Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1894 · Page 4
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1894
Page 4
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maggBBaaagsisaiattfj^'Y *. *•* ^-^-n" -4, ---v^wfr- j ,"•'{• ,'/-•-- % > ,-,T 'r-r^Y'w^ ••'•••••••••'•"• •-- ' ' ' •• ' • " . .••••'. »;r>>.-:'4 ; S ! ^ --7i * -:. ' '».' ' v t THE COURIER. ALGONA, IOWA, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 30, 1894. .-NY'' v —-- - - < ttASBS: , tn advance Si.60 yttlx months. 75 thtes tnonths 50 M. Otf BONbS. Hetald recently had _., accurately represent- Jla:ttie real nature of the process that, carried on in regard to the iserveand the fresh issues of vtnvthe inscription written this Cartoon the bankers are , /ing gold from olio counter and for-bonds bver another. candidate for the nomination of gover-1 nor. t felt that financially I could not afford it. I said so then, and my experience has confirmed my judgment as then expressed. J?6t unmindful of what I owe to my fellow republicans and my party, the nomination coming to me as it did, I accepted. I desire now°to turn my attention to the obligations of my family and to earn for their comfort and education what the income of a public office does not afford." Secretary of State McFarland and Mayor Hillls of Des Moines, are already mentioned as possible candidates. If we have got to have a republican for governor, why not give us Lafe Young, of the DCS Moines Capital? ;5tIItbbrepointed,out that this pro- tf^-^-^o on until bonds to the ex- Of dollars have been and that there is no rational for fabplhg that, when that reached, the gold re- be any larger than it is at ( Is very true and very obvi- o, we regulate our such a way as to ,ke^the''niaititenance of a large gold 'l^vfeatoecessity, and to leave that |g'o1d s reserve 'at the mercy of the bank- will naturally force the > to issue as many bonds as they Can use to advantage. ,,,_-- • limit to their operations will |be\furnished by'the manifestations of ptiblicopinion. 'They will go just so • think they can go without assing the danger line. *<ftfls tp'be;regretted that the New Tprlc Herald did not see this as clear- ,'lpng ago sees it now. It shares "''• h '"'" ' capitalist newspapers of 'cities.the responsibility of about the financial . which, renders these issues "necessity. audaciously false Pension Commissioner Lochren's report submitted to the sub-committee of the house this week recommends that there be appropriated for pensions, $140,000,000; for surgeons' fees, 8800,000; for clerk hire at pension agencies, $450,000; miscellaneous, $131,570: total, $141,381,570 for the coming year. Mr. Lochren stated to the committee that he did not believe a smaller sum could be safely relied upon to meet the requirements of the service for the coming year. He said the expenditures for the fiscal year. ending June 30, 189-1, had approximated $140,000,000, and he expressed the opinion that with no additional legislation the figures would be about the same for the next two -years. After that he thought there would be a gradual decline. To repress drunkenness the Governor of St. Petersburg has just ordered that the names and addresses of all persons found intoxicated in the streets, regardless of rank or sex, shall be -posted in certain public places in the city and also printed in the Official Gazette. Fifty years ago they were compelled to sweep the streets for a number of hours under the eye of the police. v:/ country with being s i for,'the financial condition 'l|ch5nece$sitates the bond issues. ^e ! " l pol1cy''6f"keeping coined silver at TEtlue" .relatively to silver _ coin ,the 'policy-Df the the' contrary, this imentally and radically iciple to the policy of Bit is hardly necessary |llver were coined free,which now exists value and the bul- |xist no longer. The i 'devised by one of |lned advocates of the |bdard amongst the. £rs of this country. It l|e silver men not as |asked for, but as an them what they _^iny friends of silver, "Ijys regarded as being toe silver cause under It has 'he man who f ram- it' had done its cause, forward and It would be well use of the white ,ders l of the silver the discussions on V,kept in mind I line-r"I fear the they'offer gifts." ihe silver party re- Sditional repeal of that halted that its repeal .ctjornpanied by some ' 'Sle", to, gilver. But e them responsible th'e Sherman law. held for its leading oyer< and public that The proprietors of one of the large steelworks in Pittsburgh have just notified their employes of a 10 to 15 per cent reduction in wages. The men of steel and money are paving the way for the protection the republicans have been promising them. Eports from St. Petersburg via London say that all told the expenses attending the czar's sickness and funeral amounted to 10,000,000 rubles, or $7,-500,000. According to these figures it costs almost as much to provide for an emperor's interment as for a congressional funeral and the excursion trip connected with it, in this country. A Texas populist refuses to take an office to which he was elected. He was a successful candidate for constable and frankly confesses that he is not competent for the place as he can neither read nor write. We __ machine water sui Special ui Czar Nicholas II was married to the Princess Alix at their winter palace near St. Petersburg, Monday. In honor of the Czar's wedding 40,000 of St. Petersburg's poor people dined at the Czar's expense. All of the schools were ordered closed for three days to give the children a holiday and enable them to celebrate the imperial marriage. Great is royalty! At his own request the general assembly of the knights of labor, at its annual session last week, reduced the salary of Grand Master Workman Sovereign from $3,500 to 2,500 a year which sum is considerable more than his services are worth. IOWA STATE CENSUS Preparations Already Being Made for Compiling the Statistics, v Des Moines Leader: The secretary of state has just commenced his preparations for taking the regular state census. Every square foot of Iowa soil will be searched for men, women and children. It makes n« difference whether they are Christian or heathen saint or scoundrel, rich or poor, just so they are men, and the more the merrier. The last state census was taken in 1885, and according to the laws of the state every ten years the country has to be gone over again. The United States census is taken every ten years also, but this happened last in the year 1890, and so Iowa is practically, every five years. On the second Monday of the coming January assessors will start on their zig-zag journeys from every county seat of the state and will continue working the county until the 1st of June by which time they are supposed to have corraled everybody. These men are allowed until the 1st of September to get in their originals. The census enumerators secure their lists and arrange them according to blanks which are now being arranged over in the capitol. These men hand their sheets of legal cap paper covered with names, description, etc., in to the county auditors of the various counties who in turn see that they arc placed in the hands of the secretary of state. Then Mr. Me Farland will file abstracts from them and an interesting book is complied, printed and labled "Iowa Census Report." The above is only a general review of the work, but the great burden of the labor rests in the fact of its minuteness, which is wonderful and extremely laborious. This coming year more labor will be required since so many new and public enterprises and manufacturing undertakings have been entered upon in our state .during the last ten years. Indeed the work will almost double that of 1885. Every man will have have recorded his name, profession, where he was born,' whether native or foreign, his wife and children, whether he or they can read or write, whether an inmate of any asylum.and residence. In fact they want to know a little of anything and everything do these census enumerators. Besides an individual list there is another list prepared from the above tables which shows the various em- ployes and employers, tlieir business, its successes or failures, its goods, quality and quantity. Agriculture mining, .religious and educational statistics are all made. Grain, vegetable fruits horses, cattle and poultry all figure in these statistics with comparison by former results. The name and individual output, hands employed and the amount of work accomplished per hand an hour will go in the mining tables. The manufacturing outlays will perhaps have the largest per cent increase oyer former years, for Iowa has come well to the front in this great corner of civilization, and just what will be the result of this investigation cannot as yet be determined, suffice will it be to say that the statistics will be a surprise. , All the colleges and schools will be able to show their benefits more forcibly then as they are generally understood. The entire work will in all probability consume the entire year of 1895, and Iowa this time next year will be seen to have a great deal more wholesome and prosperous appearance and rank among the other states than ever before. rived here Sunday morning. Instead of going to Daly, who had given him his information he went arid informed the sheriff what he was here for. Sheriff Samson and Mr. Ktrkham drove down to the Ristau place Sunday morning and took possession of tho stolen property and brought Otto to Algona and placed him in jnil Where he -remained until Tuesday, when tho sheriff from Pipestone came and got him. There is a state law in Minnesota giving $200 to the tmrson instrumental in apprehending a horse thief. As Marshal Daly furnished the first information no doubt he will come in for a slice of the reward and also Sheriff Samson. The liveryman turned over the team harness and buggy to Mr. Daly for services rendered him in locating the man. The entire outfit isn't worth over $30 or $40, however. The young culprit consented to go with the sheriff without his going to the troubleof getting out extradition papers. It is said that he has been a wayward and good-for- nothing young man, and has. time and again caused his parents annoyance and expense. A term in the penitentiary will undoubtedly take him down a notch or two and do him. good. Do you want Shoes to weal* well* Shoes to fit neat* Shoes to look nice, Shoes that you can buy cheap Then go to Brownell's. Our Rubber goods are the best made, will wear longer and give you better satisfaction than any you buy elsewhere. We are sure to please you. THE BROWNE 1 ,1. & Cash Shoe House. \ r ALGONA, IOWA. Fine Crockery AT THE NEW STORE, Ex-congressman Walter H. Butler has mysteriously disappeared from his home in Olewein, and no trace of him can be found. He left on the train and the supposition is that he has met with foul play. A farmer at Champaign, 111. has recently lost one hundred hogs fro^m a'dlsease.yvhicb, while at first supposed to'be cholera, is now declared to be an ailment-caused by wheat-feeding. At fifty cents wheat was cheaper than corn, and to fatten the hogs for the market the farmer fed it abundantly. The superstitous aqd imaginative will perceive in the loss, of the farmer a providential warning against throwing, to swine food for the want of which millions of the liuman family are famishing, But this is sentiment. The hard fact is tb'at }f wb,eaWeedJng be real'y a cause'of of fatijity ampng b'e cheaper for ' torpedqboat/, buHt by zi, tri'aV-' pii -the 1 fgetj'J^g, 9 fpefc9.4pPD* ' HORSE THIEF CAUGHT. Otto Ristau Wanted at Pipe Stoue for Horse Stealing. W. M, Kirkham a livery man at Pipe Stone, Minn., arrived in Algona about three o'clock Sunday morning in quest of Otto Ristau, a young man about 18 years of age, that engaged a livery team at his barn about six weeks ago, as he said, to go LuVerne, Minn. He had no trouble in locating his man here, and he and Sheriff Samson drove to LuVerne Sunday and found Mr. Eistau at his father's with the team still in his possession, As the story goes, young Eistau and a brother of his left home some time in September and went up into Minnesota, They drifted about from place to place, and finally found themselves at Pipe Stone, presumably out of cash, Otto went to the Kirkham Jivery and engaged a team telling the liveryman that he wanted to make a the "Council. ALGONA. IOWA, Nov. 24, 1894.—The City Council met in regular session at the city clerk's office, Mayor Ambrose A. Call in the chair. Members present, "Wadsworth, Vesper, Garflold, Cordingly, Magnusson and Nicoulin. Absent, Pettibone and Hutchiris. The minutes of last regular meeting read and approved. Garfleld was appointed to act on the financial committee in the place of Htitchins absent. Moved and seconded that the following bills, audited and approved by the finance committee, be allowed and warrants drawn on the treasurer for the same: Henry Ooolc, labor ..$ 230 (Jilniore & Winkle, coal 3100 Geo C! Turner, labor 4 (iO Naudain Bros, drayago... 000 WmKepler, labor 175 Thos Dailoy, pumping 2625 J F Nicoulin, express *.. 180 A F Dalley. salary GO 00 SStebblns' team •: 5 50 Wm Cook, labor 025 Alex Ross, labor. 2875 Upper Dos Moines, pub. nctices and print 550 A Butchlson, salary and office rent... 51 00 Wheeler Lumber & Supply Co., supplies 8125 William Miller,lighting: lamps 15 00 F S Norton, lumber 22 14 Ohandler Pump Oo, plpo 8351 Rumsoy & Sikemoier Go, supplies... 183 28 A Y McDonald & Morrison M'fg Go. supplies 1,24570 0 E Woodruff & Oo, supplies 18000 James B Clow & Son, supplies ...... 353 -70 , And the following bills were paid during the month of November, by special order of the council, upon approval of the water committee: O &.N W RyOo, freight .$10310 Approved and Paid Nov. 3,1894. Oscar Anderson, labor.. 075 A Anderson, labor. G 75 WmTeiohen. labor. 600 OMDailey, labor.... 7 50 J Kruger. labor 705 Geo Smith, labor BOO Fred Brown.labor .........:... 8 00 R Sechler, labor. ...".... 300 A Ross, labor..... 750 Roy Carpenter, labor r 225 For Ditching 3122 For ditching on West street 3 30 James Lucus, labor 3885 Approved and Paid Nov. 10,1804. WmSteavens, labor..... ..... 1U3 93 J Kruger, labor ... . ...... 900 Fred Brown, labor 900 O Anderson, labor.. — 9 00 0 M Dailey, labor 900 Goo Smith, labor 600 AAnderson, labor.. 9 00 L Nelson, labor 6 75 Ohas Dutcher, labor.....: — 00 JamesLucus. labor..,. j 18 00 WmTelohen. labor. 6 00 Approved and Paid Nov. 17,1804, WJ Steavens, ditching. .. ..... 133 80 O Anderson, labor 6 25 A Anderson, labor ....;......... 6 25 O M Dailey, labor . 825 Approved and Paid Nov. 24,1804. A F Dailey, for men laying pipe and filling ..7 6980 W J Steavens, ditching '.. 6231 Ayes—Wadsworth, Vesper, Garfield, Qordingley, Magnusson, Nicoulin. Carried. Moved and seconded that Geo. C. Call be allowed to place a cellar stair- \va_y in the alley on the east side of lot 4, in block 20, provided that he assumes all responsibility for any damage that may be claimed from the citypf Algona by reason 9f said stairway being so placed. Carried, Moved sind seconded that the finance committee be authorized to investigate the matter of selling the lot and building used to store the hose cart and pump, or to receive propositions to exchange the 'same for the erection of a new building for the city. Carried. • Moved and seconded that the Council adjourn. Carried. .CnAB. A. CorrENOTJR, City Clerk. \Vliy Not Use The Best? When you buy anything why not buy the best, so long as you can buy at the same price that inferior articles are sold for. For instance the W. W. Kimball Co, will sell you a piano or organ for as little money as any reputable house can'that is doing business to-day. Their goods were awarded the highest honors at the Worlds' Fair for superiority of workmanship and sweetness of tone. Every instrument that they put out is warranted to be just as represented. Call oif Manager lowing, at Bronson's and look their stock "over whether you wjsh to buy or not. Just arrived; bought iu Chicago on my way home from the oast. It will pay everybody in Kossuth county to call, as I have the finest stock of groceries that can be bought. Prices to suit the hard times. FRUITS of all kinds of the best quality. Anyone wishing to buy their Flour for the year I will give a good discount and warrant every sack. Salt by the barrel. 'A Do not forget that you can buy more from me v'pr one dollar than at any other store in Iowa. Thanks for past favois, and you will always find me ready to satisfy yon wants in my line. JAMES PATTERSON. COWLES BLOCK, — — s ALGONA, IOWA. The Newest! The Nobbiest! BOOTS AND SHOES Are to be had at - B. H. Anderson's - - At Stough's Old Stand. We have a Great Variety of New Goods that we are selling Very Cheap. Don't fail to "see us if you want the Best and want to buy Cheap. B. H. ANDERSON. State St., Algona, Iowa. .. SPUF^ECK & bAMBEF^T, Manufacturers and Dealers in II ALGONA, - IOWA. We will save you money on the following 1 : Belting of all kinds—leather, Ga'ndy and rubber; complete stock of Engineer's Supplies; Gas Pipe and fittings; Globe Valves; all kinds of Steam Fittings, Hose and Hose Fittings; Oils of all kinds. We have a large stock of Cylinder Oil and Cup Grease a specialty. Large stock of other goods too numerous to mention. Give us a call. Factory and supply house near C. & N. W. Depot. STORM SASH ! As whiter is*%r)roaching and everybody says it is going to be a severe one, would »,' -*t be p, good idea to get some storm windows. I am selling them at prices to suit the times, and can give you any size. Speaking about shingles, I -have just received my third car load of red cedar shingles. Also have pine from $1.50 up. If you want shingles come and see me. I can save you money. ALGONA, R S. NORTON. IOWA. drive to LuVerne. The liveryman'let him have a team, and supposed tbathe 'was going to LuYerpe, Minn, They had no intention of going to that place,- however, but pame direct noraje, fo tbpir fajners'^iace near The County Don't Pay the Freight! represent an outlay . Our patrons may - .-. . £ -~-.- , ;-.-=-T— . TOFBV- ..-....- guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponsible and Incomf dtent persons who have no books, though the county does not pay us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or oven furnish us with stationery. Farm and wildlands fov sale; money constantly on band for farm loans, and furnished Immediately upon application, ' OPERA HOUSE BLOCK. HAY & RICE. TO North Dakota Journalism. he editor ottb'e. Tribune'|8 in re/ ''of'.several anonymous couched, in ^ You fellows, whoever ypu are.* might as well quit if you "expect to bother " " you. I am njot ' " \ If you own a good watch it is to your best interest to have it remain a good watch, and should it need any repairing take it to Mr. Hyde. HQ has has bad over 16 year's practical experience as a watch repairer, and no botch jpb ever leaves his study. Healso-carriesaflne stock of silverware, clocks and watches, solid gold rings and jewelry. ' '".,-j -/Ay*! HYDE/iTlje Jeweler.'--. ' ALGONA, IOWA.

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