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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Friday, November 30, 1894
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BATTLE NEAR WEI HAI WEI FINANCIERS LOCKED UP. IN KANSAS Caughr by Intllg by tho ot the' City. Kn«. Nov. S3.—Five medical ool- • were "arrested in Oak :., , «'ftt Kansas City, Kas., Mitnipt last night on the charge of H'frdbbery, >t 'j raM|^|ock,iyji^ Wotting word was eplvfealt p6lic$Vhe"ad(iliartera that u tiie?cemetery fiigging up a i sent out\iml when at/t'he entrane found by a \sumbe* live "nenr the eemKtery. atnied with revotvers ShotgUnS and wei'o determined \ to ° e , scU P? of the ff ravo «>^ had drawn to the west en- (tOJ% (,fc,barricade, 'fhese tneii had ,tne alert for something of tho ? s '6tla,te several graves in tho ^•have^been robbed. The po- the (entrance on the ia team standing'in readiness e the i'body that was to be The man holding tho horses Sd. He is A. E. Zimmerman 8., A -,-t Mo. The wagon contained p-opes an( j other contrivances for grave ,»AK— \25i mmBl . lnfttt was loc^ up i headquarters and gave the his companions, all of whom lor students of the University College, as Reyburn, Hlnton, and Kiopper. He also declared It imdj.he sanction of the col- A Million Francs Paid to a Paris Firm to Make It. PAIUS, Nov. 33.—While the editors 01 the Paris press were racking their brains to prove to tho satisfaction ol themselves wh> Nicholas should not marry "the little German woman," and while Czar Alexander was on his death bed, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth, wife of Serge of Russia, visited Paris twice incognito to look after her sister Alix's trousseau and incidentally guard against the substitution of spurious for the real articles furnished by the Russian court to tho manufacturer. 0 , i "Tho real articles" included 1,000 blue and silver fox skins, many thou- j sand yards of genuine gold and silver thread, colored precious stones "by the bushel," cloth of gold and miscellaneous furs of every description. Queen Victoria and the kaiser had in vain tried to secure the. job of furnishing the future empress' trousseau to German houses, and the grand duke ol Hesse had endeavored to command his sister not to carry over "all tha money" to "the enemy." The Princess Alix, who is German-English to the backbone., would have gladly consented, GUATEMALA GIVEN WARNING* Mexico Is Exasperated by Official* Press Attacks, i* Fnp«r Universal Intliuntcs TJint Dtp. lomntlc Relations iietween the Coun- trlts Will Ho Declared Off it Papers Are Jfot Itluzzlod. two Alleged Members ot tho Dalton Go Through Ola Phllllpg' Howe. Oxo, la., Nov. 21.-Two men said to be members of the Dalton ffang robbed Ola Phillips last night at in St. .BUFFALOES. t Successful Experiments Mndo' the'Texas Panhandle. JX., Nov. 23.—Goodnight, fon tho Fort Worth and _ n Armstrong county, vnhandle, is the home of „-,,. * '' ' who is ^"ieUy but ^persistently conducting «Tin Fthe, crossing of the $V l0 w ith native cattle, so ^B^pletely successful re- V'Bjnly with very interest- c J| has a little home R0J.70000 acres. This is j|; real ranch, where he ; the Quitaque, some about r,' fence. Itis>this fjruck patch, that he erimental station. when buffalo were L'exas than they are rtfii^r for Mr. 'rope" a buf- lr>home. Those r-,., ,»p inclosure, and Itention was paid to ,the neeleus of the Bnch. As the wild |isapnear these be- jnterest and six or Goodnight begun ppt to produce a breed by crossing fie' and trying to lof inbreeding. "• his ranch about full blood buf- gore half breeds, ods—probably all / y on the ranch. f $lie product of the Wewoyrtd^carought in by the but the petticoat camarilla Petersburg won the day. That was six months ago. A secretary of the Russian embassy, obedient to the czarina's orders, forthwith paid a visit to the chief of one of the greatest dressmakinsr houses. He brought a little list, and still another little list. The one contained tho articles wanted, all described in detail, "not a buttor or hook omitted"—the other gave an account of the stuffs and decorative features which the Russian court was ready to furnish. Six hours later the Paris house, hav-. ing mentioned a round sum—it is said 3,000,000 francs—as the price of laboi and material, was in possession of the order. But there were a few conditions incited to this "all highest command,' ns they call it in the court jargon; first, the Pans house must asn-oe tc procure a perfect model of P'i-incesa Alix's figure by a woman artist, sent especially to Darmstadt; secondly, a special floor must be set aside in the building, or two floors if ueeessury, to which nobody but the artists actually angaged on the trousseau are to be admitted; thirdly, the czarina's represcn- tauve must be allowed to superintend the distribution of the precious stones ST. Lours, Mo., Nov. 22.—A special 'rom the city of Mexico to tho Globe Democrat says that the Universal newspaper of today will contain a very warlike article regarding the Mexican- Uuatemalan troubles. It says: "In sonsequonce of the continued attacks Jn Mexico and her government by tho official Guatemalan press, it was rumored yesterday that this country would declare diplomatic relations rrith Guatemala at an end. Wo hava offered them friendship and they return ingratitude, and our men and our people are not in a humor to listen to ihe diatribes of tho Guatemalan press." Thirty llodlcs In n Cave. ST. Louis, Mo., Nov. 32.—A special from the city of Mexico to the Globe- the and hs women son Chinese and Japanese Warship; Come Together Ono Clilpcse Ship Rnn» Ashore While Try, I-nwyer Assaulted by a ninrshnl. DuBUQitE, In,, Nov. 21 At Dyers vlllo while Lawyer J. B. Utt was defending a man arrested for selling beer he was assailed by Marshal Ilinckely who used his club. Utt wos severely hurt. Hinckloy was arrested and his office given to another man. Soldiers' Monument Dedicated. SAO Cm-, la., Nov. 21.—The soldiers' memorial monument was dedicated here this afternoon. Oeo. D. Perkins, editor of the Sioux City Journal, made the address. to Escapi tho Torpedoes Wol IJal AVol Harbor- Other Foreign News. In Democrat says that a hideous discov>' try has just been made near the'town- of Churiutzio, in the state of Michoaean, by a freighter named Pasouat Gomez. The find consisted of thirty human bodies in an advanced stage of decomposition, and piled one upon another in i eave v which was almost iinpenetrabl« on account of the stench emanating therefrom. The discovejy explain) many mysterious murders which hav< occurred in Michoaean the last few months,by a notorious gang of bandits, LONDON SCHOOL BOARD, A. Warm Fight on the Domination of tin Church. LONDON, Nov. 23.—The annual election for members of tho London school board, which is regarded in'.the metropolis as second in importance and interest only to a general election of members of parliament, is in' day. The polls opened at 8 o'clock this morning and will not close until 9 o clock tonight. The counting of votes will commence early tomorrow morning. So much interest is manifested in the Cannon Explodes nt Smlthland. SOUTHLAND, la., Nov. 21.—The Illinois Central has resumed its passenger service here. Tuesday, as the first passenger pulled in, a cannon was loaded up to celebrate the event. When it was touched off it exploded and for a second or two the air was tilled with flying fragments. Fortunately no one was hurt. LONDON, Nov. 22.—The Star publishes a dispatch from Yokaharna stating that the Chinese Pie-Hang squadron of warships attacked and shelle>l the Japanese troops who were inarching upon Port Arthur, tho troops having taken a road near the coast. The Japanese fleet came to the assistance of tho troops and a desperate tight took place between the Chinese and Japanese warships. The Chinese battleship Chen Yeim became useless during the fight and ran ashore in trying to avoid tho torpedoes at tho entrance to the harbor of \Vei-IIai-\Vei. THE BERESFORD FIRE, more explicitly de- which shall be sub- employes might have an opoortuuity to vote, while in the financial and business centers of the city the marts of money and commerce were almost deserted up to noon. The retiring board over which Rev Joseph F. Diggle has presided for three years has been controlled by the clerical element and it is against the Pennine. Czarina Miinaffes Things. , The general style of tha trousseau 'ias been decided upon by the czarina, ner daughter and other female relatives. Princess Alix was consulted as i matter of courtesy, but the final de- ;ision.m all matters depended noon the impress. That was rattier an arbitrary way of settling the matter,-considering that Alix pays for the whole business-^' .vith Russian money, it is true. The Placarded with a'manifesto' - ' let of 'creating her a Russian grand iuehess immediately after enterino- the arthodox church was agreed upon al ihe time of the betrothal at ' dominence of ministers that fight is mainly directed. The pre- today's city is Granite and Stp lne i'eg " 1 ar an d tojteop In stoeV are fine lookin"- only manufapfi" 11 ^ ones when suth Co. The$' the Texas prai- f ore placing yoih'^ ie nnnni«i.; n ~ by fair and IIOIL ' • ~*JUUIHSIYO your patronatfi 1011 * s n °t fatal • LI A I iV'i the Buffalo. He nAlSU)i ectccl ilnd given a .TO^XT. ,"| B there is norea- ALGONA;-' | not be as many rr^ries of Texas as i ago. fhowever, 6f the it was Mr. Good- Ijtablish, a type of We havof^W'Mo robe, the 2*pA l ??«!?ft 1 ? tio '». «>e weight -:- Artesi m the flat ,UoFna'i, are, absent '•In, twp or three is ph jeftroubl o et, with found it tho Coburg ind from that day on Alixs really con- a-ollecl the $5,000,000 of accumulated ippanages (8350,000 for every birthday fhp had celebrated) guaranteed he'iv I his-money was placed in the hands of jhe minister of the imperial house, who |s not to give up one penny of it excep! uy'order of the Czarina JSIarie until the iiau-iage of Nicholas and Alix has .alien place. Meanwhile the czarina manages things to suit herself. She has an interest in her daughter in law's royal state; she must see to it that the fu- lure empress is surrounded with ascus- :omed pomp and .splendor when entering upon her new career. German ;conoinical notions must not be coun- .emiuced, or tho rich native noble.- iN-ould seize the welcome opportunity to hold up iheir new mistress to ridi- ;ule The only concession granted to Prin- :ess Alix was that her sister Ella, thu 1,1 and duchess Serge, bhonld help tlu jzarina select the des-gus. Her im ?erial highness, being the wife of b urutal and overbearing husband, is not otten allowed to have an opinion of hci >wn. but in this matter she acted with rare skill and discretion. issued by John Burns, the noted labor member oi parliament, in which he declares that the Diggle majority has been responsible for making the education of London children a farce and a sham and that municipal action had combined with parliamentary reaction, and had joined hands with that religious do"-- matism that had formed a majority o°ri the board for years. "As a ' workingman and a public man who never had the advantage-of a school board edti- L-ation," said Mr. Burns, "I appeal to you to rescue the three quarters of a million of London working-men's children from the snares of the religious click on. the board." Another manifesto, of which 1,000,000 copies have been distributed during the past few days, and issued by the Progressive School Board Election council, suys: "The tremendous issue involved today is whether or not it is a good thing for the state that the vast majority of our population should bo educated under priestly influences—we care not what may be the denomination. Tho people are called upon today to suy whether they will hand over the elementary education of the country to the custody of the professors of the-religion established by act of parliament, i. e. the Church of England or Episcopal church. Already this church controls a vast number of schools which it calls voluntary, but it is now en- un- I he \vife of the Russian emperor hat , . „.. 'leretefore always appeared at state I treating and conspiring to place uu - tunctions in dresses of cloth of gold 01, del ' ilb y olc e the elementary public ""'"" u " n schools, to turn them into nurseries of toryism and ot religion by act of parliament. As democrats wo contend that public schools maintained by tho money of the taxpayers should bo devoted exclusively, to the purpose originally intended, that is, the impartiii"- ot elementary instruction in strictly secular subjects. Tho established church, already in receipt of J.'0,000,000 annually from public sources for the maintenance and propagation of a state religion, is now impudently and fraudulently endeavoring to capture and control the expenditure of additional millions appropriated for school board education in order to bring up oul , children tories and state churchmen and women. We have no objection whatever to religion- being taught in the public schools as,a matter of history, but we object to sectarian religion being crammed down the throats of our children by a powerful, determined and unscrupulous foe,' 1 The labor party has candidates in every district. Among the members of the pobility who lire on tho list of candidates are the duke of Newcastle, 'Lord Morpath and bir Cameron Gull. After the jioon hour tho cpntest, waxed warm in every ward and tho vvorkingmeu were ' • iqg every nerve to defeat t|ie robes heavy with gold embroidery Princess Alix will make the first exception to that rule. llc-r state cos tumes are all embroidered in silver aiic little white brilliants have been se leuted for the Hboe buckles, buttom nntl other decorations. Gorgeous SUttc Holies. Twelve of the state robes were or dorcd in the hope that they would suf. lice for Ali:--'s first year of "carried life J hoy are cut extremely )ow, a little bll •lower even than the state robes'of tin m press Marie, in which her inajust} to be photographed. The mosi . is a sea green dress, oinbroiderec in silver and .studded with brilliants, an eleven yard train of yellovi bilk edged with blue fox. QThero will be miigniflcent dresses in INCOME TAX MACHINERY. Keady to Ruu When Greased With an Appropriation. WASHINGTON, Nov. 31.—All that is necessary to start the machinery of the internal revenue bureau for the collection of the income tax is an appropriation by congress to provide for the employment of additional deputy collectors. All the new regulations have been formulated by Commissioner Pugh, but they will not be made public until January 1, when the law goes into effect. While this law fines the incomes ject to the new tax. there are many loopholes for technical evasions, and for this reason the work of preparing instructions to collectors has been exceedingly difficult. The instructions issued in 1807-08 were compressed into a two page circular, but the greater scope of the present law has necessitated more sweeping directions, to checkmate false returns and other attempts to evade this tax. Hundreds of decisions have been made by the courts upon appeals from the rulings of assessors under the old law, and the majority of them have more or less bearing upon the interpretation of the new statute. AU these decisions have been carefully arranged and summarized for the instruction of the collectors. The incomes of corporations having been made subject to a tax, it is expected that the bureau will experience considerable difficulty in obtaining accurate data, as tho incomes of individuals interested in the corporations are likely to lead to much confusion on the part of the tux[« .yers. It is this feature of thelaw that has called for the closest study. The precedents established under the old statute, it is believed, cover all of the technical protests that are likely to grow out of the taxing of the individual incomes Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars Damage Done—Fire at White. BEHESFOUD, S. D., Nov. 33.—Tuesday night's fire was a groat blow to Beresford. Fire was discovered about 5 o'clock in Davis' livery stables, .and had gained sufficient headway by the time the fire department arrived to'make it Impossible to control. The stables are located on the north end of the business portion, and the high wind from that direction fanned the flames against the Enterprise hotel, and from there it spread to the brick block of the Union Banking company and completely gutted it. Tho Union County Press is a total loss. Gust Johnson's big general merchandise store was the next victim, followed by Jensen's jewelry store, Bridman's photograph gallery^ W. J. Bulow's law office, Mrs. Jaco's millinery and numerous other buildings of less importance. Every business place in town was emptiedand Buri-endured to the destructive flames, but the^ wind' suddenly ceased, and about midnight the fire was uudof control. The Centerville fire department arrived by a special engine, and but for their help the town would have •burned. The heavy losses are: .Union Banking company, $5,000; Union County Press, »2,000; Davis' livery, S3.000; Enterprise hotel, $3,000; Gust, Johnson, 83,000; W. J.-Bulow, Seven rittsattre Najiolcons In Jail on Colored Woman's Complaint. PITTSBURO, Pa., Nov. 33.—The offices of the Fidelity Building and Loan association and the Fidelity Building, Loan and Investment company and tho Columbia Building, Loan and Investment company were raided by the police at 10:30 this morning. The president, vice president and five other patties connected with tho concern were ai rested and placed behind the bars at the Central police station. Mrs. Emma Snyclcr, a colored woman residing in Allegheny, swore to the in- loimation charging conspiracy to do- n-aud, upon which the arrests were, martc. Ihe above named institutions are branches of the Fidelity Building, Jjoan and Investment association of Washington, D. C. Mrs. Snyder, who is a depositor, yos-' terday demanded tho return of 'lu-r money, which was refused. Togothcr with Superintendent of Police O'Mnru and other officer l\Ii-s. Snyder this morning renewed, the demand for tho return of her deposit, and Was again f S ,,., The arrests followed immediately. I hose arrested are: Harrison IJingan, president; Andrew Wall, vice president and general manager; R. F., Mitchell VV. Mcllenry, F. G. Hoklen, W._l. Ewiiig and R. Haight. The fivd ast named are employes of the ussocia- 'iou. Bail was fixed at $1,000 in- eaclf case. RAN AGAINST THE PIER, Christ Jensen, $500. will be about $35,000. $550; The total loss Destructive Kire at White. UROOKINOS, S. D., Nov. S3.—A portion of the business houses at White were destroyed by fire Wednesday morning. The fire originated from . a box of sawdust in the butcher shop and destroyed the shop, Meyer Bros.' general merchandise store, the Allison & Burgess machinery and hardware store, a jewelry store pnd Hendrick's dwelling. The loss is about $20,000. style. Tlio first of these drossei is made of white pressed velvet, od«'o<! with ermine at the neck and arms and With un grmino front, A broad band ol cloth of gold incrusted, with colorei] oriental pearls -is around the bottom o! VhB drops. This is ' ualled a sc?ire« toil of, The other tpJ10t whieli Princess Alia will wear at tho weddjug brpnlcfast it of azure Uwwhk, /phis suits P Aux wpntjarfujjy well, 'upd 'the r l!(.«nu'er has been prdoved tp reserve '' fov tho u$,e of tji< , ' \yhafc . gjyes, the dr^ss its value, ^ide fi-om pf 'V aujfeyjnjjr g-reajly frpi$in< s gonseqpelUy * so that there is little fear that the government will not realize, with comparatively little trouble, the full amount of the tax from this source. The blank returns for individual and corporation incomes have been pro- pared, and on each is printed the exemptions allowed iin- cler the law. The exemptions have all- been arranged in simple form, so as to obviate oil possible confusion on the part of the individuals and corporations who are called upon to make their required statements. Tho blanks are said to be entirely different from those used when the old law was in force. The new regulations and blanks for the returns are locked up in the office of the internal revenue bureau and as they have not been submitted to Secretary Carlisle for his approval it is not expected that they will be put in printed form before the middle of December. The ebtimate made by congress that the income tax will not the government %30,()00,000 in revenue annually, is believed by experts of the internal revenue bureau to bo very low. The earnings of corporations have been oiire- funy scrutinized, and it is expected that the amount realized from this source will not be lobs than $40,000,000 and may possibly roaoh 850,000,000. The arrangement of the machinery for the collection of the tax was left by congress entirely to the internal revenue bureau, and a plan governing all the districts of tho country has been arranged. It is now believed that tho ostimato of Commissioner Miller that i\i will require §500,000 to exocmte this feature ot the law will bo more than sufficient, although it js altogether probable that congress will be asked to make ivu appropriation for this amount. WOULD KILL,' RESTAURANTS. Tlie Chewer of the KoJn Jf«t Nootjs Wttlg Food, WASHINGTON, Nov. 31.-~The state department has been calling upon United States ponsuls in Africa for specific information respecting the marvelous kola nut, which, by its peculiar aotipn upon $<j.njuspular sygtgm, eiwVle,-* tho' negroes ta^akp'lpng jptici)uyM,' '' Trial of Rev. Wilson Begins. Sioux FALLS, S. D., Nov. 33.—The trial of Rev. John T. C. Wilson of Beresford for the violation of Miss Eva Moulton, November 39, 1893, when she was^but 13 years of ago and a member of his congregation, began at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Wilson accompanied her husband to the court room.- She fully believes in his inno- cenpe and thinks that this second trial will certainly establish it. M. E. Rudolph, states attorney of Lincoln county, appeared for the prosecution and Judge C. S. Palmer of this city and ex-Congressman O. S. Gifford of Cariton for the defense. The case will last during 1 this week. A New York Ferry Koat Has » Bud Acel- ilont. NEW YOKK, Nov. 33.—The new ferryboat Netherlands, while on her 8:30 o'clock trip this morning from Hoboken, ran into the end of the slip on tho JNew. York side, striking amidships on her portside. The boat carried over 1,000 passengers and tho excitement for a .time was intense. Those in the port cabin were warned of their danger by other prisoners who saw the boat was being carried against the slip by tho strong tide, but the crash came too soon for some and they were Duried in the debris of wood work that had aaorned the damaged side of -the vessel.' . ' . :.•'. •.••,,.•: ;•-••Louis A. Roelot, inanager of the 1'jqui table Life Assurance compa ny, who was a passenger and lives in Ho- Vboken, was probably most severely injured, a large piece of wood htriidtijr Unrn on the head and rapturing an ;u- fery. A score of others received slight {injuries. V It is supposed that the strong tide was the chief cause of the accident. J.lie boat had slowed up about forly feet out from the slip, and was slowly proceeding into the pocket of the slip when the tide carried her with great force against the pier. ST., LOU IS MILLS SHUT D 0 W N ">alm That, the Iflotir Market" Is Ovcr- stockctl. ST. Louis, Mo., Nov. 33.—Every Ilour- ing- mill in this city has closed for an. indefinite period. The reason given by mill owners is that the market is glutted with; flour and suffering from overproduction. A different view of the situation is taken by the local dealers, who point to the fnct.that the mills sire suddenly closed at a time when the question of cheaper bread is being vigorously agitated by the newspapers. Mo much fraud in the sale of bread lius been discovered that city council is coii&hler- ing a measure to compel dealers to sell oreiiil by weight. CABINET MEETING POSTPONED VERY PIOUS SIOUX FALLS, Buns and across demi O cj\ in try, put food. Cases 'authentically reprove; tb,«.j; an ol-a negro may »a 170. pound bag of eoflfeQ by cHejvitig u hjnirje " carry Toilny Sot Aside us a Midweek Sabbath- Society and Business ;.Take a Keut. Sioux ITALts, S. D., Nov. 33.—Today has been set aside by the business men at the urgent request of the ministers and Evangelist Thomson as a midweek Sabbath. The stores were all closed with a lew exceptions from 10 o'clock until noon and from 3 to 5 p. m. and will be closed this evening from 7 o'clock. At 9 o'clock prayer meetings were held for an hour simultaneously in all the churches, and an hour later services wore held at the Methodist church. During the day meetings were held all over the city. .Several social functions bet for this evening have been abandoned. The President's Kheumutism Keeps Him. in His lioum. W A sin.\GTOis 1 , Nov. 33.—For tho second time thir week the cabinet meeting was today postponed owing to the absence of President Cleveland. Privates Secretary Thurbor stated that tho president is much better, but his rheumatic foot still troubles him and his. physician wishes him to keen as quiet us possible. Ho attends regularly to business matters brought to his attention, but devotes most of his tiinu to the preparation of his message to congress; ATTACKS ON K)RT ARTHUR, YALE AND HARVARD. I'ersonuol of tho Yivlo FootlxiU Ten in llurviird lit Good Shupe, Nuw HAVJW, Conn., Nov. 33.--Yale's lino up next Saturday against Harvard will be as follows: Captain Iltnkey, loft end; Heard, loft,tacklo; MeCron, left; Stillman, center; JUickok, right guard; Murphy, right tackle; Louis Kinkoy, right end; Adee, quarter back; Thome, left half; Jen-ems, right half, and Butterworth, full back. Groenway, the old reliable player, cannot get into eon- ditipn in time, as ho is still unwell, aud he may not appear-against Princeton, The Harvard players are jn superb condition arid will be able to look oijl for themselves when they face Yale. There JH, of course, some speculation up to the relative endurance ol t!>e teams for Uie seoondjialf, but Harvard has Dot-neglpoted thjj.frpiivt.- Thoy be -rw\dy - for:' all,'- thfVt', Yale Joan. tjieiu in the second half/ C/'JJr fullback. That is defluitelj IJe has improved greatly }» punting 1 , and yvil} mot be so far behind gutter-worth in that stylo Qf,pjlay •some pepple ' Jai>,inpHo by piilbud Threo Chinese. Nov. 33.— The Star this • morning prints a dispatch from Tiura Tsin btatina- that four attauks" have been made upon Port Arthur by Japanese troops. In the iirat of these at- tueks tho attacking foroes biicueorlod in driving in the Chinese outposts, but tha other three resulted in their repulse bv Uie Chinese. Vutttl Dj-nniiiilo K.\(>10hion. •CirAiu-KSTu.v, W. Va.,Nov. '.'3,— While- dvying out dynamite sticks at the new- reservoir for the ivatoworks, just outside tho city limits, an explosion occurred at 10 o'clock this morning instantly killing Josnph Uoskins and fatally injuring Frank Ridley, blowing out botli O.VOH and breaking his legs and arms. lie cannot recover, lion Kraulin was* badly injured in the right hand and leit leg. AU three were, colored ami unmarried. Others near by were sen varoly shocked, but not rerioubly injured, ', , * v,' 'i '".' f-"- --- r , A 1 epntrovorsy -Jijis arisen over fchi te o{ Ljie'sinnwaliYalHaar r'esb' . , , Will Iiw'Mte Now York, - f, Hoy. 33 )T -TI)e \Vorlu an/pounces that SJegel, Cooper .& Co, oi lisvyo "purchojsed tha " property bounded; by '

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