Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 21, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1898
Page 4
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/ 4,4 P To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring^ Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account F.H a is or f.air.« in the t:- eltlk It Urns *fd »Jr*uf«! If* {x-pij*. H in'!,-?- fv«((. It :* i Artd •.'killf »pri*»»ttn« » Tlnl-ttoHt l«itr I How to Find Out. sfc* i Arc You ^s Easily Tired? 19 IM) in tfe* 1 Jri.o»l'«)ite ofwn «rxpree«><l that Oc. K;lT,?r> Swamp K^>!, the (f re * s feidn^y remedy fulfil!* i-Ttry w>/i(j in corit>t( fh«a- p*io :n the b«^.k, kidn«:j«. t)J«frJ<rr and every part of tbe urinary triMMf(?*- i! &orr»tt« Inabiii- o how water and scalding p*in in it, or *>*d effetta foilowing ib* of liquor, wine or beer, »n<} t,ver- tbat unpleasant nieceMit; <vf compelled to jfo o'Uto dorin^ tbn <my, am) to %t-l up many \\rnp.-* 'be n'^ht. The roil'j and the ••jitraordfnary fff«»oS of Swarup Hoot It »t»nd* th nil tor >t» wontltrful rure4 of (iltttmMine ca*e<f. If you ne* d a mediclno yon should have the bett At <Jruj{(fj!rt(» 00- or $1. Voa may have a »ampl» boltic and a book that teil* more abont It, both «<:nt aljsolot«ly free by roai', if you your •ddrcw to Dr. K:irnerA. Y. \Vbftn wris- h« Bureand menlion that you read tfoi* K« n *-'"> as offer in the TM.K<>KAPU. 1.:: .STOPPED IJV ENGLAND Fi ipino Expedition Suppressed in Hong Kong. TO AID A«;I Tb« Dr, FOR BALE. wrtwr 6tb «o<J Albr tAmiUiagt. g enK*»t0t> «tr*«i Mt. 1Mb )2»f«et, frt/a, r;'/». T&* rm>M«n«« of <>/./. Klrv.b on B«U« »tr««t; rs ;«Jr. H. NIolwU ot A fln« lootlon. _ .. V/O0BU KixS ti*tb r%jn; In gsxri Tlx) (0-room r«*iit«ncs of H. Afono-roora J««liln« (nwlr n«v) IxwttK) bjr fumic<; In likd)*t/j DtrM DofUi on 31ott ttr««t JTIttf. M. Torutvr Som«»t«»4 containing about" «terMi fl<M 10 room dwelllni'rfrDtt of auttiul. BMM> ta»let*oa Malt ttnwt wlti bH3( p*r- ttf tod tewerf no grading, IB T. 1» FoaJAj cdd! > S-rown brtak dwelling", faceted with lot ISfixm tttt; Hut trait; till block . roffl H*nrr itre-rt. o A Awtrtble taAAmw on PrMp*ct utrMt with JU»U» wltb/»ra««. tot K> •tract cm tttmortli Inlt, O0« of the fioMt loctttoo In Ml< " »m d»*illo« »ilb »bont 1 FID* fraltuid «li»1» tr»M. , ___ oar llna la Upper Alton. AOfl*iotot)Ub«'.rcet. «««nt fln» lote no U«IU of B«ooDd , «ca Alton «rMot block* b*tw*on 1Mb A two itory brick itore and dwolllog and a two ctonr birlek dwelllog on •»»« lot corner of tod Mid Via* lit*. 4 fin* lot* on ttb itrMt near Mr. OtriUni '. R. O«nUn|[, br »uim with mcideru ImprotemonU. ttinbls It-room brick dwoJlrt* ~ Plata Foundry. erer/thlng complete; |«. j; 10 K)U| •witch cooueotwB with 0. * A. _ j Nerrelty Mfg. Co. property on M nrMt, «"fln«1ou la HlgbUad Park, each 70 br about A ill room dwelling oo But* itred. Prlct I Oft), A good (-room dwelling on Second afreet, fwo flne lota on Albjr atroets The double brlok dirnlllng, ooroer Third ant AIM nreata, ooe of tbe Oooit location* In Alton A foot 7-roorn dwelling i good lot and Ant A new ten room dwelling lo Upper A<(oo, T«Bleot to motor Ftna loottlon • ot Albert Wade on Belle «tr<«l, with 10 roonx and nolahed attic, baib ' 'Mb room*.' Good dollar. Oaa and water and carriage houae. Lot W teet front, rent, other detlrable property not Llroombrlek dwelling on Wllllim itreet. *room'dwellln([ with 2 good lot* on Fifth • r#et, ea*t of Ridge ilr«ot. Price, ll.UOO. • - J -f»r<x>m bHok dwelling with 2 lowoo ('» t,*5 Atm'-r- In- In th* fa.'litii? '/f n floor in th'; Ailrtf:ht ttolljing ur.ti art turn In th« fclfy hospital. Hi-veral of th* firemen ar* ir. a p"-'-'"1'/u« t«ri'Jlll'in from l»urn» ;u>'I <-rf>an n1 UK- HTIflliiK *m',k<-, hut It Ix thought tlJUt ali will r*'.ov«.-r. Chti-*(n Hun a f(nr». A hcrol<. »/-:t on th': part ot (..'harlex P&t«r* of (MI-UKO, u travc.'IriK Kat'-xmun for t»i«; muni'; houn-r. <;ili"i| Mrth fh'rcm from tin- crow) watrhltiK the fiawrp,. Whr-n th<; lire first KUr't«i] l'«l«:m wan R'.amllriK In the B!n"-t ;upl saw >Jfxwn Ma.'orifvy arid Ft-rKUiv/n «p. JKrar at th'? ftf-con/J-Hlory v/lrjd'iwn. Th»- Klrin wpr» panl'.-Ktrli.-k'-n an'l wr>r<' In roomr-ntary darijtcr of going down with the floor. 1'r-UTK upra/iK through lim #>f>r with dlK coat over hlx rn-ar], ami, (lanhltKC through ».h« Harm: ami uni'iki.*. reath«l Ih* window ut whl/h ih'f Klrl* a['P*ar>,-<J ami after talking with lh*m swung out from the |r.<lfr<- and dropped. Jill! example wan followed l<y the tv/o WK Kll'tW WlntlllWK Of tlllf Haven* & Oedde* Romiiany. wholenale nn,] retail 4«al*rti In dry Kondn and notlonx. The cuu«« In. not definitely known, hut li In (tupponed Unit a live elwtrli: win- nel fin- to the cotton with which the window waH decorated, JlillllJJng W;/i|)j;m! In I'lniiit-n, Before the UU.ZH could he exlliif-ulnhi'd fire Hpreud to Ihe di-coral^niM of ev<srKri»<mn In Ihe Bloro and Un: biillillng wan wrapped In llurm-H In an Incredllily .ihort (fpace of Uirie. The following nrrrin Buffered the cn-atcm lomn-n: lln- VCNH & '.ieddeM romiuiny, 1400,040; ilrolnlfc & Miller, furnlliire, tU.'/.OO'r Plxley & Co.. $100,0</0; Terre Hiiulf; Hho» (lompany, wholcHiile, $IW),000; Allin.,lu & Co., rc<tall dry X'lodB. tinu.ooO; nriltcd Ml/iI<>« UnhliiK coriif/uny, tHil.iH.KI: Th/ir- rnan & HI:|I|OHH, clothlei'H, $."0,000. A number of nnin.ll (onceriiH were utterly u/inlhllaled In Ihe fall of ih.: rear wail of the Havcnn & (JeddeH wholeHale liiittHfi, and lli« IO«H In ihi>lr cam- will more than lirlni? the |OMH<-H up to Ihe toliil nuni«d. Ai»penl» for ill,] W .,,| (,, older cltleK when the lliuneH Keeined he- yond control were icHponded lo hy Urn•/.H and Inillanapolln. each dlHiiatrhluK nil engine In Terre I Incite. FATAL KIIIK AT NKW VOItK. ,,rl!lr, II,,-.! tirt-tl l!ril »!|> for th« W ,J| Hi- >] a il« l« filrnl^hvl ll.» fuli'U I" I'll I; p the ! .c il,—<;r-'-at Uri'.ain h»r ir/.»Unc-.- ut her r'nlted .*tatejs by FLI;,- Korij; for Aguinal'lv '.'! General U'll'l- -•". <il !h!f js-vvcrnmeiit »B K'/r,^. '.'.-jhied Information t:cjn- of 11.-1- <-X|.tdl!l-.n I-. the stale depurt- n.ein sevtrai <iiiyn ago, but th«? auth<,rl- lle/ have Lt-n ti'-ciet about it. Til.: uiforrn.'iU'jij V.UH cornmuni, ated to lh._- prenidetit l.i'fore MX d«-i>-irturrr and d,.-. t<T<Mii"d ih,. >,rd>-r<< wlilr'n wi'.t b- Blvn lo th<- l*»tt:e»hip»Or>''«.iri and at VnltiaralK /, to x» to Manila, vl i (.;.!!'no ari'i trjii>ilulu. Hy a ^.>>(nl.iii,>; j lar«e fore.- =<t Manila the ;i,.'nii,i!Miu- Uofi l/e!i:..l'e» i( IvKI be able tn (I'.-'.jii Intcrrintlonal dln;.u!ei< a Mi iriijj.if-: il.c ItiAU/Kenli* with the full:liy of r- S.MII.'; fuch .'i utront; naval nation UH ir.i- United Ktatex. tllll Simpleton* ut OiTiii ny. Effort* are being made to learn Ihe nounc.f of the cxf.r-dllJun fitted out for ARUInaldo. The dlKimlch Bent by the to/ifiul general i?lv<'H no liirorrnatlon on lhl». point, It beiiiK Klmply an announre- rnent of the or«anj-/.;j|,ion of Ihe exi-edl- tlon mid th" action Kitten i.y the Biil- Ish autlinrlllea In HujipremslnK It. In 'l i remerabsr thM «?! your Birangth fnmt «wie from your foci Did you ever think of that ? Perhaps ycwur mnscl<?3 need m/jre strength, or your nerre«; or perhaps your <rtomjicb i» weak and cannot digest what you eat If you seed more strength then take SCOTT'S EMULSION of Cod-tJ-rer Oil with Hypo- phoaphitea The oil ia tha moot easily changed of all foods into etreogth ; and the hypophoa- phitas are the best tonica for the nerves. SCOTTS EMUI,. 8ION Is the easiest and quickest core for weak throats, for coughs of every kind, aad for all easea of debility, weak nerves, and losa of flesh. SCOTT 4 BOWKE, CfccmllO, Hew Yixt. ; _ 7 room dwelling wltb fin* t bjr hot w«u»r, (VOK RBNT. Tie two »tt>rr jjrlok dwelling wltb 8 rooui»,on B»ll*TliiW »t«nue now owju(ilcd \tyj. Moulton. Afr-room' dwulllng on 8rd ttruet with batb room wltb modem /mure*. Haw (tor* room and two 4-roorn ton«ment* With batb room; Xn4 utroot near Cborry ' The I-.. J. C'!aw«un bpmentaiul l« l^fiper Alton wltn 1C irooniK, barn and Harden, now ooouuled by Mr. Ooo. Lovl>. l'o»io««lori xlvvn by July 1. (In- REAL ESTATE, INbURANCB, and LOAN AGt;M ROOM If, P. 0. BUILDINU, row A fine building lot Mxltf on Mborty stroot bt(*«*n Orof n and Franklin, for 1500. ' aor« farm U mlliia south of Drlgblon, (la ciultlratlon, oiio-tiair good puluro, 0'. A bargain, An»W (wqatprybrJok modorn dwolllngnoar U)4 oorpor of 1'birU and Ooorg« atrooU. A IVrOoni dwulllnit bouno wltb largo lot on LMfion itreet eoutfi of Twelftb utroet. Ttiione Mory frame dwelling No. oil out MlnTS ft'eut, for 11300, Lot80il». Qood atreet *M« Mi^e^allit uble frame dwolllng bouao and another | o lo Two I'nriuni Arn Dnitil mill Til a I'nttinMr 1'nliillf Hurt. New York, Dec, 21..-Two wornpn Were killed anil another woimin und a man went no Hoverely Injured Hint they probably will die IIH Hie remill of a n,,. at the renlitenei; of (.:. II Jlayinnnil ,i| WuHl Knd avenue und Heveniy-ihlrd Hlreul. MrH. Undorwood, a nlHler of Mr«. Xayinond, leaped from u Hecond floor window. Her head Mtrui-k hldew/illi and deaih wim hmtiinliin Wllllnin Diierr In tryliiK lo reHcin-"iirH Underwood mmlalned n frariure of Hie HlUlll Which prohlilily will IVHIlIt In deaih. MrH c II Hiiynnind fi.Unwed Mm. l.'niJerwooil nut of UK- u-lndow and WIIH picked ll|) Ull|,(i|ine|i,|| H . J,l r | iay . inoiid WIIH ciii'i'lcd hum UK. hoiiHe un- connclouN from Minoke A IIIIPIM'II eiltlecllnn of p|,:||||. ( . H , 1M(1 tapcwlrlen otvnid by Mr Hnynioiul wa« Biillrely dcMtroyed, |.>r K1 iHon, I ,,t- ler, em-aped hy the reii,,, jj )rt f/|/ .,. H . (((| lilidly liicenited by falllni! while niiikliiK bin cmnpii After (hi: lire hud I due.I tile body of Hurtle! I found. All the (lothliiK had been inirii,",! off und Die corjwe WUH Mark from the llaint'H. The IOHH wan ' Home guartei'H there id a di,';/,o«liion ti, believe Ih/il Uermany IH at the bottom of Ihe affair und IK Kecretly urwInK the InpurK'.-iitK lo reiilKt the l!nlt"d States. It IH (lu» to UilH belief undoubtedly that the pr'-Hjdent propone* to make Hear Admiral Ijewey's command HU- perlor to that which the Herlln KOVITII- irient ha>i In AHliillc watei-H. Tin-re in nothing, however, on which the au- InoMtleB can baxc (he xuHplrlnn they entiTtaln, though UilH Hunplvlori IB proh- ably (he rcmilt of nerinaijy'x aeilon In rmilnlnlnlng iiurh u Htronj; force at Manila during the war and In her determination lo nciid vessels to (he l«l- rindK during the winter. ttHVI* Mutiny ttj /tglllnnMo. It IB recalled In naval clrcieH that Bpalii gave Aculnaldo last winter a large HUIII of money to Icnve. the l:d- iindn, and that a l'hlll|iplne Junta WIIH CHtnljIlHliei) In ftonx KIIIIK. It may be Hint Ihe expedition was fltl-d out by the direction O f Agulnaldo. Thin belni; the cane, It IB rvlrlent that the IDHIII-- genl chief l» trying („ ,,!„, c blm.ii-lf In a ponltloii to rc-Hlnl the tlrilted Slati-ii, though he may d,'lei mine, when awan- of Hie f>iir/«/«<-H ut ihla KoVernmeiK n-. npectlng the iHliuiilx, that it would not he good policy to do HO. Tbe bent salve ia th* i"orifj lot cat.?, braises, Hore«. ulcers, fait rhetjrn, It:- ver sorea, tetter cbapf.-cd iiands, ohil- blafna, corn?, on'J all i-kir. ornptions, and positively cunts p!it». or no p*v rc<iolrod. It ia gc«rant<?<;d % give I perfect gatlafacliou, or rarae* ro/ac-i- ed. Price J5 centa per box. F>r uole B Marxb. Alton and Dppnr /'!ior. For Pneumonia. Dr. J. C. B'ohop, of Atfozw, Micti , gayo. "J have used Fo!cy'» Honey and Tar in three very nevofo cases of pneumonia the patt month with good reuultH. Sold by E. liaroh and S, H. Wj'88. to aenoDf) irritation of tho throat, and may end in a racking, rasping cough. I>r. Hell'8 Pine-Tar-Honey will quickly clear the throat and leave the voice clear ami smooth. It It an infallible remedy for coughw and colds and all dinorderH of the Ihroat and Inn P. Good drngglsti) acll it. 25c'. What do the Children Drink? j Don't eive them tea orcoffey. Have i you tried the n< w food driuit called i GHAIN-O? It is dolicioua and nourishing and takes tho slaco of coffee. The more Grain O you ytve tbe children the rnoro health you distribute through Iht-ir nyntorns. Orain-O iH made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tantea like the choice grades of coffoo but cor-ts about on< half an much. All grocerHBcIl it. 15o and 26c TKIAL OK MI!S. FiOTKLN. IJiiniilns; ,\gnln I!,.111,111,Ir,I tt> I lie I of HIP »lK-ri.T. Pan trial ( ]' I 01 Jill f) Of V,'. the jir.c-d J,,bn In t'; <.i\u]*:*:: ih-- naire.-.-i v,h',m fje h;jd IH-n •'I -o the Mai-.J. ,f he i.:;., ly to furtilfh she desired inforir;.tir. n , he rtpiitd th:;t he or.lj <!•, H,., i., hen H «-a.« shown that Jiomc other woman than Mrs. l>»tk!r; "us «opr,.. <: ted '.vith the n.urder of his wife .-iriO her tlet-T. JUL'KI- t'uoh again n-roar.dpd the witness to t; ie custody of Mrt. UoHt: Sec-ley, whose name- has !.K-en c«.nr;c-(:if-il with the writing of the ao..nym!/u.i letter*!, testified that she was in r.t, w.-iy conceded with llu-ir \vritins. \Vrltirii; Kxperts \nv-s -Kill I."? ti.e C!-,K f iviintys unli-ss Uunrilng relents his doterrnlrutlon not to give For Infants and Children The Kind You Have Always Bought JSNfcgelflbie Preparation for As - simflaling UseToodflndHc^ula- ling tlk Slomadis andBowcIs of ness and Rcst.Conlains neither Ojmim.Morphinc nor Mineral. NOTNAKCOTIC. ApcrfcftRcmrdy forConslipa- tion. Sour Sloirwrh.Diarrlwca, Worms .Convulsions ,1'evcrish- ncss and Loss OF SLEEP. TacSinale Signalurc of -•rce F. Bnker. 'A t-ankrr. will of th- : ;a;e Calvin S=. Bri •f th-- Lnk... Erie ar.J \Vesi- i'.s .iii.-d •;.- are ?ai,J to hav- : •:'-}-, rrivS! and lw (./-nver jf Chyng-Yang in H^o-1 Failure « Chicamo. i;.-c. Henry K. Ma."-oii. I hi- law firm of A.' a l.a%v Tinn. il.— Henry I!, and urMviny ineinliers of ujson Mros.. »< U'ash- - COI'TIM.S I'Olt IICUOKS' 1101)1 KN. Hu , All C., [homo, all on ODO lot lo good Iwttlon irntown. Kepti for UW pur month: r 8-room r0«la«aoe on auto ilrout oo tKt on Oak »tre«t cotwoon the Four II, H. treoli», nultablo for ftoufaxiturlog purpoiwi. oneMitalde of Allon mreut, bet. " _, ore farm In Jereer county, btlf mile line itation by mil or river. Ulrlule buimeii property , corner Ind on aU. , on oiay terui». ,. __ ble frainomldenoo, new and al ImproTimeDte, ultuated on rourtb it., M/i farm wltb neoemary bulldlugt oeat i, tultable tor a diary. Irabje and profltabla builoeii prop tindetre«tj oooupltd by good ifid ' tenant*. W •'room brlvk roeldeno*, < i oonrpnleui ntral looallou, on euy terui, t ine lunotlon of BOM* and ,. n Hl)lp . Newport, It. 1., !>,,(•. 21.--Up d, noon four linilli'H had liBen recovered from Ihw ruliiH of Ilu> burnoil tHiihlen of I,lnii t battciy II, Kourlh United nutcn m'til lery, ut VHfl AUnnix, The fiilimvlng u U Hat of thu demit W. V. Duller, |,.'it- lery H, Hevonlli iirllllery; JVIcnti< Fred iirlcU W, Ktull, luitleiy J|, Hevenih ar- llllfry; I'rlviite lleni-y I, Harris, bin- tury II, Hevenlli iirt Il.,iy; unknown |irl- vute. Tin- half dozen men Injured tt | th« /Iiv urc dnliiK well. Hulrldti of u I'liynliilun, KuiifiUB c'lly, Kan., Dec. S!l.--|)r ),; y lliikfr, un old rcMlCliMit of UilH city, com-' JlillU'd Huli.'ldi' 111 lln- Ht, ClniiJcH I,,,),, JJr. llultiir IIIIH u divorced wife In M| H Hiiurl und IIIIH pi'uminenl lelntloiiH I Uhlu. lie had been dlHHlputlnn and wit tini)|ioruilly ItiHiiiie. rilniniit l-repiu-i,. I,, II,-|,I K VI, 'Mi,,. ,,f \y,, r . 1'lttHliUi-K, J>ee. 21.— An liiiineiiKU order fur ccillliiH, with the eiislomury outtilOc liuriiil eimeH, him plue, ( | | jy tho war depiii-tmeiit with the National (.'(i«ket <"(i(npaiiy of this city, 'n,,. „,.. der eullH for delivery of the entile lot In New York within thirty ,l,iy«. The vufllnM will he Kent to Clnlm and 1'oi-to Itleo for the reiniilfiH of [Jnlli'd HtiiicM noldl'-i-« hurled In thone (.•oiinlr|i-n, The Ijodlen will lie hroiiKht to the United Hliili-M afiiJ lurnecl OI-.T | ( , relatlveH or filendH. Those not claimed will 1.,; liur|e,| In the national «cvernjiieiit cejn- elerlcH. lOueh fnirin In lo he /.Inc-llni'd and ulr- tlKht, m i then, will lie no iInriK<-r of dln- CHHe HpreadlllK Ihl'oilBh the IlieUluill Of Hie re ..... val of the Ii.jijli,«. Tile «i«keta are to lie llnlKhed In rnxewiiod, mahogany and oak and will he Hiilln-llneil. CollliiH for the Ijodlen of thu memljei'H of the Tenth IVniiHylvanla voliinteei'H who died In lmt tie lit Manila have h.-en Hc'iil friiin Sun Kranclxco. <tll((elil fur AluyururC'lileilKO. ChlfiiKo, Dec. 21.--Joh,l I'. AllRulil IIIIH i.-n(ered ihe political un-mt once UKiiln, (lilH time IIH u candidate for thu olllce of mayor of the city of (JhlciiKo. Mr. AMitelil IIIIB not yet made up lilH mind whether he will come hefore Ihe iJi.-iniurnllt: oily ci.nveiillon an a canill- duti) for the nomination, or run liy pe- tlllon IIH an linlepeiiileiil eiindldati.' H|,i filendM, however, dei-lari, thut he will he the choice of the Democratic con- venl/on. Mcmli'lpal ownership of puh- III' iilllltlen and oppoHltlon lo llarrlhon- IBIII and rrolierlmii IH 1)10 cry wltn ivlilch Mr. AltKcId will K" hefure tin, people of Chlcaijo. No Humbug. Foley's Honoy and Tar does not claim to perform miracles. It does not c'liiltn to euro all capes of consumption or asthma, but li does olaiin to give comfort and rfjlief it advanced stages of Ibt-ae disoaaefl and to usually cure early stages. It is certainly worth trying l>y those aOlicted or threatened with these dread diseases. Sold by E. Marsh and S. U. \Vysa. It has boon fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is n specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in tho head. This difltlnction has been achieved only as the rcuult of continued sue- ceoeful use A morbid eondilion of the membrane in the nasal puu can be cured by this punning and healing treatment. Hold by drug KistB or i' will bo mailed for 60 cents by Ely Brothern, CO Warreu street. New York. It spreadu over tb<? membrane, is absorbed and relief is rmnediate. Lout. Many have Joul confidence and hope as well as healih, because they have been told their Kidney distaso was Incurable. Foloy's Kidney Cure is a Guaranteed remedy for tho diaconr- ogeii and disconsolale. Hold by E. Marsh und 8. If. Wyas. Tho person who disturbed tha congregation lust Sunday by coughing, ia requested to ceil and got a bottle of Foley's Honey aud Tur, which always gives relief. Sold by ii. Marsh and S. H. Wyus. Oistrcssmg Stomach Dincnse Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Norvine Tonic. Invalids need, suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a cure for tho whole world of atomuch weakness and indigestion. Tho wire begins with the flr«t dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never dinuppointii. No mat- tor bow long you have suffered, your cure i« certain timlur the uso of this great health-giving force. 1'leaount and always sitfe, Hold by S. 11, InKtori Ktr*fct. have Illtd in the United Statt-H Oistrii t i.our( u petition In voluntary bankruptcy in which they scheduled liiibilllii H arnoiiritiiiK to inore than SlflO.C'C'6. Their upsets, which consist largely of real estate, most of which IH heavily encumbered, are placed at |7!iO,MO. Iv'.v.-ard (1. Mason, the well- known lawyer, who died last svt-.-k, was a partner Jn the firm. <:rif<!Itu» I-imklng for Shupard. Osiikoxh. WIs., Dec. £1.—The Clerks' t-X'.-hani?e. an empli.yiner.t buruau, recent,}- cstahllsherj here, has been closed and numerous creditors are looking for \V. A. Shepard, who estajilLshtd It. and others throughout the state. W. G. Orr, the local manager, claims to be the heaviest loHer. he having paid $300 for the position. App'.eton, La Cruase and I-'orj;J c!u Lac arc- among the sufferers. COUGH SYRUP Will cure Tonsilitis and Bronchitis. A spficiDc for incipient consumption. Ifcisci small. Price iJ5 cts. at druggists. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Ebtatoof Daniel \V. Collet, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Administrator of the estate at DANIEL W. COLLET, lato of tha county of Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before tho County Court of Madison county,at tho Court House, In Edwardsrllle, at the January term, on tho first Monday In January next, at whloh time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to Attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All parsons Indebted to eal3 estate aro requested to malt* Immediate pay- m«nt to Coo undersigned. Dated this Mb day of Nov. A. D., 1998. ENOB JOHNSON, Administrator. LUNG Trouble Lung troubles, Hucli a.s jileurisv or ncnto inflammation of the lungs, should be part-fully treated to avoid eerioiiH co/ispqijonct-fi. These affections are quickly overcome by the pro niptuse ofjjr."Bull's Cough Syrup, a wonderful remedy, which always gives relief, eases coughing, allays ail inflammation, nncl hy its healing influence soon efiectfi a thorough cure. Dr.Bull's Cough Syrup Cures all Lung and Throat Trouble. Hosts art siiinll am! j.ka.aut l.-i tnke. Doctors recummciKl it. I'ricc ;=. els. At all drugglsta »Dr \Vlllliinis' Itldian I'ili ">. rttrncut wlil cure liiina Ut'edint' anil llciiifit 'ik.s. Unbs',rl,ittn!tiiinois .•s the ItL-ijiiifc-at O.M c, act.. las a poullli-c, rives i:: .l;i:,t re lief. Dr.H'il.tums'liHiiiiiiJ'iifOJii ment Isprejiir'Mi for Pl'e-'imr: lit-h Ing of (he prlraii; p.'r:s Kvery bf» I, warrantc'il. liy rtrili'Ki-t... by lanll on re pt ot pjice. 51) cents ,-inJ $1.00. WILLIfiKS Prons.. Chn-elanrl. uhin et Ipt ot price. 51) MANUFACTURING ' HENRY J. KLUNK, The Kind Have Always Bought. CASTORIA THC OINTHim COMPAMT. Mm r<>»« CITY. BEST TRAINS Nebraska,Montana,PugetSoun( WM ARMSTRONG. De»l«r It ement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prtcei to meet oompetltlca. Good* d«- Ur«r«d, elepbona 1M Offlc* 107 Weat Second Street ALTON TJME CARD Sin&»rtah«r. In «:ta^v tnab« cofftn*, metallic CUB**, metal. Veterinary Surgeoi DR. D. M. MAHER. ; nda«'.» Ootarlo VeturuUry Coll over Tbe Mode] store "OR .THIRD AND PUPA W-R Offit, Chicago ft AJton. am, . For SprlDgfle!d-»i2733 it m. am, *6:20 P m v •10:06pm For Peorla—«8:47a m, •10-OS lie onfe cloth eaahct*. Surlul vobat tor la&lc», o»tb c^ilbren, tut itftait »t?ett. Kfleyttanit fc*nre inoc, Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer AM tolw U Fntk ut SaH MctU ud Uri, ••<! •<« Ittttnr tt Stuirt. 5W EAST SECOND . • ALTON ILL 'Daily.' JEioept Sundi [See Joint (3. **A.«d J m. <«:47 .47 »m. trains bet-? lay. •-aAte»lbdbC?S!5£f« ta *» to Between AHoH & St. Louis. —a» 1 iOSUME* NO SKIPPERS. .') HOI'll.MK'T. n-.i.enon« r /ill.rt. |i',-.|.i'ftid,.ni rft,'Mii>t of FHI <5arl>». a //. Taphorn. «Yof f Bni!»i>iiU<ilBK Into In UuAtorttowfi urpoioi. oor, 4ta »DA Olt»/rjr it* 1», Tlu* P*r/«ot, orjr brlgki tUt* roof r«ild»ooo, No, o«in »nd tmy tormi. lour mill, rul[*r proofw ID ibout 4.0W foTublfwiu, iL«L- iiohiBgtfufODd-litlf tb« pur. ik pulldlnji luiuule tor «|qr* n. 'Olng OOUM u»«r tb« otw bnol tltya or Cou Brmub, spponltt 0(fftorMf uvtrUppvt AikvB. t (W ftom n*w KM*I N*cp«pl» A Narrow Tlmukful words wrltteu" by Mrs. Ad B. lUrt, of Qraton. B. D. "Wtt» takrn with a bad cold which «ott)ud ou my lungg; qou«li get in and finally tor lu Ooiisumptlon. Fourdoo iTV'»"u J ?."• up ' •*?'"« r could IIvo but» abort time. I gave myself up to TO LOAN. unship Tickets toy i»v»or, dotBriulued if I •toy wltb my frlwuds ou eartb. to weoi my absent oiws fcbove. My bunbaik was advised to pot Dr. Ktug'sNew Kwpovery for Oousumption, Oougbs andpoldS. Ijtavolt a trla/, took in •U.eight bottles. It has cured me, and auk Qod I am saved aud now a well and healtbv woman." Trial bottles free at B. Marsh'u drug storo. Regular site 60? aud 11. Quarauteed or price refunded. Tho Sure L> Urippo Uurc. There la no uso aun*orlug from this oroftdful malwly, If you will only got tho right remedy. You are havluif pain all through your body, your liver la out of order, have no appetite, no life or ambition, have H bad cold, lu fact are completely used up. HlooUio Witters JN the only remedy that will give you prompt and sure relief. They uot dlrootly on your Liver, Btoniaoli and KldneyH, tone up the whole system and make you foul llko «, now to- lug, They are guaranteed to euro or price refunded. For sale at B. Marsh's arug atorajjMily 80j» per bottle. «ioo. Or, B. Diflclion't Artl-Oiurellc ho worth to you wore than 1100 f you have a child who •olla bedding rom Incontinence of water during leep. Cures old aud young alike. It arreato tbe trouble ad ouoa. •!. Bold by B. H. Wyae, Druggltt, 6fi2 Booond f/eet, Alton, 111. ___ For Hoarseness. IJUHJ. Ingorsoii, of llutlon. Ind., says: ho had not spoken above a whisper for months, aud one bottle of Foloy's Honey and Tar restored his voice. It Is used very largely by speakers and singers. Sold by K. Marsh and H. H. Wjss, Texas. Tho Missouri, Kansas A 1'exng Kail- way Oo. will soil low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 1ft, Doc. 0 and 30, with final limit of return to i!l days from date of mile. An excellent opportunity for homcsofkors, tourists and investors to vli;w lor Ihnmsflvos tbo grout resources of tho Hlato. For further Information udilrt'HB John 1<. Williams, 1'. and T. Agl , iOli N. Hroad- wuy, Ht. I'Oulu, Mo. A Word to the Wise in .Sufficient, Ely's Uronm Hiilm has completely PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. ID M'Pike Building. Phones 138 Cor. and and Eastern BIB. and 171. /_ RSCHUSSLER,M.C> HOMEOPATHIST and SURGEON >fl>lCK AHDKBB'DBNCB, HOTIt, 100 PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. be«t of T«u and Chlnete Noteltloi on hand. 8 IIS am... 1240pm. 820 -ftD... 415pm... C 43 pm... •i^!3feS:::::38.5 East Second st. 306 State CREAM BALM fiaporttiveeare. Apply Into the nottrlla. It la qnlckly absorbed. M . c^nf at Drngditfl or by mall ; simples Ion, br malL KLY IIBOTlfiUia. 19 Warren BUNew Tork Cltn PENNYROYAL .._ t> 0r(gl,ial «nd «nly Cenolne. (ur Oikkuttrf Knytult Z njrul Iti Ued «ud UuW tDiM&lllov . (olid irlih lilpo rllitein. T«i.e iereli nothing better than Foley't Kidney Cure, everyone who trlei It will wrre e to tbl*. Hold by IS. Manli nd 8. H. Wyu. cured mo of cuturrh when everything else failed.- Alfred W. Steven*, C'uJd well, Ohio. Biy'u Oroatn Itulm workB like a charm; it huu (iurud mo of the most obBtlimte ciugti of cold Jn the bend, would not he without. -Krod'k Fries, a HortBt., Brooklyn, N. Y. A lOo. trfnl Hlzo or tho AOa al/.» of Kly'o Oream Itulm will ho mailed. Kept by drligKlutB. Kiy JiroUicro, 0(1 Warren nt.,N. Y. A Little Sniffle, or a stubborn cold, or u ooufiti can bo cured (or good with JJr. Bell'a Plno-Tttr-IJoney. Tills famous remedy, titken In time, will stop the progreas of coimumption mid bring tbe color of health to the pullld cheek veil It. firs. E. C. & //, R. Lemen UPPUR ALTON, IUL. )ri?IIJEIIOLIKa(7ioga.mjlltOl,«tOlp,m TBLBPHONQ 87. C. fl. ROHLAND, DENTIST, ).n.-> Mown »i.m. loll a n, ut I to W THIRD RBKT DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUf>TCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 306 Uclle atrect. JVIE A MAN ITIVELV oua* CASTORIA For Infauti and Ohlidrenu The Kind You Have Always Bought •Mm tli Of For. ils bj B. « THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN—— ST. LOUIS. CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND rut PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WUNER BUFFET SLEEPERS AND FREE RECLINING KflTY CHAIR CABS D JNJNG STATIONS •O BY TH It MCAL1 FIFTY Granitoid Paving Co W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. 8ta East Sixth Street - Alton, Hi All klnd« of Onmltold Work: Sldemlb Btepi, Flooring, etc., done and the belt quail OT mill will reoaU* prompt atum'on' •ii^^frS^SSfc er-Snn. «44pm 160 pnj., 420pm.. 605pm.. 1^St;;;^*a Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate aad Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN, Notary Pubflc. n °™g*™ . c'o. ROBT. M. STAMPER, REAL ESTATE, Loan aad Insurance Agent, tOt BBILB STKBBT, Money to Lttmn oo Improved Proptm 'BBNT8 COLLECTED. ..r ...loofipm UMiS aud TlO« Burhngton Route. T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and 5urveyo M«p» Profile! and Estimate Furnlihed. 309 Bell* Street, Up SMn, Loave Alton 1 60 am Q 710am 81)0 am 1006am 2 (0pm 2 4ft pm tOpio 28pm O f 063pm I*»ve St, L. 7»0am 102o"im (Suburban eorrloe) DalS'ei'.Bun Dall'; Daily ex-Sun Arrlre St, L 840*0) 764am 886am 11 00 am 141pm eiOim Arrlre Aln« _ 845am Chas A. Strittmatter M«rcb*ot Tailor. 704 BA5T CBCONU *TKtKl QfBttHMa Wlfl tMMioliU flnt-claii < TAILOR MAPE* CLOTHES •»*«-. MODERATE PRICES, You aro lorlMd t« oall tut »>*olDt DI NKW STOCK OP GOODS , THt COMPANY 8UPERIOB MEALt, ' (.James 608pm. 661pm 7 COpm Dally ei-Suu Dally or-8un r ox-Sun 18 ana Rldee'euT from Unlun d«j t 8m ipot. St. L. S5"y)« b ,.««"loe- OB itraet for U from tuc train deparu K. * N. W. polnu to* WM*'D Q ' (R ' dge "' Statton ) HI, [at. L. o. *ot. p,

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