be once more unblocked. Up the river a,t the water works the grinding ice floes pile up in heaps thirty feet high as the gorge slowly moves down the river. The movement is for only a short distance each time, but unless the weather turns colder the rising waters will soon float the ice over the sandbars. This afternoon the natural bridge gave way and the river is now full of floating ice. A pretty atomizer, and some sweet perfumes would do.-Paul Bros., drugs., Henry street. ^ Try Neininger'a Magnolia and new Improved Fig. School Children Give to the Poor. Tho pupils of tho Alton public schools will this year, according to a custom that has prevailed for several years, mike cantributiona ot foad and general supplies to ba distributed among tho worthy poor of Alton as a Christ-mis gift. The pupils have been asked >to give canned goods, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, clothing, sugar, tea, coffee, etc. Tiie contributions aro to be taken to tho schools tomorrow morning and from there they will be collected in .wagons and taken to the old pjs 1 ; oflU-a room in the city building. There Mrs. Domuth, representing tae Provident Asa »ciation, will take charge and will superintend the distribution as she may think proper Heretofore the contribationa have been nominally in charge of the Su- porvisor.bat this yoir tho Provident Association will be in charge. Own era of drays and transfer wagons have offered to haul the contributions from the schools free of charge. Parents arc urged by the Association to pro vide their children with contribution so that all tha deserving poor ma have a merry Christmas. ODDlTltS Of POISONING. Some May Eat with Impunity Certain roods Which are Rank Poisons to Others. EXAMINE OUR CLOTHES And you will BOB that the pnUorns wo show are the nowent anil tho beat. K you uro looking Cor tt Mado-lo Order Suit tliut hit atylo, lit and finish al a (air prleu, come to us. Business Suits $16 to $20. Cutaways $20 up. OvercoaU.SIS up. Anyway oomo In and BOO our goods and prices] L. Q. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 231 Plasa |st. LATE HRR1YALS. A belated lot of PUFFS, i, just arrived. Regular ^ gopds but owing to the lateness of season will be placed On Sale at 50 Cents. The constitutional differences and peculiarities which exist among individuals shouid alwajs be carefully watched aud considered. One person can handle poison ivy with impunity while another is poisoned if only ia the vicinity of tho vine and without contact. Some members of a family residing in a malarial district wil suffer regularly with chills and fever, while other members will not bo at all affceted. Food that is actually poisonous lo some persons will not act BO on others. One person may eat all kinds of green fruit and vegetables with impunity, while another person could do so only at the risk of life. Certain kinds of Qsh are actually poisonous to Borne people and perfectly harmless to others. Itisthio peculiar condition of the system which coustitutes the danger point in the individual case and should be prudently observed by each one for himself. Intestinal derangements frequently arise from and are aggravated by certain kinds of food. Thua a person affected with kidney or liver trouble should not eat very white bread, since the extreme whiteness is often produced by the use of alum with an inferior article of Hour, and as alum is known to be poisonous in its effects on a sound constitution, this is why alum baking pdSvder is never used by people of judgment and discretion. More of earthly happiness depends upon what wo eat than many people realize and it ia for this reason that the different slates aro one by ouo passing pure- food laws. Anll-lo\in. The Ohioafp Timcu-HfrMtl ropjrts the Huccoaa of uuti-toxiu in the treatment of diphtheria iu that city, aa follows: It, was tho twenty-sixth month of this work in Chicagj, iui'1. !«:» of tho reported canon wore inv.'stigaloi . Ot theae 1)8 wore bauU'rially vended as true diphtheria iiuil wuro treated witn anti-toxin. With -4 CIIHUS remaining over from October, a total oi liM eases were treated. Of these 97 recoveries wore reported, thoro were a deaths aud 2 remained under treatment < n This gives a mortality ruto of :i p»r cent for completed C-JHOX. Since ti o beginning ot ami toxin irnalmont oi diphtheria by the department, Oct. i>, 1895,0,731) reported canon ot .lipnihcria have been vuiitod aiuli xiuninod. OI those 3b'J2 wore trt-atod. OI tliobo treated by tho ilopartmont !!,,>u;» recovered and VCI) died. This would give a uioiUlity ruto oi C..77 per lain' T'rior to the introduction of antitoxin the mortality rato of diphtheria lu Chicago avorugod about K5 pi r cent. Trading Stamps. After Oct. 1 wo will give trading utampH to cash customers.— Uorsoj Fuel Oo. _ ...... _____________ Stop that cough with Stanley's White Pine. - Paul's Pharmacy. Conservatory Holiday Vacation. Tho Conservatory closes Friday evening until Tuesday, Jan, «, for tho holiday vacation. MlflH Mills will npund tho vacation in and Chicago. •LOVE POWDER." , You <1 .n't need any lovn powder! If vou nro In lovo buy your sweutfc hrart a IKJV nf Spirrow'B DollolouB Chocolates, un at'imlior, or a bottle of rich, swell and ' i CX $Trt£l5!& U 3Skle tho palate, picas, the eyo and sense of smell ', Rettf-mber your mo nor your slater and her little brother. Guaranteed strictly 'floe anil exceedingly fresh, ot PAUL BROS., Prescription Specialists. ( "THE CORNER DRUG STORE.", > Henry anil Second. Got a Husband ? Well, what a question. Of course you have, or you'd not be reading tula. What are you going to do to make his Christmas happy 1 Do you know that lots of meu dread the coming of Christmas? Yes, indeed they do; and it is all oecauae they're so often remembered with something they don't want. Don't let anything of that kind mar your hnsband's Christmas. Here's a store full of things for men, bought to sell to men, bought to delight men, bought for men to wear. What a happy blace to come to, if you've a husband or a brother or some one else's brother on your Christmas liat. Not many misgivings can thatluchy fellow have about his Ooristmaa. A suit of clothes, overcoat, men's 'kerchiefs, silk handkerchiefs, silk umbrella-thenew handles —cuff buttons, shirt gettings, fetching neckwear, dress shirts, night robos, silk suspenders, Harvard mufflers— the latest out. etc. Take a look at our Christmas spread. H. A. Watz- k-r, 632 E. Second street. GOLD DOLLARS Cannot be bought in St. Louis or Alton at SOc. But we will give more for your dollar than St. Louis houses, quality considered. Sterling Silver Hair Brushes as low as - $2.00 . . ° . . r*>\ i\ tt It < I m *,**. Yes, John; a box of nice candy would pleasd her.—Paul Bros.,.drugs, Henry street. Edwardsvilie Water Works. Edwardsville's new water works system is nearing completion and soon the city will be supplied with good water. Tho pumps at the power house of the new system, located at Poag, four miles west of Bdwardsville, were started up for the first time Tuesday afternoon and everything worked entirely ;satisfactory, demonstrating that the water supply is inexhaustible, and that the machinery s of suffioient capacity to do the work expected of it. The system of mains and branch pipes, over seven miles of which are laid in the city proper, wll be subjected to a number of severe tests during the next few days to discover weakness or leakage, prior to the public teat required before the works are accepted by the city authorities and stock company. Too 2,000,000 gallon tank on the water tower is nearing completion. Scott is the busiest tailor in town. taOrippc In St. Louis. St. Louis, according to the Itcpublic, is suffering from LaOJrippe. The disease is prevalent lu many cities of the country, an is of an unusually malignant typo. People who do not care to run any risks in shopping had better keep away from St. Louis. The lie- public netyn: "There is no longer any doubt that the visitation ot the annoying complaint is epidemic in St. Loui», for every practicing physician is confronted daily with the symptoms of the disease." The disease is also virulent iu Now York, Boston and Louisville Many prominent persons aro ill with it. The Latest Rumor concerning the sale of the Alton railway ia that the deal was closed yesterday iu Now York, and that the Union Pacific, the Missouri Pacific and iiiltimoro & Ohio aro tho purchasers. The Modern Mother has fouiiil that her little ones aro 1m- provod more by tho ploanaut Syrup of Figs, when lu uood of tho luxative effects of a goutlo remedy, than by any other. Children enjoy it and it beiiotlta thorn. The true remedy, Syrup of Fits, is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. M A punt oa»K CREAM or TARTAR powotn •DR; Third Street Clothier. Small I'ov ttiul all ollur contagious diseauus have no terror (or UIOHO wearing a nmgio uiudloutod disc, for adults and children; prloo S> ountu by mail. Agoiils wautud. -Tho Honuolu Co , Alton, 111. Doraey fuel Co. Imve loft -Hollo Btroot and are now located at 311 I'lasn street, (iivo thorn a call. Dr. O. A. McMlllon, dentist, post- oflloo building. POWDER Awarded Hlgheat Honors, World's Fair Gold Medal, Midwinter Pair • 1.50 - - 3.00 - 22.00 - 6.50 • i.oo Cloth •' Tea Spoons, per set Solid Gold Watches, for ladies as Chains, " " " " Set Rings, •• " •• •' Gent's " See our fine line of Ladies' and Gent's Umbrellas. All goods just as represented. E. H. QOULDINQ'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by"Chftse & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything} it is a name 'that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. TH©S GOUDIE. Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'SJImportations. No. 26 West Second st. j- -j Telephone 8y A WHITELY EXERCISER Is a most approbriate Christmas Gift. It goes far towards making life worth living. It is simple, in expensive, good for alljweather and for everybody, young and old, ro- oust or feeble.and it is recommended by physicians the world over. Prices Reduced lo $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00. formerly $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belle CHRISTMAS FOODS. Good and Cheap. Aromatic Coffees, Choice Teas, Fine Spices, Raisins, Currants, Citrons, Olives, Oranges, and Nuts. Fine Candies. Fresh Celery and Oysters. J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. Phone 187 TOYS! A large and complete line of TOYS up-to-date Ja*k •Wbloh we are ready to show to all. Wago«, from W upi Wh«rt- Ja,Sw*i*up5 Go Carts, ^ up; Doll Oal», W opj Chair., 10/np, Tables, W up, Banks, W up; Tool Chests, 10* «P» Hobby Horses, Desks, Black Board* Kasel.; Doll1 Bed. Side Boards. Stick Horses and Chime*, I*"*"* Pianos, Trunks, Saw and Saw Buck, etc. AU kiodi k of great variety of Penny Goods. H. A. BETZ,*56

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