Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 8, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1927
Page 2
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Snh. looked from liin evcrlant- Ihg skies, . He Jaii'gihetl [ into my ilnily-dying I&> said, to me. the brutal iihinipg Sun: "Poor, fretful, hot, rebelfious, little ,. ' one! • VThou .shait not' find it, yet there , , shall be truth; Thou shaJt grow* old, but yet there sBnII be yrfutl».; Thou fihalt not do,;yet great deeds Ishall be dene— Believe me. my child, I am an. old. old* Sun; "Thou mayst go blind.^yet fair will ] bloom the" spring; Thoii mayst not hear them, .but the I birds ^ill sing; T 1 M>U mayst despair, no less will . hope be rlje; j Ttioii mayst lie deaji, but/many will' • I : hav^ life.: / " ' ' VThou mayst declare love; it is' i a dream! / ' ' ' jYet long with love. Any. love, the' Earth will yeeni; j Let not ihy foolislf heart be^ borne so low- - / Lift up thy heart! (exult that it is ' —(iertrudo Hall. ' : * •THE lOLA DAILY BIEQISTERJ TUESDAY NtJiSSgS MISTAKE cdSTS FiyEBABY limh (\a\lA OXrU Jleft The T«xis Guild girls (if the First Bjiptist church rilet .Mondny night in'^he temple. The program was industrial and scrap books Mfere.itiade. A short business meeting ,wa8 held in charge of the presi^nt. Miss Ij^iura Benson. A membership contest was planne<l with Miss Dorothy Hodges and .Miss Nellie Strode a.s captains. The girlti decided to sell- mints to ,en-| rich their treasury. Miss .Martha' Crew gave a report on missions." Those* at the meeting were: The Misses -.Laura Benson." Doroth.v Hodges, Lucille Wagner, Irene Wilkins, Irene Gard. Carmella Henson, I Aleen'Jeffers, Thelma'Fielder. J^i 1 pj j ^itjl j p. ur^vii r,. sephlne CoghlU. Bunlce Shaped!. P ^^^^^J^J^i^^^^fl Ellrabeth Lederer. -Nellie Strode.! TO SOFTEN WATER Ruth Ellis. Billie Lanferman. .Mar-' .1 _ iha Crew. Mary .Mosher. [Holen j Kvery no \4 and then there xiinn.s Robinson. V. ('. .McKarnin and the' upon i he market some ilevi<!e of a sponsor. .Mrs. McKarnin.- • ibaraiicr an ii>iii|iii< and distinr- •> ••> •> tiv«> as to make its appearaucf? a These iliree at a Chicago hospital sorrowfully explained how an error |COft the lives of five b^- biesJn their charge. The infants were given boric aciil .^ohiiioii hy mistake, tlw liuri>es (left to right) are Ireni- Schwartz. .Vileen ("alia aniL Margaret CuiV, . I var LAHARPE AND ITS CITIZENS so: For Wednesdav moriApg wly irom 9:SO to II o'clock—100 beiiutiful Chiffon and Get^rgr "tie Scarfs in the new spring pastel sh.-ules. fringe trimnied. for 1',^ hours only — - i^XM Eurh >.. * • « e p.i,l matter -Of news. .Such a IICT f vice is tliat now being o.vplo.itcd .\ll|ire'^s All .Slar Trio Iter of Leolure I'onrHe.-Ke- »• ill lola liy till- K. «'._ I'IUMIIHUK. '('ompaiiy and desigiia)te.d as the * "Diiri) Automatic Wati-r .'^oi'toncr." ('eption lur Kev. \ \. .Morris. \e.vl >um- riiUani I h»r si.ster. Kj L. T. Foster. Mrs. I Lytic says California is a fine I place and.she enjoyed her visit but I was glad'to be back among {her I frienils in I^iHarpe. 1 ; >0TIIK. -Dog tax is now due and liay- 'able at the City Clerk's office. I Prompt payiuent will be apirrecl- laicd.-O. F, VanWy, .Mayor. VVeight and Mrs. visited the former's .Mrs. L. U Knight Lee LAHAUI'i:. Kan.s.^ .Mar. 7. Tiic Willmino ChambersJ Sjun- Thc inirpose.of Ibii in.-trnmcnt ! _\| tAll'Star Trio will, h- the •''•'>'; . ' J, j , a.s. its name indicuc..; is to ,„...'t n.injbcr on the loctnn- course •^'''^ Tjl 'O 'uPson of lola 1927. NEWS NOT^S €*MM!k Brl«bejF Takeft Baslietbtiii Squad to Garnett to PrarlK-o for Ptttttliur^ (iJflmr — TersonaM .singer and wife wilt occupy their home fairm. .Mrs. Halley, who has been caring for .Mrs. EUa Goodell, has purchased the old Skoump: residence and will make her home here. S\ie expects to do considerable remo| e!ing to her new property. 1- nati- lime and .oth.-r; deleterious substan<»"s from wairr and docs so I 'l'fct tivclv that tlie .. liiiid will I be given in the high his it si -hoid iauditoriiini XVediic .^dav wat^-r „j^,|,, Majr,-h !•.' The leheitc.iie oi which conies from Inhi hydrants j ,i„. ,\iipr!,.s.< compuiiv i visited over i the .Mrs. .Margavei i :\ tare well ' lield ai the it Thompson. X«ttiouolrv)^ anil Aqxlliury Ho]d JoInJ .»reelJiiif ; , Leslie .1, .Campbell I 'oHl .\o. M, American rfegifm, ami the Anieri- can Legion Auxiliary, lidlil ii Joint tneetihg lust niglii: in the Lc;jiJon rootn In .Memorial hall.; Following the regulur bll^^ln <.•HH "lunse * WHICH conies iroiii iiyuium>. , ,iie Allpress <<)iu |(Uiiv is; vi rv ex- i .'" , RVMSAY'S . after being uas.sed lliioiigb t lie ma: i,.„sive aild nf great .rat ge ..i v.i-- ,»i - , .chine is as .soft as rain water he- . j,.!,-. , overilig all the IK si n^p.ilj.r U'astor ..1 t_!ie ,,»,,,<..'.»•».•.» .sides being impr <ive<| in taste to;.,.. ehinsical <nj:ii|io>iti<itis'!"«•""' ju • siieh a degree = as liardly to be ;,,•,.,,,„ i,iKf«rie:ii m HKIIIIIII lim.u, loP'ka. rec' Kev. cbii is I ptlon is to ! be church tonight William Morris, eh. who Is retlr- I make his home of Jho I 'oMl, .Mrs. flary L. (!] Len- Mki, who was a Uijd CriiHs jnurso during the World War, was ihiiial- ed Into Uij' I 'osi. Atieri ilie Initiatory cereiiioiiy Dr. (). L. Ctairllng- house spoke "on "Co-operalioii." Afr^.J. L. Hair, president of the American LitJhni auxiliary told abojut the' work and aims of the :}ux£littry. .Mrs. I». I'. N'oi-Ibriip ftivdr^ the guests with several f- readliigs which weri? greatly enjoy• : etl and''.Mr. Cecil .stout g.ive several readlbgs in .\egi^» iliabit ivhicli were ihigbly plea.siijg. .Mr. A. K. Garrison, first comiiiaiid-' • er, with Mr.s. Carrisonai ilie'pi- 'and, entertained with vocal .solos. • A-coinmittee from Hie au.xaliary consisting, of .Mrs.. F. Jl. Ainold. Mrs. H. T. cook. Mrs. C. A.JXew- maa and Mrs. .1. A. Morrison, iserv- ed refreslimehcs. "The following niemljer.s of | both org&aizatioiia were present: j Mrs. andi &lesdame.$: C. A. .Newman,! Walter Maudlin, Milford Langlityj .las. 'D. Buchanan, A. K. Oarrison^ II. T. C9<ik, Roy Crews,;li'. II. Aijnold. B. U.i Varner. John Olberdirtg, .1. L. Hair, G. .M. (irov»ii% Jtoy | Hardin, Frank Johnson, Jolrh l^enilor- fibn, Floyd. JI. Lynn, Chas. lKeith, Dr. and Mri O. L. Garlingliouse,! Mrs. D. P. .N'orth?up, .Mrs. li. L. Thompson, -Mrs. Marr L. G. Len• «ki, Mrs. J. A-.Morrison and cluugh- • ier; and;Messrs. Joe Murphy, Ralph .Stover, Adam jBrune, F. W. Arnett: . R. L. Thompson, jr., Cecil Stout and Leo Kenncr. • • • * •-"':'';'• * For Wedne.<idav morning only * from 9:30 to il o'clock—100 * beautlhil' Chiffon and Georg* ette Scarfs In the nev/ sprlnR * pastel Hhades; Irlnge trimmed, * for 1'--: hours only;-• •such a ilegree • as liardly lo i>c j,,-,.<„„ |,istorical to modhii lini, .. . , .„ , .„ „ ; re.ognizuble. As an. eiidi n n'i riie inocram indudis new .i i.l " 'li'V .Vllpr. ss All Star Trio 1,1 at lllgli .Sciiodl Wednesday night. • •" Thomas Barilett no|itncetnent ofj a [hi! home of tlieir Homer Bartleit kalurday, .Mai-cli riie baby jweitjhed !t poundH. I. W. Thatcher near homo Avei-Ill Reports of the !rel,HU^e^ reve.-jl-i .j,,,:,.,, j," ..^ ^,.,„., p;, ssed ; i;;,",,,;;,,,,,. ' ,.,.,,,|inL.s ,„„.,. ,1 ,., ed (be news thai more iha |i .en .uiKh ,,„.„„^,„ ,',„. .,„/,..„..r ,„•» diops ""^'"''"""^-^- ""' ' tnohey was ib the treasijry to pay the' ItnO .Ofi guarantee pledge by this society for the stain Christian Endeavor <ohvenl)on which . vvfll be hidd lll.iola June I. A set ofj (hups. efficiency siiindards lo he altaitied i of emirsi- I 'veryboilyJknows Ih iliiring I be .ne.vt six ni|onihs was ):reiit ailvaiitage and ' adopte<l. All of the cfiininiHees re- nion.-y saving in tin porteil inl.'Tesling-pl.-iuH for l^ieir i water. Wat.-r inim .Mr. and .Mrs. through the .softener two diojis of I i „^,,„.s. ,to,,so.ii.s and ••••v. dJ.iighler G adys. of the same |i||iiid soap were'injcctei! [Helectioiis ranging ifani ilie ..impU ' i -nter.lvisl ed at the and inore;siids prodiic...! than !iad ,,„,,„|;,,. n .dodies to rii. ,re...! .in- ""^ ""•"•••I 'lS ai nt. .Mrs. j been shown in tile hydrant water ii,;„ii ,.„„,i,„slii.,ns ..1 t,.e in.i. i-i.-i.' i'V••":'''''r'.\'-V after the i .Injection o" ••igliK-en , .-hows ilseli in ea .h •'. K".v j Kdfc-ards rol week «;n,d with work in rlifl coming month. After be Imsi^iess: .Mrs. .Mat light refre.'ilimenls. The execntives pres .Miss Joan Ht^iderson. lis served nt Were: llisK Gladys Cortner, Miss .Mariani|a Ralston. .Miss Hazel Trout wine. Mr. .lolin Lyman Sleeper, Air. Owen Paul. Mr. Paul Faust and .Mr. Walter Trombold. - returned evpecliiliy •,n ':iM ^cii :W'''M'M -s ]day from the! S.' he a< tnal I se (if soft .'llieli lliiii- I' bei'Il re- for drink- isi'S. saves * REAL ESTATE TRAIfSFEBS ^.Issued iDaily from Oftlce ^ lOIai Abstract Co * _ . * * + + "{-'^ + * + + and oilier niinerals ha\ moved is more healtiifii ing aliil conking jnirp about nine tenths of tliii' so:ip in essary wlieii. hard wali-r is iiseii. j and prolongs tie' life of jiliinib- .ing almost inilefiiiitt'lj. The first of the Diii'o .Automatic w.iter softeners'to be iiislalleij in : lola IKI !! been placed iij tlie home of Dr. and .Mrs. J. 13. Cliastain and lliey report that- it fully luei'ts ail I (irigiiKilib i coiiipohitliijll. tor this organi/aliijn u\- Mr .Ml- ii |iii.^siliilit ies lor cx- linos:! illiniilatile l^vi-i > njnyablt- .-vi ii •es (on H A. hosiiital at • Topeka wh(»re -he ii!ii|iTw .-iit a najor t>|)eratlpn. -iie ii gelling alolig wel|. I, "lie is a'S 'iiii-il' an in;-,. - Wi- rJlKie.. Iii .i.l.-:, .• ;.11, 1 lle.v :,tyl .,'«i il '.i I'.'tei-:.' I 'jiil ii i il I .loliii.sim III ik-s, tiolli ^t,llll:arll :'n,v.- gliaraiiteei to he Mdid l< atll |.AIcir'- thai) your iiiniicy':: wmili- Iiny ca '-li--p:jy- b ss. Itoadi-ICiLott. .Mr. ami .Mr??. T. M. \.. M-II , I'"'* "II ;^: was j ca daughter. .Miilia. drove in d.-a "i" in'i snieiit .j IU\ watpmiM S inday and sp.'iii l !i<- d.iy ' MV. i v.'itli a' "Fil Willi iiii -n IJic!iarcl,' 4.J the ilaim.s that have bei -n made for ' n 'cliarcl,i,.nk acci .ini>aiii.-,l j! ii. ui and Kveiils ilie up: iPFRf) 'file ilevice is especially I vi-ile.l (iJir ilaiiglitcr. M.'r.; M,., - I-.- all day With If^^. ItractiiiK .^iJentioii just now ,t >n ac-' ton .Sherliiaii. j wli .i acctuupaili-'d \i.n-.!i |ii. count of itlie recent agitation In tliem rioimf I'-o- an imleiiliiie vi.-il. ; Mw.'il .eVK alteiidi i. regard to: the cDiiditioii of lola " .Mr. and iMis. Many Hardwdl en- tiai nm. .\lrs.;t:. j 'i citv water. . (.Mrs. "W. E. Phyton) ; COLONY. Mar. 'J.— Coach Brickey took, his basketball squad to Garnett Saturday afteiinoon, so that they mlgMr practice; on a large court. The boys-Willi go to Pltts- btirif the last of the week to enter a tournament there. .Mrs. Frank Speece went to Foster last weislF and her father. .Mr., Mullis, who has been all, returned j _ witb herj Mr. Mulllsf is still far J from weli and Mr. Speece wa.s also laid up- with rheumatism last week. . Miss Catherine Tonkin was able to return Home from a week'.s stay at St. Jplra's'hospital-the last of the week. She i.».improving and an operation' was not found netessar.v i at this time. —Do ^'t miss seeing the demon-; stratSai> of the .new two-row Cultivator fbi: the Fordson tractor ii: lola Thursdiiy. The announcement • is !on toe -want ad'page of this issue. John Hcini«ia is in Kansas City for thr^e weeks' medical treatment. / Mrs. R. Ii. Hohenstein and little son hav^ been visiting her njotliir, | .Ml<8. Conner, at Blue .Moiiiid. ' Mr. aiid Mrs. Arthur Jpnes iind ; ba )v. .sou were up from l^uniboldt; speudingj the week cud with lioiiie ' folks. ! I Ferd Williams, the young son of; .Mr. and: Mm. Sam Williams, hasj liceu. vei^ 111 of pneumonia. . . J. W. ;Olckersoii I.H here ironi; Chicago bnij will speml the .summer with His mother, Mrs. f^^^^\i\• nicher»:on/and brother. Will Dl;!;- erson. .\fr. and .Mrs. GerliuH frnin ii'.::- lolo- huVe moved to the Thus. f)'.Mara fjirni. which they have' leased for this yi-ar. Tommy! O'Mara has gone to Kan-: suH City where he expe <-ls I 'l work. ' .Mrs. George Perslnger has moved | intO' townj and will make her honn- 1 with her |dauBht«r, .Mrs. Alva Wil-; keraoa, \wfhiif* her .son, Leon Per- ! The ihanufacture of sporting a^d j athletic employment to nearly, 9:000 men and women in the Uiiited States. 7?* THREFKILLED If ,,IN GtJN FIGIir .lohnstown. Pa.. .Mar. S. (.AP)!— Joh 1 Bruno. .=50. and two membejrs of he posse whii h attempted capiure him when lir- iiarricid hiiifi^elf in a house, are dead; a one otbei- posseinen is recovering to bd' Id froi I wounds here t iday. killed a man who iKivkeil-a car jin froi t of his home, and the fatal siegje followed. the yell dressed man is a i'fess of his surroundings. jways at ease.'reg-ard- ppearances count mightily—nothing reflects a Tian 'sl ability So much as h£s clothes. s the pressing that makes a .suit look natty, that's} the reason why so many men senrl ais pmethfng eviery week. Phone Allen renlir Circle. Til .1 ciiitui Circit met with Mrs. .1 K. iliinier all d ;iy Thiirs- ilay. One <|Uill ; iVas tp llted ;ind hl .jclcs pieci'd ifiir ^llothei one. JAt 1II..1I1 a luiiitiiifiil dinner was servW the iio.'<«e-K. t :i o'clock (he d to 'order I by II call was aii- iiny Story.". Roll Is. Mr. and .Mrs. I. II. .call rie\.| rime vfrill be •('urri-nt acciiiniiani.-.litinui and Kvfni.< " 'i'ln; nejit meeting . will -Mrs. Jidinsiin. joye.l a visit with thf» lalter 's ; IHakc. Mrs. Kiilly , March" 7, in27. William r Caldwell et at lo Kd-' ward Chambers. I,ofs :!. 2» and :!<i. Block 2, Edgars First .Addition to Carlylo. fl.OO. , ( -Siame tp Edward and ' Minnie | Chaihbor.s. that part of N'E>A 2-24 -1 18. CO. ?,n feet S and ?,?, (tict W of SK cor. of said Syc. 2. tHence W ulitiniiiii <i .... , r. ,o/i » S /• • ...liess I'mil iiioncliial pi;eiiiiioiiia. I Mrs. Wilson and .Mr. IM feet. S /eei. R lC,t feet. N ,..„,„i ,„ .,x,„„,.ica in ^Sti.i .-•nd I WtiKner oi^ Sonili (••..•s.nii; l.tO feet to beginning. ^'arrived in Independence Mii 1 si?!, i oi lolu vi.fiteil .Mr. and Mr^. ^ f^ H. Arbiickle and wife nora E.j ^^.),,,,,.^.,,,. j, nnn does, Mali i (m Sn • i , I to Sarah Lot 0 Block i2S. i ^ ,,„^j„,,^j. „p .,,.lj. j.j „„„ „<iii :in-1 Wri. Jane Hill was li.iv Irom j , City of lola. $900. ! nnally. The funeral will; he held | I'ars.'.iis Siiiidav vi-iiing;, li..nie ! ^ J. A. Scttntlln, widov^•er. to Loins, \Y,.,|,„,^.,|.,y ; , r<dks. ''''v , Eckart. I^f IS Block ],j.\raos Ad-J 1. _ i .Mrs. Aiiianda J.-ti.- arrived hi .iiie : dltion to Humboldt. ; $L00. i —Telephone youV Classified Ads ; .Saturday from l .os A'ig'.l-.-. Cai:;. ; —For Geo. :P. T 'ninions and Wlfe.Min-|to X8. nie. to J. Fred Hunt, Lot 11. Illoi-k j II. Cltyolj Humboldt. $1.00. f John Grngg and wife Daisy to} Lvnn W. Tracnwell. S'.j of SE'i off here at , 'o'a Thnrs ili|ng! were: .Mrs. t.'rowell. .Mrs. .Mrs. Geer, Mrs. mother fr^im I'nicinlown .Siiiiday. [ ; .Inhiisun. .Mrs.! Kalm, .Mrs. Neimey- HENRY RADEN ' bailee nf ik.iifvill.i ^.r. MIS . ( MeSter! iRemRberg. .Mb. T ; ixil ^r\ oirxirk'* V V'''' ''->"l""'-j visited H:.,.MII Ueinsberg IJllliU ftlJ IN liA I with their" wile ami ninl^rr ami ; i;.>.Mlel. Vitattii-.- - William iiler .~;iiiiday. liiilipi-nilciice. Kans'is. ^ Al'i -Henry I'.aden. .<:{. nlilesi! ^liaiinn ofj llic ne.v tw-i-:.. ipe.rcliant in Kaiija^ in point ni'jvator Uiv iilie iMirdsoii inj 105 1/ ACTliiG gives youl double double valite l^feilure^.because P dbikble actin^ n tiilnv two leaveoinj aniolooebegias ::!<! last] night after ;i 'Week's ill- is on the want ad |»aue of i hi.« is-<!! of liieoyeivdi^ obxtis wodcto^dMT. Andyouiucacil' k>ne sp ^nifiLd wfaese.voauae of many otiber braod * • » * RAMSAYjS I Tlrocid ff 14 Picnic .S'npper - j file inembeis 4»f lb' World .Wide Ouiid of lh»| Fif-st ynptlst JcJiiirch met In tile tjeniple last night for a .Itionic suppap and spent the evening-quilting,(which was parljof Uie whit» cro.w work the girls arc do- 'Fhose attending -the meeting we're^ Miss .Marjorlo Mather.' Miss Pearl' McKarnin, Miss Luella -Mc­ Karnin', Miss Grace Bradshaw. .Miss PatlMtJe .Andre,. Miss Edith liolli- son. Miss Rachel Gard.! Miss Viola liflwman. Miss Ella BaU. Miss Eve- Ijm Breckenridgie, Miss Ruth Hig- fdns. Miss Ellen Closi? and .Mrs. J. H. Sowcrby. • •> • ;<>1ebcat« Weddinjr .Vnnlversarj- Mr) and Mrs. C.L. Washburn celebrated their twenty-fifth wedi- ' dlni^: anhiver.sary which wias Sut- nudny, w'ith a card party Friday night iii their home, 70C South AVashington avenue. . They were happily surprised with a gift. of. silver from the guests. At cards Mr.s. O. (}. .Marsh land Mr;-H. H. Sherman splayed high «core and .Mrs. W. \y. Pec>{ and -Mr. R. K. .McDonald • the consola- Hotls. Miss -Merhl .SlcDonald as- BlstPd the hostess iii serving. ^flie guests were: Mr. and .Mrs. W. W. Peck,' .Mr. a-^d .Mrs. 11. 11. Sherman, i,Mr. and .Mm. R. F. .Moore. AIV. and Mrs. 0. Q. .Mjirsh. .Mr. and Mrs. i:. C. LincoJn. and Mr. and • Mrs. R. E. .McDon-ild. • !•>.. Gim IBIrtiidaj PKrtjr For triwbajid.s - -Mrs. J v.. Edwards and .Mrs. T. E.: Shaoi^ban igave a • party night;in ihe lijome oMhe latter. 261 Sonttf OdJt street. In honor of the MnUidays' of (heir^ husbands.., Th<| party wa.s in the fonif of a . "Jtorc^ wind and favors or balloons, JSttftf'r chirks and windmills were bIow9 by electric power for the KUesti- lo ciitch. Refrefliments were ; nervad: ^ •! I The. guests were: 3 >r. and Mrs. Jl. II. SoT'erby. .Mr. it d Mrs. Rufi;i^«i BriB and .son.i Billy Bflm: Mr. and Mr .s. .lames .McKarnin, Mr. TUJtP Mr.< Kathan Lefflif*, Mr. and MVP; Waltop King • and' dbught«r. Saraheth King: Mr. fiuy Cook. Dr. >na Mrsi Ira f. Kerwood, Eugene ^banabaa jMid.^Elizabeth Shanahan. DRAMATIC FILM ; ATKELLEY NOWI j li^ member's of the Kansas legls- luturu could be in lola today aliid see "(;.ipilal Punishment," the film i at ^he Kejley theater ycsteniay f and today,! tliey would stop and' think a long Unie before they would pa-is' a bill legalizing siu-h 1 punlsfimenL ! That, seemed to be the opinion of those who attended the initial showings here yesterday. Last j njght- the first 4-H cluh attended in an effort to win the $25 bushel of prize jcorn purcba-sed by'E. Van j Hyning.lmanagcr of the theatro at ; the roceiit corn show. i The Carlylo girls 4-Hdub jat- 1 tended. ' Van' Hyning refused! to disclosejthe number attending, but '< remarked that other clubs would i have "to step right along," to better the Carlyle attendance' The; universal draff iirbpqsal appears to "be about as; jiopular among the big miijor leagues as .Mr. 'Volstend. would be in a con- i vention of the barkeepers' union. BTFair.U rourHair tV&r *«!eMriteam'upoa wur.hwr— / wound dry, not wet. Thu i« the only. mtMi* ih« Eu^wie Method u««^ ta Muin. ifi-Bnioi mod pemisnenejr m wmrihg. Be fair to yone h*it—a»k ;u« ateut the Sugcocl Method.: Pewder Puff' Beauty Shop .Hti<h Wynn^ Op«cator thrn Iftiward's ;. • Candr- Shop |' PlHine l{«H Disiilayinff Distinctive Footwear .A.s .thi* lii'sl .Mai'cli wiiKks bltiwiis dtisiT to .S|iiii)j^. t-ai-li iiicomintj .spring; .slioi' miniel at tlio Palace exhibits new Ix'.-iulic.s, licw (listinetioh. Scft .subtle Shades of kkl—unii.siial reptile eilVcLs—atid de.sij^ii.s of intiricate cut. are llie "HiKliuSpots" of l;he mode. .\1IIUIIIKII rasliioiLs havo dianged our reputation for e.\eellent.vahie.s i.s ajraiii alte.-^lcd lo by*,prlc(?s. $$9 $65 $7 ! yards, beautiful new ^ ^V-f .spring" Printed Silks, iriany « I ||K iiew,^yle» for .selection .__«}' LmVfM Dre.sses shown in all ewest .sprin); .shailes "irics - 2Zoii3ff, .snapp.v New Spring/ Slport and Dte,s.s Coal.s a<..< $12.75 15 dni^',' new spi^npr Dre^.scs ^ of Flit Crepe and Crepe de <tS 25 only,, plain white Buhga- .kHw Apmins .SO 50 (only) pairs daiinliy ^ •* A[A white meroerized- .Mairqui- ^ £ |/\f 2.5 only, heavy. t|.tiali*y ^-« Of* $2.00 vaJue at . . «K 1 •LitI 25 only, .3Gx:{ft ail Linen ^-g: Ctt^ lunch; clot^ and 4 napKin.s J J 2rf V An exfra special value, ;{«in., 19c valiie, prain while ohecMetf Pajama cloth, yard lOc Hope Bleached MiLslin. buy H'hal you need, per yard M only, 22x22 novelty Sofa Pillow.s, each _ .50 only, re«uJar §2198 value, ^ A A beautifur Rayon PliJix^a«i €y <K cetersat ^£d»OD 2fi. only, left from Satur- d^'s saie, Japanese iTfetaf Wa8 «e<Pbper Containersj.!-

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