Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1927
Page 6
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.1 K PAGE SIX OF HUMBOLDT IliiinlMililt, BoHkeleers FInNh Sea-T soil TictoriAusly—ijcor^e .>IrKInley (o KoHitHul In Srrlftiis roiiilltiuii. THE lOLA DAILY JtEGISTER. TUESDAY EyENJNG.l MARCH 8. 1927. (Kranrik Culver) ' • Hr .MBOlJJT,- ;:ilar. 6.~Mv. Coo. McKiiiky was lnUi-n lo ilio .lolin- noff li08pit:tl ai Xihanut*- today for tntatmeiit. T!iis"ib ilie Hocoiid time ftlr.'MfKliiley luis liiid t<jf go to ihe Chaniite Iiospitiit for Iri'i^tmcnt J el!u-i> hh: rotiinia niOntlt af;<^ d'oiii tlir aaiua I''<! Iiospitiil in 'TJipcka. ills I 'oijililion M i-oiwid<Ted very lioflOHS. : Sir. and Airs. C'lan'Ucp Wood and .•jon.s of CtTJi'-tl' (Irov*- here-today tk) he M ihc )i. L(-iirljat|i lionn; for the d ly. ,' ; -Mr. "I". ... Hailiilj.-ifb rcliirucd yesterday Irijm a trip, to Tulsa, wlu-rp IK* U ( lit oil a liii.-^iia-ss trlji for tlie ilojiarch iC'ciiiPiu conipaiiy.- Tlic Htivert'iid Mr. rruu.sdali- of liK' J'rcsliyti rial! cliiinh at .Moraii filh'd the iiiilpitat the J're.^liyter- ian churi-h here botii tlioi li'orii .iiu- a:i(l ••veiling .s-crW(e.«,'be­ cause of tlio al)spiice of tlie paHlor, Uvv. C. .M. .\Iill.s, — Don"! miss fieeiiij; the deiiloii- ; SI rat Ion of the ijVw two-row Ciilti- v;;lor for the... Kordsoii trai'tor in iola Tliursday. I'he aiinouneeineiit is, on lilie wan; afl pa!;e of this is.siie. -Mrs. ; iji-o. Atiliih, who iia.-< In I'n visitin;;' ih" W. A. liavis family in '("hfriyvale.-Kan.-;., for .'^evi-ial duvy. • rfliiniftl Jieri- vtisterday. Slie was aicouipanii (1 Iiy .\lis,s .\deliiie IJavJs i ol that Ljty. wlio will be lure for some liine. r • ' .Sir- and .Mrs. B. K Wis--.' who i liav<> iH -eii ill Kansj.'f C'ilv tor sev- ' e.'al ila.v.<, vi.'<iiin« j .\lr.-<; • \Vis:e'.s lii<iih>-r and ianiily, l.\lr. and .\M>. 'f*. S. Kailsliach. returned loday to llie iionie l|<'ri-; Kdv.iii- I'ayii*-. wlio l>as been- here for iiKiii- than a. wi-ek with his par<'nls. Dr.. and ()..<". I'aviie. r<-iiiriii-d lo Kansas f'ily loday ioi continue bis voiie study at iliii Here are some of the teeth of the IJiilldok i»n I'-iiix rvaloiy of .\Iusii- there. I The string of ariiiored'ears .shown in the upiior photo ai A lar^e • miiifber, <if IiiiiiiboM: | landed Iroin a ISritiHh warshiji when the pieliires wen l>a.slvitl)all entbiisiasis wt're in lolai anil more mobile than lank.-i. The Cantoliese; army SaKirdify atleiKliiiK the basketball i Hlianghai. endangers, the lives of foreigners llure.' •tiAirnaiiieiii sponsored by the. Iola ^ janiid- I'ollege. When word wa.s i MORAN NEWS OF THE DAY IVfmnr) <>ra le<> CIOKM on .tr,ronDi 01 .Menslei' Ef^Itffmir-i-ftalKton (.'hes ( pening: Pn/ram , at Theatre. (Mrn. G. H. Kord) MORA.V, i.Mar. 7.—Mrs. M. L. •Shellar is Visiting het daughter. ! .Mrs. John Kerneaux and family at I their home north ;0f town. r. .M. Kal.iton gave his fir.sf evci- iniiiK prograin including a- pipe or-1 of Misi Floy .Mefilashau. grateful to Ihe Iola poll; the two (hildvcn. C. C. Larson Icoqut of a number of Uie children expeeijs to slay for a tew days and i.-is well as the teacher. .Mis.s Miller. a.-!!iist wiUi the sowing oi Ihe oat.< | having the measles. It had been croji before retiiriiing here. Before j hoiipil that the spread of tlie dis- learin^ Barney was awarded •iil-leas.- was being avoided when last ch'.ldrcii and it escape ver liip given by the .Moran ':iin eliil). having proveni himself !>es». marksntan during' tlie season juVl closed; The ^iii is a somv" ><{ much !i>ride and will prove.a r-.-- milVlcj- of many pl(-:i-ant hours with Ullis ; 1)1 ei;lhl!.«.i.!:li'-j sportsmen. ! Mrf! Fluyd MeCormaeli <ir i:ay-| ard 'vtsit<-<l relatives. her-<. F; i >';tA-| ;iftern|ioii while I.ois anii l.<>ien i were 'taking their regular ni.isii ! lesson^. Tho ehildrei: are p:ii!:lsj wee!; a cMid anil exposed bei-ame ill the entire nt school 1 as they grouT) of" iag. necessary, however, to close the o^her grades or the high "school. not in tile same build- theatre h;e lecently leased from C. (i. I^arsou and son. There has hei^n a number of other pleasiiig feature.s ad^ed to the interior of the buildiugj which will ad<i. greatly to its iibpnlarity and coupled with Ihe fabt ithat .Mr. Ralsto^ I.s an e.xperienie.^ man in the picture j j";;'.? ,v7th name'and oilier e:i.I cl'.ildren haj and are in his bedside sincere syu during the Frank M| I f'llly biiriKid i face while j Kaiis.. • il will show business, the .community is assured the very best eiiiertain- iiient in tl^is line without going away from home. .1. H. Ciajmer. who has been ill for some lipie. is in a very criii- Dndition at this time. His 0 ail be^n calkil home constant attendance, a; The family has liie palhy of many friends jiicui'6 of anxiety. .\dam wa.-i very pain- about the heat) :iiid ill iworS on the llairy lii'ddeiij drilling rig near Fredmiia •aril- this Week, and wljle be some time fiefore reiov- i cry lan be expected, it is not I tboiigiit his jnjuries will be pernia- i I nent, which I is good news to iiis many friendi. .Mr. .Mc.\dam came here to leniain until his recovery. .Mrs. .A.uiia Benfer of Kansas City has been lienj the guest of the f ('•. Larson fainil).- the pas; few day.-; and attendiii;!; to .some bii.vini ss matter.s. I Tue hoiisehiild gooils of .Mr. aiiil, .Mr.':. Barney -Larson were shipped Thursday to |(;enfry. .\rk., their new bonit>. Barne.v drove tbidr 1 h'.- and ••.iliy forre for the recovery of his po'iit;iT which i was stolen last wi^.-k and when' ll 'ound and 1 recogiiiized l>y Clarence Sniith 6f l.da.!. was in possesfiion of the ilolice foiee. Tiie dog hail in .^onie way lost his < ol- marivs •>! ideiititiration. s.i it was char.ce that he was.found ami ;;!i)re(! to iiis owne.-- ' Tti'- jiriruary grades of -lir:" scliools lia've been cljised on e!!> I HEALTHFOliOWS, OIIROWlACTKaWiaTS FCiSSUXEOnSTUIAL. HmtSIHOtSZMBOt JKCFOLLCWfNCOtMMS: tits ,^//"« Aims HtMt VBOWOS V APCWilK FOR BES' •ju.stmen.ts at time.s chronic cou^h, stomach trouble, c le.s.^ of t he nature is pres.siire (."iurpi)i-actit' will: Coii.^iiltatioii i.-i ] in the primai'y building tiot thought that any will liaving them. It will not be RESULTS Every person ne^eds Chiropractie acl- Perhaps for an old llerhaps cos. . backache. .Regard-' i5f thedisea.sf, if the upon spina! nerves, i;\it results. 'ifhoiit (.'liur;;i u-r Oblif/atioii. DR. C. Z. MONTGOMERY THi: ( HlROrKAi r<^K PAI.rMER . METHOD; Tola Lanndrjr Blilg. riione 138 guard over the foreign concessionK at Shanghai. 1'^''^ V'"' d the arllllery unit drawn up belokv had just been^"*^'"'" • ^akeii. Tile, armored ears are a neSv type, speedier will i-oilidi- with llii.-: armaiiieni if iis e\)iected aliaik on •eived n all j pit Of the luo.-l . for \v ,, Presbyterian ihurcli at here that Hninboldl iJad i(.jjp„i„i,„s ly ,„,^.„,ij,.,l i,y ,i„. of h .M" preiiiiiinary .iiaiiies I \Vithiiigl|Oii. who iiioved week to l-aiaai'. t'olo. \Vord hak been i received from .lohn .McKiiiley at San .luan. Texas, of his convaleacenCH from the major operation he underwent last tell fur a tjnie .as to his recovery, nu bis many nophy finished for b'-r. the ;.|,ii;„j,, y^e glad to heari Ihe Kood 1 nr.)! «ai^ . iliedule.l lo play ioi? Iht _cl>!iiiipiuii-liip .Saiiirday niglit.the eMil'-ri;"nl lieiaine more inleiisi'. A la.'ge'- iliiiiiiioldt crowd was in at- t.-i |i <lan<.i- al Ihe nii.;ht game .tlian at any oi, Ihe iiiiier.s. JIumboldlV. jK^ars Wert viiluiy and lur :< oluiUest of th vieiii'-'s nophy finished for m-i. mi.; ar< Gil'ls Beware - IKieS.-jful MS. |ia:d<>'lball H-asoii III'MBOLDT. Miir.l I. Ki-d mill, manager ainr- liwiier «. Iliiiiiliidiit ice plaiit^ sold iUe Free- f Ih.- a III Iliiiiiliidiit ice plalit^i sold iUe plant tlie lii-l pari of Iliii Week lo II. T. -l.illy i>; l.alreuee.i .Mr. Fi-eeuiaii has owned the plant since IDUi. • He lias given tin; >i,iy exi'ellenl | news. I Mrs. Fred HarlWig returned .Saturday from Tulsa. Okla.. wliere she lia<l been attending the music HUp- i-rvisor's convention .Miss (-lertriide I II I at that iilace L 'it/bai li. ' who jspent the week end] at Lawrence, ilhi^ijuest of .Miss .\iargaret Amos. returned home Sun lay nflernoon. I .Mr. and Mrs.-Thoijias .Mealh and raising the _\,i_.,„-]^„i.. .serviee as well aa 'raising the Ktaiidard Of efficiency at the ^llanl. A^ Air. Fifi-iiiaii • lias not yet de^ cided v.lial work lie will' take ini now. irisimi !;nowii whether or not il!" laini!.'.'wMl r'-niain^htre. Ke .^i- dents of Huniboldl hojie that tin' Fr-emaii faiiiily will nut leave as they arev'-iy popular•• here. .Mr. Lilly i.iok charge of ihe planl Tuesrlay. .March 1. lie is- an .ex- IierScneed tiirCr and Iiis service will un<toilt>t- edly lie of an excellent standard, jlis family will jnove here inilt:- .•-^oon. '• .Mrs. F. W. Hnrtwig. music .•••iiper- visor ill til-.' city school*;, has been in Tiilsa Ibis wej-K attending the annual niusi' sUfXTvisors' eonvi 11- liiiii, .Sli" will relurii lonnirrow. Mr. ("iiher WitbiiiKton. of '.Vl -r- cer. W'hri Willi caiue llere for. ihe funeral of ii'T mollier. Mrs. Mary ! f.Miiily •AVithiiigion. is .spending a lew .lays ; jj^' Strack ' called on with Mr. and .Mrs. .1. \\ aketiei,!. j , ,,,, ni..rning. Tie eXpei 1^ In return !o .Meiier io- ; , ^ i , „„„.,.,,„. -I Thelma Ostrander was a Mr. and Mrs. .lohu K. Mischler^"°''ay 8"'^«'- °^ A"<lrey ofOsborn. Kans.. moved onto their ^ v'"" Iv liavj- gone to Kan- .vas ("iiy io m;^ke their home there. ILi'mboldt is stirry to see this family go. The .MsiatliH have been resi-1 dents here for many years and are ' well known her<-. . i .\fl"r an eii'hubia^tii- pep' chapel : at which t'antajn <»tis Kelley pre-; settled the high sjchool" with the ; baHketball trophie.-i won from the; , I'.Vr.ll -1 league and the Iola .lunior iie .dealer and manut-ac-_|c,,]!,.^^ loiiriianient, the high school ; •-•chediile was cut fhort this after- • noon; and the studients had a lialf • day h'oliday in celfbration of wiu- niiil; tlie .lunior College tournament. ' ' , 1 DEWITT i Mar. 7. -Mr. Mi.diaels. of Madi- ;soii. s^ieiU Suiiiiay afU'riioon \'.itli ii's sisier. Airs. 1.,eo I'redrick ami J.: A. Vivian hi^ran'i .j 1. r-oid f'a ;>;ii-.- !i;riii.:;. ;tii|!iir..! :.tii.>. <-inii«'^';*''i !?i T 't|( d". Onii. 'l.fT .-In- itad t» 1 ;ii--!: jii'-.l'l ^li. iii:;-.- fili.i;;; .-l.iiiiei- .i^il :i ;iueii"-r of peiiiii'r |i-n''ii -f. Ti:" g/i] has la fi 'ur y .,-;;,--i M (|ia;i;'-r. She fa-e. iiiijiri-. line 1:;. ll>-rf is a >i <iiy >l;e v. roivaii.iu; ir r pli«hr. i ' PLEASANT PRAIRIE .Mat. 11 Mr. and .Mrs. Uerscbel r'inii'i and ilaiirlilers npi'iil .Sunday v.ilh. .Ml. and .Mi;;. Clark lliii .er In l.da.- ,' FriiiHl.-; ami neigbbnrs of'Mrs. Ri-y K<lw:irds wills be "lad in kilow jiliai -If has reliiriied home iioin I 111- lii 'Spiial and is iniprnving. I ('la!:d l-Mwalds had his tonsils i Mid adeiKiKis reiiiiivi d Tbiii nliiy, at .'il. .lofin- lio -pji .il. ."dr. 'iiid .Mrs. Win I-:nsiiiinger and laiiiily spent .Sumla.v wilii .Mr. and Vii.s. II. I 'l .iisler and laiiiily. j .Mis.-, Miiler. teacher of I'lea.sant jl'rairie r-rhool. .sjient. .Monday night Willi Kennelh and .Marjoiie .Mi-Vey. .Mr., .\iihur Kdwanls and .Mrs. Harry Sing called on .Mrs Roy Kd- Wiiii!- Tliiirsiiay aflernoo 1. Hon'l miss seeing the demon- jSii.iiion 01 the new two-r iw O-illi^ >;;•(.!• fiir the Fordson t 'actor in lull Thursday. The annojincement !> on the wanf ad page of this issue. Mrs. . R.>y Hiiss and Mrs. H. l''in~l>'r •';peni Fi iilay afternoon uii.h Mis. .Vrtl'.iir Kdwards and .\;r-;. Clan;! Kilwards. Mr. and .Mrs. ilerschel Siiiilh i^'-tit Wednesday at Kussell .Mor: l-enV-. visitij'isr ihe new baby and ; • l|n;;g butcher. .Mab.d Smith and Mrs. M iiid Tcinpletnaii spent Thursday afK'riKX'ii wini .Mrs. ill. .Smith in V'i:-ali. l'l -;:-i'iiI i'r;r!ii- seunol report I'-ir j innatii ending F<briiary L'.l: .Niiipler pupi's enndled. 1.".; niitn- '.H r 11.-it!'!'! abseiii imr ta:(l.\|. lo; !idan< ('. 11; percent of :'7: iiiimb<,-r <'a^-:es of ninnber liases of ab- lion Ito YoM Feel on ArNIni;; —^Very likely your kidiieys coii- irol'your ans^-er. Ij is glorious to awake with a'lively. healthy, energetic body. It is miserable to drag an aidiing. tired, weary body from a sleepless, restless bed. Foley Tills, a diuretii- .s.tiiniilani for tin- kiilin-ysr couHianlly u^^ed over 2.'. years, are :i reliabi •. valuable medicine thai pruinote healthful, normal aetioi of kidueys- and blad- I '.er. Cost little, contain Jio liariii- fill iiigredlenis. Satisfaciion giiar- aiileed. Ask for Foley I'ills diuretic.— II, A. Brown &. Son. Skcpcrs Jlistoi*^ State of Kansas As we saw last week, the slaver y and anti-.slavery forces joined in the battle early irr Kant-ra.s' history, each siiJeire.solved (hat when the territory becan-.e a stale. it would t)e:of the political ccmplcxion of that particular side of the argument. The pro-slavery men of iVlis- . souri endeavored lo jjJiin <-'on- trol of the territory in 1854, and indeed jjol stt far as e.stab- lishin.if the first city in the , Territory.- This city is now ';ne of Ih? most impoHanI in Ihe state, Leavenworth. Personal H'v mukr a I'latiirr of ovr p!ixo)Hil. proprietor aftcKfifii to rrrrii call. \Vc hare (oiuid tlinf .siicli nth iitioii- r( .snlt.< i)i th( nrn liiii\.st tijpt 11) .merrier l)( in;/ rnidchd. AR.SIEEPBR I06'I08 N I WASHIN6TON ^ I0LA *• mil inn iijiii a lie.\l.\ . purchased farm ; iiear here l;ist Monday. Their new property | lily Vivian Ji:i:i-i:ni 1 1 advisi' any girl; who h;i-- hoiiie li'il u> lea\.' ii liir .1 ^2'< Wijek iitildiy. .No iiil -f '-r ];(c.v luni h love hiiiii : ::\ -r.-iu^' at;a; !• ir!;i:ii-;'. ::n,!iii;s;, 1: .-••M(-e.-. .S. <:airi il? .vou il'eli a:i;i fatlli'y'(,f Clianule. Cli.-llis •!id !lo:in r (Isirander. Floyd Sim, , json and Ceoig • Slroh all- >"' l"ve hiiii. il i-;rsi(ilat.-d east ot town and lor-I „,„„,„ ,. ,ii„,.^ - no! wll-u l.od >• i n-i-rlv .Mvned by .Mrs. I'lioe!.e;'"''!' " ., •, ' , , its easy lor lii.f^on. Their- ..ou. Or; M. .M.,i ^ Mr- -y.. Henry Strack and ,..,„,„,, ..j, .Mis.h er. an.l lan.ilv are with ,i„.,„ , fiwml.v spent huuday iieai 1--; i lion , now IO help them .get settled on ••Vlh Mr. and .M's. ""V. ; a da.v. an n.|, , MU their n..Sv projtfitv. A new bnn-,:a-j .Mr. and .Mrs. l-dmer Stinson, Mr ,,„„,,,,, .,. low will be i.uill' and other i.^i- '""'V'-V- people, if, they li.-d 1,.. iOpal and Leo Clement were -Satur-i ij^fnUs .ui; la • jday. <-veiiinn at llie home of I < ouhi in: U. ; ^• jCiia.le .N vSlioli. . I Know ii '.luing j;r'>- e- laiUi- b;.bil -s. will be made en I privcinei'its lilac.-. .• .Mr. .Hid MIS . II. I!. Blair" ha been . in Ti'\.. this " WIM \^iere .Ml. Blair has .allended I confei-ciKe deparlmeiii of sii|ii liiii.-nib.pi-- of the.National talife p.opb- I ill i-e Ml". ! '.li-i> lliV •I I 1.: |o .-i; wila i:i'- I s llll I • v.-ry ;nclL il v .M ,-;,i The major' leagues are to have .iiiM'lier ••Citban wonih'i" Iliis se'a- .-••n. This liMif i! is.Senor .\nto- :iio Castrii. who has be-ii cat<-liing Ml the Cuban Winter League, ahtl whom .Man:i::er .MeC.iaw has de- 1 id<'d lo uive a iry.oiii wiih the. Clani.--. a - t tjon as-^oilatjon. !-"a'ui-ilavj 'Ui"'v will retnin Don 'l iiiisfi seeing l!ie ideinoM- I J St rat ion of liie new iwo-iotv Ciilii-! valor lor the Foidsoii tractor in j Iola Tlliir .-da .v. The annoiiiK eiiieni I a :;(|tiin- i is on lire wain ad |iai:e iff this issii'. : Mrs. Win. Krii>'ger is on ilie hick . . . _ li~l. The ^loeloi- was ealled lo se<' liC-MBOLDT. Mar 7. Mr. and j ^"'l' Tuesdiiv, Ml i. .\:iliur .\slier l<fl loday for j •^''' K - d. jL. KIrliy and graudsoii. tleir home ill llliiiol'- .Mrs. A dii-r j Ijdidell. spenii .Saturday at ha., •i.eii hen- for the past .siv'-'- CresKiH. , j liLjiilh; with hi-r niolber. .Mrs. .'^arali ' -Mr-;. -.1. A. fr<-ss 'and Harlan! •I(.<lfi.l.l Ml. Asher joined her ri--: spenC Thursday at Walter Bakers.' . ceiiilv. i R Foster and family have; Mi M /.elina Krelibs of Independ-i'"'J^'d'from the Adam.s-farm lo u] eiire, Kans.. was here yesterday lo 1 "••ar riquu. i ' vi>ik her .--Isti-i;,.' .Miss .Mildred Kr>-ldis, .1 le.-H In-r in the Huniboldl i;. h.Kr!.-. .'. .\|i-- Kalliiyii ^Trush'r. a former Jlumbohli resid«Mit. was hen- y^''s- lerday troui lu-r boiin- in; l'ar.-;iins vi.-iiiiii; nlalive.-i and friends. -Ml of liumliuldl is glad lo know lhai Dr. (). L. tIrion returned 1.1) lii^: lliilnlioldt church for aii- adniire ii. 1 ws-h been cailglll Ii 'foreL .Now mv oiilv iiop.- 'd. ai. i I'.V. >i 1 but ii:id I gei I .<onielio'.v 1 ill. n't now oiii of i!iy li'J llighlie'l.s, (Mieii .j| 1 jiojr- l!.a..' gii;: lioiiii' and irioi m mistake. II ile •.Villi .l .iV Vvill pn -ii! Iiy liirill Itovii-t I! iildiil. .Ay flj ev.-iy-'hii adujis. ai iea-.i the '\!V>;: ol d ' 'Jl ••• ioli;-.'lK," li' llll- ;n-" :a\.d li.t lii.-iliv. •-1 Clifford Dbzler ^la.s moved on the plal-i- vacated by Leslie Reed. .Mrs. Kiiby spi-iit Friday with .Mrs. Leo Fredrick. , The .Milky Way. j lie .vli;:.- Iialid j across 111"' night .-.Ujes, i- i-onipo»-1 ed tif myriads oi' suir-;. . I I Take care of iti A croupy cough aoon weakana any ehiUl. KurMycan,'Motliera have TV- lied un Chombcrlain'a Cough Remedy. ItrcrooveacbokingpbMginaiul ttups the cough. Ask your dcuggiat. Mothen-writ«-for fre« booklet on -Care ojdlia Sick." Chamberlain Medicine Co., 606 Park, Dea Moinea. iContatns no alcohol ' or narcotics oUur vear hy the Methodist <-onfer- ! '^"""Ih}' -Mae eii'-e at Topi-.ka this week-. Dr. Or- f'-ess's; till! has been-pastor of the .Meth- Kpi.scopal'church here fir j''i*"'''' at Waller BaKVr-s Tbur.«da.v j several iyears. I|.e! is popular and j a^'cuoon. ; Among tile .\bys«inii'iis .i wom-j .Mrs. t'ress sin-ni. Thursday with bail's Word i:; as.'iiinied to In- inviol ' .Mrs. Kirhy. - ' Mr. and Mr;;. Charles .SIroh callt'il at Will. Krenger's Sunday evening. .Mr. and Mrs; Waller Baker and LOOSENS TME COUGH spent Wednesday -Mr. and. .Mrs. Powell Wilson JljS I ; 'well kiiowii ' not - duly ai^iong coilgresatio'i but also among thj' . r< (if the lesideiit.s of this illy. Leslie Lehman, the lay delegate from the ' Huniboldl i Methodist clitireh io. the annual' conference I at Toiieka. attended the (-onfereiit-s' j ' last week, "i'&sierday a niiniber of i other -.Methodists drove to Topeka ^ . to attetid the last .sessions. ; The Bethany class' of the Pres•• liyt.erian Sunday school served the ; J dinner at the Presbyterian church £or I;he Rotary club this evening. I' There wa.s alniost a full attendance ; of the members, with a lively, eft- i thusiaslic program. j > TlH - tiiine'd A mazing Remedy New discovery which banishes all distressing gas, nourishes sour, weak stomachs and end^^ misery and. frequent iiatus. You can achieve health through this harmless stomach iremedy. (io immedi- jalely to your druggist and pitr- ichase this guaranteed remedy.: STOMACH REMEDY Reveieiid .MiinsfieUI MiH-s re-; p^v sale by!Brown's Dnig Store, from CoIu!ii'.)U.s, Kans., .Man-^i'ookis Drug 'Store, Frvs Drug iWhile away he fillejl the pul- Stoi-fr. " ; day: natts who .suffer willi pains in your muscles and jolnli- makiiiK you mliJarable, iless elllcienl. iiilerforing with your Uvorkius IhoOrs, ruinUig jour sleep? ~ , • , Vou may have tried many iliings wltljoul relleL Why, not iiy'S ? Fop-msre than loo years it has beeu giving relief in Uioui-and.s of casts; as testified to in un?oliciled letters of gratitude. "I suffered from i-lieiimali:-m for a gooil many years. | At times my joints woiHrt swell so, I rouldn't walk. I tried rao^t cveryihinc Weot lo Hoi Sprln^4; llauKy I dPcld'^d lo Iry .S.S -S. l| ioolj a COUI-SH. a sUort Unui tbc ri^eunjatic pains •pntircly left me. I also had a brtaV Ina out on my hands for years that nothing would heal, but now this has disappeared, and J am sure ttiat it was S.S.S. wlildi i removed the cause. I am now In perfect health, and want to add that I have tried all kinds of medlciuds ial I Ihlnlc S.«.S. is the best." Carl C. Camp- Uell. JIJ West Main Street, aobusuti cily.Ttwn. ! S.J5.S. is purely veaelable. It i.s extracjied from the fresh roots nf medicinal plants iand herbs and irivei to N'ature what she needs in buil^inu' you up so that your system throws oir the raiisc. t;g.S. is. bold id at) p^tCvJ 4njs stor>»s in two .^Izes. XU*; larser SiM ii uim ecouoffiical. f Mineral Ra1\ions PERTON F. 0. B. KANSAS CITY, MO. STARTLING! YES, INDEED! Particularly startling to farmers wh[o have been paying $90.00 to $100.00 and more per ton for mineral miktiires. i SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS PER TON for Watkins' Supreme Mineral Rations is possib^only beeauseof the J. R.. Watkins Company'^ eco- noraica] methods buying, manufacturing and distributing. BECAUSE OF Iljs TREMENDOUS VALUE the Watkins Conipany purchases raw materials by the1;rainload and, therefore, at the iWest possible cost. Th^ Icompany's 10 million dollar iplant enables it to manufacture its prodiicts in large quantities, using: time and money saving machinery; The Watkins dealers form a chain of distribution direct fron^ the company to the consumer—the cheapest method ever devised. EachWatkirisdemer has over 160 products which he sells to over| 1,000 , regular customers. These savings are all passed on to you making pos- 1 sibie the low pricejof only $65 per ton for Hog and Cattle rationj and $75 per ton for poultry rations. Hi'ad the formulae Kivcn.ticlow.-aiul you will sec lha( Watkins' Supreme Mineral i.s ingredient.s. properly mjxetl. Quality has not heemsacrinced to make a price. made [ 1 of the ; ! FORMULAE WatkiOR' Siipremi! Hog Mfncral Ratioiv Calc I'.-.. .^.7'i; .. 35.00 j . .;o.oo . . 3.00 . 1 .00 . .03' :jiim Carboriate (Linie-itone) Special Steam Bone Meal Sodiiini Chloride (salt) .. Ferr c Oxide .. Man lanese Sulphate - . . Pota'ssium Iodide .i V/jtkins" Supreme Cattle Miner .Tl ' Ration l '.-|>it;.- CalCfiim Carbonate (Limestone) li.'j? Special Steam Bone Meal .... .35.00 Sodibm Chloride (salt) 20.00 Pot^^ssiiim Iodide 03 Watkins' Supreme Poultry Mineral ' Ration Calcium Carbonate (Limestone) S?.")?. Special Steam Bone Meal 17 .00-, Sodium Chloride 20.00 ' Ferijic Oxide ;. . 3 00 , Potiesiom Iodide 03 When you feed ho.i|s, cattle, sheep and poultry you are a manufacturer of pork, beef, milk, calves, mutton, egi?.s and chick.s. If you dbn't feed miner- :ils-^r. if yoii use inferior minerals—you don't manufacture so much of things, and what you do manufacture you moreJ The farmer who feeds Watkins' Supreme Mineral Rjitionsi the non-mineral feedinj? farmer and still make a good profilJ Let us have your order today.. j can undersell DISTRIBUTOR GAS CITY, KANSAS -1..-

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