Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 22, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1898
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All onrnumnlcaUona Btrictly confidential. Addrcoa \3EAMHthoASTROLOBER, look Box 4O3, Philadelphia, Pa. ' \PSSSS •— () Zarab thi AITBOLOOKK U otrtalnJy aMoaUblaf Uuniandt. Hli wocuerful predlclloni and ttiti are * * v ' • Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS SS TAKES BEST Doth Houses Adjourn Until Jan 4, 1899. IJf A IIOMIMl' IIITMOR. Clnlin. Hill, I'nHnnl In the Hnuiie Nine I'rlvnto fnnnlnn I)HI* Oo iiKh the Nnniitn—l'r..«lili.nt McKln- «y Nuinlnnlm Ktlmu Alti-n Illlclirork To Iln Sni'rofnry of llio In- torlor. WuKlilngton, Dec. 22.—Tiicrc were loss thnn llfly incnilicrH on the floor of the IminpcJIatcly after the rending o£ Hip journal Henderson, from the commutes on rules, reported back favorably the l!alk;y resolution directing Ihe judlrlaiy committee to Investigate nml rojuirt on the riuestlon ns to whether thn mcmberB of the house who had accepted commlRslons In the army dur- 1ns the lute war had by BO doing vacated their Bents In the house He asked for Immedlntc consideration and the resolution was adopted without division. Wheeler of Alabama, Colson of Kentucky, liolibins of Pennsylvania, and Campbell of Illinois are the members of the house who volunteered for Hie Spanish-American war. None of them w.-re present when the Investigation wus ordered Muitthpi-H In Omul Humor. The bill reported from the ways and means committee authorizing the (thlp- ment In bond of Imported merchandise In less than car lots was passed, some miscellaneous business of minor Impor- faiicc was transacted. The spirit of Christmas seemed to pervade the members and a number of small claim bills were passed by unanimous consent, amoiiR them were-. The senate bill to pay Albert E. Kedstone, $1,800 for loss sustained by the .Incorporation of bin pre-emption claim wlihln the limits ot Sierra forest reserve, Tulare county, Cal. Bills were also passed for the relief of Benjamin F. June-/, late post- mastur at Beauregard, Miss., and to provide for holding terms of the district nnd circuit courts at Hammond, Ind. At 1:05 the house adjourned under the joint resolution until noon, Jan. 4, isao. Bunatu l'rm!C4T<llng*. At U:i- opcnlr.K of the day's session of Iho frr.ale CuIIom reported favorably from the committee r,n foreign relations Ihe 1 111 to pri.vido a povcrnment for the Hawaiian Islands. On 1 e'.:alf of Carter of Menluna. who wns absent, Chandler offi-red ,1 rc-Kulut.'on, which was referred to ll:o committee on rules, providing for the distribution of the appropriation bills among the several standing com- mlttci's of the senate an'd so amending the existing rules of the senate as to make such distribution possible. Morgan secured the adoption of n resolution requesting: the president, If not Incompatible with the public interests to Inform the senate whether authentic information Is In possession of this government as to the dissolution of thn United States of Central America. Nine 1'cnslim mils 1'annod. The private pension calendar was then taken up and nine private pension hills were passed. The passage of the bills required a longer time than usual, as the reports In each ca?e were read, on demand of Vest and Cockrell. Several joint and concurrent resolutions were adopted, providing for the Improvement of certain harbors and directing the secretary of war to have surveys and estimates of cost made of various river and harbor Improvements. Daniel then culled from the calendar the resolution of Proctor providing for a. commit fee of senators to .visit Cuba and Porto Rico, with a view to ascertaining the condition* on those Islands and reporting their observations to the senate as a guide for its action. AliHonro of a Quorum, Hale called for reading of resolution and then on Daniel's motion to proceed to the consideration of the resolution, demanded the ayes and nayes. The vote on Daniel's motion disclosed the absence of a quorum, It being ayes 8, nayes .30. The motion was defeated. A call of the senate was demanded, Halo withdrawing a motion to adjourn after giving notice that he would ask the senate to go Into executive session If BAKING POWDER ABSOLUTELY IkiRE Makes the food more delicious and wholesome of salaries. Kach commissioner will receive about J17.000 for his services, nnd out of this he must pay all personal ex. ponses contracted on his trip abroad. Secretary Mooro will receive half the amount paid to each commissioner, and ns his personal expenses were as heavy ns those of the members of the commission he will fare worse than his superiors. SI'RINOKR OOKS TO HAVANA. Will Clcne Up Amur, of Unlt^il glint* Cumulate Oonernl There-. Washington, Dee. 22.-The state department has Instructed Vice Consul CSeneral Springer to proceed to Havana and close tie the affairs of the United Stales consulate general ihere. The consular offices lliroughout Cuba will not be abandoned Just now, but will ba closed temporarily until such time, as through the recognition of the Independence of the Cubans, It may become necessary to resume business through them. The department as yet has taken no steps towards reopening the American consulates in Spain and this probably will be allowed to wait the exchange of ratifications of the peace treaty. In Rear-End Collison oh the Pennsylvania Road, EXl'llKSH THAINS COMK lli-»lili-» llu. Two I'rnpln Killed, Two Men nnil Two Women H'cn« I'lnncil Unwii by Ihe \VriM-l<iij;« lor Two Ilourn Hpftiro the absence of the usual treaties of amity and commerce the status of the United States consuls who will be sent to Spain will be somewhat Indefinite, but it Is not doubted that they will ba afforded proper facilities for the discharge of their duties. Curiously enough, one at least, and perhaps more of the United States consular officers remained at hi? post throughout the entire war undisturbed. The officer was not an American citizen, bufYhat In Itself would not have pyo^cted him from the Interference of nHBKnanlsh officials In the making of Ills a(pai reports to the state department. Another curious fact IB that there was received without Intermission throughout the war at the navy department a Spanish official naval publication which had been on the exchange list of the department. . BUSS' SUCCESSOR NAMED. Ethan Allen Hitchcock To Be Secretary of f the Interior. Washington, Dec. 22.—The president has nominated Ethan A. Hitchcock of Missouri to be secretary of the interior; F. M. Johnson of California to be register of the land office at Marysvllle, Cal.; Richard Lebert of Colorado consul at Ghent, Belgium; Justor Armijo, post- Gravel ^ Composition as ROOFING MA TERIALS M»nuf»otur«J or JOHN M. SBLLBRS, of ^i Louis, WhohM lately roofed Ux» following bulWI Tob»ooo Warehouse, tad Lcmp'c Hr«w«r». Drop a postal to 01 call OB ..outberD Hotel, New Plan ten 1 lioui*, Tbe cheapest and beit rood er»r pa on a quorum should be secured. The call disclosed the presence of forty-seven senators and on motion of "Hole the ecnate at 1:25 p. m. went Into executive session. At 1:40 p. m. the senate adjourned until Jan. 4, 1899. I'AY OF riCACK COMMISSION. Uiicli Mmnbor 1'nyn Ilia Own Kxpeniea Out of Ills Per TJIem. Washington, Dec. 22.—Jt was learned that the American peace commissioners and their assistants have been obliged to pay all their personal expense out of the compensation allowed them by the president. The expense which the government defrayed Included office -rent, stationery, and general expense. Tho hotel bills of the commissioners were not defrayed by the government. As the personal expenses of the commissioners were very high, a comparatively small miiminl was left t^i each com- inlstlono-,- ;;ml each (Hirer of the eom- nilssirn i ut uf :he pr si 'PII "s iilii-tinenI ETHAN ALLEN HITCHCOCK. master at Albuquerque, N. M. The senate Immediately confirmed the nomination of Mr. Hitchcock. Mr. Hitchcock is at present ambassador to Russia. He was appointed minister more than a year ago, and when the rank was raised to an embassy he was reappolnted. Mr. Hitchcock is a business man of St. I^ouls, and was for sometime an extensive plate-glass manufacturer. He is a'great grandson of Ethan Allen of revolutionary fame His ancestors were from Vermont, but his father moved south and Mr. Hltch- oock was born at Mobile, Ala. He is a brother of Henry Hitchcock, a lawyer of note. Senator Proctor, who was In St. Petersburg during the past summer, says he Is very popular In the diplomatic corps and among the acquaintances he has made abroad. E. C. MACK, Corner Shields in i Hotta S rests Alton Blectric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at Low Rates* If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; in' fact any rrechanical application. call on us for «-*tf j • Electric Incandescent Lights, Telephone 93.) ..BREVITY IS THE SOUL U OP WIT.'! OOOD, WIFE, YOU NEED SAPOLIO. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is duo not only to the originality acd simplicity of the combination, but also to the care and skill with which it U manufactured by saieutlilo processes known to the OALIFCWNIA Fia SVRUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the Importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the a-onuine Syrup of V\ga is manufactured by the CALIFORNIA. Fia Svitui> Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist ono in avoiding the worthless imlt/uloub manufactured b,v other pur- tie*. The high standing of the CAM- roiiNiA Fia SYHUP Co. with the medical profession, and the (satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes tho name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of Its remedy. It Is far la advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on tho kidneys, liver and bowel* without Irritating or weaken* ing them, and it does not gripe nor oauioate. In order to get its beneficial effects, ploitse remember the came of the Company— CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. »*irrMUK.*.T. General Merrltt la Washington. Washington, Dec. 22.— General Wesley Merrltt has arrived in Washington nnd called at the war department and the White House and will appear before the war Investigating commission and Inform them as to the conditions attending the campaign In the Philippines, a branch of the subject not exploited up to this time. General Mer- rltt the first of the year will take charge of the department of the easf, relieving General Shatter, now In command. Every one seemed to know of General Merrill's presence as soon a« he entered the building and his reception wherever he went was a mild uva- tlon. Do Hut Hellove (lie Kopnrt. Washington, Dec. 22.— Olllclals close to President McKlnley do not credit the report which has been sent out of Secretary Long's resignation as secretary of the navy. The story gained wide publicity and the reason given was that Mr. Ixjug would retire for domestic reasons. The assistant secretary, Mr. Allen, was mentioned for the place. Fur Meat Iiii|i<>i,'tliiii ut Chicago. Washington, Dec. 22.— Tteproscntatlve T.orimer, who Is a member of the agricultural committee uf the house, has had $CO,000 extra added this year to appropriation for meat Inspecting Chicago This, It Is expected, will' crease the output. 8TOUM CVW A t'JUNNEL. Long itnilreil Wntorway Formed on tlio MHMHUllUIHlllH Coiut. Boston, Dec. 22.— What expert en- elneers had given up as an Inipusslblu task the forces of nature have accomplished Jn a few houra. Between Scit- uale and Marshllcld, on the Mugxuchu- setU coast, engineers have fur u long time considered the possibility of cutting a channel through a neck of land at tho mouth of North river When John Qulncy Adams was president hu looked tho ground over and the national government attempted to make a channel, but failed When the recent storm came It ac- compllBhed in u few hours what goeined Impodslhlu and now there Is a chumif! 260 feet wlda and from thirteen to fifteen feet deep ill low water, felikli every tldo makes deeper. At tin? la-ad of Mui'ljlehead harbor during the storm £00 tons of jiavIjiK stones ivcru lifted by the tide and deposited In a mass on the causeway to Murblehead neck. luuountiliien Killed. Mlddlesboro, Ky., Due. 22.— Advices from Knox county say that three moon- shiners, Jacob Lambmt, On-cr anil an Unknown man were killed and gcveral of their comrades wounded In a battle with revenue ofncors. The olllccrs were nut hurt. of lli<! Item- Tl-iiln Jump In lime to Save Tlu'lr I.ivi-x —One Vlullm n liny. New York, Dec. 21!.—A rear-end collision oceiiireit on the Pennsylvania railroad three, miles from Hallway, which n-Kulled in the loss of two lives and serious though imt fatal Injuries to four persons. The killed are u boy named DC \Volf and $ie of the iolorod porters. About t\venly persons were cut and bruised, and nearly all the occupants oC both trains in collision were thrown from (heir I.erths. The collision occurred between train No. 10, known as the Chicago ami ,\c\v Vurk express, and train No. C, known as the I-Jastein express. When three miles from Hah- way, N, J., shortly b> fore 7 o'clock, the Chicago and Xew York express was flopped, according lo its eii|;.ueer, by signal. I);lNhc<l inli) N'u. 1 0. A rather thick fog i«ivv:iili-.l. Tin- eastern express coming up from I ehiinl at about twenty mill .1 an hum- d.i-li d into No. 10. sendiiiR a baggage lur olT the truck unj crashing Uu-oujili the Pullman sleeper Bru-tholiii which contained fifteen passengers, the Pullman conductor and colored porter. The engine of No. (i did not come to a slop until half of die sleeping cur was kindling wood. The colored porter and a passenger were caught up on the top of thu boiler; their bodies twisted by the debris and badly mangled. The engine of No. 6 was ijadly damaged, and the tender was thrown from the tra.-K Beyond the sma.shlm? of u SuDUx-rn express car and car platform train No. 0 sustained no other damage, and none of Its passengers were seriously hurt. Previous to the .collision. John Vander- grlft, the engineer of (rain No. C. and his fireman Jumped off. U.Ah received scalp wounds. Four I'lnni-d Down by Debris. Train No. 10 was composed of mall and express cars. The Bariholdi was the only passenger car it carried. The rear bag-gage, car was empty and proved but slight Impediment to the engine of No. 0. which forced its way through. The passengers in the Bartholdl were thrown forward, amid broken woodwork, escaping steam and flying- tjlass. The car toppled over on Its side and lay slanting against the bank. The unhurt passengers scrambled through the window. For two hours two women and two men lay pinned down by debris, suffering from their injuries. It was Impossible lo gel them out until after the arrival of the relief train, which came about half past 8. The passengers of both trains were brought to New York on other trains. The engineer of No. 8 blames the thick fog- for the accident. Tile Killed unit Injiirrd. Following: are the names of the killed and injured: Killed—William C. De Wolfe, a clerk (n the accountant's office of the Ohio River railroad at Parkersburg, Va.; 1C, Knight, colored, of Jersey CHy, porter of the sleeping car. Injured—Mrs. Julia Levy, Brooklyn, suffering from shock, Is severely but not fatally hurt: B. F. Mead, Bnx.klyn, lelt leg broken; RKupper, Brooklyn, slightly hurt; Frank Irish, traveling passenger agent of the Chicago and Northwestern railroad, nt Chicago, collar bone broken: J. E. Welsh, 'Jersey City, a Pullman car conductor, both legs broken; J. Vandergrift, engineer, of the second train, of Philadelphia, slightly hurt; C. Xandon, fireman, of the same train, of Princeton, slightly hurt. Filial Full from ll'Win<lo\r. Concord, Mass., Dec. 22.—Colonel Kd- ward S. Ban-ett, national president ot the Sons of the American Involution, was killed by tailing from a window of his home here. lie was about GO years of age. Men nnil IIorHi-H Killed. Dallas, Tex., Dec. 22.—A telephone message just received from Fort Worth, tells of the collapse of one of the lire department stations there. Several men and horses were killed and injured. WHY HI: urrosics iir'itiiows. J'liign-t) divert Ills IteaKimx for OI\J<><:1J)>£ to .Sunulm-'n ](e-uli>t!lli,n. Detroit, Dee. 22.—fjovernor Piugrce has made public his reasons for opposing thu re-ejection of Julius Caesar HUITOWH to the United States senate. The governor denies that in opposing IlijrrijwH he i« ejiileiivorim,' lo usurp the constitutional functions of the legislative department of thu state government or that be Is trying to coei-.-e the members of that body Into electing a senator who In not their Kpimtuncmis choice. The governor charges that Hurrows' twenty years' service In congress lias been one of Inactivity so far as Michigan's inleresls are coneenieil. He arraigns the senator for his alleged shnrtciiiiilngs, and revamps the old charge thai Kin-rows previ-uled Die passage of the Atkinson railroad taxation bill last spring, anil classes htm as a foe to equal taxation. He siiys that lie believes that Burrows' i'e-electioii would be li blot upon tin- eseutejjeojj of MJi-h- Igali. lloliiiili-il lii ll.--.lli by Didi'oUiM. HI. I.olllH. Dec. L'2. -David Hhi-ii, an ex-convli I, deliberately committed Mil elde In ii rooniiiiK house by shontliu; himself In the bead In a pathetic/ letter left liy Shea .-mil mldres.seil to the editor of The I'nst Dispatch, he suy.-i be was driven to death by a private dcteellvo iigcm-y as a result of being hounded by llu- ai;<-ncy. Khe.-i declares he wan unable I" obtain work to aiistafn himself lioiu-Hlly and be decided lo die. I'ri'tiili'l- Siiuuitu IH Itnller, Miidi-ld. Dec, 22. Prime Minister Ha- gflfit.*, w)>.> brtB been III. Is improved, but Is Hllll eonllneil to his room lie conferred during the day with Kenor Montero lllos. president of the Spanish commlsHiiinerH, Many generals and piylllldan.M IIHVI; called on Mitruhal IJIaiico, late captain general of Cuba, who has just arrived from Havana. Ho will be received by the u. lie en regent shortly. Philadelphia. Dec. 22.-Wllllam Ktecle former Vnslilcr of the wrecked chestnut Stiv-ft National bank, has been (-vn- tcm:cd by .Indue Duller In the United Slates district court lo six ypiirn and filx months' Imprisonment and a $300 fine, Rleele waa convlctoil of conspiracy, with the late William M. SlriRor- ly. ptcKiilcnt of tho bank, In making false entries In the bonks and false reports of the bnnk'M condition to the comptroller of the i-ureticy, and In misapplying thn funds of the bank New Trial for K. s. Droj.-r. Chicago. Iiec. 22.—Kdwnrd S. Dreyer, former treasurer of the west park Ii'ianl, who H-»B some time ngo convicted In the criminal court of Cook county nf fHlling to turn over to h| s flllc . cessor MlC,<:flO, thn money of the park board, has been nintiled an order by the siii-rerne court reversing the verdict nnd remanding tho care for a new trial. >)r. tlnnilllon Not Improved. KlKln, Ills., Dec. 22.—The condition of Dr. John V. Hamilton, who was operated upon for peritonitis Monday evening, has not changed materially. His attendants think there Is one chance In a thousand for his recovery. Doctors nre In almost constant attendance and his family Is at his bedside. Wo »re prnpired l(J ,i, ow „ largo »«Borfment of . 7 7 of all klnda and prices. Lace Curtains, Porliers, Table Covers. A.Neerman&Son. OVERCOAT SALE have Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. \Ve Do you get up a with a bad taste In y, headache? Is there your mouth? Then you have a poor appetite and a weak digestion. You are frequently dizzy, always feel dull and drowsy. YOU have cold hands and feet. You get but little benefit from your food. You have no ambition to work and the sharp pains of neuralgia dart through your body. What is the cause of all this trouble? Constipated bowels. Ayer's PILLS will give you prompt relief and certain cure'. Koop Your Blood Fun. • If you have neglected your case a long time, you had better take flger's sarsaparllla alsT>. It will remove all impurities that have been accumulating in your blood and will greatly strengthen your nerves. Wrllo Iho Doctor. Thero may bo something about your easo you do not quite under- ataud. Write the doctor freely: tell mm bow you are gutterlm;. Toil win promptly receive the beat medical advlco. Address. Dr. J, 0. Ayor, JUwel], Maas. 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will sell for the next 20 days REGARDLESS OF COST. We must clear them out and it will pay you to come and price before you purchase. Model Shoe & Clothing Co. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, And invite you to inspecc our line of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our prices lowei than ever before. For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of - ' J. SUITER 210 \k. Third Street. SON FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. ' M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st ifiiftli Orili.-1's' for Lfic-oinot JvfiA. Chlcsigo, Dec. 22.—On account of the constantly Increasing traflic of the Chicago Great YV'c.BUrn company it has placed a rush order with the Baldwin Locomotive works for ten large ten wheel engines. Of these one-half are cylinder compound and Ihe other half are simple engines. The engines are of 165,000 pounds weight and will be capable of hauling almost any load which can be put behind them. They are for delivery early in February and the order will probably be followed by another one for live or ten engines of the Faint' large capacity. The Oreat Western will also let contracts next week for 700 new box cars. Hli-ilini'r Kpti-lmm IN 8uf», Milwaukee.. Dec. 1".'.—The steamer W. H. Kftr1ia.m, Captain W. J. Carter, coal laden from Jiuffnlo to Chicago, (ears for \\hnHi- safety were entertained, has arrived safely at Chicago. A nu-mbi-r of the cn.-U' of the steamer lleiiiiepin which arrived in Milwaukee, seeing Die published slory about the missing steamer made thu statement that the Kelehain was si-en to seek shelter behind I'ltim island, between Detroit and Pilot Islands, on Sunday, The nii.-n uf (In.- lli'iiin-plii came to the com lusluii that she had become slightly di.-'llbltil. lti<|iiil'leil Sal,. (,l (|,i- Alton. New Viirli. Dee. i':.'.— n IN nimmnio.ed on Wall Htn.ct that the rhlcugu and Alton Hallway company h.-is been sold to tin- I'lilim 1'aeille, Missouri Pacific and Iliillliiiure and nlilu Interests. The /Irst natiied Is said to Id- In the majority. It Is- s.iid that the sale was made ut 17!. on the siocli. The |ieiyniine| of the iiu-ii Kiippusi-d to be Inii-i-i'sti'd Is not mciilliined. When ai-'li.-d n-gariling this ivport, <;i-orgc (Juulii. |>resi(l'-iH of the Mlssniirl Piu-iiir, rel'iis-.-d In talk. Ani'»teil fur I>i-»i-i-||iiii. Mi.netl, Mi.., Dr.-. :2. - Israel McAuley, pi'li-dte, company K, .<<•,•,;IK| regiment, MlKsnurl vo'uiilciTs, was airisti-d In-fi! fur deserllm; bis regiment at Albany, (.!a. Captain lfaii|.p nf coiiipaiiy K telegraphs that uilbeiH are now en route to Mom-It nnd Unit .McAuley will have In serve a lei Ml III Die l.eaveuwnrlh, Kttll., pl'iMHI. Fuilml (iiillly lit l-:iiiliii//b-iiii-iit, I'iiitilnii, Dee. I';'.- Tin- Jill) III the case of W. S. Jewell, formerly piesldcnt of the Lake National bank of Wolfhoro N. II., charged with the i-iubi>xr.leiiicnl of Jjri.iii.n. sulil in have lii-en I'oiiimlltci while n-Mling i In.' iiifHlrn of the lunik, blollKbl In a veldlel of guilty on till opvulni;', of Ihe circuit court. Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsiils, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alw«y» on band. Also.I] Dealer In Cement, Lime, Sand and Piaster Paris Side Trccki Running Into the Quarrle*. ' ' ALTON, ILL, Telephone No. 31. Residence 6a8 Alby •t J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and EmbalmersJ •*+ Second 5treet.J Opposite City Hall. 7. W. BURQBSS, GROCER, Cor. Sixth and Alby sti Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwhear, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, etc. Telephone 69. Free Delivery to Part of the City. any Vale university nci'iim-^ the i milieiiKt' to debate Issued by thu Unlvurstty of Wisconsin on the Kiound that three such contests In thu corn-Be of a year would pruvu too great a vti-ulii on thu debater*. For Rats, Mice, Roaches, and Other Vermin. IT'S A KILLER. After eating, all vermin ictk water and Iho open ftta j tvnc« Ihll killer It the inukt cleanly un earth, For Sale by nil DruKtliU. Price, IB C«nU. m W10N fl JNUPAOTUfilNG & CHEMICAL CO., 9t WUItam Street. Mtw Y«rk. No! it is not claimed Foley's Honey and Tar will cure CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in advanced stages, it holds out no such false hopes, but DOES truthfully claim to always give comfort and relief in the very worst cases and in the early stages to effect a cure, For safe by E Marsh and S. H.;

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