Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR lOlA DAILYiREGISTER CHAS. F. 8C0TT I Sntered at Tthe/ 161a Pdstofflce u Secortd ClsiSB Matter. Telephone ... -18 (Private Brahch Exchanse Cot nectlDK AU DepartmenU) Official Paper City of lola. _ Official Paper City olf BasMtt. Official Paper Allen County. SUBSCRIPTION] RATES. By Carrier In lola. Qas City, liaHarjw and Babsctt. One Week 15 Cents One ;Month 70 CV -ntH One Tear ...17.80 , ! BY MAIL ,Outside AlUn County One Teir J5.00 Six Months .: I J2.B0 Three Months tl.60 In Allen County One Tear J4.00 Blx Months t2.a0 Three Months = J1.25 One Month 50c Member of— . National Editorial Association. Kansas Press Association. The 'Kansas'Dally Leagtie. Audit Bureau of Circulation. I Press Congress of the World. Inland Daily Press Association.' MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. , Th« RoKtster: carrieit the Associated Prfffs rpport bj- epeclal leased wire. The Associ.-itod Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of I all tiews dispatches- credited to It or nnt otherw-lse ci^>aited-in this paper, and also tho local news puWlshed^here- ! :\n.' All rlfclilH or repulilicatlon of special tiHp:itcht>s herein are also reservc <l. • Bible Thoiight fpr Today. Thy r>'!"l'l<' «l'an \K my people, Hiid-lhy (iod iny C .bd .-L-Rutli 1:16. EQrilJ/ATlOX to the Tii FEES. lis attention icliitjt Kaslc c ilct lhal the liarifr against , imported aniclcri IH nothing more !^ nor less tlian "an equalization fee, l)Ul :^ i« tliarRx^d to the. consumftr ,rather than against tiic manufac- „ tiiiror^ The McNary-Haugen equal- ikation fee at has the inorit of li'^ing rharcwl against the fellow Who- benefits from"it. — Fort Scott Trihunp. • The Jlc.Vary-Haugen bill posed lo adrt the tariff plus the wiean freight to the foreign price of any one <it the-six farm prod- uffs in which U surplus might be" declare). In wheat, for example, if tiie Liverpool price was $1.00. the .McNary-Haugen board would add 42 events .tariff and 8 cents fieighf. thus bringing the price to the American producer up to $1.50. T^he tariff does nothing like that, .as bolli the Eagle and the Tribune know, perfectly well. There is a tariff of 42 cents a bushel on wheat. If the ta'riff law as it now ' stands were, an equalization fee. i whal need would there be of a ' Mt'Xai;y-Haugi!n bill? If the answer is made (which would bo no ijnswer) that llie tariff law does not work as to wheat because no wh'-al l.s Itiiijortod, then see how it works whc-n applleil to (mitio and .liuller Mini i>KKH and potutqes and hundri 'ilH of other arllcleH. ; The Idea dial IJie diilleH carried 3ti the larlff law arc JIIHI HO miieh' aildi-d lo llio (lomeHlIc prjrn of the artl- <-Ii >M liivolvcil Is a free^rndo fallacy which has been e.xpoHed and explndnd so ninny ;milllon times that cfiitrlllgrnt newspapers like the Kaplc and the Tribune ought really to lie asjiamcd to dra:g it out of tho dii ^hbnored du><tbins to which it has been consigned along .with other hoary and discredited heresies ever since tJi.- well known Ilcclor was a very voting dog. CAUGHT XAPPIXG.. Judge Trtiman of the Jackson county court the other day told the Kansas Clly Chamber of Commerce: i i "We have no rdad lo Chicago • without going to St. iMuis; no .- road to Memphis Without going to St. tbuls; no road to Los Angeles' without going to Springfield, Mb., or Tulsa." And therein lies a talc which the Ft. Scott Tribune proceeds to tell as follows:. 1 "Two or three years ago the gov- rnm^nt c:b-op«ratcd with- stale .>ad coiomi.^^sions in deslg/ialing lational highways which wei'e to le preferred in (jovernment road ctlvilics. . In Missouri the iroad novemcnt fell into the hands of 1 hose whose only-thought] appears lo have been to obtain two paved roads from St. I:x)uls to Kansas (.'ily. The state system was designated wilhout thought of a cross- con tineijt'. east and west road, iind .1 rain; to pine road was only secondary in the con:!id< ration. So it happened that a powerful road manipblator of Tulsa. Okla/, woi-k- ing in harmony wlih a powerlul road factor in Kansas City w lO didn't know li'ls borrics. workpd out the national system through the middle west, putting Kan.fe City on a- local Intel-staie road in Missouri Land Icaviiig her off t le national .iWghways. So it is trio as Judg(i Triiiiiaii says, if Kansas City desires to Kct anywiH re c.-jst or west, north or soii ;h. .die must dctoui- to get onto the Tulsa man 's roads." The fate of Kansas City In the matter of cross country national highways is a fine illiislralion of the short-sightedness of .ui'er selfishness. .' . .'f Anyone who ever has attempted to use a telephone in any 'other country in the world will admit without hesitation that the .system in the United Slates is the best pro- 1 yet developed anywherp. Of course the telephone itself, as an instrument, is the same everywhere. But there is a vast difference in the Way the wires are handled and connections ^nihde and in the expense involved! In .lapan. fo'r example, if one Wants a telephone in jhls • house he must first! put up $3,000. "and th(»n he will be lucky it the instrtim<!nt is installed Within three months. In China it ;is nearly as bad. Hut the worst trouble in all other countries is jthat so few telephones are installed, that those Who have them can -reach but a liiiitted number of people. Here in the rniled States. accof<Hng lo the annual report of the Southwestern Hell .Tolephoiie Com^aiiy, there are thi- jincredible numtier of 17 .r >74.(iO() icK-pliones.— K71 ,obo having been InHialled during the paHt year. Tito I'umldeut of the cninpHny says the Ideal: tb- wartl which it In slrlvlng Is ii (i.vil- tciu which will cniilile "Anyone nnywhi're lo pick up a li'li -pliime and talk lo any otic i -li 'c anyvyln're else, clearly, ipili'ldy anil ai rcas- onal)I(> cost." And lhal Is just aliout what can be dutie in Mils hl 'c.HHi 'd country "f onr.s rlglii now.- f'offtyville Journal: The lola i -Iianiber of commerce, has posted a $100 prize for the Allen county Iwt- loni-fafpier growing' the biggest five-aciie yield of corn and ^ like purse-for the biggest five-acre yield of corn on ptairic laiid. It will be intere.'^ting lo note the y<i>rcad between ihe average sicre yield. on prtiiic and Iwllom land, re^pec- li\'tly. and the top yields which draw down the purses in Alien cotinly. The difference wjll^repre- .s'-nt the difference belwep.n' average tilling, and scientific cultivating. Incidentally, the lola chamber could hardly spend $200 where it would do more good than in this ilenionslration to Allen county farmers of what they are losing each year by unscientific, slipshod metbods' in corn growing. The velb of the McNary-Haugen; bill is a great dlsappolritmcnt to a Jai'ge <(i|leciion of job-liunters, thinks the Abilene Daily Ileflector. The, Abilene paper estlmalcs there were^ twelve jobs at $10,000: five ai $.';,R(IO: twelve al $S.lon; five at $:<;6(Mi: fim- hundred at $2,100; one hundred at $1.S0<): ^Ixty at $100 Willi $12,000 for.expenses; tlii|-ty- five at $10ti with $D,62i>'for expens- |i -rs; um[ an army of clt'rks. stonog- I raphers. nie.^senger^. which would (fun the to^al expense ;up lo $790,- :i8K. The ilieasure would have call* :'. led for about thc'Tlchest collection . of high .salaried positions this •-'•country has ever known, the paper Irelieves. : Congressman Dickinson, of Iowa, one of-the most uncompromising ; supporters <)f the McNary-Haugen bill, says the; President's veto of that measure ^was "a play for votes." Ir other words'Mr. Dlck- inijon adm ts that the TSto pleased more peop e than it offended. And ;pki ' yet Mr. Di ing for thi^ee .were fairlj , passed, o son has been insist- ears that the people fra|ntlc to have this Bill nev fnlkci ]iol!.tiet:ins. An editorial Mloiii .this paper is rvprlntcd in Iho Howard Courant anil credited to the lola "Ileport- en." We knew the Courant , man was getting old- a-* which of us is not?—but this is the first evidence we have, had that his mind is failing. — Charley Scott in lola Reporter. Which, we suggest, is not a good way for Charley to sinch our sjup- port to his candidacy for Governor. Selii Wells wouldn't make a break like that, and Frank Hyan co'ulij think of a dozen better cravKs.-- Tom Thompson in Howard Coiii^- ler. In to wliil-h we would call our elderly friend's allontion tp th^ etymological fact that "cfnch" hegijts with a "c" and not with an'" IN TIIK IJAY'S .NEWS. Following his custom Oliver Wendell Holmes jirobahly will teiebiate liis S6th birthday anniversary tod;i'y by walking to the Supreme Court, of which he has been a justice since Iloos>,'velt's day, and by occupying his place on the bench from which he was never absent once since his appointment until confined to his home by a slight Illness-; during the past year. Being 8G apparently means nothing in • Mr. Justice Holmes's young life. His resigna-. lion on the, score of age has been rumored every lime a political situation suggested that a. vacancy would be bandy to take ca're of some eminent political • partisan, but Justice Holmes has gone on banding down ilcclKioiis unmoved, and it l^j said to be his ilesire to break Chief Justice Taney's record of service. The lalteri was on the uipn 'mti bench when ho .was K7. • Laughter is iin • of tin lizers. .\ lu-ariy laimli licinri mial means a sy>:fiii iiinic ri';iily for food. All ri;:;lii try this one PIQUA Mar. .3.4Mrs. A. W. Long re- irned honte Wednesday eveniiig of ikst week from the S. B. A. hospital at "Topeka. where she bad been for the pa^t week or so for treatment The funei-al of Mrs. Sam Dix.was held at lola last Friday afteniooin February 35. The body was t.oken lo Ccdarvale cemetery at .V'eosho Falls for jburial beside her ihus- ba:id. , | ; An old landmark, the Joe Kreimer shop, w;as torn down last week and thb lumber will be used by -Mr. West to build on to his property, i .M. S. Bacon and Ray Hill went to Vales Center Thursday afternoon on business. Borii. to .Mr. and .Mrs. Lounic Jones.-near Athens, Tuesday,. Feb. 22. 1327. a 6'L-pound daughter. . The play. "Deacon Dubbs." given by the K.; of C. Tuesday iiigbt of last • week : was well atlendedi and a success in every way. Kach one gave his part well. —Don't hiiss seeing the ileiuim- siration of the new two-row Cultivator for tbe Fordson tractor in lola Thursday. The announcement i^ on t;he want ad page of this issue. I The Rovi Fr. Austin of .Si. l.'aiil NvTis" here Sunday holding services at St. .Martins church. Monday he ctinducted the funeral of -.Mrs. H. fJ. Spechl, who passed - away Friday morning of last week. Obituary—-Mrs. H. (J. Specht wat< horn in Wiscnnsin Xnvemlx-r 11: l.STti. and passed awuy at the honte 111' her sister: Mrs. Lawrence - iJie-I holt. Friday morniii;;. February 2.'>. 1027. at the age of .'lO years. 'A months and 11 days. She leaves to I moiiriiihei^ (lepartur<>. six children: .Mr.s. Rose: Veilbig. of Kansas City: {Ci'rl Spei-ht. of riqtia; Joe and [Frank Speclit of I^ngview. Wash.: : Miis.s Cer'rude Specht. of llutchiii- 1 .son. anil .Miss Anna Speclit. of I'iiiua. She also leaves two broth- Kilwaril and .\rthiir Bolj;. (»f Olpe. Kaiis.. and four sisters, Mrs. Lawr"iii-e Uieholt. of Piqua; Mrs. ! .M. Traffis. of Sliarron. Kans.; Mrs. i Hi-nry Wecker ami .Mrs. Will -i-l'oiircl;, of Olpe, Kans.. all of whom Sloan has haiMhe !-^,.,.,> l„,,.i, [„ allenil the fuiural. fi.iiiiiUai'iii laid for an adililioiriif: ex.epi Jot- and Fran!: of Long- kiuheii to the house where ,.Mr. view, W.ish.. v.ho wen- ,inal)le to i-iime. The funeral was held Monday niorniug at St. .Martin's church. •i. . E .Al.'.KSH ."U.ALLOW. Dear Pu Cousin: 1 have had: and laughed. ft wonderful day. We sll went on a picnic. .My Dii.stres.s »-:irrieil li. box with her and she would ni>l tell the children ivhai was in it. • Alung In the afternoon she got tbem to build a fire aiid cm s.>iin' long forke«i sticks; : Shi« llicii opened the box and said, '•("iii!- dren,; we will have somi' t"i;:st<'d mamhmallnws. We wiir ti>ast thi-m on the stick.s." J . Aftpi; the- ma^shni.^Ill•ws V.-.T;.toast^ they put thi-iii.on rr; 'Here are ali my •lid them. Millie PRAIRIE ROSE t Vara! K. Rogers) 1. 1.. W. SI iKiys and girls on thi-j picnic and everyone of then-. h:ive eaten .naiyhiiialliiw i-andy nil their lives and (lim't know tiiat it conies from the thick rout of tlie marsh nijil- low plant." •Oh tell na about It," said Millie. So my mistrcs.s told the children I!. It slic had a sei-rcf that she was •^••\n-x to 'sh:ir,' \vi ;h litem all. TbaC slic ii :>d foi;ii ;l the ui:irsli mallow i.l :ir:;s in tin- *w:iiiip. She Ii;- II liiM tiii -ii! .ill :i!.-,iu thi> rn.irsh r-.Mii..u I ;;i!it. r::;a i! grows from ;u.. to f. iir fi- I with pink rs !i -uri:!- ."iii iiirh !•! :i :iti I II l::>,;f IM 'ii:.:i ;>>;cr. That sli !:i> .•ir,' (•••\i'ri-'l v.iOra TCI- \,-iv ,!iiv. I: ulKcii prori-i-;s their l -'i-::'!:;:;.: ]• 'n-s t ':-"iri lii 'cinnins < !i •.•:>• ! l.v r !,i- • 1 iiri". .nrisins fr li'.' ^v.:;!ii|>. i;i..«t:!'-h thc'jr 1 U '-i'W. - " I h ::I HM- in H II--: - ;iiri .'"^friTiy anti •s i-jii-n. iriii i-.ow to maka <-;i'jily from thb r' or iiiiicil.Tge found ^'^li • , fo'-l ;i !•! ir-hl:!::.!'i:>\ i before yOii eat mniclit. lai an oliscur.- piirliiui ol niiily Register: ".\ v.-! -riiiai ian came from Coliiiiy 'riiiir:fday am" operated on Coorge SI horse. The hiusc is si ill India's ilca:li toll triiii| biles last year was Is .iMinl should try proliiliitioti. Ki 'st Wood Vwi'ii. best appc-i .Mrs .\ustin Uleffery was hostess ! lo rill- ())ioii Circle club WediieMlay .•;fi<Tiiiitiii. There was a good al- tciiili.iii-e and the program was :iliiiii; Valentin • and Washington liiifs. i • Mr. ami Mi^. It. H. Haonu and Mis. \':ir;i Rogors wcr- among tlios-- Willi att>-hiied O. K. .S. I'lnip- t-•• ill liil;i .Miimday night of last wck. ' ; - .Mr. ami .Mrs. Hurley McKnight iiii'l Miiry .lea'i drove up from Jop-| tiMid the iin .'^iiniliiy m .spi>nil the day at the Sprint. kin from he liila o^woiid's ' living." , of Pii|iia. by the Rev. Father Austin of St. I'iiul. ami. burial was m:idc ill the new ceipetcry. back of, the church. Frank. .-Vllurt. John anil .Miss Hie .^larsh, Mallow Blossom. tbejr were the roost marsbmaUowa that she eaten. iMy mistress told her that it was because they were made of real marsibmallow and not uf gelatin. "Real marshmallow, why what do yrni mean? -Does marshmallow erowT' asked Millie. . 3t7 mlstreas Dat. back her bead OTTER SPRIN(;S Two iiflicers ot a l!i:il.-|i • !• .mi sii.-,l:o Tlii-v (Mrs. Vernon Ostraniler), . • Mar. 7.—Jlr. and -Mrs. Lee Wolfe Anna hpeilit. all of hmporia. were ! jj^rold spent Fridav .vciii.i^' .low,, Mon.lav. morning attending : ..^ the Albert Wood home, the funeral ot their sister-in-law ^^jj^.. ^^^^ Havs called .i.t the K:,v Mrs. II. (.. Specbt. A number oflj,.,,.^ Sun.jay altcrm^.m to see Royce, who las tlic nie.i-Ics. : Paiiline King spent Friilav JMylit • with .Mr. and .Mrs. J. I!. Ilcmlirsnii. j .Mr. and .Mrs.. )loiiicr C'lrwcil i otiior ri'latives and friends from Olpe and Kniporia were here to at- fiilieral of ."Vlrs. H. d. !•! Ih- !! i.-k ro-.-s. •W'c «!:! i!;:ir.'' some m.irsh- PI.-IIImw ,:iniiy. Not the kind that V .i l.iiv in 111'- (l;f>np sho|w that is lri:i'!o ;'rii ;ii Ilio v. iiilc of ec;rs and rr;il Irtio rnairshmalliv.v liio tb ii-jTit yoli all enjoye<l So", sill- .>;:liil. •'1 n-ai 'TiilHT those little pink nT 'Wcri'il i>i :in:s th:it STOW In the sw.-nt;p." I Mi!!ic. "'lit I did .not know lli;il Ih.-ir roots were ii .sp<l tn make i !i;ir.-ti;ii.-; How. We will sava every one an! ]<; fheni go to seed.'' . J::fl; loci;.,! up ar Iter and .said, "1 will lU-z up enough to make some i=.^n .iy." '•I doll"; lliink that the marsh mallow i >l .-!iits wiii mind a hit. They will he ;:!. Tc 1 to used when they arc ripe." s.ii.l my mistr«w. "Ilow iiiTioh happiness they give boys and dris ail over the conntry w:hen they e :i! tlirif m.irshmallow raml.v, or toast it in front of thg fire." Goixl niaht. Now Finjovs Eating- Thank.s His Wife ^ •'For y^:irs I sinTon-d witli >*o!iM( !i Iroiiliii-. Tiii:!. uot !iio to l:ik'- .\i !i>-'iU.i. fi -cl fino ;nir; la! .\vi;,,it Wm: Ol'li. . .\(l !»-rik .i i''-'icv(\s sMuiiaf-ii g sonrri' S:- in TKS iiiiiiiUos. Act- ii .L,' on lurril ti'iiir aiht iowor mv will- loil ^iy I I like." - Sl-^^ule'S ."me:%I.^^tml";,ty™ Z';i ii!^i .v ^SKr :!?r '''^K-"'«''^ a„d Sund=:yibi.w.l. U r. ,„ov ,U ^ast .-tuat- • l.s;,a>- i.nd Mrs. .M.-Knigbt .spi-iil a , a id .rcs.^ "d^^ at I'lcWaller King hnmo. t -r yo„ n -v .r „i your ';n:i'.:^i.:ii;m:ter^^^;:'";i ':rr;;':;,'- r''^- v"\-^'^ ^i .n^^M^ i ^";^y: ^'-^-^z:• ^z:::. 't:'^ T'\S. er rcccnily'w..,- sn s.-v-rolv ua .-.-turmd to JopUn.' . ..njoy.-d very much by all present, f-imnv's SmuH win • V ',,^ • i ed by lb- funo^ l:oni a car,., of; Mr. .Tad Mr- Harold I Hurn-ll . Corn, to Mr. and Mrs. (;i,.n Field. C (-l!^ . n^^^^^^^^^^^ ' M., ,t...,. . Llmburger . IO-.HO ihal l.oili wn-! ^3«""lay al the parental Mar- T,,csday. Mar.h I. 1!»27, a »-pi.iind I ' ji .^i,, „,iss u; i." .'i.,, , - ^' . MONTEVALE ... ,1 ri M liiinio. i sob. unconscious and <.iio h;id to lio . ,„iss iscoiiig the demmi- Th- f.irimr.s' union shlppod :i tuken'lo it liiispllal ' siration of llie iiew twii-row t^ulll-: carload of mixed ciillle and liogs to '• • • » j valor for till- ('ordsnn iraclor in i the Kaiisiin Ci'y iiiaiket hist Tiies- loia TliiMsdiiy. We received thft Bad news of the (Icalh of .Mrs. (!hltwood. .Mrs. Rogers, LOIM and BcHsle were shopping In lola Salitnlay. MlsM Pansy ^mWU visited Mljdred high school last Thurifday. Mr. IJIglow and funjily are moving ofi the farm vacated by Daylong. Mrs. Isaac and Norma were in I Moran Satijrday. .Cheslcy Garner is "moving on the Richmond farm. Mr. Richmond moved to LaHarpe. Judson Frcdrickson had the misfortune to lun-e' a horse killed by lightning Friday night. The' school children took bimonthly examinatlon.s Thursday and Friday. Pauline Dozier did not go . to school. Friday. Mr. Ktherton's of Ipla called on Charlie Hill Suiiday evening. Mr. Hill returned to lola wJth them. Miss Bessie and Lols'Rogers visited the Chandler home Sunday, near Kincaid. Mrs. Hill called on Mrs. Frcd­ rickson Sunday afternoon. • Mrs. Isaac and Norma j called on .Mrs. Ray Clark Sunday. The annoiincciiii-iit driv. IS on II II wiiiii ild pag<> i >r Ibis Issiii'. .Miss T> slMitioh III tin- new two !o« riii;i; v ;iti >r inr I In- J''i )iilsoii irai -toi' in lolji Thursday. Till- ai .iioiiiH -i-iiu n! Is (III ilic Wiinl ad jiaci-id llii.i IMO-. Cliirenro Wiiiid 'IIM m, Siiiiiia: rcsa Kiimil wiis hi-lpinc i wiih J. I>, ;iml liniiioii Toll,. Acciirdliig lo OIII iioiiiiii. any- "7" '""7", Moym Knap,; and family spent her sist-r. Mrs.t'a.l S ht. las. I M.-H. V.-rnon t.s.i ami. r „n,l M... . cbargo I.I a V.,.MI vvliiih had mi Sunday ;il tin- p.jreiilal .•^iiiilli Smiilay. , !|;velvn v.iro Thin-l.iv : ii, • i , ..'i hlghi'r iiilii Mian m T^anspoil a car i W.inl Kcir sljipiieil his goods In i- i ' ^ \'lr :iml Mrs Oriii lijiiKlI go of Llmhu,r..-(.r.'.h.'.-sc omiht I.n I':"-'''-' "'"•>"•'*"'>•«•'" "">vf ""«>.: STONY POINT ' ,Paulino Kin;; visit, ij Siimlay .-ifi- end up In :i in .spiial. .'' Mi „„r auir .Mrs. Vjira RoL-ers: Mr. and Mrs. U-miin and daiigli , „ . . . . . .. ' [ ~ „ ••" Th.; saiii" p.-oplf who claim; I Iny j .iitoruonn. at ..... like Liiiilim L-<- I hoi'so also ima^i ! clmrcli. ;ih!it Ih'rv iindiryi nperiilii.iis wiiii-| crfoon Willi KM '1.: I .Mill.-r. , 1 1 11,1 •• Jim Slr;i'-k spi-iii Siiiui'lav tr::;it alleiided farm bun an dub Fridayi'"''. l.ra.e and iwol grandch lijr.n !-i aiili : r.o 1. the I're.s'byteriiin ^ "vi"'' Sunday yisitors al Austin McKiir land's. .Mylcr H;ircIero(!e Today's Offer- Stomach Distress Must Go or Money Back SWS ((Mlh'S IHMC STOKK. The Brownrigg. Perry, Hecken-; of Western the union, referring. Al Smith. possibly. im: family. ! Leo Hays w:i.s a„>iiiiil.:y LJUOSI :I| the hiinic of .liihii ::ml l-'iank .Milli-r. liaol.-and Tyl.r'-s Ih.-pas' wi-"k Kansas, and Kvedean Man leroile j. Mr. and .Mrs Fnd fliiin-hill an.l out even :i local aniiesthetic and, i^^pl men | folks oa tho go.'of lola were Sunday visitors at ' M ,.. a!„| Mrs. Virmm ().take cold baths every morning in ; Tune wiil soon li-h—e wl>"'i "h.-v ji. Joiin Ilan-lerode's. jtramler;im! .Mary Kvclyn aiti-mli.l IJanuiiry. !•'" I'^'^'e to get down to work. Orris Ireland spent from Fri-' an oyster, siipp.-r iit .Mr. ;iml Mrs. •' ••,»», Kil 1 -iisiwood ; ;iuu l.imiiy sponf day evening until Sunday wfth his • .Inhii Bactins ntar lola Satar.Jay Tliursihiy at the parental Eastwood I aunt, Mrs. Sam Card, of lola.; .Miss Ines Broiighton. who is in Dcnni.son. who has heen ; training for a nurse in the Fort i|i:ili-!ill ler .s'-veral weeks "f; Scott hospital, s'ircnt Saturday with llrighl's Disease, pa.ssed away, j,ome folks. Tuesday night. The funenil was 1 jirs. Viira Rogers. Cladvs, - " licld Thur.sday afternoon fnim Ib'; j Wavne and Wendell spent Sundav Having defe,at<>d nearly :i I of ih.- |„„„,. ;,,id the body laid lo rest in 1 afternoon at Will McFarland's.- prominent coUeg.- hockey tjeams m , |.;|smi;re cenielar.v. ! Mr. and Mrs. Andv Marrs speiit Nlichigaiil, K. K. \\;UU\ is taking over llie 1 Sunday with their son, Ben and is jniuv at ,,,.itity road wii^ii ironi .Miir;iii lojwjiv. KIsuiDie. It. II. Hacon has had the iJonnie Laury has been cutting \v..rk for tho lia.s: year. hedge lor Austin McFarland. Chirence .Milermau and Alan Carl Heckenliable and Roscbe Dispatches say .N'ow Vnrk is lbe|,, champion cabbiigo growing st;ilo in the .Middle West.. Ih School of Mines sexlel templing to arf.inge a tour of liic Fast. -:iil i!i <-r..- ar.- stiililiorii Jl.•^l;.||. rJL-'i! in tills part of tin* .o :i:i !ry v. !;o wi.iri ac -.-lU tliis otter, liiit ronijiiu.- to siiifer froiir i-'a.s on .-Viiiiai h. Iielclliiig or solU" iii.Ml. siopiai ii ir.iins. t'liiil breath, liiliousn.--.- anil - iiiailaelies. just be<.'i;s.- .i \is! h.-i aiisi- iSiiit's all. ih .-r" 1s no oiir .-r reason. N liarr-'s .\i'-ntiia I'.'l.siii is !"m- eveiung. •. !] lo ?ioo .i \sp'-p!ii- iroiiblu Mr. and Mrs. f'leve Jai-ksi.ii :iml . j„ ., ,„uiiii,;.: i,, ai-l iliges'ioii. Li-is called Sumhiy anenio.iii on,;,,,,, ..-ton' tin- oi .l .-toaiarh to a .Mr. and -MIS. Walter King ami la;n- ,,.,r.„;,| enn .lition in a few weeks, ''j'- If v.)ii want, qnif-k iimi reitl re. .Mrs. iChas. .Miller an.I family j f.;,.,- „,., ;, |„,!rle 'odav. It is dis- spent Friihiy afternoon wiili .Mrs.,,,,.,,;,,.,] i,v rook :s |)rm.t Sl.ire and Vernon - Oslrander iiiul .M;iry Kv-; i]nisr ^;sis evi.i ywliero. flyn. i -• '"' .-On account <if the tel. phone l.eiim : ; li'iit of commission, items from i lines 18 and 27 weren't g;iilirre,i. Labor union sport orgaiiizalions play a prominent part in :ithletie activities in many of the cininlrics of continental Kurope. il;! •/I Isiiac are recovering nicely from Bert feft Thursday for the oil iiioasles. .! fields in Oklahoma. 1 .Mr. ami Mrs. Robt. Rogers :at- .Mrs. Carl Heckenliable and chil­ liiidid a poiillr.vt meeting at J. AV. dren are visiting with their daugh- ,'Mi -F.-irland's a vieek ago Friibiy. lers and sisters, .Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. ^,lltie Helms spent Tuesday , Mrs. Munson. in Klsmoro. with !ii'r sister, I Mrs. O. T. Nolan, i .Mrs. Park Caldwell spent; Tliurs- I while the fnen folks attended the: day with her mother, .Mrs. Wat- I'erry sale. .Mifs. . Leanna Ander-son. in Broiison.' ; l-so 'i iiml little sell were also iit the; The (Jooilsell family has moved ' parental .N'nlaii ijome the same day. : to the fai-m vacated by M. F. Perry. • .Nivt Fri.lay. .March 4, is regu-; .Mrs. .Myrtle Marrs was a Fort ' meeting. iiisl|i;of Cratit Orange. I Scott visitor Frida.v. i ("iiaiigers turn oyer a liew leaf and • • ; .i i!"i's hiive a goodi attendance. Work on the new addition to ilnji ' Mr. and Mr.s. Albert Demerrit lolii Crejiiuery building has beoii' returned Thursday night' from started and will be pushed to com-j ; Texas where they had spent the ; plelion as fast as possible. 1 j fi.ll and winter. They will move' • • Ion Cie Demerrit ,farm vacated by; '>'il.^' -ind family, who have :(;<o. Ucitnian. * . • ' bei ti living ii( 222 South S.vcaniore j ' . ' strei't. have moved tiT^UHi6 South! • Connie Mack iielieves he has now,'\Vashinglon avenue. " ; | fathered together the best outfield' 'iy the long history of the Athletics j Use Register Wants for results. ^ Gwe Your Child Enough Vitamins For Good Health SCOTTS E|VIULSION hThe Agreeable Way To Obtain The Benefits Of Cod- liver Oil Vitamins Scott Sc Bowne. nioomfirM. N.J. ZS-',< Don't Let That Cold Turn Into "Flu" I That cold may turn into "Flu." } Gripi^e or, even worse. Pneumonia, im- ^ : less you take care of it at once. • Rub Musteroleon the congested ports ' and see how quickly it brings relief. As effective as the messyold mustard . planer; docs the work witJiout blister. '"• Musierole, made from pure oil of; i mustard, camplior, mentho and other j simple ingredients, is a coimter-irritant I which stimulates circulation and helps I break up the cold. You will feel a warm tingle as it enters the pores, then a cooling sensation i that brings welcome relief. Jars & Tubes Better thaa a mutan^ plotter THE CITY OFJ lOLA FINANCIAL RE PORT FOR TH K MOjNTI fJ)F^F K15111' A R V. 1 !i 27; Working; Fund.s (Jeneral I. Street and Alley - : Stores _ - — Special Paving So. 2 \ Special Cemetery ,-- . Band —- '-1 , — Park . ----- Q'an i ^ 4- ' vyatel' L I —-- Kleciric i Balaiice L - - •- : -• Balance 1-31 -27 $ 5.093".66 ! 2.2S9.79 ; 3,S28.76 . • • ; I- 2.219.;!.S I 1.58.10 366.40 1.001.42 l.S.S.'?1 .40 . 3.429.64 26.829.3.3 ' • 64.047.&7 Receipts I Di .sb'mts: 1 9i2 ..^.r, • I 4 .50 103.76 2I74 ..-1O IMO.OO lI[694..-)2 4;3l)l.l>; 4H.0.-. 2.-.;982.00 % 2.OT2 .SI1 i.ii.'.l.t;t; i..',::o .7r, 2 'ii.'ir» .;:.-,f'.oo . i2 .6fir, is 2 .iih,S .37 6.9 :!o.;!ii 2K ..S::4.24 Interest and Bond Funds Judgment — 4 — ' Internal Improvement , Memorial Bond and Interest Refunding Boiid Interest ' Sinking , 1- ^ -7 ; Balances !--L • — " - 235.36 I 1S.S96.11* 438.96 95.58 ' 16.4(16..51 1.719.70' Ti $62,328.17 $2.-..982.00 : $2r...'5:',4.L'-l Total Balance.^ - -^.^AsL^:^--r------—^-—z^ZZZ:i X ~^IcNiel. Citv Clerk, do hereby certify that the above ktatement is correct, i Subscribed'and" sworn 10 before me this 4tb day of March. 1927. (My commission expires -August 13, 1927.) • Overdr.'ilwh. . /- -n w Julia "^'illiamson. Notary Publir, lia lance 2-2S-27 i \.'yx:.. I.2::!t.t;:: -i.i;ti:77 2.2;"2 .i;ri 2.".s.Io ; . 1,1101.11' 17.!ii;i.7f 2 .'>.:;iii.o-- i;:i.i:i.'..'::: l .S.S'JIi .Il' 4;i .s .!lfi :>.",.', s ]t;.4>iK..-.i- I.T'l!t.7ii* ;?i;i.47n.:>:: (iiitst.imig Warr.inl> f 2 ."..;i;) "2 .",:ii; J _'i: o!i .;.m; Uis .l7 !llAl i::!.;;:: .'SL'..-.! Casli in 1 )1 au.-r : L'.iiii I).Ill) i.iii!i.i;t 2S2.SI 2*i;.i;!i I ..'"..7 !i.t;!i I Treas'rs • Balance ^ $ 4.9.-i7.3r 1.2H.'..r>!t 4.B17 ..SI; 6.6K 2.2 S 3. B:> 25.S.10 16.49 1.(101.42 17.069.02 5.544.311 25.177.9l' 62. HIS. 45 -- • air' ? I .'.7 ;'.i;:> 2:!5.36 is.s96.n-» 43S.!t« H5.5S Ifi.406.51 1^19^0* .?6r-.47S.75~ B. L. Me.VIKJ-. City Crerk.

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