Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 9, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, November 9, 1961
Page 4
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Fayette School News First Grade — — Mr*. Schoidel In art we made paper towel owls. Mrs. Scheidel stuffed our owls witli our Halloween treats. HaHowfcn is n time for fun. Denise Pattison brought candy bars for each member of our class ;JS a Halloween treat. Sylvia Hendrix had the honor Mr. Powis started Junior high At times my chorus practice last week. We a friend — hope to meet twice a week and At times they've been a foe. will begin to work on Christ- But our quarrels are short and mas songs for the Christmas pro- always end my help; he would wear them in the thing to do. And sets high morals to follow — some squire n neat manner and appear that As you can see an ideal brother as no smoking, drinking or to Or will he have intelligence so way at all times. to me would be an average young cuss, very dire ' His vocabulary would not con- boy ready for manhood. j remember that I too am not an If n ° *"- a3 common sense and a tain any words v/hich could em- ideal daughter quick w 't barrass him any time or any THE IDEAL MOTHER And can help in anv crisis or fix place Ur would have hoard _ bjr JoAnn Quandi First of all this father of mine • any old mitt brothers have been some but tioosn t use them even To m( , tno ideal mother is one Must treat mother as something ° r has no temper he passes for gram. So that we don't feel low. Hot Lunch — Monday — Chicken and noodle green beans, sauce, cake, Another matter that I will mention Concerns a thing called money. This deserves both praise and attention When they lend it — they're a "Honey!" if tempted. He also would have who makes her children mind but divine; heard some stories but he only sli j| sm> g j vos i nem a chance to He has a sense of humor but repeat:; those which he could tell t( .n t h 0 ir side of the story. She knows when to use it. at church. is a ] wa y S ready and willing to He can fight as a man and knows Hi.-; friend.-, would enjoy his listen to all your problems wheth- not to sit company and he theirs. They IT they be large or small. She When family or freedom in dan- woiild enjoy toy ther all the .spends much time with her child- ger might be. tilings taking place for them to i en, both in work and play. When my ideal Dad! dinner, of celebrating her birthday on milk, egg salad sandwiches. Halloween. She brought cup Tuesday — Chili, crackers, pear cakes for her class. sauce, brownies, cheese sand- In science we learned that wiches, milk. there are more than 3.000 var- Wednesday — Baked beans, Dcnn is Lee or Curtis Paul ieties of apples. Apples are food wciners in bun, potato chips, . each' and can be used in many ways, fruit cup, milk. We also learned about the rac- Thursday — Macaroni and coon in science. Racoons are cheese, peanut butter sandwich- night foraging animals. The eyes cs, peas, apple crisp, milk, juice. of nocturnal animals are espec- Friday — Fish sticks, tarter ially fitted to help them sec in sauce, baked potatoes and butter, the dark. Almost all nocturnal sauce, tomato juice, milk, Vienna animals have a very acute sense bread, butter and jam. of hearing. Racoons are good type of brother Who would be willing to do their all For mc — I trade I hem not for another. enjoy. These would include all : chci.il activities. H;s grades would be a strong point usually gelling a high H average. He would enter most of the activities the- school sponsors. If being a year older than I he would have a driver's license; he would n/.e this as a privilege not a right in the family not necessasily meaning that one is his all the time but to be used when necessary. We would use it together much of the time. He would have a job to earn there are activities outside of the He believes in God and home' she is always willing to family worship loves swimmers and climbers. Add, subtract, plus, minus, equals, take away, and remainder are new words we are using in numbers class as we learn to do number facts. AN IDEAL BROTHER — by Judy Langerman An ideal brother would be one extra money for a future eduea for me about a year older. He tion. He would do his job well basketball would get up each morning and and make his employer very Girls Sports — Mr. Kramer, girls coach, reported 29 hardworking make his bed and keep his room proud of him. girls out for basketball this sea- neat. By this time he would be His activities on Sunday would participate or allow you to, up He holds true to Christian prin- lo a certain extent. She sees to ciples and true friendship it that her children are clean and All through life — not just Sun- their clothes are neatly done up. day All the time she continually sets He plays with children and lis'.ens a good example for her children to what teens have to say, by her actions with her friends Humbly Tie recalls his own child- I'here would be two cars and with her husband. That is, hood. she is always kind to them. To sum it up a mother is kind, He is always steady and strong, thoughtful, considerate, happy He works hard on the job but gets and always helpful. not defeated when things go • wrong. IDEAL FATHER He works to get ahead but never — by Ann Austin to deprive When I think of my ideal qual- His children, friends, home or ifications wife Honored on birthday Mrs. Walker Briggs invited friends to their home Sunday, Oct. 29, for a pot luck dinner as a surprise courtesy for her brother, John Solomon, whose birthday was that day. Those present were; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Popenhagen, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Durfcy, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hough, Mrs. Elsie Shepard, all of Fayette; Mrs. Josephine House, of West Union; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Popenhagen of Randalia; the hosts and honoree, and Mrs. Solomon. Mrs. Ross Hough baked the birthday cake. STRENGTHEN AMERICA'S PMCE POWER! Second Grade — — Mrs. D. EverelJ Halloween is over — our witches and jack-o-lanterns are gone MeNulty, son, who are: Seniors: Barb Alber, Manson, Sharon Thyer, Tripp and Marge Webb. Juniors: Barb Burget, Sandra Hennig, ZoeAnna Martin, Ruth Mary Austin, Carroll an ideal friend. His clothes would include church which he is not Hope and love needed so much Of the man who provides me with He loves life and lives it to the food, clothing, education, fullest. Mary always be neat Judy and clean with forced to attend but knows it is by all of us •He need not be the most hand- aurU.S* SAVINGS ONDS YOU* tHAMM IN AMIKKA the carnival is past — but what Schuety, Kathy Keig, and Janis fun we had! Most of us went to Stearns. the carnival and enjoyed it very Sophomores: Sharon Pattison, much! Janet Scheidel, Andy Nadeau, Several new books may be Sue Crafton, Pat Holtzman, Shar- seen on our "New Books" shelf, on Farley, Linda Van Sickle, Jean The Spare Witch proved to be Schuety, Sharon Duwe, and Nan- very interesting on Halloween cy Torson. day. We also have two other Freshmen: Arlene Friedly, Lin- books on space as we are going da King, Barb Keig, Dottis Van to study space later on this year. Bogart, Rachel Gage, and Donna Next week in social studies we Kuhens. will begin the study of Pilgrims. We will try to find the answers Senior English questions. to these questions. Who were the Pilgrims? Where did they come from? Why did they come We have chosen some of the senior English papers to share to the New World? What fun did Wlln y »"j the children have? Did they go to school? Why do we study about Pilgrims during the month of November each year? We have lots of questions — now we must find the answers, interesting and fun. AN IDEAL FRIEND — by Larry Keig An ideal friend is a person who may be trusted in any circumstances, anyone who shares com- This' will "be mon mtoros ^ s ' an d someone who has a personality that compares ..wv,......,, somewhat to your own. In numbers class we have been Thcse quali £ es arc undoubled . earning how to solve story prob- , ? terns We are all doing very well. A. • „„ • . , y „1 Thanks to Kenny Daniels, Mar- i hat '? , g0 ° d - b)ehca „ use ^ c8 ""°* va Jo Ingcls, Vicki Martin. Ann ^f. cct 0 bc wllh one P erson y our Alderson and Bonnie Popenhagen A R h friond fc for many good Halloween treats. , . , , ... , J 2 quickly your personality, and r ,,, n , knows what a person likes to talk Tilth Urade — about and does not like to talk — by Marjorie Jones about. I expect to be able to and Patty Alshouse tpjk to a friend with ease, and We have been busy this week, no't be worried about keeping a In social studies we "have been secret with him. studying about the southwest. Common interests also play We are making a mural about it. an important part in friendship. Some of us are using crayons, Though you may have interests and others are' using colored in different fields also, at least chalk. Max Grimm, Chris Bit- one small interest may acquaint terman, Patty Alshouse and Den- one to a new friend, and then, nis Stannard are tracing a map even more important, to be able of the United States. to retain it. For Halloween we made tear Other virtues may also enter pictures. We had to tear every- into friendship, but for the most thing, we couid not cut. Mrs. part I believe that the ideal Downing treated the class to friend must be trustworthy, de- candy bars for Halloween. pendable and honest. We are taking our Halloween decorations down and are starting Thanksgiving decorations. BROTHER Monday we got out at 2 p. m. — by Dayna Dumermulh because of a water main which In my limited experience sprung a leak and had to be fix- Of judging a type of brother ed. We had school the next day. I've had to use my common sense, Thursday we had a social stud- And even ask my mother, ies test. We all hope we received a good grade. A brother should be sweet and Everyone had fun at the carni- kind, val. We all spent our money at This advice should be safe and a fast rate, because there were sound. so many things to see and do. This type of person is not hard The cake walk, dance hall, fish to find — pond, country store, post office, If one is willing to look around, trampoline and other things interested us. We know that everyone had fun. We were all tired Wednesday because of our lata hours. Someone who jokes a lot and really likes to tease, Someone who "bawls you out" or is very, very moody, Someone, who at times seems very hard to please, This someone is a brother — to whom one does her duty. Seventh Grade —* We wish to thank our room mothers, Mrs. Lau and Mrs. Culligan for a good job of organizing when I am really feeling low and working to make our bingo with a problem, an ache or a stand a success at the carnival. pa in, We also give a special thank you i always know just where to go to all who worked and contrib- i n order to feel better again, uted in any way at the bingo stand. From a brother one can borrow Our beauty shop had a rushing a car business and turned out many Or sometimes borrow a bike, faces both beautiful and other- These luxuries truly are •wise. Something that most sisters like. HEY YOU BOWLERS Enjoy America's FAVORITE PASTIME All Teams & Individual Bowlers Welcome SEE OUR SELECTION OF — Bowling Balls — Bowling Shoes —- Bowling Bags Bowl Where You See The Magic Triangle LILAC — 8 ALLEYS — Automatic Pinsetters West Union, Iowa FREE THANKSGIVING TURKEYS TO BE GIVEN AWAY Friday November 17 In Fayette, Iowa Don't Miss -- The chance to win a FREE 10 or 12 pound Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Be Sure To Register At any of the Fayette business places listed at the right side of this ad. Register -- Each time you are in the place of business of a participating merchant. Winning Numbers -- Will be posted in the participating stores of Fayette, from 1 p* m. to S p. m., Friday, November 17. RULES: 1. Anyone over 16 yean of age is eligible to win one of the free turkeys to be given away Friday, Nov. 17, with the exception of the sponsoring merchants or their immediate families. 2. Each person may register in the store or business place of any of the sponsoring merchants. Registrations may be made in one or more of the participating stores. 3. Winning numbers will be drawn Friday noon, and placed in the stores of participating merchants down town, from 1 p. m. to 5 p. m« Friday, Nov. 17. 4. Winners' numbers must match one of those posted, and prise mutt be claimed before 6 p. m» Friday. 5. Any turkeys not claimed on Friday, Nov. 17, will be added to those to be given away on Wednesday, Nov. 2?.. 8. The decision of the officials will be final PLUMP! TEN/OR t fasti fit ilis able 11 Will Be Given Away Through The Cooperation Of These Fayette Businessmen ED'S DEEP ROCK STATION Phone 45 FAYETTE CO-OP CREAMERY Phone 143-R-2 PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Phone 266 SINGER PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 247-R-2 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Phone 258 ZABRISKIE'S GARAGE Phone 80 UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY Phone 170 JOYCE LUMBER CO. Phone 162 MC LEESE - LEYTZE FURNITURE - APPLIANCE Phone 160 DR. PAUL GOURLEY Phone 82 CARLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 77 BILL'S SUPER VALU Phone 84 WILKE AND W1LKE PRODUCE Phone 9 OTTS DRIVE "IN Phone 192 MAURER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING Phone 263 FAYETTE STONE CO. Phone 73 HARRY'S CITIES SERVICE Phone 38 DR. SCOTT LINGE Phone 101 DANIELS DRUG STORE Phone 163 BELLES - WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME Phone 199 INTERSTATE POWER CO. Phone 66 UNITED WINDOW CO. Phone 31 STATE BANK OF FAYETTE Phone 4 FAYETTE THEATER FAYETTE COUNTY LEADER Phone U-R4

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