The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1927
Page 3
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, Charles iMenzle. the little son of |' •Mr. and Mrd. drover Mtiizie. who '. TH^ lOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENIXG. MARCjI 8. nrath of MTF . Frank Weston.l [WOMEN'S CLUBS J»rs. Ella \Veston. wife of Frank, i wjni n' \tl?l?TTXTr' has been ijliwith a severe cold, is! wvston. pusseU away this morning! ! !S\\JLiU ^ IVJSU reported better .todtiy; . j a» 11:40 o'clock at her home. 711' j • — I— — ! ; North Uuckeyn street. The funeral (The tUy Feilemtlon En^iigini; Ac- .Mr. and .Mrs. .). <>. .M-yi-rs. 714 arninfiemtiit^ '••viil be announced' ;;tii«ely in Work for Clflc Soiith Washington siveuii.'. .-jx-nt i itk ;i later edition of the Register. .Sunday with tl:<-ir daiipht -rr. .MrK. i iHwrold \Vtbl)er and fiiniily; i ' Mrs. Fred Luntz and daughter B<^prinent.' Mrs. DelU XelsoQ of Kansas Cityi >>-ho carae down Saturday uigtt for, a wieek end visit witii hi-r mother. MrH. Lenora' Porter Fori aiid with 'her two Kons. Har- -uld and MorriK Nelson of 216 North Cottonwood stree.t betanie ill soon after Hhe arrived here and will be . unable to rettirn lo her work in KaiiKas City j'or several days. — Dr. (1;. S. I>anibeth. Siirpeon. Office j)h<)ne ^.'ifi; Kes. phone 61.')J. B. K. Rogers.'iwho h»s been quite ill at hi.s home.U'US West Uougla.«. \: roport.ed better. At the City Federation c|f Wo- hi\k.x Of Humboldt were business | raen'.s Hubs meeting ye>ierday 4ft- I vi.s;t'jrs iir lola Saturday. |iernpoiii in the .Masonic TemDle, — 3 which ! was presided oier by the i . , Mr, an<l .Mr.'i. W. S. Teague. of |president. .Mr.-. Charleb F. Scott, Mr.'?. C. D./CiinnlnKhaiii of loia iaHarpe. who went ifc Texas last Mmportiipt reports were . given - by —Dr. A. B. Twatjell, Osteopath. I Hvti Globe BIdg: Phone 191. Mrs. Pearl .McCallen ^TuiKa. Okta., is spending the week here with her daughter, Mrs. Geo. C. Dalgarno. jr.,. and .Mr. Dalgaruo of \t,^r^n^n' ?^riv!^ IT .^M^fv visitiii< lie'r" n.oi'he7."".M'rs.'" .Ma"ry t 5e<*mi>er to speiid the wintei- with 'the' vaHou.s working committees, af^^o^t u! sp;nd the' end """i^- T'^^ka. , • ih.-ir sou. returtH'! home ye^te.^ I, Mrs.j .1. W. Hesser. r,,alrman of ! 1927. . . _PAGE.THRE X .Mrs. in the home of her sister. Dalgarno. I They Willi remni hum Sunday afternoon. tfer if.-;tle3 of the \ Stile, sh§ said. .Sihe; touched on the' wor£ of wopeh in the State - legislature andj recommendcsd sap«rvi.sor? of rWTea'ticn grouC'l.s as :ona of the l) \l-3y'5 to prevent cle!inqui-nty am<i.ig children.! All oj the largi-r cilits maint.-iiu eupc-yfi?Jor.s 01 p.ay groimd.-. A: the close of-the tcrogram tiie soc al rommlitop. with .Mrs. 1'. S. Mitl-hell ihairm&ii. served r>'fres!i- meiits to. a large nuniijer of wo- meii, and the meeting yas in eviry respect u gratifying .«uctess. -Vew of — If yon' want a home at a low rale of iiiKr'St anri i wish to avoid monthly ; paynienlj^. see Stewart A: Funk. 01 iv. . vi:.i !e(| lii-r luoiiur, . MIH. '! .\lc<'()>•. Dv .-r ih- «fvl; loani on your; ~ ... . ;;i!ija r.-port haviiig greatly enjoy-j better j libraries, .-(Lholarshli/ loan ,! >IXRR AUTO SUPPLY'^ Colony. Knn.-:as tjieir long visit In the warm ; fund ajid public kifidergartens, A- ' .Voiiii Mrs. Louis Talniadgf 'if C!lii<ai;o 'ari-ived Sun<Iay f(*ra viMt. in th-Thi» Fred J. Smith familv. who-;'i"""*? of her .«i.>;f-r. .Mrs. 1^ I., dart moved to Pueblo. Colo., last Sep-["and family of SU North i W,''.-;hinx- tember. ha\-e Jeu-sed a camp Eround | ton, avenue. \ ;it I'ueblo and plan trt' have it, r';a(ly for the .summer tourist.s. ^I'Si -It is Ijetter to buy (hat Marathon Tire now. than, to wish later iliaf you "had. Tire Repair Shop, lie'Jackson. ^ For W »iJn< .sday morniii; 'i;.;v ir nil Uv il {/• lojk - n-i 1M uiltifiil ChUlnii ami Cfc.;-.;- •t'e S< arfs ;!i l!ie T.'-v.'sriHim ii;-.>u-! sii.'iiics. : {'-.IV-Lf \ I iilii;i< li. ! '-J hmii-^ only - ! .•j 1 .0(1 Kaeh I • ";(niat- tJlaf pret^ails iu the lower I itortedj that lola's ; public library- r;i'.. tliani'.e vallek -.was liBied iu thf HL -cond class li-: ' ' -+ I • ;brarie.-| of the Stat.- and that ill Tj .Mrs, G. \y. I.etSer. of Blsmbre. • wa.s tljU forty-seconii library in ef-'.w.i.-^ wh., bet-n ver.^- poorly for some : licienc^ on the list, the library atM;- . t;:iie pu-t remain* abmit the same. • Sterling. Kansas. being first if'ir ' T.'i.r*-se.-iiis to bij very little if any atnong' ;i :-!>riiv .-;iiei!t in tier condition. class. CHANGES OWNERS libraries of t!ie second ,• I'-as The schola-shii) loan fund > wil nore siildent - !ru^- !')!a iSiisines.s'Collene tixlay. of was dijcussed and tiie jiublic kin- I>ro1he 'r-in-!aw of C. L. Hoyt- of s ••nrolled at dergarrienss touched upon. ;!•.•-• i.Sviuiicate Oil t'oriKtration. le Marr Auto Supply Cuiiiiiatiy transft'i'red vcstl-riiay frojif |rsf .Miirr.- wiio ha^ own-d it Iniany years, to .-\. K. WoH.s of •lordan, Michigan. .Mr. Wells be best iiLrhtified ht--• ..sit-i-. \.. Hoyt- The jchild welfare committee, ticu i with .Mi-ff! C. v.. Sji. n< -r as ci;air- l>'-r 316 i man. wjas reportnl doitjg active Louise Smith, a rcgist-rcd I niirsej of Cherryvalc. who has been I in lo a on a i-ase. left on| liie oil last night for Carneit wh«-r. '•«'-••«'••'•' i she will take charge of a-ca-e. ' ~~ — Harry Bogt-n and -loliii -ilnst like Angel Food Cake, of B.-iii.-l neigiiborhood « LoweU) Jackson ' is confined to i Hoozer's Bread. 2 for 15c. his homij at G02 North Walnut ! , , . str..eton' account of illness. ! . ^\ )} • •'•"'1 i 1 ocum of Colony were lola busi- •' .Mr.«-: Gleft HIldeLrani of i:ar-nett h ^'^s _^''--*-»<»'*-* .v'-'^^r.lay. . . , ^. i;,.„ih ."-~.T v.-=.o i-^ spending a few days with her i j,. ' „ , - iti,.-.,! .t i- L - i .-M .„i, ^ 1 MISS Bes.sio .-\vt-ry VHited ov.-r il'-bc-'-o .11 11,- k t-in ii;' 1:1 ^ 'tl-li^'week ejid with her p.irfnl-=. l-as nio-.e.i hi-^ i;iii!iiy •,, ; • ! ..Mr. and .M.-s. Charlie Avt-ry and . <off'-y villi-. Tli.y ar.> r-si-linu 'family of Bt-thel-district. '^"1 .S'^;nii WasliinuTiin .Ivi-. UAMSAVS Av. ry • Sun<l::y ait-moon ciUers a;' tiv- iMim- oi Their aunt and lun If-. .Mr. and .Mrs. R. .M. .Viianis or 71'; .N'nrtii W.i;i;;it'str.->-t. ariy Wyll known anioiitc iii-nio: tile lola Counrry Clu'o lola KUvani^ Ciiib. •: .Mr.' AVeUs is ihakins !M chLir;-.;; :ihe i)rei:eiitj at U -.i^r. in rii. Heath of .\. Swlseelt. A. Swiggett. father of C. A. Swig- i|;eft. pxssi^rt away this morning at ') o'clfx k at his home iii "iVheeler Fteiglus. following a stroke of apop- !-.xy: Th"^ funeral hdui* will be unn6 ;ince<l as soon- as a daughter fro.-ii Wa«h:n;iton state arrives;. .Vrs. Jfary O'Dell DeadL Mrs. .Mary O'Dell died last nighCl ^about liK.SO, oclo<k at, th" home of f her daujsrhter. -Mrs. AVili Smith, (n North Main street, ('.as. The fuii-=| eral- will b^ held a; tiro Sleepft; Service Kooni Friday afternoon it-l il' |)'i-l0(-k. Mr..and .Mr.s. C. C. Robert.son of; Mr. and .Mrs. K. .V. M;-Co.rmat)k 16 .S.ot- street have .sold their i rtnd W. K. North of .Moniii v.e propHrty in lola, and have moved i husiness vir,iiur-< iu loia •;o.l;iy. t^i (!:'-ir .siibiiruin iiome east of --. Cas •.vherc I h-y'liave a two acre Th" .Mt-rrynjaii. faPT••^y. w'.iohaie tract .iind will raise chiikens.. .Mr. bo-n liviiiK on the .1. W. Cloijdj! Robertson wlii cuntinue his work , rami li>r the past yvar and half,-' al th" Kl'-in lui!ibei>yard. .have moved on a farui !o;i:- Vf-Tam —. • ; Mr. aiil -Mrs. Cbnid Miav i"oy4d Mrs. Wil! Burke^t and daughter, j lia<k to their fariiK l.iiuir.- of Stark. Kans. ar>? visiting I ' — tli-ir inoiiur :,nd Rrandmother. | Jjit -k Filmonds, :i b.rirl'i.-r at the "»irs.,.M. |r-.v:;i oi IVZ Si>utb Syra-j Portland .Shop, sp.-nt .-5iiinUiy with t::or.- street. ' i fri»-nd> in -Mildred. 1 r !<-nis. .Mr. and .Mrs. B. E. Rog• rs. :;is West-Douglas. • t!l- nr.-. roi.s For Wednesday niorriing only from 9:.J0 to 11 o'clock— ino h.-anliful Chiffon an<l Georgette Scarfs in the new«;pri'«!; oastel shiides.'fringe trimmi-d. ior I • . hours only —i \ ^l.tMi i;arli RA^:;fAy:s I • •- jt —nr. Fred :Woodbury, graduate r'-.ciwl cur Re! foot specialist. Treats corns, bun-; Kiver Oiiio S.-'.--! Potat.x-. Thi' ,! ions.Weakened airhes. etr. .No extra i pricf is r -L 'ht:" ^-tt jo.irs no-.v. ,i charge for residence calls. Phoue i Hughes (Iroiery. no.-th s:,i- s (Mi ;ire, 300. 217West ^kladi.son. riioii"' .'loG-.'inT. Ollr..and Mrs. K. H. Gorroll.aiid , n of Centt -rviile. Kansas wer.- usiiie*<i,.vislttori In lola over the r*^k ^ml anrl.Tjfilttd .Mr. Gorreils ^•^fuedther,^J;!. ,G.,'f;orre!l and .Mrs. , •Gorrell of .''i:'.4 fioulh Tiiird street. . -~\ _ I William .'o!iu-/.ii' of li rahel Alexander.! who has ond sn.-r i.-ii fh;- moiii.i: ;iiiliili..ili. Iiiwa. Dr. and .M^rs. I). I.. irn-ii,r drove ii;i iniMi ( ii:!:!'.!!'- .uid -[.-- M .Siii|,i..y wilji liie doctor'- pa:i-iii . .Mr. ^aiiii .Mr.s. "W. 1,. li.iip -M-. u: t,., Kn!;. r :-. jiai !.H'-iir-. .Mrs. H.fnriHtia Knglish. Soutli Tiiird street, who has been • work, assi.stiisg in the ba!jy din-: • .u ^ti- !il for sevt-ral days remains ics beii g lielil in liie iiiifi-ie;ii,: for .i:.oi :i til.- sui!!'-. ;.-chooIs by Or. MayiifU..- True, of, iiers^jtinel of rii.- .-.hop and wiil^ — : Kansas City. an<l .Miss f'auuteiie 1 coutJiiue to opt-ral..- tiie liiisi:;. s-'. ilai-.ilil Sniiih. of the S. S. Gro- Bruce, city school nurse. • al(.i'.t the sam.- lims a-, ir iias al-i ^ ' ;y. has jjonw tti Oklahoma City- The -ity improviimr-nt co.mmitr ^ ^^ heen operat.-ii. He wii! also Il vi>i.\ his wife and son for a few : charge,of .\1 TS . A. A. .MosiVt-f. ' caiuijnue ii!;dt-r ciit.- firnk name 01 dMvs. chairman, is proiiioting a pri^e: the j-Marr Auto Supply Co.nipany _ i<ouu-st among tii.- <hildr<.-n of the''"-"" M '"*^ i>re.-ent. • ' - • —Try U once—you will bare no '"^^'n f^r the best flower bt-ds arid | -^'r'r -Marr announces no jclans ather. Van Hoozer'a Bread. piirt-h iio.xes and th>- federation f'"" '["• lutnr.- so far as iie t-^ con— ' v.itvd |i 'M >i) for awards iu liiis ''•'•.in't'' il"-rsonaIiy cXi-.-pt riia: lie 1;. A. Gorsuch. of "'^'Tk. ! ; wii! i--;ay in loia until th.- first of K..:;-;!'. <a!in- linwn y.-iterday f >r -Mrs.-'W. H. Ai;.i.rson stressed ••'"'>'I ar.d j.t)ssil;ly perraaut-ifliy. :i vi-.r WTtii li .-r parents. .Mr. and iniprov.Mi metliorl of^garltage coi-; 7— .Mrs- .Marsh of :; OIN South tins |by the city and the import-; j.Mary .Maxine lhiiralM -r>i. i'.uki-y.- .street. She returned ke.»ping g.ii-bage cans cov- Mai-y .\i.ix;::.- Ciiar-ibi-: s. oijiy iii'.-i:.- iliis ;M';»-rnoon. ered atjall times. .S.'ie thougiit t;i._" ''l^iUf: it. r of Clinton and .Mjini- — fordinatsc aguin^t sjiitting on side- '*<'fS' wis born a^-ar hi\<i. I.. W. Tr;i(-fwell and family have ; «iilks siiould be .-strictly. enforced. : i'^^:'^;'-''- -'"ne IN. llil.'. and di ni..v.-(! fi..:n Ralston. .Vebr.. to .Al-j''"''ei; her co nmittee llie city lya-j-^arc bin <i)iinty andare loiated on a ^'•"fi-j given tpe<ial mention. Tiie \ !'it :>I| f;n:n four miles north of Gas City.: f'-'leriiljioii Js; tremendously, inter-! 'i'l -iK -e -A -.-ll tradeil for this fartn e.-tfiilia bettet' water for lola and ' i.i.-t !!!';| 1 )U! has recentlv got . •^•'"s. !.-\,ndersotJ said' tiiat notli ng j l'^' I'•.lss:^^ on arV lier parmrs. p...--.---inn .if i|. H." i-; employed ''"'I'l'he lion.i !•. iniprov.- tie- < ity '"'o ( T ..tilers, cnnton .Ir.. an.! iit: pliiHib 'T :il I,:I.- K. C . Kb-i tri>- •"" '"Hi'h as tii^ in-railing of a .-oft 'I'' l{oh':-r;. ie r giandjiar.-uts. V.-:. I':;:i:rbinfir C"-' wat.-r .4y »m.! and |.Mrs- W. H. .Mniiii.y. i:- : Ccnhpwiy DRY GOODS-WOMEN'S WEA^-MILLINERY •OLA - KANSAS il 'lli :;7 at St. .fi .hn's ho-i- She was 11 ye.yr.-, !t mon;i;s lit; tiay.s of agt-. H.;r"lov.--I whose hearts are. mads- .s;i'l W. L. Hns.on .,f Kaunas ( il.v is j ,,p^„ visiting friends her.v for the ..-r.- f.,r^ a few .lays bu.vnes.s v.stt. we.-k. has reiurnHl to h.-r I- .-ante down .,n the..:.,., .satrta ,,„„,^ j„ f,,^,,; ,' ' 1- .- Ia^t rv.-nliig. . ; ling -4 -^lis.r \ Kaii> and .Mi-- Cl.-ir;i r .:!i-s. Kalpii I,.-.- i.f th.' Fi-yntz '''•"^^"•:--"i"-rvisors music in !!i" ">,j!iai <•". -p.-ist .Siindav in Fort schmis -pok.- in t!i.- -illllg. ^ .Mr. K. norilin.iiij-p.;iii. Siiii.l.iy w.di liir,. par. iils-jip Vat "-H t '.'iil.rr. .(•|.-\fi MillJii-r), I'llil.. Hiitif nit^ilil.- fi)i siri'i-l atiil Hilling, . iil.,i-fiil 1 i.inblnaiioi} i)f :Hilk. ^Iiaw . M<t t.'li: K.iily chooSiiijjj h ud vlM-il. Wal.b our lorttaiu windows I li' < .\ .-.'k, I .Vllliwnry. ' ' IslMoMt (t;ili.'i-. wlio>li;js bi.-n ab- .i .iii ironi jiiiiiiir liiKh s'huol on iH-rniiiii iif 111"- ni.'.i'»l. s. i.-MiMi»'di Iu • linHJ M.iiiday. ( iiarlic Ailams. V .I10 lives near Miiiiib.ilill, visited over Saturday aii'J Siind.iy with his jiarents. Mr. anil .Mrs. R. M. Ailanis and brotli- er. Roh.-rt .Adams nf 7Ii; .Ni.rth Wain lit sir<-i-t. »• • Freshen Y«jir Garjuenfs . ' . fi.r S],ring Wear by dyeing. " t'lill lis for information. * f • • V. II. LKAVKJ.L. «. I). • fliierlal atteotloo given Dig- * easeg of <:ol.jn aiud Re(,-tnuj. • Klectro-Tlierapy aiiU . • Pliyslutherapy; | • Officii Jola Siai.= Bank JBIdg. • Phones - J17 and 7tj5. *, \ i • • I — .\r- vdii ,t.-yi;ig for; llie K. liator iKIectric Rifric /ralur'.* I'M -.-' ! .s. K. C. !•: . . (1 1. I'I .i III 111 11;; « o. V, itl»>. h.-r iiu.>band wii., is "'• :lie| Ciry Litrl,- Sym- i.MlK-- '.v.oU at ihat ph..-.-. phony .f.iniiagl.i lola Fri.liy ni;.-;!: of riii< fU'.-. k ilii'l.-r til.- aiisjiicis ..1 • .\ii .in :.-y .\. R. KiitK-bt is in ; '-' • on liii-.iii.-i gran.|:iio[h-r. .Mrs. .^larv' K. Cliurii- l»-r-.| a' area! (jraii.lfc.tli.'-r. . I niu i. iiail It :il..l - an.l io;il' a.uits. .\ia:;:i:.- • >i ie-. n Wiji fur hint; ;i :i.-- i.iil i )'--ii .Hit of iur v.-rai lii 'iiitli .-l l '.'.['!'r .!i :iO!is • nlusii d-partnit-nf of : -'•[""i"'-' nia -l.S fur !i.>j- ;.. t 'ii :.r :.-ciio .dsJ ami i;li.- Feder.i'tiou vui -d'^' s.inatoniini ;'ouii. ; 'I ;:ti .--.';;.y !-$:'r. iMi fjir pri/i - 1.1 b.-giv.n to tii.} 1 """""1"^' :''in.-d to iitiiC .Ml - • I'MiKi lliill. > aod uM tt li.i h-.. uiii II I.I |.. 1 ,1 1 .1 •, ..'llini' villi ,li-,l* .11;. !• : lu! ml': Mr -:i..l Mr • I Ij.i •. • .. T. • I - : , 'I I Noi III |-''ili Ml .•-•li; -O. L. COT . .V. 1)., Spe.clalUt.- Kye. Kar, .N'osu itu-l Throat. • Mis^ JCi ll .-i S' .it'i M.i of rrb-iids ill ('lia (iiii .-j w.-.-k ••nil. III.- 1-.11." I 0'..|- till • Ml. a I.. I Ml K:ili-;.. • r-- l .i|: ill. •-. •. r.'i 11- in .l-.!,i .Mr. and .Mrs. Itu-^seii Ii.'iriiuili of •^24 .Kast Jackson avriiae -ii.-iit Sunday with .Mr. pa rn., Li's sir-t. r. .Mrs. 1 -S -a .Mclutvre." 1 j —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, (ola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. Mrs.MauilA Ledfoni of .\..rili i Wainui stri^et, wim has I1.-.-11 vi-ry , ill with I 'ltK^ |Iu. is ri-;iurtt.-il bet- .4lde<><)n Cleaners * Phouet lOr. * i ;liver ' ('ook. Ixjoking agent for till' HOrner-Redpaih .Artists cours^j of Kansas Ciry. was a business visitor in loia today. • •'Mrs. W. M. Baysinger left today for Cherryvale. Kan., to visit her d .TiiEhter.' .Mrs. A. R. Dennison. —H- C. Temple, special repre- faiiiily. . s.-ntative of the Radium'Ore R.- 1 \i^at()r Co. <»f Sau Francisco. Calif..} will be in lola Wednesday. March• :•. If you are suffering from rheu-.i ]ii:itisni. kidney or stomach trouble, or un> ciironic ailment that does liii readily r.^spond to available treatment, he has valuahle infor- ni.ition for, yon. lO.igW for appointments. Miss Viol.'i Fr<-eniyn w.-nt to .• IliMuboldt today for a visit with ''li.-r bioihei. Ceorg.- Freeman anil lamily. ' .1 ,1, H. Kirk drov -H to Topekn and lj; city tii.liiy on ,liu>ilnetiii, Ife <|\(ll<M !o lie KUI\i- 111/- |i-St <lf till- iii-«-k H you Wiiiii III hnv or build a Twiiii.-.- "ilj.- lola lliillding A'- r.oan ...^-•.ii.ldiloii will loan you th'- iiion- »iv i'HHy ii-ims. no commissions. Oi ;.':inlz.-d In )'<'*.*.. .Now loruK'd "•l' .•oriii-r of .H <|ii;ire. <;. K. Ij '.-s. ^S .M --y. Whyhiotj'a Atarallloii. .Tire? '•'llHytakf the ir^" .o;it of "tire noriies. Tire Ri-palr Shop, 110 l^:a-t Jacksoii. PhjMie 146. t.-r today. i^William Dawson is r.-ported qtiite ill at his home of the city.. ; . • ' —Just i-eceived a car 01 R.-il River Ohio .-^eeil Potatoes. Thi- price is right: get yours now. Hughes Grocerv. north side sciuare. Phone .^<,'e-r>'.i7. , c . Mr. and .Mrs. L. L. p.rowning i Mrs. Frank •^Ie•snl:;ll r.-:;:r:..-ii i" wen; to Chanute on tiie noon train j her hoih- in .Itlarnett y. s'.-rd .iy." to .spend a few days with their ; H«^r daugliter. Mrs. Krn.;st Va:;\Vy.>, daughter. .Mrs. Mary Butjh^r • and ' accompanird her home for a week's vrsit. T .Mi--^ Flu -i.' .\)iii-i,|-.-.-. v. • !i -'n ill V iiii I :iii :. Iu i.-tiirn 10 si -l .uiij .Mui..l.i;, SouHiueslerii I!ell Telepln .iie ( >iMii>:iny Tnem} -Sen-Ill|i llhideii .r '!'!; • r- liular -niar-'-riv ''iv:- .1-r .-i ..f <iiu- .iolUir .•if:.v-ii. •• . . p-r un I 'K -lVrr;-! Siu:k •.cii! c . •' <>:•: Ki!d;iy. Ap; i! 1. 1 -.'T. "u -I'Ji 'k Il 'jl.I.'! - o: • .•••rsl '.i* I: clos.-: of ii.l.-hi..-- s uii .<,.:;!r- <l:.y. :.!:,r.:i I'-j V.<2:. 1:. .\. N:CKK;:SIIX. |! i-; 11 i'.i.l.|.;'.tii' iii.iil.- a tiii-i|i.--s •••I'-Ut Muuiiil (Mv Idiliiv fiii- Ih.'i ;.h M..i .,r(...- i'ii'- ii..iili.-r luiiii-.- -.1 n-.,iiiiil.-i 1 It ij,.. r.-:..|', |.,r ilu- I1..0.; :'h'l .i ;iii-. .1 IIII;IIIM-I - i!i.- t.>.'iii;u- .iiii-l.i . ,ii>' i.-;i.iy til »'.:•..- Mo- li-'M . .'plJUl I illlil_. Ill hil.-. .ML --. Sli-Ila liili .-iiiick iiiid cliil- •li.-.! !iiw- I11I .-..-.I ii-.iiii 4"l N.irlli TII.MI -II.-.-I I.I -ZIV S";ii!i •riiliil 1- X'.::\\ lia. 1 i-M-il til. .lid .l.-.-s M -v. ii! .sli.if -ti .ip liiiililing on riu.i .iA .iy ;tnil uiil. ;| 1- hiid. :'-.'.).iii oo-i' iiiiii-.f ci.-aiii and -•iai|.-i;l^ i:i ili.j niU-iic .-lediioiy ron- ; I.--I v.!iich is; l,.-|ng li. pm- iiiuii- iiijit-i.- ailpr.i iut;i|iii! ' 'I'll'- li.-inaiiiiJ.-r of tii.- liiii-- was i i-'.v-'ii Ml lie- ;tiu-.t.-.-.-•-- v\ !io w.-r" lilt- ii.j-iniii.r • • 'it l:i'- W.iiii.-n's t'iiri li.iii T-ii|ir.-ra;ii .- I'lijoi!. and aii.-r iC] pi.iiii. .-.'i.-i-rion by .Mi=s Kii'.l.i. (ii".ii liii.l ajviicjil s'du by Mr- .V] it l".iiIi.-<.:. .0 ' uiiiiMiii. 1 ' l.y .Mi-'.| <;i. .t;i. .Mr--. I.iliiiin . .M. ' .Miti:liii. r. st.i .• piiisid.-n: uf-tii-- W. C. T. i . .-|iok - ..11 •ili-tt.-r .Saf- iiiujy .Mu%;.-s ti.r fliililr.-n.' .".1;-. .Mi!iiii'i-i said iiuu ;li- c.-n- -••!• I.ii.i:/i! i'l- niu'ving pictui-.-s -:;.ii|lil li.-v.r In- aljofi-it'd and liiat III.- W. 'C. T. r. 11.1.1 let- II insi!^- ml ntal in )irts.-iil;ng la-.- bill to almiisli !th.- • '11 -or-Uip from g.'i- lijig till^ou-'il lli.-' lus:. I..-gislaiUre.' AI ,s. (-has. l;.,i-l,.-r of W North i ^''l' ''•'M' '';i-rd -sfieet. wliii !ia.- lit-. 11 v.-ry ill :l r.-,i.ill. .1 li .-IH-.- :uci ;r.. •.!.-. liarcus i.f Cliantlt.- .-:i';;i:ii l.>: a .•'lion vi -ii Willi lola iri-'cd.iv . nrr ..ut.- i. 0111c from Fur; ."s- iii; wii .ri- sh.' had been on }ii -!P -Mr-. Bar. ii> is sponsiir- i:;- ;l :i- ("ji .-.tiiiti' .-XrtisTs (onrsf and -: ys i :i:;« tl;.- n -xt niimbi-r. .Mi.-? uiiv on wo.iid ii liaiur.^ <>f til. .-.-nsors • jacnii't .1- :o:il--i cu:-(ii:;- pu.s-1,:... •s!:ip , was not opii s. iiu: 0 !i!•> kno'.v tile tiiiit t!;-.- .sh-- eiii- phasizt-d till' ii:ipor:'ai;i e ^oing to good!|r-ctur.' --Jio-.vs an.l of st;iy- ing awjiy frmn l:;-;- riues'io;iab!e oUrs. Til.- .—ii-vir iipard should b- iariier :i'.:>l bettir'. in ii»-r opinion. y'm. ^liT.-lin. r s:iok.- about t:i !)i-ti.-!- tiiaii il,-ii:ii. .-iii- f...'.' i 1 li.-r iiiiiiiiDi.i • "ril I liiii.M I .- ! '1 ;. jii luil .U'" Mid -.ii'li v ..!Miii- li:..j.;, i.u- s.Tv!4- sh'- pr'-pii!'d !:..• i.-i.ri'i <y; l -^irly i :i li" ;iit.!ni.iun i.i- li--;,'j,-j i'',ui;;'i:iig ; iiiol .inii .iMu. ! of j '-' !>;iiM ill li'-'- -II' . ' i'l)-- -il iiiij W.1-; • i;iiinioir. .1. iie iui I ii-r p;ii.-H'.- A'M- u a ; • : iuti •]. ili. ami tiiai !ii .v.irj b-y.i:ii! lit-.: pou .1 -.i-..-|ii-r lif. . ."^ie- I u:ltii.:i .-i', Urinc|\vuT^- and .i,l)i)i.t .iiii! o 'l !'i <k Tiiiirjil.iy .••.•••iiji:i:. .-I'..- • v.:i- t.ili-:i to t!;-- l :.'.-|iita! v. ii.-r.- ;:-hi- iu;ii.! rt-.'-iii.- (-•.•.-ry i;u'.-; I .i )-..d un- -. :;iir.--\s inid i>'iy.-:'i:ins tiid • • tiiili.g t!:ar cuiibl Ji-- lium- l.i ri'li.-v-- •;'i.f.;'-:iigs ol! tic- brav.- paii.-i::. but io-.t -t an.l .;are c.tii.i : u it -s.r..- ill." li-;-! 'tliat was ; r.'-iily 1)1 ;:n---.ver th-- ..blaster's-• ca!!..-and • i.'.i Saturday niorning li^r spirii , wi -;;t iKick t" t; )t who gave ii. 1!::! i lii'r nit-i.iory will iivt- on ' in »h- !i' ;!rts aTid mini!- of -.ho.s-- \y!iu , !i..-.-.-<: i:- r b'-st. and her !ov!/i^' : ii .-.i!- .if kir.di'-t---: and brigii' ! ci-..-»-r);ig sn .il '-s wil! alway.- rt-iii :-n ', :•} tiiost- v.-ho grifV.- for h.-r. Si .e . knev,- ti'.nr Ut-v .-ariy lit-- w.i> . i>-;ir;ng its 1 io-e, but this liiii'.t truuble.' Ii .-r. Sh'f--oi.i !i -r mo;ii'" ! don- Xorllirup Itldg., formerly occapied by James KirhiirdsMn lOLA'S POPULAR STORE New Sirring- Styles, Coloi\^ and the Smart Fur Trimming's Fashioned and designed by strch hijihVIiiss nianiifa|Cjturers as Red Fern, i^ndesman.'ilirschheiiner. ilijfhest - ciualify [ at {{upiiiar prices. ! $I2.S0 Till' collt.'ction covi'V;-: ;i >vi/lt' ran;,'?; MC ::('M'II,S; and occ .-t .sioii;^ — xniart Cur trIitinuMi ^<I)l>^ts coatrf —.-^ilk ami ka.s^a liiic'd .<(.yli '.s— l;( Ilt-ii and liiilo^ed mode:-—dn-ss t :<)Ul .s—of ,(lic nio.-r f,H.--lii'>nahle iii .'W matt rial.--. CHiLDREN'S COAIvS $6.95 to $15.00 Si/t's 'i to 1<> years. SILK SCARFS SLOO 100 New Silk Starf.s madi F».rini;fd and lombie CV<-\H->. sure and .<ee t-hem. of SENEKER'S ni „r.;l ,hin in Chanu,/ Friday.. - -^"^^ '""T^:^ ^ Vl.^/^. "/hey ' ii^l Xln-u^Uy. Marcn 1 com.-s very highly r..-,^^;^^%^^/,;l^J-^-^_^{;^\l^,:^^^_^ M .rch 7 .-A Hn.nd.- "fntn.-nded. RAT-TQX is guaranted^ to kill from ten to fifty times more rats than a like amount of any simile prod^cL RAT-TOX is ^ tasty bait and powerful poison combined. The tasty bait lures rats and mice. A nibble kills ^thenu No bread, cbuese or other bait needed. RAT-TOX is ready for use. Rid your premises of filthy, destructive and wsisteful rats. Use RAT-TOX. Every tube guaranteed. Gfet RAT-TOX fiiom your retailer. Miutubctnied by The TiJedo Rex Spray Company Toledo. Obio Enough^poison in a tuht of RA T-TO X tokiU every rat or mouse on your premises. For sale bg yoivr Jruggisi. 50c a lube. SMAX CboAs in 3 minutes land has given us a woi^derful business. Some inonths ago we advised our customers not to buy sugar as we could see a 50c per cwt. drop in sight in March. The time is riow at hand and we have just pur- .(•ha.sed a car of sUgar at a price we can •vave you money. We also have a car just arrived of No. 1 L'.S. inspected Seed Potatoes, Ohios and Cobblers. We assure you that we will sell only high grade seed, having rejected two (Jars of potatoes this year on poor quality. lie careful of the seed y^u buy whether or , riot you buy from us. B^y now. 100 lb. Bag Pure C. &.H. Cane Sugar $6.90 I 25 lb. Bag Pure C. & H. Cane Sugar . $1.«0! 2 bushel bag No. 1 Red River Ohios . $3.90 2 bushel bag No. 1 Cobblers ....... $4.15 Beans, large navys, 7lbs.' .. .48c Bermuda Plants, 2 bunches 25c, 1,000 SI J OO, Oranges, Sweet Navals, per doz .. . .25c| Chamberlain's Chick Feed, al! sizes. Nu- trina Chick M^sh, all sizes. : lOLA e at t|e East Side HUMBQljyr

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